The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex


by Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh

"I tell you, Arnie, something's going on in there." Jeremy spoke as he and his friend looked upon the university's Institute for Human Sexual Studies. "I know Jerry went in there, and never came out."

"Maybe he just quit school and went home to Nebraska, like they said," Arnie suggested. "What could possibly be in there that would cause someone to disappear?"

"I don't know. Some kind of foul play's going on... maybe one of the professors is a serial killer, or something like that. I gotta get in there. I'm getting to the bottom of this."

"Why don't you call the police if you really think something's going on in there. It could be dangerous."

Jeremy got out of the car and faced the huge, gothic redstone building. "I can't afford to arouse suspicion. If I'm not out of there in thirty minutes, come in for me." He walked away from Arnie, who watched fearfully as his friend disappeared into the old structure.

It was the dinner hour and the halls were empty. Jeremy had just begun to snoop around when a beautiful woman in a lab coat approached him. "Looking for someone?" she asked.

"Uh... yeah. A friend of mine."

"What's his name?"


The woman led him down a narrow side corridor. "There are a few students studying in my basement library," she offered. "Maybe he's in there. Follow me." She walked along the passageway, Jeremy right behind. Soon, the woman pressed a button on the wall and an elevator door opened for them.

"I didn't know there was a basement library," Jeremy commented.

"Oh, yes..." the woman assured him.

They descended through what could have been a dozen levels. When the car finally stopped, the door open to reveal a view of polished stainless steel and colored lights.

It was a room that Jeremy did not know even existed. Deep underground, the bright student followed the beautiful scientist, Dr. Barbara Curri, into a test chamber. Housed here was her own pet project, one of several that were pushing back the limits of known science, and its very existence was totally unknown to the university staff. Only those who were to experience her research themselves ever learned of her work, and she kept her secret well.

Jeremy was not the first student she had led there. Over the past three years, twenty young men -- including Jerry -- had willingly followed her right into her surreal, feminine trap. And like the others, Jeremy was about to learn firsthand of the secret, incredible work of Barbara Curri.

"I can't stay too long," Jeremy stated. "I need to find Jerry and then get back upstairs. Another friend of mine is waiting for me... we've got tickets to the ball game."

"What's his name?" Barbara asked.

"Arnie Parker. I think he used to be in your physics class... last year."

He walked up to the machine. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, with silver metal spheres and chrome piping. More than anything else, it looked like the kind of device one might see in an old science fiction movie. It was huge, taking up most of the cavernous chamber with its conduits and circuitry boxes.

"Amazing," he commented. You built this yourself?"

"Not exactly," Barbara answered. "Let's just say... I acquired it."

"What's it do?" Jeremy ran his hands along the cold steel surface of a protruding machinery arm.

"It's an orgasm machine," the voluptuous woman answered.

"You're kidding..."

"No... really. Look..." She walked over to a section of the elaborate device and pointed toward a flat metal plate on the floor. "See this? You stand there and put your hands on these..." The woman in the tight, white suitdress indicated two chrome spheres about three feet apart, each of which was about the size of a soccer ball. "That closes a circuit that ties into your nervous system... and the machine induces the most intense orgasm you've ever felt."

"Have you tried it?" Jeremy asked, his curiosity about the device growing. "I mean... exactly how does it..."

"Oh, yes..." she admitted, smiling. "It was... incredible."

"How do I... I mean, if I wanted to..."

"With its sensitive magnetic fields, it only works if you're naked... you're welcome to give it a whirl, if you don't mind stripping in front of me."

"I never thought, when I enrolled in this school, that I'd have to..."

"If you want to try it, I'd appreciate it, to be frank. It would help me with my research to have a willing subject. It's up to you..."

Jeremy thought about it. He was too intrigued to walk away, and he just had to find out what the machine could do for him. "Okay..." he began. "I'll give it a try."

As Barbara took position at a control pedestal in the next room, Jeremy quickly removed his clothes and stood next to the platform in his underwear. "Ready," he said.

"Naked means naked, Jeremy," Barbara spoke into a microphone, watching him through a heavy glass window that separated the two rooms. "The underwear has to go, too." After a moment's hesitation, Jeremy pulled off his briefs and tossed them to one side. He stood before Barbara totally unclothed.

"Okay..." he said, trying to conceal his erection.

The woman's eyes were drawn down to the boy's engorged organ. "Oh, my... you're a healthy boy, aren't you? I'm flattered, honey," she commented. "Maybe after we're done. There is a bed in one of the other rooms, and you look as if you could satisfy a lady. But, business before pleasure. Stand on the plate, feet wide apart," she directed.

Jeremy grew harder at the thought of actually having sex with his gorgeous instructor, and his mind was already in bed with her as he took position on the machine. Barbara touched a series of glowplates that ignited with purple light as her fingertips lightly pressed against them. A whine filled the room, a sound that sang of great power contained.

Jeremy felt a vibration beneath his feet. The plate upon which he stood became pleasantly warm.

"Press your palms against the tops of the spheres," Barbara instructed him. "Relax... and enjoy. You can stop at any time, simply by removing your hands from the spheres."

Jeremy nodded his understanding. Barbara touched a large glowing plate and manipulated it gently. Jeremy felt a warm sensation begin to swell in his lower abdomen. It was quite pleasant and quickly grew. The feeling was wonderful, and it intensified with each passing second.

Barbara could see by Jeremy's expression that he was already deep into the pleasures of the machine. Without superhuman willpower, he would be unable to let go of the spheres until his experience was over. She spoke.

"Do you feel it? An electric sensation that rides your nervous system and draws out every ounce of pleasure you can stand...?" she asked, smiling. Jeremy could only smile, eyes closed, and manage a slight nod. "There is one aspect of the machine I haven't told you about yet, though..." She watched him. His eyes remained closed.

"This machine was developed by a great technology far beyond ours," Barbara began. "I'm afraid that I didn't tell you the whole truth about its capabilities. The pleasure you're feeling will build rapidly into an intense orgasm, it's true... but the orgasm is merely a side benefit of the machine's real purpose." Jeremy opened his eyes and looked at her, the pleasure still ruling his face.

