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Roger's Creation

by Regal

"You're drawing that dog woman again," Amanda said with a note of disgust in her voice. Her boyfriend Roger ignored her and continued to focus on his sketch. "With all your talent, why do you keep wasting your time on that furry wet dream?"

Roger let out a loud, extended sigh. "Because right now Prudence Puppylove is paying the bills. And with the Atlanta Fur-tacular coming up next month, I'll need as many drawings of her as I can make. Of all my characters, she's the one most popular with the fans."

"I can see why," Amanda snapped back. "If I had gravity defying breasts bigger than my head, I'd be popular with those fans too! I just wish some of the time you could be more like a real artist."

That was the wrong button to push with Roger. "And I wish some of the time you could be like Prudence. She might be a female dog, but at least she's not as big a bitch as you are!"

Amanda's face burned with anger, but she didn't reply. Instead she stormed silently back into the house. Roger turned back to his work, but he couldn't continue. Even though it was a cool, perfect morning out on the deck, Roger also needed a clear and relaxed mind in order to draw. Amanda had taken care of that.

This was not a new argument. Amanda felt Roger's talent was being wasted while Roger thought she simply didn't understand his art. But their past arguments had never become quite so cruel, and Roger was already regretting what he had said. Even though she had started the whole thing, Roger still knew he needed to apologize. Maybe they could settle this, or at least put it off to another time. He might even be able to salvage part of the morning.

As he sat there delaying, Roger heard soft steps coming up behind him, followed by two gentle hands massaging his shoulders. Roger smiled. Evidently Amanda's temper had cooled off. That was quick.

"Hi handsome," said a sultry voice. Roger's smile changed to a look of puzzlement. That didn't sound like Amanda. As the person behind him lovingly wrapped her arms around his neck, Roger felt something very large and cushiony press against his back. And the arms around him were... furry? He looked back over his shoulder.

"Yahhh!" he exclaimed as he tried to jump away and fell over. If it wasn't for the railing, he would have tumbled off the deck. What Roger was seeing was impossible. She could not be there, but she was. He looked up from the deck into the smiling face of his creation, Prudence Puppylove.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "I didn't mean to startle you. Oh! A picture of me!"

As the dog woman's attention was caught by his drawing, Roger pulled himself up. For the briefest moment he thought that one of his friends was playing a joke on him. Maybe someone had designed a Prudence costume. But no, even the best costumes he had seen at conventions could not move this realistically. The being in front of him was wearing no costume. In fact, she wasn't wearing anything at all.

In a panic, Roger rushed off the deck into the bedroom. Prudence casually followed. "Lover? Is there something wrong?"

"Stay away from me!" he yelled. "I don't know who or what you are, but stay back!"

"Darling, it's me, " she replied. "Prudence. Your dream girl. You created me."

Roger desperately looked around as the dog woman slowly advanced. Then he spotted his mug of coffee from breakfast. He had forgotten it on the nightstand and it was hours cold, but it could still work. "I said stay back!" he warned, then he threw the coffee full in her face.

Surprised, Prudence stumbled back and lost her balance. She fell to the carpet on her hands and knees. As Roger stared at her, his heart pounding, he saw something strange was happening. For a moment Prudence winced, then her body seemed to shimmer and blur. A moment later, Roger's gaze was fixed not on his creation, but his girlfriend.

"My heavens," he breathed. "Amanda."

Amanda looked up from the floor with fear and confusion in her eyes. Her voice cracked as she spoke. "Roger? Wh... what happened to me? Why did I... how did I change like that?"

"Do you remember what happened?" Roger asked.

"Yes," she answered. "All of it, but... but it was like some kind of dream. No, a nightmare. It was me, but I was Puppylove. What's happening?"

"I wish I knew," said Roger.

"I have got to figure out someway around that," said a woman's voice. Both Amanda and Roger wondered if their sanity was cracking. Somehow a beautiful, coppery-skinned woman was now sitting on their bed.

