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My Life as a Dog

by Owned

I have a powerful recurring fantasy image of myself. In the image, I a pet dog. I have always loved animals and treasure my memories growing up with a pet golden retriever.

I loved that golden and he loved me. He was my prized possession. Through teenage triumphs and disappointments, I always new that I had one true and loyal friend. I often told my pet about how lucky he was to be such a loved and treasured possession. I told him how lucky he was to have none of my worldly concerns. After all, I was his entire world. All he had to do is make me happy.

I missed my pet while I was away at college. I visited home as often as I could. I felt more than a bit guilty that I rushed home not to see my family, but to see my loyal pet. I was crushed when, in the middle of my junior year, he died.

A part of me died also. I felt guilt at not being with him for the last two and one half years or even at the end.

I had to go on. I returned to school and threw myself into my studies. I had been a psych major for the last year with a minor in biology. My friends drifted away as I focused more and more of my energies on my classes. I spent so much time in classes and hanging around the labs that I soon got to know the faculty quite well.

One of the professors and I seemed to hit it off on both an academic and personal plain. He was young and handsome and very intense when it came to his work. He taught three courses and spent the rest of his time working on grant research. What really got my attention was the fact that his test subjects were all canine.

I eventually applied for and got the job as his lab assistant. The job primarily involved feeding, cleaning up and grooming the dogs that were used in the professor's experiments. That was just fine with me. I would also get a chance to help out once in a while with his experiments.

The professor, Gary, was researching conscience and subconscious behavior programming techniques applied to animals. A lot of what we did was very reminiscent of puppy obedience school. It was only later that I learned that his major funding was coming from the CIA.

One day, he asked me if I wanted to earn a modest testing fee by helping him with one of his other projects. I eagerly agreed and reported to his lab early that Saturday. I was taken to an unused classroom and asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire. I was told that following that, I would be interviewed and then the testing would begin.

I was disappointed that the project did not involve the dogs which I had naturally grown quite close to. He told me that this phase of his work strictly involved human subjects.

The questionnaire covered a lot of personal background data including family, hobbies and interests. It even asked if I had any close friends, either a girl friend or a boy friend. Eventually the questions became more abstract and I realized that I was taking a very thorough psychological screening test.

I answered the questions as well and as honestly as I could. In fact it was a bit embarrassing when asked about my feelings toward animals and any special pets. I felt like I was betraying confidences between me and my pet.

Finally I finished the questionnaire. I realized that I had been watched because as soon as I set my pencil down, Gary came back into the room.

The next two hours were spent with me pouring out my soul to the professor in response to his constantly probing questions. Before I knew about it I was talking about my pet and how much I missed him and the closeness of our owner/pet relationship.

With this completed, I was told that there were two more tests to complete. The first was a brief medical examination including a blood test and extensive physical measurements. The second was a kind of word association game using a series of pictures.

The pictures ranged from the fairly abstract ink spot variety to some very strange and explicit pictures of sex and fetishes. The last picture and the one that really struck a nerve showed a man sitting in a comfortable chair reading his newspaper. Next to him on a lamp table was a drink. He was looking up from his paper and gazing thoughtfully at the image to his side. A small cocker spaniel was sitting up in a classic begging pose trying with all of its being to get his attention and to please its master. Sitting a couple of feet from the dog was a young woman about the same age as the man. She was naked except for a studded dog collar padlocked tightly about her next. She was up on her kneels with her hands drawn in front of her in exactly the same pose as the dog. She too was facing the man in the chair. But she was stealing a side ways glance at the dog.

I was asked to look at the woman's face and explain as well as I could what she was thinking at that moment.

After some brief reflection, I said that she was embarrassed to be reduced to the same social status as the dog. But apparently proud to be his pet. She was obviously committed to pleasing her master. Her look at the dog told me that she was feeling competitive with the dog and a bit jealous of the real canine.

The professor looked at me a little bit strangely as I interpreted the drawing. He seemed pleased by my responses.

There were more pictures, but soon the professor announced that we had done enough for the day. I was told that I had done very well and to come back tomorrow to discuss the results of the test. I was paid and dismissed.

That night I had a vivid dream about that last picture and of course I played the role of the leading lady. I woke up and continued my dream in a semi waking state. Before I realized it, I had rubbed my self to a very satisfying orgasm. I couldn't get that picture and my resulting orgasm out of my mind for the rest of the morning.

That afternoon, I returned to the professor's lab. I was asked to wait in the room containing all of the dogs' cages. I didn't mind a bit and took the opportunity to scratch behind the ears of all of my little friends.

The professor then joined me and said that he wanted to follow up on yesterday's testing with one more procedure. I agreed and allowed myself to be put into a hypnotic trance. I woke up in what appeared to me to be seconds and felt very refreshed. I had no memory of what had occurred while I was in the trance.

The professor then confessed that I had not really been taking part in an experiment. He was in fact screening people for his next experiment. He had screened over a hundred people and narrowed the field down to two. Me and another girl on campus.

He later told me that his screening criteria included finding someone who would have an academic or professional interest in his behavior modification experiments, a person who liked being around and handling dogs, a person who was very open to subconscious programming such as hypnosis and someone with clear submissive tendencies. I blushed and objected to the last characterization, but knew it to be true.

We talked at length about his study and his goals to better understand the human mind. To test his understanding of the human mind, Gary had to demonstrate the ability to shape it and control it. Apparently the control aspect of his experiments was what kept the government's grant money coming in.

With this background, he asked me if I wanted to hear his proposal. He prepared me to be shocked. He also admitted that he had implanted several suggestions when I was under the hypnotic trance to help me understand and appreciate what he was about to tell me.

He explained that his research and animal experiments were done. They had been a great success. The dogs had helped him to demonstrate his theories and their application to the University and more importantly the Government.

