The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex

Melissa's Change

by Ron L.

Miss Sarah Lawrence stood at the bottom of the stairs leading to the entrance to the local museum. She was counting heads as a troop of girls, aged 15 and 16, traipsed up to the museum. As head mistress of the `Holly Preparatory School for Girls', it was one of her functions to keep track of all girls in her charge. She took her job seriously.

The Holly school was a very exclusive school for girls from wealthy parents. The parents of these sweet young misses would not want their darlings lost or misplaced.

Prior to Miss Lawrence assuming leadership, the school had very serious discipline problems when under the leadership of the former head, a Mr Ted Foster. But once Sarah became the head, some nine months earlier, the reputation of the school had grown and none of the former problems had returned.

Sarah counted only 14 heads and she was becoming concerned when she heard the clatter of a pair of girls shoes on the hard brick walkway down the hall. Around the near corner came running the missing student, her skirts fluttering from the effort to catch up with the others. Her hair was bouncing in the breeze as she ran up the stairs towards Sarah.

Miss Lawrence smiled as she watched Miss Melissa Tucker try to catch up with her fellow students. Melissa was one of the brightest and prettiest students at the school, but she was a relatively new student and still needed to learn the school's routine.

As Melissa climbed the steps to where Miss Lawrence stood, one could tell that she was winded and flushed. Other than that, she looked much like the other girls already in the museum. She wore the standard school uniform of a white cotton blouse, short checked skirt, nylons and 2" heeled slippers. Her hair, a dark brown, was straight and of longer than shoulder length. It had two clips, one on each side, to keep her hair out of her face. The face was very pretty with a hint of makeup and with no visible blemishes.

Melissa was about 5'5" high and weighed slightly over 110 pounds.

"I'm sorry that I'm late, Miss Lawrence, but I still have difficulty with these shoes," Melissa explained in a soft soprano voice. Sarah could tell that Melissa was trembling slightly in concern about the consequences of her tardiness. Everyone knew that Sarah Lawrence ran a tight ship and would not allow discipline to wane.

But this time she smiled at Melissa and told her to hurry on to her class, but not to let it happen again. Relief was registered on Melissa's face at the reprise because she knew that she had gotten off light.

"Thank you, Miss Lawrence," Melissa said as she hurriedly continued to climb the steps to her class, "I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again." At the top of the stairs, Sarah watched as Melissa turned a corner. Her skirts waving back and forth. From the lower angle, Sarah saw that Melissa was wearing a white slip under her outer clothes and for an instant, she caught a glimpse of Melissa's blue panties.

With a slight smile on her lips, she turned her back on the steps and returned to the museum entrance to await the completion of the tour. As she sat in her chair, she began to think back to a year earlier when she wasn't the head mistress and things weren't going so well for her. Leaning back in her chair, she started to reconstruct the events that lead to her assuming her present position.

One year earlier, Sarah Lawrence was one of the instructors at Holly school and the Head was a Ted Foster. Ted was a slightly built college graduate who thought that his education meant that he knew better than anyone else about how to run a school for girls. His arrogance had alienated most of the teachers who were all women. In addition, the teachers though that it was somewhat presumptuous for a man to be assigned as head of a school for girls on his first assignment. After all, what did he know about girls and how to relate to their needs and problems. The instructors felt that the head of the school should have been chosen from their ranks. The final insult was to choose a freshly graduated male with a Phd in Psychology and Education.

From the moment that Ted first showed up, he and Sarah had butted heads. They were always at odds about some aspect on how the school should be run. More often than not, Sarah's position proved correct. But this constant in fighting between faculty and Ted proved disastrous as far as maintaining discipline amongst the girls. All in all, it was a horrible way to run a school.

As Sarah daydreamed, her mind went to the time when she and Ted had their final confrontation. She couldn't remember the exact situation or its cause, but it had to do with methods for punishing a student for some minor infraction.

Sarah remembered telling Ted that he couldn't punish the student as he intended because the girl wouldn't respond to that type of treatment. Ted rebutted that his schooling had taught him to react in certain ways in this situation and that was what he was going to do.

His response infuriated Sarah to the point that she made the fateful statement that he knew nothing about girls and he wouldn't and couldn't until he had walked in their shoes. A Phd in Psychology didn't prepare a man to know how a 16 year old girl thinks and it never would. He, of course, disagreed with her and a stalemate ensued.

Sarah remembered how, as she argued the issue with Ted, an idea came into her head. `If he could walk in their shoes'... On the spur of the moment, she made him a proposal. One to resolve the impasse.

"Listen Ted, I'll make you a deal," she stated, "You place yourself in my hands over the summer holidays and if you haven't changed your mind by start of school, I'll quit and I promise that all of the other instructors will give in and let you run the school as you wish."

His response was to ask what she got out of it. She stated that if at the end of three months he had changed his thinking towards her way of doing things, he would make her Assistant Head of the school.

"What will happen over the summer to attempt to change my opinions?" he asked. "Nothing much," she answered, " All you will have to do is attend a special school which will teach you the thinking process of teenage girls."

"I'm 25 years old and practically all schooled out. I'm not sure I want to spend vacation taking more schooling," he responded.

"Take it or leave it," was her only answer.

Reluctantly Ted agreed to Sarah's proposition since it seemed like the best method of getting rid of her and resolving his leadership role. Besides, he didn't believe ther was anything that he could learn from Sarah that could affect his concept of the job.

