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The Gator

by Tekwolf

"The Bull" was an alligator of renown in the resort town of Low Falls. Everyone that came to the area and everyone that lived there talked up the story. It really brought in the visitors. The town was a thriving place, that was near a beautiful beach, with several world class golf courses. But the reputation of "The Bull" also brought in a type of thrill seeker during that time of year, when alligator hunting was legal. This is what brought Sean to Low Falls. He had hunted almost every animal in North America, and had them mounted for his trophy room. The one thing that he didn't have was an alligator. It had only been legal to hunt them for the past several years, when the steadily increasing numbers had prompted the wildlife department to issue permits for hunting. Every since Sean had heard the story of "The Bull", he knew that he wanted this particular animal to grace his collection. He hired a renowned alligator guide and made plans for his hunt. The guide had the air boat necessary for the hunt and all of the equipment . As Sean had inherited money from his parents and really had nothing else to do, he had reserved the guide for the total season. They went out at last light, as gator hunting was done at night, and usually stayed out all night. All of this had gotten to he habitual with Sean, but it was to no avail. They had not even caught sight of any gator that could even be close to the size that "The Bull" was reputed to be. They surely caught and killed gators, but the real prize remained elusive. Sean and his guide were not the only ones that were out hunting during the season. There were numerous others. Most were fellow thrill seekers, out for something new, but there were also a few hunters that did this for a living. One of these was John. A quiet, soft spoken man, that went about his business and made a meager living. John was the one that came in with the prize. He had been late getting in one morning and when he arrived back at the dock, he had the largest alligator in his boat, that anyone had ever seen. It was nearly fourteen feet long. No one had a doubt that this was "The Bull". There was much disappointment in that the animal had been caught. Sure, John had the fight of his life and was almost killed, but everyone thought that this alligator was invincible. It was reputed to have eaten nearly ten people. People had disappeared over the last fifty years and even though most bodies had not been found, it was believed by authorities that they were lost in the marsh or had been carried out to sea, by an undertow. That is how the reports had been written.

There was an undercurrent of belief that "The Bull" had gotten them. The authorities had tried to quell this rumor, because they were trying to advertise the resort as a family place and what family would visit a place where there was a man eating alligator. As Sean looked at the gator, he was disappointed. He wanted to be the one to kill the creature. John offered him the gator to mount, but Sean's pride wouldn't let him. He had killed all of the other animals in his collection and didn't want any other. He would do without first.

John knew this type of pride, and after he had tanned the gator hide, he made a billfold for Sean. Sean was happy to have a piece of history and gladly accepted the gift. Several weeks had passed since the gator season had passed. Sean's life had returned to normal. He carried the wallet with him always. One day he was at the beach and was wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt.

Unknown to Sean, there was a hole in his trunks that let the skin of the wallet touch the bare skin of his butt. The bull struck. Sean had no clue that anything was wrong. He ate out at the beach as usual for lunch and then started home. He opened the door and went in to take a shower. This is when he made the discovery. As he tried to remove his shorts, he felt a pulling from his behind and the pants wouldn't come off. He pulled harder and caused much pain. Sean didn't know what was going on. Why was the pair of trunks stuck? He braced against the pain and ripped the trunks off.

It was the wallet! It had somehow stuck to his butt and wouldn't come off. As he shook himself all of the money, cards and other items all fell out onto the floor. As the bill fold unfolded, the second half of the bi-fold touched his skin and seemed to grab it. Maybe there was glue in the wallet, that he didn't know about. Sean decided to see if he could soak it loose. He ran the bathtub full of water and sat down in it to soak. He watched his watch and was patient. He didn't move for thirty minutes, giving the water time to loosen the billfold. As he levered himself up out of the water he felt a strange feeling, as if his butt had gone numb. He reached back with his hands and felt something that he couldn't believe. The wallet had spread and now his whole butt was covered. He turned and looked at himself in the mirror he was horrified at what he saw.

Both of his cheeks were covered with the rough greenish skin and both sides of his butt had grown together into one. There was also the beginnings of a small tail. As Sean watched, the skin was spreading, moving up his back and down his legs. He felt it creeping up from the back, between his legs and as he looked down his former sexual equipment fell to the floor and his crotch was covered in the scaly skin. It slowly crept up his stomach and back toward his head. He saw that the skin on the stomach was white and the skin on the back was a dark green, and several rows of hard ridges were growing. He felt his finger tips burning and looked down to see his nails replaced with huge, wicked claws. The same claws were evident on his feet.

Sean came to his senses and screamed. He clawed the door open and stumbled out. He meant to head towards his can, but found himself actually headed towards the rived bank that ran at the edge of his back yard. His arms were growing shorted, as were his legs. It was becoming harder to walk and the damn tail had grown to three feet in length, extending down from his spine. As he neared the river, the skin moved up his head and neck and he felt a pressure start to build as his head and face started to change. His whole head was squeezed and his jaws and nose extended out into a snout. His eyes moved up to the top of his head and his eyesight changed. He lost his balance as his legs continued to shrink and fell to his belly. His limbs shrank into alligator limbs as his tail extended out into full length. Sean lay there on the bank, panting and considering what to do. The alligator in him tried to take over. His new body scrambled down the bank and into the river and he couldn't stop it. New instincts were filtering into his mind and were taking over. He moved his tail back and forth and propelled himself down river. Being in the water felt somehow right now. Sean the human couldn't take control. The new sensations and movements were overwhelming him. As he watched his progress down the river, he came to a development he knew well. Most of his body was now concealed under the water, with only his eyes to be seen above the surface. "Hey, this was kind of cool," Sean thought. There was a scent and movement in his sight. He was now far more aware of movement than he was before. Sean quit fighting and let the alligator take over. He glided up to the bank toward the poodle that was on the bank, yapping at him.

He suddenly lunged forward, opening his jaws and chomped the dog. He quickly backed into the water and quickly submerged, taking his prize with him.

Sean was sort of horrified at what he'd done. But on the bright side, he hated poodles and it tasted so good. After several feedings, Sean realized that he was growing much, much larger. He was now over ten feet long and a lot heavier. Sean found himself more and more merging with the alligator. He was no longer fighting it. It point of fact, he could no longer think of himself as human. Sean realized what had happened. Now he knew why "The Bull" could never die and also knew where the other humans before, had gone. But, this time there was a difference. None of the others had adapted as he had and the alligator had dominated the human. He was a combination. Instincts of the alligator, combined with the devastating intelligence of a human. After his poodle kill, the rumors had started flying again. "The Bull" was back!!!

The Gator copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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