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Erin's Story

by unknown

Chapter 1 - The setup

"Daddy, you know what they have at the pet store at the mall? They have one of those Zuss Dobermans, you know, the ones that are so smart that they just about train themselves? Could we go over and take a look at it? Maybe bring it home? Please?"

"Erin! Those dogs are over $3,000 each. I will not spend that much money on any animal, period. End of discussion." "But..." "I said end of discussion."

"Hurry up Erin! I have to leave and be there by 7:45." Erin's mother called. "Just a minute." This was a special day for Erin. She would visit her mother at the high school where she worked as part of the "take your daughter to work" day. In fifth grade, she had about as much plan of becoming a school teacher as she had of going to the moon. but what the hell. It was a day out of school. She would work on her father about that dog after school.

[scene change]

"Transport teams in position" "emitter units primed and ready" "nullifier injected" "Primary team ready to roll in at 13:00"

Chapter 2 - The capture

They came here to pull off the biggest job they had ever done. They planned to do it under the cover of broad daylight. They had been planning this for months. The special gas that would make people "suggestible", the specially designed shipping conta iners. It was all due to come together in 10 minutes.

Right on time at 12:00, the gas emitters engaged and spread a minimal quantity of the new neuro-depressant around the school building. The effect was not noticeable at first. After lunch, all the students were in the gymnasium for a pep-assembly for th e home-coming game that weekend. At 12:45, 9 people entered the school. They entered the school office. When asked by the secretary what she could do for them, they requested that she ask all the people in the office to come to the front. When all wer e assembled, they were told that no matter what they should see or hear, that it was all normal, and they should just go on about their normal business routines and forget that they were ever there. Due to the gas, they returned to their work and never g ave anything else a second thought.

At 12:55 they began a canvas of the rest of the class rooms. Any teachers that were there were told to ignore everything else. At exactly 13:00, 2 things happened. They entered the gym, and at the same time, two semi trucks with trailers entered the s chool parking lot. The first parked in the lot, the second positioned itself between the school maintenance garage and the building proper.

"Good afternoon students! Today I am here to help you celebrate you home-coming game. We have a special show for just the women here. Would all girls and women under 30 please follow Mr. Smith over there outside. He will give you instructions as soon as you are outside. Please proceed out in an orderly fashion."

Erin had been watching the football team get fired up from the speeches. When the men had come in, she just assumed it was part of the show. They sounded so sincere. When told to follow Mr. Smith, she went right along. Out the gym. Out the back of t he school. Out to where a big truck was parked. There were men there helping girls up and into the two big boxes on the trailer.

Her time came, and she was lifted up and in. Strong hands pulled her through the two sets of drapes in the door, so she could not see inside. One of the men told here not to say anything. It was a suprise for the rest of the students that were still o utside. They walked her about midway back in the trailer. They told her that they would like her to take off her jeans and underwear. Not wanting to disappoint them, and after they assured her that she would get them back, she did so. They then set her up into a frame. There was a wedge snapped piece of metal that came up between her legs. They adjusted her feet supports so she was just touching this metal. The wedge was curved up in back, and it held her butt apart. When she looked down, she note d that it was hollow. She noticed that right next to her was another girl in exactly the same position. The other girl had her arms above here body and out to the sides. Erin was told to put her arms down under the other girl's arm. she found the pegs that rested on each side of her arms when they were held in that position. Three more girls were placed in the frame in the same style. They were then told to just stand quiet and they would be out in a little while. The next thing Erin knew, another frame section came down in front of her, and she could not move. "Oh well", she thought, "they said I would be out in a little while." She heard them continue to move frames around inside the box. She hoped that they would hurry. It was getting kind of hot in here. When she felt the lurch, she was too tired to even care.

"Transport team 1, move out. Transport team 2, move in. Four hundred twenty head initial count. Proceed as planned." The semi pulled out of the lot. They would switch tractors at a local truck stop. This tractor would go on to make a delivery of 2 containers to a computer reseller in northern California. The replacement truck would go on it's way to the coast with it's "unique" cargo. The same procedure would be followed by transport team 2 at a different truck stop.

At the coast, cranes unloaded the 20 foot containers from the trailers and loaded them onto a pair of small hydro-foil type ships - the only way to get to their final destination.

