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Football Mania

by Eddie Glover

The day before their big game with Colorado State, the offensive linemen sat in their local eating joint, The Sippin Room, with various kinds of food and women around them.

"Eat up guys, I'm gonna need you boys to keep me from getting smashed tomorrow!", the star quarterback, James Keller, laughed while pawing his newest girlfriend, Samantha.

"Don't be worrying over them Jimmy, we're gonna kick their asses!", the huge Gordon Hall, All-America linemen and captain of the team roared between bites.

"Hey, what about a little.....edge.", one of the linebackers, a guy named Tommy said with a grin. "I've seen that spell place downtown, let's get that wizard dude to whip us up something so that we'll win easy!", he laughed.

"That place is a joke Tommy, and that old man is crazy!", James snapped.

Gordon frowned, "I don't know man, you've heard the stories about that frat house. Maybe Tommy has got the right idea. Colorado State is undefeated you know.", he pointed out.

James scoffed, "Yeah, I've heard the bullshit stories about that frat! Guys turning into girls...give me a break, ain't that right Samantha!", he said while squeezing her large breast.

She got up quickly and walked to the door, "I'm not a bimbo James, I'm going back to the dorm...Charlotte wanted to study tonight anyway!", she growled while storming out.

"Hah! She told you off man!", Tommy laughed. Norm Jenkins sat in the corner, not liking all this talk of cheating with magic. He'd heard the frat house stories as well...and that disturbed him. He'd come to play quarterback after starring in high school but James was the star, and he'd only played sparingly. He knew that given the chance he could probably do as good as James, but the team was winning and with the best offense in the nation James was being hailed for the Heisman Trophy. The only way he'd start was if James disappeared off the face of the planet.

He got up and walked to the door frowning when James called, "Hey Norm! Come on over, we're all gonna go down to that magic shop in the mall later!".

He sighed, as much as he hated being the nobody James was his best friend. The quarterback might be a womanizing scumbag to most but he'd taken Norm under his wing when he'd arrived on campus.

"James, I wouldn't deal with that guy down there, it could be trouble.", he cautioned.

Tommy Leonard snorted, "Norm you pussy! That's why you came here when you could have started anywhere you didn't have to DO anything!".

Norm wanted to cuss out the huge linebacker but Tommy was the type to kick ass first and listen later, and he liked having all his limbs attached.

He wandered down to the mall, wondering about the strange little shop. He'd seen a pair of gorgeous babes come out of there a few months back and had searched all over campus in hopes of finding them but hadn't had any luck. He decided to enter the shop, if only for his own curiousity.

"Hello there young man!", the old man behind the counter called as he entered.

"Um...hi.", he said stupidly.

"What can I help you with, girl troubles?", the old man's eyes seemed to shine as he grinned.

"No. I'm just looking.", he managed.

"Oh Norm, I KNOW what you want!", the man laughed. "How'd you know my name!?", he gasped.

"You are Norm Jenkins are you not. I believe you were the young man recruited last year to play quarterback for our team. Unfortunetly for you, James Keller is an All-Amercian and you're doomed to the bench for another year.", the man said firmly.

Norm was stunned, "Are you a booster or something?", he asked in confusion.

"Or something. Now this should do the trick, just what you need to get James out of the way without injuring him permanently.", the old man produced a small vial of powder.

"I don't want to poison him!", Norm said in shock. "Oh it's not poison!", the old man chuckled, "Let's just say James will be in no condition to play football for a while afterwards!".

"I don't know...he IS my friend.", Norm mused. "It's only temporary provided you make it so. Now listen carefully, you MUST write a time down for him to be incapacitated. Do you understand?", the man said with concern.

"Yeah. So...he'll just be unable to play right?", Norm asked. "Son, I can say with all honesty that he won't feel any pain from it.", the man said with a small smirk.

As Norm left the old wizard chuckled then picked up the phone, "Mike! Yeah, listen what's the line on the game with Colorado State tomorrow. We're favored by seven, okay put me down for a thousand...I'm got a feeling about that game. On Colorado State, that's right.", he chuckled while hanging up.

His eyes lit up when James, Tommy, and Gordon walked in later, all tanked from drinking too much.

"Ah yes! The football heroes! What can I do for you men?", he asked. James looked at a statue of a naked woman, one of ...generous endowments. The small statue sat on a shelf behind the old man.

"What's that babe do, you know magic-wise?", he said drunkedly. The old man grinned, "Ah! The idol of Victory, a wise eye you have there son. I assume that IS what you came here edge over Colorado State?".

