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Costume for Life

by Leslie Leigh

It was when my wife suggested that she wanted to be a man for Halloween that perhaps I should have sensed something askew. Or perhaps fate dealt us a full house. As I tell you my tale I am waiting for my "Man" to come home from the office and I have a secret..

I came home from the office on Friday, October 30, and was exhausted from a long week of work. I was an art director at a small advertising agency in Evanstown, Virginia and we had four accounts with deadlines that day. I opened the door and was met by my wife Sharon, clad in the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. Her breasts peeked out of the top of a black corselet which nipped her slim waist even more. Garters flowing from the corselette held up a pair of very sheer black silk hose. She was perched upon a pair of classic five inch pumps. The sight of her luscious body and the presence of her overwhelming sensuality recharged me instantaneously.

Without a word, she lead me to the living room and took me in her arms. Our lips met and the passion of her kiss was incredible. I tried to match her passion and we soon found ourselves rolling about the living room like a couple of kids. It was only after we both collapsed that Sharon broke the silence. "We've been invited to a costume party tomorrow night" I gave her a disappointed looks and said; "Come on, This week has been a bitch and I was hoping to just kick back this weekend and veg out"

"I really want to go and I know we'll have a great time. Besides ... I'll make it worth your while." A sly smile told me what she meant. I thought for a second and made an attempt to stay home.

"I don't have a costume. The costume shops won't have anything good left."

She just smiled and said; "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything if you say yes."

With that her hand slid down and caressed my dick. She embraced me and once again kissed me with renewed animal passion. Without even thinking a word escaped my lips. "Yes" We headed toward the bedroom only after we had made love in every other room in the house. That night was a blur of animal sex. We made love with more energy than we had on our honeymoon. At around 4 a.m. I passed out from total exhaustion.

I awoke to my wife's sweet voice. "Come on honey, we've got a BIG day ahead of us"

What was she talking about? It was 8:30 am and all I wanted to do was sleep.

"Here's your coffee, Get up and let me get started."

I took a gulp of coffee and asked what was so pressing. She just smiled and said; "I've got to get ready for the party tonight and you my darling have a LOT of work to do before you are ready."

She stepped toward her dresser and pulled an antique jewelry box from a drawer. She turned and opened the box toward me.

"I got these at the Rothburg estate sale." Old lady Rothburg had past away a month ago. She and her husband had built the town of Evanstown. She was a very solitary woman. Occasionally some one would claim to have seen her downtown, but she mainly kept to herself since her husbands death.

Inside the box there was a set of rings.

"I was thinking ahead and thought we could use this stuff as part of our costumes. I found it odd that the man's rings fit my finger as if it had been made for me. In fact it was the rings that gave me the idea for our costumes. Here, try this on." She handed me a very feminine ornate ring. I took off my wedding band and slipped it on my finger and it too fit perfectly. I was in awe as I examined the ring. It was a grouping of precious and semi-precious stones around a yellow gold figurine of a naked man. I was dazzled by the detail of the figurine. He was no more than a half inch long, but the creator of the ring had captured even the most insignificant detail.

"Look at mine." I was torn out of my trance by my wife's voice. She held her hand out for me to look at the ring. It was the mate to my own. It was a masculine style with the same stones, but the figure was that of a naked woman with her arms outstretched. "These two look they are made for each other.

Thinking nothing of it we brought the rings together and the two figures locked in embrace. A jolt of electricity ran up my spine. My knees went weak and I fell to the floor. Upon gaining my composure I noticed that my wife was in a similar situation. We looked into each others eyes and smiled. "I guess we should have used some protection!"

Laughing out loud, we got to our feet and embraced.

All of a sudden I was excited about the night ahead. My wife saw the opportunity and opened her closet. " I took the liberty of putting your costume together. I hope you like it." With that she pulled out a slinky red sequined dress that looked too small for her. My mind was racing with objections of how ridiculous I would look, but as I opened my mouth three words escaped. " I Love It!"