Chapter 3 - Examination

"Supply run 523 to Mobius base. 3 miles out and closing. Have a cargo of fruit that must be unloaded immediately!" "Roger. Will have crew waiting."

On docking, they containers were removed and taken to a dock facility. Each girl was removed from the frame, still unconscious. All were cleaned up after relieving themselves into the waste catchers, (the metal wedges in between their legs in case you missed that.) and their original clothing was replaced. They were then taken inside a large auditorium with "pens" in the center. These pens however, had three 8 foot walls and were open to the front. A metal collar was placed around here neck and she was chained to the floor at the back of the stall. There was a hole in the floor where she could relieve herself. She was then left to sleep the rest of the gas off.

Erin's first thought was that she had a horrible nightmare. One in which she went willingly with men who were trying to kidnap a whole school. She didn't remember her bed being this prickly however. She was waking up pretty fast at this point. The fi rst thing she noticed was that she was sleeping on straw. The second thing she noticed was the collar around her neck. She tried to cry out, but the gas had a side-effect (due to long term high concentration exposure) of paralyzing her vocal chords for another 24 hours. As she looked around, she could see across from her another set of stalls with other girls in them. She could do nothing but sit there and wait for what ever.

[Erin's perspective]

A horn went off later. As I looked around, the walls of the stall seemed to be moving. Sure enough, they were going down into the floor. Soon I could see all the girls that were in all the stalls. I had been to the state fair once back when I lived i n Illinois. These stalls were setup like the livestock barn there was. Stalls back to back. I think there must have been 1000 girls in this area. A man got up on the center and said "hello ladies. You are here because on this island we buy and sell slaves. We are an independent country, and we are surrounded by reefs that would destroy any normal ship that attempted to land. We have no air-based transport. In effect you will be here for the rest of your lives. It can be an enjoyable time if you cooperate. If not, we will make you do what we wish. The auction to sell you will begin tomorrow. Right now, we are going to begin to do gynecological examinations on all of you. We will be coming around to all of you eventually."

I watched as they took girls out the doors. One tried to run. They hit her with some sort of cattle prods. I have never heard a scream like the one she let out. When my turn came, I went right with them. I didn't want to give them an excuse to prod me. 5 of us went into a large doctor's office. They told me to take off all my clothes and get up on the table. When I was up on the table, they took my arms and tied them above my head. They then put straps over my body. After that, they tied my feet up in a set of metal braces, stirrups the girl next to me called them. The then pushed the stirrups way back so that I was totally exposed to them.

Several male nurses came in. One swabbed something on my arm just under my arm-pit. They then drew a blood sample. They drew curtains so that I could not see the faces of the girls next to me, but I could still see their legs. I heard the doctor aski ng the girl farthest from me some questions about sex, her period, etc. Even though I was young, my mother had talked to me about "the birds and the bees" and other things about being a woman. The doctor worked his way down to me. When he got to me, on e of the nurses gave him a print out.

"Well, young lady. How are you feeling?" "I want to go home." "Unfortunately, that is not an option. I assume by your age that you have never had sex before, right?" "never." "Well, don't worry, I would think that it will be a few years yet before yo u do. I am just going to give you a cursory exam. It might be a little uncomfortable, and embarrassing, but it will pass. While I am doing this, Jim here is going to make a small incision and insert a coded micro-chip in your upper arm. We will then tattoo your arm with a number."

One of the nurses came up to where they had swabbed my arm earlier. He told me to look away. It would be easier that way. I felt the doctor moving the folds of my crack around. He put his fingers up inside of me and pulled a little. It hurt somewhat , but was not too bad. By the time I realized that he was done, the nurse was stitching me up. They then put a new collar on me. This one was round, and had no sharp edges. It was much more comfortable than the first one. However, I could not see of any way to take it off. The last thing that they did was to give me an injection. When they had finished with all the girls, they let me down, gave me back my clothes, and we went back to the stalls.

Chapter 4 - The Auction and the G.E.B.P.

