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The Centos Herd

by Cheirron

In the darkness noises reverberate and slowly coalesce into conversation. The words start to become clear.

A deep voice says, "Where did you get him? He looks American. Maybe European. I thought we agreed it would be safer if we got a specimen from a third world slum where the disappearance would not be noticed.

A different more aristocratic male voice answers. "If my guess about the circumstances which brought him to us prove correct, he should be perfectly safe. Nobody will come here searching for him. I believe he fell off a boat last night during the storm. There are no signs of any wreckage on the rocks along the shoreline where he was found. We will do a more thorough search later today."

"It sounds like you've already made up your mind to use him?" the first voice continues.

The second voice answers, "Assuming his head injury is not serious, yes. In fact, I've made some notes on refining the appropriate initial processes. I want you to start setting up these serums. Pay attention to the changes I've made on the catalyst reaction for the T-cell suppressor virus. This second set of notes outlines what I believe is a solution to the slow proliferation rate of the pluripotent stem cells."

Who are they talking about? Use who and for what? Are they talking about me? I try to open my eyes and suddenly I'm hit by a painful flash of memory. I'm on a large yacht having an argument with someone in the rain. Blinding lightning hits the side of the yacht. I'm thrown into the churning water where I'm tossed around like a child's toy. I start to spin as I fall deeper into the darkness and the voices fade away.


It's quiet except for the slow in and out or my rhythmic breathing. I inhale deeply, expanding my rib cage. I try to rub my eyes, but I can't lift my arms. Both of my wrists have soft leather restraints tying me down to the bed. This must be a hospital, but why do they have me tied down? I make an attempt to undo the restraints but give up after a couple of half hearted attempts. I feel so tired and weak.

I'm laying on a bed in a small room with no windows and a folding chair by the door. There is a bag of clear fluid hanging over my bed with a tube running down to a bunch of tape on my right arm.

I look around for the some sort of call button, but can't find one. Weakly I croak "Hey." I clear my throat and with some effort I yell "Hello! Anybody out there?! Hello!"

After what seems an eternity the door opens and a thin distinguished looking man with a gray streak through his wavy dark hair enters. He is wearing a white oxford with no tie, a white lab coat and brown slacks. He says to himself "Good, now I can get started."

"Where am I? What happened to me?"

He pulls the chair from the door over to my bedside and sits down. He introduces himself as Dr. Malcolm DeBiron and proceeds to tell me that I'm under his care at his private clinic. "You were found unconscious on my beach. I can't find anything wrong with you except for some easily correctable mild hypothermia and a contusion on your scalp. Your unconscious state however made me concerned that you might have developed an anoxic encephalopathy or a diffuse axonal injury. Now that you are awake and conversing I believe you will do just fine. However, I want to do a quick neurological exam."

He proceeds to check my reflexes, asks me to move my toes and legs, squeeze his hands with my fingers, move my face in certain ways and asks me if I can feel him touch me with a pin on various parts of my body.

He appears satisfied. "Thankfully, it appears my fears were unfounded, as you appear to be neurologically intact. What is your name?"

"Todd Centos. Doctor, can you take these things off of my wrists." I pull on the restraints to emphasize my desire to be released.

He says, "Certainly" as he leans over and undoes the restraints from under the bed.

"What do you remember about how you came to be half drowned on my beach?"

"I fell overboard during the storm. The sea was so rough I could barely keep my head above water. I thought I was going to drown. I don't know how I got here. The last thing I remember is trying to stay above the water in the dark and then I woke up here."

"Was there anyone else with you on the boat?"

"There must have been at least 30 passengers and I would guess about 10 people to run it. The Christos is pretty big. There could have been more."

"The Christos? Isn't that the name of the Killington's yacht? Do you know the Killington's?" His face is hard to read, but his voice makes me think he is concerned about something.

"Actually my friend Marc is the one who knows the Killington's son Jack. Jack was throwing a party while sailing to some island near Cancun Mexico. Marc invited me to go along. It was our second night out from Miami. Marc was furious with his fiancee and Jack. I was on the deck trying to calm him down and get him to come back inside out of the storm when lightning struck the side of the boat near us and I fell overboard." Marc was in a rage. He had found his fiancee and Jack in bed together in his cabin. He had come storming through the main room where I was starting to warm up to a brunette I was attracted to since the night we left Miami. I had never seen him so angry and couldn't believe he went outside into the storm. I reluctantly excused myself, promising her I'd be right back and went outside to find out what was wrong. In the dark I could hardly see him gripping the railing looking out at the rough sea. The wind was gusting so much I had to lean into it and then grab onto the railing myself to keep my footing. I asked what was wrong. He started screaming about how he'd found Jack and Stephanie together. He kept saying he was going to kill Jack. It was hard to sound sympathetic as I had to yell to be heard over the storm. I couldn't calm him down. I took his arm to try to coax him back inside out of the pelting rain when he jerked away and started walking towards the stern of the boat.

That's when the lightning hit. I lost my balance on the wet deck. The gusting wind suddenly changed direction. I fell backwards against the thigh high railing and flipped over it falling down into the water. The Christos is so large, it remains deceptively calm during the storm masking the true fury of the sea. Down in the churning waves I could barely catch a breath before being buried by the next dark wave.

Dr. DeBiron interrupts my thought when he asks in sympathetic tone, "Mr. Centos, who can we inform about you miraculous survival?"

"I don't know."

He suggests "Your wife, parents, sister, brother....?"

"I'm not married, my parents are dead and I'm an only child. Marc is the closest thing I've got to a family and he would still be on the Christos and I haven't a clue how to get in touch with the them."

I seem to remember in between the splashing waves someone with a life preserver jumping off the yacht in my direction. Was it Marc? I get the vague feeling that Marc is in trouble.

I quickly ask, "Did you find anyone else on the beach, when you found me?"

"No, there was nobody else."

He appears satisfied about something and tells me to rest. A meal will be brought to me and he will be back later.

A short time later a huge man comes in carrying a tray of food. He must be about 6 and half feet tall and built like a body builder. He certainly doesn't look like a nurse in his brown shorts and blue pullover which barely contains his massive chest and arms. He helps me sit up in bed and puts the tray on my lap. Then without a word he goes to the door, turns and with a leering look tells me to eat up and leaves.

I eat the cut fruits, some steamed vegetables and the bread. I drink the juice which awakens a thirst I didn't know I had. I quickly gulp down the rest of the juice. I feel very content. I wave of fatigue suddenly washes over me and doze off to sleep.


My eyes open as I feel a burning in my right arm. Dr. DeBiron is injecting something into the IV in my arm.

"That burns. What is it? Hey?!" I realize the restraints are back on my wrists. In addition, my ankles are tied down to the bed and there is something around my chest preventing me from sitting up. I struggle against the restraints only to find I can't move.

Dr. DeBiron stands there quietly looking at me. "Good morning, Mr. Centos. You can't get out of those restraints, but you're welcome to try." I renew my efforts to get out of the restraints, but they don't give at all. As I lay there panting from my efforts I feel my body getting very warm all over. He removes the sheet covering me. I notice for the first time that I'm completely naked. He runs his hands over my six foot athletic frame. He is running the back of his hand over my body like he is feeling for a fever. He starts on my cheeks, runs down my chest across my abdomen and then down both legs. He starts taking measurements and examining by whole body in great detail. Something about the intense attention to my naked body is very erotic. My body is still very warm all over. I feel my crotch getting hot and I realize that I'm starting to get a hard-on.

"What's happening? Let me go!" I moan as a sensual wave of intense pleasure starts in my head travels down my chest and into the pit of my abdomen. It merges with my engorged penis and I involuntarily lift my pelvis off the bed thrusting upwards into the air.

Dr. DeBiron calmly rolls a condom like device onto my straining rigid penis. Embarrassingly I start to push myself into the rubber. Instead of the usual small reservoir at the tip, it looks like there is a large balloon attached. The pressure continues to build and build until my balls start to ache. The pressure in my groin is so overwhelmingly erotic I feel myself building to a climax. Incredibly, I'm going to cum.

"Don't fight it. Just let it happen."

DeBiron grabs my cock in the condom and gives a gentle squeeze. As soon as he touches my pounding member, a wave of ecstasy erupts out of my pelvis and through my penis. I can feel myself cuming again and again like nothing I've ever experienced before. I can actually feel my testicles pumping my sperm into my pelvis and then exploding out of my shaft into the balloon on the end of the condom. I don't seem to be stopping. The ejaculate just keeps flowing. As the pressure starts to abate I notice that I've filled the tip of the extended condom like a water balloon to about the size of an orange. Finally the waves of pleasure slow down and I feel my body cooling down.

DeBiron rolls the condom off of my still hard very sensitive penis and holds the sperm filled condom like a trophy. "This will be more than enough. You performed quite nicely. Now it's time for you to get some rest." He pulls out a syringe and injects something into the IV. Then he sticks a needle in my other arm and starts filling some finger sized tubes with my blood.

I feel completely exhausted and get very sleepy, but I manage to repeat "What are you doing?" He ignores my question as I slip off to sleep.


I wake up to see the bodybuilder-type from before. There is a tray of food on the chair and he is shaking my shoulders.

"Wake up. It's time to eat. I'm Michael and I'll help you with your food."

As I come completely awake I plead "Help me. I've got to get out of here. That doctor is crazy. Please help me."

He gets a surprised look on his face. "Dr. DeBiron? What do you mean crazy? He's a genius, a little eccentric but not crazy. Now you need to eat to maintain your strength and grow." He then tries to spoon feed me something that looks like applesauce.

I refuse and turn my head. I continue to plead "There's nothing wrong with me. Take these restraints off of me. I need to get out of here. Please. He's not just eccentric. I'm telling you he's insane."

He sits down next to me on the bed and asks "Insane how?"

"He just is, trust me. You can't guess what he did to me." I mumble.

He gets this sly grin and removes the sheet covering me. To my dismay my penis is still erect. He grabs my hard cock and says "Did he do something like this?" And he begins to slowly rub up and down my dick.

I try to jerk away, but the restraints won't let me. I look at him with a startled expression as I begin to realize that he is just as crazy as the doctor. With more authority then I feel I say "Stop that right now! Take these restraints off of me! You can't do this to me." But the authority starts to dwindle as I realize that against my will I'm thrusting against his hand. What is wrong with me? I can't seem to control myself. These erotic urges are so strong.

His large hand is slowly riding up and down on my shaft which is now to its full erect 9 inches. I try to think about how horrible this is, but all that comes to mind is how turned on I am. I try to hold still, but my hips are pushing up against his hand as my rock hard penis throbs. I don't care anymore. I want release and it doesn't matter who it is. He lets go.

I can't believe he stopped. I feel on the verge of cuming and my face is flushed with embarrassment as I can't seem to stop. I move my pelvis around trying to find something to rub against my pulsating penis. This is the second time I gotten off with a man. Am I turning gay? It takes all of my will power not to ask him to start again. It takes awhile for these urges to decrease enough for me to stop rutting with the air. I'm still rock hard and my balls are churning. "You are still juiced from the stimulant you were given. Very nice. However, you will soon be even more impressive. Now back to business. You need to eat." He reaches for the tray of food again and tries to force feed me. I turn my head and clamp my mouth shut. I won't cooperate with these maniacs. He grabs my face with his meaty hand and pries my mouth open and shovels the applesauce into my mouth. It tastes like applesauce but with some sort of weird spices. I spit it into Michael's face. I expect to be slapped as he raises his hand. However, he only proceeds to wipe his face off.

Surprisingly he grins at me. "Spirited, aren't we? Look, you are going to eat. We could wait until your hunger becomes unbearable, but that will slow the process down and might damage you in the long run. If necessary I will place a tube down your nose into your stomach and force feed you that way. It's up to you. Which way do you want it?"

I'm starting to realize how helpless I am. "Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go. I won't tell anyone. I promise. Please."

He sighs and leaves the room. For a moment I start to think he went to get DeBiron, then he returns with a long coiled tube. He takes some clear jelly and rubs it on the tip of the tube. He sits down on the bed and puts me in a head lock.

"Stop it, stop it!" I scream as I try to shake my head from side to side. However he has my head held still and he starts forcing the tube up my left nostril. A sharp burning sensation in my nose causes my eyes to water as I feel the tube snake into the back of my throat. I gag and as soon as I open my mouth Michael quickly grabs a cup of juice and pours it into my mouth and closes it. I have to swallow and the tube is quickly advanced down my throat. When he is satisfied it is down into my stomach he tapes the tube to my nose. I glare at him with more anger than I ever felt for anyone. He ignores me and connects the other end of the tube to a bag hanging from the IV pole and puts a thick tan liquid into the bag. It starts running down the tube. I watch it as it enters my nose. I invainly shake my head back and forth but I can't dislodge the tube. I feel something cool in my stomach and realize it must be the food. My stomach betrays me as it growls.

Michael smiles. "There is no use in fighting. You could have done this the easy way, but I guess you'll learn. Now I'm putting a device in your hand. There is a button on the end of it. When you feel the need to urinate or move your bowels push the button and someone will come to help you. Don't make a mess in the bed or we will have to place tubes in other areas you definitely won't enjoy." I cringe as I realize what he means and quickly forget the impulse to defiantly drop the call button on the floor.

"Dr. DeBiron will be by later. Enjoy your meal." He leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

I try to get the restraints off again without success. Eventually, I calm down. I'd forgotten about my erection during the struggle to place the feeding tube. Now the need to orgasm starts to reassert itself. I find if I stay real still and distract myself by doing computer algorithms in my head, I can tolerate it. I eventually fall asleep and have some very erotic and very wet dreams.


I wake up with the sheet plastered to my abdomen by copious amounts of sperm. I finally realize what woke me as I start to feel the need to move my bowels. This can't be happening. I think about holding it, but this doesn't work for long. Finally, I hit the call button and wait in utter humiliation for someone to come.

A young beautiful blond woman with her hair tied back into a large ponytail opens the door. She is dressed in tan shorts and a yellow oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The only thing I notice is she is not DeBiron or Michael. Maybe she will help me escape this insane asylum.

"Hi there. I'm Alysia, can I help you?"

Yes, Yes, Yes, I think. I desperately start pleading. "Yes, I need your help. I need you to help me get out of here. There is this crazy doctor and his assistant who have me tied up. They are totally insane. There is nothing wrong with me. If you'll undo these restraints, I'll leave and nobody will know. Please I need your help. I don't know what those two lunatics have in mind, but it certainly is not good for me I assure you. Please, undo these restraints. Believe me, I'm not dangerous."

"I'm not afraid of you, but I can't undo those restraints."

"Sure you can. Nobody will know. I promise you I won't hurt you. I just want to get out of here."

She sighs. "It's not that I can't undo the restraints, it's that I won't. My husband and uncle would be very disappointed if they lost you." I feel shock. She isn't going to help me. She's part of this insanity.

"What kind of a hospital is this? I don't care what you three have planned, you've got to let me out of here. This is illegal. You can't keep me hostage here. I'll escape. You can't keep me tied up forever."

"Don't worry you won't be tied up forever. And you should forget about escaping because there is no way off of the island. Now, did you hit your call button for a reason? Do you need to move your bowels or pee?"

Peevishly I tell her that I'm fine and for her to go away. However, it's not long until my needs returns with even greater vigor. I hit the call button again. It suddenly occurs to me that when she lets me up to go to the bathroom I can overpower her and escape.

The door opens and Alysia enters.

"I've got to go to the bathroom."

"Urinate or move your bowels?"


She walks over to my bed. As I anticipate my escape, my heart starts racing. She peels off the sheet and brings a metallic pan up into my view. I despair as I realize what she's planning. "Come on lift your butt so I can put the bedpan under you."

I almost cry with frustration, but the need to move my bowels has been neglected for too long. I lift my hips and barely sit on the bedpan before I feel myself go. The sense of helplessness coupled with the humiliation is almost unbearable. She removes the bedpan to somewhere outside the door and returns with a warm wet towel and proceeds to gently clean my bottom. I simply lay with my head turned to the side trying to disassociate myself from my body. However, the warmth of the towel is making me realize that my bladder is now crying for relief.

I mumble "I've got to pee, too."

