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The Man Who Didn't Care For Looks

by Thomas Hassan

Oh, I know they all say it, but I truly mean it. Apperance is nothing.

I don't care how a woman looks.

Oh, you wanted the beginning...

Well, I was a drifter.

Yes, I wandered from town to town, doing odd jobs, earning my keep. No, I never stole. I'm no thief!

It's just that I may not have always worked for what I got.

Oh, when the winter came and the road grew cold and uncomfortable, I started trying the farms. I always found a widow. You know, they weren't lonely no more, and I had a warm bed.

They all knew it was only for the winter.

No, I never deceived them. I am a honest man. Just not as steady as most.

And I truly liked them all. As I said so at the beginning, age and appearance don't matter. Liking and generosity does.

Oh, of course. on with the story. Sorry if I ramble...

It was in the winter of 79 when I came upon her farm.

No the name doesn't matter.

It very much was the usual arrangement. I worked for my keep too, repairing some tools, doing work in the house. There was a bad patch on the roof, that I fixed. It wasn't that cold in Novemeber that year.

Just past Christmas... No, New Years... Or was it between...

I don't even remember anymore.

Well, I noticed some discoloration on my... ah... well, my tool.

It was darker.

I talked to the widow, asked when next the vet would come around.

Oh, I always went with vets. They know almost as much as human doctors, and if you get the right ones, they won't charge that much. And of course, I never needed much. I once broke a leg, and sometimes I'd have a worse cold than usual...

That's why I was so out of sorts.

I didn't really like to tell her the reason, but as I avoided her at night, she soon found out. By then I was almost black...down there.

I expected her to freak out.

I mean, it was part of my ticket for the winter...

But she only took one look and sighed.
she didn't talk to me the whole day.

I really was almost packing my things. I guessed I'd check out before she'd catch it and I'd catch hell. But in the evening, she came to me, and she almost, well, she seduced me, telling me it would not matter and it would be even better and...

Well, I went for it. Of course I went for it. It was new year, the snow was five feet deep outside. Wouldn't you?

And I have to admit it was very nice.

How she looked? Oh I told you... but allright, she was as tall as I am, just bonier and rather flat. But honestly, she was a very nice lady and I liked her very much.

And we did have fun. Looks don't matter as I have told you so thrice now.

We were at it all the night and all the following day. I was so glad I was well still able to do my duty, that I almost forgot the color.

And it was almost gone by then.

Then she told me.

Told me of the curse and how any man would turn into a beast and how she didn't want that to happen to me, and how it wouldn't if I did what she said.

So, naturally I did what she said.

Funny, that got to be a habit. I still do what she tells me. I don't even think about it anymore.

Two weeks or so later it dawned on me.

Yes, so I'm kind of slow. I could have noticed before, sure. Well what she did was that she took the curse on herself. every time the would return, we would be at it.

She changed slowly. It took her all the time till April. Yes, it got difficult some times. sure. In the end I used a bucket to stand on, and of course, I'm not that, ah, equipped.

Into what she changed? Oh, sorry I didn't mention it, did I?

The grey mare here beside me, that's her.

We've worked it out by now. But you see, the transfer didn't work fully. I still get that, ah, blackening. And then I need to pass it on.

I told you I don't care for looks.

Look outside, aren't they all beautiful now?

The Man Who Didn't Care For Looks copyright 1999 by Thomas Hassan.

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