Six weeks later Sarah and Ted were travelling in her car to the Gemini School. She had picked Ted up that morning and she was delivering him plus two suitcases to the school for his 3 month course on how to run a school for teenage girls.

"The school is run by a Ms Agnes Hood," Sarah explained as they drove to the school, "She runs a rather unorthodox institution, but I can assure you that by the end of your stay, you will have received an education on the thinking and actions of teenage girls."

"Yeah, yeah," Ted replied in a rather disgruntled tone, "Save the lecture. I'm going on this little adventure just to quiet you women and consolidate my position at Holly." The rest of the trip was made in icy silence.

Genesis school was an old mansion located at the far outskirts of a medium eastern city. It was on a very large lot surrounded by lots of trees and water. As Ted soon learned, it was well guarded and it catered to a very select cliental.

Agnes Hood went well with her institution. She was tall and very dominating in appearance. Her stern look and icy demeanor indicated that she would expect complete obedience to her wishes.

The whole layout made Ted laugh when he first saw it. "It's all right out of a silly horror flick," he exclaimed, "She can't be serious. Besides, what would a dame like her know about teaching young girls? She'd probably scare them to death."

Ted and Sarah were sitting in the study together examining a pile of papers that Ted was expected to sign for admittance to the school. Sarah was ther to answer any questions while Ms Hood was away taking care of some business. The ream of papers seemed a lot for just a 3 month course, but both women had insisted that they were necessary. Ted was in no mood for reading a bunch of technical jargon, thus with a curse under his breath, he signed all ten forms and stuffed them into the manila envelope.

"Let's get the preliminary junk over with and get into the business at hand," he stated. "What is that?" Sarah asked.

"Tell me where I sleep and point me to the nearest bar," he answered in a masculine macho manner.

"Where you sleep is up to Ms Hood, but I can tell you that the nearest bar is about 5 miles away," Sarah explained, "Besides, it looks as if you could afford to lay off of the beer." "I beg your pardon, but my small spare tire is fine by me," he retorted.

"Yes, but on your 5'6" frame, it looks gross " she replied. "Ah, shut up," he replied, affecting a stance he took when people made fun of his height.

"Well, Mr Foster, I see that you have signed all the necessary papers for enrollment at Genesis. I'm sure that your experience here will be much to your benefit and more than you can imagine,"

Ms Hood stated after looking over the documents. "Yes, yes. You should know that I'm doing this only to settle a disagreement at my work. So what is my schedule and where do I sleep. I've had a long ride today and that drink of yours seems to have made me somewhat sleepy," he responded.

With a smirk on her face, Agnes told him that he would be informed of his routine later and that an attendant would be around soon to show him to his room. Once said, Agnes turned her attention to Sarah and the two women went off into a corner to discuss something privately.

Little did Ted realize that he was the subject of their conversation as he overheard small snatches of their conversation. Once he heard Ms Hood ask Sarah if she was sure of what she wanted. When Sarah replied affirmatively, Agnes asked if she was sure that the complete transformation was needed.

Sarah replied that she wanted the entire process since that would remove him completely from the scene.

Once Agnes glanced in his direction, then turned back to Sarah and nodded to her in the affirmative. and then turned back towards Ted. But Ted was starting to nod off on the couch.

The two women shook hands. The day had been too much for him.

Ted woke up in a rather drowsy state. His sleep had been rather restless. Opening his eyes, he noted that the room he was in was bright and cheery with sunlight streaming through a large window.

When he tried to move, he found it impossible to get up. His arms and legs were shackled into place by heavy leather straps.

His confusion at the situation quickly turned to anger as he realized the completely helpless condition that he found himself in. This was ridiculous and unacceptable. He shouted for someone to release him immediately.

It was two hours before someone came in answer to his shouts of rage. Agnes Hood came in with a smirk on her face and she asked what all the shouting was about. Ted began again to rage at her about being trussed to the bed and he demanded immediate release.

She ignored his protests, checked his bonds, then sat in a chair next to him and started to explain the situation. "Now Ted, calm yourself. This is part of the new training program that you signed up for," she explained. Ted would have none of that and demanded immediate release so that he could leave this school.

His shouting finally got the better of Ms Hood and she delivered a stinging slap across his face.

"You are hardly in a position to demand anything and you won't be for some time. Now there will be no further shouting or using abusive language. I expect complete cooperation from you in all future activities at the school. Do you understand?" Ms Hood instructed. Ted answered with more loud abusive language which was followed by two hard slaps across his face.

This trend continued until Ted was completely subdued and quiet .. along with having a very red face and wounded pride. With Ted quiet, Agnes began to explain the situation to him.

"Now Ted, you have enrolled in a school somewhat different than those that you are used to. This school teaches through experience. We believe that you will never really understand a situation unless you have been there... and walked in their shoes, so to speak. So there will not be much book reading while at Gemini, except those magazines specifically required, nor will there be written exams. You will be expected to obey myself or my assistants completely, no matter what is requested of you. Do you understand?" Ms Hood explained.

Meekly, Ted nodded that he understood. But in his mind, Ted was planning to escape this madhouse as soon as possible by any possible means. they couldn't keep him tied up forever, could they? The next morning, Ms Hood woke Ted from a restless nights sleep.

It had been two days since he had been able to move free of his bonds. He was getting very stiff. he knew that she had to free him soon.