"O.K. big boy, into the bathroom. I've got to sculpt you into a sexy bitch." She took my hand and guided me into her plans. She stripped me naked and began to apply lotion to my body. "What's this stuff?" I asked. "Hair remover. No lady would be caught dead with fur all over her body." I jumped back out of her reach. "I don't ...." " Quiet silly, I can assure you that your hair will grow back. Don't worry". She continued to apply the lotion until my entire body was covered. She told me to let it work it's magic for a few minutes and then she left the room to prepare my ensemble. I stood there in the bathroom. My body covered in a pink lotion, staring at the ring. I was totally absorbed in its beauty when my wife entered the room. "O.K. into the tub"

I stepped into the tub and my wife turned on the water. She drew the flow of water over my body and as it trickled down my body and into the tub, my body hair washed down the drain.

She began to pluck my lashes with the talent that years of experience had brought her. She assured me that she would only get those few wild hairs, giving me a bushy Brooke Shields look, but after almost two hours of work I knew that she had something else in mind. The funny thing was that I didn't mind. In fact I found the idea of being convincing as a woman very erotic.

We returned to the bedroom and she began to dress me. She told me to turn around and I did. She put a corset around my body and pulled it tight. "Take a deep breath and hold it." She gave the laces a final tug and tied them off. She handed me a pair if black panties. After caressing their silky feel I drew them up my denuded legs. As I pulled them into place I realized that they were not designed for a male's anatomy. My wife also noticed. "We're going to have to do something about that!" With that she told me to remove the panties. Strangely, my heart sank. She picked something up and said; "I thought that might be a problem so I got this." She held up a flesh colored device. " It's called a gaff and it's made to hide those unsightly bulges." She then slid it into place. She manipulated my cock and balls and tightened the gaff. "There, now put your panties back on." I looked down and was amazed to see a small mound that used to be my sex. She pulled out a couple sacks which she placed in the cups of the corset. The added weight of the filled cups was a little disorienting, but felt very good. I ran my hands over my new contours and felt a chill in my groin. She sat me on the edge of the bed and showed me how to put on my stockings and attach them to the garters. She handed me the other stocking and I duplicated her moves. I was amazed how the shear fabric felt on my hairless leg. I was really starting to enjoy this. My wife took a step back to admire her work. " You're coming along nicely. No Peeking." She reached for the dress and handed it to me. As I slid the dress over my head and pulled it down into place it seemed very snug, but strangely my body seemed to adapt to its shape. My wife walked toward me; " And now for the crowning glory" She slid a long brunette wig onto my head. The feeling of the soft hair on my shoulders was intense. I wanted to see how I looked but my wife wouldn't let me. She draped a towel over my shoulders and began to style my wig and apply my make-up. Close this eye, open this one... purse my lips, suck in my cheeks. I thought that the facial contortions were a little excessive, but I was in the hands of a master when it came to make-up, so I just relaxed and enjoyed it. Once again she admired her work; " Girlfriend, you're going to be fighting off the guys tonight." She touched up my makeup, handed me a pair of pumps which I slid on my silky feet, stood me up and steadied me. Then I was turned toward the full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. The image that met my gaze was not my own. A beautiful woman stood before me. Any hint of my masculinity was long gone.

I sat down on the bed and watched my wife begin her transformation. She used a wide ace bandage to flatten her bust. She then attired herself in a tuxedo complete with a red bow tie and cummerbund. A rolled up pair of socks supplied her with bulges in just the right places. She styled her long hair into a ponytail, a style that you might see on any young man. She topped off the illusion with a very convincing mustache which she attached with a touch of spirit gum.

We set our camera up on a tripod and took a number of shots. She glanced at the mantle clock and said; "We've got to get going!"

She sprayed a little perfume on me. A dab on my neck, a touch behind my knee and a sprizt in my artificial cleavage. She handed me a wrap and led me toward the car. She took a couple of quick steps and reached for the car door. She opened the car door and motioned me in. " Your chariot awaits my lady." The voice that came from my wife's mouth took my breath away. It was very convincing. Mustering up my best feminine voice I replied. "Gentlemen are so rare these days. Thank you." On the way to the party my wife didn't let up. She was being a perfect gentleman, except for when she put her hand on my knee and caressed my thigh. I just sat back and enjoyed it. I couldn't believe how we were both getting into our parts.