Wordlessly, she leaves and returns with a plastic device like a pitcher. Without touching my still incredibly swollen member she slides the open end of the container over my penis. I have trouble getting started, but eventually the flood gates open and I practically fill the jug. She gives a couple milking like maneuvers to my penis to drain it of the last couple drops and then lets my penis flop back onto my abdomen. Hardly believing I could be any more embarrassed, I start to thrust up again from the contact with my cock. She simply stands there with my pitcher of piss in her hand watching me involuntarily thrust into the air. I close my eyes and try to think of something to get myself to stop grinding my hips into the air, but I'm too horny and I can't stop. She leaves with the urinal, but promptly returns. My tumescence hasn't abated and she walks over and wraps her small hand around my penis.

"What are you doing?"

"It's obvious you need release. It's cruel of them to leave you like this after giving you the stimulant. Its affects will eventually wear off, but I can help you get over it quicker. Besides I'm rather turned on by your beautiful cock."

She puts my glans in her mouth like a lollipop and starts sucking. Her warm moist mouth sends shivers up my spine. She slowly starts to swallow all nine inches. No one has ever done this before. Women have tried but I'm usually too long and too thick. They usually choke before they get halfway down on my shaft. Alysia seems to expand her mouth and throat. She goes all the way down to the base, nuzzling her nose in my pubic hairs. I can actually feel the ringed muscles in her throat trying to swallow my penis. I start lifting my hips off the bed trying to penetrate even further into that wonderfully warm and moist cavity. She slowly backs off of my cock. I'm harder than I've ever been. It feels like I'm going to burst. I want more. She wraps both hands around my shaft and starts to massage my rod. Then she swallows my cock again. I start bucking and she simply stays on my penis like she's attached. My balls ache and I can feel that strange sensation again of the sperm leaving my testicles. It produces an image in my mind like in those cartoons where a great ball of water can be seen traveling down a length of hose. I can actually feel the sperm leave my balls and enter my pelvis where this tremendous pressure is building. There is a pause and then an explosion of pure pleasure like I've never felt before. I give one last heave into the air and freeze with my back arched as the pressure leaves my pelvis and shots up my penis into the throat of Alysia. I don't just squirt some sperm, but like earlier I can feel a stream of jism just gush through my penis. The stream continues for an eternity. Finally, it slows down and then stops. I collapse back down into the bed. Alysia backs off of my cock until only my glans is in her mouth. With her right hand she starts pumping my cock. Hasn't she had enough?! There is no way I can cum like that again. However, my penis seems to still be ready to go. I cum again, but in a more normal way and still she doesn't release my swollen cock. I cum again and again as orgasm after orgasm causes my whole body to spasm in pleasure. I lose count, but at some point my penis finally softens and only then does she let go. My member falls with a soft splat onto my sweat drenched abdomen. She leaves the room. What did I just do? That was impossible. It was amazing. Just as I'm concluding that I can die right then a happy man, Alysia comes back in with a basin and some more towels.

"Do you feel any better now?" she asks with a grin.

"My god, that was fantastic. I've never experienced anything like that before in my life."

She starts to give me a sponge bath. I am so tired and feel very relaxed. I barely hear her say, "The stimulant can be very dangerous. You can imagine how addictive it can easily become. It was necessary however. I can't say that I'm sorry. That was a very impressive demonstration. I don't think I'm going to be able to eat dinner I'm so full." She continues to bath me as I slip into blissful sleep.


"Good morning Mr. Centos."

I open my eyes to see Dr. DeBiron.

"Don't look so angry. I'm sure your stay has not been entirely unpleasant. Alysia was almost overwhelmed by your performance last night." He pauses as I blush. "That's right, I know everything that happens on my island."

"You and your family are nuts. You can't keep me here. I'll escape or my friends will come looking for me."

"First of all Mr. Centos, there is no way off of my island and second the rest of the world thinks you were lost at sea during the storm. According to the press the Killington's yacht was en route to an exclusive resort near Cancun when during an unseasonably severe storm a Mr. Todd Centos tragically fell over board. Despite a vigorous search and rescue attempt they were not able to find him and presume that he died at sea. It appears they are holding a memorial service in Miami. So you see, not only can't you escape but no one is going to come looking for you." He pauses, letting this sink in.

They think I'm dead. I can't believe Marc would give up so easily. DeBiron simply sits in the chair watching me with no discernible expression on his face. What is he thinking? What is he planning? "Assuming you're telling the truth, what do you want with me? Are you part of some sex cult?"

He pauses for a long time. I don't think he is going to answer and then he starts "I've created a process where I can reorganize organic tissue. It's actually an advanced form of gene therapy. In theory, the concept is rather simple. Even though my short sighted colleagues at the Alsense Institute are too spineless to pursue the process. A host of designer viruses are used as delivery systems to inject the appropriate genetic code at the desired locations. However, you can't simply rewrite an organism's whole genetic code all a once. It doesn't survive the process. I've learned that it must be done in a step wise manner. The organism must adapt to the changes as they are introduced. Then the next series of viruses are introduced to rewrite new segments of the recipient's DNA. Eventually, the organism is changed from its original form to the new form."

"What are you saying? You want me to be your guinea pig? Forget it. Your insane. I won't do it."

He leans closer to me looking intensely into my eyes. "Mr. Centos, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal other than human? You've never dreamed of flying like an eagle, or swimming like a dolphin, or haven't you thought how wonderful it must be to gallop like a horse? Think of it Todd, the new experiences, insights, sensations. I'm Merlin to your Arthur. Besides the insights gained from these Arthurian experiences, the marketable implications are limitless- to conquer diseases and even the aging process. Isn't your curiosity piqued at least a little bit? Come on Todd, admit it?"

He's even more insane that I thought. Perhaps if I pretend to show interest he will relax, slip up and I'll find an opportunity to escape.

"Well, I'd be lying if I said I'd never had dreams of flying before. Some of what your saying does sound interesting."

He leans back in the chair smiling. "You think you are only humoring me and don't believe I'm capable of what I'm saying. That's alright. The spark has been struck. You will soon change your mind. Well, it's time to get started with your first injection." He pulls a syringe out of his coat pocket and proceeds to inject it into my arm.

"No! God damn it, No! Stop you maniac! You can't do this!" I wail.

"But I can. Just wait. You may not feel anything for awhile. It won't be that unpleasant." With that said, DeBiron, leaves my room.

It comes on so gradually I don't notice it at first. I feel an aching in all of my joints and muscles. Despite multiple attempts to stretch and relieve the sensation I am unsuccessful. Then I start to feel feverish, but not much else happens.

A dull routine starts to be established with Alysia, Michael or DeBiron coming into the room to probe me, take my temperature, do body measurements, take blood samples, replenish my tube feeding bag or take care of my hygiene needs.


Signaling a change, DeBiron arrives wearing surgical masks, gowns and gloves.

"What's wrong? Why are you wearing the surgical get-up?" I start to get nervous thinking about possible surgical tortures this mad man might do. It is obvious his injection doesn't work.

"Relax, everything is fine. Your immune system is finally weak enough to accept the first series of genetic implants and I can't risk you getting sick or dying from a common virus or bacteria contracted from myself." As he says this, he proceeds to inject me with several syringes full of various liquids.

"You mean that first injection wasn't a virus?"

"Yes, it was a virus. They were designed to dampen your immune system to allow the next set of virus's to insert their packaged DNA without being destroyed by your host's defenses. You probably won't feel anything for a while, and I still don't think it will be that uncomfortable."

I feel feverish again with a return of the same muscle and joint aches. This time however, I feel a strong warmth and tingling in my groin. I lift my head to look at my crotch to see a raging hard-on tenting up the sheet. At first I believe he injected me with that stimulant he used before, but I don't feel particularly excited or horny. However, my penis won't go down. After awhile, I decide I must have a full bladder. I hit the call button.

Michael pokes his masked head in the door "Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

"I've got to pee."

He reappears in a minute in full surgical costume and holds the urinal over my boner, but I can't seem to urinate. He keeps waiting however, and seems to be looking over my body like an architect overlooking some blueprints.

I finally say "I guess it's a false alarm." He simply nods and goes.

Time marches on. The tube feeding slowly dwindles, and I still have an unforgiving erection. It isn't painful and I often forget about. I wake up some time latter. My penis has finally relaxed from its marathon erection.

However, something doesn't feel quite right. I lift my head, since the chest restraint won't let me sit up, and try to look at my genitals. Using my fingers I slowly pull the sheet off of my abdomen. I can't see my scrotum between my legs, but it feels swollen as it touches my thighs. My flaccid penis doesn't look any different until I realize that the tip is higher on my abdomen than it should be and it also feels swollen. I let my neck relax and put my head back on the pillow. Perhaps being erect for so long did something to my dick.

Just thinking about how long I had the erection causes my penis to start expanding again. I can feel my cock keep inching its way up my stomach until its almost at the tip of my sternum. I look up to see this monster cock gently bobbing as it hovers over my abdomen. It must be 13 or 14 inches long and at least as big around as a beer can. Realizing that enormous member is part of me, my penis becomes as taunt as a drum. I can sense its entire length. I start to squirm around on the bed trying to touch it. To confirm what I'm seeing. It is too stiff to go over to my hands. It simply bobs in time with my heart beat an inch or two over my abdomen staring me in the face. During my movements on the bed I come to realize that my scrotum definitely is swollen. If I squeeze my thighs together I can feel what seems to be a couple of sensitive baseballs hanging down onto the bed. One and then the other testicle retracts an inch or so off of the bed and then relaxes back down on the bed again. This must be some sort of wet dream. I feel myself getting hornier and more turned on by my mammoth throbbing penis. The churning baseballs between my legs, seem to have a mind of their own as they slowly retract and relax in my scrotum. A pressure starts building in my pelvis and I can feel my enlarged nuts lift off of the bed in unison and release a load of sperm. I am amazed to feel it enter my pelvis and then stop. I look at the giant snake over my belly and it is drooling a thin clear stream of pre-cum. It just keeps flowing almost like I was very slowly urinating. As the hot precum starts puddling on my abdomen I feel another and another load of jism leave my bloated testicles and continued to build that heavenly pressure in my pelvis. Finally, it reaches critical mass and it shoots out my penis like a big wad of chewing tobacco and hits me in the face. I don't care. The release from my groin is ecstasy and a couple more incredibly large wads shot out of my engorged cock hitting me in the chin. My orgasm occurs without me even touching myself. My balls lay still on the bed. My penis slowly relaxes onto my abdomen and starts slithering back down towards my groin. Pretty soon the cum that baths my face starts to cool down and dry.

Michael comes into the room and stops when he sees my cum splattered face and receding python. Then he seems to smile behind his mask and he leaves the room only to return with a wash basin and towel.

Chuckling he says "Couldn't hold it in, could you big fella?" He finishes cleaning me off and then turns to look at my genitals. I think I have become used to being fondled and examined but I can feel my self blushing again as he picks up my now limp cock and pulls it out to its incredible full length. He cups my balls and then takes a very close look at my genitals. He pulls on my skin down there, but I really can't tell what he is doing.

"What happened to me?" I finally managed to ask.

He responds simply "Just what's supposed to happen." "Marvelous" he mutters to himself as he continues to examine by genitals. I clearly hear him say to himself "We'll need a fresh sample for comparison." And he quickly gets up and leaves. He returns with Dr. DeBiron in the middle of a conversation. "...amazing. I don't believe we'll need a stimulant." They walk over to my bed and totally ignore me as they focus on my groin. Michael points and says something about the beginnings of a sheath at which point DeBiron grabs some of my skin around the base of my penis. They start to poke and prod my balls and penis. Under their intense examination my cock starts expanding. I don't seem to have any control over my genitals anymore. The slightest touch is a pleasant electrical shock running through my cock to the base of my spine. They both straighten up and watch my new and improved penis expand to its full potential. DeBiron seems impressed and pleased whereas Michael appears hungry. Michael slips a very large condom-like device snugly onto the end of my penis much like the one I remember from before only larger. The balloon tip lays empty and limp on my chest. The condom is tight and is causing me to start some pelvic thrusts. Michael can't seem to wait and eagerly grabs my cock in his two hands like he is holding a baseball bat and starts sliding them up and down my long thick shaft. The sensation is too much. I feel my balls churning and pumping and the now familiar pressure builds even more quickly and powerfully than before. I start grunting and breathing heavily. One final thrust and a constant stream of spunk starts filling up the balloon on my chest. I can feel the heat through the balloon as it gets heavy on my chest. Michael doesn't stop until I collapse back onto the bed.

DeBiron rolls the condom off of my penis and cradles the grapefruit sized sperm balloon. He says to Michael, "This will certainly do for now." Causing Michael to chuckle. He walks out with his prize.

I notice Michael is still standing there admiring my now flaccid cock as his hand strokes an impressive bulge under his surgical gown. What is he thinking? These people are sex fiends. I start getting nervous, but he evidently has the self control I seem to have lost. He takes a blood sample from my left arm and then leaves.

My penis is draped across my left thigh and I lift my head up to look. With my cock in profile I can see that there is a roll of extra skin overlying its base. It looks like a thick pliable foreskin just covering the base of my penis. This foreskin seems to be attached to the lower part of my abdomen parting my pubic hair half-way up towards my navel. Is that what they meant by sheath? Maybe DeBiron actually is turning me into some kind of sex beast. No, it can't be. I must be going insane. They are drugging me. This can't be real. I look back down at my new penis and moan. I've got to get out of here. I try to break out of the restraints with all of my might, but just like every time before I find I can't get loose.


DeBiron enters without the surgical attire. He is obviously very proud of something. He declares, "The transformation is underway. How do you like it so far?"

I simply glare at him.

"Come now," he starts "it's not that bad is it? You've got some very impressive equipment. Don't you like your new penis?"

In utter frustration I feel my cock climbing up my abdomen towards another massive hard-on. He continues, "Hard to control isn't it? Well, you will eventually not be so easily excitable, but that's neither here nor there, as they say. It's time to initiate the next phase." He proceeds to fasten a thin metal collar around my neck. It clicks together in the back.

"Do you see this device?" He holds up something that looks like a TV remote control. "It controls that collar around your neck. It is a very clever device. I wish I could take credit for it, but one of my colleagues at the Institute came up with the basic theory and engineering. They were working on a project for the military. A weapon to stun an enemies central nervous system rendering them unconscious without physically doing any harm. Unfortunately they abandoned the project because they were not able to affect anything more than a foot from the transmitter. They felt that they had failed to produce anything except a very expensive taser, for which the military did not have much use. They didn't see the uses for it that I do. I'm told that it's only moderately painful, but perhaps I should get your opinion." His thumb depresses a button on his remote and I feel a pain in the back of my head shoot behind my eyes. This is immediately followed by a blinding white light and then blackness.

I open my eyes to find I've got a splitting headache. Even my teeth ache. To my surprise I realize that all of my restraints have been removed. Michael is standing like a guard at the door with DeBiron sitting in the chair watching me. I try to sit up, but a wave of dizziness overcomes me with the sudden change in position and I have to lay back down.

DeBiron tells Michael to help me up. He pulls my legs off to the side of the bed and placing his hand behind my back he helps me sit up. The dizziness returns but it is tolerable this time.

"You God damn monsters. What gives you the right to do this to me? To anyone?" I rest my head in my hands with my elbows on my knees. I feel so weak, but defiant enough to yank the IV out my arm and the feeding tube out of my nose. My lightheadedness almost causes me to vomit with the sensation of the tube coming up my throat, but I quickly regain my equilibrium. "Michael turn the feeding pump off." As Michael gets up off of my bed to turn off the pump DeBiron addresses me. "We were going to remove the feeding tube and IV. As you can see the collar will render you unconscious and you are powerless to stop it." I start to reach up for the collar and he quickly continues "And if you try to remove it, it will automatically discharge rendering you unconscious." My hands drop to my sides. "I'm glad you realize your limitations. Your days as a bedridden invalid are over. Despite the adequate nutrition your muscles will atrophy unless used. The goal now is to gain mass, not lose it. I'm sure you must be bored with the old routine. You will now do some light exercising, sleeping, and eating as often and as much as you can. Doesn't that sound good?"

I sullenly respond. "Yah, fuck'in fantastic. I'm not going to cooperate. I'm telling you right now, you bastard. I'm going to fight you and I will escape. You can count on it."

DeBiron placidly responds. "You do what you feel you must. It won't matter in the end. You will do what I want and I imagine you will eventually even look forward to doing what is asked of you." Michael gives a deep chuckle.

DeBiron gets up and leaves. As he opens the door I jump up from the bed and try to run through the door. Unfortunately, my legs are so weak from inactivity that I barely manage a couple of unstable steps before they give out like wet noodles and I sit down on the floor. DeBiron turns and stands over me. "A couple more things, if you pass beyond the threshold of this door your collar will fire. And in case you haven't realized it. That small glassy circle on the ceiling is a surveillance camera that constantly monitors this room." DeBiron leaves.

