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A Gift Befitting A Princess

by Tekwolf

Jon's family had been in service to the Royal Family of Darisha for untold years. It was an honor that no one in the family had ever declined and Jon was no different. Jon's father had been killed in the service of the King. He had been in the Honor Guard for years and held a position of honor, when the neighboring Kingdom attacked. The treachery of the Kingdom was unmatched in history. They had come to the Palace under a flag of truce and then attacked with out warning. Jon's father had sacrificed himself to keep his King alive. The attack was beaten off and the perpetrators were killed, but the brave guard lay dying. He was honored.

Jon's mother had also worked for the household of the Queen. She was the personal servant to the First Lady, when she came down with a fever. The Queen used all of the best healers in the kingdom, to no avail. She had died, along with many others, that fearsome winter. Jon was alone now. He was given a position as a Page in the Royal Household, as reward for the service of his parents. Jon was basically a happy person. Although much bad luck had befallen him, he was still carrying on. His life was the same as most of the Pages in the Castle. He was up early and had training with the Court Scribe, unless it was his day to wait on the King. All of the Pages were allowed free time for their own.

Jon was in the kitchens one day, when the Princess wandered into grab a snack. He had seen her before and thought that she was beautiful. She was one of those rare women of the time, that found the most enjoyment, while out in the forest hunting or riding. It was probably the indulgence of her father that led her to become this way. Jon only admired her more because of her love for the outdoors. Most of the women of the court were so prissy. They spent their days in the salon sewing and listening to a Bard singing. Jon couldn't stand these types of women. He had to deal with them day after day, but couldn't tolerate them when off duty.

The Princess smiled and spoke to him," Hi, Jon. How are you this fine day?

Jon marveled at this. He didn't think that she even knew his name. He was impressed. Most of the court women wouldn't have stooped to talk to another person so far below their own station. Here was the Princess and she had asked about him.

"I'm fine ma'am," he replied. "Thank you for asking."

"My father says that I might go riding, but must not go alone," she told him. "Would you please ride with me this afternoon?"

Jon was floored! Here was the opportunity that he had waited for forever. A chance to be alone with the Princess. He admired her for asking, when she could have ordered him to do so and he wouldn't have dared to decline. Jon made plans. All of the other pages were envious of him, but Jon was after all, the best rider of the bunch. He had far excelled the others at equestrian class. Undoubtedly, the Princess knew of this. As Jon waited in the stables, for the Princess to arrive, there was a commotion in the castle. As the Princess had neared the stable, a man had jumped out from behind a wall and attacked her with a huge knife.

Now, there were guards all over the Palace grounds, but none of them were as close as Jon was. He dived forward and took the knife meant for Princess Anne, in his shoulder. As fire shot through him, he saw the tip of a spear appear from the chest of the assassin, as the guard killed him. Jon, suddenly weak, fell to the ground. He lay there, staring almost stupidly, at the spreading puddle of red beneath him. The Princess screamed as she saw this and Jon passed out.

It had a few weeks since the incident. It was rumored that the neighboring Kingdom was behind this attack, but nothing could even be proved, as the assassin was dead. The King had forbidden the Princess to leave the protection of the castle. Anne didn't like this, because everyone knew that she loved the outdoors. The king just wasn't willing to take a chance with his only daughter. He offered to let her go, if she took a company of soldiers with her. This just didn't set very well with her. Taking a company of guards into a quiet wood, seemed somehow sacrilegious to her. No animal in its right mind would show its self, with that kind of noise around.

Life in the Castle was miserable for everyone and the King was besides himself. Anne was mad at him and wasn't talking. King Richard loved his daughter and this was tearing his heart out. He had no wish to make her sad, but also was firm in his conviction to preserve her life. He finally, out of desperation, consulted the Court Magician. The Magician came up with a plan that the King couldn't believe. Some one must become something that the Princess wouldn't suspect, that could protect her when she went outside the castle. He knew that Anne wouldn't stand to be babied, by having a guard, so had to be tricked into accepting a protector.

That this plan would work, Richard had no doubt, but who could he trust enough to protect his only daughter. Then he remembered the young man, even now recovering from taking the knife, that would have killed his daughter. He had seen Jon in the past looking at Anne, when he thought no one was looking. There was love in those eyes, even if the boy knew that he never had a chance with her. He was a servant and the Nobles of the Court would never stand for the Daughter of the King to wed a commoner. Besides, she might need to wed one day to secure a treaty with another land. Such was the plight of nobility in these hard times. No country could stand in the face of aggressors alone. A treaty of protection between lands, could assure the survival of both. While there was no need now, she was his only child.