The University was reluctant to take the next step with human trials. It threatening to shut him down when the Government Agent spoke up. The University was overruled and ordered to assist the professor to mount a full fledged demonstration with a human subject.

The project would demonstrate the professor's techniques to modify a human subject's behavior and to alter certain of the subject's personality traits.

The Government saw that the results would have far reaching applications ranging from criminal reform to covert government operations. The Agent wanted the toughest test that could be devised of the professor's theories.

The Agent reasoned that it wouldn't prove very much if one set of human characteristics were simply substituted for others. He insisted that the personality transference should go deeper and involve an alternate personality completely alien to the subject. Looking around at the lab animals, he came up with the ultimate test of the professor's approach.

Gary explained that the Agent pulled him aside and privately asked how confident he was of his theories. Could Gary make a person take on the behavior and personality of say an animal? The answer was yes, but the process was not really designed for that.

The Agent apparently had his own agenda and would not listen to Gary's protests. The agent announced that the project funding would continue if and only if a human subject was conditioned to live for a full year as a dog.

Gary told me that both he and the University argued in vain. In the end the University was told to either support this project or loose all of their grant work. Gary was told that he had two choices only. 1. continue the experiment in the University setting or 2. he would be forced to continue in a isolated government facility. Eventually both the University and Gary agreed to proceed with the human trials portion of the project.

I should have been stunned, but for some reason I calmly absorbed the fantastic story that Gary told me. I actually found myself wondering what it would be like to undergo this process and be a dog. Hell some of my closest friends had been dogs.

Gary said that he would not blame me if I simply got up and left. I insisted that I was OK and wanted to hear more. What I had heard so far intrigued me and I was curious about how they planned to proceed.

He assured me that all effects of the conditioning would be reversable. Gary said that I would be paid very well for my participation. I would receive full room and board, be granted 30 credits and have $100,000 deposited into my account for completing the trial. Jokingly, he also said that I would probably become famous. The downside was that I would have to take a year off from regular classes and probably delay my graduation by a semester or more. I would also not be able to see friends and family for the duration of the project.

As in any experiment with human volunteers, a number of legal releases and other documents would have to be executed by me and my parents.

I was concerned about what my parent's reaction would be, but Gary assured my that the Government would persuade them.

The release that I would have to sign sent shivers up and down my spine. Gary was not kidding, I would be a dog in every way for a full year. The release included:

- My statement that I have agreed to suspend for the term of one year all of my rights and privileges as a human being and citizen of the country and state.

- My agreement and revokable permission to be treated as an animal in all aspects by the professor and his assignees.

- My acknowledgement that I would enjoy the protection of the animal human statutes and all rules and regulations concerning experimentation with lab animals.

- My permission for medical tests and other procedures.

- My agreement that I would undergo a rigorous canine training program which would include, but not be limited to, physical correction and subconscious programming.

Gary explained that part of the experiment involved my canine role outside of the lab. He said that school authorities would be advised and a feature story on the experiment would be run in the school and local newspaper. This way, I would cause less of a public sensation when seen being led on my leash.

He told me that I would be dressed in a flesh tone spandex bodysuit during the experiment. The only other thing that I would be wearing would be a special dog collar. The collar contains electronic monitoring and control equipment. Gary showed my the suit and collar.

I ran my fingers over the leather and metal of the collar and felt the shiny and tight bodystocking.

Lingering perhaps a little too long with the articles, Gary suggested that I take them home tonight. Gary then told me to sleep on his proposal and see him at 10:00am the next morning. There would be one more test if I agreed. The Government agent would be there and would want to meet the two candidates for the experiment.

Once again I had several vivid dreams of myself immersed in the dog roll. These dreams were probably stimulated by my nighttime attire. Yes, I was already wearing the body stocking and the collar. The collar seemed to fit me exactly over the body stocking and had been difficult to get clasped. I dreamt that Gary was holding my leash in a puppy obedience class. I also dreamt that I was being taken for a walk across campus. Oddly, everyone we encountered treated me as a dog.

When I got up, I discovered that I had apparently jammed the collar's lock on the neck of the body stocking. Thank goodness that the stocking was fitted with a hidden crotch access.

Feeling quite embarrassed, I put a raincoat over the collar and bodystocking. Donning a pair of medium heals, I set out for Gary's office for the third morning in a row.

Gary took one look at me without the raincoat and said that he would guess that my answer was yes. Beet red, I confirmed his assumption.

Without warning, Gary reached for what looked like a TV remote control. Following his pressing of a switch, I felt a tingling sensation emanating from the collar. Without any conscious thought, I dropped to my knees. I also found that I could not stand and could not talk.

He briefly tested my vocal ability finding that I was reduced to barking and growles. Reaching down to me, he attached a chain leash to my collar and led me into another room.

I was being "introduced" to the government agent. Apparently he liked what he saw. I was released from the collar's control and told that I could have the job if I wanted it. It would start in one week once all of the paperwork and medical lab work was completed.

Once we were alone again, Gary explained the function of the collar. Apparently I had been given a number of post hypnotic suggestions that could be individually triggered by the song. The actual experiment would include this type and other control techniques.

Gary then reviewed all of the legal papers and a checklist for putting my things in storage, subletting my apartment and other things. I would have to work quickly to be ready in a week.

Gary sent me on my way. Once again I took the collar and bodystocking. I hoped that they would stimulate more dreams of my like as a dog.

***Chapter 2

I am one of those people who can endlessly debate the pros and cons over a decision with their inner voice. I had just made the decision of my life. Was it a good decision or a bad one?