"Come on, it's time for your exercises" Michael says as he comes up from behind me. He picks me up like I don't weigh even half of my 180 lbs. and places me on my bed. Damn he is strong. He starts simply by moving my legs and arms, bending the joints and stretching the tendons. After this goes on for awhile, he helps me stand up and to slowly walk around the room. I flop down on the bed at the end totally exhausted.

"Now for your reward." He steps out of the room and I hear a click and then a whir of some hidden motor behind me and to my right. I turn and see an opening appear as a door slides into the wall. Michael returns and points to the new doorway. "Your own toilet."

I slowly get to my feet and manage to walk over to the door by myself. I am already feeling stronger. The "bathroom" is a plain tiled room with a single toilet. No sink or shower. I actually feel gratitude towards Michael and thank him.

Suddenly I'm burning with anger for what they were doing to me and I'm partly angry with myself for feeling anything but hatred for them. How can I feel grateful to them for giving my dignity back when they are the ones who took it away.

I walk back to my bed and lay down. I hear Michael leave and I doze off. When I wake up I have to move my bowels and with a perverted sense of joy I get up to use the toilet. The door does not close but I‚m beyond caring about modesty. That seems so trivial now.

I sit down on the toilet and feel something wet against my scrotum. I look down and for the first time I can really examine my genitals. My two pendulous testicles are hanging so low that my scrotum is in the water of the toilet bowl. I then see that my next problem is that I can't get my penis into the bowl while I'm sitting on the toilet. Not only would it hit the water if it hung straight down, but this new foreskin thing is keeping the base pointing up. I have to bend my penis over this new skin to get it to aim down. I try to roll the foreskin down, but I can't. I pull on it until the skin on my abdomen tents up. It is part of me and firmly attached. I can't separate it from my lower abdomen. All of this yanking and tugging is causing my penis to start getting hard. Then my bowels started demanding attention. I let go of my cock and lift my balls out of the water and drape them over the front lip of the toilet bowl while I take care of business. Now I have the urge to urinate. I think about it and try various positions. I can't sit on the toilet and urinate and I can't simply stand and point my penis down. I finally settle on leaning over the toilet and letting my cock hang down to piss into the bowl.

I walk around my room examining it. Nothing useful seems to present itself. I take the sheet off of the mattress and make a crude toga.

The door opens and Alysia walks in with a tray of food and drink. She looks at me and seeing the toga she frowns and says "Pity." She puts the tray down on the bed. "Here you go, you must be famished. It's been a big day for you." She turns and leaves. I momentarily contemplated grabbing her and forcing my way out the door, but I doubt DeBiron is lying about my new collar and the threshold setting it off .

I am very hungry and only pause for a second to consider what might be in the food before starting to shovel it into my mouth. Thus starts another routine. I realize DeBiron is getting what he wants. I rationalize that if I am to get strong enough to escape, it makes sense to eat. I lose track of time and start counting every third meal as a day, but I soon suspect that I am being fed more than three times per day. It doesn't seem important. I am getting stronger and I think I have surpassed my arrival weight. Michael doesn't seem quite as imposing anymore, which I can't entirely attribute to my no longer seeing him loom over me while I am strapped to the bed.


DeBiron walks into my room with a syringe in one hand and the remote control in the other. He pushes the remote control before I can even speak. A terrible pain and blinding light shoots from the base of my skull and then nothing.

I wake up on a large straw covered floor, alone and naked. There is no furniture of any kind. An oversized doorway on the opposite side of the room reveals a large bare room with a hole in the cement floor. This room is larger than my prior room which was strangely starting to seem cramped.

I feel that familiar warmth again that verifies I must have been injected with another virus. The warmth centers around my penis and it quickly becomes hard and throbbing. I start to smell something. Besides the strong smell of the straw there is another fairly musky odor that I can't place though I feel like I should know what the smell is. I soon forget the smell as my expanding dong is starting to demand attention. I feel myself getting horny after days of no sexual drive at all. I start to lovingly caress my great pole. Up and down. Up and down. The sensation is great.

The impossible seems to be happening. I watch my huge penis grow even longer and thicker. It keeps coming at my face. Closer and closer until it's almost level with my chin. I can't believe this. I touch it. It's real. I run a finger tip down the length of the shaft and feet an electrical wave of pleasure radiate out from my finger tip.

My scrotum aches and look down to see it start expanding. It looks like someone is slowly pumping water into my testicles. Blowing them up like two water balloons. Now, instead of two baseball sized testicles they are the size of softballs. As I watch in total fascination, they start rolling up and down within my scrotum and I can feel them start pumping into my pelvis.

I have to close my eyes to regain some composure. When I open them, my huge glans is just below eye level. The pressure continues to build in my pelvis and my penis starts drooling. Clear precum is running out of the tip like a clear volcanic lava. It is coating my entire unbelievably large cock and then pooling around my balls in the straw on the floor.

I can't stand it. I grab my cock with both hands and start stroking it. The precum makes it very silky. My cock tip is so close to my mouth that without thinking I put my mouth over the end of my glans and taste my precum. I'm shocked enough to stop what I'm doing and realize I just tasted my own precum. Then the taste hits me and the musky, slightly sweet flavor makes me even hornier.

I throttle my giant penis with renewed vigor and put the tip in my mouth again. I can't even get my mouth the whole way around the glans despite an overwhelming urge to swallow my own cock. I need release. My stroking becomes faster. I'm thrusting my pelvis up in time with my stroking. After what seems an eternity, my pelvic pressure releases and I can feel my load shoot up my shaft and into my mouth. It's so copious I can't swallow fast enough and most of it dribbles out around my lips to cover my chest and cock. I totally lose any inhibitions about what I am doing. I just have to have it. The salty metallic taste of my cum only seems to make me hungrier. Finally the pressure dissipates and I collapse onto my back on the floor.

My penis collapses heavily onto my chest still pulsating softly as it slowly slides off my slippery chest to drape across my arm to the right. I can feel it continue to retract and climb back up onto my abdomen and then stop above my navel. I look down and quickly sit up. My little sheath around the base of my cock has advanced up my abdomen and is displacing my navel towards my chest. My cock tries to return all the way into this new sheath, but the sheath isn't long enough. My large glans and about an inch of shaft are still exposed. I grab a hold of my softened penis through the sheath and find that the new skin is very soft and warm. It comes together around my penis and then sends a fold of skin to attach it to my abdomen so that my penis and sheath can be pulled away from my abdomen about 2 to 3 inches. Out of curiosity I try to stuff my penis into the sheath which temporarily expands to accept the additional cock, but when I let go my penis comes right back out.

"Bravo" Alysia claps. "Are you done yet? I need a sample before it dries."

I hadn't even noticed her come in. Just when I think there is nothing left that can embarrass me around these people I realize I'm wrong. I feel ashamed and turn my back on her to try to hide my nudity. What a silly response considering what she witnessed, but I can't help myself. I used to be in such control of my life. Such a strong willed independent person. Alysia gathers some sperm saturated straw and leaves. I start to feel despair set in. A feeling of total loneliness that aches in my chest. As I wallow in self pity I am so withdrawn into myself I don't hear the door opening again.

A small hand rests on my shoulder. I can smell some sort of perfume. It's so strong it's almost overpowering. Underneath the perfume I can smell some sort of soap and what must be shampoo. Still underneath that I detect something else that's unfamiliar and yet I know that smell. Alysia bends over me to try to see my face which I hide in-between my knees. "Try not to be so down" She sounds genuinely concerned. "Your progressing perfectly. Your beautiful."

"I'm a freak! A freak! Whatever you are doing to me I can't go back like this. Even if I could hide the physical changes I can't control these urges. You did this to me. Leave me alone. Just leave me alone!" As I yell at her, I look up with tears coming down my face.

From the expression on her face I see that on some level she seems to care about me. Not the damn transformation her uncle is orchestrating, but me. She walks around to crouch in front of me as I sit there hugging my knees to my chest. She touches my face and wipes away the tears. As her fingers stroke my face I smell that aroma again underneath her perfume and soaps. It must be Alysia. Without thinking I inhale deeply. I like the smell. I want to smell it more. I turn my head to put my face into the palm of her hand and drink in the smell of her.

I look into her eyes and they are staring right into mine. She really cares. I start feeling a longing for her. I reach out and touch that beautiful face and gently take her hand and kiss the back. I turn her palm over and kiss her palm while looking into smiling caring eyes. I inhale again and get a lung full of Alysia. I want to keep smelling her palm. She tries to gently take her hand back, but I find my grip tightening and smelling her palm more vigorously. She tries to pull away but I won't let go. She smells too good, so right. She jerks her hand away but slips on the straw and falls onto her butt pulling me on top of her.

She tries to get out from underneath me. Her smell is over powering. It is even stronger with me on top of her. In some recess of my mind I notice that my cock is escaping my sheath and like a warm throbbing python is squeezing between us. Once I notice my cock I loosen my grip on her and she crab walks away from me. As her hips reach my face, there is such a resurgence of Alysia's pungent enticing aroma that I grab her hips and bury my face in her crotch. All rational sense leaves me. All I know is that my penis is about to burst and I have to have release. Alysia is mine and I want her.

She is really starting to struggle now. I flip her on to her stomach and grab her around the waist and ram my pole between her legs. It goes between her legs and under her belly. In the heat of the moment I forget about her shorts. I start thrusting with huge wildly exaggerated pelvic motions. I can feel her bare thighs rubbing on either side of my cock as I thrust in and out. With my arms still around her waist I put my head down to her neck and inhale. God, she smells good. Without knowing what I'm doing I bite her neck and she screams, which only seems to send more waves of pleasure through my whole body to the end of my cock.

I feel her right hand cup my monstrous penis and hold it up against her abdomen. I somehow enter her blouse and as I thrust forward I can feel the tip of my cock hitting her breasts as they hang down. The pressure in my pelvis is climaxing and I can't control myself anymore and I cum and cum. Again it's a continuous jet of cum. As my seed is spent I slowly start to realize what I'm doing. I find I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, if they want an animal they've got an animal, but on the other hand I'm horrified at what's becoming of me and what I've done to Alysia. As I pause there on Alysia's back I realize she still smells so good and I'm not done yet. A fresh wave of blood enters my penis to stiffen its resolve. I finally realize that under the shorts is an even stronger bouquet of aromas and just thinking about them is driving me mad. I start to pull on the shorts. Alysia screams, grabs her shorts and rolls onto her back.

I vaguely hear Michael say "That's enough. You've had your fun." Then the pain and light hit my head and I black out.


I wake up sticky all over. The glaring evidence reminds me what I did. I drop back into a pool of self pity again and sit there trying not to think of my hideously enlarged genitals. I feel as if I've been mutilated.

I can still smell the becoming aroma of Alysia and there is also a slightly threatening smell. That smell must be Michael's scent. I notice another odor that is stronger than Alysia's or Michael's. I remember smelling it before Alysia even came into the room. I still get this weird sense of familiarity but I still can't identify it.

I'm finding it uncomfortable to sit. I have to keep shifting from one cheek to the other. It feels like I'm sitting on something. I stand up and look through the straw to the wooden floor. There's nothing there. I brush the straw off my butt and hit something that shouldn't be there just above my butt crack. I try to look at my behind and I see something that looks like a lot of black hair, but I can't get a good look. I put my hand back and feel a brush of coarse hair a couple inches long protruding from some sort of growth. What the hell is that? My breathing starts getting faster along with my rapid heart rate. There are more changes?

I start checking the rest of my body. I notice changes that in my infatuation with my genitals I missed. My fingernails and especially my toenails have become very thick and are much longer than they should be. The color of the nails is brown. No longer the translucent pink I'm used to. My body hair seems different. I look closer at my arms and see that there is more hair than normal. I look closer and underneath the obvious hairs are smaller hairs growing close to the skin. The follicles are almost so close together that I can't see my skin. I quickly look at the rest of my skin only to find the hair is almost everywhere. The only places it is missing are my palms, soles and my penis. Even my sheath is covered in this fuzz and I realize my pubic hair is gone. I reach up and feel my face and it seems the hair is even across my forehead and nose. Even my eyelids appear to have a light covering. And where is the stubble of my emerging beard? It seems to have vanished. My normal hair is still on top of my head but it feels coarser than normal and as I run my fingers through my hair I discover it growing down my neck to my shoulders. And what's this? There's something on my ears. No, not on my ears. Those are my ears. They are too long and are pointed like Mr. Spock's. This is too much. I sit down on the floor only to yowl out in pain from jabbing that bony growth up into my tailbone. Tailbone? Could it be? Is that the start of some sort of tail? I try to look at it again, but I still can't see it clearly.

I finally accept the fact that DeBiron is indeed changing me somehow into something other than a huge uncontrollable penis. "What are you doing to me!? What am I becoming?" I yell in frustration at the little glass eye overhead. Now I really am a freak. I can see myself at a carnival side show. The carni yells ‚Come see the hairy Vulcan beastman! But don't get too close. If he sniffs you, he might go wild and that bulge under his loincloth is for real.' Escape no longer seems possible. There is no way I can hide what I must look like. I slowly sit down again, but carefully on the side of my cheek.

Just then my stomach growls and I feel a great hunger pain. I also realize I'm terribly thirsty. DeBiron enters. I know my face reveals the hopeful expression on my face, an almost enjoyable expectation that he has food. I quickly look down and turn my back on him as I remember Alysia. He is probably here to punish me for trying to rape his niece. Nothing happens. I can feel him watching my back. I can even smell him. He and Michael evidently use the same aftershave. My nose wrinkles as I pick up traces of some foul smelling chemicals he must have been using recently.

I finally break the silence. "You stink."

"Do you mean that literally or figuratively, or perhaps both?" When I don't answer he adds "Alysia's fine by the way."

I cringe. I want to try to pretend that it didn't happen. Now, I brace for the punishment. Still nothing happens. After a long period of silence I finally break down and yell. "Do it! Go ahead! Do it!"

"Do what? Do you expect some sort of punishment for acting out with Alysia? You aren't going to be punished. If anything you should be rewarded. If anyone is to be punished it is Alysia and I think the scare you gave her will suffice. So there, nobody is being punished. You can relax."

I look over my shoulder at him. "Rewarded? I tried to rape your niece and you want to reward me? You've got some screwed up set of family values. You need help."

He says "Alysia's a grown woman who can take care of herself. She brought the situation upon herself. She knew you were in a dangerous condition and she provoked you. It was only natural for you to respond the way you did. I think she expected it. She just didn't realize how amorous you would be."

"Natural? Is it natural for a man to try to rape a woman just because... because of the way she smells?" She planned that? She actually planned that whole scene? That look in her eyes wasn't caring for me. It was some kind of weird lust for me.

"It's not natural for a homo sapien in today's environment to behave that way, but I think you're starting to accept the fact that you are no longer even in the same genus. If I were a taxonomist I would probably classify your current genus as homo-equus. Considering the hormonal surges and the new growth in your limbic system, yes, for you, I would consider your reaction to a female normal and predictable."

"I'm a computer network engineer. I didn't totally follow what you said. What is a homo-equus? Is that what I am?"

He seems pleased by my interest. "Homo-equus is just my off-the-cuff name for a possible genus describing your current transitional state. You will continue to change. You need several more injections before the transformation is complete, but I need to wait for the current set of genetic changes to stabilize. Your soft tissue changes are progressing well and at the rate of dermal and keratin change I'd say you will reach your new plateau very soon."

I ask again, not expecting an answer, "What am I becoming? Can't you tell me? I'm going insane imagining the monster I'm turning into."

"Take a deep breath and tell me what you smell." As I don't comply he encourages me "Come on, what do you smell? Your olfactory nerves should certainly be sensitive enough to give you your answer. Even I can smell it with my puny human senses. Tell me which smell doesn't belong."

I finally focus on the array of aromas that are swimming around me. The straw and smell of dried sex is the strongest but these have almost become background smells. I take a deep breath. I can smell DeBiron with his host of odors, both artificial and natural. I can smell the rich flavor of the wood of the floor and the cool grittiness of the other room. Then there is that smell that I can't place. I sniff again trying to focus on it. Closing my eyes seems to help. I realize that the smell is me. It can't be. I don't smell like this. I put my hand to my face and take a deep breath. I close my eyes again and try to place the smell and it hits me. The farm. Marc's parent's farm. The stables- I smell like the stables where the horses were kept. "A horse. I smell like a horse!"