Agnes approached Ted with a glass of juice and some pills. She explained that the pills were vitamins. After swallowing them, Ted began to quiz Agnes about being released, complaining about the stiffness in his joints. "Besides," he asked, "How is being bound to the bed going to help him in his schooling?"

Agnes explained that the bonds would soon come off as soon as she was sure that he wouldn't do anything foolish, like trying to escape. To insure that escape was impossible, she stated that all of his clothes had been taken by Sarah when she had left.

Hearing that news, Ted started to get mad again, but was easily subdued by a couple of resounding slaps across the face.

Agnes then produced a pair of scissors and began cutting away his pajamas. Ted began to panic, demanding to know what was going on. Agnes explained that his schooling would proceed without the use of his old clothes and if he didn't lay still, she might cut something other than cloth.

Fuming, Ted lay quiet while all of his clothes were removed via the scissors. Agnes gathered up the rags, then produced a syringe filled with a pale blue fluid. She inserted it into Ted before he could protest. He held still afraid that any movement would break the needle.

Agnes then explained that he could expect a similar injection at least three times a week. Ted was becoming very tired by this time, but he was confused. As he started dozing off, he asked Agnes how all of these events were connected with his education in running a school for girls.

As he started nodding off, he heard Agnes reply, "Why Ted, your education isn't concerning how to run a school, it is with understanding how and why teenage girls react the way they do.

You are going to learn why the act flighty, how they feel and think. since Genesis believes that experience is the best teacher, the only way you can learn these things is to experience them. The only way to do that is to become on. Ted, darling, at Genesis school you are going to become a girl. And from preliminary estimates, you will make a very pretty one too."

Fear rose up in Ted as he heard these words, but he couldn't respond because his eyelids were heavy and he felt so tired.

Just as he dropped off, he heard Agnes say, "By the time you leave Genesis school, you will be more likely to attend the Holly school as a student than to be its director. And your new name is Melissa!"

Ted woke with a head ache. The bonds were gone and he could move around in the bed. Was it all a nightmare? Was everything that flooded into his mind nothing more than a bad dream? He looked around his room and everything seemed normal. It was furnished a little feminine for his tastes, but not inordinately so. He started to get out of bed when he noticed that he wasn't wearing his pajamas. The ones he had on were different than any he owned.

The ones he had on had large red hearts all over.

Climbing out of the bed, he sat on the edge and looked around.

Still groggy, he tried to shake the cobwebs away and he felt his hair move around. Confused, he reached up to feel his hair when he noticed his hand. It was his hand, then it wasn't. his fingernails had been shaped and were polished a bright red. The other hand also. All ten toenails were similarly painted. This was crazy. Jumping out of bed, he nearly collapsed in a bundle on the floor. Just then Agnes entered the room.

"Good morning Melissa," she cheerily chimed.

"W..what is going on?" Ted groggily asked.

Helping him to his feet, she answered, "Why nothing dear. This is the first day of your training. You had us worried there. These last fourteen weeks have been touch and go."

"Fourteen weeks?" Ted asked in astonishment.

"Why yes dear. You have been under sedation for nearly that long.

But we were able to accomplish a lot during that time," she continued.

"A..accomplish a lot?" Ted again asked in a confused state.

"Yes dear. For instance, your nose and chin. You didn't need a lot of work, but the results are worth it," Agnes answered.

Ted's hand went to his nose. it felt strange. Not like his nose at all. It felt smaller.

"Then, of course, there is the electrolysis work, the weight reduction, the skin toning, the hormonal therapy, and the castration," Agnes stated matter of factly.

"T...the ca...the cas.. castration?" Ted repeated panic entering his voice.

"Of course, Melissa, dear," Agnes continued, "You couldn't go on carrying those things around. They would just get in the way of the other activities."

"Why do you insist on referring to me as `Melissa'?" Ted asked, "I'm Ted...Ted Foster. I came here for a course in school management. What's going on?"

"Of course you aren't Ted, dear. Ted died two weeks ago in a terrible car accident. It was in all the newspapers. His car went over the cliff into the Hudson river. His body was never found, but the authorities have officially listed him as dead.

They think that his body was taken to sea by the river. The poor dear," Agnes explained.

"This can't be happening to me," Ted cried out, "No...No..." He jumped up to break away from this nightmare and immediately collapsed onto the floor. He felt all weak and unable to stand.

Agnes held out a hand to him and offered to help him up. She explained that the past weeks of inactivity plus the weight lose resulted in his weakened condition. She said that he would soon get his strength back so that he could start his training.

Ted thought how strange his hands looked when he reached up to take hers for support. It seemed so much smaller than before and the long nails with polish.....

Using Agnes for support, he finally was able to stand up. It occurred to him that he was much shorter than her. That fact hadn't occurred to him when he first arrived at the school, but now it was obvious...Could it be her high heels? "Come little one," Agnes beckoned, "It's time that you see what you look like now." She led him to the vanity mirror.

The first glance didn't strike home immediately. Then after 5 seconds of looking at the two women in the mirror, he realized that the shorter, younger looking one was him.

"W..What have you done to me?" he cried. Only this time his voice broke and the last words were spoken in a high note. This surprised him even more. The sound of the high note was enough to break the camels back and he fainted away.

The next thing he knew, Agnes was leaning over him wiping his forehead with a wet cloth. "I must be dreaming," he gasped.

"No Melissa dear, it's all for real. You are well on your way towards becoming a girl. Now let's have another try at the mirror," Agnes stated.

