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Maid To Order

by Netman

Jade sat on the couch pondering her options for a Halloween costume. She was 16 going on 21. Her brother's frat was throwing a big Halloween bash and she REALLY wanted to go. She was a cute girl, 5'3" and 109 pounds of redheaded determination. Her best friend Audrey was on the hand was generally the compliant, silent partner. She was also 16, pretty blond standing 5'4" and more sensible that Jade. Deep down she wished she could be more like her friend.

"French Maids! " Jade pronounced.

"What?" Audrey said.

"We'll dress as French Maids. It's the perfect costume, there bound to let us in." Jade said as she open the phone book to C for costumes. She ran her dainty finger along the back and yellow adds until one jump out at her.

"Come on Jade. We're 16. They'll spot us in a second and toss us out on our little butts. We don't even have half the equipment that those college girls do." Audrey pleaded with her friend Jade. She knew it was a loosing battle, Jade always got what she wanted. And she wanted to go to her big brothers frat party.

Jade was a fiery young redhead, strong willed and determined just like her brother Simon. She was

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"Look at this! The add says they have Costumes. Perfect! Let's go." Jade said as she scooped up her purse and her moms car key and headed to the mall. Audrey in tow.

"Here it is." Jade said as they pull up in her moms Jetta the sign ╬Spells ╬R Us' came into view.

"I hope they have something left."

"Well, what can I do for you girl today." The kindly old man inquired. "Do you have costumes?" "Why, yes I do. Let's see what I've got here." He said as he shuffled into the back room. "I donna know Jade. This place gives me the creeps, are you sure you want to get something here?" "Ya, I'm sure. Don't be such a worrier Audrey." She scolded.

"Here we are girls." He said as he emerged from the door with a large cardboard box.

"How about a Witches costume for you." He said as he handed Jade and back and orange box.

"And I've got a cute little cat costume for you." Audrey took it and looked carefully at the picture of about her age modeling it on the lip of the box.

"Actually we want French Maid costumes." Jade officiously.

"Well! I'd say you girls are a tad bit young for that kinda consume."

"See Jade. I told you."

"Hey pops. Were 18. We're NOT kids." Jade huffed. Audrey just rolled her eyes and hung her head. Thoroughly embarrassed.

"Very well." He said a tone that sound as though he been smartly put in his place and handed Jade two ╬Authentic French Maid' costumes.

"That's ten dollars each." He said.

Jade whipped out a twenty and they were on their way. The old wizard smiled as they left. He liked Audrey. She was sensible, but not enough to steer clear of girls like Jade.

The girls returned to Jades house and pulled the costumes out of there boxes. The were identical maids outfits. Short frilly skirts, layered with taffada. Matching bodice like tops with plunging neck lines and puffy little sleeves. Fish net hose, garters and pumps. They even had a pair of nice silk panties and small lace caps.

They put the costumes on, even Audrey was excited to see what she'd look like. Jade had to admit that they were a bit too big. Neither really had the cleavage or the caboose to do the outfit Justus, but the both looked rather cute and sexy in them. They finished the effect with a heavy coat of makeup and pulled there hair back in tight buns except for to small curls on each side to frame their faces and headed for the party.

They pulled up to the party that was already in full swing. They both sat for and minute and surveyed the scene. There were lots of men and WOMEN going in the house. Even Jade felt a bit intimidated by the competition.

"Well, let's go girl! " Jade said as she opened the door and got out. Audrey swallowed hard and followed. ╬O, well. What's the worst that could happen. We could end up on our butts." She thought.

They walked right up and into the party. Nobody said a thing to them and it was better than Jades wildest dreams. Cute guys, booze and great music. She was in heaven, even Audrey was having a good time. The house was also much nicer on the inside an it looked from the front. Jade had always thought that frats were messy and beat up. This place was nice, really nice.

She mingled in and around the crowed, drinking and free flowing wine, and attention from the guys. After about 30 minutes, the two bumped into each other at the bottom of a large stair case going up.

"Audrey, lets go up and have a look around." Jade said as she pulled her by the hand.

"I donna know Jade. We shouldn't push it." She pleaded, but followed her friend up the stairs. The stair case was wide and sweeping. Covered with and oriental runner from top to bottom. The upstairs look even bigger and nice than down. Fine furniture, vases and pictures completed the feeling of splendor.

Jade started to explore some of the rooms. They were also richly decorated and appointed, and everything was neat and clean.

"Wow! Is this place nice or what?" She gushed. "It make me feel like a real French Maid." She finished, putting on a French accent.

"This is weird Jade. This doesn't look like ANY frat I've ever heard of." Audrey said as she peeked it to the closet of the room they were in and saw no clothes, shoes or any other personal possession of any kind. "This is creepy. I'm going back down stairs."

"Ok, let us go zen " Jade said, still in her accent, and starting to realize that Audrey had a point.

The stepped back out into the hall and suddenly noticed that there was no music playing. No sound of the party at all! They both stopped and listened, but either one head a sound.

They hurried as fast as that could in the their heels back in the direction of the stairs but now there where no stairs.

"I'm sure they were right here." Audrey said as she looked to Jade. "Hey. What's up with your hair."

"My hair!? You should zee yours." She said, still in the accent.

"Knock off zee the accent. It's really starting to bozzer me." Audrey said mocking Jade's accent as she looked in a mirror. Their tight buns and softened, their hair had grown longer since they had up it up earlier, and something else. Their faces looked different as well, more angular and mature.

"Something happening to us. Jade, we got to get out of here." Audrey pleaded.

They continued looking for a way back down to the party, but there were no stairs to be found. Just room after room.

Audrey paused again at a mirror. She gasped in shocked at her image there, she knew now what was happening to her. She was getting older. The costume now seemed to fit better, she could see her chest had grown larger, further down, her hips were wider and her legs more shapely. Jade stepped up beside her, she had aged as well and as they look at themselves they could see they were still aging and it was speeding up.

The costumes tightened as their adolescent bodies developed into women.

"O, my costume. She is so tight.!" Jade said.

"Please stop the accent Jade and lets get out of here." Audrey said.

"I can't stop? I can't." Jade released.

"Zees is just great..." Audrey said, herself slipping involuntary into the accent.

The girls began to panic as there reality slipped slowly away and ran out of the room they were in and down the long hallway.

At last they found the stair case and paused to look at each other, now two voluptuous and sexy French maids. Their abundant chests pushed up in a pillowly cleavage that jiggled as they moved. Their hips wide and womanly and their legs long and shapely.

"Jade! Audrey! What are you doing? The Regent will be here within the hour." A stern voice called from below. The words they heard and understood were spoken in French. They also realized they didn't remember knowing French.

They cautiously descended the stairs to see Lamont the Regent's major domo.

"Ladies! We have much to do." He scolded and hurried them into there tasks. Confused and freighted they complied. Working trying to figure out what was happening, how and why they had changed. Now finding themselves in a turn of the century mansion in the service of a Regent. Soon Lamont lined up the servants for the arrival of the Regent.

The door opened and in stepped a man Jade and Audrey had seen once before. Before they were Upstairs Maids.

Maid To Order copyright 1996 by Netman.

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