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Coar (Dream Come True)

by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

Coar was a prince, third born and very willful. He had been told that to enter the Glittering Forest was very dangerous, if not deadly - and that went double when the three moons were in stepped-phase. Then, he had been told, there was created an opening between the world of Kingdom Tehnra and the realms of the Others.

Coar was as curious as he was headstrong, and he was very interested in seeing an Other. So, ignoring all warnings and prohibitions, he snuck out of the castle one night while the moons were in stepped-phase, Maith dominant.

The Glittering Forest was a stand of ice-trees an hour north of the Castle of his father King Tres of Tehnra. The odd, otherworldly, transparent trees were even more lovely in the multi-shaded light of the three moons. Coar roamed through the trees aimlessly until he saw a brighter glow which he followed to its source which was a circle of Others dancing.

They were beautiful. From tiny winged creatures flitting about to the beautiful human-sized females with their pointed ears, wisp-like hair, bare, violet-tipped breasts and lythe limbs. His heart and loins began to stir as the scent of the dancers flowed over him and when the eyes of the tallest, fullest breasted, most beautiful Other in the glade met his, his heart was lost.

With a tiny bird-like cry of fear, the light and the Others vanished back into their Realm. Coar echoed the cry as they left, and then stayed in the glade until the sun rose.

Coar made his way back to the Castle wondering what he was going to do now. He was in love with an Other, deeply and unmovingly so. After spending a day and a night trying to forget the elfin beauty and the way his loins stirred at the meerest mental glimpse of her ivory-shining skin, he knew he had to have her.

It took him three months plus a few days to find a solution. It took so long because he couldn't just ask what he wanted because of the laws about the Glittering Forest. He had to be circuitous about presenting his desires, feeling out how people felt about the Others and the Forest.

He was in the Library one day, doing some research in the Castle's collection of folklore, when he met Atchenra. Coar had seen the young man about the castle recently but didn't know him.

He was sitting at one of the massive reading desks examining one of the tomes that Coar had been intending to look at. The prince stood silently and watched the stranger by the light that shone through the tall windows. He was very handsome: tall (or so it seemed), slim, dark haired, fine boned, aristocratically featured. He looked like a scholar and Coar wondered just who he was.

Eventually he walked over to the seated man and said, "Hello. I'm Coar. Is that book any good?"

The young man looked up, startled, and then smiled. He knew Coar by sight: he had been shown all the nobility of court, especially the Princes. Coar was very much like his father the King and his eldest brother, Tanist Parah. He was of a height with Chen, with golden-tan skin, dark brown hair and a slim, hard body built up by long hours of swordplay, horse sports, and a general fitness program. His eyes were arrestingly green and Chen caught himself staring at that fine, handsome face.

He said, "Hi. I'm Atchenra, but almost everyone calls me Chen. I'm the new fourth assistant wizard to your father's court, fresh from the school at Benerath. I came here because of your Castle's proximity to the Tertiary Portal - what is called the Glittering Forest. You see, my main area of interest is the Others and I was sure that there would be lots of interesting data about them here. I was right and yes, this book is very good."

Coar had found his accomplice. Two days later he had sounded Chen out enough to present his problem to his new friend.

Chen was dubious about what Coar wanted, though. It took a little wheedling to get Chen to agree to perform the summoning required.

Coar fasted for three days while Chen prepared an old, disused audience chamber for the ceremony. When all was ready they began.

Coar stood within a small seven-sided figure painted on the granite floor. A larger eight-sided figure made from two squares set at an angle to each other and completely circumscribed was painted close to Coar's shape. Chen sat within a simple triangle, a brazier in front of him. Chen said, "Okay, Coar. Concentrate. Summon a picture to your mind and the magic will summon the Other to us. Whenever you are ready..."

Coar began to concentrate, summoning up an image of the beautiful Other with ease. As he focused on the image of his love object he felt his cock stirring somewhat within his loincloth. He allowed his hunger for the Other to mount, hoping it would aid the spell. Emotion was power, so Chen had said, and lust was a powerful emotion.

It didn't take long. A blue mist formed within the pseudo-octagon, seeming to fill it up as if it had three dimensions. Then, in the blink of an eye the mist vanished and there stood the Other.