He was once again led to the mirror. He saw a stranger standing next to Ms Hood. The person was a young girl. She had a head full of brown curls that framed her head like a crown. Her eyebrows were two thin crescents over large doe like eyes. The nose was small, slender, and slightly upturned. There was a trace of color on the lips. His body seemed much smaller, more fragile than when he last saw it.. And it was covered with a pair of cotton pajamas with the large hearts. The over all effect was that of a teenage girl.

Bringing his hand to his face, he felt his skin. It was velvety smooth. "The electrolysis was marvelously effective," Agnes commented, "The hormones plus lotions did the rest."

"I..I..can't believe it," was all Ted could say. Again his voice cracked. "What's wrong with my voice?" he asked.

"Nothing dear, it's just taking on a different timbre. Another two months and it will be a clear soprano," Agnes explained.

"But I don't want to be a girl. I'm a man..I'm 25 years old..

I'm a director of a school with a Phd," he cried.

"Not anymore. You are now a teenage girl. You are 15 years old and you would be more suited to be a student than a director.

AND your name is Melissa! you will answer only to that name, do you understand?" Agnes ended with authority.

"I don't believe that this is happening to me. I feel tired. I need some sleep," Ted whispered.

"Of course dear," Agnes answered, "But first let's change those pajamas. They are so.. so drab. And besides, you have been sleeping in them for a week."

So saying, she sat Ted down and started to unbutton the tops to his pajamas. She soon had the top part removed. Ted just sat there in a bewildered state, almost in a dream. He absentmindedly glanced down at his body when the pajama tops were removed. Breasts...he had breasts!! They weren't large, but they were there and the nipples were large. As in a trance, he reached up and felt one. They were real! Just then, Agnes returned with a silky pair of pajamas. "A cute thing like you should be wearing silky, flimsy things to bed.

Like this lovely pink baby doll pajama," she stated. So saying, Agnes lowered the flimsy garment over his head and onto his body.

The matching panties followed as soon as the bottoms of the cotton garments were taken off.

Agnes tucked Ted into his bed after freshening his lips with pink lipstick. Numb from the revelations of the day, Ted quickly fell into a deep sleep.

<HR> Sarah Lawrence was brought back to reality when her charges suddenly came down the stairs from their class. "Time to get back to work. The work of a school director is never done," she thought as the girls started filing out the front door.

<HR> A week later, Sarah Lawrence was inspecting the dormitories where the younger girls stayed while attending the Holly Institute. She went from one room to the next inspecting each for cleanliness and orderliness. In each room, she would tell the girls where improvement was needed.

In room 6A, she found Melissa and her roommate Gail standing by their beds ready for inspection. Each girl was dressed in her Sunday best since the inspection occurred just prior to sunday services. Melissa stood by her bed clothed in a pretty silk print dress that reached to her knees and no lower. Her legs were encased in sheer nylons and her feet wore white open toed slippers with four inch heels.

Her nails, both finger and toe, were neatly manicured and colored. Her hair hung to the middle of her back in waves with flowers at each temple. Her face was tastefully made up to match her ensemble. Everything about her was tasteful and proper.

As Sarah began inspection of the room, Melissa lowered her eyelids in modesty. Sarah had to smile at the incongruity of the bashful blush. Who would guess that this bashful lass, so prettily attired, was the director of this self same institution only one year ago. To have fallen from such lofty heights. From the authoritarian overseer of the institutions to just one of the girl students.

There was very little wrong with the girl's room, so Sarah sent them on their way to church, yet she couldn't get over the complete transformation that Ted Foster had undergone to become Melissa. How had it happened? <HR> It was two days after Ms Hood had first informed Ted of his new status. Ted, weak from the shock of the information, had slept for nearly 48 hours. Now he was sitting alone at his dresser looking at himself in the mirror.

"My skin is so smooth and my nose so small. How did they do it?"

he thought to himself. He had inspected all aspects of his body.

Everything Ms Hood had stated were true. Yet none but the castration and electrolysis were irreversible. If he could only reassert himself, he could win back his manhood and get his revenge. He had to be strong!! When Agnes came into the room, she found Ted in the act of inspecting himself. She had to smile because even she had been surprised at how well Ted had responded to the treatments. It would be hard to find Ted amongst the satins and silks, perfumes and makeup, curls and ribbons that would make up Melissa's life.

Ted saw Agnes enter the room and he decided that this was the time to reassert himself. When Agnes asked how he was feeling this morning, Ted turned on her and in as deep a voice as he could muster shouted, "This foolishness has gone far enough! I'm not taking it any longer and the `schooling' is over! My name is Ted Foster, not Melissa and I'm leaving this crazy place."

He jumped up and purposefully headed for the door. As he passed a surprised Agnes, she grabbed his arm and threw him onto the bed. Before he could respond, she had him over her knees with his pink nightgown above his head.

"So you won't be a girl, eh? You want to be Ted, eh? Well we will see about that," she shouted.

Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!! Ted couldn't believe it. He was being given a spanking.

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!! "Oh...Ouch! Please stop it," Ted cried, "It hurts."

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!! "Oh! Oh. Please stop!" Ted cried again, real tears falling down his cheeks.

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!! "Wah.!! Ah... Please stop. I'll do anything you wish," he shouted.

"What is your name?" Agnes shouted.

"M...Me..Melissa," Ted cried.

"What gender are you?" Agnes continued.

" can't say it," Ted answered.

