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Snake Boy

by Glenn Wesley

David sat naked in the makeup chair, his insides bubbling over with excitement. At last the moment that he had been eagerly awaiting had arrived.

It had been a couple of weeks before when he had first met his idol, the great Clint Baker, master of horror fiction. It was time for the local theme park to be casting the participants for their annual horror night. As usual, Clint had been called upon to design a new maze and insert his own wicked imagination into the festivities. David had read the call for young actors to be in the Baker maze and showed up, eager to participate. It was then that he was surprised to find himself being interviewed by Clint himself.

The interview had had a strange feel about it. David expected Clint to be distant, something he had come to expect from artistic people. He had also heard that Clint was gay so he was not surprised when he was called out of the line and asked to strip down to his underwear in a private interview with Clint himself.

What had surprised him was the care that the writer took in inspecting his body. Also, Clint had asked David dozens of probing questions about his private life. He had learned that David had been disowned by his family and had recently arrived in California. David had no girlfriend, or even friends for that matter, and was very free to work for Clint as long as it would be required. David had added emphasis to that part hoping that it would win him additional work with Clint, long after the horror event was over.

David, of course, had won the role. He was to be the "snake boy" of the attraction. He would have the obscured face of a man but his arms would be part of his chest cavitity, covered with scales and would work their way down to a coiled, though overly large, snake body. David had been warned that the makeup and latex applications would be extensive and that he would basically have to remain in some state of makeup for the few weeks the show was going on. David had thought that sounded exciting and was still amazed with the fact that he was going to work for Clint Baker.

So here he sat. He had taken off all of his clothing, as he had been instructed by the makeup man, and was sitting in the chair awaiting the first applications of makeup. David was 22 and very athletic. His scuptured body was taunt and his excitement could be clearly seen by his rapid breathing. He was again surprised when the door opened and Clint Baker entered the room along with the makeup man.

What followed was a long series of applications of makeup. The makeup man lovingly and with great craft began by covering the boy's body with a cold lotion that made it feel like it was throbbing and on fire. Every inch of his body was covered including his cock, which grew hard during the application, and his ass. Clint watched in with great intrigue as the boy's body with continued work, grew to look a little less human bit by bit.

With David's body throbbing with head, the makeup man next laid him down on a padded flat surface and began to apply a thick glue like substance between his legs and along his ribcage. It was explained to David that this substance would bind his legs together and his arms to his sides to begin to give him the appearance of a snake like creature. As his legs were pushed together David could feel the cold fluid cover both legs carefully and immedicately begin to lock them together. Similarly his arms were rapidly joined to his chest and David began to feel the strange feeling of transformation as his body movements were rapidly reduced to that of a snake. His fingers and hands and arms had become a part of his chest cavity and his legs and feet felt like a long tail.

He noticed that Clint began to sport an errection at this time. It was clearly visible through the writer's pants. He wandered why Clint took such an interest in this one makeup job but continued to feel pleased at the connection that he was forming with his mentor.

Next, coats of pain and individual applications of latex scaled continued. David felt layer after layer of latex and paint and other substances cover his body. Artificial fangs were added to his mouth and a latex hood was put tightly over his head to complete the look of a cobra boy. Finally David's body was lifted from the makeup room into the dark tent where the maze was taking shape. He was lifted into the waiting coiled body prop where final makeup was applied to give the appearance of one body, flowing from his head, to his muscled chest and ripped abs, now covered in scales, down to the coil of this body and tail.

Clint and the makeup took several steps back and admired the appearance of their new creation. They were both very obviously pleased with David's appearance. David for his part felt a little uneasy. He could no longer walk or move his arms. He could only thrash like a snake as he had been tightly bound in a snake like body. He was not able to speak as the thick latex mask had constricted his face tightly and his mouth was full of fangs. The only thing he was able to do is surge forward like a snake trying to bite his victim. As he made this motion repeatedly, the makeup man and Clint smiled at the athentisity of the motion. This was indeed the motion he was intended to do as the people came through the maze.