DeBiron is smiling as he sees the astonished look on my face. "You must really be a city-boy because your sweat glands have been working overtime. Your odor is particularly randy and easily recognizable. But perhaps you have acclimated to your own body odors so much that you didn't notice."

"A horse? Why? Why a horse?"

He gets this gleam in his eyes like he is drilling into me with his stare. "I have always admired their beautiful structure, their graceful movement, their awesome power and their nobility. Throughout the history of mankind there has never been another animal so closely linked with human development. The horse has been man's faithful partner through the millennia. Once domesticated the horse made it possible for us to advance and develop as a species. We wouldn't be where we are today if not for the noble horse. Horses permitted us to build bigger and faster, to farm more productively, and even to wage war on each other. Villages became towns and towns became cities because of horses. Because they allowed man to travel and transport faster and farther than he ever could by himself city-states eventually became nations. Again not possible without the horse. In some cultures they are even deified and worshipped as gods. This island is devoid of any large animals and I plan to populate it with horses. But not just any horse. These horses will be a superior breed. They will be the strongest, fastest and most intelligent horses ever known. You see I don't plan to simply replace your DNA with equus caballos. You will become equus supremus. The trick is to isolate the appropriate genes so that I can keep them intact and enhance equus caballos's intelligence. The genes for muscle development and reaction are relatively easy in comparison. You see the brain is not completely mastered yet. Where exactly is intelligence located? There are several regions in the brain that are known to be important but how it all interacts is still not completely worked out. I'm not sure how much intelligence I can retain, so there will necessarily be parts of your brain which will not change at all. Oh dear, I seem to be rambling. I've told you more than I intended. I'm just so excited by your progress that I can't contain myself."

Quite frankly, I only half heard what he said. I can't stop thinking about being a horse. I'm not going to be freak of nature. I'm going to be a fucking animal. I'd not really been around horses that much. When I visited Marc's parents a couple times, he took me down to the stables and showed me their horses. I remember the horse smell was not unpleasant, just strong. Now I smelled exactly like that. How could I have not figured it out before? The horses were so big and imposing. I was a little intimidated by them which I tried to hide from Marc. He offered to let me ride one of the mares. He reassured me that she was very docile. I told him I didn't want to because I didn't want to get dirty, but I think he knew why and he dropped the matter. The only other times I've been around a horse was when a mounted policeman stopped his horse right beside me. I remember feeling the heat radiate from the side of the horse. As the policeman started to cross the street the horse proceeded to lift its tail up and over to the side showing me a large dark skinned anus that opened wide and expelled several large dollops of steaming manure. The horse didn't even break its stride. I remember almost stepping in the pile and wrinkling my nose at the pungent smell.

I was brought back to the present when I heard DeBiron say "You must be very hungry by now." My stomach almost hurts I'm so hungry. My mouth starts watering in anticipation of some food. But he leaves. Where is he going? Something starts sliding out of the wall. DeBiron comes back in.

He waves me over to the rectangular object that came out of the wall. "Come here and let me show you what I've got for you." I eagerly get up and walk over. I'm so hungry I barely notice how much my giant balls pull as they hang halfway down my thighs. I have to swing my legs around them as I walk.

"This works like a standard water fountain. If you push in this pad here, it turns on." He demonstrates, but instead of water a milky brown fluid jets up and arches into the basin.

"That's not water." I stupidly comment.

"No. It's an extremely nutrient rich liquid that you will need. You are gaining mass and your body has a very high caloric need currently. You'll find that this satisfies your hunger and thirst. Give it a try." He steps back.

"I want food. Something to chew on." I stand there with my arms crossed with my traitorous stomach growling. I'm prepared to refuse.

He explains "Unprocessed food will not meet your current needs. You couldn't eat enough if you spent all of your time eating to keep up with your current metabolism. Think of it as a milkshake. I can hear your stomach. You must be very hungry. Go ahead, just try it."

Turning my attention to food is making the pain in my abdomen worse and I can barely swallow all of my saliva it's being produced so fast. I give in and taste it. It doesn't taste bad. It has a thick consistency and seems to line my throat. It smells and tastes like a buttery vanilla milkshake.

"How does it taste?" DeBiron seems interested in my impression.

Petulently I say "Not very good. I want some real food."

"I imagine you will develop a liking for it. Either way its all you're going to get for the time being. Enjoy." He turns and leaves.

"You bastard! I'm not going to! You hear me!" I yell at the door. "You'll have to tie me up and put another tube down my nose if you want me to drink that! You hear me I'm not going to cooperate!"

I stride to the other corner of the room as far away from the fountain as I can get. I can still smell and taste the liquid. My mouth and stomach are working against me. I used to have better control. When I got engrossed in my computer work I could miss two or three meals in a row and not even notice it. I start to rationalize. What will starving myself accomplish? I'll only get weak and then they probably will force feed me again. My stomach feels like it is tied in a knot. I'm practically panting and drooling. It's not hurting them. I'm only hurting myself. It didn't taste that bad. I breakdown and go over and start drinking. Pretty soon I start gulping it down. When I'm finally done, I feel bloated and my stomach appears to be visibly distended. But the hunger is gone. I feel satisfied and content. I sit down and then lay down on my side. Like after a big Thanksgiving meal I'm feeling very sleepy and I drift off to sleep.


My routine now consists of waking up, using the crude form of toilet in the other room, gorging myself on the milkshake fountain, and then walking around a bit before falling back asleep. I have no idea how long this goes on. The visits from my keepers seem to be less frequent, but it might be that I'm sleeping more frequently. I start to look forward to their examinations because it breaks the monotony.

My body continues to slowly change. My short body hairs lay flat and cover everywhere except my penis. Even my palms and soles of my feet become covered. The hair turns a dark reddish brown, except the hair covering my hands and feet which is the same black as the hair on my scalp and the hair growing from my small tail. The hair on top of my head is long enough that I have to constantly push my bangs to the side to keep them from covering my eyes. The hair from my stubby tail hangs down to behind my knees.

I'm also growing. I'm disappointed to see my nicely chiseled abdominal muscles disappear under a layer of fat. I try to stop eating, but the hunger pangs become so intense I quickly give in. I'm mainly growing in girth, but I'm also taller somehow because I actually look down at Michael when he comes. Even though most of what I've gained appears to be fat, I believe my muscles have grown to some degree as well.

They remove the collar from around my neck as it becomes too tight. However, they now visit in twos. One stands at the door with a hand held cattle prod-like version of the taser weapon DeBiron described as the precursor for his collar device. I foolhardily grabbed Alysia once to try to force my escape. However, Michael didn't hesitate to knock his wife out along with me. I didn't repeat the attempt.

My genitals continue to change, though not as drastically as before. Thankfully the sexual urges are more easily controllable now. I don't think my testicles change that much, but my penis still seems to be growing. My sheath chases my navel as it moves farther from my pelvis with the increase in size of my abdomen. My penis can now completely hide in its new home. I'm afraid this might be a problem with urinating, but I find out that my penis slithers out of its sheath without prompting whenever I feel the need to urinate. I am constantly amazed at how much is hidden in my sheath. Even though I am initially afraid of what might happen if I get a hard on, curiosity wins out. I want to know how big I can get when I am erect. I deliberately work myself up to an erection. It isn't hard to do, but I don't lose control like I had feared. It is incredible. When people say a guy is hung like a horse, they obviously don't know what they are talking about. That is if what I have in my hands is any indication of the size of a horse's cock. It is at least as big around as my forearm used to be and practically as long as my arm. If it didn't have to come over my newly rotund abdomen, I'm sure it would have reached upto my forehead. My glans is shaped a little different, which I did't notice until I became erect. It seems a little flatter on top. The only thing I find really distressing about all my genital changes is that the skin of my penis changes color to a dark brown, almost black. I don't know why this bothers me but it does.

Even without a mirror I can tell my ears have changed. They must be at least 5 to 6 inches long and covered with a fine fur. They grow out from the sides of my head and are pointed up. I'm surprised at one point when I make a yawning movement back behind my jaw without opening my mouth and my ears actually move. I'm fascinated with trying to move them different ways while holding my hands up to them to see which way they go. It's at this point that I discover that my fingers are not as sensitive as they should to be. I have to almost grab my ears to feel them. It's not long after this discovery that the most devastating change I have yet to experience occurs.

I notice the skin between my fingers and toes growing together. When it is complete I can't separate my fingers or toes at all and my nails, which are black now, merge into a single thick nail. I can still bend all my joints. I just don't have any individual fingers or toes. This change hits me harder than any of the other changes. It is as if I finally realize my humanity is disappearing. I break down and cry in despair. I weep until the damn hunger pains become too strong. Laying on my side curled up into a massive ball, I am forced to get up in order to drink from that infernal fountain.


It isn't long after my fingers fuse together that DeBiron and Michael arrive. DeBiron starts the conversation. "It's time for your next injection. You can either let Michael do this with you awake or if you prefer I can render you comatose and he can do it then. Your choice."

I don't get up or even bother to look at them. I simply lay there on my side with my back to them in total apathy. What's the use of resisting anymore. I just don't care anymore. Michael must sense my apathy, because I feel him put a tourniquet around my left arm. He then sequentially inserts several syringes full of DeBiron's magic juice into one of my veins and removes the tourniquet.

I hear Michael walk back past Dr. DeBiron and out the door. DeBiron lingers, evidently watching my back. Maybe he's expecting something to happen. He finally says in a cold clinical voice "The next stage in the transformation process is mainly musculoskeletal and it will undoubtedly be the most difficult for you. I'm not sure how it will feel, but I believe there will be some pain. I don't know how severe, but if it gets too painful I will intervene and give you something to sedate you." He stops. Maybe waiting for me to say something. When it becomes obvious I don't intend to say anything he leaves.

I feel the warmth spread through my body signally that those little buggers are working. Nothing else happens and so I fall asleep.

I wake up sore and stiff all over. I try to stretch but that only makes it worse. With difficulty I sit up. I have trouble keeping my balance, but I manage to sit up nonetheless. My hands and feet ache the most. I look at them. I'm not sure but they appear to be longer somehow.

I try to shift positions and I feel a sharp pain in my tail. I haven't been able to see my back side for awhile. I prop myself onto my right side, support my weight with my right hand and reach around to feel my tail. I can't reach all the way around. I try to twist my hips, but instead a tail arches up like a flag pole. My tail was only a stubby little piece of bony flesh before. Now it must be at least a foot long and the portion that I can see through the long black hair is about an inch in diameter. I relax and the tail goes down. I do a twisting motion again just above my buttocks and up it comes again.

While I'm absorbed in moving my tail my face starts to ache. It feels like a severe sinus headache centered between my eyes and running down my nose and jaws. Even my teeth seem to ache.

My right wrist starts to really hurt and I quickly take my weight off of it and flop onto my side. I look at my wrist and now its obvious that my hands are longer and rounder. I can't tell where my thumb used to be anymore. It must be a foot from where the black hair starts at my wrist to the single black nail at the end. I can't seem to bend my wrist backwards anymore.

Now my attention is drawn to my neck and back as I develop the worst total neck and back ache ever. I lay there panting just trying to contain the pain when I get hit simultaneously with three excruciating pains followed by load knuckle popping sounds. My face is ablaze. My hips and pelvis are on fire. My chest seems to be cracking open and the pain radiates from my sternum around my ribcage to my back and shoulder. I start moaning, which gets louder with each ragged breath. It is agony just to breath.

I don't hear the door open and barely feel the needle enter my left buttock. The pain starts to plateau and then thankfully diminishes to a dull ache. I'm strangely disassociated from it. I know the pain is there, but it doesn't seem to matter. I feel exhausted and I drift off to sleep.


I open my eyes, but quickly close them as a sense of disorientation occurs. I open them again and the disorientation returns. I close them. I open one eye and everything seems fine except I can see that my nose is huge. I open my other eye. The sense of looking in two directions at once hits me again, but I force myself to keep my eyes open. Slowly the queasy feeling of disorientation resolves. My eyes seem to be further apart. I have a more panoramic view than I've ever had before. My nose and mouth are way out in front of my eyes creating a snout. My nostrils have moved apart to the sides of my muzzle. My lips feel too big like after having been to the dentist.

I'm in the room I consider my bathroom. I'm being supported by some sort of device. There is a sling that feels like padded leather under my abdomen and chest holding me up by chains attached to some support overhead. My legs and arms are dangling down without touching anything. There is also another padded leather sling under by chin holding my head up. I try to lift my head up and look around. My head is incredibly heavy and I can't seem to lift it. I try to stand up, but my hands and feet can't touch anything.

I take a different approach and turn my head to the side. My head turns much more than I expect and I can see that my pelvic bones are protruding from my buttocks like those of an emaciated African cow I'd see on TV. I follow the bumps of my spine up my back. I can actually see me ribs. I seem to have lost all of my body fat. My legs are dangling off of the floor. My skin from my thighs seem to grow into my hips, my lower legs seem to have flattened and increased in size. My feet have changed radically. They must be at least two feet long. My toenail is very large and seems to be covering the entire tip of my foot. In fact it's starting to look a little bit like a hoof. I tilt my head to the side and look down at my arms. They don't look like arms anymore. What feels like my elbow is up against my barrel like chest. My forearms have expanded and lengthened. And just like with my feet my hands are probably about 2 feet long ending in a single black nail like hoof. I try to bring my hand upto my face for a closer look but all it does is fold up underneath my chest. I let my arm back down and try to turn it over, but I can't seem to twist it one way or the other.

The door in the other room opens and Michael comes in. I watch him walk over to the milkshake fountain and check a hose that is running from behind it. It's only then that I follow the hose and notice it travels into this room, up the wall and then comes down from the ceiling and enters my nose. It's another feeding tube. Except this one looks like it's the size of a garden hose.

He pauses when he sees that I'm watching him. He grins and then asks "How's it hangin'?" I don't find it funny and I turn away from him. I close my eyes and intend to ignore him.

I open my eyes when I hear running water. He has a hose and is spraying the floor. I crane my neck around as he walks around behind me. I feel him grab my tail and pull it to one side and a jet of water hits me right in the anus. I'm shocked. I give out an involuntary gasp. At the same time I reflexively squeeze my buttocks pulling my tail back down and kick backwards with my legs connecting with something soft. I hear an ‚oof‚ behind me and realize I kicked Michael in the gut. I try to look around but I can't see him. I can't hear any breathing. Did I kill him? I finally hear a big breath followed by another and another. I must have knocked the wind out of him. I smile, which doesn't feel right and try to keep from laughing. It feels good to get back at them in some way, no matter how insignificant. Then I start to worry about what Michael might do to me. I'm not exactly in a position to defend myself.

I try to ask if he is okay, but its very hard to make the words come out right. All that comes out at first is a series of unintelligible moans. I clear my throat, concentrate very hard, speech slow and manage to say "Arh... oou... ahrrigh?" My lips still feel too big and my tongue doesn't seem to know where to go. It even requires a lot of effort to make the sound. I forget about Michael as I realize I'm having trouble speaking. The despair I felt when I lost my fingers comes back tenfold. Not being able to speak is terrible. The last thing connecting me to humanity is my ability to talk, the ability to communicate. I wail like I'm dying and the inhuman noise coming out of my mouth only serves to remind me of my disappearing ability. I weep. I can barely feel the tears run across my furred jaw to be absorbed in the chin sling.

I feel a hand on the left side of my neck. It starts stroking my neck. It starts up at my jaw and runs down my neck to my shoulders. It takes forever for the hand to go the distance. Somewhere in the back of my mind I note that my neck must be very long and still too weak to support my head. That's why I can't lift my head off of the chin sling. The neck stroking feels very good. I can't remember the last time I felt anything so good and strangely calming. I open my eyes to see Michael looking at me. He almost appears to be sad. Is it possible he is feeling sorry for me? Could he be having regrets about what are they doing to me?

"We tried to keep your voice completely intact. However, it couldn't be done. A horse's mouth just can't do it. We kept as much of the human vocal cords as possible and hope that if you work at it, your speech will improve to the point where you can at least be understood." He pets my neck for a while longer. Then he says "I've got to finish up. However, I'll make sure that I don't stand behind you anymore. Even without your full muscle mass, you still pack quite a kick."

He walks behind me and picks up the still running hose again. Standing beside my left hip he grabs my tail again pulling it to the side and sprays my anus again. I pucker my anus and can't help but try to pull my tail back down, but his arm is stronger than my tail. Once he's done he turns the hose off.

