The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex


by Edwin Gay

Harry, was what you would have called a nebbish, if you were being kind. If you weren't being kind, you might have called him a wimp, but let's be kind, at least for now. He lived in a large house left to him by his mother, who was no longer living. The house was just outside the city in a nice wooded suburb. Which goes to show you that that it was a very old suburb. When Harry's mother had been alive, his sister Shelia had lived with them. But after the death of their mother, Shelia had left for San Francisco, claiming that Harry was "dull" Harry of course, was an investment broker. Wether or not he really was dull, he now lived alone in the big house. Harry was a small man "round in the middle, and shiny on top" as Shelia used to say. Referring in one sentence to both his expanding middle and his receeding hair. Harry thought Shelia was incredibly clever, even when she was insulting him. So Harry went on with his life, investing, and going home each night to the big house in the suburbs. And of course participating in his hobby. Oh yes, Harry had a hobby. He went to estate sales, and any other kind of auction he could find, he loved auctions. He loved to bid, and try to figure out wether the fat man in row five would go another 13 dollars. He loved to buy up pieces of cast off lives, and belongings of dead people, and take them home to the big house in the suburbs. Harry went on doing this, week in and week out, and probably would have continued indefinitely. Until one day he found something that changed his life for ever. It was in lot 54, from the Gebling estate. When Harry saw it, he was instantly intrigued. It was behind an old bureau and a stuffed wolverine, hanging on a manikin of it's own. It was all wrinkly, and saggy, ( and a bit dusty too,) but there was no mistaking what it was. It was the skin of a woman. Harry was both impressed and repulsed at the same time. Was it a real woman's skin? Or perhaps just a costume? Harry wasn't sure. But growing in the back of his mind, was the desire to find out.

When the auction started Harry was distracted, unable to enjoy the proceedings as he usually did. His mind kept drifting back to lot 54, and it's odd contents. So when the Auctioneer called out for Lot 54, and started the biding, Harry was not too surprised to find himself raising his hand. Harry of course, won the bidding. He did end up going a bit beyond the limit he had set for himself, but truth to tell, he got a little carried away. There were several bidders at first, but most of them dropped out right away, leaving it to Harry, and a Heavily bundled individual, whom Harry would have refered to as male. When Harry finally won, the other Man seemed quite out of sorts and stomped out of the room. Harry had half expected to find the man waiting for him out side, with a buy out offer. The man was no where to be seen though. Harry paid for the lot in full, and excepted a place on the auction house's delivery schedule, some weeks away. He realized he had no idea what most of the lot was, he couldn't get his mind off that one item though. He even asked the auction house people to separate it out for him and put it in his car.

The ride home was erie. The Workmen had placed the manikin in the back seat, sitting up. It gave Harry the creeps, as if some one was sitting there watching him drive, a wrinkly sort of some one. It got so bad that he finally had to stop and get a blanket out of the trunk. With the blanket he gently pushed the manikin over, and covered it. The remainder of the ride was uneventful, much to Harry's relief. When he got home, he took his purchase up to the sitting room on the second floor, and put it on the couch. In order to get it to sit straight on the couch, he was forced to touch it for the first time. Harry was surprised to find it differed completely from his expectations. His thought was that it would be hard and leathery. Perhaps even dried and crumbling. In reality, it was nothing of the kind. The skin, was supple, pleasant to the touch. It felt like skin, it even seemed to be slightly warm! Harry set the manikin up, and dusted it off. Then stepped back to admire his work. It looked like a wrinkly, naked lady, sitting on his couch. Harry was beginning to wonder what he had seen in it. Harry went about his routine, putting away the car, and fixing himself dinner, he ate alone of course. He read the paper, catching up on the latest stock market reports, and every so often, he would just check on the skin in the upstairs sitting room. Later, he put on his pajamas, and brushed his teeth, and finally got into bed. Harry didn't sleep well that night, he tossed and turned quite a bit, and when he finally did drop off, he dreamed.