Chen gasped with something more than awe at her beauty, but Coar was totally speechless. The ravishing beauty stared first at Chen, then at Coar, digging into their minds through their eyes, seeking and getting non-verbal answers to unspoken questions. Finally satisfied, she stepped casually out of the octacle that should have bound her and paced slowly about Coar, examining him minutely.

When she reached his front again she bored once more into his eyes for a long time and finally smiled. She leaned into his septacle and kissed Coar on the lips deeply and with lots of exciting tongue action. Coar's cock strained against his loincloth again and, as the Other continued the kiss, he came in his hose.

The Other finished the kiss and smiled, a smile that set Coar's cock to rising again.

Then she turned to Chen and said, "Know, mortals, that I am Flaer, a noble of the OtherRealm. I have been summoned for the usual reason. This time, I have found Prince Coar an acceptable candidate for my affections. But, there is a program you must both go through. Your part, Chen, is to make sure that Coar follows by instructions to the letter. The consequences to you both if either fails will not be pretty.

Turning back to Coar, she said, "Now, the rules:

"First, this vial \{which appeared in her hand from nowhere\} must be injested once per day. It will refill itself at the proper time.

"Second, this box \{which again sprang into her hand from nowhere\} contains pills that you must take two at a time, before each meal and before you go to sleep at night.

"Third, this jar contains a cream that must be massaged into your chest once per day. Use the whole jar each time - it will also refill itself.

"Fourth, this jar must be used to massage Coar to orgasm once per day: use it like the one for his chest.

"You, Chen, have joined yourself to the completion of Coar's quest. You must be sure that my strictures are followed: I shall know if anything goes wrong when I return in six months.

"One last thing: you are to procure the finest of silks, satins and velvets for Coar to wear and sleep upon. His skin will become very sensitive shortly and anything else will irritate it.

"Farewell, mortals. Six months until I return and Coar's dream comes true. Six months until I see you again, my soon-to-be lover. Fare well..." And she vanished.

Chen recovered first but he just stood and stared at the collection of magical containers that had been placed at his feet. When Coar was again capable of reacting, he asked, "What was that all about, Chen? All those pills and creams and stuff?"

"Coar...gods! Why didn't you tell me when you saw your Other?"

"Why? I didn't know it mattered."

"The dominant moon at the phase-conjunction controls where the Gate opens in the OtherRealm. Flaer is an Other of the Shades - an evil Other. Was Maith full that night?"

Coar, remembering the predominance of green in the triple shadows that night, said, "Yes."

"Maith is the key to the Shadow Realm. Flaer is evil - but we must obey her. She promised revenge if we didn't follow her orders."

"But what does she want? What will those things do to me?" asked Coar.

"I don't know, Coar. She wants you. I don't know what she plans, but she wants you. Don't you feel lucky? Your dream will come true." Chen's look was odd, disconcerting Coar. But it passed quickly and he stooped to gather up the things Flaer had left. "Come on, let's go back to your quarters and begin."

And so it began. Once back in Coar's room, Chen arranged the OtherRealm things on a low table. He then picked up the small glass phial and handed it to Coar, who nervously unstoppered it and drank down the thin but honey-tasting liquid within. He felt the liquid burn down his throat like raw liquor, hit his stomach and, after a moment, burst outward from there throughout his whole body, leaving a tingling in his toes, fingertips, nipples, and cockhead.

Chen noticed the glazed look in Coar's face after he was handed back the phial. He said, "I guess the pills will wait until even-meal, but perhaps the chest-cream should be used now."

For some reason, both of them assumed that Chen would perform the task of massaging in the cream. Coar, still a little dazed from the phial's contents, was able to remove his belt but had to have Chen help him off with his tunic. Chen lifted off the lid of the small blue jar after seating the prince on a bench at the foot of the bed. Scooping out a double-fingerful, he began to lightly rub the warm, greasy stuff into Coar's bronzed chest.

It took about an hour to empty the jar as instructed by Flaer. A few minutes into the massage, Coar was overwhelmed by the incredibly subtle and sexual warmth that penetrated his skin and through his body as the cream was smoothed on and, with a deep groan that Chen didn't know signaled another hands-off orgasm for the prince, Coar leaned back until he was half reclining on his bed, eyes closed and arms spread. He remained that way through the whole rest of the massage.