He walks around behind me again to get something that I can't see and comes around to my face. He has some sort of strange brush in his hand and he gently starts brushing my face and then more vigorously along my neck and across my shoulders. It feels wonderful. He proceeds down my ribbed sides and front legs. Across my chest which feels like a big very round. Then onto my back to my bony buttocks and back legs. He checks the slings and makes sure they are not rubbing my skin and seems to be satisfied.

He returns to where he got the brush and comes back with a different one and starts to brush my hair. He doesn't spend much time on my scalp. There isn't much up there anymore. It seems that most of my hair has migrated down the back of my neck, which is where he directs most of his attention. When he is brushing the top of my skull I notice that my ears have moved up nearly to the top of my head. And when he brushes the area in between them it is incredibly sensitive. Almost sensual. It feels so good I realize my cock drops out my sheath. Once he is done with my mane he walks around to brush my tail. As he is walking back to my tail he must notice that my cock is hanging halfway down to the floor.

As he starts on my tail he says "You certainly are hung. Even for a horse." I feel a queer sense of pride in his comment.

Once he is done with my tail, he goes back to his tool box again and comes around to my front side. He squats down and grabs my foreleg and starts rubbing something on my hoof. He repeats the process with my three other hooves.

I'm starting to fall asleep. I faintly hear him running water into a bucket. I sense him come around to my side and bend over. My eyes open and I'm suddenly awake as I feel him put his whole hand into my sheath and pull my penis out of its home. I look around as best I can and just barely stop from kicking him. He evidently notices the aborted kick as he quickly stands up and backs away.

He turns towards my head and says "Sorry, about that. I didn't mean to spook you. You've been so compliant from the sedation that I've gotten careless. I need to clean your penis and sheath. Try to hold still and don't kick me." He slowly bends over and grabs my dangling penis. As he washes the entire length I get an erection even though I don't seem very horny. I don't feel that urge or mounting pressure in my pelvis. It's just a pleasurable sensation. He scrubs my whole shaft and glans and then pushes the sponge into and out of my sheath. He picks up the bucket and dumps is in the hole directly underneath me, and rinses the bucket out. Then without a word he walks out.

I get bored of just hanging there and find it easy to drift off to sleep.


When I wake up, Dr. DeBiron is standing beside me. "You might be happy to know that this is your final injection. It's really just some fine tuning. You're progressing beautifully. You're bulking up so fast I'm going to let you out of that harness soon. It won't be much longer before your legs and hooves will be able to support you properly."

He takes a large syringe out of his pocket and walks right up against my neck. I can't see what he's doing. I feel a small jab in the side of my neck. He's injecting into my neck! I try to flinch away, but he steadies my neck by grabbing my mane. Once done he steps back, bends down to look at my hoof and run his hands up and down my leg. He nods to himself and leaves.

As expected I get warm all over. Nothing noticeable happens. I go back to sleeping which is all I seem to want to do lately.


"Wake up" DeBiron says.

I open my eyes and see Michael and Alysia coming into the room behind Dr. DeBiron.

DeBiron continues "I plan on removing the harness today. Your hooves and legs are fully formed and they should be able to support you. You aren't upto your full weight yet. You still have some muscle development and to fill out in some areas. This will be best accomplished with good old fashion exercise."

As he talks Alysia appears to be turning my tube feeds off and Michael is pulling what seems to be yards and yards of the tubing out of my nose. I can't help but give a big sneeze as the end of the tube comes out, splattering Michael's arm.

I can hear Alysia chuckling and say "Still aren't very good with horses, are you?" Without a word he takes the feeding hose into the other room and starts toweling off his arm.

"I'm going to let the head harness down first." DeBiron says.

DeBiron touches a button on a remote control in his hand and I hear rattling chains and gears turning. The padded leather I'm resting my head on starts dropping. Eventually I have to hold my own head up. It still seems awkwardly heavy, but I can do it. Michael and Alysia disconnect the chains from the sling. The chains retract back up into the ceiling.

"Now, I'm only going to lower the body harness enough so that your legs are touching the ground."

DeBiron waits while Michael and Alysia unroll a rubber mat across the floor. The chains start lowering. I quickly feel the ground under my hooves and my weight comes to bare on my legs. The chains stop. Michael and Alysia stand on either side of me. My legs feel terribly weak. The harness goes down a couple more inches. I'm pretty much supporting myself now. My legs start to shake a little. I get afraid that I weigh too much for my legs to support me. They look so frail in proportion to my large body.

I can hear Alysia quietly saying "You can do it. Come on, boy, you can do it. Come on boy." Boy?! She's talking to me like I'm a dog!

I try to tell her to shut up, but all that comes out is something that sounds like a whinny. In frustration, I turn my head towards her and I find I can practically bend my neck all the way around. I butt her with my head, snort, show my teeth and snap at her. She quickly backs away.

Michael snickers from my other side and says "Now, whose not too good with horses."

"I don't know why he did that." Alysia almost whines as I look away from her and try to concentrate on getting my wobbly legs to stay still.

DeBiron comments "If I had to guess, I'd say he objected to your derogatory tone and the use of the term ‚boy'."

I nod my head rapidly up and down in an exaggerated motion, which makes me think of Mr. Ed. Unfortunately the motion throws my balance off and my legs buckle. I only drop a couple of inches before the harness catches me. I rest for a second and then I get my legs straightened out underneath me again and stand up. My legs are feeling pretty stable now. I want him to lower the harness. I look over at DeBiron and gently nod my head.

He understands and lowers the harness a couple more inches. "Now, I want you to let Alysia and Michael help support you. Alysia promises not to talk down to you anymore. Don't you Alysia?"

Alysia says "Yes, of course. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be patronizing." She seems sincere.

I give a slow nod of my head and they both come to stand on either side of me. If I tip over however, I doubt even Michael has chance of catching me. I'm sure I would crush Alysia under my weight if I fell on her. They seem so much smaller now than when I first met them.

Once I'm fully on my feet DeBiron instructs "Now I want you to slowly lift your front left leg and put all of your weight on your other three hooves. Michael and Alysia will help you maintain your balance. I want to examine your hooves to make sure they are tolerating your weight."

I shift my weight to my right a little and lift my left hoof. I actually feel pretty secure on my feet. DeBiron bends down and lifts my hoof even higher to look at it, which almost causes me to loose my balance. He spends a long time looking at my hoof and I think he is probing it with something. Whatever it is I can barely feel it.

"Good, now I want to repeat the process with your other three hooves." He proceeds to walk to my other hooves and as I feel his hand on my leg just above my hoof I lift it up for him to look at it.

Once he's done he walks away from me to where I can see him better. "Excellent, your hooves are holding up nicely. Do you feel ready to stand without the safety net?"

I nod and the chains go down a couple more inches and stop. Alysia and Michael unfasten the sling and remove it. The chains retract into the ceiling. I'm left standing with no support at all.

All three of them step into the other room. DeBiron says "Now, very slowly I want you to walk into this room. You will have to think the steps through at first until the neuropathways for walking establish themselves in their new pattern. So don't think you can rely on instinct."

I slowly lift my left foreleg and put it down a couple inches towards the other room. I then lift my right foreleg and then my back left leg and then right. I repeat the process taking baby steps while lifting my legs a little higher and moving them further forward each time. I pause at the transition from the rubberized floor mat to straw covered floor, but I don't seem to have any trouble with it. Four hooves appear to be much more stable than two feet. I'm finally standing in the middle of the room. It's silly, but I feel a sense of accomplishment just walking from one room to the next.

DeBiron looks very pleased. "Very good. I don't want you to try to lay down. If you lay down right now, I'm afraid you might find it very difficult to stand back up. I want you to get used to walking around and get some strength in your legs first. When you get hungry or thirsty you'll find food and water over in those troughs." They turn and leave.

It's really happened. I'm a horse. I've been afraid to even think it. As if thinking it would somehow make it true. That seems silly. I can't deny the facts. I'm a horse. I look around at my side and back. I'm a dark reddish brown horse. I twitch some muscles above my asshole that I somehow know are there and swish my tail almost hitting myself in the face. I'm a brown horse with a black tail. Even though I still appear too thin, my hip bones are not sticking out nearly as much as the last time I noticed. I can't see my spine at all anymore and my ribs are barely visible. I look down at my legs. I'm a brown horse with a black tail and black legs. At least from the...I'm at a loss for the name of the joint. It feels like my ankle in the back and my wrist in front, but they don't look like ankles or wrists. Oh well, I'm black from ‚that' joint down to my black hooves. My hooves shine as if they've been polished. I'm a horse with shiny hooves. I can't seem to stop trying to convince myself of the fact that I am a horse, despite all of my senses telling me the obvious.

I lift my head up and decide to practice walking around the room. The room is large enough for me to walk around in a circle. I find it's easiest to move left foreleg, then right hindleg, right foreleg, then left hindleg and repeat. It seems most natural and soon becomes second nature. I become confident in my leg control and grow bored.

I decide to see if I can talk. Again, I can't help but think of television's Mr. Ed. However, I'm soon very envious of Mr. Ed and the ease with which he conversed with Wilbur. At first the only sound that wants to come out sounds like a whinny or is it a neigh? I don't know, but it's a definite horse sound. I get scared that I've totally lost the ability to speak. I'm determined and keep trying. I'm trying to say my name. Finally something comes out that doesn't sound like it came from a horse. However, it didn't sound human either. I'm encouraged and I keep trying. Eventually, I croak out "Ahhd...Ehn'ho." It's as close to Todd Centos as I've done yet and sounds pretty good to me.

My throat is dry and sore from trying to talk and I notice I'm hungry. DeBiron said there was food and water over there. I walk over to the troughs. One is filled with water and the other has some sort of granola-like stuff in it.

I put my face down to the water and stop. How am I supposed to drink? Do I lick it up like a dog, or what? I decide to try the licking method, but it seems very inefficient. All it does is get my tongue wet. I try putting my lips into the water, suck, and viola. I cough as I inhale some of the water. But I get a lot of water into my mouth before it tries to go down my lungs. I try again and find that with a little practice I can sort of gulp and suck up as much water as I want fairly quickly. Now that my thirst is quenched I look at the granola in the next trough.

I turn my head to the side and look at the stuff closely with one eye. I recognize some nuts. I can see some pellets that look like giant hamster chow. There is a lot of stuff that looks like granola cereal and it even looks like some hay got mixed in with it. I stop to consider my food. It doesn't look very appetizing, but it smells great. However, I think I'd almost rather have my milkshake fountain back. I look over to that side of the room and see it is hidden back in the wall. I look back at the food and decide to try it. I put my mouth down into the trough and touch the stuff with my lips. I find that my lips are very sensitive and flexible. Almost like fingers. I can feel the different shapes of the party mix and can pick out a single nut and bring it into my mouth. I put it on my tongue and it tastes pretty good.

I go to bite it and I realize that I'm missing some teeth. I've got my incisors up front and I can feel what must be molars on either side. However, between the molars and incisors there is a couple inches of gum with no teeth. Maybe, DeBiron made a mistake. If he made a mistake with the teeth, I wonder if he made a mistake anywhere else. I think about what I know of the rest of my body and everything seems right to me. Maybe they just haven't come in yet. I file it away and crush the tiny nut between my molars and swallow. I proceed to sample some of everything in the trough. Somethings tastes better than others but nothing tastes bad. I start taking mouthfuls at a time and pigging out. I can't believe how much I'm eating. I drink some more water after my hunger is satisfied.

Now I feel my bladder is full and my bowels are going to need release soon. In fact, I realize that I don't have much time to get to my bathroom. I quickly walk into the other room and try to position myself over the hole in the floor. I lift my tail and release my bowels just missing the hole. I back up. Avoiding the pile of horse manure I just dumped and try to aim my dangling penis over the hole. I'm more successful urinating. A great stream of urine travels down my penis and into the hole. I leave the room to get away from the smell, but I can still smell it when I'm in the next room. However, I soon grow accustomed to the odor and it leaves my mind.

I practice walking more and I work on talking. My speech improves though it remains very difficult and requires considerable effort to form the words. I eat again and then I start to get bored just standing there. My legs aren't tired at all, but I avoid the urge to lay down. I fear that DeBiron's warning about not being able to get up might be true. Eventually, my eyelids start becoming heavy and my head starts to droop. I blink my eyes open and raise my head but I'm so sleepy. My eyes slide closed again and I feel my head sinking.


I'm startle by the sound of the door opening. I must have fallen asleep standing up. DeBiron, Alysia and Michael all walk into my room and close the door. A sensation of possessiveness overcomes me. It's as if they are entering my room without my permission, a sense of invasion of my personal space or territory. Looking down at those three makes me realize that I'm bigger than all three of them put together. Now that I am free and strong I can probably knock all three of them to the ground and stomp them to death. I've never been a violent person, but I don't think anyone has ever been more violated than me. I have a right to feel this way toward them. All of my attempts to thwart them have failed and they have maintained a tight control over me. Now there is nothing stopping me from pulverizing them. As my body starts to react to what I am thinking I feel my tail rapidly swishing back and forth, and my ears point backwards and lay flat against my head.

They can obviously see I'm upset, because Michael and Alysia start backing towards the door. DeBiron holds his ground and says "Todd, whatever you are planning to do, don't. I have the neural rod," which he points at me "and its power has been boosted to the appropriate level for your current size. I don't want to use it. Think before you act." He's probably just afraid I'll hurt myself if I fall over unconscious.

I warn them "Do nah come closer." Michael and Alysia are standing right by the door and even Dr. DeBiron starts to back up.

As I hold my body back from charging them I can feel some of my chest muscles and thigh muscles start to quiver with pent up energy. I want to chase them away. What is wrong with me? I've never wanted to attack someone like this before. I realize my strong emotions must be part of the transformation. There must be something that is causing me to respond with hostility. Think it through. Don't let them turn your mind into an animal too. What is it? I don't want them in my room.

"Geh away from me. Geh ouh." Even though I've not been able to produce the ‚t' sound, they evidently understand.

Alysia gets a look of understanding and whispers something to Michael and DeBiron. All three quickly turn and leave. I can feel myself calming down. It isn't until their individual smells start to dissipate that the need to break something leaves and I feel normal again.

I hear a click and a hiss overheard. "Todd. Can you hear me?" DeBiron's disembodied voice emanates from the ceiling. They must have an intercom system in addition to the camera in this room. They've never used it until now.

I nod my head. It's easier than talking.

"Your body language indicated that you were very agitated over something. I thought you had accepted your situation realizing that violence would not be productive. Alysia has proposed a theory that you might be experiencing some sort of equine territoriality instinct. A stallion protecting his domain, as it were. Does this sound correct to you?"

I think about the strong feelings. I'd never felt that hostile before. I'd had bouts of rage and there was always this underlying hate for what they were doing, but I was usually thinking about escape. I had thought of trying to hurt them before, but never like this.

I say "Yes, you were hoo close." There is a long pause. I start to think they didn't understand me so I add, "Yes, Alysia makes sense."

Eventually DeBiron voice returns. "I thought you might eventually start feeling some more complex equine impulses. I just wasn't sure when they would become strong enough to be noticed. I don't want to treat you like a common stallion. You are equus supremus and I want to treat you as such I worked hard to leave as much of your intelligence intact as possible. I believe that your intellect is stronger than your instinct. Alysia feels that pressure will mount when your mind and basal instincts conflict and that we must placate your instinctual urges. So to overcome your sense of territory, you need to accept us as part of your herd. Are you listening, Todd?"

I nod my head. But if they think I can start thinking of them as ‚part of my herd' or family, they must be turning stupid.

"I know this is going to be difficult. You've made your feelings towards us very apparent and it pains me that you feel that way. If you could only see your beautiful metamorphosis like I do, I think you would feel differently."

My door swings open and Michael is pointing a gun at me. Before I can react he fires and I feel a sting in my left shoulder. He closes the door.

"That is a tranquilizer. You should feel it starting to work soon. It will keep you relaxed and will make you more susceptible to the power of suggestion." I hear a click as if the microphone is being turned off. I look down at my shoulder and the dart is still stuck in my flesh. I reach down with my mouth, grasp it with my lips and pull it out. I start to feel very calm. The dart drops out of my mouth as my lips become very loose and hang open.

