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Cheryl's Dream

by unknown

Cheryl lay back on her bed, naked and drowsy. She had been pleasured so well and so often since coming to the island. Now she was exhausted and, just a tiny bit uninterested in the prospect of more fingers and tongues and thick, stiff phalluses sliding over her body, slipping along her engorged and liquid cunt, probing and filling and ramming her every orifice.

She drifted into a reverie and the magic room did the rest ... until, all of a sudden, she became aware that her idle musings about what it was that men felt had become shockingly, grotesquely real. She felt, unmistakable between her legs, a solid, living mass of flesh that was part of her yet shouldn't be there! Sweating, she awoke with a start. How ridiculous, to have the nightmare of a sex change. Silly. But the feeling had been so real that it still persisted.

Half opening her eyes, she looked (with justifiable admiration) down her firmly rounded body to the bush of hair rising above her Mound. Naturally all was as usual, her skin glist ening smoothly in the candlelight, her breasts, small and perfectly formed, casting shadows as the flames flickered. Of course, it had just been a rather frightening and realistic dream.

The feeling of strangeness persisted, however, and as her long eyelashes fluttered to rest and her eyes closed it even got stronger. Frightened no longer, Cheryl moved her hands between her legs and imagined again that unaccustomed feeling - it was as if her hands had found something strange to move, and as it moved so it felt to be part of her own body. Strange sensation, she thought, and explored further. It was just as if she had indeed got a cock and a sack of balls down there - but cunt as well, for her fingers somehow found their accustomed place beneath the strangers.

This time as she opened her eyes, Cheryl was unsurprised to glimpse a shady form before the candles danced a different light. Moving her hands, and half closing her eyes again, she found the impressions of hands and eyes and body gradually becoming stronger. She laughed quietly in wonder at the power of the room over her senses, and found that by concentrating hard she could almost get rid of these new feelings but, when she relaxed, it was as if she had grown a fully formed man's body.

Her breasts were flatter and firmly muscled; her body was harder and less rounded, covered with a ticklish down that became noticeably hairy on her chest and arms. As she moved on the bed, her heavy sac flopped sluggishly and her extraordinary new cock fell about, giving the most peculiar sensations much more so than her tits had produced, without their bra, in normal life.

She jumped up to look in a mirror (and gave herself another shock as her suspended genitals bounced off her body) - it was amazing. Shocked, surprised and delighted, Cheryl surveyed her new body, every now and then forcing a peep at her real one, for comparison ... and to remind herself that this was all in some way an illusion.

But it was a very strong and convincing illusion. Her hands felt her body's firmness, her eyes explored the manliness before her, and her body responded to the feel of her hands upon it.

Cheryl was interested to see that her penis was uncircumcised; she admired its flaccid length as it swayed when she moved. It felt good and, as she examined it, she felt a stirring tingle. Gently she felt its length, squashed it, bent it and pulled her foreskin back a little. Like a separate being, it responded. Under its own volition it began to react to her soothing fingers. She saw, and felt, it begin to thicken ... her internal sensations multiplied as it began to stir ... quicker and quicker it grew; no longer could she bend it, it was thick and much less squashy and it gave her strong messages of its own as it grew and grew. Its foreskin had been forced back until it almost revealed its reddened crown. Gingerly, Cheryl pulled the smooth skin back along the stiffened shaft and, after a moment's resistance, the foreskin popped over the ridge of her glans, leaving the head shiny and menacing above it.

Wow! The sensation almost made her faint.

Grasping the stiff monster firmly, she began to slide its skin smoothly up and down the heavily-veined and rigid shaft. Wanking herself thus, she re-experienced the feelings of her vagina along the length of her cock. Desisting for a moment, she applied some spit below the purple ridge which fascinated her. What a thrill! Even stronger, as she lubricated the vee in front - it was like a tongue on her clit: the excitement stiffened even more the hard unyielding member.

