The Transformation Story Archive With Fur and Claws...

Horse Whispers

by Cody Pony

"There, that'll be a damn site better!" I said, admiring the careful tight braid in my tail. "No more wind blown tangles." I hate currying out rats in my mane and tail, I thought. "I wonder if I could do this behind my neck too."

And then the absurdity of what I had just said hit home. My face registered shock, and then broke into a grin (at least as much of one as I can manage with a muzzle), and I laughed right out loud! Of course, this laugh had a distinctly neighing quality, but hey, what else would you expect from an Equus humanis. That's the pseudo Latin name that I like to use for myself these days. I noticed that my dick oozed a little more precum, a couple tablespoons, in time with the pulse of my laughter. You know, if having a more than two foot cock wasn't such fun, it would be a bitch of a bother. Every time I think about what I have become I get turned on. Why, just braiding my tail was enough to make my cock rise and slither some of its smooth brown length up out of my furry sheath. Quite a change from my initial reaction, and certainly worlds away from my original structure and intentions.


At one time, I was an overly dedicated athlete, deeply engaged in the sport of cross-country racing, and running in general. As a teen I had been very much into competition, but it is very difficult to parlay a swift body into the kind of lifestyle that I planned on having. I went into the family business of breeding Quarter Horses with my father, and achieved the financial success necessary for me to pursue my personal goals. In my adult years, the competition became me, striving against my previous personal best.

Then, as often happens, after years of constant training I reached a plateau that seemed to be the peek of my abilities. Regardless of how hard I practiced, or how much time I spent working out, my personal performance refused to improve. Now, everyone reaches plateaus. Most men either give up, or accept their status as the representation of their personal best. But being an impatient and stubborn guy, I refused to accept either alternative. So when I heard that Dr. Malcolm DeBiron at the Alsense Institute had successfully mapped the DNA sequences of Tracker, the famous champion endurance racing stallion, and had engineered a retro phage virus for in vivo DNA splicing, I contacted the center to discuss the possibility of applying the knowledge to practical matters. Using the pretense of discussing the application of his knowledge to my business, I was able to secure an interview. But in truth, my quarter horse business was the farthest thing from my mind.

"Doctor DeBiron, I am grateful that you are available to discuss this with me. I am investigating the possibilities of improving the stamina of my prized stallion, Traveler, with an eye toward an overall improvement in the entire stable. Traveler is a remarkable animal and we all could use some help in the limits of our natural physical abilities."

"You are most welcome Mr. Omen. Yes, your letter stated that you were very interested in enhancing your horse's endurance and performance I believe. Horses have quite a marvelous adaptation that has made them the successful 'flight not fight' creatures they are, Mr. Omen" the doctor said looking at me curiously.

"Please, you can call me Cody" I smiled, trying to become as friendly as possible. He did not respond.

"Are you aware that they have disproportionately large spleens, which are used to store excess red blood cells?" he lectured. "In times of stress, hormonal changes cause their spleens to release those stored blood cells into the bloodstream. The excess cells allow the blood to carry several times its normal level of oxygen to the tissues of the body, supplying a seemingly endless source of energy to their magnificently evolved structures. Effectively, horses have evolved a natural form of blood doping- a practice which is disallowed but not unknown in human sports competition, an ethically questionable practice as I understand it."

"In other words, they cheat" I grinned. He smiled slightly. The doctor seemed to be somewhat introverted. The only emotion that I detected in his voice appeared when he was discoursing on the marvels of horses! He's a horse lover I noted. Probably a weekend cowboy, and western legend in his own mind. I chuckled silently to myself.

"Doctor, from your research on Tracker, do you see any way that this technique could be transferred or enhanced? For some time now I have been working to overcome that natural high level best that all animals have. Once you reach it, it is really hard, nearly impossible it seems, to push through that barrier. You can train and workout and struggle endlessly," I said vehemently, beating my left palm with my right fist, "but the ratio of reward to work just stays too low. It can be so agonizing. You want something so bad that you devote your every waking minute to making it happen, and the results are often disappointing, until frustration becomes a chronic condition!" The emotion in my voice had risen without me noticing as I was talking.

The doctor eyes drilled into mine as he asked with quiet intensity. "Mr. Omen, are we talking about your stallion Traveler...or you?"

I squirmed uncomfortably, mentally kicking myself. Five minutes together, and already I had screwed everything up. Fuck the proverbial duck!