DeBiron, Michael, and Alysia walk into my room. I don't care. They slowly walk over to me. I barely even look at them. Each of them puts their hand in front of my nose allowing me to sniff their scents. Up this close I can smell many more layers of aromas. While they do this they are talking to me about how we belong together, about how beautiful I am, about how I enjoy being a horse. They are stroking my neck and scratching around the base of my ears. I feel six hands running over my neck and body. Petting my nose. From somewhere one of them gets a brush and starts brushing my coat. It feels so good. All the while they continue gently talking to me about accepting them into my herd and repeatedly placing their hands before my nostrils. A hand appears in front of my nose and I smell something sweet. I lick it. It's a sugar cube. It tastes phenomenal. It touches my lips and I greedily scoop it up. It's better than anything I can ever remember eating. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a taste like this before. The petting and talking go on for what seems an eternity. A sense of calm pervades my entire being. Everything seems right with the world. I don't even notice when they leave.

This process is repeated many times. In between I eat, drink, take care of my bodily functions and sleep. I try laying down. Until I figure out that I have to get either my front or back legs up first, instead of all four at once, I do have some trouble getting back up. However, now it is pretty easy. I find that rolling in the straw to scratch my back to be a fairly enjoyable exercise. I feel so alive. So full of vitality and strength.

I'm conflicted about my feelings towards them. I know they've taken away my humanity. Intellectually I even know that I don't want to be a horse, but it starts not to matter. I'm enjoying my new body. I start to look forward to the petting and brushings. I salivate just thinking about the sugar cubes.


The door opens and I expect to hear the puff of the dart gun, but nothing happens. DeBiron and Alysia are standing there in the doorway watching me. Waiting for me to react.

"Come in. I do nah feel angry." Talking is still hard. My tongue still doesn't do what I want sometimes, but I'm determined to keep my ability to speak.

Alysia smiles and says "Your speech is improving." I feel pride in the compliment. I've worked hard on it.

DeBiron walks forward towards me with his hand out. I smell the sugar before I see it in his palm. I feel the saliva build in my mouth, but I wait for him to come to me. He is looking me in the eyes as he slowly puts his open palm up to my mouth. I contemplate biting his hand for a second, but I can't seem to get the will up to do it. Instead I take the sugar cubes off of his hand leaving some slobber on his palm. He wipes his palm on a handkerchief he pulls out of his pocket as I crunch the heavenly sugar cubes.

He takes a step back. "Your transformation is finished. You have filled out to your final proportions and your muscle development is complete. I can't tell you how pleased I am that you've overcome your animosity towards us and your new stallion instincts. It's time you left these walls and start to experience your potential. You can hardly function properly in this confined space. Would you like to venture outside?"

I'm stunned. Outside? I start to think about escaping, but the thought quickly fades away under the excitement of seeing the out doors. I nod my head vigorously up and down. "Yes, I would love ho go ouh'side."

DeBiron says, "Good. There are a couple of tests that I need to do to confirm that the process is complete, before I can move you to the stables. Alysia has a halter and a leather hobbler designed to prevent you from moving any faster than a walk. I don't think we'll need them, if you'll agree to cooperate."

I look over at Alysia and see the conglomeration of leather straps she has in her hands. She smiles encouragingly at me. Looking back at DeBiron I say "No hal'her. I'll leh you do your ...esss....hesss... your exams."

"Excellent." He and Alysia walk out into the hallway and turn around. I start to walk over to the door, stop and put my head out into the hallway. I see a wide long hall with several closed doors.

Alysia warns. "Be careful. The floor is cement. It will be slippier than you're used to." They start walking down the hall. I follow with my hooves making a loud clopping sound. We turn a corner and enter a hall with a glass wall on the left. The room with the glass wall is dark, but I can vaguely seem some dots of light which look like they come from some type of machines.

I stop and look. Not at what's in the room, but at my reflection in the glass. For some strange reason I'm surprised to see a horse. I keep expecting to see my familiar human form. All I can see is a large brown horse with black tail, mane and stockings. It hits me again that I am a horse. This sensation has happened many times since I was released from the sling, but seeing myself brings it to the forefront of my thoughts again. I swish my tail and watch the tail in my reflection move. I move my ears up and down. I lift my lips and bare my teeth at the reflection and I almost laugh. I feel giddy.

I see Alysia's reflection walk over to my reflection and put her hand on my neck. "Come on, there's nothing to see in there."

"My reflection."

Alysia turns to look at the glass "Oh, I see. Admiring yourself. You should. You have a beautiful head and body with perfect leg conformation. We've even managed to improve on your equine physiology and anatomy. We estimate that your bones are 50% stronger than equus caballos. Your gastrointestinal tract has been modified to accept a wider range of nutrients and digest them better. You are less likely to be afflicted with common equine maladies. You truly are equus supremus." She idly reaches up and strokes my neck as she talks.

I say "I look like a normal horse."

DeBiron says from down the hall "You are obviously not a very good judge of horses. Are you done yet? The sooner I get these tests done the quicker you will be taken outside."

I start walking down the hall again, watching myself move in the glass. My muscles slide around under my skin. My coat shines from the frequent brushings. My mane moves as my head bobs with my walk and my tail move back and forth with the rhythm of my hips. The glass eventually ends and we go through an archway into an auditorium sized room.

There are several large contraptions in the room. I can't figure out what they are used for. Michael is standing in a corner with glass covered cabinets and tables with various devices on it. DeBiron walks me over to Michael "Todd. We are going to start with the basic physical exam that you are very used to by now." And without any further explanation they start taking measurements of my body. They cut a piece of hair from my mane and tail.

Michael asks "Can I see your left front hoof?"

I pick it up and he bends over grasping it in his hand. I look down as he runs what looks like a planing tool that would be used by a carpenter to shave off some of my hoof. It doesn't hurt. In fact I can barely even feel it. He collects the shavings in a bag and repeats the process on my other three hooves.

Alysia appears from somewhere carrying four pans filled with gray stuff. From the way she is carrying them they must be heavy. She puts two of them down on the floor in front of me "I want you to put your two front hooves into these molds and stand there until I say when, okay?"

I walk forward and step into the two pans of clay like material. I sink about an inch and then stop. She indicates I can step out while she holds the pans on the ground. She takes impressions of my back hooves as well. She offers me a sugar cube and I greedily scoop it up.

DeBiron says from right next to my left neck "I don't want you to jump. Todd, I'm going to draw some blood from a neck vein. Remember the last time. It didn't really hurt did it? Your skin is a lot tougher now. Just hold still and it will only take a minute." Before I have time to object I feel a mosquito bite in my neck, but I'm resigned to the test. Alysia offers me another sugar cube once he's done and without thinking I take it.

He beckons me over to a very large machine. "Todd. Come over here."

I walk over to stand in front of him and he continues "This is my newest toy. It just arrived and I'm very pleased with it. It is a modified and enhanced veterinary spiral computed tomograph, a CT scan, a special type of x-ray machine. I need you to stand in this small stall. I assure you that you won't feel a thing."

I've heard of CT scans on TV. It seems awfully cramped in the area he wants me to stand. I cautiously walk in and stop where he indicates. "It is very important that you remain very still. I don't want you to even move your tail or twitch your skin. Do you understand?" He stands there waiting for a response.

I respond "Yes."

He walks behind a wall. I hear a whirring sound and the large ring of metal starts crawling towards me. It moves underneath the narrow platform I'm standing on to completely encircles me. I don't feel a thing. I have the urge to look behind me as it passes over my tail, but I hold still. The whirring stops and it is over.

DeBiron walks around to in front of me and hands me a sugar cube. I realize I'm being rewarded like some kind of pet, but I take it off of his palm anyway. I've developed quite a sweet tooth.

He directs my attention to Michael standing beside a large metal thing that looks like it belongs in a gym. DeBiron stops beside the device and says "Todd. In order to perform the next tests I need you to step into this corral and put your head between these posts."

I eye the thing suspiciously. I don't like the looks of it and ask "Whah is ih for?"

"It is simply a pen where you stand for the last set of tests. Then I will take you to your new home and let you go outside. Now please get in." As he talks Alysia and Michael walk to my sides and start stroking me. It has a strangely calming affect on me. I didn't even realize I was that nervous. They aren't going to hurt me. They've put a lot of effort into transforming me. I feel my resistance breaking down and I walk into the corral. I slowly put my head and neck between those long verticle posts as DeBiron offers some more glorious sugar cubes.

A sudden sound off metal hitting metal startles me as the two posts quickly snap together against my neck. I try to pull back, but my head is stuck. It won't fit between the posts and I feel the back of my legs and buttocks hit metal bars. They must have closed a gate behind me. I can move my head up and down, but I can't go forward, backward or to either side.

I wail. "Why? I was coopera'hing. Whay?" My last word degenerates into a neigh.

DeBiron standing calmly in front of me explains "I apologize for the minor deception. Unfortunately it is necessary. Even though these tests are not going to harm you. I don't believe you would have cooperated for the endoscopic examination or the sperm collection."

"Your going ho collec'h sperm?" Thinking back to my other experiences I add "Don'h you have enough by now?"

"Your last sperm sample was not viable. I need to test your sperm to verify your fertility. For you to become the quintessential Adam of equus supremus you must be able to reproduce." I hear more metal bars sliding into place. I feel several slide under my belly preventing me from lying down. One is placed underneath and one above my neck preventing me from moving my head up and down. I'm completely trapped and can only move a couple inches in any direction.

"You wan'h ho have my sperm ho geh a horse pregnan'h?" I feel a sense of loss. I don't have any children. I'll never have any children. It's as if a final tie to humanity, that I hadn't even known was there, is cut leaving me completely cut off from my heritage, from mankind.

While I'm coming to grips with my latest realization I'm brought back to reality as someone reaches into my sheath and pulls out my penis. They start cleaning my penis and sheath. A warm sponge is rubbed over the exposed part of my penis and then up into my sheath. Against my will I feel my penis start elongating. Starting its long journey out of my sheath to hang down towards the floor. I can't look around to see what they are doing, but I hear them wheel something over to my side. Someone starts rubbing something along my shaft and I feel my penis stretch even longer. I have an erection. My cock is still pliable and soft, but it keeps lengthening and expanding. I can feel the weight of it hanging down between my legs. I feels like it is close to reaching all the way down to the floor. Once my penis is covered with whatever they were rubbing on it I feel them slide it into some sort of soft warm tubular device. I hear a machine being turned on. The tubular device around my penis starts to ride up and down on my shaft. It's so warm and it covers my entire cock. I feel myself getting harder and still longer.

My embarrassment at having three people watch me becoming erect seems very minor. I'm finally getting used to the attention. It doesn't seem to bother me anymore. However, despite my boner which has become quite large and firm, I don't feel even close to cuming. The sensation is just very pleasant. They didn't have to lock me up for this. If I knew how good this would feel I would have gladly let them do it.

As I'm enjoying the penile massage, DeBiron walks around to in front of me and takes a piece of cloth out of a plastic bag. He puts it in front of my nose. I can't help but inhale through it. The cloth is saturated with an odor I've never smelled before, but which is strangely familiar. It's a very pleasant smell, a sensual smell, an erotic smell. I inhale more. I want more of that delicious aroma. My heart starts racing. I keep inhaling, bringing more and more of that ambrosia into my lungs. I really start to get turned on. My cock is on fire. In my limited space I start trying to thrust my penis into the tube even more. It moves with my pelvic thrusts as it runs up and down my shaft. It's so warm and tight. My balls start churning and I feel the sensation of my sperm leaving my scrotum and traveling somewhere in near my bladder. The pressure builds. My mind feels like it is swimming in ecstasy. My whole body feels stimulated. Every sensation feels erotic. Even the bars rubbing against my neck and body. I thrust harder into the tube as I keep breathing in that wonderful fragrance. The pressure finally erupts in a wave of orgasmic pleasure. I thrust once more and hold my position. My cock seems to expand even more and becomes rock hard. My ejaculate travels the long distance down my shaft. And again and again, until the pressure is gone. Instead of the usual feeling of contentment and sleepy lethargy, I feel invigorated. Strangely triumphant somehow.

DeBiron removes the cloth from my nose. Give it back. I'm not done. I want to keep smelling that beautiful aroma. I try to follow it, but the bars won't allow me. Someone is sliding the tube off of my cock and the cool air hits the skin of my penis as I feel it start to soften. In some remote part of my mind I note that they have gone into another room off to my left. I close my eyes and breath in the residual aroma from the cloth left in the air. My cock starts pumping up again. I can feel it pulsating with my racing heart. I imagine that sweet fragrance again, but the scent is fading quickly. Eventually the heat in my cock starts to dissipate and I feel it soften and hang heavily towards the ground. Every time I feel my penis finally start to slowly slink back into my sheath, the sensation sends another surge of blood down my cock causing it to lengthen again.

They come out of the room looking very pleased with themselves. Michael and Alysia are practically beaming and even the usually reserved Dr. DeBiron is smiling. Michael notices my penis is still hanging a long way out my sheath and says to Alysia "He seems to be ready for more. He truly is impressive. Then again he is equus supremus. What do you think Ally?"

"I agree." As she rubs up against Michael and cups his crotch with her right hand. "Just like my husband, homo supremus."

DeBiron breaks in "That's enough. I'm beginning to think you two are as sensitive to pheromones as Todd. Alysia why don't you go over there and complete the 3-D computer reconstruction from the scanner. Michael and I should be able to perform the endoscopies by ourselves. Now get away from each other before you two are completely useless to me."

DeBiron turns to me "Todd, you will be happy to know that your sperm appears to be completely viable and in more than sufficient quantity to sire a foal. You are fully developed. I want to do one last examination. I'm going to examine your gastrointestinal tract and take some biopsies. I need to make sure that the modifications I made to improve on your equine digestion have worked. Unfortunately, this exam is uncomfortable. So I'm going to give you a sedative before me begin."

He walks over to my neck and I feel him injecting the sedative. I start feeling disassociated from my body. I seem to retract back into a place in my mind where nothing can bother me. I'm still vaguely aware that they are putting some long tubular structure down my nose which makes me gag a little, but I don't care. They remove that tube and insert another into my nose and start infusing something. I feel my bowels start gurgling and cramping. I have an massive urge to move my bowels and let loose with what must be my entire intestinal contents all a once. Eventually I seem to have pure liquid coming out of my ass. They are satisfied and remove the nose hose. Someone grabs my tail and hoses my butt off. Then I feel something enter my rectum. A reflex causes me to try to bring my tail down, but whoever is holding it is too strong. I feel my bowels start cramping up again. I try to move my bowels, but nothing comes out but air.

Someone says, I think it's Michael, "Try to hold it in."

Screw you I think and gleefully push even harder until a huge amount of air blows out my anus. As I open my anus to release another cloud someone inserts what feels like a fist into my rectum. This effectively plugs me up and I can't expel any gas. I feel my bowels cramping up again, but I can't seem to get any release. Despite the sedation this is starting to hurt. I neigh and snort. I can't seem to get the control I need to form any words. I want to tell them to stop. Thankfully they do stop before I can't take it anymore. They pull out and I blissfully release as much gas as I can.

Without the pain from the abdominal cramps I feel relaxed again. I'm very sleepy in fact. I hear the metal bars and posts being removed. My neck is free and I can walk forward, but I just stand there. Michael puts some leather strap-thing around my head and snout. I don't care. I am content to just stand there. However, he starts pulling on the straps causing my head to move forward. I reluctantly walk forward. He leads me over to the far corner of the enormous room and attaches a rope from the wall to my halter.

He turns on a hose and starts running warm water over my tail and buttocks. He fills a bucket with warm water and starts washing my tail and asshole. He fills another bucket and reaches underneath my abdomen and starts washing my sheath and cock. It is a nice sensation, and despite my lack of desire I know my penis is dropping out of my sheath as he firmly cleans my genitals. I get the sense that he is spending more time than necessary stroking my cock up and down my long shaft. Even though I know I'm hanging out all of the way I don't get fully erect. But it does feel good and I don't want him to stop. I think he is disappointed I don't get fully erect. He dumps the bucket of water and fills it up again. Now he is sponging off my face, neck, mane and then body and legs. He rubs a squeegee over me to remove the water trapped in my fur. Now he starts brushing my coat. It feels so good and comforting. I feel like I'm going to sleep. My consciousness fades away for a time.