In the dream, he couldn't stop thinking about the skin, and what it had felt like. He found himself wondering if it was still in the other room, or if it had gotten up and walked away. With this in mind, he got up, in his dream, and went into the sitting room. There much to his relief was the skin. But having come this far, he couldn't just go back to bed..... He walked over to it, and began to stroke the shoulders, enjoying the soft feel of the skin. He was stroking the neck, when he discovered the seam. It was in back right up where the head joined the neck. In the dream, he hesitated only a moment, before he began to 'unzip' the seam. It wasn't a zipper per say, but very like one. Harry found it went down the back, to the top of the crack of the ass. A logical spot he supposed. Unzipped, the skin seemed quite stretchy, and Harry was able to pull it's head off that of the Manikin even with out meaning to. The rest of the skin followed just as easily. And before Harry knew it, he was sitting there next to a battered female manikin, and holding a female 'skin' in his hands. The skin felt wonderful. Harry lifted it up, and buried his face in it. It was so smooth, and soft. He found the dark nipples, and began licking them. He loved the feel, so much that he wanted to feel it over more of his body, and he found himself removing his pajama top. He then proceeded to rub the Skin all over his chest. And then of course, completely carried away, he removed his pajama bottoms too. So there he was, naked, sitting on one of his mother's couches, rubbing a woman skin all over his body. It would have shocked his poor old mother. It felt so good, that his small penis, quickly expanded to it's full size, and he sat there masturbating, by rubbing the skin all over his body. It was during the bout of sexual fervor that one hand slipped inside the open seam in the back of the skin, and Harry realized that it felt just as nice inside, as out...... Just as nice inside as out. It was at that moment that he got the idea, after all he thought, it was too big on the manikin, and if it felt this good to rub it all over himself, it would probably feel even better to wear. The skin was a lot like a unitard anyway. In an instant, Harry had decided, he would put the skin on, he would wear it. Harry started, with his feet. He bent over, and gathered up the excess in his hands, then he slipped his left foot into the skin. His whole foot and calf tingled, it was as wonderful as he had imagined. He quickly followed with his right foot. Then, standing, he eased the skin up over his knees, and up his chubby thighs. Then for an instant, he paused, and reached down to feel his calves, and thighs. In the dream, they felt like skin, his own skin, he could feel the contact from both sides. The woman skin seemed to fit him perfectly. Pleased with his results thus far he eased the skin the rest of the way up to his waist. In the process, covering his buttocks, and his throbbing erection. He now felt the wonderful tingling from his waist down. Somehow, he realized as he looked down, the Skin had accommodated his penis. Because, amazingly, he could see no signs of it from the outside, not even a bulge. Reaching behind himself, he stroked his buttocks, and was vaguely confused by how big they seemed, how round. But he was dreaming after all, and it felt so good. Not wanting to stop, Harry began on his upper body. He slipped his left arm into the appropriate hole and pulled the skin up, rather like putting on a long glove, he thought, as he pulled it up to his shoulder. He flexed his hand inside the skin. It looked slim and graceful in fact, his whole arm did. His other arm fit just as well as the first. and soon he was nearly wearing the whole thing, except for the head and hair, which hung down on his chest. It felt loose on him, so he reached behind himself and zipped the seam up part way, feeling the skin become snug, as he did so. Nearly his whole body was tingling now especially his crotch, and his nipples. It was wonderful, and it was enough to make him want to take the final plunge. He reached up, and grabbed the edges of the neck, in back of the head, and nosed his own head down into it. Like the rest of the Skin, it slipped on easily, covering his own head. The head of the skin seemed to have eye, nose, mouth, and even ear holes Harry discovered, because all of his senses seemed to work perfectly, it was almost as if he wasn't wearing a head piece at all. Purely by reflex, Harry reached behind him and zipped the seam up the rest of the way. He was now wearing the woman skin. He stood there feeling the delicious sensations. from all over his body, but more and more he realized, the pleasant sensations were centered on his nipples, and his crotch. Then he looked down. When he had held he skin in his hands it's breasts could have best been described as flaccid, empty sacks. Those words however, would have been highly inaccurate, if applied to the fleshy protuberances Harry now found swelling from his chest. Firm would have been better, and ripe perhaps better still. Harry stared down, amazed, it seemed (in his dream) that he now had breasts! ................really big ones! His nipples, he realized were huge also, and very erect. He reached up with slim feminine hands and cupped the full mammaries he found himself endowed with, and was rewarded by a renewed burst of tingling from his big nipples. Harry was stunned, the breasts felt incredible. From the outside they were big, soft mounds of flesh, which slide this way and that as he moved. From the inside, it was even better, Harry's nipples felt like tiny erections, each one sending waves of pleasure through his body as he stroked them. Through his body, and down to his crotch. He slide his hands down his body, down from the beautiful breasts, over the tight abdominals, to the smooth muscular thighs. He gazed at his crotch. There was no sign of his penis, none at all. What greeted his eyes, and what he felt so much pleasure from, was a woman's vagina. Between his legs were the soft lips of a female sex organ. He gently placed a hand on it, and was rewarded by a warm rush. The lips were sticky, moist. Harry rubbed them with his fingers, it was wonderful. Then, purely by accident, he discovered the tiny button at the top of the slit. He moaned, and sank to his knees, his voice was beautiful, and feminine. He continued to stroke the nub, closing his eyes. He was dimly aware of his other hand seeking a warm breast, and stroking it's aching nipple. His consciousness began to sink, slowly, drowning in the building waves of pleasure. Until all he knew were his throbbing orgasms, wonderful female orgasms. Then the dream seemed to fade.