I had just agreed to trade a year of my life for an opportunity to take part in a major study of human behavior. Well, actually that isn't the reason I am doing it. The $100,000 payment at the end of the year is certainly attractive, but that wasn't my primary motivation. I would be working every day with Gary. I and half the coeds on campus had been fantasizing about after class liaisons with him since he came to this school. This was close to the mark, I couldn't count how many times I masturbated to images of Gary and me with our loins locked together. My real motivation was an intellectual and emotional fascination with the relationship between a pet and its owner.

I had agreed to live my life for the next year as a DOG. I would be a dog, a lab animal and a pet. Just thinking about this would reliably send an electric charge from my brain to my cunt and back again. How did I know that I had made the right decision? As I left that fateful meeting when I agreed to take part, I was flushed and feeling more than a bit light headed. Soft shudders were running through my body as I thought about my decision. Less than a block from his office, I had to sit on a bench or risk falling down. I was pressing my hands against my dripping cunt through my jeans to try to quell the lightning bolts running up and down my spine. It didn't work. Before I knew what had come over me I experienced a shattering orgasm. Sitting there in public, fully dressed, and with no more stimulation than my commitment to live as a canine bitch for the next year I had the biggest orgasm of my life. Wow, if I needed confirmation that I had made the right decision, I guess that my orgasm was it!

I sat there dazed for another ten minutes before continuing my walk back to the dorm room. I had a long list of arrangements that I had to make in the next week before I began the experiment. I had been preparing for the start of the fall semester. All of those plans would have to be changed. Gary had been very thorough and left me detailed arrangements for nearly every contingency.

I visited the school registrar and informed her that I would be taking the next year off. All of the classes that I had signed up for would have to be taken next year.

The next visit was to give up my dorm room and dinning hall pass. I would not get full credit since it was so close to the beginning of school, but the project grant would provide funds to cover that.

I would have to move out of the dorm room and put all of my stuff in storage. Gary had rented me a storage bin at a local U-store-it facility. I felt that I was starting a significant new chapter in my life. Rather than store all of my belongings, I decided to give away or sell what I could. I wanted to start my new life clean without ties to the past. What made it to the storage bin was primarily clothes that no one else would want second hand. My stereo and most other possessions found good homes with my roommate and others.

Gary instructed me to talk about my coming role in the behavior experiment with my roommate and other friends. He reminded me that my role would be very public once the program started. He reasoned that the sooner I dealt with that openly the better. My roommate, Sally, progressively went through the emotions of shock, disbelief, horror, pity and curiosity. Yes, after a dusk to dawn emotional encounter she began to understand my need to live out my canine fantasy. Apparently she had a few fantasies of her own, but lacked the courage or opportunity to live them out. One of those fantasies turned out to involve a romantic interest in me. By dawn, we had fully explored the latent bisexual urges in both of us. This aspect of my sexuality was a revelation to me. However, after admitting my need to be treated as a pet, being bi should not have been much of a shock.

Sally and I took a short nap in each others arms before we had to attend to the demands of the next day. I was emotionally drained. I had told her of my long time interest in dogs, my daydreams about Gary, my submissive sexual fantasies, and the coming experiment where I would become a dog. I woke up about 10:00 am opening my eyes to see Sally gazing thoughtfully at me. She explained that she was thinking about all that we had talked about last night. As I was rising, she asked to see the collar that I would be wearing. I proudly showed her the finely crafted piece of leather and metal.

The collar is about 1 1/2 inches wide. The leather is thick but pliable as only the highest quality leather can be. Feeling the collar, Sally realized that sandwiched between the layers of leather is a band of surgical steel. It is beautifully tooled with a geometric design that circles the entire collar. The back of the collar is almost seamlessly joined by a flush stainless steel lock. The front of the collar includes a post and a hinged steel ring. On one side is a blank steel name plate waiting for an engraver's tools. Sally asked about the thicker area on the other side of the collar. I told her about the embedded electronics and the remote control box. She asked if this was like the electronic collar and fence systems that have become popular with widespread leash laws.

Sally turned the collar over and over in her hands, then held it up to my neck. She asked me why I wasn't wearing my collar? I had admitted to her last night that I had been told to be as open as possible about my new status as a participant in the experiment. I didn't have a good answer for her. With a sly smile Sally pulled me down to my knees in front of her. She took my head in both hands, leaned over and gave me one of the hottest kisses I can remember. When we got our tongues untangled, she announced that she would help me with my transition. Before I knew it, she had locked the collar on my neck. It was already warm from her handling of it. It fit me snugly as expected and would be a constant reminder to keep my chin up.

I was an emotional wreck once again. My face was flush and I knew that I was on the edge of coming spontaneously once again. I pulled of my nighty and rubbed my cunt right there in front of Sally.

Sally reached down and attached a chain belt to the ring on my collar and pulled my face into her cunt. She gripped my leash with one hand and held a fist full of my hair with the other. I was being firmly guided as Sally came to her own orgasm.

After a refreshing shower Sally asked me if I would be wearing any cloths during the experiment. I told her that normally, I would not wear any cloths except for flesh colored spandex leotard that would be worn in public to avoid scandal. Predictably, Sally ordered me to remain naked while we were in the dorm.

Dressed only in my collar, I helped Sally to clean up the room and prepare for the day's activities. Sally offered to help me with all of my arrangements as I prepared for my new life. After our lovemaking of last night, I eagerly agreed to spend every moment I had left at her side. Sally said that she would visit Gary's office to let him know about the arrangement and to get a couple of questions answered about the coming experiment.

Gary's office in the psychology building was our first stop. He was surprised to see me back so soon, but obviously pleased that I had already revealed our arrangement to my roommate and was wearing my collar.

I asked Gary for the key to the collar. Gary ignored my request and said that he wanted to talk privately with Sally. Sally turned to me and with a big grin told me to STAY in the waiting room.