The King went to see Jon and ask what he must of him. One thing that the King was famous for was not ordering anyone to do anything against his will. This was a trait that bought fierce loyalty from his men at arms and servants. King Richard was much loved. As he neared the room of Jon, he had second doubts. To ask a young man to give up his humanity, even out of love, was something that Richard couldn't do lightly. Jon was surprised to see who it was that came into his room. It was his King! Jon, out of long training, tried to get out of bed and bow, but Richard hurried over and pushed him back onto the bed.

Richard sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Jon with a look of such trouble on his face, that Jon was immediately worried. He finally dared to speak to his King," Sir, I can see that you are troubled. Is there any way that I can be of service?"

King Richard started and said," Jon, I must ask you for something that I need desperately. I need a companion for my daughter, to keep her safe on her outings away from the castle." Jon opened his mouth to say something, when Richard cut him off," let me explain what I ask, before you say anything." "As you know, our family is in constant danger from assassins, sent by the other Kingdom. As a man, you would provide no better protection that any other and my daughter wouldn't stand for it anyway. What my Magician has proposed, it to change the form of a loyal man, to provide a suitable companion, that she would never suspect. Also, anyone else, would only see an animal, not a human in another form."

Jon blinked and tried to digest what was being asked of him. The King told him that he needed an answer by the next day. "If you choose to accept, we will need time to make the change so that I may present you to her for her birthday. This will also keep her from getting suspicious." Jon needed to talk to the magician. He had questions that he needed answered, before he could come to a decision. The thought of being something else was sort of thrilling, but did he really want to give up being human? This and other things, had to wait for his talk with the Magician.

Early the next morning, Jon went to the Magician. 'There are things that I must know, before I can decide to do this. First, will have to stay in that other form for life? Secondly, will I be truly an animal? And last but not least, what will I become?"

The magician did his best to answer truthfully," You may become human again, if you wish. Only the magician that casts the spell may remove it, but I will willingly do so, anytime you wish." "To ask your second question, You will only be in that form. You will not truly be an animal. It would do no good to make you into a real animal. You will, however, have the instincts of the animal to call on if needed. The difference in this spell, is that you will not be dominated by these instincts. You will retain your ability to think and reason. Lastly, the King and I haven't discussed what form it would be, but it has to be something that the Princess likes, as you will be given to her. The King awaits you in his chamber. He needs an answer. Go now."

Jon was growing more used to his audiences with the King. As he had pondered over the idea of becoming another creature to heal protect Anne, Jon found that he was intrigued by the idea. After all, it wasn't like it was permanent. He realized that he loved Anne and wouldn't ever want to see anything happen to her. He couldn't be with her as a human, so maybe this was all that he would have. He couldn't give up this chance. He would do it.

The King was standing with his back to the door as Jon walked in. He spoke," Jon, have you made a decision?"

"I have sir," Jon replied. "I love her sir, am if anything ever happened to her and I could have prevented it, then I couldn't live with that."

"I had hoped to hear this from you. I wish you to know that you will receive the best of care. I Know that my daughter would have it no other way. I have considered what form would best please her and serve my purpose as well. You are to become a horse. It is her fondest pleasure to ride into the forest and in this form, you will ever be near her. Come, let us begin. Time is short." With that, the King strode out of the room, with Jon following in his wake. The rapidly came to the quarters of the Magician. "Ancient One, here is your willing subject," the King said. " He has agreed to the plan and awaits your magic."

Jon had never been scared of the old Magician. He had always treated all of the young men of the castle with utmost respect. As the doors closed behind the King, the magician came over to Jon and said," we'd best get started then. Time is short and there is much to accomplish. Come. Jon went into the back room that served as the work room for the old man. He bade Jon to sit, as he mixed the potion and readied the spell, that would effect the transformation. Jon found himself shaking. He didn't know if it was fear of the unknown or if he was really afraid of the transformation.

"Jon, there are things that you must know about this procedure and your transformation," the old man told him. " You will not be man into horse. What you will become, is man plus horse. Your human mind will always be in control, unless you let the horse rise to the surface. You can use the horse to make yourself appear a real horse. Merely, if anyone has doubts or gets too close, let the horse have control and no one will ever be able tell the difference. You can use its senses and instincts to help you. This you must learn. Lets start."

