The Transformation Story Archive Horses and Doggies and Cats, Oh my...

Patty on a Leash


Part One

Patty was winding her way around the corner, finishing up her part-time job walking Mrs. Fisher's two dogs. It was a simple job, but she was a very nice woman who lived about two blocks away from where Patty lives, and after playing with the dogs on her way home from school, she spoke with Mrs. Fisher and struck a deal.

Mrs. Fisher was an attractive woman, about 30 years old, with short blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was about 5'11", and was in great shape. Often, before Patty took the job, Mrs. Fisher could be seen walking with or jogging with the dogs around the neighborhood in tight spandex shorts and exercise pants. She was a very quiet woman, keeping to herself, but friendly.

Patty was a petite 18 year old in her last year of high school. She had well-formed legs and hips from her cheerleading all during her school years, and had nice sized breasts with perfectly round nipples. The extra cash she earned from taking care of the dogs would go towards her college fund, but she liked the animals very much, so she very much enjoyed her work.

It was dusk when she finally got the two dogs, both Golden Retrievers, one male and one female, back to the house. When she got to the back door, Mrs. Fisher was waiting, concerned something had happened to them.

"I am glad to see you Patty, it was getting late and I had feared something was wrong".

"Sorry for the delay", Patty explained as she hung up the dogs leashes. "We were having a good run, so I wanted to give them a full workout while we had the light". "They look rested, don't they?"

"Patty, you take such good care of them, I appreciate it so much, it is so hard to watch them while I have to take care of some business, I am glad they are in good hands". "Come into the living room and rest awhile with me"

They both walked into the large Victorian style homes living room, and relaxed on the plush furniture Mrs. Fisher had throughout the home. Her two loyal pets came in and rested on their respected animal beds. Patty noticed how well she took care of her pets needs, she treated them just like she would a human.

"Can I get you a glass of soda or water Patty, you must be thirsty after the run?"

"Yes, thanks, it was very tiring.

Mrs. Fisher walked over to the bar and poured some soda into a large glass with ice. She walked over to where Patty was sitting, put the drink down in front of her, and then sat across from her on the other couch.

Patty must have been dry, she drank the entire glass down in a matter of moments. Mrs. Fisher called the dogs over to her, and they both jumped up on the couch and sat down beside her, much to the surprise of Patty, who did not think she ever allowed them on the furniture.

"On special occasions, I let them up on the furniture, it is so relaxing up here, it makes you want to stretch out and relax, doesn't it?"

Patty was inclined to agree. She was starting to get very tired, taking the dogs out for exercise today mush have knocked her out more than she realized. She wanted to leave, but she found herself becoming very comfortable there on the couch.

Mrs. Fisher walked over to the couch, and started to massage the legs of the very groggy Patty. The two dogs also came over to where Patty was, and sat down on each side of her.

"Excuse me Mrs. Fisher. I am not feeling well, I think I will go home now" and tried to stand up. Walking about two steps, she collapsed onto the couch. Mrs. Fisher ordered the dogs off the couch to their beds, walked over and picked Patty up, and carried her out of the room.

Patty was very much out of it, but could vaguely pick up on some of the things which were happening to her, but she thought it was all a dream. She thought she felt someone taking off her clothing, bathing her, and cutting her hair.

She also thought she felt her hands being tied and bound as well as her legs, but each time she thought she was coming to, she blanked out again.

In what seemed like hours to her, Patty woke up slowly, feeling a chill on her back. She tried to move to stand up, but her legs were constricted, as were her arms. She was lying on her side, with her arms and legs pulled in front of her. She was resting on soft material, similar to what she found in the living room furniture.

She heard the door open, and Mrs. Fisher walked in. Patty had never seen her like this before. She was wearing a black mini dress, black stockings, and very high heels with an ankle strap. She had her hair tightly pulled up, and was carry some leather straps and chains.

"Well my little puppy, how are we feeling today?" she asked a puzzled Patty, who was try to get up still. "Are you trying to stand up, well, this is not they way you do it any more, so try sliding out of you little bed, and get up on all fours, come on!"

Patty started to slide out of the bed she was lying on, and again tried to stand up. Her ankles and wrists were bound tightly and connected to each other, and her head was also tied to the straps which ran from ankle to wrist. The was only one thing she could do, walk on all fours!

She crawled over to where Mrs. Fisher was, slipping slightly along the way. Patty's finger and toe nails were painted red, and she was wearing white stockings with a thin snap thong covering her crouch. A thin and small strip of spandex material covered her breasts, and around her neck was a collar with a hook for a chain. Her hair was permed up and had red ribbons in it.

