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by Ansuz

Gena's sister read the ad out loud:

"Applicants requested for medical experimentation. Six months Quarantined service required for studies in viral infection. Free room and board, plus $9,000.00 at end of six month service. Call for interview 555-6969."
They had just been evicted, for non payment of rent, from their second apartment and six months with a cold didn't sound half bad. The $9,000 wasn't anything to sneeze at either.

"Let's see...," said Tina, her twin sister. "9,000 divided by 6 is...... Shit. I can't divide without a calculator!"

"Here!" Gena said handing her cheap plastic solar calculator to her sister. Tina pushed the buttons and came up with a figure. "That's 1,500 a month! And with BOTH of us in, we would make 18,000 dollars! That would be great! Let's check this out!"

They called the number and were directed to a drab building on the university campus. The air inside smelled of isopropyl alcohol, and reminded them of a hospital. They were put through a battery of tests that covered just about everything, including bust size and vaginal strength. This seemed strange for viral research, but doctors were that way.

The doctor, a woman in her mid fifties but still trim and bright eyed looked them over. "Twins! That is very exciting. It will be interesting to see if you are both effected the same way by the virus."

"You mean we're hired?!" Tina blurted out with obvious excitement in her voice.

"We will see what the test results yield. But yes, I do think we can use you." the doctor said with a warm smile. "What does your family think of this?"

"Oh, we aren't very close to our family...", Gena started to say when Tina broke in with "We're orphans."

"Perfect.", the doctor said, adding, "You will be notified in two days. If the tests turn out well, be prepared to move into the research facility immediately." Then she turned away.

The next two days were very long. It seemed like they would wait forever. The experiment was all that Tina could talk about. Then they got the letter. They had been accepted. They were to meet the van to the experimental center at the same building they had been tested in.

The van took them a long way into the country. At last they rounded a curve and there was an old institutional looking building looming up behind a tall chain-link fence. The place used to be an asylum, but had now been converted into an experimental center. It looked very imposing and still had bars on the lower windows. But there was now a brightly colored logo and sign on the lawn proclaiming it as a Virus Research Facility.

When they arrived, a swirl of attendants met them at the door. The staff seemed very interested in them and followed their every move with interest. Their bags were taken and they were escorted to the orientation center. There they were briefed on the policies of the facility and given swipe badges with their code numbers on them. "GEF-26A" was inscribed on Gena's and "GEF-26B" was Tina's. She wondered what GEF stood for. They were led to a concrete cell for exposure to the virus. Once in the cell, they were stripped and their wrists were securely fastened together. The wrist restraints were then attached to a strap that was attached to a motorized system in the ceiling of the chamber and they were hauled up to standing position, their arms held comfortably over their heads. The girls didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this.

Gena and her sister stood side by side. They were stark naked, their wrists tied over their heads exposing their bodies. They stood there, feeling very naked and vulnerable. They looked each other over, noticing the family resemblance. They had wide hips, but small pointed breasts. The concrete chamber was cool, and their nipples stood out. Both pubic mounds were covered by sparse blond hair that tended toward long.

The heavy steel door opened, and a naked woman entered. She was completely nude, except for a smooth round heavy silver collar around her neck. She was very curvaceous; large hips and breasts with big pink nipples that pointed straight out from her body. Her breasts were surprisingly buoyant and jiggled seductively as she walked. She had a very pronounced pubic mound that was devoid of hair, brazenly exposing her vaginal slit making it seem obscene. Gena became embarrassed by the thrill that she felt and looked up from the woman's body only to be captivated by her amazing eyes.

Her eyes were Turquoise! They had a brilliant predatory gleam in them as the strange woman looked at the two helpless girls. The woman walked right up to her and stared directly into Gena's eyes. Gena stared back, trying to see the telltale sign of colored contact lenses, but they weren't there.

"Your eyes!..."Gena said in amazement.

The woman smiled knowingly, reached out and gently took Gena's head in both hands. Her eyes came closer as the she leaned against Gena, their tits meeting, and the warmth of the stranger's large firm breasts against her own gave Gena a thrill. Then without a word, the woman kissed her.

This kiss wasn't a friendly peck, but a deep French kiss. The strange woman's tongue surged into Gena's mouth and down her throat. It felt as if it were a foot long and as it went deeper into her throat. Much deeper than any tongue had a right to be. She started to feel the panic of the gag reflex. The woman stopped her advance and explored every inch of the inside of Gena's mouth with that incredible tongue. She felt violated, and astonished!

After the kiss, the woman smiled at her and bent down taking each of Gena's nipples into her mouth. She gently sucked them until they ached for more. Gena could feel the sucking all the way down to her cunt, and the woman kept sucking until Gena's cunt was throbbing hard. Her tits had never been sucked like that before.

The woman stood up, smiled and then knelt on the floor before her. She watched as the woman pressed her lips to her still throbbing cunt. Then she felt the woman's incredible tongue. It started at the top of her slit and followed it down the center of her cunt. Then up again. She kept this up until Gena could clearly feel the woman's tongue on her engorged inner lips and she knew her cunt must be opening up like a flower to accept the woman's tongue. Her entire crotch was wet and she knew it wasn't all saliva.