Early the next morning, people began to show up and look us over. I could see that each stall had a sheet of paper next to it. I assumed that it was the results of the exam yesterday. I seemed to be getting a lot of interest, which bothered me. Later the walls of the stalls dropped, and the auction began. I was in the set of stalls that were up first. Some of the girls screamed. Some cried. Some just stood there. All were bid on and sold to the highest bidder. My turn came. I was led up on the platform. The auctioneer said things about "P2 stage", and "inoculated" and "maturity in eighteen to twenty-four months". The bidding began. "SOLD to the man from the Genetic Experimental Breeding Program" and the gavel fell and the I was sold to a ma n for eighty thousand. I must have been worth a lot, because most of the others had gone for eighteen to twenty-five thousand.

The man (he told me his name was Chris) took me almost immediately. I didn't even get to see them get to the second set of stalls. Chris told me that I was to be his personal house servant during the night, and assistant at his work during the day.

"Have you ever seen the new breeds of dogs that are super smart? I developed the breed. Every one that is sold in the United States is born here. We can't keep up with the demand, so we had to expand our production capacity. You will help in taking care of them."

I couldn't believe my ears. Of all the jobs I could have gotten on the miserable island, at least I would be doing something I liked. We arrived at his work. He showed me all the major areas. He told me that my new collar had a shock prod it , so tha t if I ever tried to leave this building, or I tried to go more than 2000 feet away from him outside this building, I would fall over in pain. We went into the nursery where the puppies were playing. They were so cute. He showed me where the male adults were kept. He showed me the pens where the pregnant females were kept. Then he told me that the first batch of the new breeders were here. I was to bring three males to room 115.

When I walked in, I was looking for dogs. Instead, I saw ten of the girls from the high school. They were striped naked and locked in a set of steel stocks. The dogs immediately went to the back of the stocks and mounted the first three available girl s. The girls screamed in disgust and pain as the dogs began to hump in earnest. I thought it was sick, but at the same time, I was excited by it. Chris told me that the first several times, they always had to lock the breeders in the stocks. After tha t, however, they usually would do it normally. I watched as one of the dogs did something different. He turned around so his tail was up against the female. Chris told me to go over and take a look. The dog's penis was still in the girls vagina. The dog seemed to be pulling, but the penis looked like it was stuck. Chris told me that when a dog ejaculates, he gets a swelling at the base of his penis. This locks him into the female. The Zuss males take almost an hour to go down. During this time, t hey will continue to pull like that. It is painful for the female. That is why most prefer to do it naturally. Then at least they can move back to reduce the pain. He told me that sometimes, when a breeder is not being good, the Zuss will "raise his sights a little" and go up the ass. I shuddered to think about what it would be like to have that huge thing up my little ass.

Over the course of the next 4 hours, all the breeders were bred. Two even seemed to enjoy it after seeing that there was nothing that they could do to get out of it. After that, we went home. His own male Zuss met us at the front door. I was told to fix him dinner and feed King. He would be back after a shower. I started some hamburgers on the stove, and then played with King for a while. We had dinner, and then he told me I had better get to bed. In the morning, I was to get up early enough to e at breakfast for myself. and fix for him. Then while he was eating, I was to make his bed, and prepare myself to go to work with him. He had a separate bedroom for me and everything.

The next morning, I heard the alarm go off. I didn't want to get up just at that moment, but in the next minute, I jumped out of bed. I had been given a shock by my collar. I began to fix breakfast for both of us. When he came down, he said thank you , and ate. I made his bed, changed clothes (he had a closet full of clothes about my size.) and met him at the front door.

As we were riding to work, I asked him about the Zuss breeds, and how they came about. He explained that the Zuss males were the result of a genetic experiment between human males and dogs. The genetic structure of the Zuss is such that when the DNA sp lits, half is capable of impregnating a human zygote, the other half can do a normal canine zygote. The alterations to the genetic structure were done through the use of micro-machines that could re-code DNA in any sequence wanted. I figured that he mus t be right, since the results seemed to work.