Barbara touched another glowplate. Jeremy felt an inner wave of intensity fill him anew, one that climbed into his arms and legs. It felt incredible. Oddly, his erection immediately diminished into the soft, flaccid penis he had walked in with.

Barbara continued. "The machine produces an alteration in the subject's genetic matrix," she stated. "You're about to undergo some wondrous changes. Your sexual appetite is about to increase a hundred-fold. You'll be a better lover than you could ever have imagined. Sex, for you, will never be the same again... from now on, it will be unlike anything you've ever felt."

Jeremy barely heard her words above the pleasure that filled him. Barbara watched as his breathing rhythm matched the pulsing hum of the machine. He had been fully drawn into its powerful grip.

"You see, Jeremy," she began, "This is a gender modification unit. Those who built this wonderful machine use such a device for the total expression of their sexual selves. They live half their lives as one gender, then change their sex and live the rest of their existences in an exciting new body... they experience life and enjoy intercourse from both perspectives, both male and female. Think of it... you'll know every facet of human sexual existence. In just moments... you'll be a beautiful woman."

Jeremy managed to look over at the scientist, his eyes questioning and confused. But the glorious feeling that electrified him was too intense, too incredible for him to let go -- for any reason. His eyes closed once more, and his head hung back slightly in ecstasy.

"You're so lucky," Barbara continued. "Already, it's beginning. Look down at yourself."

Jeremy managed to gather his wits enough to open his eyes and glance down at his body. To his surprise his dark growth of body hair and his hard lines were gone, and as the pleasure he felt rapidly grew his body changed with equal intensity. In seconds, his muscular form reshaped itself into a more gentle figure as his hips became broad and his waist and shoulders narrowed. His rib cage became smaller. He became soft and -- rounded. In stunned amazement, his eyes widened.

"You can stop at any time... what you've undergone to this point are just general changes," Barbara stated matter-of-factly. "While you do look softer, as you are now you could still be considered a male. You'd be an effeminate one, though -- I imagine that most people would take you for gay." The woman watched Jeremy, observing his body as it steadily dropped away from masculinity. "Just remove your hands from the spheres, and your body will stop changing before your genitals and secondary sex characteristics have transformed. Keep in mind that any change that does take place is permanent. The longer you hold on, the more your body becomes like mine... for good."

Jeremy stared at his changing shape. His intellect, fighting to get through the waves of intense pleasure that owned him, strained to pull his hands from the spheres, but his flesh would not respond. His own carnal desires ruled him -- and they wanted to feel more.

"You'd better let go," Barbara teased. "Much more of this, honey, and you'll be needing a bra." She looked upon his still-softening body. "But don't worry... I have one here for you. I just hope its cups will be big enough..."

He watched as his hands and feet became small and delicate. His legs became long, smooth, and exquisitely shapely. Pull away now! his intellect screamed in desperation. Any more and it will be too late --

"You only have a few seconds left to stop," Barbara warned, smiling. "You're almost to the point of no return... another second or two, and you'll never pass for a man again." She knew he could not stop. No one could have. It felt too good --

Jeremy felt a tickle on his shoulder blades and against the backs of his upper arms. Turning his head slightly to the left, he saw that his short, brown hair had become a generous, honey blonde mane of shiny, flowing curls wider than his soft, narrowing shoulders. No longer confined to the cropped macho cut he had always worn, his hair had grown so long and full he could feel its ends against his bare bottom.

And even his bottom had changed, for his once-hard, muscular buttocks had become not only smooth, full and supple but larger as well, giving them an unmistakably round, feminine appearance. For better or for worse, Jeremy would thereafter have to live with a girl's ass, along with a girl's wide, rounded hips, a girl's shapely thighs, a girl's narrow shoulders and a girl's tiny waistline.

His entire form had taken on the soft body tone of a female, just as if he had lived his post-puberty life under the influence of estrogen and had never known maleness. All of his previous sex characteristics were gone. His penis had become incredibly tiny. Over his entire body, his formerly-tanned skin had lightened to a complexion of china-doll ivory that was flawless and without blemish.

Except for his still-flat chest and lack of a vagina, he was, for all practical purposes, a girl.

"You may as well hang on, now," Barbara stated. "In fact, I'd recommend it. You're too far gone. I doubt that a life lived in an incomplete body would be very rewarding... you'd be little more than a girl without a vagina. Don't move, and in seconds it'll be over. You'll be a woman -- but you'll be complete."

Jeremy could not think clearly, as if a strange madness had destroyed his judgment. Female thought patterns had already invaded his mind, claiming his id and ego for their own. So I'll be a girl, his affected mind considered. That's worth this incredible feeling, after all, girls are people. How different can it be? It might be nice to live that way. I don't care what sex I am, so long as this feeling doesn't stop...

Through the haze of intense pleasure that filled him, a small voice struggled to make itself heard. How could this be happening? his vanishing intellect cried out silently -- it's too late, too late...

Barbara watched with wide, mesmerized eyes as the boy's body transformed before her. Though she had seen the process happen twenty times before, the incredible sight still held her transfixed.

The orgasmic fire suddenly built by leaps and bounds. Jeremy looked down in time to see a defining change take place, one that would forever change the way the world treated him. With a dramatic suddenness, his body crossed the impassable, intangible boundary between male and female.

He watched in silent horror. With each passing second, his breasts became larger and larger, as did his nipples and areolas. His cleavage grew deeper and ever more voluptuous as the steadily increasing weight of his mammaries pulled harder and more fully against his chest.

Let go! his male ego screamed silently. Let go of the damned machine! He could not. It felt too wondrous...

Guided by a mysterious signal from the silver-chromed apparatus, Jeremy's flat, male breasts awoke from their vestigial, slumbering existence. No longer dormant, his mammaries gladly responded to the machine as they seized an opportunity so unfairly refused them during Jeremy's male puberty a few years before.

As Barbara watched, her heart pounding with excitement, the boy's long-denied bustline joyfully overflowed the meager boundaries of its previous, repressive limitations. Consummating the full functionality dictated by their buried genetic potential, his breasts reached a size that was thoroughly female and generous, without being "too much of a good thing."

His round areolas became wide and dark. His nipples grew hard.

