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Forced Mate: Cervus

by Mickey

Alice Howe drew a match from the matchbox and struck it against its rough surface; the yellow flame burst with a hiss and shrunk as she brought it down to meet the newspapers and kindling wood. All the around the camping group sang the few birds of the dusk as the orange sun hovered just above the western horizon. They were in a broadleaf forest, miles from any sign of civilization. Several green and blue nylon tents stood around the campfire whose wood pile was growing.

John Duncan sat across the kindling from Alice. He watched her every move, because he had had a crush on her for months now, but he hadn't had the courage to mention anything to her as of yet. John had no idea if she knew anything at all of his feelings for her. Perhaps this weekend trip to the woods in the summer would be the time to tell her, but John decided that it would have to be a romantic moment, whatever that means, he thought.

As he stared at her wonderful brunette beauty, and thought as well of her polite, kind, and loving personality, Alice eventually looked up and smiled at him in a friendly manner. John tried to hide his anxiety and smiled back at her. Yes, he thought. Tomorrow will be the night I tell her. He hoped she would accept his sudden openness. The goal scenario would be that they go out, but John thought that might be wishful thinking. Time would tell.


This was the first night of the camping trip, and John Duncan had fallen asleep after moments of pondering and nervousness. He would have to worry about it more tomorrow. John had been asleep for about two hours before he suddenly awoke in the darkness. It was a cold night of a new moon, and only the light of the stars shone down on the campsite. John couldn't see even his two close friends, Bill and Greg, who were lying in their sleeping bags to his right, as far as he could remember.

John had sat up in is sleeping bag as soon as he had awaken, but he didn't know why. He wasn't sweating. He felt the cold air of his tent on his face. John sat there for a moment, his heart rate increasing to a regular rate. He heard nothing outside; the campsite was so quiet he detected his ears ringing.

Then suddenly, a strange cry rang out in the forest. At first John thought it to be a person, but it was so odd that it must have been an animal, perhaps a coyote or dog. The cry came at random times, probably several within a minute. John sat there in his dark tent for a moment, shivering somewhat, waiting for the noise to stop. Surprisingly, his friends did not wake up as he did. Maybe they're deep sleepers, he thought.

John let the cries continue for a few minutes before he gave up on waiting and chose to leave the tent and try to stop whatever thing was causing this annoyance. By the time his zipped his tent closed, his eyes had adjusted as much as they would to the darkness. John walked carefully in the direction of the cries, as not to trip over something or even run into a tree.

He finally got close enough to see its dark silhouette in the night. It was a few feet high, like a small horse--probably a deer. Its cries were even more disturbing as John walked closer. When he was a few yards from the distressed deer, it stopped crying and looked him, its body completely frozen like a statue.

John shivered and held his arms as he stared back at the deer. Something about the deer was strange to him, beyond its crying attitude. It seemed as though the deer was speaking to him, but not audibly, and not in words, but with feelings. John was incredulous, but it was definitely happening--the deer was telepathically speaking to him. It was a simple feeling, but John eventually understood it to mean, "I am Alice," and once he knew this, he jumped back from the deer with astonished countenance.

"Whoa," he said aloud. "This can't be."

Then he felt foreign emotions telling him not to be afraid, and these were simple too. The deer stepped sideways to face John directly. Not knowing what to do, he stood there, dumbfounded. The deer began to make a constant nodding motion with her head. Just as she did this, he felt his cock grow fast and strong, and it pushed against the inside of his blue jeans. John had never been aroused so fast, and at the same time he had no idea why. He felt his penis push upward and back, against his stomach--he never remembered this happening before.

Suddenly, John felt warmth throughout his entire body--from his toes through his feet and legs and his cock and all the way to his ears and head. He almost had complete arousal, but he wasn't reaching climax. John's legs and arm muscles contracted severely, yet he felt no pain. His feet and hands clenched involuntarily, and they became stiff. He felt tingly all over as his hair body hair grew thicker. Skin on the top of his hands and feet ripped open; it felt like a force was pushing his toes and fingers together, and giant nails were protuding from hands and feet. John's shoulders and arms were pushed forward, although it seemed no one was standing behind him to do such an act. His elbows locked against his will and they actually shifted and rotated.