Harry woke up slowly the next day. The memory of the strange dream was still tugging at the corners of his mind. He lay there on his stomach, trying to wake up. The dream had been very strange, what he could remember of it. Something about a woman, he wasn't sure. He reached up to brush a long brown curl out of his eyes. A long brown curl..........Harry was close cropped, or so he thought! Suddenly Harry was worried. He rolled over and sat up, pulling back the covers, but already his body felt wrong to him. He gazed down, there swelling from his chest, were two firm breasts, they jiggled slightly as he moved. Harry was shocked, they were the breasts from his dream! Just as big and round as he remembered them, except they were real! He really had breasts! He threw off the covers, his hands grasping for his crotch. But his hands gripped only a feminine mons and he realized that the change was there too. Harry stared down at his vagina. He was completely stunned. He swung his slender legs out of the bed, and jumped up. Which caused his breasts to jiggle and bounce slightly. Harry grabbed them to stop the motion, God they were big! Still holding his breasts, he headed for the closet mirror. In front of the mirror, he stopped and stared. The figure starring back at him was a beautiful young woman, with long dark hair. She had high cheek bones, and delicate chiseled features. She was tall, with long legs. She had curvy hips, and cupped in her hands, were her two beautiful breasts. Harry realized he was looking at his own refection. He stood there staring, he had never seen this beautiful a woman naked before. He feasted his eyes on her incredible body. Then slowly, he began to think. The dream, must have been real. He must really have put on the woman skin, and masturbated. It dawned on him that he had zipped the woman skin up the back, perhaps it could be unzipped. He reached behind him, feeling the top of his neck, and the back of his skull. Sure enough, he found a tiny lump, and after worrying with it for a moment or two, he got it started, and unzipped it part way. Then he reached up and grabbed his face and pulled. Off it popped and Harry found himself staring in to his own unshaven, male, face, still atop the beautiful female body. In a moment or two, the skin was once more a flaccid thing in his hands, and he was once more an over weight, balding man, who was pushing 40. Needless to say, he was relieved. He stuffed the woman skin into a bottom drawer, and headed off to take his morning shower. In the shower, he masturbated again, this time of course, as a man. He rubbed his small penis until it spurted forth, and then he sagged down in the shower, drained momentarily.

Through out the day Harry was distracted, he was totally unable to concentrate on his job, and he ended up leaving early claiming he wasn't feeling well.

By the time he got home he had almost convinced himself that the experiences of last night and this morning were a creation of his imagination. I've got to take a vacation he thought. He ate his supper just as he normally would, and then forced himself to watch at least a little news. At last he could stand it no longer, and though it was 4 hours before his normal bed time, he headed upstairs, to get undressed and get prepared for slumber. Once in his room, he undressed, but rather than don his pajamas or robe, he went to the bathroom naked. When he returned, he knew he had to try it again. Trembling he opened the drawer in which he had stuffed the skin that morning. There it was, still soft to the touch. Eagerly he pulled it out, and began to fumble for the opening. He sat on the bed, and slipped his left leg in, just as he had before. To his delight, he was once again rewarded by the pleasant tingling. He slide his other leg in, and stood up, to pull the skin up over his waist. He was amazed, it really was real. He gazed down at his crotch, it was already that of a young woman. He giggled to himself and hurriedly thrust his arms into the appropriate holes, and then his head. Finally he zipped up the seam again, until at last Harry stood there, wearing the skin once more, young, beautiful, and female. Once more a woman, Harry turned out the lights, and hopped into bed, stark naked. He lay there, rubbing and stroking his tits and pussy, reveling in his female orgasms until at last sleep swallowed him up.

When Harry awoke the next morning, he felt refreshed. Again he was somewhat startled to discover he was a woman, but this time it wasn't so bad, he understood it now, or so he thought. He took off the woman skin, and returned it to his bottom drawer. Then he went off to start his day, giggling to himself. Through out the day, Harry was happy and cheerful. He hummed to himself, and generally confused his coworkers, who expected him to act a bit more sober. One of them, even suggested that Harry might have a lady friend, but she was poo pooed, and so didn't pursue it. So she never guessed how close she came to the truth. For his part, Harry said nothing.

When Harry got home that night, he made no pretense of trying to go through a normal evening. Instead, he went right upstairs, where he stripped off his clothes, and put on the woman skin. Then, once more a girl, Harry lay down on the bed, and spent some time, stroking his breasts and nipples, and vigorously rubbing his pussy. Many minutes, and several orgasms later, he began to slow down. Eventually, feeling warm and relaxed, he allowed the lapping waves of pleasure to subside. It was then that he realized he was hungry. He stood up, stretched and decided to go downstairs for some dinner. He looked down at himself, and decided to keep the woman skin on for the rest of the evening. However he didn't feel like wandering around the house naked all night. He gazed a his battered flannel robe, some how, it didn't seem appropriate to his new form. Then an idea occurred to him, Shelia had left behind quite a lot when she had moved out. Harry headed down the hall towards her room. With some apprehension, Harry opened the door to Shelia's room. As a child he had always been told never to go into his sister's room. And to this day, he had never been in it alone. He cautiously entered, Shelia's room was something of a mystery to him. It was filled with strange feminine things. The closets were full of dresses and high heeled women's shoes. The bureau was covered with cosmetics and jewelry. Every where he looked he saw female belongings. Harry felt a thrill of excitement and his big nipples stiffened slightly. Surely he could find what he needed in here. Next to the bed there was a smaller bureau, Harry headed to it and opened the top drawer. Inside he saw a riot of color, all girl's underwear, panties and brassieres, in soft silky fabrics. His excitement mounted, this was great! He pulled a pair of peach colored panties from the bunch. They were inside out, he righted them. Then scarcely daring to breath, he held them open, and slipped his left leg in, and then his right. His heart was pounding as he pulled the panties up over his hips and ass, snuggling them up to his mons. This was it! Harry stood there for a moment, wearing the panties. Then he started to check the other drawers. In the middle one he found what he was looking for, nightgowns, short, sexy ones. he chose a wine colored one and slipped it over his head, and pulled it down over his wide hips, pausing to adjust the straps over his shoulders, and ease his breasts into the darts of the nightgown. It was really more of a negligee. he decided. In the closet he found a pale blue satin robe, which he felt adequately completed the ensemble. Thus attired he headed downstairs to get something to eat. Harry passed a pleasant evening watching television, and occasionally masturbating a little. He found that he was much more interested in commercials for women's products now, it was amazing how many there were. Eventually Harry grew tired, and headed upstairs again, but in the door way of his room he halted. He turned and gazed towards the now open door of Shelia's room. Slowly, inexorably his feet were drawn towards his sister's room. In this doorway too he paused. Then, slowly, he stepped inside, and pushed the door shut behind him. He looked around the feminine room and nodded to himself, then he took off the robe, pulled back the coverlet, and slipped between the cool sheets. I have a girl's body I'll sleep in a girl's room he thought as he drifted off.