Jeremy acquired, in less than ten seconds, a bustline that would have taken years to bloom in a normal girl. Like prisoners finally freed from harsh captivity, his breasts had taken full advantage of their opportunity for freedom.

Jeremy stared in stunned fascination at his chest as it finally stopped growing and happily settled into its new, fulfilled, female condition. Despite the fact that they more closely resembled flotation devices, Jeremy knew that his new breasts were anchors that would tie him forever to the womanhood that was claiming him.

"Please..." he managed to plead in a tiny, barely audible voice.

"Oh, my, honey," Barbara said breathlessly and with great admiration. Even she was a bit surprised at his healthy bustline. "You'll be needing that bra, won't you? Who could have guessed that your DNA was hiding the pattern for such a lovely lady? And to think, this is the girl you would have been. See there? Your male body was such a waste, next to this one. Aren't you glad? We might never have known."

Something alien and new within Jeremy's mind liked the fact that he would henceforth live each day with such beautiful breasts, breasts full and ready for their new role... and Jeremy fought the urge to enjoy any part of his new form. No, damn it! I'm a man! I have a girlfriend -- we're going to be married someday! There's a way to reverse this -- there has to be!

His male ego, slipping slowly away, did not go down without a fight. But slowly, unstoppably, it did go down.

Jeremy could only stare at his soft, supple addition. The prominent mounds of feminine flesh gracing his figure were youthfully firm and protruded roundly from his chest without lying against it. They jutted proudly outward, and everywhere he went, from that day forward, they would declare his newly-acquired gender with their undeniable presence.

Not even Barbara knew all the secrets the machine held. She had no idea that this body shape, looks and health would remain even into extreme old age. These wonderful breasts would never sag or stretch, and the nipples would always look virginal; the body would never retain weight, even through the rigors of childbearing, birth, and nursing, and would never need exercise to remain strong and supple. The face would never show "crow's feet." Jeremy would never look older than his early twenties, no matter how long he lived. Almost all human diseases had been banished from his life, from colds to cancer. Major accidents and wounds would heal without a scar or blemish. His even, white teeth would never decay and were almost unbreakable. He would live a long, healthy, beautiful lifetime, and could die only by an accident which killed him instantly, or in his sleep in old age. These changes were programmed into dominant genes, and would be there for any children he bore, as well.

The physical pleasure within Jeremy began to diminish, indicating to him that his fantastic transformation was ending. A small monitor screen to one side lit up, declaring in glowing green letters:


A light from above struck Jeremy. He felt a tingle course throughout his body as an electronic whine filled his ears. After a minute, the light and droning hum stopped and new, incredible words appeared:



That's -- that's six inches shorter and almost sixty pounds lighter than I was before --

"Very good, honey," Barbara said over the microphone. "You've got a great figure."



No kidding -- !


His mind still clouded, Jeremy tried to remember his biology basics. Genetically, XY meant male, and XX meant --

"It's a girl!" Barbara shouted triumphantly.



Female hormones? Estrogen? That means --



Barbara enjoyed the words. "You've got a woman's mind now, Jeremy. You'll feel a woman's emotions, and know a woman's needs. Quickly... picture yourself in bed having sex. Who are you with?"

An image flashed into Jeremy's mind. He was atop a sex partner, passionately making love with --

-- a man.

It's true, he realized, astonished. I've got a woman's mind! Is that why something inside me likes having these --


Milk? I can make milk -- ?


These breasts -- can nurse a baby -- !


"I'll teach you how to handle having your period," Barbara said. "You'll get used to it in no time."That had not occurred to him before. As a woman, he would naturally live a woman's sexual reproductive role. Jeremy felt anger at the thought of the monthly trial. Damn it -- NO! I can't have a monthly period! That would mean that down inside me are --



He stared at the impossible words. Jeremy blinked twice, fixed upon the word 'ovulation.' I can get pregnant! Pregnant --




If it thinks I'm going to let a man fuck me -- !


I -- I wonder what that feels like -- ?

"Honey," Barbara said, smiling, "sex has just become more wonderful for you than any man could possibly imagine. Believe me... you're going to want to spend the rest of your life on your back with your legs spread wide."

Jeremy's mind raced, confused by the flood of new feelings. After a few seconds, the verdict he already knew would come filled the screen:




Jeremy shut his eyes, struggling to absorb what he had read on the screen. His legs weakened, forcing him to support himself by leaning more heavily upon the warm, chrome spheres. Overwhelmed, he kept his eyes tightly closed as tears of emotional confusion welled up within them. Momentarily, a new message appeared, one Jeremy did not see:


Barbara touched a sequence of glowplates. Jeremy felt an odd sensation in his head, one that lasted mere seconds. His eyes remained closed as he strove to comprehend what had happened to him. Another question appeared on the screen:



"Oh, yes," Barbara whispered to herself, nodding. The beautiful scientist in the control booth smiled as she punched in her answer.



With that, Barbara gave the machine its final command, and with great satisfaction she sat back to watch Jeremy take his last step into total womanhood.

"My dear," she began, "you're going to be a very horny young lady."

Jeremy had never removed his hands from the spheres. The pleasure again built inside him, faster than before. The boy's breathing grew sharper and deeper as the orgasmic swell within him fully ignited. Beyond his bust, down at knee level, a panel opened and Jeremy could see some kind of mechanical arm extending toward his crotch. Watching through the aperture of his sweat-glossed cleavage, he stared in confused disbelief as an odd yet recognizable appendage sprang from the tip of the arm and moved toward him.

It was an artificial phallus, hard and determined. And large. And it was moving insistently closer and upward, toward the sexual flesh between his legs. He could see the sheen of a lubricating gel upon its artificially-veined length. His diminished male reason wanted to make his hands let go and pull away, but the pleasure was simply too wondrous and the impulse to bail out was nullified by an overriding desire to experience female sex. He was addicted to the lustful desire, as if to a drug.

"Just relax, honey," Barbara said. "You're about to experience one of the glories of being a young lady."

Jeremy knew his body had become soft and rounded. He knew he no longer resembled anything that could, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered male. For reasons he did not understand, the thought that he was about to be penetrated as a woman had become intoxicating, even erotic. He would not let go -- fully committed, he had to feel the peak of the female orgasmic fire that had been building so luxuriously within him.