When we arrived, a nurse said that one of the H-Bs (Human breeders) was in labor, and did he want to assist? He said to take me and show me how it was done. As we came into the operating room, I could see a H-B on the table, much like I had been the da y before. Her legs spread out as wide as they could go. She seemed to be in pain, and she was covered in perspiration. The doctor was telling her to keep pushing. As I watched, a head popped out of here vagina. One more push, and the whole body of a new 7 pound Zuss St. Bernard was out. The nurse explained to me that in a H-B, the normal gestation cycle was followed (9 months) so the Zuss came out much bigger and more developed. On the other hand, the Z-Bs (Zuss Breeders) followed a much shorter ge station cycle of 3 months. They came out much smaller, and need more care, but a Z-B produced 5-8 pups, but a H-B produced 1 or on occasion 2 pups. The only problem is that they only had 6 Z-Bs. She also told me that I would see her up on that table in about 6 months. The Zuss was now nursing at the breast of the H-B. I was told that they would be together for the next two days. After that, the Zuss would go into the nursery, and the H-B would go to the milk production section. She and others would be milked 4 times a day to feed all the pups in he nursery.

Chapter 5 - The waiting

This was my basic daily routine for the next six months. I assisted in the milking, the feeding, etc. I was present for the delivery of one of the Z-Bs. That was a lot different from a H-B delivery. She just kind of laid on here side. The doctor jus t stood there stroking her head. Every so often, she would give out a little yelp, and another pup would pop out. She took care of the pups for over 2 months. I had to start feeding her a lot extra. I found out that the owners of the H-B's would bring them in to be bred when their chip implant said that they were in heat. After that they would be taken home again. We would see them once in a while for a checkup. The owner of the breeder would receive 1/2 of the sale of all the pups.

One day, my life took a change. I was not feeling good, so Chris let me stay home. That afternoon, I was feeling better. I got up and fixed myself some lunch. I was wearing nothing but a bath robe. When I turned around, King was standing there. I thought about how the H-B's that had some experience seemed to enjoy what they were doing. I figured, what the hell. No one is going to be home until 7:00, lets see what happens. I took King up to my room and closed the door. I took off my robe and began playing with his cock. I then turned around and got on all fours like I had seen the H-Bs do at work. King came up behind me, but rather than jump up and roughly mount me, he started licking me. It felt so good as he licked me from end to end. I fel t him push his tong in my ass, and lick me all over. He hopped up on my back and locked his paws around my waist. I felt him start to poke into my vagina, but then he withdrew. I looked back, only to see him aiming higher. I tried to stop him, but he slammed home up my little ass. I yelled in pain. I tried to shake him off, but he took my neck in his mouth and started squeezing. I felt him battering my ass hard. I tried to pull away when I felt the knot try to enter, but he growled and pulled me. It was in, but he still wasn't stopping. As it swelled, it became more painful. Finally, he stopped. He turned around tail to me, and we just stayed there. I was stuck, and knew that it would be at least an hour before I got away. I just started crying. I guess that he hadn't been bred in a long time, because it took over 3 hours for him to deflate. I went to the bathroom to try to shit out some of his sperm, however, not much came out. I then took a shower and went back to bed.

Chris arrived home and came in to check on me. He asked me how I was feeling. I said I still had a fever, and I was not feeling very good. He asked me if anything had happened today. I was sure he knew, but I wasn't going to tell him. I said "no, nothing. Just King and I here today." The next morning, I was still running a fever, but I felt much better. King greeted me just like nothing had happened. I decided not to try anything like that again for a long time. I started going back to work the next day. My fever never did seem to go down much, but I didn't worry about it much. I was functioning OK, and it didn't seem to be affecting my work.

Nine months later, the first of the new H-B's start to deliver. If I live to be 100, I will never forget the look of abject terror when she pushed that dog out of her womb. Then to be forced to allow it to nurse at her breast was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. She apparently thought she was having her owners baby. That provided me with enough stimulation to finger myself at night for the next three weeks.

Chapter 6 - The transformation

After about twelve months, I noticed something strange when I was in the shower. I was starting to grow hair. Not just around my vagina, but all over my body. My joints had been stiff for a couple of months, but I assumed that was from the fever that I never seemed to loose. I asked Chris about it. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I had something to tell him about King. I started to tell him a story of how I had tripped when I was sick, and King had mounted me, and all the rest. I never got more than to where King forced himself on me when Chris slapped me. He said "now, tell me the truth." The whole story came out then. How I had offered myself to him. How he had tied with me up my ass. How we were together for three hours. Everything!