"Yes my sweet little Patty, I saw how much you enjoyed the lifestyle my dogs enjoyed, and I like you SO very much, I thought I would allow you to enjoy their lives and in the process help me with my work."

Patty tried to pull apart the straps holding her down, but it was impossible, they were too tight and thick. With almost a dog like instinct, she tried chewing on the straps. Mrs. Fisher laughed at the site.

"Gee, I have not even started to train you and you are already starting to act like a puppy!"

Patty looked up to her with tears in her eyes. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"My business is in the medical field, helping to find ways have controlling behavior in people who have problems or who need help. I also do a little research on the side in testing the behavior of animals, especially dogs, which I like so much".

"You have so many positive qualities, you would make an excellent candidate for some trials, and this was the best way to do it". "Beside, I found you attractive and the dogs like you too".

"So what will happen to me know?" Patty sobbed as she stood on all fours on the floor.

"You will live like a dog, be fed, watered, and receive injections which will give you dog like behavior in no time. Soon you will not be able to talk, you speech ability will be temporally suppressed." "You also will not be able to walk, you will not need the straps, you will automatically get on all fours and walk this way." "You will be a dog!"

Mrs. Fisher walked over to her, and patted her on the head. She reached underneath and pulled the leash ring on her collar around and hooked it to the leash in her hand. She gave it a tight pull, and Patty's head popped up, pulling her arms up.

"Come on Patty, can you sit up and beg for me, come on, beg, pant little puppy".

She resisted, and spit into Mrs. Fisher's face. Wiping the spit away, she grew angry, and let go of the leash. She walked over and picked up a rolled up newspaper.

"You have been very bad, and you must be punished, you must be spanked!" she yelled down to Patty in a firm voice.

Patty tried to move away quickly, but she was not used to being on all fours, and could not move quickly. Her silk stockings made her slip as she moved on the finished wooden floors, which is one of the main reason she was made to wear them. Mrs. Fisher grabbed her by the collar, and starting hitting her on the behind.

"Bad girl!, bad girl!, when you are told to behave, you BETTER do as I say!" she yelled as she spanked her bottom.

Patty was crying, the tight straps and Mrs. Fisher's strong grip on the collar strap preventing her from moving away. After several more strikes, she pulled the newspaper away. Reaching around, she grabbed the leash again and pulled Patty's head and arms up.

"Now, will you beg for me, come on, pant and beg for me, you know how its done, you made my puppies do it, now, so can you".

Patty looked at her, and with tears in her eyes, pushed herself back onto her knees, lifted her arms up with her hands forward, and started panting.

With Mrs. Fisher laughing, Patty continued to pant, her tongue hanging out. The way she was holding herself up on the balls of her feet made it appear she was on hind legs. The light in the room shimmered off her sparse spandex covering and silk stockings. It appeared Patty was submitting to Mrs. Fisher, less risking another beating.

Mrs. Fisher walked over to her and patted her on the head. "That's a good girl, come on, lets get you something to drink". Patty got down onto all fours again, and Mrs. Fisher took her by the leash and walked her out of the room towards the kitchen.

Patty was moving slowly, but was following along obediently. Once inside the spacious kitchen, Mrs. Fisher led her over to the sink area where the dogs bowls are kept.

"Are you thirsty, of course you are, well, I have got a present for you!" she said with a grin on her face. Letting go of the leash, she filled a dish with water and put it in front of her. It was a bright white dish with "Patty" inscribed on the side. Patty turned her head away, but Mrs. Fisher pulled it back towards the dish.

"If you want to drink, start laping away at the water, otherwise, do without, those are the choices!" Patty heard bellowing out of Mrs. Fisher, who was growing angry again.

Sensing she may be hit again, and feeling dry, Patty bowed her head down and started laping at the water. She found it difficult to learn to do, but soon was able to take on some water. Mrs. Fisher kneeled down along side her and started to pat her on the head again.

"Yes my pretty little thing, you are learning to obey quickly, I like this" she said with glee in her eye. Again pulling on the leash, she pulled Patty away from the bowl and walked her back into the living room.

"Well, I have to go out for awhile, so you will have to stay here with the pups until I return". She unhooked the leash and put it on the table.

"You can do what you want, walk around, play, sleep, just do not get any ideas about trying to call out or getting to an open door. The phone lines in this room are off when I am not here, and the doors and windows are locked and the drapes drawn so nobody can see in".

