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The list by author is back, and I do hope you enjoy. ;)

Falling Backwards (animal) [good]
Sometime near the begining (misc) [good] [adult]
That Which Survives (animal) [good]
Aaron Reed:
The Transfer (myth)
Aatheus Centauri:
An Unexpected Turn of Events (misc)
Alone On The Town (tg) [adult]
Male Statue Wanted (tg) [adult]
Alex van Chestein:
Cat (animal)
The Wanderer (tg) [adult]
Patty on a Leash (animal) [adult]
Andy Hollis:
The Unicorn Club (myth) [good]
Modern Medusa (misc) [adult]
Emily's Zenith (misc)
The Fat Lady (tg) [good] [adult]
Hello (misc) [good]
Perfect Pair (animal)
ReGenesis (tg) [adult]
Heart Of The Lion (animal) [adult]
Arthur Pearson:
And I wondered... (misc)
Down the Rabbit Hole (furry)
Ben Sibbald:
Perfect Timing (furry)
Bill Hart:
A Strangeness at the Frathouse (tg) [good]
The Best of Friends (tg)
Halloween Party (tg)
Heart's Desire (animal)
A Mugwump Wakes (furry)
Best Served Cold (tg)
Blew Knight (furry)
A Friend in Need (tg) [good]
Jury Service (misc)
Raised from the Dance (tg)
Regenesis, Inc. (myth) [good]
ReGenesis, Inc. - Indistinguishable from Magic (tg) [adult]
Rescueing a Princess (tg) [good]
The Treatment (animal)
Wishes Once Wished (tg)
Blake Blackwing:
The Devil Went Down to Georgia (myth)
Bob Stein:
A Sense of Duty (misc)
The More, The... (animal)
Retribution (furry) [good] [adult]
Single Parent (furry)
Paradise is a Mudhole (1) (myth) [good]
The Best Medicine (furry)
Paradise Lost and Found (2) (myth) [good]
Locking Paradise (3) (myth) [good]
Fool's Paradise (4) (myth) [good]
Satyr-day night Fever (5) (myth) [good]
Perchance to Dream... (6) (myth) [good]
Temporary Quarters (7) (myth) [good]
Roommates in Paradise (8) (myth) [good]
Shell Game (animal) [good]
Another Shell Game (animal) [good]
Ashes and Dust (animal)
Stunt Double (animal) [good]
Back Roads (animal) [good]
Balance (myth)
Big John (animal)
Booby Prize (myth)
A Chance to Serve (Wang Lin) (animal) [good]
Circe's Funhouse (animal) [good]
Costumes (myth)
Cower (animal)
Restoration (animal) [good]
Exchange (animal) [good]
Genieology (misc)
Escape Claws (animal) [good]
The Gift (animal)
A Gift of Dreams (animal)
Horse Hide Shoes (animal)
If It Don't Show... (misc)
Illusions (animal)
In Her Majesty's Service (animal) [good]
The Island (animal) [good]
Joker (tg)
Making the Grade (misc) [good]
A Man of Vision (animal)
Midsummer Night's Unemployment (myth) [good]
Mortal Danger (animal)
News Hounds (animal)
Night Mares (animal)
Pan in the Hudson (myth)
Partners (myth)
The Perfect Job (animal)
Perspective (animal)
Posti Transformed (myth)
Prison Farm (animal)
Hunter's Dreams (animal) [good]
Rain Dance (furry) [good]
Real Halloween (animal)
The Recruit (misc)
Reform Therapy (animal)
The Secret (myth)
See the Unicorn (myth)
Setback (animal)
Snow Unicorn (misc)
Someplace Safe (misc)
Special Delivery (misc) [good] [adult]
Student Exchange (animal)
Switchback (animal)
Teacher's Pet (animal)
Tears (animal) [good]
Time for a Change (misc)
Trophey (animal) [good]
Trust (myth)
The Waiting Game (myth) [good]
Walk a Mile (misc)
WWW.CIRCE.COM (myth) [good]
Bob Stein and Eric Schneider:
Possibilities (animal) [good]
Bob Stein and Jack DeMule:
The Duel (animal) [good]
Secrets (misc) [good] [adult]
Brian Brookwell:
Proof (myth)
Brian Eirik Coe:
Timing (furry)
Days and Nights (furry)
At Days End (furry)
A Conversation (animal) [good]
Best Friends (animal) [good]
Everything's Wild (furry) [good]
At the End of Time (misc)
Beginnings from Endings (animal) [good]
Care And Feeding (animal) [good]
The Cupboard is Bear (animal) [good]
A Debt Unpaid (animal)
Depth of the Darkness (animal)
Worldwide Dispatches (furry)
Do No Harm (animal) [good]
None So Blind (animal) [good]
Eyesore (animal)
Fight or Flight (animal)
Justice For Two (animal) [good]
Flashes (animal) [good]
Forces (animal)
A Gentle Touch (animal) [good]
Good God (animal)
Historical Revisionism (furry)
I Remember (animal) [good]
I Will Know You by Your Eyes (animal)
Just Because Youre Paranoid (animal) [good]
Life is but... (animal) [good]
Little Boy Lost (animal) [good]
The Long Ride into Morning (animal) [good]
The Magician (animal)
Major Problems (animal) [good]
Mary-Lynn (animal) [good]
The Monster in the Closet (myth) [good]
Passing Fad (animal) [good]
The Puzzle Box (animal)
Questions and Answers (animal) [good]
Reality Bites (animal) [good]
To Protect and Serve (animal) [good]
To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth (animal) [good]
Translations (animal)
The Trouble With Troubleshooting (animal) [good]
The Truth about Redstone Ridge (animal) [good]
Ballad (animal)
A Land of Fire and Ice (animal) [good]
Who Hunts the Hunter? (misc) [good] [adult]
Yes Virginia... (animal)
Brian Eirik Coe and Jon Sleeper:
Be Prepared (furry)
Bruce Leach:
The Nest (misc) [good]
Bryan Derksen:
Good Mojo (furry)
Predator-Prey Relations (animal) [good]
Break In (myth) [good]
Going Home (animal) [good]
Chickenhawk and the Shapeshifter (misc)
The Day the Universe Changed (furry)
Harold's First Hunt (animal) [good]
Halloween Cinderella (myth)
The Perfect Husband (animal) [good] [adult]
Rachel's Collar (animal) [good]
Rescued (animal)
...And This Little Piggy Stayed Home (myth)
Bud Bennett:
Werevacation (furry)
Captain Webster:
Justice (furry) [good]
The Beast (animal)
A Cat's Fantasy (animal) [adult]
Whence (misc)
Bouncy (misc) [adult]
Roots (misc) [good]
Seaside Delights (myth)
Thief Trap (misc)
Charles Matthias:
Artist To The Wind (myth)
Syllogism (animal)
Two for the Price of One (animal)
An Unexpected Stop (animal)
The Centos Herd (animal) [adult]
The Curse (animal) [good] [adult]
A Marked Man (animal) [good] [adult]
The Symbiont (misc) [adult]
Christina Marie Dyne:
All That Glitters Does Not Have A High Refractory Index
Or: How to fracture a fairy tale
(misc) [good]
Christopher Leeson:
The Crusader and the Slave Girl (tg) [adult]
Prisoners of Tiresias (tg) [adult]
Under the Moons of Eden (tg) [adult]
Cody Pony:
Horse Whispers (furry) [adult]
The Donkeydope Pavillion (animal)
Sticky Fingers (animal)
Darwinian Id (animal) [good]
Daycare (misc) [adult]
Rogaine (myth) [adult]
Corey Moore:
Survivor Type (animal) [good]
Curtis Brookes:
Ant Trouble (animal)
Degree in Lycanthropy (furry)
d. page:
Immaculate Deception (misc)
Burning Bright (tg)
Dafydd Cyhoeddwr:
Coar (Dream Come True) (tg) [good] [adult]
Convention Conversion (tg) [adult]
The Disguise (tg) [adult]
