The Transformation Story Archive Strange Things and other Changes


by Brat001

"Well, sir, do you think your wife might like these?"

Tammy showed the gentleman a dark blue panty and bra set.

"I'm not sure," he said. "I'm not very good at this." He looked at them again. "What do you think of them?"

"I think that they're very pretty," she said, and she meant it.

He pondered for a moment and then nodded. "Yes. Yes I think she would like those very much. You're a very good saleswoman."

Tammy smiled at the complement. "Well thank you sir. Just take these up to the front counter and they can ring you up."

The man nodded at her on his way out, holding up his bag triumphantly.

"Have a good day, sir!" She said cheerfully as he left.

Tammy clocked out and went to her car. It had been a long week. She was looking forward to a relaxing, hot bath when she got home.

She unlocked the door to her apartment and went inside. There were a couple of messages on the machine that she ignored. She walked into the bathroom and started the water in the tub and put in the bubble bath. Then she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine which she set by the tub. Finally the tub was full and she shut off the water.

Time to relax, she thought as she started to undress.

When she opened her blouse she stopped. She was wearing the blue bra that she had sold that man at work! She slid off her skirt and discovered she was also wearing the panties!

"You're right, those look very attractive."

She whirled at the sound of the voice. It was the man who she had sold the panties to! He sat on the foot of her bed looking pleasant, as if he was here all the time and she were visiting.

"No don't be frightened," he said casually. "That's not a request," he said, not so casually.

She immediately felt calmer. She still wondered how he was here and how her underwear had been changed without her knowledge. It just didn't seem so urgent anymore. Merely interesting.

"Much better," he said.

"How did you get in here?" she asked.

"Oh I just let myself in," he answered.

"Um, and my underwear?"

"Pretty much the same way."

He shook his head as if he had just remembered something important. "But that's not what I came here to talk to you about. I came to ask: Do you enjoy your job?"

A part of her brain tried to tell her that this was very strange to be standing in her bedroom in someone else's underwear discussing her job with a total stranger. She ignored it.

"Yeah, it's ok. I mean, it's not great, but I'm good at it and it's fun."

"Well I'm going to make you do it better."


"You sell pretty underthings. I'm going to make it so you sell more. With much less effort." He smiled. "You won't even have to talk to anyone."

He stood up and approached her. That other part of her said to back away, to run, to call for help. Again, it seemed so unimportant.

"Tammy, would you please take those pretty things off?"

The unimportant part of her head screamed "NO!", but she unfastened the bra and slid the panties to the floor. She was now naked in front of this man.

"Very nice," he said with a pleased sound. "Now: Observe."

He reached to her shoulder and touched it lightly with his palm. There was a tingling sensation there, and it followed his hand as he ran it down her arm. She looked to see what it was that was causing it. Wherever his hand had touched her, her skin had become hard and shiny, like plastic!

He continued down her arm, to her hand. Then he did the other arm. Then her back. Then both of her legs. The unimportant part of her brain was sounding a little more important. But by this point there was very little she could do about it! He transformed her breasts next (taking just a little bit more time, it seemed) and then her behind.

"Now look pretty, my dear," he said as her moved his hands across her face.

He picked her up by the hips and moved her effortlessly to stand in front of her mirror. A very life-like looking mannequin stared back at her. Very life-like, because her pubic hair and her sex were still flesh.

"You see you will still be selling your lingerie, just in a different way," he told her as he tapped his knuckles on her plastic ass. "And I guarantee that no one will be able to resist you. You might call it a hard-sell."

The unimportant part of her brain was screaming "I told you so!" at her. But at the same time she found herself getting fairly excited about the idea of being on display. Would she be nearly naked in her own store front? Would her friends walk by and see her? Recognize the mannequin in the window and wonder whatever had happened to Tammy?

The man sniffed the air curiously. "Oh yes! I knew I forgot something!"

He reached down and slid his fingers into her slit. It was very wet.

"Now I realize that this might be a tedious job for you. Not to worry. I always look out for my sales personnel." As he said this he began rifling through her bedroom drawers. "I'm assuming that this is around here some-"

At almost the same time that she realized what drawer he was going through, he turned around with her vibrator in his hand. She heard it buzz when he turned it on. "Now then-" he said as he kneeled in front of her. She wanted to gasp as he pushed the thing inside her.