Patty was moving around the room slowly trying to see if she could see out or get out, instead all she did was tired herself out. Dejected, she walked over to her bed, and fell onto her side, tears flowing down her face. The next sound she heard was the door slamming shut as Mrs. Fisher walked out.

Part Two


When she awoke, Patty found the two dogs waiting by the door, waiting for Mrs. Fisher to come and take them out. Usually by this time, Patty would have come and taken them out, but she was now in need of someone to help her.

Patty crawled out from her bed, and walked over to the door where the dogs were. Mrs. Fisher came in, and patted each of the dogs as they jumped up and down on her. Patty was sitting there on her legs, trying to loosen the stain from the straps, her eyes red from crying.

"Well my pretty young thing, it seems the pups here have to go outside, what about you, do you need a walk?" she said with a vicious grin on her face.

Patty pleaded with her, "please, let me go, let me up, I have too, I need to....." her voice trailed off as she turned her head down.

"First I have to take care of them, then you, so just sit tight and wait". With this, Mrs. Fisher took the dogs out into the yard.

Patty walked over to the window, and looked outside from what she could see at her height. It was getting darker out, so they would be inside soon. Suddenly she had an awful thought, would she make her go outside? She crawled as fast as she could back to her bed, hoping Mrs. Fisher would become tied up doing other things and forget about her for now. This would not be her luck.

The dogs came running in, and Mrs. Fisher walked over to her bed. Reaching around her neck, she clipped the leash onto the collar and pulled her up on all fours.

"Come on Patty, it is time for you". She tried pulling away, but as usual Mrs. Fisher had a tight grip on her. She reached around and smacked Patty across the behind once very hard, causing Patty to almost fall. Mrs. Fisher reached around to Patty's waist, and unsnapped the thin thong which covered her crotch area. She blushed with embarrassment.

"Well my dear, we can't have you outside where you could be seen, so I will take you downstairs to a special setup I have for you, come on".

With a great deal of fear in her eyes, with a cool breeze blowing through her middle, she trotted on all fours down the hall on the leash with Mrs. Fisher. On the way, Mrs. Fisher's hands found their way over her ass, running it over and over. This was making her feel uneasy and horny, which made her very nervous.

Mrs. Fisher slowly took Patty down the steps to her finished basement area. It was difficult for Patty getting down the steps, she slid slightly on her stockings, and the straps did not give her good balance.

"If you would learn how to walk on your own quicker, you would not need the straps" Mrs. Fisher told her has she reached the last step and was finally on the floor.

"What happens to me now?" Patty asked as Mrs. Fisher stopped her near another door in the basement.

She unlocked the door, which led to a room where Patty saw a large boxed in area filled with sand and tree branches. She led Patty into it, and unhooked the leash.

"Here you go my dear, I will be waiting outside for you, just yell when ready". She started to turn and walk away.

"Wait, I cannot do this, please, don't make me do this!" Patty cried out to her. Mrs. Fisher kept walking and told her, "it is this, or nothing else, so I would get used to it". With that, she walked out the door.

Patty stood there on all fours, wondering what to do next. She had to take care of business, but did not want to do it here. Sensing no other choice, she moved around to make the straps somewhat out of the way, stood up on her feet and spread her legs as wide as possible, and relieved herself.

Once finished, she made sure she rolled away from what she had done, and crawled out of the box, ashamed at what she had become and what she had to do. Mrs. Fisher came back into the room.

"There, was that so bad little girl" she said has she hooking Patty to her leash. "Pretty soon you will get used to that, it will become second nature". She took out Patty's thong and snapped it around her again. "We have to keep you pretty, don't want to have you crawling around with your parts hanging out!". She led Patty out of the room and back up the stairs.

Once in the main room, Patty tried to walk over to her bed area, but was pulled down the hall. She was walking fairly well, learning to balance herself on her feet and not letting the straps trip her up. She was brought into a room which had several large cages in it, an examination table, and lots of research information and equipment. Trying to pull away in fear, she was grabbed underneath by Mrs. Fisher and picked up and placed on the table. Only the fear of falling with being able to catch herself kept her from trying to jump off.

Mrs. Fisher unhooked the straps which connected her legs to her arms, so Patty was able to stretch out. This was a error Mrs. Fisher counted on, because as soon as she did, Patty was restrained to the table by her hands and feet.

"No, let me up, let me go, help!, please, oh....." with this a ball gag was inserted into her mouth, quieting her down. Patty looked around nervously as Mrs. Fisher prepared some needles in the corner.