When Harry awoke the next morning, he was not surprised to discover he was female, but being in Shelia's bed did leave him confused for a second. It was the work of a moment to remove the nightgown and panties, and only a few more for the woman skin itself. Then he was off to start his day, once more male.

The day crawled for Harry, and yet as he headed home, he found it hard to remember what he had done that day.

That evening passed much as the previous one had, and at the end of it he once more climbed into his sister's bed, to masturbate himself to sleep.

The following night was different. Harry had gotten home, donned the woman skin, masturbated, taken a quick shower, and then headed down for some dinner. In the kitchen he realized that in his haste to get home, he had neglected to pick up several key items at the store. He was non-plussed, and dejectedly he headed back upstairs to once more become Harry-the-male- nebbish, in order to run his errands. Just as he was starting to unzip the skin, a thought occurred to him, why did he have to change? Why not go out as a girl? The thought excited him! True, he made a very strange looking Harry, but a perfectly normal girl. There certainly seemed to be no shortage of female clothing. Harry turned to the bureau which contained Shelia's underwear, and pulled it open. His heart was beating rapidly. From the drawer, he selected a pale shell bra, to go with the panties he was wearing. Never having worn a bra before, it took him a moment or two to figure it out. Soon however, Harry was slipping his breasts into the soft cups, and snapping it shut. He was surprised to find the bra fit fairly well, Shelia must have had the same size breasts, that Harry did now. Before long Harry had found and donned a pair of women's Levis, which fit his hips, and a black turtle neck, which was very tight across his chest. A pair of flat shoes, and the casual outfit was done. Harry gazed at the girl in the mirror, she had, he realized, rather messy hair. He picked up the hair brush from the top of the bureau, and went to work. In only a few minutes the long curly brown hair fell in neat waves, He picked up a hair tie, and twisted the long brown curls into a pony tail. Harry was delighted as he watched the girl in the mirror doing this because as she did it her full breasts rose and jiggled beneath her turtle neck. Finally Harry headed out. His quick trip to the convenience store was enough to tell Harry several things: First, as a woman, he was beautiful, and second, he enjoyed the experience of being a beautiful woman in public.

The next night was different. When Harry got home from work, he eagerly went upstairs to don the skin. Then however, rather than masturbate, he began to get dressed. He put on a black garter belt he had found in Shelia's drawers, and then paused to check his legs. They appeared to be smooth, so he slipped into the dark stockings which went with the garter belt. Then he added a pair of black lace panties on top of the garters. Harry eased his tits into a black push up brassiere, completing his underwear ensemble. The bra made Harry's breasts look firmer, and higher, he loved it. Harry rummaged through the bottom of Shelia's closet until he found a matching pair of black pumps which fit him. Then, he paused to look at himself in the mirror. The girl he saw reflected was clad in lacy black underwear, and high heeled shoes, she was he realized, very sexy. In the closet Harry found a tight black leather skirt. Eagerly he slipped it on over his wide hips, and zipped it up. Finally, he found a short top, with big shoulder pads, it was short enough to leave his midriff bare. The top was warm red, and Harry liked it a lot, He slipped it on and snapped it up. Fully clothed, Harry turned his attention to make up. Unsure of what he was doing, Harry went light, a little base, a little color, some mascara on his lashes, and finally lipstick, a nice shade of red again, something which matched the top Harry was wearing. Harry placed the make up in a leather purse he had selected, and began to select jewelry. He chose a nice broach, and pinned it to the top above his left breast. Then he picked several bracelets. Harry decided to pass on rings, he just wasn't fond of them. He received a pleasant surprise when he selected earrings, his ears were already pierced. At last Harry was ready. Slinging the purse over one shoulder, and taking one last look at the girl in the mirror, Harry headed out. He was young, sexy, female, and ready to party.

Harry hit the night clubs. He rapidly discovered that for a smile, a few deep breaths, and a little conversation, almost any guy would buy him a drink. It was very strange being so popular for a change, Harry found it very exciting. He introduced himself as "Harriet" which simplified matters somewhat, as it meant he didn't have trouble remembering his name. Harriet also discovered dancing. The music was loud and fast, and it felt wonderful to shimmy and bop out on the dance floor.