Jeremy felt an odd sensation between his thighs, one that invaded his ecstasy and made itself known. It was something he had never felt before, but he found himself instinctively spreading his thighs apart in order to accommodate the intrusion into his soft, new flesh. Jeremy's mind instantly found a sexual fantasy that served to personalize and intensify the experience, and its forbidden mental imagery began to place him somewhere he suddenly longed to be.

The machine phallus penetrated him. The irresistible energy of the machine had given him that exclusively female orifice that would for the rest of his life define his very being, and Jeremy ached to feel it totally filled by its male counterpart. The warm, rubber-covered metal phallus pushed deep into Jeremy's vagina until its entire ten inches disappeared from sight. It stimulated his new clitoris with a precisely-attuned stimulatory force, one dedicated to the ignition of the female orgasm. With mechanical precision, the phallus pumped over and over like a piston into the hot, wet female flesh around it, mimicking the sexual motion of a male lover.

Artificial testicles slapped into the delicate flesh just beneath Jeremy's pussy, and he began to push back in rhythm, meeting each thrust with a matching pivot of his curvaceous female hips. Involuntary moans of erotic lust escaped his full lips, filling the chamber with the sounds of impassioned lovemaking.

"That's right, sweetheart," Barbara said. "It feels so right... so natural, doesn't it? It's coming naturally to you now... this is sex, not that sorry excuse for fucking you knew before. Yes... that's it... pump it with your hot pussy... feel the cock inside you..."

A dew of sweat had covered Jeremy's smooth skin, giving his body an erotic sheen. He closed his eyes, and was transported to another place, another time, in another body. A fantasy filled him.

A woman's fantasy.

His orgasm swelled. The metal cock pumped faster. Jeremy's intellect found itself along merely for the ride as his body took total control, overriding what little was left of his male ego.

"Hurry... before someone comes in..." Jeremy spoke breathlessly, to a lover unseen by Barbara. "It's so exciting... doing it here where someone could see us..." In his mind, he was a woman being fucked from behind by the garage mechanic who had tuned-up Jeremy's car the day before. "Ohhhh... yes..." He saw himself leaning over the hot engine, beneath the raised hood of a car, his body impaled upon the hard, rhythmically-pumping penis of the mechanic. He had become one of the girls in the garage's wall calendar, all oiled and voluptuous and ready...

His body ruled him. And his body was, quite intensely, female.

Pressing his hips hard into each thrust of the phallus, Jeremy cried out like a woman in heat. His silenced mind was shocked at the sound of the words that exploded from his lips. "Ohhhhh... yes! Yes! That's it... ohhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Harder... ! Fuck me harder! Ohhhhhhh... !"

Jeremy writhed upon the pumping cock, rolling his hips frantically in order to take the phallus into his pussy as deeply as possible. His curvaceous, sweat-slicked body glistened in the lights of the chamber. The cock kept throwing a minuscule, precisely-attuned electric current into both Jeremy's clitoris and his internal G-spot, stimulating his sexual nerves to their maximum tolerance level.

Barbara, watching intently from the control room, felt herself growing aroused and wet. The other boys she had transformed into young women had all immediately loved their voluptuous female bodies, but none had so passionately embraced his new sexuality. Jeremy had yielded utterly and had lost himself in his womanhood, craving the primal sensation of having a cock inside him. He had become a woman with an intense need for sex.

"That's my girl," Barbara smiled, watching the young woman ride the stiff penis as hard as she could. "I think you're going to be the prize of the lot."

"Fuck me the way you fuck your wife!" Jeremy's sultry voice cried out with the desperation of total lust. In his mind, the man's wife was in the garage's office, just beyond a closed door. She could walk out at any second and catch the lovers in mid- fuck...

"Pump my pussy... make me come the way she does! Make me..."

Jeremy cried out a woman's scream of passion as he climaxed.

The nineteen-year-old boy felt his first female orgasm. Its intensity overtook him. His teeth clenched hard as a burning glory within him ignited his every nerve in a manner unlike anything he had ever imagined. His brain knew only his clitoris, for all his other senses had been overridden and had shut down. He came, flooding the mechanical arm with steaming lubricating fluids that his body had never produced before. The vaginal juices ran down his thighs and streamed along the machine's invading appendage. They dripped onto the metal plate beneath him. A scent of warm strawberries filled the room.

The intensity of the orgasm subsided, and the robot phallus finally stopped, pulled out and disappeared into the complex machinery of the device. Jeremy became aware of his surroundings once again. His wobbly legs strained to hold his weight, their muscles worn out from the extreme, electric sex that had ruled him. He continued to breathe hard. The humming of the machine stopped as the device shut down.

The orgasm was glorious. His male ego all but gone, his mind embraced the thought of more sex in this wondrous, new body. He wanted more. He wanted to feel it again and again -- and he would, as the woman he had become.

Jeremy found himself finally able to pull his shaking hands away from the spheres. Barbara walked from the control area into the chamber. She smiled victoriously at the woman she had made.

"My, honey, that was quite a show," she said, indicating the dripping wetness between Jeremy's legs. "I'd ask if you enjoyed it, but that you did was quite obvious. You were fantasizing that someone in particular was fucking you... who?"

Jeremy nodded.

"Who was he?" Barbara asked, curious, knowing that Jeremy's fantasy lover had been a man.

"A mechanic..." Jeremy found himself confessing. "And he was fucking me in his garage... I was wearing a tight red dress, without panties, and I was leaning over my car with my legs spread as wide as I could spread them, with my skirt pulled up over my back, and he was behind me..."

"My, my. He must have been quite a hunk."

"I'm so confused... I... I don't know why I said all those things during it... I got carried away..."

"A girl in love'll say all kinds of things."

Jeremy looked down at his jiggling bustline. His upper arm pushed his supple right breast aside as he slowly reached down and put a hand to his crotch. His fingers found an alien wetness between his legs, one which soaked a delicate, foreign configuration of soft folds and sparse pubic hair. His fingers slipped into an opening, one still stretched slightly open by the size of the intruder it had just known.

He knew his new flesh all too well. He had felt it before. On his girlfriend.