"I guess you are wondering what these are, well, this is part of what I was talking about when you first woke up, this is the research". "I have taken a drug which deadens nerves and impulses in the brain, and mixed it with another compound found in certain dogs, one which controls behavior and response to verbal commands and actions".

"You are going to be injected with several of these now". "Over the next few hours, you will lose the ability to talk, to walk, to think with any complexity".

"In the meantime, your brain will process the chemical which I have taken from the animals and you will start reacting to the stimulus and the actions you are told and shown". "While you are lying here, I will play dog training and obedience tapes over and over for you as the drugs take effect, the results should have you barking and running around here like the pups in no time!"

Patty cried into heavy sobs as Mrs. Fisher walked over to her. She wiped the tears away, kissed her on the forehead, and began the injections. One by one, the injections were administered to her, and she slowly stopped resisting and soon was lying quite still.

Finishing up the medical part, Mrs. Fisher cleaned up the lab and prepared to shut down for the night. Patty was lying there on the table on her stomach now, headset on playing obedience tapes and other sounds over and over in conjunction with the video tapes being played in front of her. This would go on for the next 24 hours or so.

Mrs. Fisher turned down the lights, and walked out the door. Patty was on the table motionless, enthralled with what was happening on screen, as the new chemicals pulsed through her body.

Part Three.

Just about two days later, Mrs. Fisher checked her remote monitors and charts and concluded Patty's initial treatment should be sufficient for now. Picking up her leash, she headed down to the treatment center in the cellar.

Patty was now lying in a large cage on her side, having been moved there after the initial 24 hours. A sedative kept her asleep while the treatments continued, and her body was in the same position any dog would be found in while sleeping.

Mrs. Fisher shut down the IV machines feeding the materials into Patty, and removed all of the tubes and needles. It would be a few minutes before she awoke, once the IV was removed, the drug would become inactive. Mrs. Fisher closed the cage door, and waited to see what Patty's reactions and response would be when she awoke.

Patty started to blink her eyes slightly, and began to slowly move her arms. She was still very groggy, but was starting to come around. Mrs. Fisher walked over to the cage and started calling her.

"Come on girl, time to wake up, come on, time to see how my handy work came off this time!" Patty slowly started to stand, and for the first time, she stopped trying to stand any further once she stood on all fours.

"What have yourr done torr me, grrr?", her voice trailed off, with many of the words mixed with low growling sounds. She was having trouble forming complete words and sentences.

"It would appear your first treatments have taken well, you are already starting to lose your ability to speak, and I think once I let you out, you will walk around a lot better without your straps".

Mrs. Fisher walked over to the cage, opened the safety gate, and started to rub Patty's head. She tried to speak against, but all that would come out were mumbled words and whimpers. Sensing she might be stable to move, Mrs. Fisher closed the safety gate, picked up Patty's leash, and went over to the cage to take her out.

Once the door was opened, Patty walked slowly on all fours out the door and onto the floor. With the straps now unhooked, she seemed to move a lot easier and with more comfort and stability with her new position.

Mrs. Fisher clipped the leash onto her collar, and kneeled down to pat her head and rub her under her chin. By natural instinct, Patty rubbed her face into Mrs. Fisher's hand, and when she put her hand out in front of her, stuck out and licked her hand with her tongue.

Mrs. Fisher was very impressed, this was the first of her test subjects which responded so quickly to the initial treatments. Putting the leash down for the moment to close up the cage and tidy up the area, Patty lied down on the floor, arms in front of her, head down, legs behind her.

When Mrs. Fisher walked over to her to pick up the leash, she tried to speak again. "Please, do not dorr this torr me, I don't......grrr.......and broke into some small grunts and barks. She kept barking, it was quiet because she did not have a lot of strength yet, and her female voice did not have a high pitch to make it piercing.

Mrs. Fisher was glowing with success as her little dog walker barked away on the floor. She petted her on the head again, and this seemed to calm her down. Pulling on the leash, Patty picked herself up and trotted down the hallway.

She took the stairs a lot better, the silk stockings still were a source of some slipping, but it made her a lot prettier.

There was something deep inside Patty's brain which was telling her this was wrong, but the new chemistry pulsing through her system was repressing these feelings and ideas.

Instead of being able to speak words, she found herself walking with her mouth open, tongue wagging, as she was brought back to the main floor. The audio and video tapes had made a strong impression on her mind.