By around one in the morning, after several drinks, Harriet had migrated to a private back room. In the room with Harriet, was Ken. Ken had been Harriet's dance partner for the last several hours. Ken was very ardent. Their bodies were pressed together, and Harriet was very conscious of the difference in their genders. It felt strange to Harriet to be hugging a man, but he, or rather she had had several drinks and her inhibitions were lax. And besides, it felt really nice to be hugging somebody..........anybody. Harriet giggled as Ken nibbled on her neck, she was finding it very easy to think of herself as a woman now. Any time she forgot, the jiggle of her full bosom quickly reminded her. That, and the fact that nothing dangled between her legs. Then they were kissing, Ken's mouth was full on her's and his tongue was probing her mouth. It felt wonderful. Ken's hands were everywhere, Harriet felt them on her ass, stroking and gripping. Then Harriet felt the snaps of her top popping one by one. She smiled, feeling little desire to resist as a hand cupped her right breast. The hand gently pulled back the demi-cup and eased her breast out, then it did the same for her other one. Harriet's nipples grew stiff, and she watched as Ken pulled back, and leaned down to suck on them, teasing them to even greater hardness. Harriet leaned back and moaned slightly, it felt wonderful. It was great to have tits she reflected, they felt so good. I must be really drunk to let him get away with this she thought. She watched as Ken squatted before her, and reached up under her skirt. She felt strong hands stroking her hips, and thighs, and then she felt a tug. Before Harriet realized what was going on, Ken had pulled off her panties, lifting her feet up to help her step out of them. Then he stood up again, and lifted her up on to the table she was leaning against, he pulled up a chair, and sat down, pushing apart her legs and sitting between them. Harriet stared down as Ken hitched up her skirt, she was she realized almost completely disrobed. Her top was open, and while she was still wearing her bra, the cups had been peeled back, and her breasts were bare. Lower down, her skirt was hitched up, and Ken was gazing hungrily at her naked pussy. As she watched, he leaned forward and began to kiss and lick her inner thighs. She leaned back and tilted her pelvis to make it easier for him. Hungrily, he began to work his was up her thighs, until at last he reached her crotch. Tentatively at first he probed her vagina with his tongue, then with more fervor he began to kiss and lick it. Harriet gasped as his tongue found her clitoris. Panting, she watched as his head began to bob up and down. He was eating her! He was performing cunnilingus. Waves of pleasure began to lap at Harriet's consciousness. She leaned back, and began to moan softly, it felt wonderful. Ken's tongue felt so good. Despite the fact that a stranger was performing cunnilingus on her in a public place, Harriet rapidly achieved orgasm. Before she knew it, she was moaning joyfully, as her drenched pussy spasmed in Ken's face. Giggling, she leaned even further back on the table while Ken continued to eat her. She came and came again reveling in the sensations. At last Ken stopped and lifted his head, Harriet could see a drop of saliva hanging from his chin. Slowly Harriet sat up, she was still spasming a bit, so it wasn't easy. She eased herself off the table and into Ken's lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, she could taste the musty smell of her own pussy on his lips. "That was wonderful," she whispered, "I've never come so much in my life." "Happy to be of service ma'am," he replied smiling. He leaned forward and buried his face in Harriet's cleavage, pausing to lick her bare nipples now and again. It still felt wonderful. Suddenly, an idea came to Harriet, it was alien and strange, but it seemed right somehow. Fair at least. Harriet slipped off of Ken's lap, and slowly knelt on the floor in front of him. Ken must have sensed what was coming, because he smiled, and spread his legs wide. Harriet hitched herself forward, closer to his crotch. Harriet's bra was beginning to bind, so she slipped off her top, and reaching up behind herself she unclipped her bra, and eased herself out of it. She massaged her big tits for a moment, and grinned up at Ken She reached forward and unzipped Ken's fly, also unclasping his belt and the button to his pants as well. Reaching up, she grabbed the tops of his pants, and pulled them down, until they hung around his ankles, then she did the same to his underwear. Harriet stared a Ken's naked crotch, at his cock. It was large, and semi hard even now. She leaned forward, pressing her face against Ken's chest, and her firm breasts against his crotch. Reaching up, she grabbed his cock in her hands, and holding it in the valley between her tits, she began to stroke it. The penis rapidly became harder, in Harriet's grasp. Pulling back slightly she gazed a the hard rod of flesh in her hands. Unable to believe what she was doing she leaned down and gave it a kiss, right on it's tip. The cock was warm and meaty tasting, almost good. Encouraged, she opened her mouth wider, and swallow the tip. It was somewhat dry, so she released it and began to lick the shaft with her tongue. When it was wet, she placed it in her mouth, once more. Slowly, surely, she began to suck it, allowing her head to bob up and down. Ken moaned, filling Harriet's heart with excitement, even as he filled her mouth with his manhood, she was turning him on! As she sucked him his cock grew steadily bigger and harder until it was like a shaft of iron. Suddenly, the shaft grew even harder, and Ken gasped, then warm fluid began to spurt from Ken's cock, franticly, Harriet swallowed trying not to let any spill, she almost succeeded. At last Ken was finished, Harriet sat back and wiped the sperm off her chin. She smiled up at Ken, for the first time she had given a man a blow job.