As if sensing David's discomfort, Clint showed up a few minutes before show time with something special for the boy. WIthout explaining it at length, Clint cupped David's mouth with a gas mask and instructed him to breath deeply. David was startled but noticed as the gas entered his body that he felt a warm tingling throughout. As his body was overtaken with the buzz and warmth of the gas, his mind relaxed and stopped the worrying. He no longer felt the discomfort of the makeup but began to enjoy the sensation of being a snake. His linear body felt powerful and strong.

Clint pulled out a syringe and before David could react, he plunged it deep into his shoulder. David could feel the rush of a hot substance enter his body but did not feel concern as he was still overwhelmed by a feeling of well being.

With that Clint gently stroked David's snake like body and left the room just as the first customers arrived. They screamed at the sight of the snake man and ran thorugh to the next room of the maze just as they should. Some stopped to look closely at David with pity in their eyes as if they believed that his was really some half man, half snake that they were looking at. No matter what the reaction, David continued to feel wonderful about his body and he gave them all a wonderful performance. He hissssed his snakelike sound and thrust toward each visitor as they arrived as if to bite them.

Mid way through the evening the maze was closed for a few minutes to give the performers a break. Clint arrived again and immediately put the gas mask up to David's face. David could not speak or even move for that matter so he relaxed and just took deep breaths of the intoxicating gas. He allowed the warmth and joy that it brang to penetrate every cell in his body.

Clint took the mask away and thrust a syringe deeply into David's shoulder as before. David felt the rush of fluid entering his body. He wandered what the injections were for but before he had a chance to puzzle long, Clint was gone and the unending stream of guests continued to parade past the horror of the snake boy.

David put more into his performance. He hissed with more revel and thrust toward them with great speed as they entered the room. It was as though his body was merging with the costume because David no longer missed his arms or legs but felt able to move in new ways with great dexterity. He really enjoyed the evening of entertaining and felt very liberated by the costume of the snake.

It seemed as though the evening had just begun when the last visitor came through the maze. After that David relaxed his body and thought about all of the fun that he had had. He was looking forward to getting out of the snake body and the makeup so that he could talk with Clint at last about his love for his work. It would be nice to get the fangs out of his mouth and the hot mask off his face.

A few minutes latter Clint and the makeup man arrived. They walked up to David and examined his face intently.

"Wonderful work, Matt," said Clint as he reached up and touched David's face. "The face looks wonderful. A perfect blend of the boy's handsome features and the new reptilian attributes."

David could feel the warmth of Clint's fingers as they ran over his face. It was as though his own skin was being touched. There was no mask in between.

Clint reached into David's mouth and wrapped his fingers around one of the fangs. He tried to shake them loose but they were permanently a part of David's mouth. David could feel the bone being shaken. "The fangs have merged with his jaw already! This is incredible!" said Clint.

David, in horror, realized what was happening. His body had merged with the costume. He tried to scream in horror but heard only a hissing sound escape from his mouth. He tried to pull his arms and legs apart, to break free, but felt only the thick scales of his body where they used to be.

Clint noticed the boy's terror and thrashing and looked down at him. "Just relax, David. It will take you a little while to get used to your new body but believe me, you look wonderful. Your hot, handsome body is now merged with a cobra's. You are wrapped in scales and able to move in wonderful new ways. I think you look incredible and you will always have a home with me, my boy."

With that Clint began to rub David's reptilian body all over. He stroked him to reassure him but also continued to study the work closely, amazed at the detail evident in the merging. His hands lovingly stroked David's chest. The shape of his pecs and nipples could still be seen but they were now covered with a tight, green set of scales. David's excited breathing was still evident as it made the scales swell up and down.

Day by day David let go to the horror that he had given up his human existence. He had given himself over to the master of horror and was now a transformed hybrid. He was a circus side show creature that would either frighten or give rise to pity all of his days.

Snake Boy copyright 2001 by Glenn Wesley.

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