"How did you get in here?" Roger demanded to know. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm not exactly affiliated with Hell, but I'm close," the woman answered with a smile. "Okay, listen up. I'll try to make a long story short. Having to explain this over and over again for thousands of years gets oh so dull. My name is Abir and I am an ifritah. I am bound to that old lamp you bought last week, and I have to grant three wishes to whomever rubs it. However, I don't have to tell the person that he or she has the wishes, so most of the time I don't. It's more fun that way. Unfortunately, if the first wish makes something odd happen, the master will then wish to know why it happened, so I have to appear and explain all this anyway. Clear?"

"No, this is not clear!" Roger responded. "This is serious? You're some kind of genie? I've got three wishes?"

Abir looked mildly annoyed. "No, I'm some kind of ifritah and you have one wish left. One was used to make me appear and explain this and one was used to change your friend here."

"Wait a minute," Amanda said as she got up. "You mean I turned into that freakish sexpot because Roger wished for me to? Roger!!"

"Don't yell at me!" Roger said. "I didn't do it."

"Yes, you did," Abir corrected. "You wished for Amanda to be like Prudence some of the time. So, some of the time she will be herself and some of the time she will change into your character, Prudence Puppylove."

Amanda glared at Roger. "You better fix this, and I mean now! You've got one wish. Now wish me back to normal!" Suddenly Amanda hugged her stomach and doubled over. "Ohh! What's happening? No, not again! Roger, help me!"

Roger stared helplessly as the transformation happened again, this time in reverse. Amanda shimmered, blurred, and became Prudence Puppylove again. "It's like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde," whispered Roger.

"Oh, did you like that?" Abir asked. "That story was based on some work of mine, but what's-his-name blamed it on a formula in his book. The jerk."

Now fully restored, Prudence sashayed seductively up to Roger. "I have a better idea," she cooed. "Why don't you wish to get rid of Amanda? Then you and I can always be together."

Roger backed up to the wall and swallowed. "I... I can't do that."

"Yes you can," said Prudence, moving closer. "Think about dull old her and then look at me." The beautiful canine woman cupped her hands under her enormous breasts. "And you know she doesn't understand you," Prudence continued. "I'll never argue with you or say mean things. I know how wonderful you are. Please don't erase me."

Roger looked over at Abir. "Genie, what do I do?"

"First of all, if you call me a genie again, I'll banish your butt to Abu Dhabi. Not your whole body, just your butt. And second, what you do with your wish is up to you. It is an interesting dilemma."

"Wait a minute," Roger said. "I think I've got it. Genie, I mean lady, I wish... I wish for Amanda and Prudence to be individually separated so they both can exist at the same time."

"What?" responded Prudence. "No. I don't want her around here."

"It isn't what I was expecting either, but I can work with it," said Abir. Before Roger's eyes, Prudence faded away. A moment later, she and Amanda both reappeared on the floor. "Your last wish is granted. Time for my lamp and I to vanish. Good luck to you, Roger." As suddenly as she appeared, Abir was gone.

Looking confused, both ladies slowly sat up. "I am not happy with this," Amanda said, studying her arms.

Prudence's reaction was surprising and venomous. She glared angrily at Roger. "You bastard! You could have fixed this, but no! You had to be smart!"

"Prudence, please. Calm down. This was for the best. Now you both can live."

"You idiot, I'm Amanda!!" the dog woman screamed. "That bitch separated us, but she put us in the wrong bodies! I'm going to be stuck as this cartoonish freak for the rest of my life and it is all your fault! I hate you! I HATE YOU!!"

Paying no attention to Amanda, Prudence continued to examine herself. "Maybe I can get used to this, but I am going to require some major breast implants."

Roger looked back and forth at the two women. "Amanda, I... don't worry. I can... we..." Roger's voice died off as he fully realized there was nothing they could do. Amanda buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

Prudence looked down at her chest. "Oh yeah. With these itty-bitty titties, I will definitely need a boob job."

Roger's Creation copyright 1999 by Regal.

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