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Down the Rabbit Hole

by Beast

Alice ran through the halls of Jefferson High School, in a hurry to make it out to the football field. Cheerleading practice was to begin any moment, and she had been late getting out of her final class, because the teacher had decided it would be a good time to chastise her for talking during class. Alice's mind was occupied with the outrage of Mr. Simms daring to stand in the way of her making it to practice as she ran at full speed through the main hall.

She had rushed to her locker and pulled out her uniform in a hurry, then ducked into the first bathroom she came across to do a quick change. Her normal clothes, a pair of flares and a pink tank-top were tucked under one arm now as she ran, with the yellow and blue colors of her school flapping around in the form of the short cheerleading skirt she wore. The doors that lead outside came into sight after what seemed like an eternity and she pushed herself to hurry.

Just as Alice was passing the final classroom before the double doors that lead out to the field she so desperately needed to get to in time, something stepped into her path. That something was a short blur of black cloth and white make-up for the instant before the running cheerleader slammed into it. Both forms were sent sprawling to the tile floor of the school and Alice's street clothes were strewn about by the impact.

Gathering herself up quickly and cursing in a rather unladylike manner, Alice shoved at the girl that she had run into. Once back up to her feet, the blonde beauty found herself looking down on a beast. At least to her selective judgment, it was. The girl she had hit as somewhat of a school celebrity. Elizabeth Blackwell was one of the few "gothic" students of Jefferson High and now she sat on the floor, staring balefully up at the popular cheerleader.

"Watch where you're going, bimbo." Elizabeth narrowed gray eyes that were nearly drowned in black mascara.

"You should be watching for me, you ... pale little beast." Alice's thoughts spilled over verbally, anger at the other girl daring to step into her path overriding the wariness caused by rumors of the gothic girl being a witch.

"What did you just call me?" Demanded the black-clad girl as she made her way back up to her feet.

"You're a filthy little animal, now get out of my way." With that, Alice shoved past Elizabeth roughly. She grabbed up most of the articles of her dropped clothing, then made her way through the double doors and dashed out to the football field.

Elizabeth stood there for a moment, fuming over the rude treatment she had received from the far more popular girl. Her mind was awash with venomous sentiment toward the blonde cheerleader when she noticed that Alice had forgotten the bra she had been carrying with the rest of her clothing.

"Probably had to switch the slutty thing off with a sports bra to go bounce around for the jocks," Elizabeth mused aloud as she picked up the red satin undergarment. "You'll help me teach her a lesson." With those words to the bra, she tucked it in between the fold of her black binder and headed to the exit.


After a flawless practice, Alice was scolded by the woman in charge of the cheer team for being late. She had left school even more angry than she had been at Mr. Simms. This time, it was directed at the little gothic harpy who had made her late. Even through dinner, and on the phone with some of her friends, she couldn't help but let a little of the venom at the girl spill out. She and a couple of the other girls on the cheerleading squad had coordinated a plan to try to humiliate Elizabeth by getting one of the football players to hit on her and say something cruel. That'd teach the little monster.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was planning a revenge for the same incident. She stood in a room illuminated by the light of dozens upon dozens of candles. At the center of the room, a five-pointed star was the main feature of a complicated diagram drawn on the floor in white chalk. It had taken her hours to decide upon the perfect payback to levy upon Alice, and only slightly longer to design and arrange the ritual. The irony of it, and the absolute humiliation would be more than worth the work.

Liz stood at the top of the diagram, with her arms raised into the air. Her black-nailed fingers slowly curled into fists as she yelled out the incantation in Latin. With her voice rising to the climax of the spell, the diagram and the object at the center of it began to glow with a hot white light. That object, the focus that linked the spell to it's target, slowly disappearing into the glow. As the unnatural light faded, Elizabeth looked down upon not the red satin bra that had rested there moments before, but a small pile of white fur.

A few days later, Jefferson High's cheerleaders were preparing to perform at a pep rally before their Homecoming football game that coming weekend. Alice walked into the girl's locker room near the gym that the rally would be staged in, and after cheerful greetings to her friends on the squad, went to her locker.

As she undressed, she stretched out her long legs. Alice was the kind of girl that every guy in school wished he could get so much as a smile from. Five feet and nine inches, with long legs and a flawless figure. As she pulled on her tights, she noticed with a frown that she needed to shave her legs fairly badly. She was more dismayed that she had done so only that morning. Dismissing it as a hormone thing, she continued to get ready.

Tugging the top, which read "Jefferson" in the school's deep blue over yellow, over her shapely chest, she paused to adjust her breasts. In her own mind, she considered them perfect at a full C cup. After walking over to a mirror, she positioned her long blonde hair to hang down onto the front of the top as well as down her back. With that done, she grabbed up her pompom's and headed for the locker room door to wait for the rally to begin.


As school ended, Elizabeth broke into a full run from her class in order to get a good seat for the rally. She had put so much work and planning into setting the stage for what was about to happen that she couldn't bear to miss a view of it because someone had managed to get in front of her. Her Doc Marten boots thumped on the tile as she made her way to the gym just as the first people were beginning to file in for the show.

She managed to get into a seat in the third row of the bleachers, not all the way in the front, but definitely a good enough position to be able to see the entire floor. Hardly able to contain her smile as the rest of the student body that would be attending took their seats, Elizabeth leaned back on her backpack to watch the show. Her eyes wandered over the couple hundred other teens in the gymnasium, and tried to imagine what their reactions would be.

