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by Rae Lincoln

Arnold never could explain why he had bought the misshapen piece of rock from the antique stall. A collector of glass and pottery, he regularly scoured antique shops and markets, and was rewarded with very collectible items at low cost. This item was amongst a miscellany of pottery and its overall shape was that of a squat Buddha about three inches high, except that it had no discernible features. Arnold picked it up and somehow felt that he had to have it. It was smooth and polished in the same way that stair handrails become polished, by regular handling. Its colour was that of granite, but it seemed to shimmer slightly when rubbed. It was not cold but seemed to have a glow. Arnold haggled with the stall owner and acquired it for 25.

When he got it home, he held it in his hands, and turned it over. Underneath he could make out some very indistinct lettering. It was incomplete as the handling had obliterated parts of the engraving, but there were four letters left which looked like CHAN. So Chan it became. Arnold placed it in the middle of his collection of porcelain. But on occasions when he had had pressures of work or other matters on his mind, he found that handling Chan and rubbing it, completely removed his anxieties.

Jackie, his wife, thought that the acquisition was not worthy of collection and if she had won her way, it would have been consigned to the dustbin. But for many months it stayed on the shelf in the collection. It was probably the new job which caused Arnold to take Chan from the shelf and start rubbing it, much in the same was as worry beads are used. He placed it in his trouser pocket where it remained for the remainder of the day until he undressed for bed. He placed Chan on the bedside table. When Jackie and Arnold were first married, they had sex regularly, but Jackie was not a very willing partner, and Arnold's technique was sadly lacking so whilst they slept in a double bed, it was rare that they used it for its proper purpose.

With pressures on his mind, Arnold could not sleep, so he read a magazine whilst Jackie quickly dropped off. He picked up Chan and was turning it over in his hand. He turned the next page of the magazine where he saw an advertisement for ladies' nail varnish - a very pretty shade of pink. He thought of Jackie's hands with her long slender nails, always painted bright red. He was still turning Chan over in his hands, when there was a slight buzz, and he almost dropped the stone. For his fingers had long slender red nails and not his stubby male ones. He looked quickly at his wife and saw she had his fingers. How had this happened? He thought of his own fingers quickly and was relieved when there was a second buzz and his hands returned to normal. He dropped Chan on the bedside table, put out the light and tried to sleep, shaking.

In the morning when he awoke, he had almost forgotten the incident, and when he did think about it, it seemed more like a dream. Arnold decided that it had never happened and went to work as normal. Jackie did not work, and busied herself about the house during the day, unaware that anything had occurred.

So, some months passed before anything further happened. Again, Arnold had pressure at work, and had started handling Chan. When he went to bed, he was reminded of the incident, and wondered whether it had been a dream, or for real. Jackie was already asleep. He rubbed Chan and thought of his wife's slender hands with the long red nails. There was a buzz and he had those hands. Shaking he slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. He looked at each hand and each finger carefully, and they were as though they had always been his. He thought of how his wife used to hold his manhood, and it quickly aroused from slumber. The hands, although his, were gentle and understanding, and they built the erection until it exploded, fortunately into the toilet pan. He reached for Chan, shaking, and thought of his own hands, and was again relieved to see his own hands return. He got back into bed and fell asleep immediately.

He could not get it into his head that this was for real, and in the next few days convinced himself that it was a sexually aroused dream. It could not possibly happen, could it? About a week later, he decided that he had to find out. Jackie quickly fell into a deep sleep, as usual. This time Arnold had another idea in mind. When he took Chan in his hand, he thought of Jackie's voluptuous breasts. As well as the buzz, Arnold found his pyjama top so constricting that he quickly had to unbutton it. As he had expected, he now had two of the most exciting breasts where his hairy chest had been. He moved quietly to the bathroom. Taking off his pyjama top, he examined his new shape. He was reminded of how he used to play with them, when they were first married. He grasped the erect nipples and gasped. The feelings that throbbed through him was so intense that it brought on an immediate erection. Frightened that his wife might wake up, he thought of his own chest again. Chan buzzed and everything returned to normal. Arnold went back to bed. This could be fun, he thought.