Once upstairs, Mrs. Fisher led her into the spacious living room. The two other dogs came running over to Patty and began to sniff her. The treatments allowed Patty's body to emit a scent similar to a female dog through her sweat glands, and her sounds and yelping had caught the attention of the other dogs before she came upstairs. The dogs licked Patty's face and back, and she rubbed up against them in response.

Mrs. Fisher sent them away. She unhooked the leash from Patty's collar, and pulled her up on the couch. She jumped up in one shot, pulling herself up with her arms and palms.

Patty was still very tired, and layed down on her side, instantly putting her arms and legs down in front of her, staring out at the TV screen activated by Mrs. Fisher.

"Such a sweet little girl, you have responded so well, I will have to rethink the rest of the procedure for you, and perhaps take you to a more advanced stage!"

Mrs. Fisher noticed the light as it reflected off Patty's stockings, despite all of the medication and transformation, she was still quite a woman. Since dogs like to have their stomachs rubbed, she put her hand underneath Patty's stomach and started rubbing it back and forth slowly, then alternating to circles moving up underneath her breasts.

Patty's senses did not know how to react to this, her sub-conscious took this as a sexual advance, her brain was telling her to accept it as playful petting by her owner.

Patty rolled onto her back, pulled her arms and legs back and held them in the air, allowing Mrs. Fisher to use both her hands to massage her entire body down to her vagina.

Mrs. Fisher's hands found their way to Patty's female parts, and without warning, she took two fingers and entered her. Probing back and forth inside of her, Patty began to move her legs back and forth in response. She was getting wet, as was Mrs. Fisher, who was now rubbing deep inside her own body.

Patty was whimpering, if she could speak, she would no doubt be moaning loudly right now. Continuing to work inside herself also, Mrs. Fisher was working Patty into a frenzy of whimpering and body movements. After a few minutes of bucking her hips forward, Patty collapsed into a massive orgasm, flowing into Mrs. Fisher's hands.

With Patty still lying on her back, Mrs. Fisher layed back herself and continued to work on herself. She was emitting soft moans, loud enough to catch the attention of the dogs, and of course Patty. Rolling over onto all fours, she crawled over to Mrs. Fisher, put her head between Mrs. Fisher's legs, and started lapping at her.

As Mrs. Fisher's moans grew faster and louder, Patty's tongue moved faster and faster back and forth. Grabbing Patty's head, she let go of her own orgasm, which Patty continued to lap up, licking all around her.

Exhausted, Mrs. Fisher closed her legs and stood up off the couch. Clipping the leash to Patty's collar, she called her off the couch and led her out of the room. "Come my little girl. I need to rest, and I want my little girl to be lying there waiting for me with the rest of the puppies".

Led into Mrs. Fisher's huge bedroom, Patty was allowed to lay down across some huge feather pillows, while the other two dogs came in and rested there also. Mrs. Fisher stretched out on her bed, and was soon drifting off to sleep.

Patty's eyes slowly started to close on this day. She could not recall or remember much of anything, but she knew her life was changing and would be changing more. Not knowing what had happened to others who came before her, she did not know how true this was.

Part Four.

As the light from the early morning sun started coming thru the slits in the blinds, Patty awoke from her sleep, and climbed down off the bed.

She really was not fully awake yet, but she was able to walk around the floor, stretching her legs. She did not realize she was sniffing around the furniture as she moved around the floor, she also was moving with a great deal of ease on her all fours.

Mrs. Fisher awoke soon after, and after rolling over a few times in her large, soft bed, she too got up, and walked over to where her new little puppy was standing. She kneeled down and was scratching Patty under the chin, who responded by licking her hand.

"Such a sweet little girl, come with me, I will give you some fresh water". Instead, Patty, at a fast pace, moved past her towards the door which led to the basement, to the sandbox.

"What is it, do you have to go out, come on, speak, tell me what you want".

Patty walked over to the door, and lifted herself up and started pawing at the door, and emitted short and rapid loud barks. Her sounds attracted the other dogs, who came running in behind her.

Mrs. Fisher petted each of them and called them over to the outside door and pushed it open, letting them run free in the yard. She then looked down at Patty, looking up at her pawing at the door.

"You need to go downstairs little puppy, well, come on, lets go and see what you have learned". She opened the door, and Patty moved slowly but with confidence down the steps and ran through the basement to the other door leading to the special room.

Mrs. Fisher followed shortly behind and unlocked the door, and Patty climbed into the box and went about her business. She soon climbed back out and came out of the room, and sat back on her legs in front of Mrs. Fisher.