We got to the party and milled around for a while. There were hundreds of people dressed in the traditional ways. Frankenstein, Vampires, witches and alike filled the room. We were the hit of the party. There where other couples who were dressed as each other, but most of the guys looked like over made-up drag queens. Most of the women looked like women in men's clothes. We won the best couple costume contest. Just before midnight I saw one of my co-workers named Janice. She works as an graphic artist at the firm. She was dressed as a very sexy witch. I had never really notice how beautiful she was. She thought that our costumes were great and asked how we came up with the idea. Sharon recounted the events that led to her idea. Janice admired our rings and my wife told her about what happened earlier that day. Janice said; "Maybe a little help is needed." Janice waved her hands over us and recited some gibberish. We braced ourselves for the shock as we moved the figures closer. This time when they touched I felt a rush of sexual pleasure.

"Guys ... Guys give me a break, You're in public" She pulled us apart interrupting our build up. I was left feeling as if someone had doused me with a bucket of cold water. My eyes met my wife's and it was easy to see that she had experienced the same feelings.

We rushed home and almost wrecked a couple of times. Without undressing we jumped on the bed. Laying on the bed, we mated the rings once more. The warm feeling began to rush through my body. I had never felt the intensity of feelings as I felt at that moment. It started at the very tips of my toes and worked its way to the top of my head. The feeling then seemed to concentrate in my groin. I knew I was about to lose it and I opened my eyes to see my wife writhing and moaning with pleasure, connected to me only by the figures on the rings. We exploded at the same moment We gazed into each others eyes and said; "I love You" My world went black as I fell into a deep sleep.

My wife and I were awakened by the warmth of the afternoon sun through the window. We looked at each other, still clad in our costumes, and as if we were one said; "WOW!" We began to get ready for what was left of the day. With a feeling of regret I suggested that we get out of our costumes. I tried to remove my ring and it wouldn't budge. "What is going on here? This thing is stuck!" My wife tried to remove hers, but it was invisibly locked into place. I glanced at the ring. The figure had lost some of its detail. "I must have whacked something pretty hard last night. My ring will never be the same." My wife looked at her ring and a shocked look came over her face. "Look at this!" She directed the ring in my direction and her figure had lost most of its detail too. The rest of the day was spent thinking about our adventure. Monday We awoke to the alarm at 6:30 am and began our morning rituals.

I looked at my face. Wiped my hand over my cheek and decided that a shave wasn't needed. I looked at my brow line and decided that it was really very attractive, opening my eyes. We both dressed and headed off to work. About two in the afternoon Janice stepped into my office. "There's some guy on line three and he says he's your wife". I thought for a second and responded; "My wife really got into her part the other night, I guess she still wants to play. Thanks." I picked up the phone and before I could open my mouth a voice cut in. "Honey, something strange is going on. I'm heading home." I asked if she was O.K. "Yes and No! Please meet me at the house. I'm leaving now. Love you." I asked Janice if she could cover my phone, grabbed my coat and left the office. When I got home I found that all the curtains were drawn and the house was dark except for a single light in the living room. I could barely make out the figure sitting on the living room couch. The silhouette broke the silence. "Please don't turn on the lights. Just come here and sit down."

"What's the matter?"

"I'm not really sure, but I want you to look at me very closely." She reached around and turned the light up to illuminate her face. "Do you notice anything different?" I scanned her face. "Darling, you look a little tired but..." My comments were stifled as she pointed to her chin. There were a handful of thick black hairs emerging from it. "These weren't here yesterday." I blurted out. "Maybe it's a hormone thing. I'm sure ... " Once again she cut me short by directing my attention to her hair line. She raked her fingers through her hair. She held her hand in my gaze. "This started about noon and hasn't stopped since." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I'm losing my hair!" She then broke down and collapsed in my arms. She moved her hand to my face and brushed my cheek. Startled she sat up and stared directly at me. "Did you just shave?" I looked at her and responded. "No, when I woke up this morning I didn't need to" "You mean that you haven't shaved since yesterday morning?" I thought about it for a moment; " Yeah that's right. I shaved yesterday. What are you getting at?" She grabbed my hand; "I'm not sure yet. Come upstairs." She nearly yanked me off the couch and pulled me into the bathroom. She turned on every light in the room and began to study me carefully. "Take your clothes off." "What?" "Just take off your clothes" I began to comply and she began to strip too. She was standing there in her bra and panties when I noticed something. Her breasts which normally spilled out of her bras were not even close to filling it.