I'm partially brought back to awareness when he starts to gently hit my shoulders with some sort of coiled rope. It doesn't hurt. In fact it feels like a good massage. He works all over my muscles. He gives me one last quick brushing and combs my mane and tail. I turn my head into him as he nears the sensual area between my ears. He stops and scratches me there for a minute before resuming the combing. I push my head into him some more, but he ignores me and keeps combing. As he is combing my tail, I'm feeling playful and start to swing it back and forth. He commands me to stop and when I don't he grabs my tail preventing me from moving it. He finishes and then walks around to my left shoulder, bends down and grabs my leg and tries to lift it up. I know he wants me to lift my hoof, but I'm still feeling puckish and I ignore him and keep it firmly planted on the ground. He pulls harder, but he can't budge my hoof and I turn my head and push his butt with my head causing him to fall over.

"Will you stop it. I need to clean your hooves and apply some hoof oil. Now will you lift your hoof please." I nod my head as if the courtesy of asking was all I wanted all along and lift my leg. He proceeds to treat all four hooves and then he cleans up. He comes back and offers me a sugar cube which I quickly take into my mouth.

He unhooks the rope from my halter and starts leading me unnecessarily by the halter. I would follow him if he'd of asked, but I don't care. We leave the room through another archway, enter a long hallway and go through the double doors at the end. We enter a barn-like structure. There is a long and wide central walkway that appears to be paved with cobble stones. There are perhaps twenty or more large wooden doors standing open revealing large stalls. All of them appear to be empty.

I can see daylight coming through the slatted windows in the stalls. I realize I haven't seen sunshine in a very long time. I feel a renewed sense of vitality as the sedation wears off. I become more alert and pick my head up high unintentionally jerking Michael's arm up. I can smell a host of new fragrances as the fresh outside air hits my nostrils. I can pick out familiar things like Michael and the wood and straw of the stables, but also grass, dirt, different kinds of flowers, and a recent rain. There are way too many to identify and many unfamiliar smells.

Michael pulls again on my halter. I hadn't even realized I had stopped walking. He leads me docilely to a stall in the middle and after I enter he removes the halter and closes the wooden door.

I'm drawn to the sight of outdoors. A stone wall has a wooden dutch door in it. The top half of the door is open. I stick my head outside. The sunshine is bright and I have to squint for a minute until my eyes adjust. I'm looking at a large fenced in pen which is the same width as my stall. A high wooden fence goes around the pen.

I pull my head back inside and look closer at the door. There is a large handle on my side with a thick short piece of rope hanging from it. Using my mouth I find I can easily unlatch the door by pulling on the rope and push the door open. I walk into the glorious outside. The sun hits my wide back and it's like a warm caress. The ground of the pen is devoid of vegetation and is firm but sandy. There is a door in the fence leading to the open field at the other end of the pen. I walk over and see that there is a lock on the door. I appears this is as far as I go. It still feels fantastic to be outside with a gentle breeze brushing over my body bringing me such wonderful scents.

Beyond the fence I can see a large grassy field. I notice vertical metal poles coming out of the ground at regular intervals as they run around the meadow. Beyond the posts there are trees and other subtropical foliage. I can see rolling hills in the distance and what must be a very high mountain beyond them. DeBiron's island must be pretty damn big. I can't even see the sea. I breath in the multitude of fragrances that are assailing my senses. I stay like that for awhile, enjoying the taste of outside. Once I've had my fill, I head back inside to examine my stall. I put my head through the bars on the top half of the wooden door and look up and down the walkway. I can't open the door. There is a large bolt on the outside holding the door closed. It is very low on the door and out of my reach. The walls between the stalls are stone upto about my shoulder level above which there are bars going up to wooden beams overhead. As a result I can see into the other empty stalls but the bars are too close together to put my head through them. I spy the trough for food and water. My stomach growls and I walk over only to find them empty.

I hear a door open. Someone is coming. I can smell him before I can see him and it is an unfamiliar smell. A young tanned man walks up to my door carrying a bucket in each hand. I'm too shocked to move or say anything. It's someone new! I thought DeBiron, Michael and Alysia were the only three on this island.

He puts the buckets down and looks at me. He smiles and waves at me. Humming some deep guttural tune under his breath he bends over and pours the contents of the buckets into the opening of my trough from outside my stall. He then puts a hose in the other trough and turns it on filling it with water. He removes the hose and still humming starts to walk away.

Finally, my paralysis breaks and I yell for him to wait, but only a very horsy neigh comes out. I pause and concentrate. I say "Waih! Don'h go! Who are you? Come back!"

He turns around as I call. Walks back over to my stall still smiling and puts his hand up to the bars near my nose. I can smell him. He smells stronger than Michael or DeBiron and I don't think it's because he needs a shower. He smells like a male human, but there is a faint aroma of something else underneath. I can't place it at first, but I finally come to realize it smells like dog. He must have been petting a dog.

I ask "Whah's you're name?" He doesn't say anything, but continues to smile like he doesn't even understand what I'm saying.

I try to enunciate as clearly as possible. "Who ... are" He just stands there smiling. Maybe he doesn't speak English. He looks like he might be Hispanic so I try some of my high school Spanish but find that I can't remember any of it. Language was never my strong point, but I used to be able to speak a Spanish. In Miami you couldn't help but learn some. It's almost like I have a hard enough time with my native English that there is no room for any other language. As I struggle with this newest discovery of mine. The mystery man turns and walks away. I call to him again, but all he does is turn and wave to me as he walks away.

I ponder the implications of more people being on the island and my inability to remember my Spanish as I start eating and drinking my fill. Nobody comes around for a long time and after exploring the my stall and pen in detail I get bored and take a nap.


I open my eyes and it's dark. Who turned off the lights? I've been without a diurnal cycle for so long I am disoriented at first. Then it dawns on me that it's not that the lights are off, but that the sun has set. It's night. I must have slept for hours. This is the first time I've been able to judge time with any sense of accuracy.

My bladder needs emptying. I go outside and urinate on the sandy ground. That done, I look up and enjoy seeing the stars again. I've never been so happy to see the night sky before. Without any city lights the stars are particularly bright and numerous. I can't believe I've never appreciated the night sky like this before. I can hear crickets off in the distance.

Light suddenly streams out of my door to my stall. Someone must have turned on the lights in the stables. I walk back inside to find the man from before filling up my trough with more food and fresh water again. Satisfied he turns off the hose and turns to leave again.

I quickly ask "S'hay. Don'h go. Why won'h you speak to me?" He smiles that idiotic grin and puts his hand back up to the bars like he wants me to smell him again.

"I can smell you jus'h fine. Don'h you speak English?" He lets his hand drop away from the bars and stops smiling. He seems disappointed that I didn't come over to sniff his hand. I walk closer and put my nose against the bars over my trough. He quickly puts his hand back up to my nose. He reaches between the bars and puts his hand on my muzzle and gently rubs my upper lip and nostrils. His scent is very strong and I snort. He takes his hand away and starts to smell his own hand. How bizarre. Now he's absolutely grinning from ear to ear. He starts to run down the walkway, runs back to pick up the nearly forgotten empty buckets, and runs down the walkway and out the door.

What a strange man. He must be mentally retarded or something. I eat and drink some and go back to sleep.


I'm outside enjoying the morning sunshine. It is so good to have a day and night back again. I hear Alysia call my name from inside the stables. I lumber back inside to find Alysia standing in my stall.

"Good morning, Todd. How was your night?"

Ignoring her question I ask "Who is the man who brough'h me my food las'h nigh'h?"

"I believe Max was the one who brought your food."

"Whah's wrong with him? Is he men'hally reharded?" I realize my speech impediment doesn't make me sound like Einstein either.

"My uncle would be wounded to hear you refer to him as ‚mentally retarded'. Max is as mentally developed as any of his species."

Puzzled I ask "Species? He's noh human?"

"No, uncle calls them homo canus. You see, Max, used to be our dog. You didn't think your transformation was the first we've ever done did you?" When I don't answer she continues. "My uncle has been doing this for years. He started transforming invertebrates like starfish into sea urchins and worked his way up the evolutionary ladder. He eventually decided to try to transform, Max, one of our golden retrievers into a human. By that point he had the process nearly mastered. Even though he was able to make Max's brain resemble a human brain Max's intelligence never developed beyond where it is now. He is capable of following simple instructions and routines, but that's about it. He never developed the ability to speak. Unfortunately, each time my uncle has transformed from a simpler animal to a human he gets the same result. There's still too much about the human brain we just don't understand yet. There was even the possibility that you might have ended up no more intelligent than a common horse. However, we were fairly confident we could keep your intelligence intact, but we weren't sure."

Remembering my inability to remember my Spanish, I say "My mind is noh in'hac'h...complehe. I've los'h my Spanish."

"You've lost your ability to speak Spanish?" I nod and she continues "What else have you noticed?"

"I don'h know."

She pulls a pad out her pocket and starts writing. She holds it up for me to see. "What does this say?"

I look at the scribbling on the paper. I looks like Arabic or Hebrew writing. Maybe it's Chinese. "I don'h know. Wri'he in English."

She frowns. "That is English. It says ‚Todd Centos'. Try again."

I look again and still don't recognize anything about the scribbling on the paper. I can't read. I turn around and walk back outside. I want to be alone. As I leave I hear Michael walk into my stall and ask what's wrong. I don't wait to hear Alysia's explanation, and continue to walk outside into the sunshine which doesn't seem as bright anymore. I lean my head up against the one of the wooden rails of the fence and just stand there sulking. I can't read. What if the transformation is not complete? What if my brain continues to change and eventually I am as dumb as a horse? That thought starts to scare me. But what does it matter? Wouldn't it be better to not know what I was once? No, I decide. It would be like dying and I don't want to die. I feel a hand on my neck and I smell Alysia.

Trying to console me she says. "Perhaps with time and some practice we can teach you how to read again."

I ask the question I'm wondering, but I'm afraid of what the answer might be. "Whah if my brain con'hinues to hransform? Whah if I lose everything and can'h think any beh'her than a regular horse?"

She hastily responds, stroking my neck. "That won't happen. Let me assure you that you are locked into your current state. Your system has been purged of any residual viruses. It will not change anymore. Our tests confirm this. You will not lose anymore intelligence."

I want to believe her. In fact I'm desperate to believe her.

She says "Would you like me to unlock the gate here and let you into the pasture?" She doesn't wait for a response. She pulls a set of keys out of her pocket and takes the padlock off of the door and opening it. She walks through.

Curiosity overcomes my morose state and I eventually plod slowly through the door after her with my head down. I look up and can see the whole pasture. I start walking away from her towards the other end of the open field.

The ground is softer here and my hooves sink slightly into the ground. Then I'm walking through ‚knee high' grasses. The smells are so rich. The sun is beating down on my broad back. I walk towards a shade tree in the field in the distance. My walking becomes faster as my dark mood starts to evaporate. I try to walk faster, but realize that the alternating pattern I use for walking won't go any faster. I alter the pattern of movement, stumble and almost fall over. I try again and find that if I alternate front right and back left down with the other two legs up I can go even faster. Having discovered how to trot, I quickly approach my original destination of the tree near the middle of the meadow.

However, now I don't want to sulk under its shade. I start to feel the urge to run. I want to run. Like a child running for the joy of running. Simply to expel energy. I pick up my pace and find that my trot has a limited speed. I've seen dogs running. I try to emulate them with my two forward feet leaving the ground almost together as I push off with my back feet and enter a gallop. I feel wonderful. To stretch my legs out and feel the wind wiping through my mane. My tail sailing out behind me. My muscles contracting and then releasing. Propelling me across the ground faster than I've ever gone outside of a car. It's exhilarating. I'm totally submerged in the joy of the experience that I barely here my name being frantically called.

I slow down and turn. I see Alysia off in the distance running towards me screaming my name. What's she so upset about? Maybe she's afraid I'm going to run away. I look back to the direction I was running. Towards the forest at the edge of the meadow. I notice now for the first time that there are thin wires laced from post to post all the way around the meadow. The wires go all the way to the tops of the posts which must be about eight feet high. In my exuberance I almost ran into them. I walk over to them. Maybe I can escape. Maybe I can slide between the wires. As I approach I smell something new. It's an ozone smell and it seems to be coming from the wires. I can also hear a very faint hum. The wires must be electric.

I look back at Alysia. She's still running towards me. The buildings that I've evidently been housed in for who knows how long are very far away. Did I really run that far. It seemed like I was galloping only for a very short time. I remember the sense of power and speed that I got from galloping. I feel almost like a kid with too much energy to stand still. I leap directly into a gallop and head towards her. She stops running and stands there with her hands on her knees obviously puffing. I run right around her and circle her a couple times. I finally stop in front of her. I find I'm breathing strongly but I'm not tired at all. I feel so alive. I can't stand still. I dodge left and then right and then start running for the tree in the middle of the meadow, circle it and come back to Alysia who's just standing there watching me run around like an idiot. I eventually return and stop in front of her again.

I want to tell her how wonderful it feels to run, but in the excitement all that comes out is a long neighing sound.

She laughs and says "That good, huh? I thought you were going to run right into the electric fence. You scared the shit out of me." She steps forward and puts her arms tightly around my neck, hugging me as she buries her head in my mane.

At first I'm not sure how to react to this obvious show of affection. Then I give in and lean into her a little trying to give her the sense that I'm hugging her back. While she's still hanging onto my neck I say "I feel wonderful. Ih is the most amazing feeling. I've never fel'h this alive before. Did you see how fas'h I can run?"

She finally lets go, pats my neck and steps back to look at my face. "You are beautiful. Just try to be careful. The ground is uneven in areas and you don't want to trip and fall. You'll certainly get more than a scraped knee with your new speed and size. Don't over do it either. Remember this the first time you've run around like that. You don't want to pull anything. I've got to get back to work. You enjoy the day." She starts walking back to the stables. She slaps my rump as she walks by and I decide that I want to run some more.

I take off at a full gallop and run the perimeter of the entire meadow before I start feeling winded. Now I'm hot and a foamy sweat has gathered on my body. I try resting under the shade of the lone tree in the meadow, but I'm soon hungry and thirsty. I contemplate eating some of the grass, but it just isn't appealing, so I go back to my stall. I eat and drink. I feel itchy as my sweat dries and walk back out into the meadow to roll around in the grass and enjoy the scratching to my back.

Over the next several days I meet more of Max's kin as they bring my food and water, and change the straw in my stall. There are both male and female and they all seem to enjoy the game of me smelling their hands. They appear to be a very happy people, if their almost constant smiles are any indication of their state of mind.

At one point Alysia and Michael ask me a bunch of questions, trying to figure out how much of my intelligence I've retained. It appears that it's pretty intact after all and I don't show any signs of regressing. Language appears to be my biggest problem. I can understand and speak English. I can't read or write and it doesn't appear that I'm able to learn either. They tell me that the centers responsible for visual abstract character recognition seem to have atrophied or have been replaced by something else.

Days go by and I mainly see only Max and his relatives. Michael and Alysia only visit me rarely and I don't see DeBiron at all these days. Michael and Alysia will only tell me that they are very busy. They won't elaborate.


One day as the sun sets, I'm eating when I hear the sounds of hooves on the cobbled walkway. I put my head out between the bars over the door and look at a light brown horse being led down the walkway by DeBiron. He leads the horse into the stall next to mine and closes the door. The horse simply stands there with his head hanging.

DeBiron walks over to me and says. "I brought a friend to keep you company. I don't think introductions are necessary since I believe you've already met." He pauses, leaving me puzzled about what he said. "Go ahead, the sedative should have worn off enough by now. Say hello."

I walk over to the wall separating our two stalls and look through the bars. I can see that his ears are oriented towards our conversation, obviously listening to the conversation. I look back at DeBiron and then back at my new stable mate. I say "Can you speak? Do you unders'hand me?"

The ears reorient to me and he looks up at me. I say "Hello. I'm Hodd." His eyes get wide and his head comes up all the way. He obviously understands something, but why is he reacting like that?

He asks "Cen'hos? Hodd Cen'hos?" The same speech impediment doesn't even register as I realize that he knows my last name. I nod my head yes.

He turns towards DeBiron and releases an awful braying sound. If horses can scream, that is definitely what it sounds like. I can tell he is struggling to get control of himself and he yells at DeBiron "You bas'hard! You sick motherfucking bas'hard!" He proceeds to start kicking the door to the central walkway, but the door doesn't even budge. He stops kicking the door and stands there shaking his head back and forth. He looks almost like he's crying.

I turn to DeBiron who is calmly watching and ask "Whah is wrong? How does he know my name?"

He responds "I'm going to leave you two to work this out." And he leaves.