He stood up and looked into her eyes. "How is that? Comfortable?"

She wanted to say "Yes! Yes yes, that is just fine, okey-dokey. MmmHmmm. It would be a little nicer if I could move my hips around a little, or maybe roll my eyes back in my head, or move my pinky finger or move something!" but she remained still.

"Good!" he said with a smile. Then he reached down and again caressed her pussy. Only this time his touch had the same effect as when he had touched the rest of her body. In a moment she was sealed up. And the vibrator was sealed inside of her.

He stood to look at her again. "Just a couple more minor adjustments." Shortly she was staring at the mirror at what no one would ever guess was a living thing. She was a beautiful piece of plastic that looked like a lovely girl. She even had pivot points so she could be posed just like a real mannequin. The area between her legs was smooth and sex- less. Only this mannequin has a vibrator up her cunt and will be probably be coming until the batteries die inside her! she thought.

As if sensing that thought the man said, "Oh, and not to worry about your, ah, amusement. I've given the batteries a particularly long lifetime."

Her brain (all of it this time) felt like it would turn over in her head as the vibrator brought her to her first orgasm.

She was packed up in a box and sent to a store. She was left to lean naked against the wall as people talked about what the weather was like, who won the game last night, who was screwing who's boyfriend.

Then she was dressed in scant bits of lace and put on display before the world.

As it turned out, he didn't put her in her own store, but one in the same chain at another mall a few miles distant. She did see some of her friends as they walked past, and they did notice her. And the whole time the machine inside of her made her want to jump any one of them and rape them in the center of the mall.

She noticed that whatever she was dressed in seemed to sell a little bit better than anything else. At Valentine's Day she wore red. In the Spring she was the enticing young bride in white. At Halloween she wore wicked looking black. And she learned to set time by her orgasms.

She noticed that men and women seemed a little flustered when they saw her. Or maybe a lot. Did couples always make out like that in the mall and she was just now noticing? One time she saw a teenage boy covertly playing with himself on the bench in front of her. He looked at her like she was the definition of sex. Let me out of here and I'll make that fantasy come true, little boy. And the machine hummed on. And on and on and on and on!

One night she was being undressed by one of the store's sales associates, a pretty red-headed girl just out of high school. The girl, Ellen, looked around to see that no one was watching. Then she kissed Tammy on the lips.

"Ellen!" It was the store's manager, Michelle.

Ellen moved from Tammy's sight. "Y-Yeah Michelle?"

After that there wasn't any talking, but from the rustle of clothing and the quiet sighs Tammy guessed that they were having a good time.

As the almost unbearable waves of pleasure washed over her, Tammy thought about the people around her. They all wantedneeded sex! And she was pretty sure it was because of her! She figured that if the Pope walked by this store, that within the hour he'd be fucking the first twenty-dollar hooker he could find! It was amazing! She seemed to be sending out waves of pure desire! She was the ultimate aphrodisiac! No wonder sales had been so good!

Tammy woke in her own bed. She looked at the clock. Oh shit, I'm late!

She ran out of bed and to the bathroom. Her bath was already full! And hot!

She quickly bathed and dressed for work. She was in too much of a rush to worry about weird shit.

She clocked in right as the hour struck. Her manager, Sheila, smiled when she saw Tammy. "Welcome back! How was Hawaii?"

Tammy started to protest, "Hawa-"

Then she stopped and shook her head. Something at the edge of her memory. A store mannequin? For a year? Or more? Was that what she dreamed?

Dreamed. That was it. Oh, wow. But she still didn't remember a vacation.

"Um, it was... Really good. Great time!"

Sheila looked at her with the beginning of a question and then changed her mind. "Well, not much has changed around here. I need you to dress the mannequin for display. I left out what it'll wear next to it."

Tammy's heart beat faster when she saw the red-haired store dummy. She looked to see that no one was watching as she whispered into it'sno, her ear, and touched the smooth place between the mannequin's legs. Tammy was getting wet just being near her.

"Hello Ellen," she said, kissing the plastic lips. "Have a good year."

Secrets copyright 1996 by Brat001.

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