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by Copernicus

Midnight, April 23rd, 1997

There was a party going on in Lab room C. A one man party. A small, bespectacled man was dancing with an imaginary partner in the middle of the room. Nearby, a straw and some whitish powder stood on a lab table near a batch of the latest formula.

The man was happy, really happy. The LSD was awesome, well worth the price he had paid for it. He couldn't wait to get back to the apartment, so he took a hit at work while nobody was around.

Suddenly he stopped. Getting an LSD-induced idea, he quickly stripped naked. He had just discovered that he wasn't a man after all, he was a sasquatch. A bigfoot; he had seen one a report on them recently. The man giggled as he thought how surprised his coworkers would be when they came to work. a Yeti would be waiting for them.

The man caught sight of his arm and realized that something was wrong. He was a sasquatch, his arm was supposed to be covered with fur, wasn't it? Not this disgusting pink stuff. Something must be done, he realized. And the combination of a PHD in chemistry and a drug-induced hysteria gave him a great idea.

In a whirlwind of activity, the addicted scientist ran around the lab, gathering up bubbling chemicals in all colors. Selecting one of the products near his desk, he madly mixed and stirred the chemicals into a bubbling foam. "Soon," he thought," I will have fur." But as he readied himself for a sip, his high finally came to an end. Without noticing it, the man put his mixture back in his container and went to sleep.

The next morning he came to, bleary-eyed and with a huge hangover. "Christ!" he murmured, horrorstruck at the huge mess that was the lab," what did I do last night?" The scientist quickly cleaned up. As he passed the doctored jar, he quickly looked it over and concluded it looked fine, if just a little off-color.

He put the jar with the rest in the "Done" basket. Then he left for home. If anyone knew what he did there, he was fired for sure. The Rogaine factory didn't give second chances.

The little jar was packed up like the rest of its counterparts, deposited in a little box marked "Rogaine for Men." It was then shipped off like any other product. Except, of course, that it was no ordinary hair grower.

Kevin was a rather timid man. Being timid had cost him his job. His dommineering wife had a large enough salary to support them both comfortably, but the indignity of staying home as a house husband almost made him brave enough to take a stand. And as a final insult, he was losing his hair.

When he heard of the miracle drug, Rogaine, he was overjoyed. During his next shopping trip, he picked up a box and bought it. "I'll keep it secret from my wife," he thought," if it doesn't work she'll just laugh at me."

"I'm home!" he called out when he got back. The Rogaine he kept in the glove compartment of his car. "About time," Kevin's wife, Rachel, called out from the living room. "Get your ass in gear and make dinner, I have reports to look over."

"Yes dear!" Kevin answered patiently, though inside he was steaming. She treated him like dirt! Worse than that, he let her, and he knew he would keep on doing it as long as she brought home an income.

Rachel ignored Kevin throughout dinner, talking on her cellphone to a business partner. She kept talking as Kevin washed the dishes. He settled down to watch the Simpsons, but she walked in and without asking changed it to 20/20. Kevin just sighed and tuned out the show. His mind turned to the hidden bottle in his car. "Just wait," he thought," first my hair, then control over who does what in this house."

He went to bed before she did. He was almost asleep when he was suddenly jolted awake by the feeling of his wife as she jumped into bed. He thought of sex, but he was too afraid too ask. Besides, she never seemed to care if he got his fair share of the deal or not.

Rachel was gone again when he woke up. "Finally," Kevin thought, " now where's that bottle?" It was where he left it, in the couple's other car. Breathlessly, Kevin got it out and almost reverently carried it into the bathroom. He opened the jar up, and swore. The stuff smelled terrible, like when a neighbor's dog had "marked" their front door. But for a reverse in his follicle migration, anything.

Kevin got a generous dollop and spread it over both hands. The goo was cool and felt good in a way, and he was quickly getting used to the smell. He spread it thickly over his entire scalp, and a couple places he thought he could use hair but had never had it. The bottle was still fairly full, so he closed it and put it back in the medicine closet. "Stange," he thought," the instructions say that I should rub it in, but it's already evaporating." Despite the large dollop Kevin had put on , almost all of it was already absorbed into his skin.