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!! "No. Don't do it any more," Ted cried again.

"What are you?" Agnes asked.

"I..I'm...a...I'm a girl!" Ted answered.

"Again," Agnes said.

"I..I'm a girl," Ted returned.

"What is your name and sex?" Agnes asked.

"I'm a girl and my name is Melissa, Ms Hood," Ted answered.

"That's better. Now let's get you dressed for your new education. Ok?" Agnes stated.

"Yes, Ms Hood," Ted whispered in a light alto voice.

Ted climbed off of Agnes' knees and lowered his pink nighty over his red behind. Ted stood next to Agnes like the repentent young girl he now was. All signs of rebellion were gone for the present.

An hour later, Agnes walked out of the room followed by Ted who was wearing a navy blue miniskirt, white blouse, nylons, and matching blue slippers. His head of curls had been tastefully arranged with a blue ribbon. His makeup included lipstick which erased all signs of his former self. Ted was on his way to becoming a young girl.


Three months after the humiliating spanking from Ms Hood, Ted is sitting in the drawing room practicing her needlework. He is dressed in a peasant dress with a slightly scooping neckline and short puffed sleeves. The waist was gathered and tight about his tiny waist. The skirt flared out to hang loose about his knees.

The scoop neck of the dress revealed the soft flesh that was becoming Ted's breasts.

During the past weeks, as he dressed in preparation for his many lessons, Ted noted that his breasts were growing at a phenomenal rate. No longer the pointed peaks that observed after awakening from the 14 week sleep, they were filling out and taking on the shape of real womanly breasts. He now wore a B sized cup and Ms Hood had stated that she expected Ted to graduate to a C cup before long.

While practicing the needlework, Ted contemplated his position.

They were succeeding in their plan to change him from a 25 year old man into a 15 year old girl. The breast development proved it. But there were other signs also. He no longer rebelled when told to perform a task intended to reinforce his femininity. His voice was rapidly changing to a soprano, his weight was holding steady at 115 pounds, and his hair was growing at an unheard of rate. In the past two weeks it had grown an inch. It now fell past his ears.

If he was ever to be a man again, it had to happen quickly. He knew that his mind was changing along with his body. Rebellion was not in his mind as much as it should be. He was becoming more and more concerned with how he looked, clothes were important to him, he would spend hours thinking about what to wear tomorrow. He was enjoying reading love novels and teenage fashion magazines. Often when reading the magazines, he would look in a mirror and compare himself with the girls in the book.

If he saw a flaw, he would start removing the flaw immediately.

Nothing was to small a flaw to be ignored.

With these thoughts going through his head, he put down his knitting and decided that he had to make one last break for freedom and his lost manhood. During the days, the security was much more slack than during the evenings when his room was securely locked. Agnes obviously felt that her ward wouldn't try an escape in broad daylight when the only things he could wear were his dresses or skirts.

"I've got to try," Ted thought, "If I wait much longer, I won't want to go. They will have won because I would then really be the girl they are striving to shape."

With these thoughts, Ted got out of his chair and smoothed his skirts about his knees. His cleanly shaven legs were bare and low heeled slippers encased his feet. Looking in a mirror he carried in his purse, he saw that his hair was nicely set and her face prettily made up. He could pass as a teenage girl almost anywhere.

If he could get away, he was sure that he could get someone to help him get back to his apartment where he could prove his identity. Quietly tiptoeing through the hall, he saw Ms Hood working in her study and the rest of the household was working elsewhere. He could do it with a little luck.

Making as little noise as possible, he checked his purse, grabbed a light sweater, and slipped out the door of the estate. It was so easy.

There was a cool breeze blowing outside and it played with Ted's skirts. It felt good against his bare skin. This was the first time outdoors since he had arrived at Genesis school nearly 7 months earlier. Quietly he ran from the door, through the courtyard, down the driveway, and onto the highway. He was free! Now all he had to do was catch a ride to his old apartment, dress in his male clothes, and reassert his old identity. Then he would have his vengeance on Agnes Hood and Sarah Lawrence for trying to make him into a girl.

Ted didn't realize what an attractive girl he had become. It wasn't five minutes after putting out his thumb that a car came to a screeching halt. The car was a '57 Chevy and it was being driven by a 17 or 18 year old boy. Ted didn't give a second thought as to the affect he would have on such a boy. He had forgotten that for all intensive purposes, he was a 15 year old girl.

After climbing into the car, smoothing his skirts, and thanking the boy for stopping, he introduced himself as `Melissa' since the name Ted would hardly do under the circumstances. The boy introduced himself and asked Ted what he was doing hitchhiking.

Ted had to do some quick thinking, but he had a tentative plan worked out. He told the boy that he was on his way to the city to visit an uncle by the name of Ted Foster. While telling the tale, he thought of the strangeness of the circumstances. Here he was going to visit himself.

The boy was well mannered and after learning the address, he agreed to take Ted there. "What luck," Ted thought, "In a few hours, I'll be myself again."

The ride went smoothly with small talk between the two. Ted found himself making up a story about running away from home because his parents didn't understand him.

The boy was very understanding. He said that he lived with his parents, but they were gone for a few days on a vacation.

Ted found himself liking this boy and blushed when he thought that the lad wasn't bad looking either. He caught himself with these thoughts and told himself to stop it. He can't have thoughts like that. After all, he really wasn't a girl, but a grownup man.