She emerged an hour later carrying a large canvas bag. I told her that I wanted to talk to Gary also and inquired about what he had given her in the canvas bag. I was told that Gary was now busy with something else and could not be disturbed. Sally opened the canvas bag and held up its contents one item at a time. The first item was a chain dog leash with a leather handle at one end and a on clasp at the other. The second item was the remote control box that I had seen actuate the electronics embedded in my collar. The third item was a bag of pellets. The label on the bag stated that these were specially formulated "dog" treats made by the Iams company for the experiment. Sally let me try one while patting me on the head and telling me that I was being a GOOD GIRL. The last item was the key to my collar. The key was on a long gold chain which Sally slipped over her neck.

She told me that Gary was very excited that Sally would be helping with my transition. He apparently had been told about our sexual exploration last night. Sally related his comment that my new role would be more effectively imprinted if reinforced with positive sexual feedback.

Sally gleefully announced that for the next week, she would be my owner and I would be her pet. She observed that it was very similar to the Mistress / Slave relationship that occupied her deepest fantasies.

We spent the rest of the morning working through the list of arrangements for my extended absence. We visited the post office and made arrangements for my mail to forwarded to a post office box that Sally would periodically check. My telephone was cancelled. Most of my possessions were packed away for the storage facility. After a light lunch, we headed for my appointment with the local veterinarian.

Gary had told me that I had to see the vet to initiate paper work necessary to establish my legal status as a test subject (lab animal). I was expected by the vet in charge of the hospital, Jim. Sally accompanied me into the examination room.

Jim explained that I would be thoroughly examined, given several shots and be tested for common canine ailments. He said that my close contact with the other dogs in the lab required some assurance that I was not carrying something that would be harmful to the canine live stock. Talking more to Sally than to me, he also explained that I would have to be kept overnight for observation to insure that I reacted positively to the vaccination shots. Sally expressed her disappointment at this news. I simply sat speechless, amazed at how quickly I was being treated as a dog by both my closest friend and by complete strangers.

Jim left Sally and I with collection containers for my urine and feces. I was told to strip so that a nurse could begin the examination procedures.

I took the two containers and started to go into the adjoining bathroom. Sally stopped me and reminded me that I was supposed to be easing into my canine role. She ordered me to strip right there in the middle of the examining room. My clothes were put into her canvas bag. Next she led me to the bathroom and supervised the filling of the specimen containers. In answer to my protests, she reminded me that it would be more in character if we did it outside in the dog run.

I then sat quietly on the stainless steel examining table waiting for the nurse to come back in. She said hi to Sally and asked her if I was being a good girl. While she chatted with Sally, the nurse scratched me lightly behind my ears and petted my head. It felt very good. Any embarrassment I had from being nude except for my collar soon disappeared.

The nurse then handed Sally a leash and asked her to hold me while I was examined. I was first led to a floor scale that was large enough for me to stand on, on all fours. I was weighed and measured with all of the data entered into my vet's file. Back on the examining table, a blood sample was drawn from what the nurse described as my right paw. This was followed by a number of shots including canine cough and rabies vaccines. Every procedure was entered into my file.

Soon after the nurse left, Jim returned looking thoughtfully at my file. He told me that they needed a single canine name for my file and other forms. He had called Gary and they decided that my canine name would be Fluffy. This would not have been my first choice, but then I had not been consulted.

Jim finished up my examination and a mountain of paper work. He told Sally that they would arrange for the appropriate license with the city and forward a full report to the University Canine Lab. Sally was told to pick me up the next morning at 11:00am. I was wondering what accommodations the animal hospital had for me to spend the night. Before I could ask the question, Sally was out the door and Jim had handed my leash to the nurse.

The nurse led me from the examination room, through the waiting area and into the rear of the animal hospital. I realized too late that I was still nude and that Sally had left with my clothes. Despite a few double takes, no one in the lobby seemed upset to be treated to the spectacle of a naked woman being led away by her leash.

My first stop was at the grooming salon. The nurse explained that as long as I was here, Sally and Jim had decided that I should receive the full treatment. Jim had made some special arrangements on Gary's behalf. My leash was handed from the nurse to the groomer. I was immediately led to a large tub where I was given a very though shampooing. I noticed that the shampoo included a flee treatment. Something else was spread over my underarms, legs and crotch. When it was rinsed off my hair from those areas washed away too. I was now more nude than I had been since I was little girl.

Still dripping wet, I was led to a large wire cage. Once secured inside, a large hair dryer on a stand was directed into the cage to dry my hair. There were three dogs to be groomed before my turn so I waited patently absorbed in my thoughts. This was really the first opportunity to replay the events of the last two days. I had made a fantastic decision to become a dog for the next year. That was still sinking in. A side benefit was that my previously reserved roommate had overnight become my lover and Mistress. I realized that this whole experience had kept my pussy constantly damp for the last 48 hours. No wonder they thought that I needed a bath and grooming, I must reek of musk.

Finally my turn arrived. I was placed on the grooming table on all fours. My leash was secured to a post at the head of the table to keep me still. An oil was rubbed into my skin from my neck down to my toes. Besides feeling wonderful, I noticed that the bottle claimed that a thorough application would retard unwanted hair growth for up to six months.

Next I was given a manicure and pedicure. After shaping and filing, a black die was applied to my finger and toe nails. It looked like a shiny black nail polish with one significant difference. The dye would last until my nails grew out. The black polish did kind of make my hands and feet look like paws. It didn't stop here. Real looking black claws were glued onto my nails with a special polymer. These claws extended beyond my fingertips about one inch and had been filed to a point. The claws on my feet were similar, but would probably not interfere with wearing shoes.

Attention then focused on my mouth. Four canine incisor caps were epoxied over my human teeth. Glancing into a mirror and bearing my teeth, I looked a little like a female vampire and a lot like a canine bitch.

