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Posti Transformed

by Bob Stein

(NOTE: This is a loose adaptation of a Dungeons and Dragons role-playing adventure I used my centaur fighter in. In the actual game, the centaur managed to escape before the transformation was completed. However, other activities finished up what was started at a later date. Please send any comments to me at the above E-mail address. Also, I am interested in any man-to-horse or horse anthropomorphic stories, art, etc. Hope you enjoy this!)

The stable was larger than Posti expected, clean and well lit by skylights in the tiled roof. The walls were made of cut stone blocks, with shaped arches and open stalls divided by polished wood partitions. More than that, the entire place was spotless. Not just the tidiness of a well-run business - this place smelled of sweet hay and clover, with none of the normal odors of manure and urine.

Posti grinned to himself. The other two members of the party had checked into the village's only Inn, a dilapidated boarding house called the Golden Stallion. Naturally, there were occomodations only for them - most Inns only had accomodations for humans, elves, and other two-leggers. Even those which had rooms for centaurs often couldn't handle one of Posti's size - his equine parts were those of a Clydesdale draft horse, with a "human" torso sized to match.

His traveling comapnions, a couple of young human fighters, had sniggered a bit when he was directed to the stable. If the outside of the Inn was any indication, they would have to fight the fleas for the bedding, while he would sleep in comparative luxury.

"Can I help you, sir?" Posti twisted his human torso around and saw a young boy come out of one of the stalls by the entrance. Wearing only a small loincloth, the kid carried the image of spotlessness even further. Most stableboys were streaked with filth and sweat - this boy could have just stepped from a nobleman's bath. A shining mane of copper-red hair framed a cheerful smile and bright green eyes which seemed to sparkle.

"I want to board two horses for the night, and take a stall for myself. The inn is not set up for centaurs." The kid looked behind Posti at the human's mounts waiting outside, and shrugged. "5 coppers each for the horses, and a silver for you." Though it was a little higher than the normal stable fee, Posti was pleasantly surprised. He'd almost expected to pay a gold piece for the fancy surroundings, and had to admit to himself that he wouldn't have hesitated.

The boy led the horses into stalls and expertly stripped off tack and sadlles in moments. Each horse was tagged with a leather thong engraved with a number, and matching numbers were attached to each peice of tack. Then the kid motioned for Posti to follow him, and walked towards the back of the stable. The huge centaur whistled in admiration at the magnificent animals which stood peacefully in the open stalls. Just about every type of equine was represented, from shaggy donkeys to a really magnificent Shire mare. All were perfect examples of thier breeds, and the two human's riding horses looked shabby and ill-formed next to them.

The boy gave a nod towards the Shire and grinned. The mare was actually larger than the centaur, but she sniffed in his direction and whinnied an invitation. The centaur felt a of twinge of embarrassment, for her scent called louder than her whinney. After being away from other centaurs so long, the prospect was more than a little interesting, and in his case, the "interest" was extremely obvious.

The stall next to the mare was thier destination, and Posti was amazed when he saw it. With a couple of tugs, the boy transformed a normal stall into ideal quarters for a centaur. Shelves folded down from the walls to hold personal items, and a small cabinet was built into the grain bin for valuables. Besides the normal trough and water bucket, there was a fold-down table and spigot made for nomral eating and drinking, as well as a rack which held a cup, plate, and bowl.

Posti was impressed, and said so. The kid grinned that infectious smile again, and helped him with backpacks and saddlebags. A couple of scars from the recent adventure were still raw, and the boy treated them with a soothing creme. After making sure that Posti was comfortable, the boy left to groom and feed his companion's horses.

The grains and cakes which were stocked just above the table were excellent, and the spigot produced cold, clear water from an overhead tank. The boy came back as he was finishing up, leading one of the riding horses behind him. Posti almost didn't recognize the animal - the tangles and dirt of two week's travel had vanished, replaced by the shining, smooth coat of a show horse. The hooves were polished black, and the mane and tail had been braided expertly. "I'm done with the horses." The kid looked at him critically, and Posti was uncomfortably aware of his own neglected hide. "You want me to groom you? It comes with the lodging."

Posti was surprised - that kind of grooming was normally very expensive, maybe several gold pieces for one animal. Of course, this was a small village. Maybe they were trying to get new customers. "Sure. Give me the full treatment." The kid grinned at Posti's answer, almost like he had made a joke. A quick pat on the horse's rear sent it back to its stall, while the boy opened another compartment in the stall and pulled out brushes and jars.

At first, Posti thought his size might prove to be a problem, but the boy pulled a small box over and stood on it to reach his equine back. Of course. The kid worked with draft horses, and the Shire was even bigger than Posti. The first part of the grooming consisted of a careful examination which took sevreal minutes. The kid was respectful though, not going so far as he would with a horse.

The examination was followed by the application of a sticky salve to several old scars and sores. The paste tingled pleasantly, and after a few minutes, dried to a powder which the kid brush out. Posti stared in amzement. The blemishes had vanished, leaving a smooth, unmarked coat.

Some sort of healing magic, obviously. The salve was also applied to his hooves, but was absorbed before it could dry. The surface became smoother, and he could actually see old chips and cracks vanishing. After a few more touch-ups, the boy looked hesitant. "If I do a proper grooming, I'll have to, uh, get a little familiar. Is that OK.?" Posti nodded and smiled. "Thanks for asking, but I'm not sensitive about that kind of thing."

