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Male Statue Wanted

by Anonymous

I had always been a bit of a dirty little bugger. Not unclean, dirty minded. I had the biggest porn mag and video collection you have ever seen and all of it was well worn. Being human though, I was always on the look out for something new.

When I saw the statue I just had to have it. She was a Honey. A drop dead figure standing there, legs slightly parted, with her arms around an invisible lover. Her crotch was pushed slightly forward like she was rubbing it against her lover. Even just looking at her beautiful face was getting me hard, but the curves and especially the breasts with their perfect shape and erect nipples was the real show stopper.

Entering the shop I quickly bought her. As I did the lady shop assistant commented that she felt it was such a shame that the second figure wasn't with it. My heart leapt at the thought of two of these lovely ladies, but unfortunately the old bag was talking about the missing male partner for this one. She was convinced that a male statue to match this one existed and had been trying to find it for years. Finally giving up and selling the female statue on its own.

I arranged for delivery that afternoon and, grateful to get away from the nutty old bag, I left and headed back to work.

The afternoon dragged interminably but eventually finished and I headed home. There, as promised, was "Candy", my new statue. She was even hotter than I remembered and my heart raced at the thought of having this life sized naked woman added to my collection. I quickly got changed and proceeded to drag her inside.

It was hard going, as small as "Candy" was (about 5'5"), she still seemed to weigh a ton and it took nearly an hour to get her into the lounge. Once I had recovered from the exertion I had some dinner, pulled the curtains, and settled down to watch some TV.

I suppose it was about 10pm when I couldn't resist the temptation. I slipped over to "Candy" and started to run my hands over her luscious curves. She was made of polished marble which gave her an illusion of smooth feminine skin. As I looked closer I was amazed at the detail in her. She was so life like you could swear she was a real woman turned to stone.

By now I was very horny and, stripping naked, I started to slowly stroke my cock while running my other hand, and my eyes, over her form. It was at this time I discovered the true degree of detail the artist had gone to. Running my hand down to her thrusting crotch I discovered she had a vagina! Well, a hole in the right place anyway. This was something I wanted to take advantage of, even if it was cold stone.

The problem was the arms. The rigid circle they formed in front of her prevented me getting close enough. There was only one thing for it, I had to get inside their grasp. Crouching down I reached my arms up through them and tried to slide in. It was just a fraction to tight. After a moments thought, I grabbed some massage oil from the bathroom (part of my "hope" collection for the babe I "hoped" to bring home one day) and oiled my upper arms and chest as well as "Candy's" arms.

As I prepared for a second attempt, I realised that once in I wouldn't be able to get my cock into her "vagina", so I oiled both our crotches as well.

By now I was so horny I couldn't have cared if someone had walked in on me, my all was focused on the fun to come.

Crouching I slipped one arm through her arms and held her neck, with the other hand I slipped the tip of my cock into her, almost losing control in the process, then, careful that my cock didn't slip out, I started to squeeze my other arm and shoulders though her arms. If I had had my wits about me I probably would never have done it, but as I said I was beyond that. I almost lifted her off the floor but I managed to get into her arms.

The feeling as my cock slipped completely into her was exquisite and I tensed, holding myself still to prevent me coming to quickly, I wanted this to last. It didn't however as the temptation became to strong and I started to pump into her, coming almost immediately.

As I stood there, arm in arm with her, knees bent and spread either side of her, and my spasming shaft buried deep inside her, I suddenly became aware of strange feelings starting to build inside of me. It was a tingling that started in my cock and then grew, spreading though my entire body. I didn't know what it was but it was scaring me badly.

I tried desperately to slip out of her arms and her "vagina" but her grip was too tight and my cock was still to hard to get it get out of her without getting out of her arms. As I started to panic everything became a bit of a blur. I guess I must have put to much weight in the wrong place and I vaguely remember her toppling forward on to me.

Her head must have banged into mine as we hit the floor, because I blacked out. I still don't know how long I was out, but as I came round I was lying on my back trapped underneath a very heavy stone statue.

I couldn't move at all and the position I was in prevented my seeing anything but the statues shoulder and the side of its head, so I had to examine my position and health by the sensations of my body.