Chen wasn't sure just what Flaer had meant by 'chest', so he rubbed gently from Coar's collar-bone to the base of his ribs and from as far down each side as he could comfortably reach to the middle. Neither of them noticed the time that Chen spent playing with Coar's nipples - except for Coar's cock that is, which had already begun to rise after its auto-orgasm and which shot up to fully hard when Chen began in on the nipples.

Coar seemed asleep by the time Chen was finished, so he went to the water room to rinse the lilac-scented cream off of his hands. When he got back, Coar had levered himself back to a sitting position, his eyes still somewhat glazed.

Chen said, "I'll see the chamberlain about new furnishings and the Master Tailor about new clothes. It might take a while to replace your wardrobe without arousing suspicion, though.

"I'll be back just before even-meal. Um...bye."

Coar gradually recovered from the weird feelings that had coursed through his body and he went to the water room to bathe - he felt sticky, uncomfortable, but not at all ashamed that he had cum in his loincloth twice. He took a long, slow bath, idly fingering his still tingling nipples and stroking his cock lazily. When he heard the bells toll the sixth partition, he got out of the pool, dressed, and was ready by the time Chen knocked on his door.

The pills were small and had no taste or effect to compare with the other two items that had gone before. After even-meal, Coar and Chen sat up in the library, reading about the Shadow Realm, both looking for an explanation of what Flaer was after but not finding even a hint. The chambermaids had been and gone by the time they returned to the prince's room and now Coar's bed was attired in satin, with a velvet coverlet. Chen watched as Coar swallowed another pill and then seemed not to know how to proceed to the next part. He picked up the red jar, the last of the daily requirements, and eyed it with both unease and just a hint of eager expectation.

Finally, Coar took it from Chen and said, "I promise to use it properly, Chen. I know what it means to screw up. Don't worry." Chen smiled faintly and said, "I will see you tomorrow, Coar. Good night to you."

When he was alone, Coar stripped and glanced at the mirror on the wardrobe. He had seldom paid much attention to his reflection, but he knew from various comments that he was considered handsome. He liked his body - flat, trim yet well muscled. It did what he wanted it to, when he wanted it to, and it looked good too. His attention was drawn to his cock - nestled in its patch of brown hair, just beginning to rise a bit, his cock was a fine instrument - clean lined, circumcised (a custom among the nobility of the kingdom), think and long when fully erect: a hefty 9 1/2 inches long at maximum erection. His hand strayed to the rising organ and at his touch it began to rise even faster. He went back to his bed and propped up some pillows at his headboard so he could sit up as he carried out Flaer's last daily instruction.

Coar hadn't masturbated alone since he was 11. Shortly after he had discovered how good that hunk of flesh could make him feel, his next-oldest brother, Blaine, had taken him into the city to a cathouse and had gotten him de-virginized. Since then, nearly five years ago, he had had plenty of sexual adventures: as a Prince (even a third-in-line one), there was no shortage of partners to choose from. So, the delights of auto-eroticism hadn't been necessary.

But, like riding a horse, masturbation is never forgotten. So, the little red jar to hand, coar got situated to play with himself.

The cream in the jar was weird. It was super-slippery, providing excellent lubrication, but it sank in very rapidly so that he had to use alot. And, each fingerful changed scent: cinnamon, grape, cherry, apple, pomegranate, on and on. coar took his time to be sure he used the whole jar up - he wasn't sure he had to cum exactly when the jar ran out but, whether by luck or skill, that first time he did. A few after strokes and the last of the cream was absorbed - a short dip in the bath-pool got him cleaned up and ready for bed, very satisfied and very tired.

The next three weeks were just about the same. That second morning, Coar had risen and dressed, finding that his linen and cotton loincloths had been replaced by shiny, soft satin ribbons of cloth. Chen had arrived soon after first partition bells and thereafter they established a pattern: phial, pills, first-meal, exercise, pills, mid-meal, research in the library, chest massage, free time, pills, even-meal, entertainment, sleep (after a little solo groin massage).

By the end of the third week, Chen began to notice some changes. First, though Coar spent almost as much time in the sun as he had before the summoning, his skin was becoming noticeably paler. His hair was growing rapidly from his head, but under and on his arms and on his legs it was getting thinner. And, easiest for him to notice were the two slowly but steadily growing mounds on Coar's chest, centered under his nipples.

Chen didn't mention his observations to the prince for his own reasons. He was getting closer and closer to Coar, managing to spend more and more time with him in natural increments. He had a few goals in mind - his own 'dream', if you will - but he was prepared to explain his actions and attentions away by citing Flaer's admonition to him that he was to see that Coar followed her rules.