The next night he repeated the experiment. He looked in the dirty clothes basket, and saw the red bra that Jackie had been wearing that day. She still wore the most exciting clothes, even though they rarely consummated the marriage, and this was a small sexy item which pushed the breasts together and up. How was it she put it on? Arnold put his arms through the straps and brought the bra towards his breasts. He then leant forward and dropped them into the cups like putting eggs into eggcups. Taking the back parts in both hands, he tried for several seconds to hook them together. Eventually succeeding, he straightened up and looked into the mirror. The reflection was amazing. He had the most exciting breasts fighting to get out of the little red item. Needless to say another part of his anatomy took over, but this time, he had no choice. He grasped his penis firmly and quickly brought it to a climax, causing semen to spray all over the toilet seat. Quickly he took off the bra and with Chan in his hand thought of his own chest. Everything became normal. Arnold cleaned up the toilet and returned to bed. He wondered what the limits would be.

Two nights later, without leaving the bedroom, Chan assisted in giving him a vagina. Complete, it brought back memories of how he used to play with it when first married. He placed his finger on the clitoris and shook with pleasure. How could his wife not like this? There was more to explore. His pussy was becoming moist and he quickly inserted a finger, exploring the inside as if it were for the first time. He found the G-spot, and again shivered. He knew that Jackie would not wake up, but he dare not do more, or did he? He quickly rubbed the clitoris harder and harder, noting how much moister he became. He was soon gasping for breath, and then, explosion! The female orgasm was so much fuller than a man's, so much more satisfying, so much more complete. Why didn't Jackie like it? What was there not to like? He lay quietly until his senses returned. Then picking up Chan, he thought of his manhood, which immediately returned. An idea was forming in his mind. Could he do it? It was so outrageous! The next time that they did make love, he would have Chan ready, and it would all be so different.

He waited weeks. Jackie was rarely in the mood, but when she was, it was then or never. One evening after dinner, she got some drinks for the two of them. Arnold knew it would be tonight. This was the usual start. A little later they went upstairs, and helped each other undress. This was a ritual they had done since their wedding day. They then got into bed, under the covers, and Jackie turned out the light. She didn't like to see what was going on, she had explained. Arnold started the foreplay. This time he paid much more attention to every part of it. He caressed her breasts, sucked and playfully bit her erect nipples. He ran his fingers over her entire body, finding various erogenous zones that they had both forgotten. She was coming to the boil. But as usual she had not done a great deal of preparation on him. However the thoughts racing through his mind were doing it all. His manhood was completely erect and coming very close to conclusion. He made sure that he vagina was very most and ready. He then quickly covered his penis with lubrication jelly just in case. Jackie said "now".

He pulled himself on top of her [she only liked the missionary position] and rested himself on his hands and knees. Usually he would be further down the bed, but tonight he was above her. Taking Chan in his shaking hand, he thought only of her vagina, her labia, her clitoris, and simultaneously he slid himself forcibly down on her. Her penis entered his vagina so easily as if it had done so, many times before. But this was his first time. The shock of the entry caused Jackie's eyes to open wide, but before she could say anything, her sperm was flowing like an opened bottle of champagne. This caught Arnold with equal surprise and his orgasm started simultaneously. The two bodies were shaking and writhing unlike anything they had ever done before. They knew not how to control the new muscles that were within both of them. Almost immediately they both had a second orgasm. Jackie was kissing Arnold but with such force, that it took what breath he had left, completely away. It was several minutes before the wracking of both bodies ceased, and relaxation came.

Minutes, hours later, Jackie looked at Arnold and told him that if he had been able to do it like that before, then perhaps their sex life might have been different. At the same time, she was curious to know how and why. It had felt so different. It was as if she had entered Arnold rather that the other way round. Jackie pressed the question. Why was it so different? How could Arnold answer? He had to give her an answer, but the truth was so ridiculous. But he had no time to prepare a lie, and he didn't want to use Chan to restore the status quo, as he was so much enjoying the gradual slackening of the rigid cock inside him. He decided to tell Jackie the truth.

He explained how he had first found the powers of the stone, how he had experimented, and how he had resolved to try this experiment. Far from being cross, Jackie's first move was to pull Arnold away from on top of her, and put on the light. She wanted to see for herself. It was true, she had a penis of her own, a bit limp after the excitement, and a pair of aching testicles. This gave her a slight erection, but she decided to return to bed, and cuddled Arnold. "Let's keep them until the morning" she said.

