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The Seeds Of Change

by Jamie

Pat was not a happy camper. She cast her mind back. It had been five years, long, hard, years and now she was quite desperate for adult company. Besides she now had enough control to keep herself out of trouble. She was standing naked before a full length mirror admiring her body. For a fifteen year old it was quite well developed.

Had there been another person in the room they would most likely have noticed something not quite right about Pat. Had this person also been observant they would have noticed what caused this. Pat had the poise and grace that was usually only seen in a much more mature woman. A few moments later she was once more before the mirror. This time she was dressed in a T shirt and jeans. The T shirt was tight enough to accentuated her breasts, whilst the jeans looked like they had been put on with a spray gun.

She moved to the dressing table and began applying her makeup. With surprising dexterity for one apparently so young, she subtly changed her appearance. The end result was a young woman who looked like she was 18, but might well have been older trying to look younger. Her body language subtly changed to match her appearance and the illusion was complete. She had a last look round her apartment. It was really quite luxurious, but not ostentatious. She had plenty of money, her trust fund saw to that, and she spent it wisely. A final inspection in the large mirror and she was off to the Disco.

Inside it was hot, smoky and loud. After a couple of hours of fending off hands as she danced, she was about to call it quits and head for home, when Joe entered. She noticed him immediately. This was not really surprising as most of the females in the room, and a surprising number of the males, also took notice.

Joe was not classically handsome. He was a bit under normal height and had a shock of dirty blond hair. His face had a slightly cruel look about the mouth. His body was compact and muscular. None of this explained the attraction. That came from sex. He just radiated it. This, coupled with his mouth adding the spice of danger, made him irresistible.

Joe worked on the four Fs principle, Find 'em, Feel 'em, Fuck 'em and Forget 'em. Romance was only used for seduction. He didn't actually like women except for sex. Thus most of his encounters were one night stands.

Joe's job as a travelling salesman was ideal for his sex life. His area was large and he took about a year to do the rounds. Any chicks that he balled and knocked up had little chance of finding him. They either got an abortion or had the kid, and a woman with a 3 month old kid didn't visit Discos, so he was safe.

Joe took in the scene and spotting Pat as the only interesting chick simply ignored her. This had the desired effect of bringing her closer to where he was standing, by the bar.

Pat could hear the alarm bell ringing at the back of her mind warning her to get out whilst she had a chance. But Joe's charm was successfully closing her ears to it. When he made the first move of offering her a drink, she was so dumb stuck that she could barely stammer out a reply.

>From here on in Joe took control. The only decision that Pat managed to make was the venue, her place, well it was within walking distance. It suited Joe as he didn't have the hassle of smuggling her into his hotel room.

Now they were on the sofa in her lounge and Joe was quite ruthlessly seducing her. There were two problems here. The first was, she did not want to go all the way on the first date, and the second was she could do nothing to stop things, it felt far too nice. Apparently her degree of control had not been as good as she had imagined. For example what had started as some fairly innocent kissing had lead on to his tongue slipping through her lips. Now it was exploring her back teeth.

Whilst Pat's mind might have been in a confused turmoil, Joe's was exactly the opposite. With cold precision he was working out the timing of the second F, those tempting tits of hers. "Yes", he thought, "This little bitch is going to be screaming for it by the time I'm finished warming her up."

Pat felt the hand slide under her T shirt and knew exactly where it was heading, She began to protest. Joe broke the kiss, made eye contact, that in itself sent shivers running up and down her spine, then he said, "Trust me. You'll like it. I promise I won't hurt you." Before she could utter a word he had covered her mouth with his and the hand continued its journey.

It slid deftly under her bra and slowly began the caress. When the other hand undid the bra clip Pat did not protest as it only increased her enjoyment. She could feel herself getting wet and knew that soon she would have to stop him, but not yet. his fingers began to work on her nipple and she began to moan.

Her protests were limited when he slipped her T shirt off leaving her naked to the waist. What his lips did to her nipples took all thoughts of stopping him and cast them by the wayside. She was positively wet now and he hadn't even touched her there.

With calm confidence Joe got ready to continue his assault taking matters below the waist. He started by placing a hand lightly on his victim's knee then watching her reactions carefully he slowly rubbed his fingers up the inside of her thigh. If the legs came together, he was rushing things, if they parted it was time to proceed.