Ted thought that he hadn't escaped any to soon. Agnes' plan was more successful than originally thought. He was actually reacting to this boy like a teenage girl would.

After an hours driving, the boy stopped the car in front of Ted Fosters apartment building. The lad stated that he would wait until `Melissa' had found his uncle. Ted protested, but the boy wouldn't change his mind.

Not having a key to the apartment, Ted knocked on the manager's door. Ted knew that the manager would never recognize him as Ted Foster, but he would tell the man that he was Ted's niece visiting for a few days and that Ted was not in right now. Once he got the key, he would tell the boy goodbye, go to his apartment, change clothes and onward to the lovely retribution.

Ted received the shock of his life when the manager told him that Ted no longer lived there. He had been killed in a car accident and his personal affects had been gathered by an aunt. Ted knew of no aunt that would claim the affects, then it occurred that Sarah would do that deed. He was told that a young couple now lived in the apartment.

Ted was devastated. Where was he to go? What was he to do? How could he get his old identity back when everyone accepted that Ted was dead? In a stupor, Ted wandered out of the building wondering what to do next. Even if he were to find some men's clothes, who would believe that he was Ted Foster? He was no longer alive and `she' didn't look like him.

Outside, the boy he had caught the ride with asked him what had happened. Apparently the look on his face told the lad that something was wrong. "He is gone. No forwarding address," was all Ted could say. Then he did a very girlish thing, he began to cry. Between sobs, Ted told the boy that he had no where to go and no money.

A few minutes later found Ted again in the boy's car being taken to his house for the night. It was a place to stay until morning when he could think straighter. The boy's invitation had come as a surprise, but it served as a quick solution to an immediate problem.

At the boy's house, Ted soon settled down in the large couch in the living room. The boy had built a large fire in the fireplace and the room soon had a comfortable feeling about it. He brought a bottle of wine and crackers and the two were soon engrossed in a stimulating conversation. Ted had slipped his shoes off and was enjoying twisting his brightly colored toes in the large, plush carpet.

During the conversation, they both dropped from the couch to the carpet and were sitting next to each other with their backs against the couch. During a lull in the conversation, the boy complimented Ted on his looks. Ted blushed at the compliment and thanked him.

Ted stared into the fire and thought of how odd it was that he, who was really a grownup man, could be flirting with a boy some 7 years younger than him. As Ted thought these disturbing thoughts, he felt the boy's hand on his knee. Ted didn't protest because it felt good and he felt that he owed the boy something.

A few minutes later, Ted felt the boy nibble his ear. Turning around to protest, he found the lads face was next to his, their lips practically touching. Rather than protesting his advances, Ted felt himself gravitating towards the boy.

"This can't be happening to me," Ted thought, "I'm a man, not a girl." Still his head continued towards the boys. Their lips met in tender kiss. Ted felt the rush of a warm feeling engulf him. Ted pressed his lips harder onto the boys. Ted loved the feeling. The boys tongue slipped between Ted's teeth and it was accepted. Ted was being kissed by a teenage boy and he accepted it like a submissive teenage girl.

Ted felt the boy's hand leave his leg and a second later it touched his breasts. He let it stay. The boy's other hand was on Ted's back pressing it to him. The lad's hand reached inside Ted's dress and cupped the right breast. A shot of pleasure engulfed him when his sensitive nipple was touched.

As if in a trance, Ted hand reached for the boy's pants and he felt the throbbing hardness of his manhood. Still kissing him, Ted undid the boy's pants and reached into his shorts. Ted felt his hard prick in his fingers and he gave it a gentle squeeze.

Five minutes later the boy was without any clothes at all and Ted was down to his panties. The boy kissed her breasts, making the nipple hard and sensitive. Ted stroked the boy's manhood.

Ted suddenly realized that it couldn't continue any further. If the boy removed Ted's panties, he would find something that he wasn't expecting. This made Ted extremely sad because he wanted to make love to the boy. Ted wanted him inside. But that was impossible. She also knew that she couldn't just end their love making now. Something had to be done! "Let me suck your prick," he heard himself say, "It's my period, but I can satisfy you in other ways." Somewhat disappointed, yet thankful for the good fortune that got into his car that day, the boy agreed to the request.

Ted slowly knelt in front of him and accepted his large throbbing prick into his mouth. Gone were thoughts of being a man. The only thought in Ted's mind were how he, as a teenage girl, could best satisfy his lover. He wanted to be the best lay that the boy would ever have.

As he knelt before the kid, sliding his lips up and down the slippery organ, he sucked and licked his balls with vigor. In keeping with this action, the boy swayed in time. Coming up for breath, he felt his breasts swaying beneath him. Glancing down, Ted noted how large and firm they were and how they moved with their motion.

After 15 minutes of this action, the boy gently removed his prick from Ted's mouth, picked him up in his strong arms and proceeded to carry Ted into the parents bedroom where he gently deposited him on the King sized bed. While being so carried, Ted noted the strangeness of the situation. He had both arms around the boy's neck, his right breast was crushed against his chest.

He carried Ted as if he were as light as a doll and yet in reality, Ted was 7 years older than he and a male too. "Yet..."

Ted thought, "I'm not a male...not any more. My feelings have changed. Emotionally, I'm a girl. I'm almost a girl in body.

Maybe Ms Hood has succeeded. Maybe I have really been transformed into a girl. Maybe I really am Melissa!"