When Arnold awoke in the morning, Jackie was already in the bathroom. She had showered, having carefully soaped and washed her new genitals. She was now fully dressed and was singing as she put on her makeup. "I want to keep it a little longer" she said playfully, as Arnold put his head round the door. Why shouldn't they? If it meant that tonight they would have another romp, then... It was decided. Jackie explained how he should carefully clean his now tight little pussy. She also put a sanitary towel in his underpants explaining how last night's fun could leak out for some hours to come. He dressed, realising how much more comfortable it was not to have that sack between his legs. They breakfasted with a new air of glee between them. Arnold was looking forward to the evening.

After Arnold had left for work, Jackie set down to the usual cleaning and washing chores, but she attacked them with a new verve. She was singing and laughing. Her sister Monica was a frequent visitor during the day, but when she called today, she could not believe the difference in Jackie. "What has happened?" she demanded. Jackie did not know how to answer. She merely said that she had had a new experience the night before with Arnold and thought that would satisfy Monica. No such thing. Monica knew her sister, and could not believe the difference if her demeanour. She persisted. She wanted to know exactly what had happened. Jackie thought hard. She and her sister had never had any secrets and she didn't want to start now.

"You're not going to believe this" she started. Then she told her exactly what Arnold had told her last night. Monica was aghast. This was not possible. "You are lying to me" she insisted. Jackie know that the only way she could make her sister believe was to show her. She sat on a low stool, and carefully took her panties off. Monica came close and realised that her sister was not telling lies. She reached out her hand. "May I touch?" she asked. Before Jackie could reply, she had taken hold of the penis with both hands, and was skilfully bringing it to an erection. As quickly as she had grasped it, she brought her mouth to the end and started to give an experienced blow job. Jackie could not believe the sensations exploding through her. She wanted her sister to stop, but she didn't. Jackie was also curious to know what would happen. She quickly came, but this didn't stop Monica. Pulling down her own knickers, she was astride Jackie on the stool, and bouncing up and down, quickly brought both of them to an orgasm.

When they had both calmed down, they cuddled each other as sisters and started to clear up. This was an incident never to be repeated, never to be spoken about, never to be thought about. They made lunch and started to talk about other things.

Meanwhile Arnold had been working hard at the office. He was feeling decidedly horny. At lunchtime, he made for the usual sandwich bar where his order would be waiting. Next door, there was a sex aids shop. It was not a shop that Arnold had ever been into, but today, he ventured inside. He didn't know what he wanted, but just inside was a brand new toy, and he knew he had to have it. It was a radio controlled vibrating egg. The display showed exactly what it did, and Arnold didn't hesitate. He made the purchase. The assistant suggested that his wife might need some clips to hold the labia together so it didn't fall out, so he bought those too. He smiled when she said that his wife would need.... Before eating his lunch at the desk, he went to the mens' toilet. He entered a cubicle, and closed the door. He unwrapped his purchases and his pussy became moist at the thought. It was easy to place the egg inside him, and it was fun attaching the clips to the folds of skin, and fixing them together. That should hold it inside, he thought.

He put the radio transmitter in his pocket and walked to his desk. He was conscious of the egg inside him, and the movement as he walked made him hornier still. At his desk, he read the instructions as he ate his sandwiches. He picked up the transmitter and turned the variable control to "1". He then pressed the button. This was nice. He turned it to "2" then "3". No! He must stop. This was nice, but he would not be able to concentrate on his work. He put the transmitter in his trouser pocket for later.

"Later", he thought, "what about later". It was his bowling night and Grant would be waiting for him at the doubles league. Damn bowling! But they were close to the top, and he couldn't let Grant down. As soon as work was finished, he made for the bowling centre. He took his ball and shoes from the locker and made his way to lane 23. All other thoughts he put from his mind as he concentrated on his game. He was a good player, and held an average score of 192. His highest game had been 257. He was on form tonight, which was just as well as the opposing team were the league leaders. It was the last frame of the last game, and the points were about even. If Arnold could get a strike, they would win. He got up clumsily from the seat and the transmitter fell from his pocket. Grant picked it up. "What's this?" he asked. Arnold ignored him as he wanted to concentrate on his delivery.

Grant turned the dial to "10" and pressed the button just as Arnold made his delivery. Arnold just about exploded as every muscle he had seemed to go into spasm. He released the ball with such force that when it hit the pins, they seemed to erupt. The game was won. But Arnold could not concentrate because Grant still had his finger on the button. Gasping for air, he reached for the transmitter, which Grant held further and further away from his fingers. "Give it to me" Arnold hissed. Grant stopped pressing the button. "I don't know what this is, bit it seems to be fun" he said. "You can have it back when we get home" Arnold groaned. They always went back for a few beers at Grant's home, because Grant's wife would be out with the Women's Institute. Tonight he didn't want that. He wanted to get back to Jackie.