Jon went over and took the potion offered him. He looked into the mirror one last time and swallowed it in one gulp.

The Magician said," this will be somewhat painful, but if you need to scream, the room is soundproof." With no other words, He placed his hand on Jon's head and began to chant in an arcane language. Jon could feel the power being drawn to the Magician. As it reached a peak, it surged up his arm and into the head of Jon. To Jon, it felt like he had fallen in water, too hot! He fell back against the wall and almost slumped to the floor.

The magician looked up and was clearly exhausted. "Son, get out of your clothes quickly," he said!" "They won't change with you." Jon hurried and shed his clothes. He wondered at the hot and cold flashes that were running through his body. He slumped forward and grabbed his stomach and a sharp pain hit him in the guts. It felt as though things were being rearranged. A wave of nausea hit him and he heaved up all of the contents of his stomach. With a spitting noise, the entire human contents of his bowels were purged.

The change became external. Jon watched as his sexual equipment changed and a new foreskin attached its self to his stomach. Everything was huge. With a sharp pain, he looked back, to see a tail growing where before he had a bare bottom. With a wrenching sensation and more pain, his spine lengthened and became more curved. Balance became difficult. He was getting much heavier now. Horse hair, spread from his groin, up his stomach and down his legs. Jon realized that he now smelled very much like a horse. His scent had changed and even his still human nose could tell it. The change reached his shoulders and neck. His whole body, from his rapidly expanding butt, to his new shoulders, was becoming much wider. He fell to his feet. All four of them, now ending in hooves.

Almost in one complete, large surge, his neck lengthened, as his face pushed outward. He felt his ears slide up his head. New smells burst into his nose and sounds got a whole lot louder. Never before had he experienced such a sense of restrained power, that the new muscles provided. An alien presence invaded his mind and became a part of him. The pain subsided as the change completed. Jon was proud that he hadn't cried out. He had managed to keep his expressions of pain, to a few grunts and moans. He tried to say something to the Magician, who was still watching him. All that came out was a whinny. Jon realized that the seemingly impossible had happened. He craned his neck around and saw his new body. He was pleased.

The transformation had taken more out of the old magician that he had expected. He wasn't as young as he used to be. Just a few short years ago, he could have done this thing and then gone out to the tavern for a bit of fun. As he lay on the floor, he looked over at his accomplishment. This was one hell of a magnificent horse! The size and shape of Jon was almost perfect. The muscle tone hinted at a barely constrained power. For the first time in his long life, the old magician found that he was jealous!

Jon took his first step as a horse and nearly stumbled. The old man said," You must let the horse part show you how to move. If you try to move from memory, you will never be able to walk."

Jon took another step and found that it was easy. The horse that he now was, remembered how to move. He stepped around the room, hooves clicking on the stone floor. He felt the need to really run and see what this body could do. He could feel the muscles moving under skin and felt the power contained within. After the magician had recovered, he led Jon down a secret corridor and out to the stables. There had been a special place prepared for him. The stable hands only knew him as a horse. He was to get special treatment, by order of the King. They knew that he was to be a birthday gift for the Princess.

By this time, Jon was used to his new body and moved like a true horse might. He had perfected the art of letting the horse part take over and it was as though he was a passenger. He was scared, as of yet, to take control too much, as someone might see him do something unhorse like. There was water available to him and grain in a trough, mounted on the side of the stall. As Jon thought over things, the horse took over and was eating. Then, true to horse nature, took a dump right where he was. Jon laughed inwardly at the thought of some poor groomsman, cleaning up his mess. Tomorrow was the big day, where Jon would be given to the Princess. He couldn't wait.

Jon found that he woke earlier that usual the next morning. The stables came to life earlier that the castle did. At first light, a groom came into the stables and put a halter on Jon and led him out. He was tied to a post and the groom brushed him, till he shone. Jon shivered. He would have never thought about how good a brushing could feel. Next, he was led to the blacksmith and shod. All horses in the kingdom were shod as a precaution to prevent injury. If the blacksmith wondered where they had gotten a horse that had never been shod before, he knew enough to ask no questions. This procedure felt funny to Jon, but didn't hurt. Lastly, his mane was plaited and he was ready for the presentation. Jon wished he could see himself. He bet that he was beautiful!