One of her boots tapped anxiously as the principal came out to welcome everyone to the Homecoming Rally. After what seemed like forever, he introduced the Jefferson High Cheerleaders, to a loud round of applause. As the girls, in their matching uniforms of yellow and blue ran into the building, music began to play over the public address system and their performance began. Elizabeth's gray eyes didn't stray from one beautiful blonde.

As Alice went through the well practiced motions of the performance, she began to feel a strong itching on her back. Badly as she wanted to throw down one of her pompoms to scratch it, she tried to ignore it and keep moving in time with the other girls. She couldn't ignore, however, a strange tingling sensation inside of her mouth. Even as she kept up the dance moves, she wiggled her upper lip around and ran her tongue along her teeth. She missed a step and almost fell into the girl next to her when it touched her front teeth.

They seemed much bigger than they had moments before. On further oral investigation by her tongue, she could actually feel them enlarging and her other teeth moving to allow it. Strangely, there was no pain in her mouth, despite the changes going on. Before three more counts of the cheer went by, her front teeth were sticking past her bottom lip like the buck teeth of some horrible cartoon character. Sweat began to bead on Alice's brow as panic crept into her mind. What if someone noticed?

As she dropped down to go into the splits to allow one of the other girls to leap over her in a similar position, Alice felt the tingling begin again. This time, it was on her upper lip and nose. She crossed her blue eyes to try to see what was happening and was able to actually watch as white whiskers stretched out from her upper lip. To her relief, they were growing much more slowly than her teeth had. Her nose, however, was very rapidly becoming pink and changing shape to join with her upper lip in a little muzzle of sorts.

Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she was sure people were noticing now, because when she stood up, she saw a couple of the boys in the front row of the bleachers pointing at her. Determined to keep going, she continued with the complicated string of turns and kicks the squad was going through. Her feet were beginning to ache inside of her shoes, and she could swear her top was feeling tighter.

She ducked down to put her yellow and blue pompoms on the ground, then made a short run for two girls who were positioned in front of her. They lifted her up into the air along with her jump, and she went to spread her legs. As she did, the seams on the sides of her white shoes burst. Several people in the crowd yelled out at white furred paws very rapidly shredded the shoes with their growth. At the cries, the girls dropped Alice, allowing her to hit the hard wood of the basketball court they were performing on.

She lifted her head slowly, and as she did, before the eyes of the assembled student body, her ears stretched out from between the blonde locks. Lined with white fur, her ears expanded to be nearly three feet long. They flopped down over her face, from which the whiskers had now grown out to be a few inches long. The tingling could now be felt over her entire body, and for the first time since the changes had begun, Alice let out a long, piecing scream.

The sound of fabric tearing was heard over the murmurs and calls of confusion from the crowd as Alice's legs thickened, splitting her yellow tights down the sides. She raised one hand up before her now unmistakably lapine face and watched in horror as white fur spread over the skin, her fingers thickening to resemble digited paws. The back of her skirt lifted up, as with another ripping sound, a fluffy, white rabbit's tail emerged from her backside through her tights and underwear.

The other cheerleaders had long since run away from Alice's transforming body in terror, afraid of being stricken themselves. The principal's deep voice was sounding over the public address system, bidding the panicking students to remain calm. It was useless however, as they were running in a near stampede for the doors as far away from the increasingly rabbit-like shape of Alice. Only one girl remained calm and in her seat. Elizabeth was watching, and enjoying every moment of it.

The sides of Alice's top began to split as her breasts increased in size. With the added weight of her enlarging bust, she crossed both white-furred arms across her chest. Her paws grasped at the opposite arms as her body shook both from the terror running through her changing form, and from the sobs that were darkening the fur on her cheeks with tears. Her blonde hair receded back and disappeared between her furry ears, which as blood began to flow into them were now standing straight up from her head. Her pink nose twitched, stirring her whiskers as she looked around.

Hugging herself and crying, the transformed rabbit-girl looked around the now mostly empty gymnasium. She stood nude, but the white fur covering her body replaced well the top and skirt that had been ripped away in the final moments of her change. Her pink eyes, both from the transformation and her sobbing locked onto the black clad shape of Elizabeth. Immediately, she began screaming accusations at the girl.

"You did this to me, didn't you!? How could you do this!? You freak!! Change me back! I don't want to be a monster!" Unsteady on her changed feet, Alice stumbled forward and fell. After catching herself on her paws, she stood once more. This time, she hopped toward the bleachers with intentions of attacking the witch.

Elizabeth only smiled at her creation. "I think you're the freak now, Alice. It's very fitting though, you look so cute. I'm sure all the boys will be dying to pet you." That smile became a cruel smirk.

Alice stood there, staring down at her feet. They were more easily described as the hind paws of a very large rabbit, except for the fact that she was still bipedal. Experimentally, she took one paw away from her chest and reached up to touch her changed face. The feel of her whiskers and the short, lapine muzzle caused new sobbing to begin. Her long ears drooped as she sunk down to the floor, only to yelp and adjust herself after managing to sit on her fluffy little tail. As she stared at the girl who had done this to her, the only words she could manage were:

"What am I supposed to wear to Homecoming?!"

Down the Rabbit Hole copyright 2001 by Beast.

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