We examined each other and made mental notes of any changes that we found. Not only was my wife sprouting hair on her chin, but I was shocked to find that her chest was covered with very short budding hair. "It's these damn rings! Their going to kill us if we don't get them off." The next hour was spent trying every lubricant in the house trying to remove the rings. Nothing loosened their grip. I ran to the basement and got some metal snips. "It's a shame that we have to destroy them" With that I tried to cut the ring off my finger. I had seen these snips go through sixteenth inch steel, but they couldn't even dent the ring. My wife ran to the bedroom. "Maybe there's something in the box" She dug to the bottom of the jewel box and found a false bottom. She ran across the room and grabbed a nail file. She began to pry at the divider until it finally gave way. What was revealed was a small envelope. She opened it and pulled out a small piece of paper. Written on it were the following words:

"Beware the Rings of Change. They were crafted by a cult of witches whose goal was to dominate the world by seeking revenge upon man. Once placed upon the fingers of the pair, the only way to remove it is upon the death of either party by which time the changes will be quite permanent." Be warned and be careful. Christine Rothberg

P.S. I know this curse to be real. I was born Christopher Whitman Rothberg in the year 1901. In my twenty first year I met a beautiful woman by the name of Elizibeth Moray. I was dazzled by her beauty and the power she radiated. She was an ardent member of the woman's suffrage movement. She seduced me and she got pregnant shortly there after. I did what I thought to be the right thing to do and we got married on All Hallows Eve, 1922. Upon my proposal of marriage she presented me with the rings saying that they were family antiques and that she would like to use them as our wedding set. I accepted her offer because I had not a dime to my name. We married at a justice of the peace with no family present. Within a few weeks things had begun to change. Thinking that I was dying, she told me of the rings, their powers and her plans. Elizibeth made it clear that her plan was to become a man in this world controlled by men. At first I laughed off the idea thinking it quit preposterous. Soon I could no longer ignore the changes. My body and soon my mind ceased to reject the whole idea. The man that had been disappeared and in time I resigned myself to my situation heart, body and soul. Not only had I lost any sign of maleness, but I was now the pregnant wife of a driven man. She changed our names to William and Christine Rothberg and we move to Evanstown in January of 1923. I gave birth to a daughter on June 14, 1923. William gave her up for adoption without a thought, saying that she would be better off with a family who would love her. No one in Evanstown knew anything about our past lives and when asked about my previous pregnant state, we said that our child died at birth. Withoutany distractions William soon took control of the town. Occasionally I would bring up our past, but William would silence me with a swift strike of his closed fist. I probably deserved what I got, but the memories of a few tear filled nights still remain to this day. Within a few short years William had turned our nothing into a small fortune. We never had any more children even though William's sexually appetite was insatiable. I suspect that there were other women in William's life, but he did take good care of me. The one time that I hinted about the subject, he beat me so badly that I was unable to leave the house for a month. I know he loved me as I loved him. I miss him to this day. In 1968, William died of cancer and I was left very alone. In 1970 I began to search for the daughter I gave birth to forty-five years before. With the help of a private detective, I found out that she was right here in Evanstown. I have never approached her, but I know she is happy and healthy. She is married and has a beautiful daughter. I have watched in silence as my grand-daughter has grown from a girl in pigtails to a beautiful young woman. I have set-up a trust fund for her which will be revealed to her five years after my death. I know I should have destroyed the rings, but they had become such a part of a very rich and fulfilling life that I couldn't say good-bye."

Our mouths were agape as the words on the page ended. We sat in silence as the story rattled around in our heads. We hardly spoke for the next few days. We both noticed the changes, but refused to accept them. We continue to go to work, partly to keep our minds busy. Sharon was having a very hard time styling her hair to conceal her hair loss. My nipples were so sensitive that my shirt rubbing them would drive me wild. We both were receiving comments at work concerning our health. In fact, as the days went on the changes began to accelerate to a point where it was hard to hide them.

By the following Monday there was no way either of us could continue to show up at work. My chest had swelled and my outward appearance was that of a developing teenage girl. My wife was not as lucky. Her hairline was receding rapidly and her muscles were becoming very defined. We both called our jobs and said that we needed time off for a family emergency. If what was happening to us did not constitute and emergency we couldn't figure out what would.