Kevin stared in the mirror for a second, trying to force hairs out of his scalp through pure will. After a minute, he sighed and looked away from the mirror. "The instructions do say 6 to 8 weeks," he thought. Kevin walked into the living room and turned the TV on; he was going to do housework, but he had little to do and the morning cartoons were still on.

Kevin sat avidly through the morning's Tom and Jerry reruns, but halfway through Scooby--Doo he realized something. For the first time in his entire cartoon-loving life, he was rather bored. Flipping channels absently, he came across a wrestling show. Instead of flipping past the violent competion quickly, as he always did, something made him stop and even turn the volume up. "Maybe this will make me more fierce," Kevin wondered, and smiled wistfully at the thought. He attempted a mocking roar, and surprised himself at how deep it was.

He didn't move through the entire show, and by the end he was rooting for his favorites as wildly as any hardcore fan. As the broadcast ended and turned to cooking, Kevin shook himself as if out of a daze. "I'm never this wild," he thought wildly," maybe something in that Rogaine?"

"Naw," Kevin thought, as he got ready to do the dishes his wife had left for him. he scrubbed heavily, feeling a strange anger at the helpless waffle bits left over. In frusteration over one particularily difficult plate, he raised it over his head and howled with anger. Kevin was about to smash it when he caught himself. "Maybe I've been repressing my anger," he thought shakenly, absently pushing a lock of hair out of his eyes.

Out of his ? Yes! Kevin ran into the bathroom in excitement. There it was, his beautiful hair flowing out of his head. He could almost feel it grownng! It stopped around his shoulders, as Kevin made a mental note to get a haircut before his wife came home. He ran his hands through his hair again, and stopped as he saw something odd. His hands were growing hair too! Not as much, but certainly a growth. Kevin laughed as he saw the obvious reason. "Of course!" he thought," I put the Rogaine on my hands, of course it's going to grow there too."

Overjoyed over the return of his thousands of long-lost follicle friends, Kevin whistled a happy tune as he turned to vacuuming. He moved quickly and easily; everything seemed so much lighter and easier to do now, now that he had hair. He kept having to push his hair out of the way, put that was more joy than chore. Kevin noted that it seemed even longer than when he last saw it. Same with the hair on his hands, but that was still little more than a minor annoyance.

Still whistling, ("I must have a touch of the cold," Kevin thought," my voice sounds so deep!") Kevin began rolling up the cord of the vaccum. And stopped in shock as his bare nail cut the cord completely in half. He pulled back the hair covering his hand and gasped. His hand was no longer his hand. It was darker of skin and tougher, like leather. The nails were razor sharp and much longer. Hair was still growing and covering everything, making seeing difficult, but Kevin thought his hand was bigger too. A quick, frantic check showed him that his other hand was the same.

"These side-effects weren't mentioned!" Kevin thought, as he ran back into his bathroom. He quickly stripped naked and stood in front of the mirror. The hair on his chest, and maybe on his legs, looked a little heavier, but besides his hands that everything looked okay. Except for the growth on his crotch, that was so heavy he couldn't even see his penis anymore. He moved the hair, (it feels so coarse!) and gasped at the sight of his penis.

Kevin's one source of pride was his above average basket. had never made fun of it, to Kevin's surprise and pleasure. She made fun of everthing else about him, but even she was impressed by what nature gave him. Now Rachel would have gasped with just the thought of this entering her. It was huge, easily bigger than both his hands put end to end. But that wasn't the part that surpised Kevin most.

Before his shocked gaze, his penis erected and pulled itself up into a forming sheath. An animal sheath; Kevin recognized it. Kevin scrabbled at the sheath, trying to pull his penis back out and into humanity. Finally, he looked up and at the mirror. Kevin didn't recognize his own body. He was taller, but thicker as well. His body was easily 8 feet tall and seemed growing as he looked at it. The hair on his body covered nearly everything, making him look like a giant mass of fur.

His hands were massive and felt of constrained power. He looked like a giant monster, and as his horrified gaze tracked it two tusks pushed their way out of his mouth and made their presence known. Trying to escape the monster that lay before him, Kevin cracked a giant hand aganist the mirror, shattering it into a thousand pieces. "Outside," Kevin thought, but thinking was becoming difficult," help outside."