When they arrived at Grant's the inevitable beers were poured. Grant looked at Arnold. "Tell me exactly what this is. I might want one!" How could Arnold tell him. If he didn't Arnold could keep his finger on that button and with the dial on "10". Arnold did not know what might happen. He drank one beer straight down and then poured another. "OK" he said, "I'll tell you". Ten minutes later, he had related the entire story to Grant, who did not believe one word. In desperation, Arnold dropped his trousers and took off his underpants. Grant was speechless. "I'd like to get a closer look. Come under the light". Arnold moved over to the centre of the room under the light, close to the dining room table. Before he knew what had happened, Grant had forced him so his chest was on the table. Grant took off his own trousers and underpants, and was handling a massive erection. He pulled out the egg, quickly entered Arnold's vagina, and gave him a most complete rogering. This time the orgasm was quite different. Grant was rough. None the less Arnold enjoyed it, but he wished he had been home with Jackie.

When Arnold arrived home, both he and Jackie were subdued. They both had a most incredible secret, but neither could tell. Over coffee, they agreed that they should use Chan to restore them both to normality, and that night they both went to sleep quickly, closely cuddled in each others' arms.

Over the next few weeks, they agreed some ground rules. Arnold would never use the stone without Jackie's prior agreement, and between them they would decide who would have what and when. This worked well. Arnold was however grateful for Jackie's insistence that whenever her period arrived, she would be in charge, and he never had to suffer that problem.

Jackie had tried to use Chan herself, but the stone was tuned to the mental state of one person only. No amount of handling or rubbing would make Chan work for her. So she contented herself with making plans, and then persuading Arnold to do what she wanted. She quickly found how useful Chan could be. She would get Arnold to change their hands over, which then enabled her to give her own hands a complete manicure. Arnold got used to having his petite nails filed and then painted. After the nail varnish had dried, the hands would be swapped back. Jackie would also do the same with her makeup. Arnold would take Jackie's face, have it completely made up, foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, even false eyelashes, and then they would swap back. Arnold found this quite exciting and if he had male genitals at the time, it would quickly get very hard, uncomfortably hard. Usually sex would follow, so what was the problem?

The sexual appetite of both of them had increased substantially. Rather than the occasional toss, it was now most nights, and some nights it was all night. He preferred it when he was the recipient and Jackie seemed to like the dominant role also. However after the initial shock when they had kept each other's genitals, they both agreed that during the day they should revert to their own equipment. Neither of them had said why they wanted to do this, but each agreed readily when the suggestion was made. And so it went on, some nights he would have breasts and a cock, sometimes breasts and a vagina, sometimes a vagina only. He would have his own legs, her legs, his own arms, her arms. They tried every combination, but they never tried swapping heads. Somehow they felt that would be wrong, because that would also swap their brains, wouldn't it? They had enough fun swapping everything else.

It was probably a year later that Arnold came home with the invitation to the firm's annual dance. They both hated this, but knew that they had to go, if further progression within the company was to take place. It was Jackie who suggested that to make it more fun they should go in each other's bodies. Arnold was concerned that with alcohol inside them they both might be led to a situation similar to what happened the first day. He felt that if he was to have Jackie's body, the knowledge that he had his own equipment underneath the skirt would ensure that nothing could happen.

And so it was. On the Saturday afternoon, Arnold rubbed Chan, and thought of Jackie with the exception of her fun palace. The familiar buzz, and when he looked in the mirror he was entirely Jackie, but with one exception - a growing erection. They had plenty of time, so Jackie took advantage of the situation and lifting Arnold into the air with her strong arms, placed his erection quickly into her waiting pussy. As usual the sex was wonderful, and the added arousal of his breasts, the erect nipples, the firm aureoles, made a multiple orgasm happen once again.

They showered and dried themselves. Jackie told Arnold what she had decided he would wear. She placed a bustier around him and did up the hooks. It was tight. Most of her bras were tight. It pushed him up and together. He looked down and saw two heaving breasts and a tight cleavage. Jackie brushed some blusher between the breasts which made them even more prominent. She then pulled something out of one of the drawers in her dressing table. It was her lace up corset. On a number of occasions he had helped her into this, but now he was going to wear it. She pulled the laces loose, and then wrapped it around his waist. Pulling the metal closure together, she quickly hooked the two front pieces together. It gave him a smooth front, but he knew what was going to happen next.

