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The Panther (Room 108)

by James T. Crawford

John Martin had taught at Lee Junior High for nearly three years, longer than most other teachers had managed to remain at the school. He had seen his share of strange events, violence, destruction, and many teachers who had given up, worn to pale shadows of their former selves.

Lately, a new, frightening twist in the macabre dance that was Lee had begun. Several large cats similar to panthers had been found wandering in the halls late at night. When caught, each animal would have a small piece of clothing caught on its fur; sometimes the clothing was from something a man wore, sometimes something a woman wore. In two cases the clothing had been identified as belonging to missing teachers; the natural conclusion the authorities reached was that somehow wild animals had escaped from someone's private zoo and had entered Lee, killing the missing teachers and then hanging around for some further snacks.

John had done a lot of thinking on the problem, and he believed that a solution involved the students and some obscure form of occult knowledge. He had found a couple of books in open lockers and confiscated them. The books spoke of a dark hidden knowledge, a frightening occult lore that no students of Lee should have ever heard of. He decided he would present his suspicions to the principal, even though he stood a chance of losing his job in the process if the principal thought him crazy.

Having made up his mind, he picked up some papers that still needed grading, made one last glance around the room to make sure that all was in order, and left, closing the old wooden door behind him. He made his way down the dark, narrow corridors, the old rusty lockers lining both sides of the hallway adding to the depressing nature of the school. He rounded a corner and then stopped suddenly, spotting a group of student standing about fifteen feet away. It was long after dismissal, and no students should have remained in the building.

"School let out over two hours ago," he said.

"We know," replied a blond girl as she moved to the front of the center of semi-circle that had been formed by the students. She brushed back her long blond hair and spoke again. "We don't like teachers who stick their noses where it doesn't belong. We saw you take those books from the lockers, and now you will have to be punished."

As she spoke she began to remove her blouse and skirt. Underneath she was dressed in a sparkling outfit, her body covered by some form of reflective material, leaving her large breasts uncovered and jutting sharply in the teacher's direction. Slowly the other students began a low, monotonous chant while the girl began to move her body rhythmically, her hips moving in circles, her hands cupping her brests, her lips formed in some manner of obscene kiss.

The chant grew deeper and louder as the girl's sexual movements quickened their tempo. John Martin found himself beginning to walk down the corridor towards the waiting students, unable to control his own bodily actions. The corridor lights dimmed as the chanting grew in volume and then they began to pulsate, keeping time with the sounds of the students. The air seemed to thicken and fill with a strong, musky odor.

As he moved closer to the girl he began to remove his clothes, and soon stood naked by the wildly dancing blond. Quickly she cupped his face in her hands and began to kiss him passionately. In spite of himself he could feel his cock harden, jutting out against the belly of the girl.

She took a couple of steps backwards, smiled at him, and then removed her outfit. She kissed him again and began to play with his cock, stroking it slowly, her hand moving up and down in a rhythm matching the chanting of the students. She drew his face to her breasts, and soon he was sucking her tits, playing with her rear end and pussy as he sucked. She turned around and then got down on her hands and knees, turning around to look at him and smile.

The sexual scent coming off her pussy was now overwhelming, and John Martin grabbed her ass and thrust his cock deep into her cunt, soon losing all control to the thrusting of his hips. He began to come in her, and then in what he had never experienced before he began to come again and yet again. Each time he came the girl cried out in pleasure and backed against him, forcing his cock as deep into her pussy as it would go. Each time he came his body began to change, slowly at first and then quicker. A fine fur began to cover his body; his ears elongated and his teeth grew sharper. He continued fucking her over and over, thrusting again and again while his body continued its change. The more he orgasmed the more his found his thoughts slipping away, more and more of his mind changing from human to cat thoughts.

Within a few minutes he had become a cat, panther-like in appearance and still fucking the human girl. Gradually she pulled away from him and stood, smiling down at his new form. The group of students ceased their chanting. The girl slowly donned her clothes, and then left with the other students, leaving behind one more question mark in Lee Junior High's history.

The Panther (Room 108) copyright 1996 by James T. Crawford.

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