"Well my little girl, you behaving so well, I may have to treat you, would that make you happy, speak for mommy, come on, speak little puppy".

Patty began to bark over and over, pulling her hands in the air, trying to paw at Mrs. Fisher. She responded by petting Patty on the head, and started walking away down the cellar hall. Patty quickly followed her down the hall, yelping most of the way.

Making her way to another storage room, Mrs. Fisher brought Patty inside to where there was another dog lying on a doggie bed. Patty could sense other dogs there also. She tried moving over to where the scents were coming from, but Mrs. Fisher grabbed her by the collar and clipped her to the leash attached on the wall.

"I brought you here Patty because this new mommy here needs some assistance, and you have just the right "parts" to help her out with". With this, she moved a board away from the doorway where she was standing and six puppies came running out towards her and the dog lying in its bed.

"You see Patty, this little mommy dog is just too tired from feeding her many pups, this is her second litter in such a short time".

"With you here, we can put those milk filled tits to use, and get you prepared for when you have your own little pups, I might even let the dog who studed this litter try you!"

Patty appeared to be alarmed at the dogs overrunning her, and watching them pull at their mother for milk. The mother dog just layed there as the pups fed on her.

Mrs. Fisher unhooked Patty, and brought her over to another doggie bed where she was tied down. Mrs. Fisher removed the spandix strip which covered her breasts, and gently rubbed her breasts and nipples, making them moist and leaky.

Patty's nipples had become slightly longer due to the treatments, so when Mrs. Fisher brought two puppies over to her, they instantly went to Patty's breasts and started drawing on them, causing her some initial pain and soreness from their rough treatment.

With maternal and animal instinct, she nuzzled and licked the pups as they fed on her, and allowed each puppy to in turn come over and feed from her full breasts. Mrs. Fisher looked at this and smiled with delight.

"Well my little girl, you are taking such good care of these little pups, I think this treatment and training, you may be ready for some of your own!" "I think I will leave you here for awhile to get used to this part of your new life, and will be back for you later, when we will start your treatments again."

Mrs. Fisher came back a few hours later, and found both the dog, the puppies and Patty asleep, with one of the pups suckling lightly on one of Patty's nipples, drawing her sweet milk out.

She took the pup away from Patty, and put it with the others by its mom, where it soon was asleep next to its brothers and sisters. Gently she shook Patty awake. and she stood up.

"Well my little milk machine, did you enjoy feeding the little pups, they seemed to like it VERY much!" Mrs. Fisher took Patty's covering and pulled it around her breasts, pulling them tight and covering them up. She noticed some moisture leaking through the fabric.

"Patty, you are leaking, you must be so full inside those beautiful breasts of yours, well, cannot have you walking around with your tits swaying in the breeze dripping milk!" She unhooked the covering again, and while Patty looked up at her with a ver curious face, she picked up a carry bag and pulled a breast pump out of it.

Mrs. Fisher proceeded to drain the ample milk from Patty's breasts as she layed on her back, stomach being patted by Mrs. Fisher. In no time she filled up several bottles with her sweet milk. She re-attached the covering around her breasts again, and hooked a leash to Patty's collar.

"Come my little girl, there are tests to be done, and treatments to be given to you". Her breasts tender and sore, she walked with Mrs. Fisher slowly down the hallway, balancing herself now with ease on all fours, walking towards the next step in this process Mrs. Fisher was putting her through, her awareness of her previous personality and situation quickly vanishing from memory.

Patty soon found herself back in the same room where the transformation process began. Mrs. Fisher picked Patty up and put her on the examination table. She tried to resist, but she was scared, so she stood on the table shaking and crying.

Looking around, Patty saw some other dogs in cages around the room. There were many different types of dogs being kept, large and small. In a larger cage in the corner of the room, she saw a large golden retriever inside, running back and forth to the cage door. The dog seemed very excited, and some of the other dogs also seemed excited by the retrievers presences and scent.

Mrs. Fisher came over to Patty, and before she could react pricked her skin with a needle and administered a long injection of a clear fluid inside her. This was followed by two more similar injections. Patty was feeling warm, and was now laying down on the table.

"Well Patty, you must stay here now while this material takes hold of your system". "From here, if all goes according to schedule, you will spend some time in the cage there and I will monitor you reactions and see what and how you physically react and what happens from your encounter."

"Meanwhile, this small injection will make you sleep and allow the chemicals to do their work". Patty felt one more needle prick her skin, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

What she could not hear or feel was Mrs. Fisher picking up her limp body and putting it on a rolling table and bringing it over to the cage where the retriever was.