When Harry awoke the next day, he immediately wished he hadn't. The first thing Harry noticed was that his head felt awful. He had a nasty throbbing headache, and his tummy felt queasy. The next thing Harry noticed was that he really had to go, the pressure from his bladder was almost worse than his headache. Slowly, painfully, he lifted his head, he was he realized lying on his stomach. He stared blearily down at the pillow, there was a red stain on it.....lipstick! Harry reached up to touch his cheek, it was smooth, hairless, and it had something tacky on it, dried saliva? Why didn't he have any stubble? What had happened to him last night? He sat up, slowly, realizing he had fallen asleep in his clothes, his chest felt.....fluid, loose, some how different from what he expected. And what was he doing in Shelia's room? He looked down at himself, and what he saw stunned him. He was wearing a bright red top, a black mini skirt, and dark hose. He was dressed as a girl! Even more disturbing, was that the chest of his top seemed to be properly filled. Trembling slightly, he reached up and tore open the snaps of the top, and stared down. Sure enough, what greeted his eyes was the most beautiful pair of tits he had ever seen. They were firm and round, and they were his! Seeing them jogged Harry's memory. It dawned on his clouded mind, that he was a girl. He remembered he had a magic skin, and whenever he put it on he became female. Lying next to the bed was purse, and a pair of black pumps. Sticking out of the purse was a bra which Harry could vaguely remember wearing when the previous evening had started out. How was it that he wasn't wearing in now? When had he removed it? He pulled up the hem of his skirt, and saw the tops of his garters, and his bare vulva. His panties were gone too. A dim memory floated to the surface, a pleasant one. A memory of firm hands and lips kissing him, stroking and sucking his big nipples, and then his inner thighs, and his.........pussy! Someone, Harry realized had 'eaten' him, had preformed cunnilingus on him last night! Harry felt a warm moist glow, remembering his orgasms of the previous night. It had been wonderful, someone had eaten him....... And then he had reciprocated......... Harry had reciprocated, oral sex, on a man! He had sucked another man's cock, he had given another man a blow job! His stomach rolled, and Harry ran for the bathroom, his big tits bouncing. Gagging, he knelt before the toilet, and felt his stomach heave. All the alcohol still in his system came back up. Still shaking slightly, feeling both worse and better at the same time, he sat up again, his bladder still felt full, painfully so. Stiffly he rose and pulled off the red top, then he unzipped the mini, and slipped it off, the garters and hose joined the other clothes on the floor. Then, naked and female, he sat down on the toilet, relaxed, and felt the heavy feminine flow start, bringing him almost instant relief. Harry wiped, stood up, and flushed, trying not to think about what he had done the previous night. His head still throbbed. Surely Shelia must have something for a aching head, he thought rummaging through her Medicine chest. Finally he came across a box of alkseltzer, and proceeded to drink some down as fast as he could. Feeling somewhat better, Harry decided to take a shower. However, as he was climbing into the tub, he noticed the bubble bath, and that clinched it, a bath it was.

Harry had finished his bath and was headed for Shelia's room to look for some clothes, when the phone rang. Without even considering his present feminine gender he reached for it, and said 'hello?" "Hello, Harriet?" asked the voice on the other end. Harry felt his knees grow weak, and his big nipples harden again. The voice belonged to Ken, the man whose penis Harry had sucked. The man who had sucked Harry's pussy, and nipples, and made him feel so good..... "Y-yes, this is Harriet," stammered Harry. "Hi baby, I thought about you a lot last night." said Ken. "I thought about you too," Said Harry blushing. He could still feel Ken tongue on his thighs. "What d'you say? Want to get together again tonight?" "O-okay," said Harry his heart hammered in his chest. What was he doing!? "Well aright then," said Ken. "I'll pick you up at.....say 6 o'clock?" "Sure," whispered Harry. "Alright! See you then." Harry sank down to the ground. He had a date, with a man! A man with whom he had already had oral sex! What might happen tonight? Suddenly he couldn't stand it any more, he had to be himself again. When Ken came, he could make a excuse, claim that 'Harriet' was his sister, and she'd gone out. Harry reached for the zipper, desperate to doff the woman skin, but to his surprise it didn't seem to be there. It was only after several minutes of frantic searching that he a last found it.

Harry's resolve held until almost 5:30. As the day wore on Harry thought more and more about how much fun he had had last night, how nice it had been to spend time with someone else. By 5:26 he had the woman skin in his hands, and by 5:28, he was putting it on again. By 5:30 he was once more the beautiful young woman that Ken knew as Harriet. Harry stood there holding his breasts and trembling. The choice was simple, be a middle aged overweight balding man, and stay home. Or be a beautiful young woman, go out, have fun, and maybe even......... no, he couldn't bare to think that. In a flash, the decision was made, and Harry was standing in front of Shelia's underwear drawer. He quickly slipped on some beige panties, and eased his breasts into the cups of a matching bra. He slipped on a pair of pantyhose, and then went to look for a dress. In what seemed like no time at all, Harry was wearing a ruby hued cotton pullover dress, and a pair of black pumps. He spared a quick glance at himself as he put in his earrings. The dress he noted clung deliciously to his curves, outlining the softness of his hips and breasts. With a shiver that was half anticipation, and half fear and revulsion, he realized that Ken would probably like the way the dress made his body look....a lot. Harry was just putting the finishing touches on his make up when the doorbell rang. He turned toward the door his heart pounding with excitement, he could feel his big nipples stiffening. Feeling every inch a woman, Harry headed for the door.