Beginning the fourth week, Chen began to step up his plans. He arrived early enough to help Coar dress in his new soft, satiny and shiny clothes. Coar didn't object to being seen nearly naked - he had only managed to don his loincloth by the time Chen arrived - and he seemed to enjoy being served by being helped to dress. That night, Chen managed to help Coar out of most of his clothes before the prince got shy and dismissed him.

And, during that week, Chen arrived earlier and earlier at the princes chambers so that by the seventh day Coar was still asleep when the young wizard entered his bedroom. He just stood there looking at Coar until the first signs appeared of the prince waking up, when he took up a 'servant' pose by the wardrobe.

Coar yawned and sat up, his satin sheet falling away from his chest. The lumps under his nipples were big enough to sag abit as he sat, and Chen had to suppress a shudder of excitement at the sight - and then another one as Coar got out of bed and revealed himself completely nude to Chen's eyes for the first time. Chen covered his excitement by acting the perfect valet, helping Coar into his clothes in as wooden, inhuman a manner as possible. After a moment of color in Coar's cheeks, the prince accepted Chen's help naturally and easily, much to Chen's surprise and glee.

That day was like all the others up until the very end. Chen stayed with Coar in his room and helped him undress as he had helped him dress - completely. Then, carefully watching the prince's face for any reaction, he said, "My Prince, may I assist you in your...pre-sleep activity?"

Coar colored slightly and looked at the floor. After a moment he raised his head and looked at Chen long and hard, obviously trying to decide. Chen, doing his best to look the impassive servant even while his heart was racing with anticipation, noticed out of the corner of his eye that the prince's cock was beginning to rise slowly which almost made him faint with joy. He wasn't at all surprised to hear Coar say, "Yes, Chen, you may." The royal prick was by then fully erect and throbbing.

As was Chen's, though the wizard's state was well concealed by the fact that he was still fully clothed. He hurriedly arranged a comfortable chair by the bed and then set some pillows before it. Coar sat in the chair, slightly hunched down so that his ass was very close to the edge. Chen took up his position at the prince's feet among the pillows, red jar close to hand. Taking a dollop of the chameleon-scented scream onto two fingers, the wizard began to masturbate the prince in a decidedly practiced way.

For Coar, who had become used to his nightly jerk sessions, having Chen's hand on his prick was both embarrassing and overwhelmingly pleasurable. He let himself go with the feelings now that he didn't have to remain enough in control to keep the massage going himself, and felt his whole body fill with pleasure from his strangely tingly chest (mostly the nipples, but also the whole chest area) to the tips of his toes, from his scalp back to is cock. Finally, his 'self' just floated away into a realm of soft lights and naggingly familiar but unintelligible words that felt as good to his mind as his friend's hand on his cock felt to his body. The lights and words, which became scents and tastes, got more and more pleasurable until finally, in concert with his body's orgasm, his 'self' overloaded on the sensations bombarding it and he passed out.

Chen cleaned up the unconscious prince and put him to bed. Once the sheets were pulled up, he bent down and kissed Chen on the lips with just enough tongue to wet them a bit. Smiling, he went back to his own room and jerked himself off to relief.

Two more months passed in this new pattern. Every morning, Chen dressed Coar and every night after undressing him, Chen masturbated the prince into oblivion. And Coar changed apace.

The morning of the first day of the fourth month began as usual. Chen awaited the prince's wakening in silence. When Coar sat up and yawned, Chen saw his beautiful breasts bobbing slightly, as full and taut as those of any teenaged girl. They measured (at last try) thirty-two inches, a measurement matched by his hips - his waist was a mere twenty inches - and they were capped by lovely little cherry-nipples. There was no way that Coar could miss those hills on his chest, especially during his daily chest massage, but somehow he didn't seem to notice anything odd about himself.

The prince stood up and Chen took in the whole body. It was uniformly pale and creamy of skin. His hair was down to mid-back, but it was almost gone from under his arms and around his cock, and it was completely gone from his arms and legs. His musculature had faded into softness and a totally non-masculine roundedness - he now looked very feminine, and beautifully so.