"You know, I will not be able to help you, unless I know what it is that you really want" he said as he continued to probe at my mind with his intuition. He sat back and placed the knuckles of his left hand on his upper lip, and looked at me intently from under his lowered brow. "Unfortunately, the same condition in humans causes other health problems. So you must understand Mr. Omen, simply enlarging the spleen is not enough. I'm afraid that there is... more to it than merely that. There are hormones to consider. A horse has specific hormones that control this process. Increased oxygen carrying capacity can be triggered by an adrenal response, and at other times it is simply a response to the necessities of sexuality. In all cases it begins in the sympathetic nervous system or the more vernacular 'flight or fight' reactions of the equine pituitary - adrenal axis physiology. I am certain that Traveler could benefit from my research findings, but" he drew the word out to a short silence. "I was not anticipating that anyone else might think that my knowledge had any interesting applications to humans in any practical sense. In either case, you must realize that we could not concentrate on simply enlarging spleen capacity. We would have to address the other variables as well. Mr. Omen, you are 36 years old am I correct?"

I don't think the shock I felt showed on my face. It felt slack and blank as my mind spun, using up all available energy. Had he just intimated that there was a possibility of human use? I twitched a bit as I realized how long he had been waiting for an answer to his question.

"Yes, I'm thirty-six Doctor" I stammered as my mind lurched into forward motion. He considered this for a long time, finally coming to some decision.

"Normally I would not even advance such a suggestion," he was trying to sound very casual, but it was difficult for him. "But Mr. Omen, I can see that you are in excellent physical condition. Your records show that you are at a peak for your age."

"Records doctor?"

"Yes. Well. When you called I had a profile done on you Mr. Omen. My work on the HGP has put me in contact with some very powerful and comprehensive government databases. Your performance history is well documented publicly, and privately," he added matter of factly

"HGP?" I was beginning to sound (and feel) very ignorant.

"The Human Genome Project. Essentially it is the parent project of the one that brought you here. We have been mapping the entire human DNA structure now for several years. The homology between Equus caballus and Homo sapiens DNA is actually quite high as it is for all creatures in the family mammalia. The research is not complete, but we have learned more about the human animal than we knew in all of previously recorded history. Given all the indications, it was not a very long leap to arrive at the conclusion that you, Mr. Omen, might be just the man I have wanted to meet. Might you be interested in participating in a small private experiment?"

"I'm listening Doctor." I barely whispered.

"Well, I have been developing an advanced form of in vivo genetic manipulation, which I call Genengineering. My experiments have shown that it holds great promise to cure many maladies that plague mankind. Suffice it to say that I am at the stage where I am ready for human trials on a very limited and highly selective basis, to further the .um.. theoretical possibilities, so to speak. And I am looking for a healthy, co-operative, and highly motivated volunteer to assist me in my research." He said this too casually, I realized later.

"Doctor, I'm hardly qualified in medical stuff to." I began.

"Not necessary at all dear boy." He interrupted. "Your role in the research will be as.. um.. trained observer" he chose the words carefully. "Your experience and close association with horses and their behavior makes you very well qualified indeed. This role will be an interactive one. In fact your role will be crucial to the entire project. I will even go so far as to say that" he paused and looked at the palm and then the back of his left hand somewhat absently "you will be the very heart, or shall we say spleen, of the work". He smiled brightly at the humor he found in this bad pun. When I said nothing he continued with a sighing, "Of course if you are not interested, then I am afraid I will have to excuse myself."

"What would this healthy volunteer be expected to do?" it was my turn to interrupt.

His eyes sparkled as he ticked off the conditions on his fingers. "He would have to place himself in my complete care for some time. He must be willing to accept the confinement necessary to clinically study the results. He would need to recognize that there are inherent dangers in what he would be participating in, and absolve the Institute of all fault except the most severe negligence. He would have to be willing to allow me to make all the decisions necessary for his safety and the projects success. And, that since this therapy is not yet an exact science, he might need to be prepared for.. unexpected results and, perhaps even disappointing ones."

I bravely stared at my boots, the floor, my pants, anywhere but at him. Could it be possible that he was saying what I prayed he was? Was he also a mind reader? "And what would be the reward for his cooperation?" I asked nearly breathless.

The doctor leaned forward and lowered his voice conspiratorially. "Ah, Mr. Omen, the reward. The reward might be more than any expectations we might ever conceive! It might be the beginning of a new age of mankind. It might be the first step towards the ending of all disease, dementia, and debilitations. It may raise the simple human condition from its squalid circumstance to immortal godliness. But tell me young man, would granting your fondest wish in life be reward enough to begin with?"