I was rolled over on the grooming table and strapped down. The table had a damn extension that made me feel like I was back at my gynecologist. My legs were strapped into the stirrups and spread wide. An orange colored disinfectant was spread generously over my cunt lips and a few inches away on my inner thigh. The groomer told me that there was a real problem with stolen pets being sold to unethical laboratories for medical research. I was to be tattooed on my thigh with my owner's social security number which would be registered with the national lost pet clearinghouse.

I idly wondered whose social security number they would use before it dawned on me that such a tattoo would either be permanent or very painful to have removed. It was too late, with a bit of local anaesthesia, the labeling was over before I realized. I now felt an instrument probing at my labia. I was quickly pierced here. While waiting for a little bleeding to stop, I was shown the ring and tag that would be inserted. The tag indicated that I answered to Fluffy and was the property of Sally ______. The back of the tag included information about the national registry, my tattoo and an 800 number to call to return me to my owner.

I could feel my humanity being stripped away with each passing moment. Everyone was already treating me like a dog. What would it be like when the experiment began in earnest next week? Was I really ready for this complete submersion in the personality of an animal? My ponderings were interrupted when the groomer replaced his piecing instrument with my new ring and tag. He closed the ring with pliers, then soldered the opening closed. As he handled my ring and pulled at it gently, I was overcome by yet another spontaneous orgasm. What was happening to me? Every time I let down my guard, I was experiencing another orgasm. Is this what Gary meant by sexual reinforcement of my new role?

The groomer moved up my body and prepared to pierce my left nipple. He told me with a grin that this had nothing to do with my canine persona. Sally simply wanted me to be pierced here. Had I completely lost control of my own body?

Next my pierced earnings were removed and replaced with a wide ear staple on each side. I had been tagged like a wild animal or like the punk babes that hangout around the sleazy leather sex clubs.

The groomer finally got around to doing my hair. Once again, I wasn't consulted. My over the shoulder hair was cut very short and dramatic in a swept up style that furthered my appearance as a canine. It was a very severe style that was also reminiscent of a punk / slut style. After the perm set up, a frilly red ribbon was tied onto my collar and I was led to the kennel section of the animal hospital.

I had spent so much time on my knees between the cage and grooming table, neither the groomer or I thought anything of it as he led me by my leash down to the kennels with me still on all fours. In this position, my nipple ring and cunt tag dangled freely. The groomer commented to the kennel attendant that I seemed to be pleased with my new do and jewelry by the way I was strutting.

I was led to a large cage that had obviously just been cleaned. There was fresh water in the bowl and some of the dog treats that I recognized from the Iams package earlier. The cage was too short to stand in so I simply remained on all fours. After dark, I explored the outside dog run portion of the cage. I couldn't put off my bodily functions any longer and squatted outside to relieve myself. Feeling much better, I crawled back through the doggy door to the inside of the kennel. The attendant stood there grinning at me and offered to clean me up.

I gratefully accepted his offer to clean up my bottom and cunt. He gently cleaned me inside my cage with a damp towel then rubbed more of the hair retardant oil into my skin. I couldn't help being turned on by this intimate attention and his masterful handling of me. Without words, I gratefully returned the favor by giving him a blow job. Rather than interfering, my new canine teeth seemed to heighten his sensations. I had to be careful not to bite him. Shortly before he came, she turned me around and took me doggy style. How appropriate! He left after refilling my water dish and giving me more doggy treats. I noticed that the german shepherd and golden retriever on either side of me both had hard-ons and were trying to get at me through the bars.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I went to sleep and continued my vivid dreams of being a dog only to find upon waking that it was really happening. After breakfast and a brisk walk (on lead) I was returned to the groomer for another bath and to check on the piercings.

Before he finished Jim and Sally came in to admire my grooming. Sally was beside herself as she touched my rings and tag. After examining my tattoo with her social security number, she exclaimed that "You really do belong to me now!".

Jim had two additional tags for me. One signified that I had just been vaccinated for rabies. The second tag was my city issued dog license. These tags were attached to the ring on my collar. The accompanying paper work was handed to Sally.

Sally then replaced the hospital's lead with a leash that she had brought with her. She also handed me the spandex leotard that I had told her about. She commented that would go shopping for something more appropriate for public wear. With that she led me out to her car.

Rather than going back to the dorm room, Sally told me that we were going shopping. She said that we were going to a lesbian leather bar that night and I needed to be properly attired. The store was one that I had never dared to go into until now. It featured mannequins in the window dressed in various articles of leather and rubber. A leather body harness caught my eye as we walked up to the entrance.

Once inside, Sally took off my leotard and ordered me to my knees. Sally had apparently called ahead and they had gathered everything she had asked about. The first station had all sorts of theatrical makeup supplies. A sales girl suggested a demonstration and proceeded with my make over. Actually she didn't do much of a make over. She continued where the dog groomer had left off by emphasizing my canine features. She even demonstrated how a special pair of contact lenses would convert my human looking eyes to those of a dog with the large brown pupil. After she was satisfied with the makeup around my eyes and down my nose, she placed a narrow shiny tube against my cheek. There was a click and a bee sting like pain where the tube touched me. She withdrew the tube to display and long and thick whisker. She told me that this is the same technique used by hair transplant salons. By the time she finished, I had a full set of canine whiskers on either side of my mouth.

Moving to another part of the store, we were shown several garments. The one that Sally selected for me was a heavy rubber bodice. The slick material was laced tightly to compress my waist down to an impossible 22 inches. The bodice was a study in contrasts. While severely constricting my breathing, it offered no protection to my tender breasts. These were pulled through small openings at the front of the bodice. The restricted openings caused my breasts to stick straight out with no other support. The bodice had straps that disappeared under my crotch only to reappear in the crack of my buttocks. These straps exhibited me further, they hid nothing.

