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Cats to Go


Larry and Jane had only met Marsha a few days ago, but they were already attending their first party at her house. She had invited them to the party, saying it would prove to be a lot of fun. Marsha seemed to be in her thirties, extremely beautiful with long, dark hair, wide-spread large eyes, large breasts and long, shapely legs. She lived alone except for the presence of several cats that continually wandered in and out of the rooms of her house.

Marsha invited the couple in and told them to sit down on the large coach she had in her living room. She offered both drinks which they graciously accepted and downed swiftly, finding the taste to be very unusual and stimulating.

Just how stimulating they were to find out. Marsha asked Jane if she would help her pick out some jewelry to wear to work tomorrow, so she and Jane went off to Marsha's bedroom, leaving Larry alone on the coach.

Marsha had refilled his glass before leaving, so Larry downed most of another drink. He felt momentarily dizzy, but then the dizziness cleared. As his eyes re-focused he saw a large cat, easily the size of a panther, enter the room. It was coal-black in color and seemed to move in a way that could only be described as very sexy. The cat rubbed against Jerry's legs, managing to push them apart. As soon as it had accomplished that, he began to rub its head against Jerry's cock, bringing it to hardness in spite of his best efforts to control himself.

Under normal conditions Jerry would have been in a state of panic by now, but the effect of the drink served to dull that reaction. Instead, he began to feel an intense sexual arousal from what was happening. He started to rub the cat's body, delighting in the soft feel of its fur against his hands.

He then got down on the floor with the cat in order to pet it more fully. The cat, for its part, was rubbing itself against him even harder. It turned away from him and pointed its ass in his direction, almost as if it was asking him to mount it. The cat was putting out a strong "fuck-me" odor that Jerry found unresistable. He approached the cat and petted it some more. Suddenly it turned around and grabbed his pants with its teeth, trying to pull them off Jerry. He laughed and rubbed the cat's head while it continued to pull on his pants.

Jerry looked towards the bedroom but saw that the door was closed, so he went ahead and quickly removed his shoes and undid his belt, then unzipped his pants. The cat was now able to pull them off him, and Jerry raised his legs, allowing the cat to pull the pants off a leg at a time. He moved towards the cat and pressed his whole body against it, enjoying the feel of the cat's body against his shorts and cock. Quickly the cat turned around and this time grabbed hold of his shirt. Jerry laughed against and took his shirt off, giving it to the cat.

Jerry reached up onto the nearby coffee table and finished off his drink, and some his wife had left behind. He was now down to his shorts and the cat was still rubbing against him, turning him on more and more. Finally Jerry took off his shorts and threw them to the side. The cat laid down on the thick rug and Jerry moved over to it, belly to belly. He played with the cat's facial fur as he started to thrust against its body. The cat licked his face and nuzzled his neck, exciting him even more.

While this was going on Marsha and Jane were enjoying themselves in Marsha's bedroom. As soon as they had entered the room Marsha closed the door behind her, walked over to an end-table and picked up an odd- looking flower with a large bulb-shaped structure on it. She invited Jane to smell the flower and as she leaned near Marsha squeezed on the bulb, sending a misty spray directly into Jane's face.

Jane shook her head for a moment and then found her arms going down to her sides. She stood their, unable to control her body. Marsha quickly removed all her clothes, grabbed Jane's head and forced it against a nipple. Jane began to suck and, as she did so, found her body once again responding to her will. Her will, however, had been nearly totally subverted by the effects of the drink.

She felt a little dizzy as Marsha directed her to lie down on the bed. As soon as Jane had laid down Marsha moved on to the bed on all fours. She parted Jane's legs and immediately began to eat her out. Jane had never even considered doing anything with a woman, but now found herself responding wildly to Marsh's intense licking. Soon her hips were moving up and down and she began to experience a series of intense orgasms.

Marsha then moved up and began to passionately kiss Jane. She responded fully, frenching the new friend, grabbing Marsha's body and pressing it as strongly as she could against her own. When Marsha rose up and offered Jane her breast, Jane against sucked eagerly. When Marsha then moved so she and Jane could be in a 69 position Jane offered no resistance whatever, and began to lick Marsha's pussy while Marsha resumed licking hers. Soon both women were experiencing orgasm after orgasm.

Some time later both women entered the living room and stood watching while Larry and the cat rubbed against each other. Marsha gently nudged Jane down onto the floor on her hands and knees. Seeing his wife in such a position Larry immediately moved behind her, grabbed her ass and stuck his cock in his cunt. Within seconds his body began to orgasm and Jane cried out as she came at the same time.

Larry pulled out of his wife and both laid down on the floor for a few moments. Marsha came to each with another glass of liquid and had each one drink the potion.

She then removed all her clothes and set down in a chair, legs spread wide. The female cat moved over to her and was joined a few moments later by a male cat, equally large and black in color. Marsha than explained to the two what was going on. They had been given a potion that had destroyed all sexual inhibitions; they would want to fuck more and more, with their minds quickly losing any rational thought they might possess. They would keep fucking each other and the cats and would, in a few days time, find their bodies changed entirely into cats. They would then be sold to people she knew who collected cats that were once humans, and used them for their own sexual pleasure. Marsha, herself, kept a retinue of cats of her own but at another, far larger house she owned out in the country.

With that Larry and Jane moved to get up, as if they were going to try to escape, but the moment Jane had managed to rise to all fours the male cat mounted her from behind and began thrusting into her cunt. She cried out in surprise and then pleasure as the first of a long series of orgasms began in her body.

Larry watched his wife fuck the cat and found himself turned on even more, so when the female cat offered itself to him he quickly mounted her and began fucking the cat from behind. Marsha watched, smiling, from her chair while she played with her breasts and cunt, driving herself into orgasm after orgasm while watching the couple screw the cats.

And so it went for several days afterward, Larry and Jane fucking each other, the cats, and both fucking Marsha, all the while drinking more of the potion and finding their bodies beginning to change into that of cats. Less than a week later they were again in the living room, this time with Marsha nude, lying on the rug. She gestured for Larry and Jane to come over and suck her tits and they both did so. As they sucked she told them that the next time they came they would find their bodies completing their changes into that of cats.

The potion had done its job, however, and neither even tried to pull away. Marsha finally let them stop sucking her and watched, playing with herself, while Jane moved to all fours and offered herself to Jerry. He did not hesitate for a moment but immediately entered his wife from behind. Soon he was cumming and seconds later Jane became to come. As Marsha watched they kept cumming and their bodies completed the change to those of cats. What had begun as a couple fucking furiously ended as two cats fucking furiously. Marsha came, they allowed herself to enjoy fucking and being fucked by her newest additions to her family of cats.

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