I know from experience that it is useless to call DeBiron back. I look at my neighbor again. He has his head down and is no longer moving. I try to ask as gently as possible "Whah's wrong? I mean besides the obvious. Did they h'ell you my name?"

He doesn't even look up, but eventually says "My name is Marc...Marc Lilliheim."

Marc Lilliheim! It can't be. I left Marc on the Christos forever ago. "You can'h be Marc Lilliheim." I can't seem to believe that it is possible.

He lifts his head and responds "Why noh? Don'h you recognize me, you penny-head?"

How could he know my nickname from college? Marc was the only one who used that play on my name anymore and I'm positive I haven't mentioned it to DeBiron and company. It must really be Marc. I ask, "How? I mean how did you geh here?"

"I landed on this hell hole af'her jumping inho the surf af'her you." Now it comes back to me. I can remember someone grabbing a life preserver and jumping off of the Christos, but I could barely keep my head above water and couldn't tell who it was.

He still looks completely dejected. He must be having a hard time coming to grips with the transformation. I'm feeling sorry for him but a part of me is guiltily rejoicing to have someone else with me. I look at him. He looks beautiful. I've never thought that way about a horse before, but he really looks beautiful. It suddenly comes to my attention that my penis is not only out of my sheath but is half-way erect. I can't be that happy to see him. Even if I am, it seems a strange way of expressing it. I feel real horny and notice that I can smell that same smell from the piece of cloth that DeBiron held over my nose when they were collecting their sperm sample. It seems to be coming from Marc's direction. Actually, it seems to be coming from Marc. He must have some traces of the scent on him from an experience similar to mine.

I try to forget about my unruly urges and turn back to Marc. "Why are you hiding way over in the corner? I know the change is hard ho handle, buh you need ho deal with ih. Whah are you afraid of? Come over here so I can see you beh'her."

"No. I can smell you from here."

Puzzled I respond "Do I smell thah bad? I didn'h ask ho smell you. I said see you."

"Can'h you smell me? Don'h you unders'hand? I can barely conhrol myself."

That sexy smell is not on Marc. It is coming from Marc. I'm getting turn on by my best friend's odor. What's wrong with me? He can't know how his smell is affecting me. From where he's standing he can only see my neck and head. My body is hidden behind the stone wall. What if he knows I have a raging boner because he is reacting the same way to my aroma? I try to see down between his legs, but he is backed up into a dark corner of his stall as far from me as possible.

"Marc, whah's wrong? I don'h unders'hand. Whah do you mean you can'h conhrol yourself? Come here!" I end more forcefully than I intended. I practically command him to come here. I have an irrational need to have him closer to me.

He walks out of his corner and slowly comes towards me with his head down. As he gets closer his scent strengthens and I feel my cock harden. Marc comes next to the wall, lifts his tail and starts to slowly rub his backside up and down against the wall. What is he doing? His aroma is overwhelmingly strong and I can't help but move my nose down to his tail. I can't seem to figure out what I'm seeing. He has his tail straight up and away from me. I can see the pucker of his anus, but below that where his scrotum should be are two glistening lips that look like a vagina. They are opening and closing slowly as a clear liquid appears like beads of sweet on the lips. The smell is too much and I forget whose tail I'm sniffing. My cock is pounding up and down with my rapid heart beat and precum is streaming out of the tip. I trumpet out a deep neighing sound. I feel a sense of possessiveness. He's mine. No one can have him.

What am I thinking? This is Marc! I tear my head away from the bars and shove my nose into my water. Then I turn and run out my backdoor and into the meadow. I gallop down towards the tree at the middle of the meadow. I'm breathing heavy. Finally the veil of lust lifts as I breath in the clean air and I can start thinking rationally again.

No wonder Marc is having more trouble accepting the transformation than me. Not only has he changed species, but he has changed sexes. He's a mare. A sudden realization hits me making me stop pacing around the tree. DeBiron expects me to mate with Marc and produce his herd of superior horses. He's my best friend since high school for god's sake. We used to go on double dates and brag to each other about our sexual prowess the next day. I think I'd rather be castrated than do it with... Marc. I have a hard time even thinking about it.

Twilight has set in and the crickets are in full chorus. I'm going to sleep outside tonight. It is certainly warm enough. I try to put Marc out of my mind as I eventually drift off to sleep, but the erotic dreams aren't any help.


I wake up as the sun crests the mountain in the distance. I initially feel a little disoriented waking up outside. I feel hungry and decide to finally try to eat some of the ubiquitous grass. It tastes pretty bland but goes down well. I eat my fill which takes until the sun is fully up. My initial thirst is partially quenched by the dew on the grass, but I can see that as the sun dries the grass I'm going to get pretty thirsty. I can smell water in the forest, but there is no way for me to get through the electric fence. I don't see anyway around it. I'm going to have to go back to the stall at some point to get water.

Later that day when my thirst is no longer barable I approach the stables. I stop about 20 yards from the pens. I notice that the door to Marc's pen is open, but the door to his stall is closed. I can't smell him but the wind is from my back towards the stables. Evidently Marc can smell me. He puts his head out of the top half of the dutch door without me saying anything.

"Please don'h come any closer. In fac'h, go back. I beg you. I'm already beginning to feel your presence."

"Marc, I'm thirs'hy and there is no wa'her in the meadow. If you will come ouhside so I can go in and drink. We can then reverse the process so you can drink. I'll s'hand ah the other end of the s'hables unhil you are far enough away." I gallop over to the far end of the stables and wait.

Marc eventually comes out of the pen and looks over at me. He walks in the other direction into the meadow. I trot over and enter my stall. I almost drink my entire trough. I can smell Marc's residual scent coming from his stall. My penis quickly drops. Before realizing what I'm doing I start to take deep breaths. Inhaling as much of that sensual aroma as possible. I grab a couple of quick mouths full of food and quickly leave the stall out into the fresh air. I have to be careful walking. My long dangling penis is wildly swinging back and forth with my swaying body as I walk. I almost kick it with my back legs.

As I leave the pen I can see that Marc is watching me from afar. He can't help but notice my gargantuan pendulous member as it swings out of control underneath me. Embarrassed I stop walking and avoid presenting him with a profile. I take a number of quick breaths to clear my lungs. It takes forever, but my penis slowly, almost reluctantly it seems, starts to retract into my sheath. I gallop away from the stables to an area on the other side of the meadow from where Marc continues to watch me.

The day is spent keeping our distance from each other. We have to stay at the borders on opposite sides of the meadow in order so keep separated enough so that our scents don't reach each other. Unfortunately, we are too far apart to talk. It is hard enough forming words, but when we try to shout to each other it becomes a horse sound. We both sleep outside that night.

The next day there is a gentle breeze. I'm down wind from Marc and I catch his delicious scent. I look around and can't see anywhere I can go to get farther away from him. He can evidently see my penis hanging down from my sheath into the tall grass. He gallops towards the stables and disappears into his stall. Slowly the air starts to clear and my urges to go take him dwindle. He doesn't come out of his stall for the rest of the day and I don't go near to the stables. I'm getting thirsty, but I can bare it. I find a little muddy puddle in the corner of the field from the short rain shower last night and I drink it dry. To me it tastes like the finest wine. Unfortunately, that is all there is and I can't find anymore. The day passes incredibly slow.

The next day comes and even with Marc in his stall I start to catch whiffs of his lovely aroma clear on the farthest side of the meadow. His scent must be getting stronger. I pace back and forth along the electric fence farthest from the stable. I feel trapped. I want to run away, but with each passing hour Marc's wonderful fragrance becomes stronger.

Something catches my eye. Marc is standing just outside of his pen. I start walking towards him. I get halfway across the meadow when I partially come to my wits and stop. The aroma is everywhere now. I can't help but put my nose up in the air and gulp it in. I start walking towards Marc again. My penis is swinging back and forth as I walk. It is constantly being caressed by the tall grass. As I get nearer to Marc, my cock becomes fully erect and pulses above the level of the grass. Marc doesn't move as I come closer. I can see his leg muscles are shaking. His nostrils are flaring and he is breathing fast and heavy. It's everything I can do to keep to a walk and not run. I walk right up to him and touch my nose to his. We breath each other's breath. His eyes are so wide I can see the whites around the dark brown of his large iris. My heart is pounding in my chest. Marc still doesn't move. If it wasn't for his muscles twitching he could be a statue.

The scent is too much. I don't care what I'm doing anymore. I doesn't matter who's in that body. I'm going to possess it. I start walking toward his tail. For some reason I nip his shoulder with my teeth as I walk by. It must have hurt, but Marc doesn't move. His tail is straight up in the air with his back legs braced apart. I lower my nose down to his dripping vagina and inhale. I trumpet a loud whinny. I feel like I'm announcing to the world that I am king and this is my property as I release another great bellow of a neigh. My cock is yearning for release. The pressure in my pelvis is unbearable. I lift my front legs up and rest them on Marc's rump.

I try to spear Marc's vagina with my throbbing cock. I'm either too worked up or too inexperienced with my new form, but I can't seem to aim my taunt penis well enough to get in. I start humping Marc's hindquarters, but my cock careems off of his rump ending up either under his belly or under mine. Just as I don't think I can stand this dry humping anymore I feel something grab my penis. I turn my head and look to my side. Michael has his arms underneath my abdomen and is holding my penis in his two hands. I feel him aim my cock. My glans touches something moist and warm. I thrust forward and enter a glorious moist hot tunnel. I walk forward on my back legs to further penetrate and then with a great thrust forward I plunge all the way in.

His vaginal walls wrap around my cock and squeeze it. I pull a long way back and thrust again with all my considerable might. Again I thrust. Frantically I thrust again and again. What seems like an eternity later I feel my orgasm starting and I give one last mighty heave. I feel my cock somehow grow even larger inside Marc's cunt as I release my seed. Like a garden hose I can feel my jism streaming into Marc. Again I reach down and bite him on the shoulder and give a neigh of triumph. Through all of this Marc doesn't move at all. My heart starts slowing down and I feel my penis softening inside his vagina. I back off of Marc's hindquarters and plop back down onto all fours again.

Rational thought seems to be rising out of whatever abyss it had fallen into a couple minutes ago. The feelings of joy and utter pride in possessing Marc quickly fade to be replaced by soul crushing guilt and shame. I just raped my best friend. I hang my head and turn away from Marc. I start walking away when I hear hoove beats behind me. He must be coming to kick me or something. I'll just stand here and take whatever he has in mind. I feel like dirt. I hear him stop. I keep looking at the ground waiting for him to do something. Finally he says "Hodd. Don'h feel bad. I'm sure you couldn'h conhrol your impulses any more than I could. If you had noh come back across the field when you did, I was coming ho you. In fac'h, I'm s'hill horny. You are s'hill making my legs weak."

He walks up beside me and leans his slightly smaller body into mine. I feel his lips gently nibble my ears and his hot breath on my cheek. He rubs his face slowly up and down on my neck. It can't be more than five minutes since I came, but I feel blood rushing into my engorging cock again. Marc slides his body along mine as he walks forward presenting me with his tail again. I can't believe what he's doing. He seems to want me to fuck him. He lifts his tail again and starts opening and closing the lips of his cunt. How does he do that? The thought is quickly forgotten as my penis comes to full attention and I mount him for the second time. It's not as intense as before, and I'm more aware of what I'm doing. I'm able to penetrate his vagina without any help on the first try. This time I'm able to suppress the urge to bite him. I make large thrusting motions as I slide my cock almost completely out before plunging it all the way back in again. I go on for a considerably longer time than before, but I finally come again with a great flood of juice. I climb down as I my penis softens. He turns around and comes up beside me again to lean his body into mine again. I can feel his body heat as he just stands there. I feel Marc's chest expanding and contracting with his steady breathing. I'm not sure but I think he is sleeping. I stand still. I don't want to wake him.

I notice that DeBiron and Alysia have joined Michael. Maybe they were there all along. I was so focused on Marc that I'm just now realizing that Michael actually put my penis into Marc's vagina the first time. They are just standing there outside of the wooden pen watching us. I want to yell at them to get the fuck out of here, but I don't want to disturb Marc. So I stare as threateningly as I can. They either get the hint or decide the show is over as they retreat back into the stable.

I feel a sense of loss. My relationship with Marc has changed. It can never be the same again. I believe I've lost him as my best friend. Our bodies seem to be dictating a new relationship. I'll miss the Marc I remember losing to at foosball at our favorite bar or the Marc who I used to enjoy watching college football with on Saturdays. This new Marc seems more submissive and I feel a need to protect him somehow. I've never felt that way towards him before. Even though I can intellectualize that all of these feelings are my equine instincts, it doesn't mean that I don't feel them any less. I eventually fall asleep too.


We don't resist the sexual urges anymore. Marc seems more in control than me, but doesn't complain when I mount him. We become inseparable. We start using the same stall to eat and drink and are never that far from each other in the meadow.

Eventually, the urges come less frequently and then they stop all together. Marc's scent has changed. It no longer drives me wild.

We don't see anyone for a long time. Mainly we see the Maxkin as I come to call them. They faithfully take care of our basic needs. Eventually DeBiron and Michael start coming by again to see us. Alysia visits the most, but it's more to check on Marc than anything else. Marc's abdomen is getting noticeably larger by the week as the pregnancy progresses.

I've come to think of Marc as a her now. Our former lives seem to be a faded dream now. I enjoy my life with Marc. We're even allowed to leave the meadow sometimes and explore the surrounding hills and beaches. DeBiron insists upon placing a collar around our necks with some sort of a radio transmitter on it, but we don't care. We would come back to the stables anyway. It's where the best food is, the driest shelter and where else could we get those fantastic total body brushings. Marc and I groom each other, but it's more to reassure ourselves of our bond with each other. The brush feels much better and does a better job of cleaning our coats.

I don't know how long Marc carried our foal. There aren't really seasons on this island and I can't begin to keep tract of all the days. One day Marc starts waddling towards the stables and I can tell something is different. When I ask she says that she thinks she is starting to feel contractions and she wants to be inside. I run ahead into our stall and yell for someone. I turn around and kick the wooden door, causing at very loud bang.

Alysia finally comes in and I tell her Marc is going into labor. As I tell her Marc lays down on her side on the floor. Alysia runs back into the main building and returns with Michael and DeBiron. Michael and Alysia push me out of the stall and close the bottom half of the door. I put my head back into the stall to watch through the open top half. DeBiron is running his hands over Marc's swollen belly. Alysia and Michael are wrapping Marc's tail with an ace wrap. Suddenly it looks like gallons of water start gushing out of her vagina. Michael leaves and returns with three folding chairs and a some kind of suitcase. They sit down and just watch. When I ask why they don't do something, DeBiron tells me that this is a natural process and so far everything is progressing well. He says all we can do now is wait.

I look down at Marc and ask her if she is in any pain. She says it's more of an intermittent cramp, but it doesn't really hurt that much. I think she's lying, but I don't know what else to do. We wait and eventually I can see Marc starting to strain. A cream colored bag with forehooves suddenly appears from her vagina. DeBiron quickly bends down to examine the legs, verifying that they are the front legs. Slowly more and more of the foal starts to emerge stretching Marc's vagina to an unbelievable size. The head and shoulders are followed quickly by the hind legs and hips. DeBiron removes the sack from over the foals head and moves it towards Marc's head. She starts licking the filly as DeBiron cuts the umbilical cord. Marc starts nudging the filly to make her stand. I still find it amazing that she can stand so early after being born. Once she is standing on her wobbly legs, Marc strains again and delivers the afterbirth. She then stands as well and pushes our filly towards her belly. Marc's teats had gotten considerably larger recently and there appeared to be a drop of yellowish milk on the tip of each nipple. Our daughter puts her head under Marc's abdomen and takes the nipple into her mouth and starts to suckle. She butts Marc's belly a couple times for some reason as she sucks, but Marc doesn't seem to mind.

I come into the stall and smell our daughter. She stops feeding long enough to touch my nose with her nose and then goes back to suckling. I'm so proud. I feel I've got my family after all. It may not have been what I once envisioned, but it's my family nonetheless.

A couple days later, we are in the meadow. I come into the stables to get a drink with Marc and Lilly following behind. Michael enters leading a light brown horse with a blonde mane and tail into the stall on the other side of my original stall.

I can tell immediately that it's a mare and that she is just starting to come into heat. That wonderful fragrance, which I haven't smelled in so long, hits my nostrils. I walk over to the bars and say "Hello beautiful, welcome to my herd."

The Centos Herd copyright 1998 by Cheirron.

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