And so, without a worry for the future, and with the uncertain promise of achieving my all important personal goals, I turned the reins of the stud farm over to my foreman, and told him to be prepared to run it in my absence for some time. I met the doctor at a local restaurant and there he had the necessary papers for me to sign. It did not occur to me that the venue seemed out of context. All I had on my mind were my goals. After I signed the agreements, he gave me his card and said that I should report to the address he wrote on the back.

"I have assembled my team and they will be expecting you tomorrow" he emphasized. "Oh yes" he said reaching into his pocket. "Take 2 of these every two hours beginning now until you fall asleep tonight. They will help you relax, but they will also prepare your body, and begin phase one of the treatment. I will see you very soon Mr. Omen." He watched as I took the first two pills.

"Please Doctor, you can call me Cody," I said to his retreating back. He gave me a small smile and nod over his shoulder. I drove home and got into my black running skins and took off to do a little cross-country workout. I love skins. Their smooth tight luster is the next best thing to naked running. And it pleased the little exhibitionist in me that every muscle and fiber of my physique was clearly visible as they slid and pumped under my skins. And even though my cock and balls are not huge, they still make a very nice V basket as they get held firmly in place by the crotch piece. I had long ago learned that support of my tool paid off in many ways. Damage control certainly, but a well stuffed pouch is a fine trolling lure as well, and many a nice gay guy gave himself away by the appraising look he gave me.

I had only gone about 2 miles when I noticed that my ears were ringing. I stopped to take my pulse, but it was well within my recovery range. Blood pressure perhaps? Well the doctor hadn't told me what was in the pills, so maybe a short rest. I sat down beside Paint Creek and idly tossed pebbles into it. The gurgling murmurs of the flowing water almost sounded like someone whispering just out of earshot, and slightly beyond understanding. The ringing subsided. I guess the great peace of the grassy bank overtook me and I laid down to let the sun soak into my tired muscles. As I began to drift mentally toward sleep, an oddly disturbing thought surfaced briefly. He drugged you, stupid! Hmmm.. Another thought murrrred. I wonder.


"Well Doctor, that was certainly fast" I quietly said to Dr. DeBiron.

"Yes." The doctor nodded. "It must be a result of his high metabolism," he added as he checked the pulse of the slender body lying at our feet. "Jerrod, you position yourself at his head. In the unlikely event that he should awaken before I can get him completely sedated, it is your responsibility to catch and hold his attention immediately, diverting it from me completely. Be certain to speak to him calmly and softly. Remember that he will be very susceptible to suggestion, but he may be easily agitated."

I nodded as I lifted Cody's shoulders off the ground, and wondered what I had gotten myself into.


"Mr. Omen?" a voice echoed in my head. "Mr. Omen, can you hear me?" it said a little clearer.

"Um hmm." I hummed softly. It was dark, and smooth, and cozy here.

"Start the drip."

What? I thought slowly.

And then I was instantly awake. Someone switched on the light; turned up the volume; hit the accelerator; I jumped to light speed! Jumped, but not far. My limbs were paralyzed! Panic arose unwanted, and my heart started racing with fear! "I can't move!" I screamed!

A gentle hand brushed my hair and a soft voice cajoled "Easy big fella, your ok! Calm down now." Regardless, I started hyperventilating! I jerked a look at the face with the voice but it looked unfamiliar! Fear flamed to terror and my back arched upward. I needed to run, run fast, run far, and escape!

"Jerrod, lie across his thorax, but move slowly and quietly" a distantly familiar voice said firmly. My vision was blurring, and a tunnel started closing in from the edges! My breath came in panting "ah's". And then gentle pressure on my chest, slowly increasing and becoming heavier, until a full enclosing pulsing living warmth covered most of my body.

That gentle voice shivered in my right ear, "Easy, easy now, I'm here to protect you. You're perfectly safe. Calm down and reach out with your senses. Get your control back. Trust me. I'm right here.." it kept repeating in a litany. The voice and the touch, but especially the pressure, slowly got through my terror and a feeling of relief flooded over me. It took a few minutes but gradually I began to return to normal. Some part of my mind latched onto that voice and its quality of firm gentle command and all my self-control abdicated to it. As long as it sounded, I felt that I was safe.

In gratitude I reached out to hug the voice, and couldn't. I glanced at my arms and realized with a flood of cool relief that they were not paralyzed, but rather each was laced into a tan leather gauntlet, and they were strapped to the frame of the table/bed I was laying on. My contentment at this realization was apparent when I finally relaxed, sighed deeply, and closed my eyes. Slowly, gradually, the pressure lifted from my chest. When I opened my eyes, it was Dr. DeBiron who filled my visual field.