Jon, as a horse, was extraordinary. His coat was a medium brown and was solid in color. His mane and tail were a golden color. Jon, with the new sight, couldn't see this. All he saw was shades of gray and black. As he was led out, some of the pride that he felt, was expressed by the horse. He stepped lively, as he was led into the Palace. People, who had assembled for the celebration, were awed at the creature led before them. When Anne saw him, she squealed like a young child and ran to Jon, hugging him around the neck. This was the reception that Jon had hopped for. He had been accepted. The plan was working so far.

As soon as the hoopla was over, Anne had to go out for a ride on Jon. King Richard smiled as he saw the reaction of his daughter. It was all he had hoped for and more. Now, he could have some piece of mind, knowing his only child was protected. He had even told her that the horse's name was John. Now Anne thought this was a kind of a stupid name for so magnificent a creature as this, but didn't comment. She was so happy at the gift, that a name just didn't seem to matter. Besides, he seemed to know his name already. As Anne stepped into the saddle, Jon was surprised. She seemed to weigh no more than a feather. As she flicked the reigns, he started off in a smooth but quick gait. Jon found her to be an expert horsewoman. He knew the commands from his time in the stables. It was strange to be feeling the same commands from the other side.

Things were seemingly back to normal. Anne was allowed to take rides in the country again and Jon looked forward, to the almost daily rides. It was heaven, to have the one he loved in the saddle. They were almost like one creature, when they went out. Anne had never ridden an animal with a gait this smooth or one that was so well behaved. She had loved him from the start and lavished attention on him. Jon was happy with all the attention, but wished for more. There was more than one thing separating them now. Jon was an animal and still of a lower station, even if he wasn't. It was a sweet kind of torture. So close to your true love, but forever separated. He made the best of it.

Jon was suddenly awakened, as all hell broke loose. He started, as he heard the crash-boom sounds. He had to clamp down on the horse part of himself, as it definitely didn't like this! He kicked the door of his stall in frustration. He had to get out and see what was going on. There were men shouting and screaming. There were horrid sounds of metal striking flesh and he smelled smoke. Jon had had enough. He started to kick the door with a vengeance! He lashed out with his rear hooves and as there were few if any doors that could have stood up to that kind of punishment, it burst backward. Jon backed out of the stall and bolted from the stables. A scene of chaos was before him. Dead and dying lay everywhere. It dawned on him, that the castle was being been attacked!

His only thought then was for the safety of the Princess. He had to get to her. He took off at near top speed across the courtyard and down the corridor that led to the secret passage. As he ran, a man in armor jumped in front of him with his arms spread and yelled. This might have worked with an ordinary horse, but Jon kept surging forward, throwing his shoulder into the hapless man and trampling him under his hooves, as he passed over him. He entered the passage, that was hidden by a hedge and made his way down the corridor toward the apartments of the King and Princess. As he moved, he was rocked as something shook the Palace. Jon had to hurry.

He got to the door of Anne's room and it was open. As he entered the room, Anne screamed! All she had seen, was a large form bearing down on her and was scared. Then, she realized that it was her horse! How the devil had he gotten in here? A quick plan formed in her mind and she grabbed her pack and mounted Jon. She was in for another surprise. Jon ignored her commands for the first time and headed back down the corridor, to the outside. She screamed at him and pulled on the reigns. The bit hurt his mouth, but by now, the adrenaline was flowing and it would have taken more that this to sway him. He burst through the hedge and raced across the courtyard. Just ahead was the open gate and Jon was out and running, even as a shout of alarm was given.

A pursuit was soon formed, but it was too late for then to catch Jon. Jon was the fastest horse that the land had ever seen and no mere war horse was going to catch him! Was that the horse part or the human? Jon didn't know, he just concentrated on putting distance between him and the pursuers. They entered the woods and Jon knew that they were home free. No other animal, except a deer could match him in the woods. He ran and ran. He finally stopped and was panting. Anne was swaying upon his back. It had been a hard ride. She slid off of him and looked at him with a mixture of awe and fear.

"I don't know what you are, but you saved my life," she said! "There's no way you are an ordinary horse. It was no accident that you were in the castle. You came looking for me!" As she reached out to pat Jon on the neck, he stamped his front hoof in frustration. He needed to let her know who he was now! Then, he remembered that he could spell. He drew on the soft ground with his right hoof. I-AM-JON.