The kid took him at his word, and proceeded to clean him as if he were a regular stallion. It was a little unusual to have a human handling him like that, but the boy knew his stuff. After he was done, the kid put the jar away and brought out a large bucket. He filled it with water from the spigot and then sprinkled in some white pwoder. The water frothed immediately with soap bubbles, and when the boy started to wash down Posti's side he was surprised to find it was warm.

The bath was wonderful, though Posti was a little embarrased to see the water turn black as the kid worked. The dirty tan feathers on his legs turned dazzling white, and his coat glistened like polsihed wood. The boy actually climbed up on his back to wash out his hair and mane, careful not to let the soap run into Posti's eyes.

Posti had never been more relaxed in his life. The kid carefully dried his coat, and then started brushing with a fine-bristled pad which strapped to his hand. The firm massage was soothing, and the centaur closed his eyes and reveled in the pleasant sensations. He felt incredible, as if the grooming has washed years from his body instead of just dirt. He was so relaxed now, he was almost ready to fall asleep. Posti felt a familoiar stiffening, this time caused by his bladder reather than his sexual desires. He willed the process to stop, determined not to use the bathroom until the kid was gone.

Or was he? Normal mental commands didn't seem to have any effect, and his insides churned in preparation. It was hard to concentrate through the dull haze of pleasure, and he tried to warn the kid. "Whaah." Gods, his mouth felt swollen. He couldn't seem to form his lips properly, and his jaw didn't work right. Confused, he opened his eyes, but vision was blurred. What the? Twisting around, Posti stared in sudden horror at the faint glow which surrounded both him and the brush which the boy was still using on his side. Then his face pushed out suddenly into a dark mass, and he cried out in fear. Except that what he heard was a whinny.

The kid was still grinning as he continued the brushing, seemingly oblivious to the centaur's transformation. Posti's once-powerful chest and arms had shrunk almost to the size of the boy's, but his head was massive and heavy, almost more than he could keep upright. Smells and sounds became more intesne as his face pushed out again, and his arms drew rapidly into a chest which was rapidly becoming a horse's neck. The process was so rapid that it was finished almost as soon as Potsti realized what was happening.

An imules to break away suddenly became an instinctive lean forward, and he lifted his tail as he ytook a very horse-like dump on the fresh starw. The action confused him, as did the strange vision and heaviness of his thoughts. He whinnied and snorted as the boy brushed his neck and muzzle, finishing up the last bits of the change. Why couldn't he resist? Dimly, he realized that there must be animal control spells in effect, spells which now controlled him.

As far as he could tell, the boy has changed him completely into a Clydesdale stallion. There was no sensation of arms or hands, and even the massive head and neck felt comfortable and natural. But the boy continued to groom him, this time using a different brush. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then his coat turned dark under the bristles, forming a blot of black hair that spread over his body. Muscles rippled and stretched over shifting bones, and he got even larger. He was disturbed to realize that he actually enjoyed the sensations.

The boy finally put the brushes away, and stepped back to admire his handiwork. "You're a perfect Shire stallion. Not a trace of Clydesdale left, and you're not even 4 years old." That last was a bit of a surprise, for his horse parts had been the equivalent of about a 14 year-old stallion or even older. Even more surprising was the kid's attitude - it was as if this transformation was not only normal, but to be appreciated.

After a final inspection, the boy squatted under him. Posti shuddered as cool hands began to caress his still-erect shaft, and desire built even through his fear. Scents. The mare! Posti shivered in lust and terror, overcome with desire and horror. The boy made a noise, and he moved out into the main stable despite himself. The female needed him. Posti struggled against the animal desire, but found that he was slowly approaching the mare depsite his efforts. Her scent had called to him as a centaur, now it screamed her need to his Shire's body.

The boy stroked his neck lovingly, not forcing or pushing him at all. "Go on, fella. She wants you and you want her. You're a great stallion now - enjoy it!" Posti shuddered with desire, and took a step towards the mare. The kid stayed by his side, patting him and telling him how wonderful he was, how virile, how beautiful. And why not mount the female? He'd wanted her as a centaur, now he could have her as an equal. Did that last come from the boy or his own thoughts? And did it even matter? He truly did want the mare, and with that realization, Posti suddenly merged with the stallion he had been fighting and covered her with a brutal thrust that sent both his fear and his thoughts into blissful oblivion.

The boy watched the huge Shire shudder and twist over the mare's back and grinned in satisfaction. Each thrust was another seal on the transformation, locking the magic in place. He would follow up the breeding with a good grooming and warm mash. By morning, the former centaur wouldn't comprehend words at all, much less be able to communicate. Not that he would want to. All centaurs wanted to be horses - the boy knew that. Some of them resisted more than others, but he always changed them in the end. And this one was such a fine specimen. When his human freinds came looking in the morning, he'd tell them the centaur had left during the night. And even if they looked around, who would ever connect the young Shire with a middle-aged Clydesdale centaur? The boy left the coupling animals and started cleaning out the centaur's belongings. Another good night's work was done, and he was ready for bed.

- end-

Posti Transformed copyright 1996 by Bob Stein.

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