Reclaiming Breslar (tg) [good] [adult]
Damon Jason Casale:
Scyth (misc)
Dan Lea:
Snowman (myth)
Starship Utopia (animal)
Daniel Craven:
The New Exhibit (animal) [adult]
Daniel Peterson:
First Day of Spring (animal)
Darcy Dallas:
In Alien Waters (misc) [good]
Equalizer (misc)
The Price of Power (misc)
Renegotiation (animal) [adult]
David Ihnen:
His Magesty's Freightway (animal) [good]
David J. Rust:
Lone Wolf (animal) [good]
The Arrangement (animal)
Beast Dance (animal) [good] [adult]
Beta Test (animal) [good]
Derby Day (animal)
Forest Magic (animal)
Tongue-Tied (animal) [good]
The Donkey Day (animal) [adult]
Devon Erthshade:
Backlash (animal) [good]
Dexter Herron:
What Harold doesn't say (misc)
diverse Hands:
Mother Nature (animal)
The Swan Curse (animal) [good]
Don Simpson:
Homecoming (9) (myth) [good]
Don Webb:
Cyber-Centaur (animal) [adult]
Donna Matheson:
Gladys (myth)
Doug Linger:
Hard Times (furry)
The Best Medicine (furry) [good]
Dr Isoscele:
Cornsilk (tg) [good]
Stranger in the Mirror (animal) [good]
Dr. John Filpus:
The Beast Lady (myth) [adult]
Merlana (animal) [adult]
Sagittary (myth) [adult]
Vanha! (animal) [adult]
Dread Pirate Baker:
Napoleon and the Genie (furry)
Dream Weevil:
Pony's Revenge (myth) [adult]
Twisted Speed (furry)
Eala Dubh:
Deterrent (misc)
Faulty Goods (animal)
The Man Who Watched Seals (animal)
No Choice at All (animal) [good]
Outfoxed (animal)
Punchline (misc)
Eddie Glover:
Football Mania (tg)
Shoplifter (tg)
Gender-Benders Anonymous! (tg) [good]
Edwin Gay:
Niteside (tg) [adult]
Skin (tg) [adult]
Elizabeth Bennett:
The Graduate Education of Malcom Covington (tg) [adult]
Environmental Protection (myth)
The Fraternity (myth)
Straw Unicorns (myth) [good]
The Sweetheart Clip (furry) [good]
When On Earth (furry)
A Fair Start (furry)
Great Divide (furry) [good]
Finny Fiona:
Flotsam (myth)
A Sound So Sweet, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mage (furry)
Fox Cutter:
One last Night (furry) [good]
One Last Adventure (animal) [good]
Once Upon a Halloween (misc) [good]
Be Anything (misc) [adult]
Gavin Steyn:
The Bingo Pool (tg) [good]
Glenn Wesley:
The Kennel (animal) [adult]
Snake Boy (furry)
No Regrets (animal)
Terrible Tragic Story (tg)
What Happens When She Tires of Your Humanity? (animal)
The Other Side of the Fence (animal)
A Murder of One (animal) [good]
J. Wells:
A View from the Fence (furry) [good]
Empty Spaces (furry) [good]
TBP- Jaywalking (furry) [good]
J.T. Skunk:
What Might Have Been (furry)
FLUX: Intro (misc)
FLUX: Faith (misc) [good]
Fragile Creatures (animal) [good]
The Gazebo (misc)
Giving Anything (misc) [good]
The Great Escape (animal) [good]
FLUX: The Great Grass Dance of Iowa (misc) [good]
The Last Resort (animal)
Mr. Harper Chats With God (misc) [good]
Reasons For Fading (animal) [good]
To Dream in Color (tg) [good]
The Velveeta Rabbit (misc)
Jack deMule:
Standard Bar Fare (furry)
Just Any Horse Will Do (misc)
Always Read The Label (animal)
The Birthday Wish (animal)
The Bystander (animal)
The Colt (animal) [good]
Horse (animal) [good]
Hylonome (myth)
Ray (myth)
Sedgewood (animal)
Shires (animal)
Stump Broke (animal) [adult]
The Sure Bet (animal)
What I Really Want... (animal) [good]
Jacob T. Fox:
Indecent Exposure (furry) [good]
James Charles Young:
The Necklace (animal)
James Layton:
Is the Moon Lonely Tonight (animal)
James S Cole:
The Mutates (furry)
James T. Crawford:
The Panther (Room 108) (animal) [adult]
The Seeds Of Change (tg)
Jason Rodencal:
Let Sleeping Dolls Lie (misc) [good]
Jason-Roo Tracer:
Mute City (furry) [good]
Jay Emm:
Variety is the Spice of Life (animal) [adult]
Jeffrey G. Harper:
Demon's Revenge (misc) [adult]
Jeffrey M. Mahr:
To Shape One's Life (misc) [good]
Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh:
Sheena (tg) [adult]
Jeremy Ducharme:
No Greater Love (furry) [good]
Jesse Kirchner:
Tam Lin (animal) [good]
Jesse Reeve:
Back to Nature (animal) [good]
Jim McCann:
Glaucus (myth)
Passages (animal)
Joanne Hunter:
Striking Back (animal) [good]
Jon Sleeper:
The Buck Stops Here (furry)
More Than I Bargained For (furry) [good]
Tis the Season (furry) [good]
Family Ties (furry)
In Focus (furry) [good]
Loose Ends (furry) [good]
The Day the Universe Changed (furry) [good]
The Morning After (furry) [good]
Family (furry) [good]
California Dreamin' (furry) [good]
Back To Normal (furry) [good]
Wrapped Around Your Finger (furry) [good]
Arms and Armor (animal) [good]
Round and Round again (furry) [good]
Epilogue (furry) [good]
A Teen Thing (furry)
Titanic (myth)
Jon Sleeper and Brian Eirik Coe:
Remember When (furry) [good]
The Gift of the Woods (animal) [good]
Maybe Next Time (misc) [adult]
K. M.:
The Allure of Furries (furry)
Command Performance (animal) [good]
The Year of the Frog (animal)
Dragon in Fine Print (misc) [adult]
Soft Dragons (misc) [adult]
Waking Up (myth)
Erste (animal)
Keith Morrison:
The Silver Cloud (misc)
Duties and Responsibilities (misc) [good]
Collateral Damage (misc) [good]
Small Town Justice (misc) [good]
A Martyr to the Cause (misc) [good]
Attack of the Big-Buxomed Bikinied Bimbos (tg) [good]
Attack of the Big-Buxomed Bikinied Bimbos Part II (tg) [good]
Kim Liu:
Prices (furry)
Costume- Vixen, Golden (furry) [good] [adult]
Terminal Depression (misc)
Kristina Davis:
Exile (animal)
Passenger Pigeon 13 (furry) [good]
Kurt Cagle:
Gina (myth) [good]
Sea Change (myth)
Regrets and Might-Have-Beens (tg) [good]
The Farm (animal) [adult]
The Donkey Curse (animal)
The Sisters of Circe (animal)
Lance Holloway:
The Articulum (furry)
Lizard (furry)
The Lonely Road (myth)
That's Nice Mitch (myth)
Laura Seabrook:
Self-Help (myth)
Jaskri and the Maiden (misc) [adult]
Leslie Leigh:
Costume for Life (tg) [adult]
A Cautionary Tale for Pet Owners (misc) [good]
Lisa Blades:
Molly (tg) [adult]
Liz M.:
The Leaf (tg) [good] [adult]
Logan Christopher:
Menage(rie) a Trois (animal) [adult]
She Moos In Mysterious Ways (animal)
Lots of people:
Short Takes (misc) [good] [adult]
M.A. Mohanraj:
Fleeing Gods (misc) [good] [adult]
Magus T. Fox:
The Amulet (furry) [good]
Camelot Schmamelot (animal)
Island of Circe (animal) [adult]
Mary and the Veterinarian (animal) [good] [adult]
Unicorn (myth) [adult]
Zoomorphia.Ltd (animal) [adult]
Mark Gooley:
Changes in Middle Management (misc) [good] [adult]
Diary of a mad Scientist (misc) [good] [adult]
The Struggle (misc) [good] [adult]
Transformation Vignettes (misc) [good] [adult]
Mark Thompson:
Protection Racket (animal) [good]
