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Costume- Vixen, Golden

by Kim Liu

Costume- Vixen, Golden. (CO-V101(G1))

"It's a what?"

The sales representative of Advantech Inc. ("Technology so advanced, you'd swear it was magic!"), smiled a practiced smile. "It's our most popular model."

The man looked down at the large, plain white box. It looked almost generic, with simple black block type. With a tentative hand, he lifted the top to look inside, and saw a tight bundle of folded golden fur, with hints of a head or mask bundled inside, and a zipper. "You want me to wear this?" he said, half-disbelieving. Just so much fur - it hardly looked like a proper costume at all.

The sales rep's smile never changed. "I think you might like it; like I said, it is our most popular model. Unlike our competitors holographic technology, this provides full," he placed an emphasis on the word, "full tactile and sensory feed back." The smile became more inviting. "And the monthly payments are comparable, including the weekly maintenance."

"Weekly maintenance?"

"This is a very sophisticated piece of technology, sir! It requires some monitoring and check ups to ensure proper function. As part of the maintenance, we include free adjustments to make sure it maintains the utmost in comfort and enjoy-ability."

"But... why a vixen?"

"Why not? That's what you're here for, to be something different, isn't it?" The sales man's words were casual, but seemed to cut to the core of the man. "You want to appear handsome, or beautiful, to have attention and affection, to be something other than what you are. You're one of the many bored of being just another plain joe." Glittering blue eyes bored into startled and trapped brown ones. "You're probably one of the many tired of the online scene, and actually want to try being someone else for real.

"This is as real as it gets with modern techniques, sir!" A be-ringed finger tapped at the box, the gem-stones on the rings almost glowing. "A holographic costume only fools the eyes - this fools all the senses." The salesman leaned back. "No one can tell it's really you. To be frank, this model is among the most popular because it's cheaper - the male version is in such demand that we are backlogged for months besides!" The salesman paused. "Now, if you are willing to wait that long, I can try to get you a deal on one, but..."

The man nodded jerkily, then looked back down at the golden fur in the box. It was soft to his touch, almost warm. "No one could tell it was me?" he asked.

"No one," the salesrep said confidently. "Not even yourself," he added in the most casual of tones, knowing the bait.

The man paused, full of mixed emotions. "Can I - is there a trial period?" "Of course! Here is a brochure..."

-Week One-

"Ah, so good to see you again! In for the first weekly maintenance?" The man nodded, carrying the costume box under one arm. "Y-yes." "Ah, very good!" The salesman took the box and opened it on his desk, pulling out a sophisticated looking hand-held scanner and running it over the folded fur inside. "I hope you everything has been satisfactory?" he asked, covertly watching the other man.

"How do you do it?!" he blurted. "It was- incredible! I had a tail! Fur! I could feel my ears twitch - everything!" The man started to shake. "It was so unreal - everything felt different!"

"Now, sir, that is a trade secret! And of course everything felt different, if it didn't, then something isn't working properly, and everything checks out." The salesman looked at his scanner. "I see it barely shows any signs of use, though."

"I only put it on twice - it was so disorientating." "Tsk, tsk, sir! For what you are paying for it, you ought to wear it more than that - it will become more comfortable with time." The salesman closed the box and gave it back. "See you next week."

-Week Two-

"Any problems with the product?" The salesman opened the box up, running his scanner over it.

"N-no. It's just incredible!" The man clasped his hands together excitedly. "I never thought - no one could tell it was me!"

"Of course, sir, of course." The scanner hummed quietly. "Have you considered clothing for yourself in costume, sir? It surely would add to the disguise."


"Certainly, sir." The salesman produced a business card. "We can recommend this store to you. They have an elegant selection of ladies clothing that is adapted for this costume and ones like it."

"Ladies clothing?" The man looked startled, then half nodded. "I suppose-"

"Everything checks out 100%. Enjoy the week!"

-Week Three-

The man looked a little nervous as he came into the office the third week. "I got my- the costume's ears pierced," he said, looking worried, then blurted, "I just didn't think of it at the time - the sales-woman said they'd look good on me, and-"

"Calm, calm, sir - it's quite all right! Such things are easily dealt with." The scanner hummed along. "Ah, I see much more signs of wear - any discomfort or problems?"

The man paused in his relief at hearing there was not any problems. "No," he said slowly.

"That does not sound very sure, sir. Please, is there anything?" The man blushed. "It just feels very different using the restroom facilities, and everything."

"Yes, sir. The costume is fully tactile in all senses - just as if you really were a vixen morph. To any observer, you are, except that you cannot reproduce as one."

The man choked. "Reproduce?"

"Some people have asked for that ability, but that is beyond our technology right now, sir." The salesman folded his hands. "There are those urban legends of people getting sealed into our costumes, the zippers disappearing, and actually becoming what they appear to be, but those are just stories, sir. While capable of sexual intercourse in the costume, you are not capable of reproducing." The salesman hid a smile as he watched the idea being planted in the man's head. "Enjoy your week - next time will be your monthly check up."

-Week Four-

"Quite a lot of wear this week, I see, sir." The man looked anxious. "Is something wrong?" he asked, eyes worried. "Not exactly, sir. You must learn to keep the costume clean after intimate encounters. Here, this is - now sir, there is no reason to blush! It's perfectly natural for you to engage in such acts - in the costume, you are a vixen. You simply must learn to clean yourself up afterward your enjoyment. This is a guide to feminine hygiene, which will help you understand what you need to do."