"Mr. Omen, I apologize for how all this has happened. But I assure you that it was all necessary, and more importantly, expected" he said slowly.

"Why did you drug me?" I asked petulantly. "Did you think I'd back out?"

"No, Mr. Omen, I understand your psyche better than that. The soporific was necessary to get you over the initial shock of phase one of the treatment. I theorized that the human body might take the changes unkindly, and I wanted to have complete and absolute control for a while, for your safety. At least until the therapy had begun well. But I gave it to you secretly to get you into this laboratory. It is important to the owners of this facility that its existence and location are, and remain, a secret" he explained.

I had been examining with my eyes all the connections that my body sported; the I.V. in my right arm, the nasogastric tube taped to my cheek, the unfamiliar feel of what was undoubtedly a catheter running up my penis. "You mean you've started already?" I looked at him in surprise, all the other obvious questions driven back.

"Indeed. Indeed we have" he stated with a slight nod and smile. "In fact, not only have we started, but you have made great progress in your treatments."

"I didn't think it would be so fast," I said truthfully.

"Time passes swiftly to the mind that is drifting free," he said, looking at my chart. "But I am very pleased with the progress you have made during the time you have been held unconscious."

When the thought sank in that I had been unconscious I started to smile. "Progress." I elbowed my body up a bit. "You said progress. What progress?" I was feeling excited.

"They are mostly internal adjustments, Mr. Omen. Mostly internal. In fact, it is because the next phase of treatment is about to begin that I have withdrawn your sedation. But I also wanted to see how your reaction to returning to consciousness would manifest itself."

Reaction to. Suddenly I remembered my fearful return. "What the hell happened?" I asked emphatically. "Is something wrong?"

"No. In fact quite the contrary. You do remember that I told you that a horse's blood dynamics are controlled by hormonal factors do you not? Well as I implied, during the process of phase one we have had to do a few alterations to your physiology that go beyond the splenomegaly. Your adrenal and pituitary glands and their products also had to be reorganized to establish this natural blood doping you are seeking. And your testosterone has had to be somewhat adapted as well. These modifications were done using the DNA of Tracker himself and there were bound to be some surprises awaiting us. What you felt, Mr. Omen, is undoubtedly what a horse feels when its fear gets out of control, and flight is its natural response. You should be very encouraged." I looked away in memory replay. Flight. yes. run, run fast, run far, and escape! And then that voice. I looked back suddenly.

"There was someone else here." I remembered. The doctor looked up over the head of the bed. Lying back down, I tipped my head back and looked in that direction. A tall tan muscular dark brown-haired man with a moustache and dressed in orderly greens smiled upside down at me.

"Mr. Omen, this is Jerrod. He will be your, um, personal trainer," the doctor said.

"Hi, Mr. Omen," that voice smoothed my nerves, but it raised the hair on my neck again.

"Please, you--you can call me Cody," I said quietly.

"Ok, Cody" he smiled back. At the mention of my name, an electric thrill raced from my scalp down my spine, and straight to my butt. If I had one, I'd have been wagging my tail! Distantly I wondered why my heart was pounding, why my skin was electrified, but all I could manage to do was stare at him with my mouth slightly open.

"Thanks," I breathed. "For everything."

"Don't mention it, Cody," he replied, and the shock of a chill bolted down my back again.

"Mr. Omen, I think you need some rest. You have been unconscious for a long time, but I think you will discover that you are very tired just the same. Jerrod and I will not be far away. Simply call if you need anything," the doctor intruded.

In fact, a great lethargy was overcoming me. As I closed my eyes, Jerrod brushed my hair back out of my face again. "That's good. Good boy," he said softly. I almost purred.


"Doctor, it looks like you were right to think Cody might go through a kind of imprinting," I said, continuing to brush Cody's beautiful pale forelock back from his face.

"Yes, he did imprint it appears. But I am surprised at the strength of his flight reactions," the doctor nodded, and then he smiled slightly, but his eyes betrayed a deeper excitement. "This is marvelous, Jerrod," he said quietly, almost reverently, while bending to observe Cody's mane. "This is medical science in its purest form."

I smiled at the man lying peacefully on the table. "I'm afraid that I'm feeling a bit imprinted myself" I added softly. "I love the way his hair feels," I said as I petted him absent-mindedly.

"Another unexpected side effect. As is its growing pattern," Doctor DeBiron added. "Genetically, it's somewhere between hair and fur. I believe it has stopped evolving and its texture and colour will stabilize much as you see it now." That's fine with me, I thought. "As to its growing pattern, time will tell. How far down his back has it proceeded?" he asked.