Mark Van Sciver:
Tails from the Blind Pig (furry) [good]
Splendor's Story - Afterword (furry)
Donnie's ground rules (furry)
The man who knew himself (furry)
A song of hand music (furry) [good]
Wanderer's Story - Afterword (furry)
O' Come All Ye .... (furry)
Mark van Sciver:
A Matter of Taste (misc) [good]
Mark Van Sciver:
Requiems for the shadow people (furry) [good]
Sometimes, When We Dream (myth) [good]
The Trickster's Way (animal)
Mat Charles:
A Wolf in the fold (furry)
Friends (furry)
Bad Trip (animal)
Solitude (animal) [good]
Ways and Means (furry)
The Wolf Who Came In From The Cold (myth)
A Wuff at the Door (furry)
Matt Kessler:
The Transmogrifier (animal)
Eclipse (animal) [adult]
Sirius - The Dog's Tale (animal) [good]
Michael Mann:
The Developer (animal)
The Closet (misc)
Forced Mate: Cervus (animal) [adult]
mike chmielecki:
I knew you'd forget (animal) [adult]
Mike Nelson:
Bye, Bye Blackbird (animal) [good]
Kindest Regards (myth) [good]
What Kind of Love (animal)
Hollywood Fever (furry) [good]
Male Order Bride (tg)
Taken by dreams (furry) [good]
Natalie Wolfe:
Repaying the Forest (animal)
Nate Denney:
Chrysalis (tg) [adult]
Maid To Order (misc)
Oren the Otter & Phil Geusz:
Wild and Crazy (furry)
Cards (tg)
My Life as a Dog (animal) [adult]
Paul Driver:
The Toll (myth) [adult]
Paul Exton:
Arts and Crafts (animal)
Ashes to Ashes (myth)
Bite the Bullet (furry)
The Housemaid's Lament (animal) [good]
One Day In Suburbia (misc)
Tent Show (animal)
Eden's Awakening (animal) [adult]
Byte Me (furry)
Commission (furry) [good]
Field Trip (animal) [good]
Reinkarmation (animal) [good] [adult]
Phil Geusz:
Refugee (furry) [good]
Holocaust (furry) [good]
Green as Grass (animal) [good]
Butch And The Blade (furry) [good]
Anubis (furry) [good]
Body By Harmani (misc)
Cold Judgement (animal) [good]
Death Is Real (misc) [good] [adult]
Equine Mosaic (animal) [adult]
Essence of Art (tg)
Graduation Day (furry) [good]
Hard Wiring (animal) [good]
Love Carrot (furry)
Sea Eagle (animal) [good]
Transmutational Transcontinental (animal) [good]
Phil Geusz and J. Wells:
Entrances & Exits (furry) [good]
A Dangerous Game (animal)
Donkey (animal)
The Life of the Party (furry)
The Night Ride (animal)
The Witch's Ride (animal)
Radioactive Loner:
Cold Revenge (misc) [adult]
My Wife As a Dog (animal)
Tried as a Juvenile (misc) [adult]
Candle Shortage (misc)
Rae Lincoln:
Chan (tg) [adult]
Ranma Saotome:
9 lives (animal)
The Number Nine Inn (animal) [good]
Raven Blackmane:
Quoth the Raven (furry)
The Story of Theseus (myth) [adult]
Ray Benson:
It's a Dog's Life (animal) [good]
Sculptura (misc) [good] [adult]
Splendor's Story (furry) [adult]
Angel of Mercy (furry)
Roger's Creation (furry) [adult]
Remus Shepherd:
The Bestialist (misc)
Robert Hurvitz:
Dogbreath (animal) [good]
Frog Boy (animal) [good]
Robin Douglas:
Zoot Suit (tg) [adult]
Rodford Edmiston:
If Wishes Were Horses (myth)
Murder At The Shapeshifter's Ball (myth)
One More Day (myth) [good]
A World of her Own (myth)
Roland Thalmann:
Son of a Bitch (animal) [adult]
Ron L.:
Melissa's Change (tg) [adult]
Gone to the dogs (animal)
Ruth White:
The Guinea Pig (tg) [adult]
Bob (Sequel to Guinea Pig) (tg) [adult]
Ryan Hoffman:
Basketball (furry)