The date was wonderful, they ate seafood a harbor side restaurant, and then went dancing and drinking a local club. They danced a lot, Harry especially liked the slower numbers when they could dance close, and Ken's hands would drift down and cup Harry's firm buttocks. Then he would pull their pelvis's together, just for a second. It felt naughty, but Harry loved it, even though it made his crotch feel hot and wet. Later that night, they took a cab to Ken's apartment in the city, for a night cap. Harry sat on the couch, and kicked off his pumps. Then he pulled his legs up under him as he'd seen other women do. Harry was confused, he was keenly aware that he currently looked like a woman, and that Ken found him very attractive. At the same time he could feel a life time of manhood telling him he was acting gay. Still, Ken was witty and charming, and Harry was having more fun then he could remember having in a long time. Also, looking at Ken made Harry's nipples hard, and his crotch warm and wet. Ken came over to the couch, and handed Harry a brandy snifter, with brandy in it no less. Harry sipped and peered shyly over the rim at Ken as he sat down on the couch. They chatted idly for a few moments, and then Ken put down his glass, and slide closer to Harry on the couch. Ken laid his had on Harry's thigh, and began to stroke it gentily. "Have I told you that's a beautiful dress you're wearing?" he asked. "No," giggled Harry as Ken blew in his ear. "Well it is," Ken responded, kissing Harry's neck. His hand drifted up and stroked Harry's right breast. "That's not my dress," He said as he felt his nipple grow firmer. "I guess you're right," breathed Ken as he began to kiss Harry on the lips. "Mmmmmm," moaned Harry. Ken's tongue gently probed Harry's, and his hand continued to stroke Harry's right breast. Harry shifted slightly, slipping more firmly into Ken's arms. They continued to kiss, and Harry felt Ken's hand slip from her breast, around behind her. A moment later, she felt a tugging at the back of her collar. Ken was unzipping the dress. Harry giggled again. The tugging continued, and it slip down to the belt she was wearing. Ken's hand found it's way to the front again, and unbuckled the belt. then it stroked Harriet's breast again before returned to the zipper. With her dress completely unzipped, Harriet sat up, and smiled demurely at Ken, holding out her hands. Ken smiled back and reached around behind her and pulled on the two halves of the dress, sliding it forward, and off her arms and top. Then Harriet stood up and let Ken slide it down off her hips before sitting down again, clad now only in her underwear. Ken reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands. "Maybe it wasn't the dress that was beautiful," he said. "Oh?" responded Harriet raising an eyebrow. "Mmm- humh," said Ken as he unclipped her bra, "must be you're underwear." Ken slipped the bra down off her shoulders and it joined her dress on the floor. "No," he continued as he gazed at Harriet's big breasts, "no, that's not it either." "What then?" asked Harriet sweetly. "You, just you," said Ken as he stroked her breasts again. "Me?" asked Harriet, "or my breasts?" "Those too," said Ken gazing down enthralled as Harriet's nipples stiffened in his hands. Harriet smiled and leaned forward to unbutton Ken's shirt, and then slip it off of him. Then she stood up and swung one leg over his, facing away from him. Then, arching her back, she bent over to pull off his shoes, thrusting her ass in his face in the process. "Oohhh, baby!" moaned Ken, and Harriet felt his hands on her ass stroking her cheeks, and inner thighs. Harriet smiled again, as she pulled off Ken's shoes. "Like what you see handsome?" "Oh-yeah!" affirmed Ken, slipping his hand between her legs and cupping her crotch, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Harriet stood there, moaning softly, as Ken gently rubbed her vulva. She felt Ken's hands slide over her buttocks and grip her pantyhose and panties and slowly begin to pull them down. He eased them over her hips and down her thighs, until at last she stood before him, naked. Ken's fingers began to stroke her vulva again, but this time there was nothing in between his hand and Harriet's crotch. She could feel his fingers tracing the moist line, slipping in between her vaginal lips, just a little of the way. With some effort, she pulled his hand away from her crotch, and turned to face him. "Okay, let's get those pants off buster." she said. She knelt down in front of him and began to fumble with his belt. Ken grinned down at her and reached out to stroke and fondle her breasts. Harriet gasped as he pinched her already stiff nipples. Despite the distraction, she was able to unbuckle Ken's belt, and unzip his pants. But then she paused momentarily unable to concentrate due to the feel of his hands on her breasts. It felt so good. Finally, summoning all her will power she pushed his hands away, and began to tug at his pants and managed to get them down to his knees, from there it was easy to pull them off the rest of the way. Harry stared down at Ken, he was wearing only his underwear, and she could see that he had an erection. She knelt down and began to tug at his underwear, a hungry look began to fill her eyes. Off came his briefs and for the second time Harry stared at Ken's stiffening cock. Harry gazed at Ken's growing erection. There they were, a man and a woman, naked, and aroused sexually. Harry looked down at herself for a second, her big tits filled her view, her nipples were huge and stiff, and