My shaved pussy was quite visible underneath the straps. Even more prominent was my dangling cunt ring and tag. Looking in a mirror, I noticed that the effect there was to lift and spread my ass cheeks.

The bodice had a wide belt which locked over the lacings and sported a ring on either side. My wrists were fitted with locking wrist cuffs which were secured to the belt's rings.

Finally, my feet were slipped into a pair of black skyscraper high heeled booties. A strap over the ankle of the boot was secured with a pad lock to insure that the booties stayed on.

We paid for the purchases which I wore out of the store. Just as I entered, I was led out by my leash. This time I was much more exposed and obviously wearing some very kinky accessories. Sally told me to hold my head up high as she led us through the shopping crowd to her car.

She predicted that we would be the hit of the leather bar that night where she would lead me around like her kinky puppy.

I was starting to feel that pressure building in my loins again. I was going to have another organism before we got home. I couldn't wait for tonight.

Sally told me that we would have to practice my walk and other behavior before we left for the bar.

The next day we had an appointment with the attorneys to wrap up my legal affairs and sign all of the consents and releases necessary to establish the right of the University to use me in place of traditional lab animals.

***Chapter 3

I had a few minutes before getting ready for the "date" with my roommate Sally at the local leather bar. I took the much needed opportunity to rest and reflect on the whirlwind that my life has become.

A week ago, I was what I considered a normal college coed in her junior year majoring in psychology and biology. I studied hard and pursued my future professional interests by working part time as an assistant in the canine research lab run by one of my professors. My sexual activity was quite limited, while my very normal fantasy life focused on Gary, the young and handsome professor.

Within the time of just a few days I had taken an unbelievable job as the test subject in a behavioral study, agreed to live and act like a dog for the sake of science, and dropped out of school for the year. I had also discovered and revealed a few things about myself including the acknowledgement of my submissive orientation and a bisexual interest in my roommate.

It has now been two days since I have worn any of my human clothes. Those were taken from me by Sally at the veterinarian's office. At the vets, I was examined and vaccinated.

After the vet was done with me, I was led to the grooming area in the animal hospital. After a flee bath I was given a very unique manicure and pedicure. I was outfitted with permanent black pointed canine claws extending about an inch beyond my finger tips and a similar set attached to my toe nails. A set of sharp canine incisors had been epoxied over my normal teeth and a new set of canine whiskers had been implanted on either side of my mouth. My inner thigh had been tattooed for canine registration and I had been pierced in both my labia and left nipple.

To insure that the vaccinations had no unexpected side effects,I spent the night in the kennel.

As a back drop to all of these activities, I discovered a side to my roommate, Sally, and myself that I had never even suspected. Sally had agreed to help me make the final arrangements for my year with the canine study. In doing so she literally took the role of my owner and mistress to help me make the transition from human to become a submissive canine test subject.

Well, it's is now time to get ready to go out with Sally to the leather bar that she suggested. I had never been there myself and never suspected that Sally had. I had heard of its reputation as a no holds barred place where people of all sexual orientations met and played.

I wish that Sally would come back into the bed room and unfasten my leash from the bed post where I am lying. I had tried, but I soon discovered that my new finger nails (or claws to be more accurate) eliminated virtually all manual dexterity. I couldn't even undo the simple clip from my leash to my collar!

Sally finally came into the bed room and released my leash from the headboard. I tried to thank her but quickly became frustrated with the lisping speech I produced. The canine teeth that I now possessed interfered with normal human speech.

"Fluffy, you are very difficult to understand. Human speech maybe beyond your capabilities now. You certainly won't have any need or opportunity to use it once the experiment begins." Grinning at me, she continued, "let's simply put you on a nonverbal basis from now on to accelerate your transition. Bark once to agree and twice to say no. Go on, BARK, I want to hear how you sound."


"GOOD GIRL , KNEEL." Sally pulled me down on my knees by my leash. "If you try to talk again, I will correct you on your bottom. With your claws, you will obviously need my help to get ready to go. Just relax and depend on me. I will do everything for you."


With that, I was led to the bathroom where I took care of nature's call. I had no idea when I would get another chance. I couldn't do it myself because, I would be collared and leashed. I couldn't ask Sally to take me to the ladies room without risking the correction on my bottom that she referred to. I had already become completely dependant on her for the most simple basic necessities.

Sally wiped me then put me into the tub. She thoroughly washed me with the warm spray from the shower hose and a fragrant soap. "STAND" Sally commanded as I was pulled to me feet by my leash. As she toweled me dry, she seemed to pay special attention to my nipple and labia rings. She was very gentle over my still tender tattoo.

I was led out of the tub to the center of the bathroom. "STAY" Sally liberally powdered every inch of my body. I reflected that the only other time that I had received such luxurious personal attention was at the hands of the dog groomer. The rubber bodice(corset may be a better description) was held out for me to step into. Sally worked my breasts out through the two tight holes in the chest then laced the back closed. With the constriction around my breasts and the perfect posture encouraged by the corset, my tits looked like they stuck out a mile.

Sally locked the belt around my waist and over the corset's laces. In seconds, my wrists were in leather shackles which were chained to the belt. With the five links between my wrists and waist, I could only lift my hands halfway up to the tips of my breasts. Sally squeezed and tugged at my nipples to bring them fully erect. Before I knew, it she had produced two lovely metal broaches shaped like roses in full bloom. These were joined by a delicate looking gold chain. Rather than the usual sweater pin arrangement, these lovely flowers had thumbs screw clamps on their backs. By the time that Sally was sure that they were properly attached, my poor nipples were being cruelly crushed by the clamps. I couldn't stand this and lisped to Sally to "Take them off now, I am dying."

