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What Happens When She Tires of Your Humanity?

by GreyWyvern

You step into the empty bathroom as you feel a strange tickling feeling at the base of your spine. You look around unnecessarily before scratching the area and then looking at yourself in the mirror. Suddenly you grimace in pain as the base of your spine expands forcefully into your pants. The fibers of your jeans strain to hold in the growth. They bulge as a ridge creeps from the belt-line to between your legs. You can feel the pain of something tightly bound by the strong denim. The rear seam begins to part slowly with a soft ripping sound. You can see something brown and green moving in the gap. At last, with a satisfying tearing, a thick reptilian tail flicks out and snakes from the torn seam.

You stare at it in astonishment over your shoulder, waving it back and forth and curling it around your legs as it continues to thicken and extend. It is coated with brown-green scales that reflect the lights above, contoured over the muscles with which you pull it from side to side. Quite soon you find yourself leaning forward, clutching the sink to counterbalance the increasing weight of the thick, muscular tail. Slowly the mass lowers your hindquarters ever closer to the floor. Its pliable leathery skin makes a soft brushing noise as it sweeps from side to side on the floor behind you.

Your feet begin to hurt; your shoes feel too small. You look at them and see the leather bulging and beginning to tear. A set of black claws slide out the front just before you feel the tremendous urge to crouch down, raising your heels from the floor. Your shoes violently burst, first the right, then the left, and you find yourself standing on two sets of massive clawed toes. You lift each set from the floor watching them spread as they massage the tile floor to keep you standing. Tipped with massive claws, they tap the floor as if impatient to run. You feel this urge, to run, not in fear, but instinctual. You grip the sink harder, as if trying to keep yourself under control. At least four feet of your tail now drags the floor behind you. It moves around and caresses your toes, making them flinch, increasing the urge to let them pound the earth. Your heels hover above the ground behind them and you find yourself bouncing on them with each successive burst of transformation. The weight of your huge tail pulls you to a squatting position. The base of the tail stiffens and you find yourself "sitting" on it.

You grimace again as your belly and thighs begin to expand, gaining musculature and putting an intense strain on your jeans. You have to move your feet to either side as you become wider and wider. As your legs gain more strength, they raise you from the floor. Your tail floats freely behind you again as your knees acquire a comfortable ninety degree angle. The thighs of your jeans begin tearing slowly down the side seams. Every inch a relief, the tear continues down past your knees and your powerful calf muscles. The revealed skin is covered with green reptilian scales that slide over your bulking muscles with every tiny flexure.

The button of your jeans snaps and your belly falls between your legs, growing the huge muscles and pelvic bones required for tremendous exertion. The scales on your belly are lighter and thinner than those growing now on your arms, legs and ever-thickening tail. You watch the remains of your restrictive pants fall away just as your large male organ disappears into a scaley fold at the base of your huge tail.

Your lower body is now completely that of some kind of lithe reptile. You shift your new weight from one foot to the other. Your tail sweeps out great circles behind you, slapping the floor impatiently. Your knees bend, bouncing you up and down; hardly able to resist the urge to push them to the limit of exertion. Your toe claws rake against the tiles trying to grip and push you into an all-releasing sprint. The change appears to be over, and you toy with the idea of trying to walk with your crazy half reptile body. Before you can do so however, you feel a tingling in your spine. The change begins to push its way up your back.

You hear your skin stretching like a balloon as the bones of your spine enlarge insanely, forcing your upper body to cringe. Before your eyes, your hands become coated with green scales and growing claws which try desperately to dig their way into the sides of the sink. Your button-down shirt begins to tighten. First, as your chest barrels out it tears harshly down the back, exposing your powerful spinal column protruding like an iron bar lining your back. Then your arms expand, the shirt tearing first at the shoulder seam and then literally exploding outwards as the sleeve bursts.

You are able to take one last look at your human face in the mirror before it too becomes coated in scales and begins to grotesquely deform. You shut your eyes in pain, your screams becoming a monstrous roar. Your neck extends forward and expands, snapping the collar button from your shirt. Your shallow wheezing breaths become the inhalations of a massive beast. You feel your hands strengthen and tighten before all hell breaks loose with your face.

Your jaws seem to push their way past your lips, your tongue swells until it fills your entire mouth. Your nose widens, nostrils flaring like a frightened horse, as it fuses with your upper lip and follows your jaw outwards. The pain is incredible; you feel as if someone is pulling your teeth from your face, stretching it irreversibly in the process. You open your expanding snout as wide as you can, partly because of the pain, and partly because it feels unbearably hot. You pant and gasp as the rest of your body continues to change. There is a clattering on the floor and as you feel around with your monstrous tongue, you realize your own teeth are being replaced. Your tongue feels inch-long daggers sliding into place. You let your tongue loll out of your mouth as your belly-gurgle of pain continues.