they tingled. Below that she could see her mons veneris. What she saw excited her even more. She leaned forward pushing apart Ken's knees, and reached for his cock. With her breasts brushing against ken's thighs, she encircled the head of his penis with her lips and began to lick it with her tongue. She pulled even more of it into her mouth by sucking on it, and leaning further forward. Ken moaned with pleasure. Harry made her head go up and down by sucking in and then pulling back, sucking in, then pulling back. She was doing it again she realized, she was sucking a man's cock, only now she couldn't figure out why she had thought it strange, why she had disliked the idea. Ken's cock was stiff and he was breathing in short sips now. With a deep gasp, he managed to pull Harry's mouth from his penis. There was an audible pop as he did so. Harry knelt there, her head in his hands, his cock bobbing inches from her face, gazing up into Ken's eyes. She reached out with her long tongue and gave the penis one final lick. "Easy there sweetheart," gasped Ken. "Save a little something for later." Harry pouted, "if you insist....." "I do, here....." Ken stood up and pulled Harry up with him, and then led her into what turned out to be the bedroom. Ken turned to smile at Harry. "Hop on," He said. Harry smiled back at him and climbed onto the bed, crawling on all fours till she reached the head board. Then she rolled over, and spread her legs. Gazing up at Ken, she whispered "hop on," she didn't even try to keep the excitement out of her voice. Ken's eyes widened and he scrambled up onto the bed, and lowered himself down in between Harry's legs. As Ken climbed on top of him, Harry came to the realization that he was about to make love to a man. Or rather was already making love to a man, and was in fact about to have intercourse with him. Not only that but for the past several minutes he had been thinking of himself as a woman. Harry's own body image of himself had been female. Dear Lord, thought Harry as he felt Ken's cock slide between his thighs, I am a girl! I told him to 'hop on!' Harry lay there as Ken lowered his body down, feeling the delicious sensation of flesh against flesh. Ken's knees forced Harry's thighs further apart, and one hand cupped Harry's left breast. Ken's other hand found it's way between Harry's legs to serve as a guide for his stiff cock. Harry reached up and gently encircled Ken with his arms. It's happening! It's really happening! Thought Harry as he felt the head of Ken's hard cock sliding up and down the moist line of his vulva. Harry groaned as he felt Ken's cock make it's first tentative thrust forward, then it pulled back as Ken paused to adjust the angle. Harry's nipples tingled as Ken thrust forward again, a little deeper this time. Something was building inside of Harry, something electric and sexual. Ken pulled back and thrust again, and again, each time deeper. With each thrust Harry felt the feeling of tension growing. Harry grabbed at Ken's back crushing Ken to him. Harry felt Ken's manhood force it's way in further, then out again, then further, Harry felt like he was about to explode. With a final sudden thrust, Ken rammed his cock the rest of the way into Harry, and she felt the hot wave of tension radiate out from her engorged vagina. To Harry it seemed like she couldn't breathe, her vaginal muscles tried to clench Ken's hot cock as he began to slide it in and out of her. His manhood filled her womanhood and made her whole, made her truly a woman. It was like no sexual experience Harry had ever had before. Ken's cock was a piston, pounding into her, and with each thrust she felt more and more changed. Every square inch of her skin was alive and tingling, and every square inch was female. Harry lay there unable to even cry out. Within her crammed vagina, a new feeling was starting to build, it seemed to be focused around the nub that was her clitoris. The feeling grew with each new thrust of Ken's big cock, until a shiver of pleasure rippled outwards from her crotch. Dimly she realized that this was her first orgasm of the evening. The other incredible feelings permeating her body were something else! However, with each new orgasm she experienced, the other feeling faded, and she felt more and more able to move, to respond to the rhythm of Ken's body, as she desperately wanted to. Then suddenly she felt Ken grow stiff as he lay on top of her, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as tightly as she could. Then he thrust forward one final time, going deeper then ever before, and for the first time in her life, Harry felt a man ejaculate inside of her. With the last pulse of his penis, Ken began to relax. Harry lay beneath him, the feeling of Ken's body atop hers filled her with a warm lethargy. She could feel his cock slowly softening inside her.

When Harry awoke the next morning, she felt wonderful. She ran her hands over her hips, cupped her breasts, and then stretched her arms over her head. Next to her Ken stirred, causing Harry to freeze. Oh my God, thought Harry, I'm a girl! I'm not just a man wearing a 'woman' costume, I'm actually female! ....And the man lying next to me is my lover! My boyfriend. We actually had intercourse last night. Harry ran a hand over the back of her neck and realized that the little bump which denoted the zipper of her Woman Skin was gone. I can't take this thing off anymore, she thought. I'm going to be a woman for the rest of my life!

Skin copyright 1996 by Edwin Gay.

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