When the both had climbed into the large four poster bed, Ted snuggled next to his lover. The lad's muscles made Ted feel secure. Ted loved the boy's masculine smell. Reaching between his legs, Ted again took hold of his prick. It had softened because of the break, but Ted knew that he could make it grow again, because he was now a woman.

Ted would always remember that evening as the night he became a female and a real woman. Early the next morning, before the boy awoke, he slipped out of the house. He caught another ride and returned to Genesis school. He had no other home. He was now a girl without identification, home or family. Only Genesis school could help him obtain the necessary attributes which would allow him to survive as the girl he knew that he had become.

Agnes Hood did not punish Ted for his absence since he had returned on his own free will. She did note a difference in Ted's attitude after his return. Ted wasn't fighting the transformation any longer. He seemed to take pleasure in each new feminine attribute he attained. Indeed Ted was becoming a perfect 15 year old girl. Ted Foster seemed to be a forgotten entity.


A month after the runaway incident, Melissa was in her room admiring herself in a full length mirror. She wore only a pair of white shorts. She was admiring how skin tight the shorts were on her hips. Obviously she had gained considerable size in the hips, yet her waist remained a 24 inch circumference.

Agnes Hood entered just as Melissa began to put on her size C cup brassier. Her breasts were full sized now. They were as large as she wanted them to grow. They were well shaped, firm and ther was a lovely cleavage between them. She knew that she couldn't go anywhere without a bra. It wouldn't be proper and she was a proper young lady. she wasn't going to let anyone think that she was a tramp.

Agnes didn't let her presence be known until Melissa had completed dressing. Melissa drew on a tight fitting tshirt over her ample bosom. "You are looking lovely today, Melissa," Agnes said. Turning around at the sound of the voice, Melissa blushed at the compliment.

"Thank you Miss Hood," Melissa replied in her clear soprano voice. Then Melissa reached up and casually brushed a few strands of her shoulder length hair from her eyes. Taking a hair comb from the dresser, she expertly inserts it to hold her hair in place.

"My hips have grown rapidly lately. I can barely fit into my panties and shorts. They are really very tight," Melissa stated.

"Yes dear, you are really taking on all the proportions of a girl. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a baby one day," Agnes replied.

Melissa blushed even deeper. "I'd love to become a mother, but I know that I never will," she replied. "Don't be so hasty," Agnes said, "First things first. You've still got one more piece of your male past to be removed before worrying about babies."

"Oh, Ms Hood, I so want to have the final change. I want to be a real girl. When will I be able to have a vagina?" Melissa asked.

"Well dear, there is a problem of cost," Agnes answered. "But Ms Hood, I had lots of money saved up from when I was Ted Foster.

Couldn't we use that?" Melissa pleaded.

"That's what has paid for your conversion so far, Melissa. Those funds are all gone," Agnes continued. Melissa seemed to go into a pout over this news. "Isn't there any way out of this predicament?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact, there is a way, Melissa," Ms Hood answered, "There's a wealthy woman who is looking for a daughter to adopt.

She has seen your history and is interested in meeting you. If she likes you and if you are will to become her daughter, she would be willing to cover all expenses towards completing your conversion to girlhood."

"Oh, Ms Hood," Melissa exclaimed, "Please do introduce us. I do?want to be a real girl now." "She will also solve another?problem that you have, little one," Agnes stated. "Oh, what?"?Melissa asked. "A guardian, of course.

Being only a 15 year old?girl, you can't possibly be sent into the world on your own. Also, you do need a last name," Ms Hood finished.

"Yes, you are right. I wouldn't know how to survive in the world now. And Ms Hood, I really am a girl now, believe me,"

Melissa confessed. "I do believe you, Melissa. Remember, I converted you," Agnes answered. Melissa blushed a deep red. She remembered! A week later, Melissa sat before her dresser mirror looking at her face. her hand shook slightly as she began applying shadow to her eyelids. "Stop it girl! You've got to stop shaking so.

It's important to make a good impression with Mrs Tucker and messy makeup will not do," Melissa thought to herself, "She simply must be willing to help me. I want to be a real girl so badly. And I do want to be her daughter."

After a few moments, Melissa continued her makeup. She finished it off expertly drawing her lipstick across her lips followed by a gloss for highlights. smelling the lipstick on her lips, she thought how wonderful it was to be a girl and be able to wear lipstick whenever she wanted to.

"I'm so happy that Sarah enrolled me in Genesis and that Agnes was able to so completely transform me into a girl. I know that I'm pretty and I plan to take full advantage of my femininity,"

she thought as she unrolled the rollers from her shoulder length hair. It cascaded about her shoulders in large curls. Brushing her hair brought out the highlights and it was easily styled.

Standing up from her settee, she inserted a red flower above one ear and a hair clip above the other. Walking to her closet, she removed a grey slim lined skirt and white blouse. She brought the skirt down over her head making sure that her pink slip remained smooth and straight beneath.

The feel of silk against her skin was a pleasure she found beyond belief. "Being a girl definitely has its benefits," she thought as she tucked her blouse into her skirt and fastened the buttons to keep it in place. Carefully she arranged the ruffles at the bodice to show her breast development to maximum effect.

"One can never advertize ones assets to much," she thought as she admired how her bosom protruded from her chest. "I'm so happy that I became a well developed girl. Real breasts can be such fun." Thoughts of the love playing with the boy flooded her mind. It made her nipples tingle in her bra.