Pat wasn't even aware of the hand at first and when it began to move the tingle that ran up her leg seemed to get right to the core of her being and her body obligingly opened her legs for more.

Pat did however protest when she felt the tight waist band of the jeans go slack. It did her little good, Joe repeated his assurances that she was quite safe and soon she was stripped of her jeans, soaking panties and even her white socks.

Pat had a slightly out of focus view of the top of Joe's head between her legs then his face was buried in her pussy and she realised just how close to an orgasm she was.

Her hands which had gone down to his head with a view to pulling him off now held him tightly against her as wave after wave of pleasure broke over her 15 year old body.

Joe was happily humming. Everything was going to plan. The silly bitch was hot and horny, he recognised the smell. He waited until her orgasm was over and picked her up. He found the bedroom without problem and places her on her back in the middle of the bed. As there might still be some resistance left in her he decided to put a bit more work into it and give her a another orgasm just to be sure. Then it was it would be time for the third F.

His finger entered her pussy and she began to moan again. Then as he went in further he encountered an unexpected, but not unwelcome, obstruction. Shit! He had bagged himself a cherry! He smiled. This was going to be one fun night. He started work on her clit and dispassionately drove over the brink for a second time.

Pat was lying in a daze, the waves of pleasure had at last subsided. She got some sort of control of her mind and looked round. Joe was undressing. The alarm bells began in earnest. "No!" she managed to put some force into it.

"Why, don't you trust me?" he asked. "You'll be all right."

Pat was now really worried. "I'm still a virgin!"

"Not for very much longer", said Joe pulling off his jeans and revealing a pair of underpants tented out by his erection.

"Don't worry, I've had virgins before, it won't hurt and you will just love what follows." he said reassuringly

"Please I'm only 15!" Pat was getting desperate. The instant the words left her lips she regretted it realising it would have exactly the opposite effect.

Joe gave her a wolfish grin and said, "There is hair round it, so you are old enough." and with that his underpants were off. Naked he jumped on the bed and thrust his head between her legs. It was time to take her mind off it again.

Pat tried to pull his head from between her legs but he had his hands behind her buns and she was locked in position. When he felt her stop fighting him he relaxed his hold, once more she was his. Again ecstasy replaced reason and Pat realised only when she felt the weight of his body on hers that he was about to enter her. "Please, at least put a condom on!"

"Condoms are for faggots! They ruin the sensation and I hate them." he said aligning the head of his cock between her virgin pussy lips.

"But you might get me pregnant!" Her mind and body were fighting each other. Her had an almost overwhelming desire to give in to him. God she had been wildly over optimistic about her control.

"You should have though about that earlier and put yourself on the pill. Little girls should be careful playing around grown men". Joe wasn't worried, she wouldn't be the first stupid cow he had knocked up. She would see reason in the morning and get some pills. Anyway it was far too late nothing this bitch could say was going to stop him now, she was as good as fucked already. With that he thrust forwards driving his hard cock through her thin hymen and taking her virginity.

The pain was mercifully brief. Thank goodness he was not overly big in that department and, what with the foreplay making her wet he slid in with ease. The mind gave up and the body took complete control. Somewhere in a haze of pleasure she felt her hips thrust back matching him stroke for stroke. She heard him say, "There you go. You are loving every second of it." Then she came.

Joe liked the sensation of a woman coming whilst he was inside her. So over the years he had become very good at it. He could hold his orgasm off for ages. As it was this kid's first time, he would give her a few extra before he dumped his load in her. This would give her a taste for it.

Pat was drenched in sweat. His and hers mixed. The cock that moved within her kept changing it stroke and angle. It was driving her wild. She knew she was about to have another orgasm, she had long lost count, she was almost coming when the stroke changed again.

Now it was long, hard, penetrating strokes. There was some desperation in them and just as she came she felt the cock jump and knew he was coming deep inside her. Her treacherous body kept her hips moving, milking the life making seed from him until she realised that he was wilting. Then and only then did she slowly stop.

Time passed. Ragged gasping for breath was the only sounds. Slowly he rolled off her and moved down to look at his handiwork. Spent cum tinged pink with blood matted her pubes. The once thin slit of her pussy was now a gaping wide cunt. It moved slightly in time with her breathing. He loved the sight of it. "Shit you are one fine fuck", he said.