"I see," the man said meekly, blushing still as he took it. "Relax, sir. There is nothing to worry about. No one could possibly know it was you, and it is nothing to be ashamed of - why, we have people of both sexes come in here to rent costumes of the opposite sex to experiment with! Just enjoy it, sir." The salesman glanced at the scanner. "If you wish, you can wear the costume in for the next check up. It doesn't create any problems."

"Oh. Thanks!"

The salesman smiled winningly. "You're welcome."

-Week Five-

The salesman looked up as the golden vixen morph walked into his office, wearing a skirt and blouse, and a good hoop earring. "Ah! You look wonderful, sir - or should I say madam? If I did not know who was scheduled for this time, I would never had guessed!"

The vixen blushed a little in her ears, then giggled. "Thanks - this has really been great!" she said in a distinctly feminine voice. "I'm so glad I tried this."

"I am glad to have another satisfied customer!" The salesman smiled back as he ran the scanner over the vixen's body. "I can tell you've been spending quite some time enjoying yourself. Is everything okay?"

Another blush occurred, the ears flicking back. "Yes - the guide you gave me was most helpful, sir."

"Think nothing of it, it's part of the service."

-Week Six-

The vixen walked in for the weekly maintenance check wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a red vest, now with two gold earrings. "I'm sorry I'm late," she blurted. "I've just been so busy recently!"

The salesman waved a hand, brushing the matter off. "That's not a problem. Please, have a seat." He took out the scanner and started the checks. "Everything looks good - however..."

The vixen looked up worriedly, tail twitching. "What is it?" "You were late on your payment this week," the salesman said, letting a hint of sternness creep in.

The golden furred vixen flinched. "I'm sorry, sir, it's just been hard at work - I've been falling behind."

The salesman made a noncommittal noise, looking at his scanner. "Well, you've been such a good customer, I guess we can let it ride. Just don't let it happen again!"

"I won't!" The vixen nodded vigorously. "Thank you, thank you!" she practically gushed. "If there's ever anything I can do for you, sir, I -" the vixen said, almost suggestively, then stuttered to a halt, blushing redly in her ears.

The salesman just shook his head, smiling. "Just enjoy the product."

-Week Seven-

The salesman looked up at the time as the appointment neared being nearly four hours late. "Hmmmm."

-Week Eight-

The vixen crept into the office, looking frightened. "H-hi -" She wore a short miniskirt this time, and a almost sprayed on t-shirt; a pair of earrings hung from each ear and a silver embroidered black choker graced her neck.

"You've missed the last two payments," the salesman said sternly. The vixen flinched, curling into the chair. "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I just couldn't; I spent too much on clothes and going on this week -"

"Your employer says you haven't shown up for work for the past five days," the salesman accused. "Your credit rating is slipping badly."

"I couldn't go into work - I don't like it there anymore! Not that I ever did, but-but..." The golden furred vixen started to sob. "I can't go back to that!"

"I've taken the liberty of pulling your credit report, miss; you've been shopping like there was no tomorrow. Jewelry, clothing - you even applied for a new car loan. Restaurants."

"I can't help it!" the vixen cried. "It's all I wanted... to look great, to have things - to live comfortably! Even the sex!" She tried to get ahold of her sobbing. "I-I may get a job at a modeling agency - I can pay then, sir, really, but -"

"That is on your credit report, too. Though it is listed as an 'escort' service, not a modeling agency." The salesman let suspicion ooze through his voice.

The vixen burst into fresh tears. "I don't care! Y-you once said that those stories ab-bout getting sealed in... I've heard more rumors please, are any of them true, sir? I never want to go back! Please!"

The salesman steepled his fingers. "Is that all you truly want?" he asked, hiding his emotions in his stony expression, eyes glittering.

"Yes!" she cried.

"Tsk. So shallow, like all the others," the salesman said, musing. The vixen flinched under his words. "As you wish, though you will have to pay for this," he said, standing up.

"Y-you can do it?" she asked hopefully through her tears. "Really, sir? I'll do anything!"

The salesman hid his smile. "Strip off your clothing." When the vixen hesitated, he let his voice show steel, "Now." The vixen blushed and meekly stood and stripped off her clothing. "Ah, yes. The costume did suit you well. Hold still." He walked behind her, letting one hand brush her tail and watching her shiver. "You've been wearing the costume for the past two weeks non-stop, haven't you?"

She nodded, trembling as she felt his hand reach up through her long hair to touch the zipper. "I don't want to go back," she pleaded.

"You won't." He tugged at the zipper, and she gasped as she felt it slide down her back, then gasped again, louder, as she didn't feel the tale-tell tingling of the costume turning off. The salesman slid the costume off over her head and shoulders... and underneath, she was still a golden vixen.

"That's... incredible!" she whispered, taking two steps to pull her feet from the old costume, looking down at her new furred body. The softly furred fingers touched her breasts tentatively. "Oh yes... this what I want!" She slid her hands down her body, trembling with feeling.

The salesman smiled, and reached up for the zipper on her neck. The vixen barely had time to blink as the sensation had hardly registered in her mind when he pulled the zipper down. There was a puff of something escaping as the furred form collapsed, and the salesman made a gesture as if catching something. His fist clenched tight, then opened up to reveal another ring, which he added to his collection on his fingers.

"Tsk tsk. Another simple shallow soul, thinking appearance everything." The salesman bent down, and picked up the second, empty furred shape. He held it up critically, examining it. "You are what you wished for, dear." After folding both costumes, he boxed them and checked his appointment book. "You'll forever be wearing pretty clothes and getting attention, as you wished, and I have what I want, as well."

The salesman smiled as he looked at the list of people eager to buy scheduled to come in to his office. "Definitely a most popular model."

Costume- Vixen, Golden copyright 1996 by Kim Liu.

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