One plus I noticed immediately was that I must have got out of the grasp of the arms at the last moment as I could feel them around my shoulders now, hence my lack of ability to look down my body. Because of the position I had been in during the fall, my legs were spread either side of the statue and a quick flex of them showed that they and my spine were undamaged. The weight of the statue on my crotch was very uncomfortable and I tried to ignore it by moving on to checking my arms. Moving and flexing them I confirmed they were OK. All right now to get out from under the statue. I tried to lift the statue. It seemed even heavier than before from this position and I got nowhere. I was going to have to roll it off me. Not something I liked the idea of doing to my leg but I had no choice.

Steeling myself I pulled my leg as close to the statue as possible and pushed mightily on one side. It moved quite quickly once it started and I wasn't surprised by a pain in my crotch as it pulled me with it. What did surprise however the location of the pull. It was inside me not inside her!

As I recovered I looked at the statues face. It had changed! The obvious masculinity of its new features dawned on me and once again I "felt" my body with my mind. My shock built as I first felt the way my nipples brushed on the statues chest, even though I was raised several inches above it, and second... I didn't even want to think about the sensations in my crotch.

I tried sliding down to get out from under the statues arms and was stunned by the incredible and totally foreign sensation of something being thrust hard and deep into my belly. This was almost instantly topped by sexual tingles firing through me as my crotch ground into a part of the statue that shouldn't have been there!

By now I had reached the obvious conclusion but it was so shocking I had to check using the only means available me. I reached behind me with one hand to feel what the obstruction was. Even before my hand reached my crotch I noticed that my bum felt very full, protruding out further than it had before, and the now smooth skin had a deep feminine softness.

All I actually did of course, was confirm that the statue was indeed now completely male and I was totally female. Sliding my hands over more of my body revealed, what felt like, ENORMOUS breasts and nipples (although I suspected that my new, small and delicate, hands were responsible for them feeling so big). My nipples responded to my examination by stiffening and I discovered that their size made them easier to play with, I wondered if that was why they seemed so much more sensitive.

Renewing my efforts to get free, I tried to wriggle my head out from the statues grasp. Panic started to set in as my struggles proved to be in vain and the sensations of the marble cock in my vagina, and the pressure on my clitorus, continued to drive home my new femininity.

With a major effort I relaxed and tried to think. My first thought was that the woman in the shop was going to get the male statue she wanted. It seemed so ludicrous a thought I couldn't help laughing. What came out was a feminine giggle which immediately sobered me up.

Thinking more logically I realised that the change had commenced when I orgasmed inside the statue. Perhaps if I could have another orgasm with the statue I could reverse the effects. If it worked it would avoid waiting for help and a very embarrassing rescue as well as the more important factor of not having to going through life as a woman.

Raising myself up, so my nipples rubbed lightly on the statues chest, I started to use what little movement I had to pump the statues cock in and out of my new vagina. Also managing to rub my clitorus against it. The effect, while sexually exciting, did not achieve that deep excitement that leads to orgasm. I started to wonder whether my male mind would allow me to get off on the sensation of being fucked by a male statue.

I persisted out of desperation and after quite some time, without consciously deciding to, I closed my eyes and started to fantasise that this was flesh and blood between my legs, pumping into my sex, and it was a hairy chest tickling my nipples. That marked a cross over point and I lost control to my lust. A new deep arousal flowed through me and soon developed to the deepest, most satisfying, orgasm I had ever experienced.

As the orgasm flowed through me I collapsed with my cheek against the statue, my hands behind it's shoulders and my legs gripping its legs, crushing myself into it as the orgasm continued to roll through me. As incapable as my conscious mind was of doing anything else, a piece of me was elated to note a tingling building inside me. Starting deep inside me, at the entrance to my womb, and spreading throughout my body.

The piece of me that was free of my still orgasming body, wondered whether I would regret only experiencing one such orgasm as blackness again claimed me.

Weeks later, as the woman in the shop finished adjusting her display, she wondered whether she had done the right thing. She had always wanted this statue and even though nakedness and sex was generally accepted in art, the obvious ecstasy on the woman's face meant that the statue of the couple making love was perhaps a bit much to be in her shop window.

The End

Male Statue Wanted copyright 1997 by Anonymous.

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