Jeremy stumbled back away from the machine. His mind suddenly cleared and reason returned as if a drunkenness had worn off. The impact of what had happened to him began to soak in. "I'm... I really am... a girl..." he managed to utter, his words ringing strangely in his ears. Barbara enjoyed his soft, feminine voice.

"Totally, sweetheart," Barbara confirmed. "Down to every last cell of your soft, sexy, one hundred sixteen pound, five foot, seven inch body."

"For how long?!"

"Weren't you listening, honey? This is permanent... like me, you're a total woman, now... you were just born one." Barbara was lying, of course, since the machine had been designed to transform both sexes, but she was waiting for the programmed motivational changes to take hold.

"I... I couldn't let go..." Jeremy shakily said, caressing his breast. "It felt too good... I just couldn't..."

"I know," Barbara replied, waiting for the final phase of his transformation to complete itself. "It's all right. You're... just perfect."

He cradled his breasts, amazed at the way his supple flesh overfilled his soft, dainty hands. He found himself loving the indescribable softness of his skin, and he could not get enough of the feeling of having mammaries with his own hands against them. Supporting their weight in his palms was exciting. He found himself longing to feel the lips of a suckling infant against his nipples.

He staggered back from the floorplate on unsteady legs. The sheen of sweat on his velvet skin caught the light of the lab, creating a seductive gloss that emphasized every last curve of his voluptuous, newly rounded form. Barbara gestured toward the wall. "The change did you good. It's a definite improvement. Take a look... I think you'll like what you see."

Jeremy looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a mirror. He moved fearfully toward it, knowing for the first time the sensation of having bouncing breasts pulling against his chest with each step. His center of gravity was different, and he momentarily felt awkward as he cautiously walked across the cool, linoleum floor. He reached the mirror and stared dream-like at his reflection.

The image of a gorgeous woman greeted his disbelieving eyes. From her incredibly long, cascading blonde curls to her warmly perfect breasts and fluid curves, she was more beautiful than any woman Jeremy had ever seen. Every proportion of her figure was in harmony with every other portion. It was a perfection of form even a top model would envy. Her soft skin, over her entire body, was of a flawless purity he had never seen before.

The woman's face radiated a lovely, gentle light that could never have come from the male face Jeremy had owned only moments before. Her crystal eyes sparkled with deep, feminine sensuality, and were caressed above and below by long, dark lashes. Her full, supple lips, smooth and moist, cried out to be kissed by a powerful man. Jeremy put a hand to his face, just to insure that the goddess in the mirror indeed did the same. The perfect, velvet skin his fingertips found there was wondrous.

He had become not merely a woman, but pure femininity personified.

- The woman in the mirror seemed familiar to Jeremy, somehow. He gazed upon her exquisite beauty -- his exquisite beauty -- and remembered. Looking deep into the eyes of his reflected image, he found a hint of his lovely sister there.

There was indeed a resemblance, despite the fact that his curves had become more dramatically womanly than hers -- it was as if he had become his sister carried to the nth feminine power. He remembered his sister's puberty, remembered the trying teenage years she had spent in a training bra as she learned to cope with her period. She had been forced to undergo far more dramatic changes than he had, for her entire body shape had changed while he had only gotten a little lumpier and more hairy.

Jeremy remembered how he had tormented her as she grew into womanhood, how he had teased her about her budding breasts. Looking back, he felt bad for having made fun of her, for he had finally come to understand just what his sister had gone through -- and had learned just how wonderful having a woman's body was.

It seemed like the poor girl had spent forever developing her adult shape, Jeremy realized, and here I outdo her in ten seconds. How do I break it to her that the brother who had relentlessly teased her as her breasts grew now has his own healthy pair? Almost hypnotically, Jeremy found that he could not keep his hands off of his new breasts. Without thinking, as he continued to stare into the mirror, his hands explored the softness his bosom had become.

It occurred to Jeremy that, as with his sister, having a woman's body meant he would have to quickly learn all there was to know about feminine hygiene. No longer could he ignore the tampon and pantyhose aisle at the supermarket --

"I can... I can get pregnant," he said into the mirror, trying to imagine how his new body would look with the distended abdomen and even larger breasts of impending motherhood.

"If you want to, honey," Barbara agreed. "Do you really want a baby now... so soon?"

Well, I can certainly nurse a baby, he thought --

His mind flashed to every woman he had ever known. Finally, he understood how those ladies had felt, understood how special it was to be a woman, understood how unfulfilling and barren being a male really was. I'm like them, now, he thought in stunned disbelief. I've joined them. I'm really one of them --

I'm female. A woman, like my mother.

And it's... wonderful. Jeremy felt a strong, new bond with his mother. I'm your daughter now, Mama, your little girl --

His new body felt so different and alien to him that it almost seemed he was no longer human, for every concept of being human that he carried within him was of life in a male context -- and this was unlike that. Very unlike that. Different -- and better.

For the moment, the woman he had become struggled to make some logical sense of what had befallen him. He felt a need for some explanation from Barbara, who stood looking him over with great approval.

"Why did you do this to me... ?" Jeremy demanded.

Barbara stood close beside him and lightly caressed one of his breasts with her cool palm. "In order to give you this gift... this life. This body will give you ultimate fulfillment... emotionally, socially, sexually. You're now a work of art... a thing of beauty... to be cherished and put on a pedestal..."

Jeremy found himself beginning to cry as his female emotions kicked in fully. He pulled Barbara's hand away. "I can't be a girl... I have a life... I have a girlfriend! At least I did, but how can I keep her when now I've got a pussy, too? And I have bigger tits than she does! I don't want to lose her... but I doubt she'd become a lesbian just to stay with me! I didn't want this..." He cupped his breasts, pressing them inward against his chest. "How can I tell her? How can I tell my parents... ? You have to change me back!"

"I told you, sweetheart. This is forever."

Jeremy's tears trickled down his cheeks as he looked into the mirror, considering her words. He could feel his emotions changing and churning within him, even as he wept. "What's happening...? I feel something strange."

"Well, honey, understand," Barbara said. "You've become a woman, with a woman's body and a woman's mind. You can hardly expect to live in a home like that without feeling and thinking the way a girl with your looks would. Let's face it... you're certainly a much better endowed woman than I am. For a girl like you, your body is your best asset. You'll learn to use it. You'll learn to let others use it."