It was getting harder and harder for Chen's illusions to keep up the image of the old prince because it wasn't only outwardly that Coar was changing. The old 'look' was easily enough done, but the prince's mannerisms were becoming as feminine as was his body - the way he walked and talked, moved his hands, sat, on and on. Chen decided to convince the prince that they needed to leave the castle for an extended vacation.

Coar's wardrobe had also changed. Not just into soft and fancy fabrics but also becoming more and more feminine, more frilly and lacey, showing (to Chen and Coar only) more and more of the prince's female form.

Chen helped the prince dress as usual and they began their daily routine. Near mid-meal, Chen suggested implementing their contingency plan. They had decided some time ago that if it became necessary to leave the castle, they would be able to go to the family's mountain house, which wouldn't be in use at this time of year. The prince's offhand response was, "If you think we should, Chen honey. When?"

Coar's speech patterns and his voice itself had become more feminine too, as had his whole personality, evinced by his deferring to the wizard to make the decision. Chen took him back to his room to help pack - he told the prince that they would leave as soon as possible.

By sundown of the next day, Chen and the prince had relocated to the isolated mountain house the royal family maintained. The move had been exhausting and it was all Chen could do to perform his last chore of the day for the prince. The move had been made both because it would be easier to hide the changed in the prince and because it afforded an opportunity for Chen to further his plans. But, he was too exhausted to begin that furtherance that first night.

So, he began the next day. Present as usual in the prince's bedroom to help with dressing, Chen had prepared an outfit specially prepared for the occasion: it covered very little save some chest and some hip. Coar seemed to be very taken with the odd fashion - he pranced around the room showing off his provocatively clad body, much to Chen's delight.

They spent the morning touring the house. Coar gushed over the way it was decorated - so feminine and lovely. Chen, who had ordered the changes, grew more and more excited - his expectations were being met at every turn, and he was sure that his plan was going to work.

Time came for the chest - now breast - massage and Chen could barely contain himself. It was easy to get Coar to undress completely and the prince didn't make any objections - not even a blush - as Chen got naked too, though he never had before. In fact, Chen thought he noticed Coar's eyes on his finally revealed cock, which had risen quickly to its 9 inch length.

Getting out the jar of breast-cream, Chen sat next to Coar on the bed. Gently, he began rubbing the cream into Coar's nicely soft and full tits. First he used just one hand, alternating between breasts. Then he began to use both hands, leaning over Coar's softly rounded and smooth stomach to reach both breasts properly. By the time the jar was about half empty, Chen had worked himself up to taking the next step. So, when he scooped out the next wad of cream he returned only one hand to Coar's chest and, being as casual as he could, began to use the other hand to stroke the prince's cock. Coar was long since in bliss-heaven, so he didn't even notice the liberties the wizard was taking, nor did he notice when Chen took one of his hands and wrapped it about his own throbbing prick. The hand didn't stroke but it felt just fine clasped warmly around Chen's cock.

Chen continued his dual massage, briefly wondering just what this unauthorized use of Flaer's jar of cream would do. But it felt just too good to be stroking Coar's nice, large cock and growing breasts at the same time. The jar got emptier and emptier, with far more (by design) going to Coar's bust than cock. And, as the jar was scraped clean Chen's hand sped up on the prince's cock and it gave forth with its juices. Chen cleaned that hand with his tongue (and not for the first time, either). Coar's cum tasted as good as ever - sweet, thick, filling.

A towel cleaned up the rest of the mess and then, when Coar recovered, a bath for them both in turn. Chen dressed Coar again in his skimpy clothes, staying naked throughout. His cock still drew the prince's attention - fortunately Chen wasn't in any shape to get hard just then (just a few strokes after the prince had come and he came too), so nothing further developed just then.

Once Coar was clothed, Chen took up one of Coar's loincloths - a velvet blue one - and wrapped himself securely into it. Then he took Coar into the library and they began to go over the books the family had collected there. They spent the rest of the day in the library, taking time out only to collect their meals from the kitchen and returning to the library to eat. When it grew late enough, they retired to Coar's room to ready the prince for bed.

Chen stripped first and his cock popped out, fully hard. Then, deliciously slowly he disrobed Coar and placed the prince on the bed. Instead of then taking his usual place on the bed at Coar's waist facing the prince's feet, Chen this time got fully on the bed, settling down between Coar's legs with his head at Coar's crotch. The prince looked at him strangely but didn't protest.