"Jon," she exclaimed! "Not the same young man that saved my life before?"

"YES" he spelled.

"Gods," she replied," how can this be? How did you get changed into my horse?"

Of course, Jon couldn't answer this. In fact spelling with a hoof, was really hard. He knew that he couldn't explain something like that, without speaking. Anne was also frustrated. She needed to know things, but couldn't talk to him. Anne remembered something that the old magician had given years ago and wondered if it would work. It was a pendant on a chain. It was supposed to let her speak mind to mind with any other person that was wearing it. She had used this with friends, to have fun, after she had first gotten it. It had been great fun, until the magician found out how she was using it and sat her down for a lecture. She had placed it away in her pack and didn't think of it again until now.

She got out the pendant and tried to hang it around Jon's neck, But it wouldn't even go over his head. She removed the chain and got a piece of yarn from the pack and then she was able to tie it around him. Jon wondered what she was doing, until she spoke to his mind. "Jon, can you here me now?"

"YES", he replied.

"Good, now we can get some where," she thought to him. "How it the world did you end up being my horse?"

"Your father was worried and had the magician turn me into a horse, so that I could protect you and no one would know," Jon told her. "At least he could have told me what he was going to do," she said.

"Would you have accepted me if he had," Jon thought back?

"I guess you have a point," she thought back. "Oh, Jon, What are we going to do?"

"We have to hide for now and later we will circle back to see what has happened. My only thought was to keep you safe."

They waited until dark and Anne mounted Jon, at his insistence, and they made their way quietly to the edge of the wood where they could view the Castle. As they stood in the trees and looked, they saw that there was nothing much left of the once proud castle. There was only death and a large pile of rubble. Anne started to cry, as she realized that her parents were dead. She buried her face in Jon's side and weeped. Jon, for the first time cursed his form. He so wanted arms to put around her, and no longer had them. There was nothing he could say now, that would comfort her. He patiently waited until she was calmed, then told her that they must leave.

"The people who did this will be looking for you and we must be far away >from here by tomorrow," he thought to her.

Knowing that he was right, even though she didn't want to leave, she remounted and they left. They traveled all night. Jon had an idea where they could possibly be safe and headed for it. There was another Kingdom, beyond the great wood, that they had little contact with before. It was rumored that there were great and powerful magicians there and that was why no one had ever tried to invade them. Maybe there, he could find another magician to turn him back into a human. He had no doubt that the old magician had died along with all of the others. He had been exhausted after the transformation and the fact that he hadn't defended the Castle, proved that he had no power left. Jon looked to the future. He trotted on, as Anne dozed upon his back.

After several days travel, they broke out of the woods and soon came to a large town. They went into the town and reached the market. There were many stalls and Jon could tell that some of them belonged to magicians. They walk through the market for a while, watching the magicians, not knowing which one to call upon. As they watched, a woman brought a small child into the market, and Anne could tell that there was something wrong. The look on the woman's face was enough to know that she needed help. They overheard her plea to the magician. Her child had been attacked by a jackal, while playing in the yard. The child was hurt badly. The man didn't even ask questions, just performed a healing and took the meager pay that the farmwife could offer. They had found the person they needed.

The waited until he was packing up his stand for the night and approached him. "Sir," Anne addressed him," if I might have a moment of your time, I have need of your help."

"I am going home to eat," He told her. "Come with me. You appear to have need of a meal and we can discuss your needs." Anne led Jon forward and followed the man home. You may tie your horse outside and I will care for him later. Anne couldn't do that to Jon and told the man about him.

"Very well, we will see to him first and then talk." Sir," he addressed Jon," I think that you will be more comfortable in my barn. It has all that you need in that form and it is warm and dry. Is that suitable to you?" Jon was surprised to be addressed so, but nodded his head and followed him into the barn. It was all he had said it would be and Jon was given all of the feed he could eat. He told Anne to see to her needs and then maybe they could get the magicians help.

While she ate, the man watched her and that made her uncomfortable. He apologized and waited until she had finished, then asked her for her story. It took a while to explain what had happened. He was sympathetic and told her he would help if he could. They went back to the barn, so he could look at Jon again. After the examination, he sadly told her," I can't remove the spell. The magician who cast it was powerful and another magician can't remove it. Anne found, that this once more brought tears to her eyes. She wondered at this, then realized what it was. She loved Jon! No one had ever done as much for her as he had. He had sacrificed everything out of love for her. She had assumed that the change could be fixed, but now hope was lost. Jon hung his head. He remembered now, that the magician had told him, that only he could reverse it.

