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Variety is the Spice of Life

by Anonymous

Jamie and Christy were married for 15 years. Their relationship was a largely physical one. Jamie was the high school quarterback, broad shoulders, high cheekbones, raven-black hair that was almost scandalously long. Christy was a young model and cheerleader. Puberty was kind to her, granting all its benefits and relatavely few of the drawbacks. She was well endowed without being saggy, her blond hair stayed that way all the way to the roots and fell all the way to her firm derrierre. They married at 17 when they both graduated respectably in the middle of their class.

Christy found a job as an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Her shape and moves would assure a packed house. Jamie went to the local state college on a football scholarship. He missed staying in the "jock dorms" with his teammates, but living with Chris had its advantages: SEX and lots of it. They went at it like rabbits at every occasion. Neither wanted kids and amazingly they were lucky with it.

Jamie didn't make the big leagues and had to take a sales job with a computer company. Christy started to slow down a bit and became a secretary for a boss who still apreciated her assets. They still had a lot of sex, but it wasn't the youthful sport it was when they were in their teens. They took to experimenting. Whipped cream and cherries made each other into sexy desserts. Body oils and massages made romantic evenings smoulder. Jamie liked being tied up and Christy had a yen for a small lash. But after a while, the novelty started to wear thin. The couple started to bicker more and Chris worried that Jamie was seeing someone on the side. Jamie was pretty sure Christy's last raise was not due to her typing.

Christy was determined to find some way to save their marriage. She went looking for some way to put spice back in their marriage. At a small curio shop, Chris found just the thing. A small vial of some greenish substance promised to "make your man a beast in bed". The proprietor of the store promised its success no matter how old or tired the man was. For a stud like Jamie, it wouldn't take much to bring back the good old days. She picked up two vials and hurried home to prepare.

Jamie got home late, as he did more and more often these days and frowned when he noticed all the lights were off. He figured Chris was still with her boss doing god knows what. He unlocked the door and flipped the light switch... still dark. Jamie swore and flicked the lights up and down, nothing. Then he noticed a small light at the stairs. He called out "Christy?!" and approched it. The light was a small candle. Once he got to that candle, he noticed another candle at the top of the stairs. Jamie sighed wearily. Chris meant well, but he wasn't in the mood tonight. He followed the candles up to the bedroom. The bed was encircled with scented candles, Jamie hoped this wasn't going to be hot wax again. In the center of the bed, Christy sat in a silk red teddy that emphasised her breasts and made her belly look smaller. Her eyes were smouldering and her hair framed her like a halo, "Come on in bed, big guy." Jamie considered. then shrugged, "What the hell," he muttered as he climed in fully dressed.

Christy smiled happily as she unbuttoned her husband's shirt. His chest was still in pretty good shape. Sure it sagged a bit, but he still exercised and kept a little tummy that got most men his age away. She planted a kiss on his smooth breastbone and nibbled slightly as her fingers got him out of his pants. He hugged her with his big arms and kissed her forehead. While he was doing that Christy reached for the small vial that caught the light and glowed greenly. She opened the glass stopper and rubbed it along his back.

Jamie stiffened as he felt something cold run along his back. "Ice again," he thought. He didn't like that all that much. When a second cold shiver touched closer to his neck he stiffened, "What are you doing, Chris?" She smiled at him hopefully, her eyes bright with concern, "I bought this oil today, its supposed to bring out the animal in you." Jamie shrugged and sighed, "All right, can't hurt I suppose."

Christy applied the oil to Jamie liberally, but it didn't seem to be doing anything, even when she applied it to his cock. They continued in their foreplay for a while, then she started to notice a difference. His arms and chest seemed to be getting bigger! He was resuming his younger proportions. She kissed him eagerly and blew in his ear.

James was halfhearted at first, but as time went on he started really getting into the task at hand. His cock was feeling strong enough to burst, and he felt really good! When Christy started rubbing his chest, it felt great. "Jamie, look at yourself." She said. He looked down and was amazed. His chest was thick and firm as when he was back in college. He flexed and felt the old strength in his arms. He hugged Christy with all his strength and heard her gasp then moan, "God Chris, this is great." As he squeezed her belly with his knees he noticed that his body hair, which never was that thick, was running down the center of his chest and blossoming arround his nipples.

Christy squirmed in pleasure as Jamie touched her in all the right places in all the right ways. The body hair caused the sweat to cling to him and gave him a musky scent that really drove her wild. It seemed to be getting even thicker, spreading over his belly, and it seemed darker on his arms as well. Christy leaned up to kiss him and noticed the changes were growing more pronounced. His eyes were gleaming in the candle light, but insteadof their typical blue they were yellow!

Jamie was amazed at what he was feeling. He wasn't sure if it was the oil or the way Christy was responding to him, but he felt frisky as a pup. He let out a low animal growl and began to get a bit rough with her. Jamie ran his five o'clock shadow roughly over her breasts, kissing and nibbling the nipples as they grew erect, he ran his nails over her back and scraped her ass playfully.

Christy cried out. Jamie was hurting her. His teeth were sharp and she could swear he drew blood. Then he ripped her back and it was like fire. The mix of pain and pleasure was intense, but frightening. She took his hand and kissed it, trying to bring him back to more tender play. His hand was odd, the joints seemed stiff and the fingers seemed stubby and small. Worse yet, his nails were hard and glistened black in the light. She looked at his feral yellow eyes and called his name, "Jamie?" she asked tenetively. There was no flash of recognition. The hair on his face covered all his features, and she couldn't see his ears anymore. Then she noticed... they were at the top of his head.

The creature did not know what the woman wanted, he only understood his need. His fangs bit into her shoulders and tasted her flesh and blood. His claws scraped at her groin to make it receptive to his engorged sheath. His tail arched back with desire. Soon he would fill her with his seed.

Christy moaned and shivered. She was used to being the dominant one in bed. It was something that always surprised and pleased her with her tender buff lover. Tonight though was another story. He was using her savagely. It frightened her, but it was thrilling as well. The mix of sex and the threat of death intoxicated her. For the first time in her life, Christy submitted completely to the man she married.

The wolf knew the scent of his mate, no matter how strange her form seemd to him. He bit at her shoulders and turned her over with his paws. Then he rubbed his sheath along her ass until the pink cock tip poured out. He thrust his member roughly inside of her, pressing again and again and again until finally he tied in. He let out a HOWL of triumph as he tied with her, spraying his cum into her. Once he was finally done he licked at her ears tenderly and nestled closely to sleep.

Christy woke up the next morning hurt and stiff. She limped to the bathroom and stepped in the shower. The hot water did wonders for her. After she finished she looked at the full mirror. There were bruises and scratches, especially on her shoulders and back, but she would survive it, and her boss may not even notice. . . not that she wanted to go back to him after last night. She went back into the bedroom and noticed Jamie, looking again like a normal human being, although the curled position of his naked body reminded her of his wolfish night before. She stroked his bare shoulders and smiled softly.

Jamie woke up confused. He knew that he had sex with his wife, and it was the best time in over ten years, but the details were foggy. It must have been something though, there were rips in the bedspread and a few spots of blood. He usually didn't like all that BDSM stuff, but last night it all meed to make sense. "Sleep well?" Chris asked. Jamie smiled blearily and nods. Then he sat up, "That stuff last night was great! Do you have any more?" She smiled canily, "Not only that, I got some for you to put on me. . ." She leaned over to the bedside table and pulled out the second vial. Its label said: "FOXY LADY"


Variety is the Spice of Life copyright 1996 by Anonymous.

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