As she played and explored with delight her new equipment and its sensations, other notions flitted rapidly through the back of her mind. As if in answer to these thoughts, the curtains parted to reveal another naked form. It was John, her playmate of the afternoon, whose spunk still trickled from her cunt. Neither seemed surprised to see the other, though John's eyes raced up and down her new body, widening with admiration at what they saw. Cheryl knew John's body as intimately as any woman could. But now she grasped the chance to know it as it felt from inside. She and John were going to give each other the mirrored sensations of their own excitement.

John seemed to know just what was happening. As they moved into an embrace, his cock was already hardening. With a practiced hand, Cheryl felt his member. It reacted instantly by stiffening under her fingers, just as her own cock twitched with pleasure as John grasped it. As they felt around each other's bodies, Cheryl was able to relate her own mounting sexuality to the feelings she was giving John. Groping and feeling and stroking and now sucking each other, they realized that the sensations they were giving and receiving were in large measure the same. Cheryl had seen John twitch and writhe with pleasure as she sucked his cock that afternoon; now she felt the anguished ecstasy herself, in her own rampant tool, in her own hard muscles - yet at the same time, her cunt juices flowed as they had before.

They pleasured each other for many minutes - it seemed like hours - teasing and rubbing their erect bodies together, sucking and with the help of some lubricant fucking each other until, with a growing need to plow and keep on plowing, Cheryl realized that she was near her end. With a groan and a scream she came, jetting her thick spunk on and on, her balls drawn up tightly, her purple cock spasmodically jerking, her arsehole clenching and unclenching, as her first orgasm as a man came and, gradually, subsided.

Wowee!! So that's what it feels like! She and John showered in a leisurely way and slowly returned to normal. Stroking his now flopping cock and swinging balls, she reflected on the sensations she had experienced and on what John in his turn would have felt. Great!

After they had dried and relaxed for a bit, John smiled and kissed his hand as he left through the curtains he had come in by. Cheryl smiled languidly on the bed, satisfied that she had given pleasure again to John, in a different way to their fuck of the afternoon. She liked fun with men, liked their hard hairy bodies, heavy on top of her, liked giving sex to them and their demanding tools - even when she had become a temporary man herself.

She had never been sexually attracted by a woman, though she her best friends were all girls. But now, with her new body to try out (and the bit which interested her most was actually beginning to stir again!), she wondered what men felt when they had body fun with girls. In line with the service her magic room had given before, she found that it had anticipated her very thought and that Rose, wearing a white bikini, was already there.

Again, there was no surprise on either side as Cheryl reached out to Rose and slid her hands over her shoulders, down her arms to her hands. Drawing the other girl down onto the bed, Cheryl used her knowledge of a woman's hot spots to erogenise an already willing friend. Quite soon, Cheryl had removed Rose's top, and was pleased to see how quickly she could make her nipples hard and outstanding. Rose, meanwhile, had felt over Cheryl's muscular body, raising it to a state of keen excitement .. along with her rapidly straightening cock, which Rose was soon bringing to a state of firm erection. Cheryl had parted Roses legs, and was gently exploring the growing dampness in the hair between them. It was time to undo the clasps which held her bikini in place, pull it quickly off and bring her hand to bear in the pleasure mound around Rose's cunt. Once more that evening, Cheryl was bringing her new masculinity to arouse her partner to grunting, heaving, sex. They felt and fingered, tongued and sucked each other. Cheryl knew well what would, and did, send Rose rocketing to peak after peak of sexual pleasure. She was also finding out what it was that a man feels when getting sex from a hot and experienced woman. The tumult of noise from bed and bodies reached a climax as Cheryl shot her load into Rose's liquid cunt, spurting and spurting, giving her thrill after thrill as it came. Rose had clearly enjoyed it as much as Cheryl, and carried on as Cheryl let her down in the way she always hoped her own man would when they fucked. It was glorious for both of them. They slowly unwound and kissed lightly as Rose, with a smile dressed again and quietly left Cheryl to her dreams. ... Dreams? Or had something magic happened that night on Pleasure Island? Cheryl was never sure just what had occurred or why or how - but she was never ever again able to look at a sexy man or woman without a very special, knowing smile coming to her, and a very pleasant feeling intermixing itself with what she sensed in her demure virginal knickers.

Cheryl's Dream copyright 1996 by unknown.

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