"You are a bastard. I'm in the fertile part of my cycle!", there was a coldness in her voice that hadn't been there before. He didn't particularly like it, but there was nothing that the young bitch could do to him.

He sneered and said, "I may be a bastard but it looks like you'll be carrying mine!"

She swore and made a lunge for him, he caught her hands and laughed at her. "Why not be a good little girl and nip round to the doctor for the morning after pill?"

She lay back and sighed. "It is not possible for me intentionally to kill another sentient being", she said in a quiet voice.

The phrasing was odd and it confused him slightly. Trying to joke his way out of it he quipped, "So I'm in no danger then?"

"No, your `life' is in no danger." she replied in a flat voice.

Joe totally failed to notice the slight emphasis placed on the word "life" that changed the statement from a reprieve to a conditional clause.

"Do you intend to marry me?" again her voice was unemotional.

Joe just roared with laughter. "Look darling, as far as I'm concerned girls are good for exactly one thing, fucking. Don't bother me with marriage, romance setting up home or bringing up kids. I'm just in this game for the sex. Lets face it you enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, where is the harm?"

She sat silently for a while looking at him. Finally she said, "I think it is time that you left. I'm not sure that I can control my temper much longer."

"Leave? But we have just started. I have only broken you in, given you a taste for it. I'm good for a few more fucks tonight and let's face it, the damage is already done, we can't make it any worse. So we might as well enjoy ourselves." His arrogance was total. He reached out to touch her thigh, it was time to take over again and stop her thinking. It was far too soon for the fourth and final F. Later, with the gift of hindsight he would realise that this was the biggest error of judgement of his entire life.

The force with which she slapped his had away surprised him. He stood up. Taking his cock in his hand he said to her, "Oh come on baby, you know this is what you really want. Just give me a chance and you can be sure of a few trips to heaven before the sun rises."

He towered over her swing his dick in her face, completely confident that he would get his way. He glanced at her face and suddenly the look on her face cut through his conceit. She was furious, blazing mad, dangerous. He was just about thinking of making a hurried exit when she spoke.

"It is time that you were punished!" the voice was not that of a 15 year-old girl. It was one of command and authority. Her eyes began to look strange. With no other warning a thin bolt of lightning flashed >from her brow hitting his brow. There was no pain, just a blinding flash. In the darkness that followed, the scene was left in the form of a photographic negative burnt into his overloaded visual cortex.

- - - -

The image faded quite slowly. Rational thought was no longer possible. Some unknown amount of time passed. He tried to make out what he was looking at. It resolved itself into a view of the ceiling. "I must have been thrown onto my back", was the thought that passed through Joe's mind.

"What the fuck was that?" Joe tried to say. But only gibberish came out and resulted in an almost bitten tongue. Trying to get up proved to be impossible due to a total lack of co-ordination.

A slurred male voice said "don' try t' move - takes time - lie still."

Where the fuck had the drunk come from? However the advice seemed to be good. Joe lay there trying to put together the pieces. Some more time passed and the voice spoke again, this time more clearly, "I hate it too. But as I have done it many times before I can recover faster." With that the man pulled himself slowly up onto the bed, With growing alarm Joe took in the dirty blond hair, the compact muscular body and the face normally seen in a mirror when shaving.

With a massive mental effort Joe managed to look down towards the foot of the bed. Two breast on the chest caught Joe's attention and all that was between the legs was a tuft of pubic hair. The shock to Joe's system was too much. Joe looked at the ceiling and screamed.

By now the man was sitting on the bed. His recovery was nearly complete. He spoke again. "Yup Joe you now inhabit the body that I was using. Five years I spent turning it from a drooling idiot of a congenitally damaged child into a normal health human being. With luck it would have lasted me about 80 to 100 years. However you decided that your pleasure was more important. You ruined it, so now you can keep it."

Joe did not believe what she was hearing. But her hands moved over her body and confirmed it. The body was totally different but she was most definitely inside it. "Get me out of here!" it came out as a scream.

Pat smiled down at her. "One day maybe. When you have learned your lesson. I don't really like changing bodies and I am definitely not doing it twice in one night. Maybe some time after you have had the baby and brought it up. I might relent."

The second shock hit. Not only was Joe trapped in the wrong body. Joe was not in here alone. Up till now pregnancy was something women moaned about, now it was for real. Panic began to build.

