The Transformation Story Archive Horses and Doggies and Cats, Oh my...


by Scratch

Call received at 2:14 A.M. Origins: Unknown. Length: 35 minutes 24 seconds. Operator on duty: Terri Spafford

Begin transmission.

*Beep. Beep. Beep. Click. Whirr.*

Terri looked up as three loud beeps, followed by the sound of the large recording wheels began to spin. She sighed softly and took a deep breath. This was her first day on the job as a 911 operator. She was nervous. Who wouldn't be? Terri was going to be saving lives, her dream of all dreams.

The young woman took another deep breath and pressed the enter key to her keyboard, "H-H-Hello, 911 emergency, how may we help you?"


Terri yelped loudly as a blood curdling scream echo through her ears. Some man had yelled as loud as he could into the phone. She felt herself start to panic, her breathing picking up, along with her heart rate. Terri took a few deep breaths, she had to remain calm, this man was in need of help.

"Sir please calm down. I need to know what is wrong with you." Terri was a bit surprised at how well she spoke.

The man whimpered softly for a moment, "Please... you've got to help me. My girl friend... she attacked me... .Oh God it hurts... "

Terri began typing out on her terminal, 'Domestic Dispute. Man seriously injured, one suspect.'

"Okay sir. Please tell me your name. You will be fine."

He had stopped whimpering and was talking clearer, but still had fear seeping from his words, "M-m-my name's Chris Turner. Please help me... "

"Alright Chris, you will be okay. I need to know, what happened to you? How are you hurt?" Terri moved her mouse to a button and began to trace the call. It would take several minutes. She needed to keep this guy awake and alert.

"Y-Y-You won't believe me... My girlfriend, Teresa, she... S-she's a witch!"

Terri blinked at the comment. Chris must be delusional, which mean either he's lost a lot of blood or been hit on the head. Whatever the case, she had to keep him talking.

"Alright Chris. Your girlfriend is a watch. How did she hurt you?"

The man on the other end of the phone moaned loudly, "It hhurrrttssss." He began to pant softly, "It started last week... I... I was cheating on her. W-when she caught me... T-Teresa said she would make me sorry... that I-I-I would pay for my crime. Two days later..the girl I was cheating with vanished... "

Chris began to moan loudly. Tara was beginning to feel this was a bad prank call.

"Yea, and what'd she do to you?"

Chris' moaning became louder, then finally a scream, "EERRRRRAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!!"

Terri winced loudly as the sound pierced through her ears, making them ring. Chris was talking frantically. "Ohmigod!! My legs!! My legs!! Jeezus Christ the pain! Help me, please. My legs just snapped in half at the shin... .PLEASE!!! Make it stop!!"

Terri begin to feel panic sneak up on her, "Sir calm down. I can't tell what is happening to you. The paramedics will be there shortly. Just tell me what is happening."

"My God! It's not sto-AAUURRGGGHH!!!! Help me help me!! My feet, they're shirnking, my toes are ripped, please. My feet jeezus!!! Please!! AAAAAAUUUUUUURRRRRGGGG!!! My hips A shit... No no no.. help me.. My hips are shrinking and moving... oh god..make it stop... what is happning to me??"

Terri frowned. This guy was seriously delusional. The phone trace was over, this guy lived out in the middle of nowhere! It would be half an hour before the paramedics would arrive. She pressed a button and sent the message to the ambulance station.

"What's happening to me!!! My..My back... my clothes... everyting doesn't fit right... uunnnnhhhh ... ... help me, please? It's... it's growing worse... the... the..fur... it's... it started on my feet... now... now my legs don' thave... uuunnnggg..legs any... more... "

Terri bit her lower lip. She had no idea what to do or to say. "Sir... ambulance will be there any moment now. Don't you worry, we'll get you to a hospital and have everything fixed. You ju-"

"ONMIGOD!! It's..I'm changing... my hands... .I can't..move them... my neck it's... AAUUURRGG!!!... .Helf meeee... I cont... I..a... fucking... haf... man..haf... haf... animal... My faaaace... is..chaning..con aulk... .Heff mee... .HHEEELLLFFF MEEE-ME-MEEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!!"

Terri felt her heart beating as the man's voice changed. No longer was it human, but more like a cats, or a kittens rather. She listened carefully to any sounds that might be heard.

A soft scrapping sound cold be heard. Then a door opening and shutting. Hard heels walking across a hard floor echoed through the phone line. Chris..or what it was began to hiss and meow loudly. A soft voice cold faintly be heard over the phone line, "Oh dear, dear Chris. Why couldn't we stay with our mommy? Tsk Tsk. And it looks like you tried to get help? Oh, well we'll just have to make sure no one remember this ever happened."

Before Terri could do anything else the phone hung up. She swallowed deeply, fear creeping up her spine. She whimpered softly, not knowing what to do. Terri jumped out of her seat as the phone next to her rang loudly. She stared at it a moment as it rang. 'It's only the phone silly,' she thought to her self.

She reached out and picked it up, "H-Hello?"

The same soft, familiar voice rang out loud and clear, "Hi Terri, this is Teresa."

*Click. Beep. Beep. Whirr*

End Transmission.

911 copyright 1999 by Scratch.

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