Chen began masturbating the prince as normal - one handed, evenly stroking. It again took Chen a while to work up the courage to change the routine further - he was fairly certain of the prince's reaction, but he was still worried about Flaer's rules and how what he wanted to do might affect or be affected by them. Finally, though, he decided to do what he thought best for both himself and the prince and hope that Flaer's plans weren't disrupted by his actions.

So, once Coar's cock was hard and throbbing and fully coated with the cream, Chen hitched himself up a bit and touched his tongue lightly to the smooth and shiny pink head. The cream tasted like it smelled - grape, at the moment - and, glad that it didn't taste horrible, he began to increase the tempo of his oral ministrations. Before long, he had his mouth over the cock, feeling the hard yet soft length between his lips finally!

He continued to add cream as he sucked, taking more and more of the hard length into his throat. This wasn't the first cock he had ever sucked, but it was by far the longest. He had a little trouble getting it into his throat but he really wanted to take the whole thing so he managed it. The cream changed flavor as it change scent, even in his mouth and down his throat, producing an odd but pleasant effect.

His hands kept working with his mouth, massaging the prince's groin, pubic hair, thighs, balls, as much of the cock as was available, and, eventually, around and into the prince's asshole. This produced a startling reaction from Coar - he almost screamed, but the sound was pure pleasure and his hips began hunching onto the probing finger. Chen smiled around the prince's big boner.

When the red jar was empty Chen continued to work, massaging Coar's cock with his mouth, tongue, and throat. Not long thereafter, Chen took the prince's load hungrily into his mouth and despite the fact that it was rather copious, he swallowed every drop.

The prince was fully unconscious by the time he had cum, so Chen carried him into the water room to clean him up. He then put Coar to bed and crawled in after him, nestling up to him, his front to Coar's back, hard cock between the prince's asscheeks, hands on the prince's tits, and fell asleep.

They both woke up at nearly the same time and Chen was pleased to feel Coar snuggle into his arms, wiggling his ass over Chen's cock and pressing Chen's hands into his breasts. They stayed like that for a few drowsy minutes before Chen said, "We must rise, my lord." With no more prodding than that, Coar got out of bed and went into the water room to freshen up. Chen was surprised - he wouldn't really have minded a few more minutes by any means.

He got up too and returned to his own chambers to bathe and refresh himself. He returned swiftly enough that the prince was just leaving his own bath and proceeded to dry and dress him while remaining naked himself. When the prince was ready, he donned just a soft loincloth and they began their day.

Several hours, the pair had returned to the prince's chambers for the daily chest massage, which began like the previous day's ritual - both were naked, and Chen quickly coated both breasts with the cream and began almost immediately to split his attentions between the chest and groin of the prince. When the prince's cock was quiveringly erect, however, he stopped pulling on it and instead straddled Coar's narrowing waist, facing forward, and continued to massage the prince's breasts while easing his own hips back until they came into contact with the prince's cock.

He stayed like that for a while, just in contact with the prince's cock, but finally couldn't stand it any more. He raised his hips and used one hand to aim the prince's cock at his asshole. He lowered himself carefully down until the two pieces of anatomy came into contact then, with practiced ease, he settled himself onto the massive pole of the prince.

Both men cried out as the prince's cock speared up into the wizard's bowels. Chen loved the way that his ass was stretched by the prince's pole which was, again by far the largest thing he had ever taken into his ass. And Coar, having been pushed to the edges of pleasure overload (an increasingly easy thing to do to him), felt the friction and pressure of Chen's ass around his cock without knowing just exactly what was going on and passed out from the pleasure.

But, his dick didn't go down and Chen began to pump wildly on the meat while keeping his hands in motion on the prince's lovely breasts. He pumped and bucked and held himself back until the jar of breast cream was empty before letting loose and really fucking himself until both he and the prince came together, his own cum trapped in his hands and swiftly swallowed.

The prince didn't wake up until they were both cleaned up and Chen had put him back into his brief clothes. When he did he asked, "Chen, hon, what were you doing to my cock when I passed out?"

Chen hesitated only a moment before replying, "I...I was sodomizing myself with it, your highness."

"Did it feel good?"

"Yes, Coar."

"Would...could you do it for me tonight, please?"

"Mmm...If you are sure, yes."

The rest of the day couldn't go fast enough. Chen's constant hard on was even harder in anticipation of actually getting to fuck the prince at last. In everything they did, Chen's hands were constantly on Coar, touching and stroking, keeping them both excited.