"This is all a bad dream, I'll wake up in a minute" Joe didn't really believe this but it was a straw to clutch on.

"No this is far worse that any nightmare you mind could think up, it is for real", Pat whipped even that straw from her reach.

Joe uncontrollably began to sob.

Pat took her in his strong arms and held her tightly. Joe would normally have rejected this but for some peculiar reason she took comfort from the embrace. "The full details beginning to sink in Joe? Yes being a woman involves more that sitting down to pee and having monthlies. However thanks to your own efforts the latter will not be a your problem for a while."

"I'll have an abortion!" she said.

Pat sadly shook his head. "You can't. You have had the change. It is no longer possible for you to take the life of another. If you don't believe me, try thinking about it."

Joe thought about it and to her dismay the found the idea totally repugnant. She looked at Pat and asked "Who the hell are you?"

Pat sighed and lay back against the pillow sill holding the embrace "It's a long story. We, there are 23 of us, belong to another race. We developed the ability to move from host to host a very long time ago. On our home planet we breed a non sentient race and use them as hosts. We can influence the host's body, improving its defences and slowing the ageing process. We are the ultimate parasite.

"The body you now have will never know sickness and will last you much longer than you old one would have lasted. Did you know that you had a heart condition that would have taken you out in a few years time?"

Joe gasped.

Pat continued, "Yup. Your doctors call it hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the thickening of the left hand side of your heart. The joke is, you would have been doing something very energetic when it happened. So you would most likely have died on the job." Pat grinned as Joe shivered in his arms.

"However I am fixing that. But I digress. Several hundred of years ago we were en route between our home planet and one of our colonies. Our hyper drive blew. As we routinely sterilise our hosts by the time we found the Earth only 23 of us were left within living hosts. The rest were gone.

"Since then we have used humans as hosts. We hate having to use a sentient race so we only use the bodies of mental cripples who would have no real life of their own. But that is a just a sop to our conscience.

"So now I am you and you are me. Pity really I was looking forwards to being a woman again." Pat looked wistful.

Joe looked incredulous. "You WANT to be a woman?" She asked.

Pat grinned. "I took the liberty of retaining your memories, I can see where you are coming from. But you are wrong, being a woman can be a much more interesting life. I removed my memories from that body. They would have driven you insane. However I did leave all the female instincts so you will know how to use it, and as I said it can be much more fun living as a woman. Whatever you need to do, your body will know how to do it. You are not a man pretending to be a woman, you are in a woman's body and you now have all the needs and desires of a woman.

"Like what?" asked Joe.

"Well first there is the sex....." said Pat through an ever widening grin.

"Sex? No way. No one is fucking me! I ain't no faggot" Joe was quite emphatic.

"I agree you are not a faggot, but you are a girl and girls get fucked, I'm a boy, I do the fucking. If you remember you are no longer able to fuck anyone." To emphasise his point Pat ran a hand across her groin and briefly slipped a finger in.

Joe gulped as a wave of extraordinary sensations shot through her being.

"Anyway don't knock it till you've tried it. My last act in that body was to turn the hormone production up. Whilst you will not exactly be a nymphomaniac you will never refuse sex because you have a `headache'. Fortunately, as you said earlier, I've a few good fucks left in me tonight." and with that he reached for her.

"Get your bloody hands off me or I'll..." the words came through Joe's clenched teeth.

"Or you'll what? Leap out of bed, put on your clothes and stomp off to your hotel? Kick me out into the street? Maybe beat me to a bloody pulp for making a pass at you?" asked Pat in a rather amused manner.

This stopped Joe dead in her tracks. For the first time ever she was in bed with someone who was bigger, stronger and heavier that she was. What was even more peculiar was this should have been frightening her to death but for some reason it was just exciting her in a way that had never happened before. Always Joe had been the cold calm decision maker. Joe set the pace and took what Joe wanted now it was different. If Pat wanted he could easily rape her. Joe shivered.

Pat seemed to read her thoughts. "Oh come now my dear, you never had to resort to violence in your life. You always relied on seduction. Now you will have all the fun of being seduced, as you know, in a short time you'll be begging for it."

"Please don't. "Joe said and began sobbing again. "Please change me back."

"It would be a death sentence for you if I did. I said that I can heal this body but it is a very slow process and it will take at least a year to complete. Maybe then I'll consider it." said Pat.