Chris then sat me down and told me what happened. He explained that when I had undergone my examination, the injection that they gave me consisted of a standard series of shots for disease, and a large dose of the micro-machines he developed. These machines were to do two things. They were to multiply first. They were small enough to penetrate cell membranes. When they were exposed to the proper reproductive cells of any canine species, they would map out the segments of the DNA that they wanted to use, and began re-sequencing the host bodies DNA. He explained that the re-sequencing could only be done on a pre-pubescent individual. The first sign that it was occurring was in the skin cells. They were already in their final location. The normal g rowth spurt in puberty is caused by the body excreting enzymes and hormones. During this time, if a normal child cuts off the tip of their finger, or some other such accident, it will grow back naturally. Those hormones would cause my body to re-configure, and basically grow itself into what my DNA said I should be. A Zuss female. He explained that he assumed that I would look much like King. While I would look like his daughter, there would be no problem with my being bred with him. All of the sud den, it hit me. I was going to be turned into a dog. He gave me a pill and told me to go to bed. We would talk more about it in the morning.

Over the next 2 weeks, I was in a state of denial. My fur was growing thicker every day. Chris would not let me shave it. He said it looked pretty on me. I thought that my face seemed a little longer, but I couldn't be sure. My chest and joints wer e sore almost all the time now. I also had a little stub of a tail. One morning as I was getting out of bed, I thought "I used to be able to touch the floor when sitting on the bed." I went and measured myself with a tape. During my "growth" stage, my legs had shrunk by 4 inches. I had given up wearing any clothes. It was so hot with my fur, and my 12 inch tail got in the way all the time.

Six months after I began my transformation, I started walking on all fours. I could not seem to balance well enough on my rear feet to walk on two legs. My nose looked like it went a mile out from my face. I now ate out of a bowl next to King since I could not hold a fork or knife. I did notice some things I had never noticed before. I could smell where Chris had been. If another dog was in the neighborhood, I could smell it a mile away. I heard things much earlier than Chris. I just wasn't sure what to make of it.

Chapter 7 - The final stages

By twelve months, you could not tell that I had ever been human. I still understood everything Chris said, but if I tried to talk, I couldn't get the words out. I was left to communicate by gestures. I still went to work with him every day. He had a back pack made for me so I could deliver messages and items for him. Today however we went to the nurses office where I always got my check-ups. She gave me a shot. I started to feel sleepy. Just before I fell asleep, he said it was time to make me in to a proper Doberman.

When I woke up, I felt like my tail was on fire. The only thing that hurt more were my ears. Suddenly I remembered where I had been, and the last thing I had heard. Even before I could get to the mirror, I knew what had been done. They had cropped my tail and ears. I now had two wooden sticks in my ear canals holding my ears up. My beautiful tail was now just a 4 inch long stub. It wasn't enough to change me into a dog. Now he had to deface my body. I just crawled back into my box and cried myse lf back to sleep.

Chris came in later. He explained that he had no choice. If he didn't do my ears, I would be subject to ear infections for the rest of my life. He also explained that I would be able to hear better also. I looked at my tail. He looked kind of uncomfortable at that. He said that as long as I had been under, the doctor had done a complete Doberman job on me. He said he forgot to tell them to leave the tail. He said it was time to replace the dressing on me ears. It hurt like hell when he took the tape off, but after he put the cream on the cuts, it felt much better. He put the sticks back in and taped them up again. I decided that what is done is done. If I am going to have to live like this, I might as well look the best that I could. I was still the largest Doberman that I had ever seen. I probably out-weighed King by a good 25 pounds. On the scale, I was 118 pounds of pure muscle. I took to running the fields. I enjoyed the freedom (within a 2 mile limit of my collar to the transmitter in the house) of being able to run with the wind. I could outrun King almost all the time.

Over the next two weeks, we went back to the doctor twice. Both times, he put me out. When I woke up, my ears always hurt, but they seemed to stay straighter after every visit. At the end of three weeks, my cuts were healed, and Chris took out the stic ks for the last time. It was amazing. I could hear things that I had never thought of before. If I heard a sound behind me, I learned to swivel my ear back to catch more of it. I still didn't like the fact that he didn't tell me what he was doing, but I did like the results.