Kevin tried to pull his jeans on, but the fit was not even possible and in a burst of anger he ripped them to shreds. Forgetting it, Kevin ran towards the door, naked but covered in fur. A pain in his spine caused him to roar in pain and hunch over slightly. Upsetting vases in his panic but not noticing, he reached the front door, but his fist was too big and too clumsy to open the door.

Kevin whimpered, and his penis came out of his sheath to spurt a flow of dull urine on the floor. Kevin stared at it, his human mind fighting the animal dullness that tried to overcome it. "I pissed on the carpet," he thought," that's bad, right?" He tried to stop the surge coming from his bowels, but a large dump forced its way out of him and onto the persian rug.

"Must get help," Kevin thought desperately," Rogain changed Kevin. Rachel help Kevin. Rachel is... Rachel is....." Kevin blinked, and the intelligence in his eyes when he opened them was not human. "Rachel is mate. Make like Kevin. Kevin's mate."

Rachel slammed the door on her Volvo shut. "An hour on the freeway in traffic, got to work, realized I forgot the Anderson account." she thought aloud as her anger boiled," Kevin should of reminded me, he's going to get it for this." She opened the front door, and gagged as the sight and smell of Kevin's crap assulted her nostrils. "What happened here?" she thought wildly. The furniture and decorations were smashed.

"Kevin?" she said tentatively, and when there was no answer she ran for her bedroom, where the phone was kept. She ran through the door, and screamed at the top of lungs as a pair of huge hairy arms reached behind her and caught her, raising Rachel up into the air. She went up and up, until she could hear feel hot breath against her neck.

Rachel screamed again as one of the hands caught the top of her business suit and ripped it down. Buttons popped everywhere, and Rachel's clothes were soon gone. The thing behind her put her down, and as Rachel turned around she screamed for a third time.

The thing in front of her wasn't even close to human. He was close to 9 feet tall and covered from head to toe in fur. Tusks extended from his mouth, a mouth that curved into a smile as Rachel watched. The monster reached behind him and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, handcuffs that Rachel recognized. She used to put them on Kevin, during her favorite S&M sessions. But the only other person who knew where they were hidden was... "Kevin?" Rachel whispered.

The Kevin-monster showed no reaction to her words, but shoved the handcuffs at her with obvious intent. Unwilling to provoke the thing before her, Rachel slowly put the handcuffs on her arms and showed them to the monster. He nodded and picked Rachel up, carrying to her bed. Rachel was horrified to note that the monster had an erection. If he intended to do that, it would kill her!

But sex wasn't the monster's intention. He pulled out a bottle of something, she couldn't see what, and squirted the entire contents of it on her breasts. He started to rub it in, suprisingly gentle with his massive hands. Rachel gasped, and her nipples erected despite her wishes, but still the monster ignored her vulnerablility. He finished rubbing the cream in, then stood back to... watch? Watch what?

Kevin's smile was estatic. Kevinmate was to not be pinkflesh and be likeKevin soon. His mating urge could wait until then.

The altered formula did not take long to work. Rachel didn't notice anything unusual about the way she had to shake the hair out of her eyes constantly. She did notice that feeling of tightness on the handcuffs, and the itching fire that covered her body and left behind a growing fur. Her body shape grew a little less curvy, but was still voluptious. Her face was a different matter. Rachel's tusks forced their way onto a bestial face a face that was as covered in fur as the rest of her body. Rachel's breasts grew larger, and Kevin nodded in pleasure at the sight of the mammaries. They would nurse many children.

Rachel frantically began to pull against her handcuffs and was shocked to hear them snap. But she could not escape, Kevin moved forward and forced himself onto her still changing body. At first she was tight, but began to loosen up as Rachel's body expanded. Rachel tossed her head back and forth and howled, but she couldn't resist the bestial instincts claiming her mind as the orgasmic fury roared through her. Soon she was grunting as loud as her mate and bucking to meet his savage thrusts. When he exploded into her, she joined him in a bestial howl. When he ordered, she meekly followed her mate out the front door and into the woods.

Rogaine copyright 1997 by Copernicus.

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