S. B. Douglass:
Adsorbing Passion (misc) [adult]
The Fish (myth)
The First Dinosaurs (animal)
The Mystery Boy (furry) [good]
Sarah Barndt:
The Stepford Wives (tg) [adult]
911 (animal)
Chrissie (tg) [adult]
Sideshow Lew:
A Brief Centaurlude (myth)
Coming to Harm (animal)
Dog Lover (animal) [adult]
Closing Pandora's Box (tg) [good] [adult]
DNA (tg) [good] [adult]
DNA II (tg) [good] [adult]
Runaway (animal)
Time On His Hands (tg) [good]
Steve Conger:
Sometimes a Man (animal)
Rise From The Ashes (myth) [good]
Tal Greywolf:
A Bottle Of Dreams (furry) [good] [adult]
The Price That We Pay (furry)
Buddy Boy (animal)
The Daily Grind (misc) [good]
Dog Days (animal) [good]
Familiarizations (animal) [good]
Full Circle (animal) [good]
A Quiet Night (furry) [good]
Roamin' Holiday (animal) [good]
TC Lin:
The Dilemma (animal) [adult]
Happy Valley (animal) [good] [adult]
The Houseboy's Escape (animal)
Shanghaied (misc) [adult]
The Professor:
Trap (tg) [adult]
Thomas Hassan:
Reassignment (animal) [good]
Four Phonecalls and an Ad (furry)
The Inconvenience Of Proper Dress (animal)
The Man Who Didn't Care For Looks (animal)
Summer Days in Styria (animal)
Throat Wolf:
The She-Wolf (myth) [adult]
Christmas Crisis (animal) [good]
Lessons learned (furry) [adult]
Tina Maria Holmboe:
The PonyGirl (animal) [adult]
The Stables (animal) [adult]
The Transformation (animal) [adult]
Trey McElveen:
Cat Scratch Fever (animal)
Hidden Beauty (furry) [good]
Long Way Down (furry)
Making the Cut (furry) [good]
Wings of an Angel (furry)
If You Can't Beat 'Em (myth) [good]
Black Ice (tg) [adult]
Career Day (tg)
Cheryl's Dream (tg) [good] [adult]
Erin's Story (animal) [adult]
Horse Slave (myth) [adult]
The Island of Beasts (animal)
School of Changes (tg) [good] [adult]
Hunterís Moon (animal)
Cats to Go (animal) [adult]
Lady's Night (furry) [good]
To Know Another ... (furry)
The Skin Game (animal)
Wanderer's Ways (furry)
Wanderer's Story (furry)
Sidestep (furry)
Off His Noggin` (furry)
All For My Lady ... (myth) [good]
Perfect (animal)
Fair Trade (animal)
Going Wild ... (myth)
Made for the Part (animal) [good]
MUCKing About (furry) [good] [adult]
Oh, let me be ... (misc) [good] [adult]
A Peri Tale Ending ... (animal)
Seamless (myth) [good]
Soul Companion (animal) [good]
Wayne Keisler:
Appropriate Justice (animal)
Bluegrass Country (animal)
The Buck (animal)
The Centaur Theater (myth)
The Clan of The Horse (animal)
The Club House (animal)
A Day At The Races (animal)
A Favor for a Favor (animal)
The Gator (animal)
A Gift Befitting A Princess (myth)
Guardian Of The Wood (animal)
The Human Animal (animal)
If You Lie (animal)
I'll Be Home With Bells (myth)
Love Will Find a Way (myth)
Man's Best Friend (animal)
Montecello Mule Farm (animal)
Of the Sea (animal)
Oh Bull! (myth)
Once Bitten (animal) [adult]
Paradox (furry)
Playing Horse (animal) [good] [adult]
Role Reversal (animal) [adult]
The Skin of Change (animal) [adult]
The Spiral Horn (myth)
What If ? (myth)
Unfinished Business... (tg)
Dragon Born (myth)
Alisa (myth)
Ayshea (myth) [good] [adult]
The Bridle (animal)
Deer Me... (furry)
Dreams of Dragons (myth) [good]
The Fugitive (furry)
Dead (misc) [good]
Sweater (animal)
Laura's Voice (animal)
Ernest And The Dragon (myth)