"I didn't ask for this body," Jeremy complained.

"You would have, had you known what life as the woman you now are would be. It's so delicious to live in a body like that! Not only does it feel luscious to be so soft and to wear the caressing fabrics you'll get to wear, but the whole world bends over backward for a beautiful woman! Think about it... remember your old body. All hard, and rough, and angular, and hairy... compare it to the new you. How does this body feel?"

Jeremy gazed at his reflection, still caressing the supple fullness of his breasts. "I feel... beautiful... I feel... what a beautiful woman feels..."

"Do you like it?"

The last vestige of the male he had been fought its way to the surface and expended itself in a single word. "No," he slowly answered, very unconvincingly.

"The truth. Do you like it... ?"

Jeremy knew his true feelings, but he did not understand why he had them. He gazed at his reflection and spoke in a tiny, girlish voice. "Yes... I like it..." Stifling a giggle, he smiled and bit his lower lip as a thrill swept his body. He suddenly felt wonderful, as if his every care had vanished.

Jeremy began to primp in the mirror. Barbara could see that he had become utterly wrapped up in his female flesh. Fully reprogrammed, his emotions and drives had changed forever. He would seek out male companionship, company and approval. He would enjoy the deference and courtship of men and accept the homage they gave his body as a naturalright. His aggressive male instincts were gone, replaced by the female desires to nurture life and please men. Ambition and domination in his mind had been replaced by love and submission.


Seeing that his self-image had become so wholly female, Barbara tested his ego. "If you had your choice right now, which would you take... boobs or brains?" Jeremy jiggled his breasts once again, loving their size and weight. He was filled with girlish delight. He looked at Barbara as if hers had been a stupid question.

"Boobs, silly... I'd keep my boobs," he answered playfully. He gently cradled his cherished breasts, uttering a quiet sound of self-enjoyment as he lifted them slightly upward. "Men want to play with these... I can't wait to see how they bounce in bed..."

"In bed?"

"You know..." Jeremy coyly said, smiling with girlish embarrassment. He gently squeezed his breasts. "In bed." The girl giggled. Jeremy made feminine sounds of joy as he continued to explore his new flesh with his fingertips.

"This is so nice," Jeremy said in his baby girl voice, stroking his velvety sides while holding his generous chest proudly outward. "I feel so alive... and happy."

Jeremy jiggled his breasts again and watched them bounce in the mirror. Glancing down at his reflection's lower abdomen, he caught sight of his smooth new crotch and a renewed wave of excitement filled him. Jeremy then hugged himself, pressing his breasts tightly together between his upper arms. He loved the warmth of his cleavage.

"Oh, I want to feel a man holding me," Jeremy said, still hugging himself. "I want to just melt into his arms and never leave... and feel him on top of me -- and feel him..."

... inside me, he thought. Jeremy's mind was flooded with an image of himself in bed with a lover. So many times, he had lain atop women, pushing his cock into each girl's wet, ready tunnel with a rhythmic motion of his hips as she laid still and stroked his back --

But he no longer envisioned himself on top. Instead, Jeremy's imagination placed him into the body he now possessed.

He closed his eyes. In his mind he could almost feel warm sheets beneath his back as he laid there, legs spread wide, helplessly pinned by the weight of a man atop him. In his mind, he became all the women he had made love to, and as thrust after thrust bounced Jeremy hard into the mattress and toward the headboard he could feel his breasts jiggling against his chest. In his mind, he gloried in feeling the enormity of the man's hard cock as it pushed deeply into him, and as Jeremy clawed at his imaginary lover's back with his long, polished nails he saw himself wrapping his long, smooth legs around the man's thighs, holding him inside him, enraptured by the fact that he was a woman being sexually conquered by a man --

The new identity claimed Jeremy totally. Sheena moaned and smiled. Her vagina once more grew wet and aroused. "I want... I want to be with a man..." She sucked on her finger, staring into the mirror, remembering the feel of the machine phallus. She found himself picturing herself secretly being made love to by --

-- his sister's husband. For a moment, she imagined herself beneath her sister's husband, in her sister's bed, feeling the deep pumping of her brother-in-law's hard cock. Her memory held images of the man. The image was erotic and exciting, and she grew wet as she continued to picture the adulterous sex act. Bruce had already been unfaithful to his wife once, Sheena seemed to remember.

I bet I can get him into bed, the horny new woman thought. And I will -- he'll beg to fuck me --

"Men will embrace you day and night, Sheena," Barbara said. "You'll be more woman than they've ever known before." It was obvious that Jeremy's sex drive had become fully female. He was almost ready.

The door opened. A figure stepped cautiously out into the room. It was Arnie.

"I'm... I'm looking for someone..." he said, surprised at the sight of the gorgeous naked girl before him. The erection growing in his trousers was quite obvious.

"Come in," Barbara invited. "You can help us with our little experiment."

"Experiment?" Arnie asked, unable to take his eyes from the voluptuous female that had, only an hour before, been his best male friend.

"Yes..." Barbara continued. "Just follow Sheena, and do what she tells you." Barbara gestured toward a door.

Sheena led Arnie into the bed chamber. In seconds, she had stripped him of his clothes. On her knees, she sucked his cock until it felt as hard as iron.

Moments later, Barbara entered to find Sheena lying on her back in the bed, Arnie on top of her, with her arms and legs wrapped around him as if she were trying to pull all of his body into hers. He was fucking her for all he was worth.

"After you're done," Barbara sexily stated, "I need you both out here." She shut the door. Even through its metal core, she could hear the slapping of Arnie's crotch into Sheena's as the passion of their moans filled the room.

It was the last time Arnie would have sex as a man.

Fifteen minutes later, the two lovers emerged from the room, holding hands and smiling at each other. Barbara was at the console. She smiled when she saw their still-naked forms.

Sheena looked over at Barbara and said proudly, "It felt sooo good when he came in me that I came, too! I squeezed him with my pussy while I came!" Arnie blushed.

Barbara smiled at another sign that the girl's orgasmic programming was complete. "Lovely. Sheena, dear, show him to our experiment, will you?"