The magician sensed the turmoil and found that he wished to help. He told Anne and Jon," I may still be able to help, after a fashion. While I can't reverse the spell, I may be able to alter it. We'll see what I can do in the morning." They left Jon in the barn and went into the house, where he showed Anne into a room. There, she found a tub and water. This was truly a man that knew what a woman needed. Anne wanted a bath more than anything right now. He left her and she got down to business. After she finished, she was loath to put on the old clothes. They stunk! She found the clothes that the good magician had left. They were not the right size, but at least they were clean.

Clean for the first time in a week, Anne thanked the man and fell into the bed. Jon was already asleep in the barn. The past few days had taxed him more than he had known. Now that he was sure of Anne's safety at last, he could sleep. The next morning, they rose and went to the barn to get Jon. The magician said," I will try to help him. I hope it is enough."

He started the spell. Jon felt the now familiar feel of power being drawn. As the man touched him, the pain began. It was as if every thread of his body was being torn asunder! His head and neck was on fire! Jon felt his head start to change. The muzzle shrank inward and became a human face. Arms, with hands attached, sprang forth and became human shaped. His neck expanded and formed a human looking chest. Jon's scream, that started as a neigh, ended in a human scream. Then the magician gasped and the change stopped.

Jon walked over to the water trough and looked at himself. Now he had a human torso, sticking up from a horse body. His head was human, but retained touches of a horse. His ears, although they were in the right place, were still those of a horse. There was still a mane down his back! Jon spoke for the first time since becoming a horse," Thank you very much!" It was more than he had dared hope for. Anne however was disappointed.

"I know you did your best, but is that all you can do?"

"The magician told her," I didn't think that I could accomplish that much. More than that is beyond my powers and I am fairly powerful, if I may say so." "Jon is happy, can't you be also?"

Anne had found that she wanted to be with Jon. She couldn't be much of a companion to him, with him like this. She thought that she would only be a constant burden to him now. He was the only thing she had left in the world and she loved him. She spoke to the magician," If he can't be human, can I become like him?"

"NO," Jon yelled! "You couldn't do that to your self!"

"Jon," she replied," its not your decision." "You are the only thing that I have left. My family is all dead, my lands are taken and life as I have known it, is over. Can you truly deny me my only chance at happiness?" "I know that you love me and I love you too. This is no sacrifice for me. I want to be your companion for life."

The magician replied," This I can do, but it will cost you." "I will deplete even my reserves and will not be able to work for weeks, I need money to live."

Anne ran inside and retrieved her pack. She removed a sack from it and handed it to him. He heard a clink and smiled. He also went inside and came out with a staff. It almost glowed with power. "I have saved this for just such a purpose. I have hoarded power here for many weeks and you have more need of it than I do. Besides, you pay well!"

He bade her remove her clothes and began to chant. He drew forth the power from with in the staff. As the power built to a crescendo, he touched Anne on the head. Jon watched in wonder as her body shuddered and changed. She screamed as the pain of transformation gripped her. In moments it was over and another new centaur was born. Anne was now almost a perfect match for Jon's stallion. Her mare's lower body was the same color and shape, just slightly smaller. It was clear to Jon, that she was still gloriously female. He stared in wonder.

Ann didn't have as much trouble adjusting as Jon had. Within a short while, she had gone from walking, to trotting and to a full gallop. She was so happy, that Jon wondered why he had protested.

The magician had been watching from the house and there was a smile on his face. As the new creatures trotted up to him, he had some words for them," You are the first two creatures of your kind that I know of. You will be able to have offspring though. This is the good part of magic. Anything created, becomes a fully functional being." "I caution you though, you must leave here after dark and never return. The people would likely be scared of new creatures like you and might seek to do you harm. I hear tell of a land beyond our borders, that is deserted. This place you may be able to make yours. Now go! And good luck!"

He stood in the doorway, watching the new creatures as they ran into the night. He was glad to be a magician at moments like this. To be able to help someone, was the greatest reward that a person could achieve. He wished them well in their new life.

Jon and Anne ran, glorying in their speed. No matter what the future held, they had each other and for the moment, that was all that was important!


A Gift Befitting A Princess copyright 1997 by Tekwolf.

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