John looked around frantically, then at his body--it was now completely covered with brown hair, and he now owned small black hooves instead of human feet and hands. John now realized that he was turning into the animal that was still nodding at him--the white-tailed deer. As he thought about how to escape, his knees locked as his elbows had, and they reversed with a crack and shrank. That sound was nothing compared to what he heard next; it felt like something was pushing his chest and ass in from left and right--John felt his torso contract and narrow with his ass as he felt his organs turn inside. Yet he still did not feel pain, but only the warmth that his body had, and this constant sexual excitement.

John struggled to remove his jeans and T-shirt, and in the process he decided to make a run for the campsite, but his fell to all fours as he now was not able to run on two legs. By the time all his cloths were removed, he knew it was too late, for the process was almost complete. Something invisible was pulling up and back at his ears. He bent his head down all the way to look underneath as his belly: his once masculine, human cock was now a narrow penis that was protruding at its maximum length from a furry sheath and furry balls that were both connected to his lower abdomen. John hadn't noticed his head changing before, but now it was as if someone was pulling his nose and mouth forward, and his teeth and jaw were going with them. He felt like he was going cross-eyed as his eyes moved apart. John then felt two sharp pulls on top of his head, and his head became much heavier. Antlers, he thought. What he assumed was the final touch was pulling and tingling at his ass--his new tail. John, still distracted beyond belief by sexual thrill, turned his new deer head to the side to look back at his white tail while his wiggled it as a test.

The sexual excitement was dying down, and the true final touch began its application. When John started pondering his new circumstance, he suddenly realized that his thoughts were becoming limited. His thoughts were gradually turning more simple, and he tried to fight it with all his being, or whatever was left. Unfortunately, Alice's power won out, and John was all-deer now. John still had his memory, but it was more feeling and simple words that he had remaining from the English language. He had no choice from the beginning--it was Alice's will that he become a deer, but what next?

John recognized an explosion of senses. He saw everything more clearly, except for any color. He could now hear the faint sounds of sheltered insects in the forest. Most of all, John could smell the scent of the humans back at the campsite, and the green trees and vegetation of nature that surrounded the two deer.

He then noticed a very strong and enticing scent--it was Alice, the doe herself. John barely managed to think in his small deer mind, heat. His new world and body overcame him, and he became even more aroused than before. He had given up after his intelligence was lost, and practically ran over to the wonderful Alice, jumped on top of her back in mount, and began ramming his cock in her as he experienced pure ecstasy. What he felt was more than he could ever dream of. The two deer mated most of the night, and they fell asleep together in companionship before sunrise.


John Duncan awoke the first morning at the campsite; he was in his sleeping bag, in his tent, wearing the cloths he had put on before he had gone to sleep the night before. His mind raced as he thought of the memories of the night, and he didn't know what to make of them. He was human again, and the circumstances dictated that the events he was thinking of never really happened. John had no way of knowing whether or not it had been a dream, for memories of reality and memories of dreams seemed of the same nature after the fact.

Greg and Bill had apparently left the tent already. John could hear some of his friends outside, and thus he unzipped his tent and made his way to the dead campfire. Kevin, Greg, and Alice were standing around the fire, talking.

"Uh . . . good morning," John managed to say to the three. They looked up and smiled at him. John glanced at Alice in wonder. She merely smiled back.

"Hello John," Alice said in her friendly manner. "Did you have a good-night's sleep?"

John didn't know what to say, and then he shrugged.

"We did," Kevin said. "We had sleep like logs last night." Greg nodded in assurance.

"I gotta pee," John said blatently as he turned and walked beyond the tents and into the wilderness. He looked around at the trees and tried to connect it with his strange experience, but whether it was a dream or not, the night had been too dark to make out significant details of the surroundings.

As he was returning, he passed Alice on the way to her tent, and Alice said to John quietly, "Did you have a fun time last night? I sure did. We'll have to do it again some time."

He stopped dead in his tracks and glanced away from her. It was true. Alice must have been a witch or something, but John loved it. This is going to be an interesting relationship, John thought.

Forced Mate: Cervus copyright 2001 by Mickey.

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