Patty's undergarment was removed, and she was placed on a bed on the opposite side of the cage. The retriever sniffed around close where she was, but a screen kept them apart, for now. The retriever layed down in front of the screen, eyeing the sleeping Patty.

Note: the following addition was written by an author other than the person who wrote chapters 1-4. This person couldn't wait for the sequel!

by Neuralmancer

Patty On A Leash - 5

While Patty slept, more physical transformations occurred. Over a period of several days, a layer of fur, the color exactly matching her original hair color grew over 90 per cent of Patty's body. Most thick along her back and over her buttocks, the fur tended to thin out across her belly. Patty's breasts, vagina, plus the soles of her hands and feet were left bare. Even Patty's face became covered with a fine layer of hair. Patty would never wear clothing again.

Patty's body started to become more dog-like. She was being reshaped. Her hands and feet began to reshape themselves into paws. Her arms started to lengthen while her legs began to shorten. Patty's facial features began to change as well. Ears lengthened. Her nose flattened out. And simultaneously the lower half of her face began to extend itself into the shape of a dog's snout. Canines developed. Mrs. Fisher's injections had the effect of altering Patty's genetic makeup.

Patty's physical alterations would take place according to the pattern of her previous humanoid form. For example, from her coccyx, her tail bone, a dog's tail would begin to grow. The general proportions of Patty's torso would change little from her previously human form. Unlike most conventionally created dogs, Patty's hips and chest would remain much larger than her waist. The sex organs of the previously human dogs remained virtually unchanged. An additional distinction is that she would not develop any additional pairs of tits. Her present pair of breasts, the size of which actually increased by the effect of the treatments, would have to suffice to feed any of her future offspring. A generous milk capacity compensated. The limitation of the number of tits on the female dogs was one of the reasons that Mrs. Fisher desired to create more of the special bitch dogs. A minimum number were required to nurse the pups that were being born.

More than physical differences such as the number of pairs of tits of the bitches distinguished Mrs. Fisher's transformed dogs from the more normally produced variety. A more subtle difference between the two classes of dogs was the dramatically increased intelligence of Mrs. Fisher's animals.

Obviously, Patty's canine transformation wasn't going to be one hundred percent effective. Some remnants of patty's previous human condition would remain. Although Patty's physical alterations would be permanent, her humanity would only be suppressed, not eliminated. Occasionally in the absence of the effect of her new bestial instincts, glimmers of rational thought would come forth. In the battle over rationality versus canine instincts, the instinctual response of a dog would dominate.

Mrs. Fisher watched as Patty awoke. After Patty's days of sleep, she was considerably more a dog. The beginnings of a retriever perhaps. The transformation would take many more weeks to complete. Patty got up and sat on her hindquarters. Hearing the other dogs, she was at first unsure on how to react. Sniffing the air while simultaneously turning her head around, Patty then noticed the male retriever. Any confusion quickly disappeared. Sexual hormones immediately began to take affect. The male retriever took notice as well. His large penis quickly became erect. Patty rose up and rubbed herself against the screen separating the two animals. In addition to her broadcast of sexual pheromones, her vagina began to become very lubricated. Unfortunately, all the male could do was to sniff Patty's vagina. The screen prevented their mating.

Mrs. Fisher beamed. Hurrying over to Patty she promptly removed Patty from the cage. As Patty stood on all fours on the floor, Mrs. Fisher reached down with he right hand to stroke patty's vagina. It was very wet. "Just waking up and already in Heat! Not right now Patty dear, your not quite ready." Turning her attention to the male retriever, Mrs. Fisher said, "She'll be yours soon enough. You know darn well that Patty needs to develop a bit more before you may have your pleasure."

The next few weeks were devoted to helping the new mother dog feed her many puppies. Patty greatly enjoyed this. She would lye on her back as the puppies came to in pairs to nurse. Their sucking was quite pleasurable. One by one the little pups would come over to Patty and clamp their tiny mouths to one of her extended nipples. Frequently Patty would have one pup at each tit vigorously sucking away her sweet milk. As the days progressed, the nursing of the pups became easier and easier. Patty was transforming more every day into a dog.

Patty began to think how she would like to have her own pups. Her thoughts returned to the lusty male retriever. Occasionally when Mrs. Fisher was occupied with something else, Patty would sneak over to the male retriever's cage. By a sequence of mutual barks and whimpers Patty and the male retriever would communicate their common desires.