For the next week we didn't even leave the house. What we observed in each other was not totally unexpected. Each morning we examined each other and noted the changes. The last remnants of my wife's breasts disappeared on Thursday while the loss of my testicles didn't happen until Saturday morning. Her features continued to harden while mine softened. Her body hair was rapidly taking over the skin I once found smooth, and her beautiful long hair was still falling out in clumps, leaving a motley collection of long strands. My body shape was exhibiting curves that a young model would be proud of. Neither of us was correct. I still maintained a smaller yet still functional penis and my wife's genitals had remained relatively unchanged. The figures on the rings were redefining themselves too. The figure of the man on mine was being replaced by that of the womanish boy. In a vein attempt we joined the rings once more. Electricity filled our bodies and we gazed at each other as more changes took place instantly. My scalp tingled as I felt my hair lengthen until it brushed my shoulders and back. My wife's body hair sprung from her pores to almost an inch in length on her chest, face and legs. The sounds of bone crunching and stretching skin filled our ears, but we couldn't brake the rings lock on each other. There was no pain as our bodies reshape themselves. My penis seemed to be withdrawn into my body as my wife's clitoris stretched and extended. After what seemed like an hour the rings released and we just stood there in shock. My wife was every bit male. I could tell by the look on her face that what she saw in me was just as shocking. We collapsed in each other's arms and I began to sob. We sat naked on the bedroom floor for hours before my wife broke the silence. "Darling, I love you very much. We have to figure out how to handle this." We talked for the next two days formulating our plans. It was obvious that there was no way that we could turn back, so we decided to make the best of the situation. We decided that we had to move. Evanstown was just too small to expect that we could fit in. We emptied all our bank accounts, sold the few stocks which we owned and found that we had gained a fortune of $27,567.56. Hardly enough to live out the rest of our lives, but more than enough to start over someplace new. We no longer had any clothes which fit properly, so we dressed in some work-out suits. I gave Sharon a trim so her hair was not so ugly. I showed her how to trim and shave her beard. She, in turn, styled my hair and applied just enough make-up to get me by. We looked at each other, satisfied with our looks, took a deep breath and opened the front door. We left the house and headed toward the mall. We each bought a few new outfits. She was fitted for a suit while I was trying on dresses, skirts and blouses. I was now a size 7/8 with a figure that I had previously only dreamt of "Having". I have to admit that I found the lingerie department rather exciting, but I limited myself to a few bras, panties, slips, garters and hose. Then we went to "Clip & Curl" and had our hair cut and styled. I visited the make-up counter at Richardsons and was soon being pampered with a whole line of cosmetics that were specific to my color. Lipsticks, sweet smelling powders, rainbows of color, eye liners, blush, mascara, and endless array of products made just for me. I never realized how expensive it was for a woman to look "natural" and "fresh". We walked through the mall looking at the shoe stores. I was amazed at the variety of styles and colors available to me. I must have tried on a hundred pair before I settled on three pairs of heels, a pair of flats and a pair of sneakers. I really wanted this pair of spiky five inch pumps, but I figured I better stay sensible for now. We spent almost three thousand dollars that day, but we both now had wardrobes to get us started anew. We put the house on the market that afternoon and called a moving company. We typed letters to our employers and indicated that due to important family matters we must tenure our positions. With our old lives closed out, we left Evanstown. Tears filled my eyes as I watched our old lives slip into the distance. We moved to a suburb of Atlanta and changed our identities. I chose the name Leslie while Sharon picked Sam. We went through the Atlanta white pages and selected a last name, which I must omit for obvious reasons. I was amazed at the ease in which we obtained all the official yet necessary documents. We formulated a story that all our possessions and documents had been lost in a fire and everybody was very helpful. We found jobs quickly and began to rebuild our lives. My wife, excuse me, HUSBAND soon moved up the corporate ladder and I soon was able to quit my job and pursue my art, which has become quite lucrative. As with Christine Rothberg, I found that Sam's sexual drive was incredibly high. After we got settled and began to explore our new bodies we made love every available moment. We were once again happy not only with each other, but with ourselves and with our lives.

Today, during my annual, I found out that I am with child. I am excited and very scared. I was told that I am almost two months along. I can't feel the baby yet, but I know it will be beautiful. I am not showing yet so when Sam arrives home from work I will break the news and greet him at the door dressed in his favorite outfit, a black corselet, hose and heels. I love the way my breasts peek out of the top of the cups and so does Sam. Wish me luck.


Costume for Life copyright 1996 by Leslie Leigh.

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