Sheena wanted to share the marvelous way she felt with her friend. She led Arnie by the hand and positioned him upon the metal floorplate. "Put your hands on these, and stand with your feet wide apart," she said, softly kissing Arnie as she indicated the spheres. He did as she asked.

Barbara activated the device. The two ladies watched in girlish glee as Arnie's figure became soft and demure, his breasts large and rounded. His hair doubled, then tripled in fullness and length. The mechanical phallus pumped the boy's virgin pussy, and when he came, he poured.

In moments, another young woman stepped from the floorplate. They named her Melissa.

Barbara walked over to the vulnerable, naked teenagers, bringing with her the sheer bras she had promised along with a couple of pairs of nylon and lace panties. Using a towel, she bent down and dried the come from Melissa's crotch and the insides of her thighs, then handed Sheena the panties and watched with satisfaction as both girls bent forward and slipped into them one long leg at a time. As Sheena leaned over, her breasts hung down and swung freely, jiggling like firm gelatin, bumping against each other in their soft enormity. Barbara enjoyed watching their dance as she drank in the femininity of the women she had made.

"Melissa, honey, will you wait for me in there?" Barbara asked, indicating the bed chamber.

"Okay, Barbara," she happily agreed. Breasts bouncing, the girl youthfully and playfully went into the room and shut the door behind her.

"She's so pretty," Sheena said, watching as Melissa walked away.

"And you're lovely, Sheena... you're just lovely," Barbara gushed. "I can't wait to get you into a bustier. You'll be a very popular young lady."

"Good." The involuntary transsexual pulled the skimpy pink panties up into place, noting that their high French cut made her gorgeous legs look even longer. "I like these," she commented. Their tight crotch emphasized her female mound.

"Let's get you into this, honey," Barbara said, standing behind him. She slipped the bra straps over his outstretched arms, then reached around his voluptuous form and looked over his shoulder and into the mirror.

Still watching her reflection with delight, Sheena smiled her pretty smile and held her arms out to the sides as Barbara slipped the bra's soft fabric over her breasts. The new female noticed in the mirror that her underarms were smooth and clean-shaven, just as they should have been, and she enjoyed the sight. She watched her reflection with great satisfaction as the satiny sheen of the pink cups nestled perfectly against her contours.

Still behind her, Barbara gently lifted her shiny, hip-long hair and draped it over the front of her left shoulder, out of the way, then closed the bra's hooks. "There now," Barbara said soothingly. "Doesn't that feel better? I guessed your size right... it fits you so well. We wouldn't want to parade you around naked, now would we?"

"Might be fun..." Sheena smiled. "Think I could make Miss July?"

"Oh, honey... July and August and September. Trust me."

As Barbara stepped back, Sheena threw her long hair back and made a few adjustments in the way the bra held her, then looked into the mirror, happy with the fit. She lightly caressed the undersides of her breasts through the sheerness of the pink nylon that contained them, and tickled their soft flesh with the tips of her long nails. She liked the little pink bow that rested at the base of her cleavage.

"This is a pretty bra," she said, a happy girl.

"I have a friend named Janelle who's built like you," Barbara observed. "Spends all of her time in a string bikini top. But she's on her third set of silicone implants, and you're naturally endowed. You're very lucky."

"I'm so... beautiful," Sheena said, transfixed. Both women paused for a moment, drinking in the sight of the girl in the mirror.

"Well, come on, Sheena," Barbara said, gently leading him toward a side room. "I have a surprise for you."

"I want a pretty dress... will boys see me? I like boys..."

"Yes, honey... the boys will love you. We'll find you something so pretty that the boys won't be able to take their eyes off you. Then we'll do your face and nails..."

Her fingernails had grown to a pampered length of an inch and a half, and she wanted them finished with a glossy coat of polish. "I like pink lipstick. And my nails... I want them pink, too."

"Pink it is. We'll get you all fixed up -- then there are some people I want you to meet."

"And pearls. I want pearls."

Barbara opened a closet door and pulled out a sensuous evening dress of liquid metal. Its golden sheen glittered in the light. "Pretty?" she asked the new woman.

"Oh, yes," Sheena answered.

"It's yours. Slip into it while I take Melissa some clothes, and I'll bring you some shoes." Sheena held the dress over her head and wiggled as its cool, slinky liquid-metal fabric flowed slowly down her voluptuous form. It hugged every curve, making her figure stand out in luscious, mirror-like gold relief. Her breasts and ass gleamed like smooth, polished chrome as they pressed fully, roundly, and tightly against the fabric of the form-fitting dress. Her sensuous cleavage remained exposed by the plunging neckline of the dress, and it was made all the more dramatic by the way the tight golden gown squeezed her breasts together. The dress' short, sexy skirt tightly bound her legs and hung only halfway down her thighs.

For almost fifteen minutes, Sheena just stood and admired her gorgeous reflection. Emerging from the bed chamber, Barbara walked over and kneeled down, then slipped a pair of matching gold evening pumps onto the girl's feet. Despite their five-inch heels, Sheena walked naturally and sexily in them, as if she had worn such shoes all her life. The high-heels made her glassy, flawless legs seem to go on forever. Barbara then handed the young woman a gold sequined purse to carry.

"Oh... oh, my..." Barbara uttered, stunned by the sheer beauty and raw sexuality of the woman she had made. The softly-curling enormity of Sheena's spun-gold mane and the way the evening dress accentuated the girl's figure gave her a feminine drama rarely seen. The girl's voluptuous bustline, tiny waist, rounded ass and incredible legs caused Barbara to lose her breath at the sight. Even without makeup, she was intensely gorgeous. "Oh, Sheena..."

"Look at me, Barbara," the girl uttered, in love with herself. "I'm so pretty... I wish my Mama could see me... and my sister. She always wanted a sister to share things with... maybe I could go see her... and her husband..." Sheena reveled in every subtle aspect of her womanhood, glorying in everything from the feeling of her soft hair to the feminine frailty of her arms and the delicate softness of her small fingers.

"Perfume... ?" she asked. "I want to smell as pretty as I look..."