Gena felt that she had never been so aroused before. Her breath rushed raggedly in and out and her heart was pounding like mad. She realized with a start that she was very close to orgasm. She had no idea that being introduced to a virus could be so much fun!

She was panting and moaning as she watched her legs involuntarily open wider to accept this strange woman. It was as if her body had taken over, despite what her mind might think. Her hips started to rock in an involuntary dance as the woman extended her wonderful tongue to caress the entire length of her vaginal slit. Then the woman pressed her upper lip against Gena's engorged clit and the tip of her long tongue hooked into the opening of her cunt at the same time. Gena came with explosive force, and the woman went lower shoving her hot wet tongue deep into Gena's cunt. The tongue felt as big as a man's cock, and her cunt contracted on it, sending waves of pleasure up her body.

"!" she said as her whole abdomen contracted around the woman's long tongue. Her body convulsed and her hips thrust forward as the woman moved even lower and stuck the full length of her incredible tongue deep into Gena's cunt. It felt like it reached all the way up to her chest! She felt her body milk that tongue like it had never done before. Her cunt worked with all her strength until her knees were weak and she collapsed against her wrist restraints.

The woman licked a stripe all the way from Gena's slit to her mouth. Kissed her again, leaving the taste of her own cunt in her mouth, hugged her tight pressing her hairless mound against Gena's cunt then stepped back with a proud smile, leaving Gena quivering and spasming slightly.

Gena looked at her sister who stared in horror and disbelief at her sister. Then Tina looked at the strange woman who had so thoroughly violated her sister.

Gena's restraints slowly lowered her to the floor, and she watched dreamily as her strange woman gently held her sisters head in both hands and kissed that deep French kiss. Tina stared in amazement as the woman performed the same ritual she had just seen her sister go through. In fact, Tina came sooner than Gena had, panting and sweating, her whole body in fucking motion. Her body shuddered with orgasm as she came on the strange woman's incredible tongue. She was nearly faint when the strange woman performed that final slit to mouth lick that sent another series of shivers through Tina's body.

The stranger stepped back as Tina's restraints lowered her to the floor, and smiled knowingly at the exhausted pair. The sisters watched as the woman turned and strode provocatively away, her ass jiggling enticingly. They noticed a large tattoo on the woman's ass that resembled a scrollwork S with a bar through it and oblong dots inside each curve. They wondered what it could mean.

Gena rolled to her side facing her sister. She looked at her sister, savoring the afterglow of orgasm. She was voraciously hungry, as she always was after great sex, but she was content to lay there for a while. They stared at each other for a long time after the naked woman left. Neither saying a word, but sharing the same secret thoughts. Thoughts too embarrassing to talk about out loud.

Gena awoke to find that she had been sleeping. Her hands were free, and she was laying naked in a soft warm bed in a private room. She found that her room connected to a suite of rooms that included her sister Tina's private room. They were quite comfortable, and had TV, good meals and books to pass the time. They talked, but not about the strange woman. Most of the talk was about how they would spent the 18,000 dollars when this was all over. Gena started to wonder if the woman had been a dream.

The doctor that had examined them before came in once or twice a day to examine them. So far they had felt no symptoms, but the doctor assured them that would change.

Two days later, a rash developed on Gena's pubic mound, under her arms, on her legs, and in her mouth. Her tongue and throat seemed especially effected. She experienced severe vaginal cramping. She discovered that her sister had the same symptoms and they wondered if they had caught some terrible VD from their encounter. They talked about the encounter for the first time late that night. Gena had extremely erotic dreams that night, and in the morning, her throat was too sore to talk.

Her throat felt like it was on fire. Her nose ran. Her voice became lower and her tongue swelled up and seemed to fill her mouth. She started to lisp harshly when she did talk, but her lisp was improving as she got used to the condition. Her whole neck hurt, and she hardly talked at all.

Then Gena noticed that her breasts ached. Then they hurt! The doctor assured them that this was all part of the virus that they had been exposed to, and that they would be fine in about a month.

They started experiencing severe headaches mostly centered around the eyes and back of the head. The rash started to clear up, but they noticed that their pubic hair was thinning. Soon the rash was gone, and so was the hair. Their legs and underarms were similarly affected.

Gena's thoughts turned mostly to sex. She was having horrendous fantasies in which she was fucking everything in sight. She started spending more time in bed. Supposedly to shake the virus, but in reality it was so she could masturbate, which she did almost constantly. Since she lost her pubic hair, she couldn't keep her hands off of her newly bared pussy. It just felt so GREAT to touch it. Her orgasms were getting stronger too. Her tits still hurt, but her cunt felt great. She noticed that she got a throb of pleasure whenever she squeezed down on her cunt muscles, and especially when she had something to squeeze on, like her fingers.

She found herself constantly fantasizing about sex. Sex with men, women, Horses! She even thought her sister was starting to look really good. She hadn't been dressed in a while, so when her sister came into her room with her shirt open, she didn't know what to think. Her first thought, naturally, was that they were going to have sex. She was excited about the prospect, and sprang from her bed to meet Tina.