You feel something brushing your face and you realize that your hair is falling out. You take a tremendous chance and raise one clawed, pulsating hand to your head and feel the snout and teeth growing out from your face. You feel the top of your head, but all you find is bare reptilian skin. As you rub the skin there the back of your skull is suddenly racked by a thunderbolt of pain. Your hand flies back to the sink and grips hard as two curved, black-as-night horns push through the skin, directed backwards. They are a foot long before your mouth stops expanding. You don't open your eyes because even they have begun to hurt. You feel them achingly shifting to either side of your slender skull.

For a few moments you stand there on your impatient toes, the change seemingly complete. Your breathing sounds like the approach of a freight train. Your tongue slides over your deadly teeth as you begin to drool into the sink. You body sways back and forth with the momentum of your immense reptilian tail. Your massive frame shudders, contracting your musculature and contorting your body powerfully. The huge muscles of your spine and legs contract lifting your tail high behind you, and for a moment you feel it touch the ceiling. Your huge legs shiver as they extend as far as your bones will allow. Then with a tremendous release you bring your hindquarters down and slap the tile floor with your smooth, scale-coated tail. You feel vigorous and wild as you sit on your tail again. You arch your back and neck, meanwhile growling in the contentment of stretching new muscles. With a great effort you open your eyes.

What you see scares you. You are fully reptilian, yet you resemble no dinosaur you have ever seen pictures of. Your tail is too thick at the base. Your arms too muscular; your hands even have an opposable thumb with a very large black claw. Your skull and eight-inch neck are slim and agile, yet your chest and lower body are huge and powerful. Your spinal ridge stands out right to the tip of your swinging tail. You swivel your head on your neck to look at your tail waving back and forth at your command. The tail, you realize, feels the most different. All of the other changes were simply modifications to existing parts. Your tail introduces to you a whole new realm of muscular feeling. You almost smile as you curl it, raise it and lower it tantalizingly. You estimate that you have probably tripled in mass, becoming something of a cross between a dragon and a t-rex.

Abruptly the urge to run comes over you again. Your toes spread and contract on the cold tile, the claws aching for purchase. You grip the sink with a new strength and a tremendous bellow issues from your massive lungs. The image in the mirror - a roaring, drooling, gaping-mouthed, fang-toothed, huge slit-eyed lizard - is too much for you. You jump back with more energy than you ever thought you could muster, releasing your grip on the sink. Almost completely vertical, you slam, back first, into a stall divider and fall, dazed, onto all fours. Your tail sways up in the air behind you, halfway into one of the open stalls.

You growl impulsively and realize that your huge bent legs still have you on your toes instead of your knees. You try to raise your front half from the floor before a new wave of pain washes over you. You notice it immediately; the pain is different from before. There is no change, just growth.

Your skin tightens as your flesh expands. The growth is not continuous, instead it pulsates, like a heartbeat. The growth pain is hideous for a fraction of a second in which your body gains at least a hundred pounds and six inches in length. Then in the next fraction you inhale madly to ready your body for the next wave. Not caring who hears you anymore, you bellow and moan ferociously with each spurt as every muscle in your body contracts. You feel the tip of your tail touch the rear wall of the stall and still you keep growing. Your skin feels as if it might burst, all your muscles expanding against it. You hear it stretching along with your laborious breathing and groaning legs as they enlarge, supporting more and more mass. Your thighs stand out like buttresses on either side of your massive ballooning belly.

Your tail begins seriously pushing against the far wall as you continue to grow. The pain keeps your limbs immobilized as you pant, wheeze and roar your way to a larger body. The force pushes you forwards and eventually topples you to your chest. Your powerful limbs trail uselessly behind on either side as you crash to the floor. You feel the floor sliding under your chin and belly as your head and body continue to lengthen. Your tongue swells and fills your mouth again before the gaping jaws can grow with it. Your horns thicken and lengthen to three feet long and a foot around at their base.

You lay there for many minutes, breathing like a steam engine, before you realize the growth is over. You open your eyes and judging by the apparent size of the bathroom you guess you now weigh at least a ton and a half. Your tail itches as it feels out the stall behind you, reminding you of why you came into the bathroom in the first place. Stimulated by the irritation, you body is suddenly on it's feet almost of its own accord. You step towards the door, watching your massive toes grip the tile, digging trenches right into the concrete below it. Your vaguely human hands grasp the tiny door handle and pull the door open as slowly as your impatient body will allow you.

Your nostrils are attacked by an intoxicating smell. They pull on your snout, irresistibly attracted to an odour you never knew existed. Your snout sniffs the air erratically and you even clamp your huge hands over it to keep it from its wild motions, but you are unsuccessful. You feel yourself losing control bit by bit of this new body of yours, becoming every minute more of a passenger than a driver. Something inside the slit at the base of your tail moves and expands uncomfortably. You try to close the door, but instead you find yourself crouching low and shimmying into the empty hallway. Your neck twists this way and that trying to fix upon the smell which you now recognize.


You don't know how you know this. Your body turns left and begins loping incredibly quickly down the hall. Even though the sensation of your muscles being used is more intensely satisfying than anything else you've dreamed, you are still horrified.

You hear roars echoing in the distance.

What Happens When She Tires of Your Humanity? copyright 2000 by GreyWyvern.

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