Barbara, prepared for the request, pulled a small spray vial of perfume from her pocket and misted Sheena's wrists with the fragrance. Then, for good measure, she further sprayed the feminine scent lightly onto the girl's cleavage. Sheena rubbed her wrists together and held one up in order to let the womanly aura waft into her nostrils. "Ohhhh... I love it..." she happily said.

Melissa walked out into the room, similarly adorned. The two girls were the most beautiful that Barbara had ever seen. Her breath escaped as she looked upon them, standing together.

"Ladies... I know of some gentlemen who are waiting to meet you. I'll do your faces and nails at home. Then we'll pierce your ears, so you can accessorize yourselves properly."

"I need some lipstick... I can't go out without at least lipstick..." Sheena complained.

"I don't have any with me here. It'll be okay, honey."

As they ascended the stairs, the high-heels of the three women clicked against the cold hardness of each step. At the top, beyond the elevators, a new life awaited the new girls. It would be a joyous life of constant male company and sex in which each girl would utilize her physical assets to the utmost, happily serving men. Smiling as she spread her legs, she would make love to them at their command and perform any sexual act they desired, fulfilling every sexual fantasy of every man to penetrate her.

An art major named Jeremy had dropped out of college by becoming a girl who would spend her days and nights happily caressing, sucking, and impaling herself upon hard, erect cocks just like the one she herself had once possessed. Both he and the one-time-Arnie would spend the rest of their lives as ladies built for companionship and sex, as would the twenty or so others Barbara had introduced to the wonders of sexual womanhood. None of the former boys would ever aspire to anything else, and rich and powerful men would pay handsomely for their talented services as mistresses and wives.

It was how Barbara funded her expensive research.

They emerged from the elevator and walked out into the crowded lobby of the Institute, where the evening's lectures were beginning. Every male student stood staring at the shapely, silken legs and goddess-like forms of the woman in the short, liquid-gold dress and the girl in the red sequined gown, never imagining that but an hour earlier both had been men like they. Their perfume floated through the air. Their walks dripped pure sex, and, as they leered after the two girls, the imaginations of the horny boys were filled with pictures of Sheena and Melissa naked in bed with each of them. Sheena knew they were watching her and she delighted in teasing them, adding a little extra wiggle to her walk. She could feel the erections rising behind her. And she loved it.

Barbara guided Sheena and Melissa out into the cool night, her arms around the girls' shapely waists. As the women walked into the parking lot, Barbara pulled a set of keys from her purse. "I've got a nice place for you to live, ladies," she said, opening the door of a sleek black Mercedes for them. "The other girls are looking forward to meeting you." She noticed that the cool, night air had brought Sheena's large nipples to erection, for as they pressed insistently against the thin, shiny fabric of her dress its polished, metallic reflectivity emphasized their presence.

"Other girls?" Sheena asked with childlike innocence. "There are others like us?"

"Where will we live?" Melissa asked innocently.

That was the final sign Barbara had been waiting for. Total, permanent acceptance. Jeremy was gone, leaving this gorgeous woman in his place, and Sheena's past existence would become of no interest to her. Arnie would never miss his friend, for they would be together in their new lives. Barbara smiled. "You'll like the other girls. I want you to get to know them. They're fun -- they all live together, and they spend hours talking about boys and doing each other's makeup. It's like having a slumber party all the time."

"It sounds fun," Sheena smiled, instinctively holding her skirt against the backs of her thighs as she slid into the leather seat. "And there are boys?" Sheena was a horny young lady, and Barbara knew just the cure for that.

"Enough for all of you. You know, you all have a great deal in common." Barbara gently shut Sheena's door and opened the back door for Melissa, who slid into the leather interior, holding her skirt flat against the backs of her thighs as any woman would. Barbara closed the door and walked around to the other side of the car.

As Barbara glided into the driver's seat, a light caught the corner of her eye. She turned to see Sheena looking into the passenger-side visor's lighted makeup mirror. The new young lady was applying a thick coat of deep red lipstick to her soft lips with what would otherwise have been taken as learned precision. Barbara smiled.

"I know this is yours, but I hope you don't mind," Sheena said in her small, sweet voice. Her soft words were distorted a little by the feminine contortions of her lips as she held them taut, gliding the lipstick over them. Once finished, she watched herself as she pressed her lips together in the classic womanly fashion and then formed a kiss. Satisfied, she twisted the color back down into its tube. "I found this next to my seat," she explained. "I know it's not my shade, but I just couldn't wait. I feel just naked without lipstick... don't you?"

"Oh, yes, honey," Barbara said with a huge smile. "And keep it if you want. It looks lovely on you."

"Let me wear it, too... please?" Melissa asked.

"Here, honey," Sheena said, capping the tube and handing it back. She continued to look at herself in the tiny mirror, teasing her hair with her delicate fingers and primping as if she were getting ready to meet a man. Barbara noticed that the young lady was squirming repeatedly in her seat, as if she felt an intense itch deep within her.

"I don't know why... but I'm just so horny," Sheena admitted. She giggled and covered her mouth daintily, girlishly embarrassed at her own words. She blushed. "Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to say that..."

It was no exaggeration. Through Sheena's tight, shiny dress, Barbara could tell that the girl was tensing her vaginal muscles over and over. The girl's pussy, true to the machine's programming, was hot and hungry for male penetration. Apparently, it had not been the cold that had made Sheena's nipples hard.

"Take us to the boys," Melissa pleaded, pressing her lips together as she finished with the lipstick. "I want somebody to fuck me!"

"Melissa!" Sheena said in surprise.

Barbara smiled. "It's okay. Barbara'll take care of everything, honey. Believe me... I'll take very good care of you." She paused for one last test. "Sheena... would you go back to being Jeremy?" Melissa's eyes widened at this.

The girl looked certain. "No, I don't think so... but if you know somebody like him, I could use him right now..." She giggled anew.

Barbara knew that both girls would live in a constant state of sexual arousal, each joyfully taking any cock she could get inside her. As Barbara started the car, she looked out upon the campus and thought of the others that still walked there -- the football players, the chess champions, the computer whizzes. All of them, young men who could never have dreamed that their days as young men were coming to a close.

If only they had saved all the panties and bras they had stolen in their drunken raids upon the sorority houses. They were going to need them.

Sheena copyright 1996 by Jennifer Lorissa-Leigh.

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