"But if I am pregnant I'll have to have a baby!" wailed Joe the tears flowing uncontrollably.

"Ah yes getting you pregnant." Said Pat with a little steel in his voice. "You knew damn well that I was in my fertile part of my cycle when you fucked me. You could smell it. It turned you on. You knew I would be hornier than normal and more of a push over."

To Joe's horror, and excitement, she felt the flaccid cock that was touching her belly begin to grow. Pat was becoming aroused and Joe had a premonition that the cock in question was soon going to be inside her.

"So as your punishment I am going to make damn sure that you are pregnant. So you will know what you put those other women through."

Joe made a desperate attempt to flee but Pat effortlessly held her fast. His free hand began exploring her breasts and nipples. Joe was not in anyway prepared for the effect. It felt fantastic she heard a moan and realised that she was doing it. Pat released his physical hold on her and kept her bound to the bed with bliss.

The pleasure heightened several degrees as his mouth enclosed her nipple and his hand began dealing with the other. Joe had stopped resisting and started assisting when it began to happen. Deep down within her it started building she now knew why girls got wet when men played with their tits. Pat remorselessly led her on. It grew impossibly intense then broke. With a scream that rattled the windows Joe came and came and came...

Pat stopped and looked down at her as she shuddered as the last of her orgasm passed. "So, no one is going to fuck you? Just give me a few minutes playing with your pussy and you will be begging for it."

Pat slid down her body while Joe protested, but did little to impede his progress. Now she was about to discover why girls loved oral sex.

She knew that a clit, small as it is, has all the sensory nerves of a male member. However when the theory was translated into practice the effect was dramatic. One lick and she willingly parted her legs to give him more room. This time she could feel the orgasm building. Her old male instincts tried to stop it so it would last longer. For some reason that no longer worked and it hit her with the force of a speeding locomotive.

Pat swung round into an 69 position and attacked her pussy an clit with his tongue and lips. Joe, for the first time, had a close look at an erect male member. It was inches in front of her face. A hand was behind her head and it forced her face against the cock and rubbed it all over the cock covering her with the mess of the last fuck and a good load of pre-cum for the upcoming orgasm.

Joe suddenly wondered what it felt like to suck a man's cock. The thought horrified her but it fascinated her too. No one would ever know... Slowly her new body took over from her mind. Obedient to its demands her tongue came out and began to tentatively lick it. She felt Pat's moan in her pussy and it encouraged her.

Gradually she worked up enough courage to lick the pre-cum from the slit. She was rewarded by Pat's lips nibbling on clit. She kissed the head and was rewarded again. Before she realised the head was in her mouth. From long experience she knew exactly what to do with her tongue. The more she worked Pat's cock over with her tongue and lips the more intense Pat made her pleasure.

She knew that her third orgasm as a woman was beginning and this time she carefully paid attention and enjoyed every second off it. As she was just getting over the hump of it the cock in her mouth jumped as if it had a life of its own and her mouth was full of cum.

Joe lost count of the number of times it pumped, but she had quite a mouthful. She neither liked nor disliked the taste. But the feeling of raw power when it had exploded in her mouth was quite addictive. That with the strange sense of victory as it began to go limp in her mouth made it all worth while. So it was with some reluctance that she allowed Pat to withdraw it. Then she very deliberately swallowed his load, she knew that men set great store by that act of humility and this somehow turned her on.

"My my, you are a fast learner, aren't you?" said Pat, turning around so they faced each other.

"You are right. This body does know what to do. I have needs and desires that I could never even have comprehended before now. And this ability to have orgasms over and over it's...." here Joe ran out of words.

Pat allowed her no respite. Two fingers entered her and began to investigate her innards. She made some animal noises and her hips began to buck.

"That's right my little filly, fuck yourself on my fingers. Let me see you come for me?" Pat was crooning it in a silky voice. Joe recognised the words and the tone. The bastard was using her for his own amusement. She knew it full well and could do nothing about it.

Not that it really mattered as orgasm number four was heading in her direction and she didn't give a damn about anything else in the world.

Unlike the others this one was a deep one. Pat had began to assist her by thrusting his fingers in further and as it hit he spread them apart holding her pussy wide as she came.

When she could talk she muttered, "Fuck me."

Pat grinned and pretended not to hear. "What did you say dear?" his fingers still moved within her.