Chapter 8 - Growing up

I knew that it would not be long before I came into heat. I was kind of scared, because I knew that I was going to have babies. I had always liked babies, but to have six or more at one time.... One morning, I felt - different - I couldn't put my paw on it, but I just felt different. I couldn't seem to concentrate. All through the day, I had to work to keep my mind on where I was going. I motioned to Chris that I didn't feel well. He just shrugged his shoulders. That night when we got home, King came out to meet us. He started licking my ass. All I knew was that it felt wonderful. Chris said something about couldn't we wait until we were inside. I managed to pull myself inside. I just wanted king to keep licking. Once inside, Chris told King to go to it. In one bound he was up on my back. I was scared, but excited at the same time. Suddenly he hit home. My world stopped at that point. All I could do was feel pleasure. It was like every nerve of my body was firing at one time. I felt a little snap of pain, and then even more pleasure. When I finally came down from the sex high, I noticed that King had tied with me. Given his staying power, I knew we would be together for a while. Every time I felt him give another shot, his knot w ould swell and shrink. Every Time it swelled, I got another twinge of pleasure.

I managed to get King to lay down with me so we would not have to stand for three hours. He maneuvered himself back behind me like we were fucking again. Then he just held me. One thing I did notice was the "different" feeling was gone. I felt just l ike my old self. I guess that the larger size of my hole allowed him to shrink faster this time. We were only together for an hour and a half. He just all the sudden gave a pull, and it came out. He went to clean himself. I bent back to lick myself ( one of the great things about being a dog) and taste him. Even the taste wasn't half bad.

That night, I started feeling different again. I wanted to be fucked again. I realized that the different feeling was what a dog feels when she is horny. Chris came in my room a little while later. He said that it was his turn now. He rolled me on m y back and started giving me a good fucking. It felt almost as good as when King was on me. I liked being able to see and lick his face while we were fucking. All to soon, however, he finished up and pulled out almost immediately.

The next morning, I got up extra early to have a shot at King. Unfortunately, I was still tied to him when Chris came down. He just looked at me and said he understood. By the time he was ready to go, I was out of the tie, and went with him. I was pr etty good the rest of the day, however, when I got home, I needed another fuck bad.

That was basically my daily schedule for the next week. Towards the end of the week, I only needed a fuck once a day to get rid of the horny feeling. By the next week, the only reason I still fucked was the feelings. It wasn't as intense of a feeling fucking out of heat as it was in heat, but it was still enjoyable. Chris did me once and a while too. I did notice that I was eating a lot more. My belly started to get bigger, and my tits started to swell.

Several weeks later I was at work with Chris when I got this strange feeling. It was like every muscle my body tensed up. Chris looked at me and said it was time. He took me to one of the Zuss delivery rooms. He took time out of his day to be with me during the birthing process. We sat and he talked while I waited. He told me that it would be better if I only thought of the pups in terms of numbers from 1 to the end. Otherwise I would become attached to them and not want to give them up. He made it quite clear that not giving them up was NOT an option. He said I would stay here until the pups were weaned. He promised to visit me every day. Just then I felt an unbelievable push and a tearing sensation. I let out a scream, and there was my firs t baby. I couldn't believe how much that had hurt. Chris looked at me and said "the first one is always the hardest. It has to stretch the vagina." Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one down on the damn table. The second one hurt, but not as bad. By number 4, the stretching didn't hurt as bad, but my vagina was just plain sore. Fortunately number 5 was the last one. I was young, so I didn't produce as many eggs. He said my next litter should be 6-8. I can hardly wait (sarcasm here in case you missed it.)

Over the next 6 weeks, I fed the pups every hour on the hour. It wasn't too bad when they were little. However, when they started getting teeth, it hurt. I found that all of my weight I had gained (over and above the pups) while I was pregnant was los t as I tried to keep my 5 little monsters fed. By the end of 6 weeks, they were eating solid food, and running me ragged. One day, Chris came in and said it was time. I looked at him, and looked at the pups. My instinct was to growl and protect my brood. I knew that it would be pointless though. I walked out of the room. I never saw them again that I know of.

Chapter 9 - The End (of this story)

Well, there you have it. My story from start to first litter. Chris set me up with a machine that allows me to type on a computer, so I can do additional work for him. Do I wish I had never been kidnapped? Of course. Have I accepted my lot in life? for the most part. Is there more to come? I hope so. I heard Chris mention something about a whole town infected with his micro-machines ...............

Erin's Story copyright 1996 by unknown.

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