"Look, I can't get my shirt closed over my tits.", Tina said, trying to stretch the material over her now enormous tits.

Gena looked down at her own tits and saw that they were large and round too. their nipples were very big, and pink. She looked up at her sister. And for the first time she noticed that her sister's eyes had turned turquoise! She saw the look of astonishment in her sisters turquoise eyes and realized that her own eyes must match those of her twin sister.

"Watsh happenig to ush?" Tina lisped. "My titsh are growing. I didn't say anytshing before becaush I didn't believe it. Now I see yoursh! They're beautiful!" And she stared at her sister's large round globes, the big pink nipples pointing enticingly at her own at precisely the same angle. They were enticing, inviting.

Tina stood with her shirt open, wearing no pants or any other garment. Gena stood stark naked, staring at her sister's hairless pussy. Tina reached out and touched Gena's left tit. She squeezed it and brought the nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

That was all the invitation Gena needed. Overcome by the uncontrollable urge to suck her sisters nipples, she leaned forward saying, "I have been so horny lately..." and taking Tina's tits in her hands she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It reached out a full 5 inches before she noticed it's length, and there was more inside still. The tip of her tongue touched her sister's big nipple, and she thought of her tongue. It was the first time she had seen it that far out before, and she was shocked. She stiffened, retracted her tongue and stood up straight. Her sister, a dreamy look in her eyes, hugged her, pressing her tits against her own, then kissed her. Deeply.

Her sister's long tongue snaked down her throat, and she didn't gag. That reflex had apparently been suppressed, only to be replaced by the most erotic stimulus she had ever felt above the waist. WOW! Her throat felt like the inside of her cunt, only in her neck. Her sister started slowly fucking her throat with her long tongue, moaning with pleasure, and Gena realized that her tongue must also feel pleasurable stimulus. She pushed her own tongue into Tina's mouth and felt the double stimulus of fucking/being fucked. They hugged their bodies closer as the first waves of orgasm coursed down their bodies. It felt like their heads would explode. When they pressed their hairless pussies together, they both experienced earth shattering orgasm.

Now Gena fucked her sister's throat with her tongue and came so hard she almost passed out. Her first tongue orgasm. Then a throat orgasm. Soon they started working lower, experiencing tit orgasms, and finally ending up in a 69 that yielded the most incredible orgasms of all. Tongue/vaginal orgasms that promised to blow the tops off their heads. Her sister's cunt throbbed so hard it felt like it would blow a gasket, and she knew her own was doing the same.

Each orgasm rejuvenated them for more. The 69 session lasted the rest of the afternoon and late into the night. Gena found great pleasure licking her sisters smooth mound and slit. Pleasure she had never dreamed possible. They finally collapsed or passed out around 3:00 AM, and the next day they were at it again.

They could just barely control themselves enough to stop fucking when the doctor came in. She looked at them with a proud smile. "Look at you two. Nearly a perfect match. The splicing effected you both the same way. I only wish you were past your virulent stage. The Senator's party would love to see you. In fact, I bet we can even go for an increase in funding after this." The doctor then explained that they had been enhanced by a mutant gene, introduced by a virus carried by Cara GEF-17, GEF stands for Genetically Enhanced Female and she is the seventeenth specimen to carry the strain. The twins had puzzled looks on their faces and they squirmed distractedly. When she explained that Cara was the strange naked woman they had met the first day, both girls sat up and showed acute interest.

The mention of that first encounter sent a thrill through both of them. "Is she still here?" asked Tina, a glint in her eye.

The doctor smiled, "Yes, she is still on the premises. There are also genetically enhanced males that you will want to meet. I intend to introduce you in a couple of weeks, when the virus recedes and you are fully matured. You see it gets better.", the doctor said. "You may notice that your breasts are larger and more sensitive to pleasurable stimulus than normal. Your tongues and throats have been enhanced into sexual organs. Your vaginas are stronger and more sensitive to pleasurable stimulus, as is your pubic mound and your clitoris. Your pubic hair under your arms and vaginal as well as the hair on your legs has been genetically removed. That means no more shaving for you girls.

Your eyes have changed to turquoise. Kind of a genetic trademark of mine, that allows us to recognize our enhanced specimens.

You may also have noticed your thoughts turning to sex lately. That is also caused by a genetic re balancing of your brain chemistry, resulting in insatiable desire for sex in any form, subservience, and a desire to please. These desires extend into masochism, and a strong desire to be bound and forced to perform sex acts as a total slave. You have probably experienced lesbian fantasies as well as heterosexual, another genetic signature.

So girls, you are now genetically mutated sex slaves. Does that thought appeal to you?"

The doctor looked at the sisters. Gena with her hand between her legs finger fucking herself as she stared vacantly smiling at the doctor. And Tina with her hands wrapped in her shirt behind her back, in self imposed bondage, jutting her breasts out for the doctors benefit, her legs spread wide and her mouth slightly open.

"Of course it does", the doctor smiled, "Of course it does."


ReGenesis copyright 1996 by Ansuz.

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