"I said fuck me, I have got to know what it feels like with a cock in there." there was desperation in her voice. "Are you ever going to fuck me?" her voice was ragged.

"Ask me nicely and all this is yours", He placed her hand on his cock.

Joe had held that cock often, but now it felt different. It was alive, she could feel the pulse of his heart beat. She wanted it in her.

"PLEASE fuck me!" she knew she was begging.

"Hmmm. If I do, will you marry me?"

This took her completely by surprise. She looked at him in amazement.

"Well I want our child to have a stable home life." Pat's smile was genuine.

Dumbly Joe nodded and by way of confirmation pulled his cock in the direction of her pussy.

The sensation of being entered was breathtaking. Pat took it very gently and Joe felt herself being opened up as that rigid pole of his sank deeper and deeper. Back in her old body her impression of the size of the male member was, "it could be a bit bigger", now as it impaled her it seemed, if anything too, large. The feeling when he finally drove the last bit into her and the wide base of it stretched he nether lips to their limit was indescribable.

Pat rested fully penetrating her and allowed her to get used to his presence inside her. Playfully he twitched it a few times and watched her face as she moaned. When he felt she was ready he gripped her firmly and rolled over. "Sit up and ride me like a horse, If you are that desperate to be fucked, you can do some of the work."

Joe wasted no time in complying with the request. Bouncing up and down on that dick was all she wanted to do. As each orgasm struck Pat would hold her and take over the fucking motion until she had recovered enough to continue.

When his time came he rolled her over onto her back. Instinctively she wrapped her legs round him and enjoyed the feeling of a man pumping his seed into her even though she knew what the consequence would be.

The rest of the night only lived in her mind as a tangle of multiple orgasms.

The next morning Pat contacted one of his fellow aliens. Documents were forged and a short time later there was a wedding. Nine months later Joe went through an experience she never thought she would have to suffer, childbirth.

Pat was there throughout and got roundly cursed for doing this to her. Tactfully he did not point out that she was most likely to blame.

Once it was over her body took over her emotions and she discovered something normally denied to a man, the real joy of motherhood. She adored her son.

The years passed, and as both Pat and Joe enjoyed children they tended to mark each passing year with a new addition to their family. One evening when all five children were in bed Joe sat on Pat's lap and began to seduce him. When she had him aroused she unzipped his jeans and got his cock out. Down on her knees humbly between her man's thighs she began you suck his cock.

"If you keep that up you know that you are going to get fucked, don't you?" he said half seriously.

"Until I walk funny" Joe answered. briefly taking his prick from her mouth.

"If I am any judge, you are in season, not on the pill, we haven't a condom in the house, and I have never been known to pull out at the last moment. So if you keep working on my cock you will be back to wearing tents and boiler suits to cover a fat belly again." Pat's warning was in mocking tones, she had already passed the point of no return.

Later in the bedroom as the foreplay drew to a close and Joe was about to kill Pat if he didn't mount her soon, he relented and said, "Ok you are like a bitch on heat, so onto the floor with you, up on your hands and knees and get fucked like one."

Over the years this had become one of the more exciting positions for Joe. She could look down between her tits and see Pat's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Pat's hands could play with her clit as he fucked her and when he finally came she knew he would be holding her hips and banging home as hard as he could.

After it was all over and they were lying on the bed, Joe wily working out how long it would take Pat to recover and they could start again, there was a silence that went on a little too long.

"What are you thinking about?", she asked, just to get the conversation going.

The silence resumed then Pat said, "You have changed a lot since that first fuck we had. I reckon that truly you have learned your lesson. So as I promised I will swap you back into your old body."

Pat looked at Joe's face and added, "If that is what you want of course."

Joe thought of the life of hanging round bars, picking up chicks, putting in all the effort of seducing them, making them give up the control of their bodies, then getting shot of them afterwards.

Then she compared it with her present life. Pat driving her into euphoria every time they had sex. Giving in to his seduction. Multiple orgasms. Having kids.

"No way" Joe said. "I've learned my lesson too well!"

Pat grinned. "Ok but the next time we have to change I get to be the girl"

Joe looked at him strangely, "The next time?"

"Sure. Remember I can move you from body to body. When that one is worn out well find you a young idiot who is hung like a donkey and me one with body that will drive you wild."

And that is exactly what happened.

The Seeds Of Change copyright 1997 by Jamie.

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