Like Patty, the mother dog had only a single pair of tits. Her bodily proportions were distinctively not like that of a dog. Each dog eyed the other during the feedings. Patty had no idea what the other bitch had been through. Patty would experience it soon enough.

One day, Mrs. Fisher clipped a leash to Patty's collar and walked her to the examination room. By this time Patty's physical transformation was complete. "Now Patty it appears that you are finally ready for mating." Mrs. Fisher then led Patty to a much large cage wherein the male retriever had already been placed.

"Here she is, all ready for you. I know I can count on you boy." With that Mrs. Fisher pushed Patty into the cage with the male retriever. Instincts took over. The scent of bitch in heat greatly excited the male dog. His penis became very stiff and large. Unlike most male dogs, his penis lacked a penis bone, betraying his origins. Going over to Patty, he first sniffed her vaginal area. Patty replied with whimpers. He then promptly mounted her. With a rapid forward thrust of his hind quarters, his penis entered her wet vagina and he began to pump.

Not missing a bit of the mating was Mrs. Fisher. As if she was watching a porno-movie, Mrs. Fisher's eyes remained fixated to the TV monitors. Reaching down to her cunt with her right hand, Mrs. Fisher stroked herself as the mating progressed. With a knowledge coming from much practice, Mrs. Fisher located the tiny bud of her clitoris. Just like a little penis, her clitoris stiffened to her touch. A soft sigh escaped her lips. Watching the two dogs go at it made Mrs. Fisher extremely horny.

Patty was overwhelmed by the desire to copulate. An emptiness that she couldn't quite fathom had to be filled. She brushed up against the male dog while whimpering her desires. This action resulted in the male promptly taking her. From behind, he thrust his penis deeply into her. Grasping her sides with his front paws, her then bit down on the back of her neck. Growling deeply, he furiously pumped his penis into her. Rocking back and forth, Patty expectantly meant his eager thrusts. Patty was being overwhelmed by spasms of pleasure. Keeping her mouth open, quick pants barely kept up with her body's oxygen demands. Deep primordial instincts that she couldn't control took over the movements of her dog body.

Finally joined with a loud growl, the male dog came within Patty's vagina. She was filled to overflowing with dog sperm. Relaxing a bit he then withdrew from Patty and, his job finished for now, proceeded to relax in a corner of the cage.

Recovering her senses, bizarre thoughts cursed through Patty's mind. The canine part of her satisfied, what was left of her humanity temporarily regained possession. Something did not seem right. She had just had sexual intercourse with a dog! Patty sat down on her hind quarters and pondered her situation. Her vagina as well as the back of her neck were somewhat sore. But what could be so odd about sexual relations between her and her canine lover? After all, was she not also a dog? hadn't she always been a dog? Some deep suppressed memory told her that she wasn't meant to be this way. Why was she having these thoughts in the first place? Something was amiss.

Mrs. Fisher would let the pair repeat their sexual act as many times as was required to impregnate Patty. Mrs. Fisher was overjoyed at the thought of more puppies to increase the population of her very special kennel. That her transformed dogs could breed to produce canine offspring pleased Mrs. Fisher to no end. These animals were no mere bastardized sort of mule, no she had created a new totally independent species.

Patty's belly would swell from the new life growing within her. Then after a period of time somewhat greater than the gestation period of normal dogs, but less than that of humans, Patty would give birth to a litter of pups. She would then join the other mother dog with her maternal duties.

While Patty was still pregnant, Mrs. Fisher would periodically check on Patty's condition. Patty found her going about to be a little slower than before. Any hindrance of her movements didn't bother Patty. Like any expecting mother, Patty was preoccupied with thoughts of nest building. Practically every day, Mrs. Fisher would caress Patty's swelling belly. Joining Mrs. Fisher in Mrs. Fisher's bedroom, Mrs. Fisher let Patty jump onto the bed. Standing on all fours, now the only way that Patty could stand, Mrs. Fisher would run her hands all over Patty's fur covered body, from her head to her tail. She would of course spend a little extra time at Patty's underbelly. Mrs. Fisher was delighted with her latest creation.

Running her hand across patty's swollen underbelly, Mrs. Fisher beamed, "You've taken so well to the transformation. And now heavy with a litter of pups! I'm so pleased. "

Somewhere nested deep within Patty's tortured mind was a thought that told her that this was not the way she had intended to have a family. It was a fleeting thought and quickly evaporated into the mist of unconsciousness. Patty's newly acquired canine instincts promptly took over.

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