She went to the back of him, and started pulling the laces tighter and tighter. Soon he was gasping for breath. In Jackie's body he had a 24 inch waist, but this was pulling him smaller and smaller. "How much tighter?" He gasped. She replied that to get into the dress that he was going to have to wear, she wanted it down to 20 inches. Arnold thought "I won't be able to breathe". After a while Jackie tied off the laces, and suggested a rest. She got a suspender belt and placed it around his waist and pulled on lacy stockings. Arnold was surprised at the feel of these. They felt so sensuous as they were pulled up and attached to the suspenders.

Jackie sat him down and attended to his makeup. Tonight he was going to have the most complete makeover. When she finished, he couldn't believe what he saw in the mirror. Jackie was pretty, but with the makeup tonight, Arnold was a stunner. Jackie placed long dangly earrings in his pierced ears, and then brushed his long blond hair. He was almost ready.

Arnold stood up, and Jackie undid the tied laces. She pulled harder. The break had made the job easier, and with a final flourish she tied off the corset at 20 inches. Arnold would have to wear a pair of bloomers to hide his manhood. She then got out a pair of high heel shoes - a good five inches high. "I can't wear those" Arnold started. "You'll have to, because the dress is long and you need these to make you taller" Jackie replied. Arnold forgot that he was now seven inches shorter and seventy pounds lighter. He put them on and struggled to stand up. "You'll quickly get used to them", she said. He wished he had taken the opportunity to wear her shoes more often during previous sessions.

Next the dress. He had to step into it. It was a long red fishtail dress. Strapless. Jackie pulled it up, and Arnold noticed how it clung to his legs and bottom. Quickly Jackie pulled up the zip at the back of the dress. With his small waist, Jackie had no trouble in pulling the zip right to the top and then she hooked the top of the dress together. It showed his breasts, his tiny waist and his firm bottom beautifully. Arnold thought I'm going to enjoy this evening. They went to the dinner. The evening passed without incident. They both enjoyed the meal, and the dancing afterwards. Arnold soon got used to the heels and dancing backwards. Jackie revelled in the role of protector. They had a great evening, and soon it was time to return home. They had a lot of alcohol inside them, and this showed as they tried to climb the stairs. Jackie quickly unzipped Arnold's dress and took it off. He kept on the shoes, for he was enjoying the experience.

In the bedroom, Jackie quickly took off her tuxedo, and stripped down to her panties. She helped Arnold take off his bloomers, but left him wearing everything else. She suggested that they should have sex, but she wanted to act the male. Arnold picked up Chan. He thought of her moist little pussy, and the buzz indicated that he was ready for Jackie's erect penis. They had the most wonderful sex they had ever had. Again and again, Jackie brought him to orgasm. Again and again, Jackie thrust deep inside him. It was so satisfying.

They fell asleep in each other's arms. It was late in the morning when they woke up. Arnold was the first to awake. He thought "I'll switch back whilst Jackie is asleep, get up, shave, and start work on the car". He reached for Chan, and rubbing it quickly, he thought of his own body. There was no buzz. Frantically, he rubbed Chan, harder and harder, but nothing happened. The frightening thought ran through his brain. "I'm stuck with Jackie's body. I'll always be like this". No it couldn't be!

Then he thought of their sexual activity. It had been much more regular since he first found out Chan's powers. It had been much more satisfying. It had been especially satisfying, when Jackie had entered him. So maybe it wasn't such a bad deal. But that meant he would always have to wear high heels, a bra, girdle, stockings, makeup. It had been fun last night, but for always...

There was one last thing for Chan to do. Suddenly Arnold felt a buzz, and he thought "at last, we're going back". But this buzz was different, it was higher and quicker. This was altering consciousness. Arnold fell back into the pillow. A moment later he thought, "I'd better get up, shower, put on my makeup, dress and get breakfast for my husband. He looked at his man lying there. "I know, I'll put on a black leather miniskirt, a red bustier, stockings, and high heel shoes. That will turn him on."

Neither of them were never to know what had happened. Chan's work was complete. It would now be quiescent, until it changed hands, and would start all over again. And again the next owner would never be able to make out the missing letters of the engraving. EXGE were the missing letters, for the word on the bottom of the stone that could not be read was EXCHANGE.

Chan copyright 1996 by Rae Lincoln.

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