Finally the "time" arrived. They were both naked a second after they entered Coar's bedroom and both cocks were throbbing and ready.

Before they got to the bed, though, Coar turned to face Chen. He put his hands on Chen's shoulders and kissed him. Then he went to his knees and took Chen's cock in his hands. With more than enough enthusiasm to make up for his lack of experience, the prince began to give the wizard a blow job.

Coar's mouth was soft and wet with a strong and agile tongue and throat muscles that had no trouble accepting Chen's cock as far down as it would go.

Chen braced himself on the soft shoulders of Coar and let the feelings wash over him. Coar wasn't an expert, but what he was doing still felt good - and not even that much like a man, though that didn't have anything to do with Chen's enjoyment. The wizard moaned as his cock and balls were stroked by soft, sensuous hands, by a wet and willing mouth, and by a strong and accessible throat. It took a while (because Chen tried to hold back) but finally he came a bucket full down the prince's throat. Coar didn't miss a drop.

Smiling radiantly, Coar looked up into Chen's face and asked, "Did I do it right?"

"Coar, that ton of creme you swallowed is absolute proof that you did it right. Thanks, it felt very good." Chen stroked Coar's now rather long brown hair for a bit, staring into the prince's emerald eyes. Then, drawing him to his feet, Chen kissed the prince after enfolding him in a tight, warm embrace. After luxuriating in that comfort for a bit, Chen lifted Coar easily and set him down on the bed. He fetched the red jar and began to stroke the prince's cock in their nightly ritual.

He was soon ready again and he used another gel he had retrieved with the jar to lube his own cock and Coar's ass. Then, still stroking the prince's cock, he eased himself into the prince's body.

Coar, as easily excitable as usual, nearly swooned the moment Chen's cock first entered him. There was no pain associated with the breaking of his anal cherry - there was just too much pleasure being generated in his body. The wizard's pole pushed into him, making him feel pleasure from a different source than he ever had before but like there was a need now being fulfilled at the same time it was being revealed: a real and pressing need to be fucked, to feel his body being filled by another. And, being filled it was.

The session stretched on and on, Chen's skill keeping both from cumming even after the red jar was empty. However, the pleasure eventually built past the point of withstanding and they came shatteringly together.

That day began a very happy time for the two friends become lovers. Day by day, Coar grew more and more feminine - his hair growing, his breasts and hips swelling, his waist shrinking. The lines of his face altered and his arms and legs grew leaner and more shapely. One odd thing, though - while most evidences of his maleness were vanishing, his cock actually grew by about 3/4" a month. Chen assumed that this was because of the way he had been splitting the breast cream lately.

The two continued wearing very little, doing their best to wear as little as possible without going around completely naked. And their lovemaking sessions branched out from happening only during their rituals to many times during the day. They became, in all ways, like young lovers - not just sex-partners, but really in love. They had almost forgotten Flaer and had forgotten to keep track of the time totally.

One day they were in the library using one of the tables there as a fucking platform. Coar was on his back and Chen was between his legs doing the active part of the act. They were about ready to cum together when there was a tinkling that filled the room and - Flaer stood by the table.

She took in the action and frowned. "What by the Darkness is this? I lay an obligation on a wizard to turn a prince into a prince-ess and I return to find them fucking like a couple of perverts! Wrath of Gellat! Chen, you will pay!" She reached out and touched Chen's back and he was instantly transformed into a large wolf, though he was still fucking the prince. Automatic motion caused the wolf to continue until it had cum, and then it leaped off the table.

Flaer looked at Coar and the changes in his body, especially his almost 13 inch cock. "Well, he did well enough. Coar, you will serve me for the rest of your days, do you understand?"

Coar said, "Yes, mistress."

"Good. Come, we return to my realm now."

The three of them vanished, never to be seen again among men. Coar became Flaer's handmaiden-with-a-difference and served her well. Eventually, as a reward, Flaer returned Chen to his human form (though he ever after had a wolf's tail). And, though Coar was at his mistress' beck and call, doing everything he was asked/ordered to, still he and Chen shared something special and continued to be lovers until the day of their deaths, which was long after the normal life-span of a human should have taken them, and no age did they show until the day they passed on, either.


Coar (Dream Come True) copyright 1996 by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr.

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