Sally gave each clamp another half turn then addressed me, "BAD GIRL. You do not give commands to your owner and you certainly have been warned about trying to express yourself by speaking." Sally pulled me over her lap by my leash and held me there. She pulled a leather riding crop out of her bag of goodies and proceeded to correct me.

If I had been spanked more than three times as a child, I certainly didn't remember it now. She left me over her lap for a minute after my five blows from the riding crop. Now I was speechless. In only five swats from the slender crop, I had been reduced to a crying and sobbing mass of flesh. All of my senses were focused on my reasonably well padded bottom. It now felt like it had been cut to the bone. The corset offered no protection at all. In fact, it seemed to push out and frame my bottom making it more vulnerable than if I had been completely naked.

Sally softly traced the welts she had made with the tip of her crop. In a dreamy voice she said "I had no idea how beautiful a striped bottom could be. Your stripes will certainly be visible tonight and probably for the next couple of days. Simply lovely."

Composing ourselves, Sally continued with my preparations. The shiny black booties that we had purchased earlier were put back onto my feet. I had never worn such high and narrow heels before. Sally laced both booties up to my ankles and then secured the ankle strap with a cute little padlock on each. I assumed that she still has the key.

Back on my feet, I was led over to the vanity table where all of my new makeup was arranged. Sally studied a Polaroid that had been taken of me at the boutique following my "canine make over". She skillfully redid my face to emphasize my new canine features. A lot of time was spent on my eyes, nose and mouth. When she was done, I would have looked a bit odd without my now familiar whiskers and canine teeth.

Sally reached into the bag from the boutique and produced one more accessory. I knew that the corset had interchangeable crotch straps, but I hadn't seen her purchase this one. It consisted of two rubber dildoes, one for my cunt and one for my ass. Ok, Guess that will provide a bit of sexual stimulation as I try towalk on these heels. What I failed to notice was the socket on the outside of the but plug. With a big smile, Sally presented me with my tail. She held it up for me to see, then screwed it into the waiting socket. This tail was the exact same color as the hair on my head and looked like a real dog's tail. The illusion was heightened by the way the damn thing moved. It appeared to have a mind of its own. Sally explained that any little movement or even muscle twitch that I make is transmitted from my but plug to my tail. That movement is amplified and exaggerated by the internal mechanics of the tail.

I looked behind me in wide eyed shock. When I clenched my ass cheeks, my tail immediately curled down between my legs as if trying to hide. When I relaxed, the tail sprang back to life and resumed its erect position. A couple of tentative steps in my high heels demonstrated not only the exaggerated rotating motion of my ass but the way my tail appeared to wag in perfect time with my wiggle. I also noticed the way that the bright red welts from the riding crop were clearly visible on my bottom making me look a little like a zebra.

With these preparations completed, Sally secured my leash to the handle of the top drawer in the dresser. This would keep me on my toes until he returned.

In about half an hour, Sally came back to retrieve me. She was stunning in her sophisticated dress, hose and high heels. The dress was a rich blue leather confection. The leather appeared to be quite soft and supple. The dress was cut to show plenty of Sally's ample cleavage, most of her back and about nighty percent of her legs. Yes, it fit her like a glove (sorry for the cliché). Her legs were sheathed in shear black stockings with a seam carefully centered on the back of her legs. Her feet were perched in a pair of strappy four inch sandals. Sally was dramatically made up in shades that complemented her dress.

She looked very sexy, sophisticated and poised. The contrast between us would be very dramatic. My makeup, collar, corset, tail and stripes would certainly be considered sexy by some, but I clearly lacked any appearance of sophistication and poise. I was a dog at the end of my owner's leash.

Sally made one final inspection of me before taking my leash. I was hoping that she would remove the nipple clamps. All she did was check their tension and tighten them. She noticed that my crotch strap covered by cunt ring and tag. With a little uncomfortable pulling that only seated my but plug further up my ass, she managed to release them so that they hung freely between my legs.

"Now my fine bitch, we need to do a bit of training before we leave for the club. Remember, I do not expect to hear you attempting to talk. Any attempts will only embarrass you and will result in a few more cuts across your ass with my riding crop."

"Don't give me that hurt puppy look, I am planning on bring the crop with me. At this bar you will see a lot worse than my little riding crop."

"Now, you can walk upright tonight but it must be on HEEL. You will walk on my left and just behind me with your eyes straight ahead. I will communicate when to start, stop, the correct speed and our direction by short and sharp command tugs on the leash. When we stop moving, you will immediately drop down on your haunches in a four point sitting position. If I tell you OK, you can relax while remaining in this position. That means that you can look around, sniff the air and lick my shoe if you desire."

"When I am seated, I expect you to be sitting at my side on the floor. When I say SIT, you will assume this position. When I say DOWN, you will lie down at my feet."

"If I want to give you any food, it will be scrapes off of my plate. I will either hand them down to you or I will put my plate on the floor for you. Any thing that I offer to you to drink will be in a bowl on the floor."

"Do you understand?" "ARF"

"Ok, lets practice heeling and sitting on command before we have to go."

Sally drove us to the bar with me curled up on the back seat. I couldn't sit in a car seat or a chair with my new tail behind me. Luckily, she found a parking spot only a block away from the bar. I had been led around the vet's office and out of the shopping mall on my leash, but I was still very self conscience about being seen in my new role. Certainly exposure like this will help me to get over my embarrassment.

Sally gave me a quick tug on the leash to encourage me to get out of the back seat. "COME Fluffy, HEEL."

We nearly caused an accident as we walked the block to the club's entrance. We had been spotted by two cops in a city police cruiser going in the other direction. Their abrupt 180 degree turn caused two other cars to dodge out of their way.