Tommy grinned, "Damn right! How much?", he asked. The old man smirked, "Fifty dollars seems fair, I do want you boys to be be the best after all. Make sure you write ALL the names of your team down. Those ommited will not be affected by the Victory idol.", the man said with a frown.

James threw down a fifty and carried the idol home with the others, leaving the old man wondering what to do with his upcoming winnings.

The next morning, James sat with his co-conspiritors Tommy and Gordon writing down names to be magically affected.

"He said to write everyone down.", James mused. Tommy frowned, "Why? Just write down the starters! Why let our backups get the glory, think about it James, do you REALLY want Norm to get any better. He'll be after your job of you write him down.".

Gordon agreed, "Just the starters James. As for time period, write duration of the game.".

Norm looked at the water cooler where James always got his drink before game time, it would be SO easy...and with James out of the way he could finally...what!? He slammed his helmet down in disgust...he'd actually been planning to do whatever this powder did to James...his best friend. He tossed it into his locker, he'd return it to the old man later. Now he had a game to watch.

James waited until Norm and all the back-ups, along with the coaches, had gone to the field for pre-game workouts. He gathered all the starters together and said the magic words the old man had given him. Then felt...nothing.

"I don't feel any different!", Tommi Leonard groaned while feeling her full breasts pressing against her cheerleader's uniform.

"Me neither Jamie!", the buxom blonde Geena Hall gasped in disappointment.

Jamie Heller looked in the mirror next to the showers and groaned, "Nope. We're no sexier now than before...oh I hope Norm likes the way I did my hair!", she fretted.

"Not to worry girls!", the old man laughed while walking in with some friends, "WE certainly like the way you look!".

Before the girls could say anything the older men shifted shape into young men, muscular and well-endowed.

Jamie snapped at him, "You liar! You said we be better than the others, we're no sexier than before!".

"I beg to differ Miss Heller, you are quite a bit better this way. The spell made you that way as if it had always been the case to you. Now I require the REST of my payment.", he grinned.

Geena licked her full, red lips, "What kind of...payment did you have planned?", she cooed.

All of the cheerleaders started to take off their clothes, and soon the wizards were engaged in heated sex with 22 buxom young women, all willing and quite capable.

A spell by one of the sorcerers had made the coach remembere his starters all coming down with something the night before. Coach Hullkins looked at the rag-tag group left behind and was going to be a long day.

By halftime the score was 35-21 Colorado State. Norm had played a great first half considering that his line had allowed him to be hit on nearly every play and his running backs hadn't gained a yard all day. He'd thrown for two hundred yards and three TD's in the first half but was battered and bruised. He wished that James and the starters hadn't gotten ill for once. They trudged back to the locker room only to see 22 buxom, gorgeous women come out of the room in cheerleader uniforms, followed by a group of men.

One of the babes, a chesty brunette, plastered herself to Norm and cooed, "Hi Norm! Want to have a celebration after the game?", she giggled.

He smirked at her, "We're losing you know.". "Win, lose...who cares!", she laughed. Then she massaged his crotch through his pants, "It's how you that matters.", she said seductively.

"M...Meet me here after the game!", he said as his penis stiffened. "Anything for you!", she giggled while swaying off towards the stands.

"A tough first half youngster?", the old man from the shop asked from behind him.

"You!? Did you poison the team!?", he growled. "No!No! Dear boy. In fact to show you how helpful I am, wear this..", he produced a small necklace, "And that lovely lady will be yours!", he indicated the busty Jamie who waved as she cheered from the sidelines.

Norm shook the man's hand and put the necklace on, he couldn't wait for this game to end now!

Colorado State sacked Norm ten times in the second half but he still kept his team in the game until early in the third quarter. Despite losing 63-42 he was beseiged by media, having thrown for sin TD's and five hundred yards without any help from his bumbling teammates. Norm was now a hero, and even though it was only the fourth game of the season some started to mention him as a Hesiman candidate. It seemed James Keller hadn't been seen, even after his fellow starters showed up in the locker room after the game to apoligize to their teammates for getting ill and letting them down. Norm would be the starter from now on.

Norm exited the locker room and saw the cheerleader waiting for him, her shapely form drawing the eyes of most of the men that passed by..but she wanted him...him!

"You were wonderful!", she laughed then kissed him. He looked down at this gorgeous woman as they walked towards his apartment, "You know you look awfully familiar to me Jamie, have we met before?".

The old man watched the future lovers walk off with a grin, not only did he get Norm the starting job but also he'd one another thousand. Buying magical items was expensive after all. Oh, and his friends had a spirited afternoon of fun. Finally, he'd brought two people together, "Ain't love grand!", he chortled in hysterical laugheter while walking off the campus.

Football Mania copyright 1996 by Eddie Glover.

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