At last she slipped her nylon encased feet into a pair of grey 4"

heels and slipped the tailored jacket over her shoulders. The jacket matched the skirt to provide a vision of a classy dressed young miss. Looking in her mirror, Melissa felt a shiver run the length of her body. "I look beautiful. I'm happy. I never, ever want to be a male again. I'd just die," she said.

A half hour later, Melissa is sitting in the living room awaiting the arrival of Mrs. Tucker. She is sitting on a settee, her long legs seductively crossed, reading the latest copy of Seventeen magazine. Suddenly the door opened and Agnes Hood escorted Mrs Tucker into the room. Melissa had developed a deep interest in fashions and was completely engrossed in her magazine when the two women entered the room. Melissa's skirt had ridden up slightly to show a peek of lace trimmed slip, but other than that, she was the perfection of teenage femininity.

Ms Hood introduced Mrs Tucker to Melissa and visaversa. Melissa immediately stood up and shyly extended her right hand. Mrs Tucker warmly accepted the hand. Agnes noted how lovely Melissa's thin, smooth, coral colored fingers contrasted with Mrs Tuckers older fingers. Mrs Tucker was forty years old and the real age between the two was only 15 years, but Melissa's treatments had been so successful that no one would ever know that a twenty five year generation gap did not really exist.

Melissa was completely taken with this nice lady who would be her mother. Mrs Tucker was fascinated by this lovely young girl who used to be a businessman. It was impossible to believe that Melissa was once a full grown head of a school. Her every action said teenage girl.

Mrs Tucker started the conversation by complimenting Melissa on her lovely outfit which was answered by a shy "Thank You". "I understand that you still have one remaining feature from your past," inquired Mrs Tucker. "Yes, I'm afraid that you are right, Mam," Melissa confessed as she nervously intertwined her fingers and bit her lower lip.

"Do you want that last vestige removed, dear?" Mrs Tucker asked while looking Melissa in the eyes. "Oh, yes Mame. More than anything else in the world," Melissa replied. "Why, dear? Don't you want a reminder of when you ruled the Holly school?" asked Agnes Hood. "Oh, no... that is all in the past. I'm a girl now.

I feel like a girl, I believe I look like a girl, and I have feminine needs that cannot be fulfilled as I now am," replied Melissa with feeling, "I do so want to be a real girl."

"But Melissa dear, you do appear to be a real girl. I understand that your breasts are real," continued Mrs Tucker. "Yes they are real," answered Melissa proudly, "But I will only feel complete when I have a vagina and can feel comfortable around other girls.

Also, I do hope to meet a nice boy someday and get married."

"Then you are ready to freely give up all vestiges of Ted Foster forever?" Agnes asked. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" replied Melissa, "I am Melissa now and I am a girl!"

"Then I think that we can come to an understanding, my dear.

Would you call me mother?" asked Mrs Tucker. "Oh yes, Mother. I would love to be you daughter," replied Melissa as she rushed into Mrs Tuckers outstretched arms.

Eight weeks later, Melissa Tucker and her mother are slowly strolling from counter to counter in the women's section of Bloomingdales. Melissa is dressed in a knee length floral print dress and is a youthful contrast to her mother who is dressed more conservatively in a dark suit. This is Melissa's first trip outside since returning home from the hospital where she left her male past behind forever.

"Oh, mother... I'm so excited. We've bought so many luscious clothes today. I'm so..o happy to be your daughter. No girl could ask for a lovelier parent. I do love you Mom," Melissa gushed. "Why thank you, dear. And no parent could ask for a prettier daughter. Then you have no regrets?" Mrs Tucker asked.

"Oh, no..none at all! How could I ever want to go back to wearing dreary tweeds when I can now freely wear these lovely frocks," Melissa replied holding her skirt between two coral colored fingers, "I do love the feeling of silk next to my skin."

"Speaking of silk, don't you think that we should be buying you some new nighties for your return to school?" asked Mrs. Tucker.

"Return to school?" Melissa asked with a puzzled look on her face. "Why yes, dear...Next month is September and you do have to go back to school to complete your high school education.

After all, you are only 15 years old and a sophomore," Mrs Tucker answered with a serious look on her face.

"Oh...I hadn't thought of that. Where will go?" Melissa asked.

"I've made all the arrangement," replied her mother, "You will be going back to the Holly School for Young Girls. Mrs Lawrence has already accepted your application." A shocked expression came over Melissa's face and the blood drained from her face.

The Holly Institute!! How could she ever go back there? She used to run that school, now she would be one of the students.

The shame! Melissa was about to protest to her mother, but one look at the determination on her face showed that protesting was useless.

"Now Melissa dear, what do you think of this lovely white Teddie?" Melissa's mother asked with satisfaction.

As Melissa held the lacy Teddie in front of herself and posed in front of a full length mirror, the magnitude of the changes in her body over the past 9 months became clear. She had been transformed from a successful man about town into a pretty teenage girl. Instead of administering a school, she was now attending it as a student. And most disturbing was the completeness of the transformation, for truly the person holding the Teddie was all girl.

Her nylon encased legs said girl, her ample bosom said girl, her lovely long hair said girl, her flawless face said girl, and her clothes said girl over and over. The clothes were not only feminine, but the way they fit her could only be accomplished by a girl.

A tear trickled down one soft cheek and Melissa agreed with her mother that the Teddie was lovely and that she couldn't wait to wear it that very evening. After all what teenage girl wouldn't want to wear such a lovely creation?

Melissa's Change copyright 1996 by Ron L..

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