The cops stopped us with their lights flashing and ordered us to stand by their car while we were questioned. The first cop was atypical middle aged Irish male who had more than one too many donuts in his career. His partner was a young woman who very nicely filled out her uniform. Officer O'Malley asked us where we were going and why I was being led by a leash.

Sally explained that "we are going out to the bar just down the street." The officers nodded and commented that they were familiar with the bar and their patrons. That seemed to go a long way to explain my leash and very bizarre manner of dress.

Officer Patricia Flynn asked me if this was true and was I being led on the leash of my own free will. I responded by nodding my head up and down and smiling. I shouldn't have smiled, my canine teeth were clearly displayed. The two officers did a double take and looked me over considerably closer. In turn, they noticed my whiskers, the cute decorations on my exposed nipples and the identification tag hanging from my cunt lips. Looking around me they observed my tail tucked between my legs and the stripes across my bottom.

The officers became noticeably more concerned and I realized that we would be here for a while explaining ourselves. Operating by the book, the officers split us up to question us independently. Sally handed my leash to Officer Flynn who led me to the back of the car. O'Malley took Sally's elbow and led her to the front of the car.

Officer Flynn asked to see some identification. I lifted my chin and leaned toward her so that she could see the tags on my collar. The dog license just identified the City and a license number. The rabies tag identified the Animal Hospital and confirmed that I had been recently vaccinated. "What other id do you have and what is your name?" I responded by pointing to the tag hanging from by cunt. This seemed to help. It gave my name and explained a little of my situation. Officer Flynn parted my thighs and inspected the tattoo that the tag referred to. Flynn told me to "SIT and STAY" while she tied my leash to the bumper of their squad car. She went forward to compare notes with O'Malley.

O'Malley had handcuffed Sally to the parking meter at the front of the car and moved out of earshot to discuss our situation.

O'Malley referred to his note pad and briefed Flynn on the story Sally had told him. "She says that they are part of some damn study at the University where Fluffy over there is being trained to act like a dog. The rubber suit and other get up are related to the study and are supposed to bring out little Fluffy's submissive nature. This one over here is named Sally. She is a student and is Fluffy's roommate." All the two girls could see of this exchange was two cops smirking and shaking their heads in amazement.

The cops returned to the squad car where Flynn called the situation in for instructions from their sergeant. She related the story, their observations and provided some information to be checked. Flynn gave the sergeant the phone number of the professor who was supposedly in charge of this loony study and the dog license number off of my tag. She also explained my canine appearance and inability to sit in the cruiser due to my tail.

In a few minutes the radio crackled and the sergeant's voice returned. "I reached the professor who supported most of their story. He didn't appear to know anything about the bizarre outfit you described and seemed surprised that the girl was being led into a bar. The municipal computer confirms that a dog license was just issued to a dog supposedly owned by that Sally you have there. The dog answers to Fluffy and fits the general description of the other girl. There is no breed indicated on the license application."

The sergeant told the officers to wait there for the dog control officer, then bring Sally in to straighten this out. The dog control officer will bring in "the bitch you are holding."

Sally's handcuffs were rearranged so that her hands were locked in front of her. She was told that she was being detained for questioning, but was not under arrest. She was put into the backseat of the cruiser.

Officer Flynn came back and retrieved my leash ordering me to"STAND". "Well Fluffy, they seem to be very confused downtown. The computer is convinced that you are a dog. You seem to want to be treated as a dog and the University acknowledges the study in which you are supposed to be treated as a dog. I don't mind telling you that I am more than a little confused myself. What confuses me the most is the way I am getting turned on by your bizarre appearance and by controlling you with your leash. I guess that until my sergeant tells me otherwise, YOU ARE A DOG."

"The dog catcher will be here shortly."

I looked out sadly through the wire mesh in the back of the dog officer's truck as he pulled away from my friend Sally. I could only hope that the professor, Gary, would be at the police station to explain this and get us released. I also hoped that our behavior would not jeopardize the study or my participation in it.

The dog control officer took me to the city's dog pound about a block from the police station. As he led me into the pound by my leash, he explained that I would have to spend the night here. There are no appropriate facilities at the police station. Tomorrow morning I would be transported to the station where "the big wigs will certainly know what to do."

I was signed in and handed over to the pound's after hours attendant. He managed to remove my crotch strap so that I could relieve myself in the dog run. Although thoroughly embarrassed, I appreciated and took full advantage of the opportunity. The attendant cleaned me up and put me in a large cage with a bowl of water and one of some canned dog food. I had known that I would be treated as a dog and expected to eat from a dog dish as a part of the study. I did not expect to be fed dog food. However, this wasn't really part of the study and I realized that I was very hungry. Oh well.

I was still in my rubber corset with the evil metal roses clamped to my nipples and my hands fastened at my side. I didn't have the keys to release me from the belt securing the corset or my shoes. I didn't even think about removing my collar. When the attendant returned to clean my face and refill the water dish, I surprised him by addressing him verbally. I simply asked him to remove my nipple clamps.

He carefully examined the nipple clamps before tightening the thumb screws. After my scream, I demanded to know why he did that.

"I have never seen anything like this before. Do they really hurt that much?"

"Yeah" I lisped through my canines. After a bit of negotiation,I agreed to let him fuck me doggie style if he took off the clamps. I guess the guy has a sense of humor.

He removed the clamps and dropped his pants. This guy certainly did not believe in foreplay. Luckily the but plug had been thoroughly lubricated and I was stretched out a bit. I took his cock for the five short minutes that it took him to get off.

When he finished, he reinserted the plugs on my crotch strap and buckled it back on me. I now had my tail back.

He thanked me with a laugh and said that he will be back in the morning to reattach my nipple clamps.

To Be Continued in Part 4 ...

My Life as a Dog copyright 1996 by Owned.

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