"While he was trying to sit up I could see a one inch strip of light fuzz going down to just below his shoulder blades. It looks kinda like a punk mohawk!" I chuckled.

He looked up at me quizzically. "I sincerely hope he finds the change as entertaining as you do. His blood tests show that the changes in his glands are only about 50% complete. We are about to pass a threshold, and enter a period of profound adjustments. I want to set up a rotating watch schedule such that one of us will be either here or at least at the monitor station 24 hours a day. It is possible that stress factors may cause another episode like that last one at any moment. We have no idea how the hormonal changes will effect his emotions and thought processes. Be sure to wear your pager at all times. I may need your magic touch again."

"When will you tell him about the extent of the adjustments you had to make in your original plans?" I asked pointedly. Doctor or not, I didn't think it was right that this new creature we were creating should be kept in the dark forever.

He looked sidelong at me. "Rest assured that I want to see my project succeed even more than you do, but for different reasons I suspect." he almost-but-not-quite bristled at me. He looked back at Cody appraisingly. "His emotional reactions to all this are at least as important to success as his physical reactions are. Obviously it will have to be very soon," he added as he lifted Cody's hospital gown and examined his penis and testicles. "This is not the kind of change that a man will not notice, nor ignore" he said, pursing his lips. "Be sure that his restraints are secure to the table. No chances, or rather, no foolish chances, must be taken now."


I yawned expansively, and came awake. Was it dawn? The light from the window nearby had a gray quality that I associate with the time just before the sun rises. Yuck. What a time to wake up. I've never been a morning person, preferring to get up at the crack of noon if I can manage it. What woke me up anyway? And then I realized it was the uncomfortable urge to shit.

"Uhhhh... Hello? Anybody there?" I called out since I was still bound to the bed. Immediately the door swung and in walked (oh gawd, what's his name?...) Jerrod!

"Hi buddy!" he called brightly! "What can I do ya for?" he grinned.

"How about a dollar two eighty," I quipped. "Actually, I need some help getting out of these things. I've got to take a shit real bad."

"Well you've called the right dis-orderly! I'll get the pan." he said in that wonderful voice of his.

Pan!- "Pan? NoNoNoNo, just let me up and I'll take care of everything," I hurriedly answered.

"Sorry fella, no can do. Docs' orders. You are officially bed ridden and your wish is my command" he said with a smile. "Now don't tell me you're going to waste a wish? HAHAHA! Get it? Pan? Waste? Wish?"

"But, but, but," I stuttered.

"Exactly!" he laughed.

Oh Man! This sucks! "Why bed ridden?" I asked incredulously. "I've never felt better in my life!"

"Well, Doc's a little closed mouth about some things, but I think the general idea is that he is worried about convulsions and such. At least until he gets to do a complete exam on you. By the way, your appointment is for 9 am today. If you can't make it please call admissions, or we will be forced to charge you a missed visit fee," he continued in a frivolous way. "Well, here's your rescuer," he said brandishing a large silver bowl shaped object over his head. "Now, you know how this song goes." I waited for the icy cold touch of steel on my ass, but it never came. The pan must have been warmed.

"And now its No Pan Doo time!" he said when I was done. I groaned and rolled my eyes, but had to smile at his endless good humor. Did I mention his wonderful voice?

He returned with water, washcloth, and towel, and started to clean me up. Working between my legs and under that ugly gown I was wearing, I decided that being bed ridden might not be so bad if I could have this kind of attention all the time. The water was warm, the cloth was soft, and he hummed a little tune as he worked. I laid back and enjoyed it. Of course, when one has his private parts being ministered too by a fine looking guy (with a great voice, or did I mention that?) it is bound to lead to certain other body reactions. I started to get hard. At first I was blushing, but I thought, hey, in his business I'm sure he has seen everything already, so I just enjoyed the swelling feelings. I could feel my dick getting longer and stiffer as it stretched up my abdomen towards the sky. After a minute or so of stretching, it occurred to me that something was different. Usually a guy reaches his maximum erection quickly and then his dick just stands there proudly and pulses with his heartbeat. But it felt like it was still getting bigger. I lifted my head and looked down my body towards Jerrod, and a cry choked in my throat. He was down there working intently, but between us there was a monster!

A snake of wide proportions was slithering up my chest under my gown. My mouth hung open and I tried not to scream, but my heart started to race, and my breathing became rapid gasps. The color went out of my vision, and everything appeared in stark black and white, making the snake look dangerous and deadly in the extreme! I screamed, "Let me go, let me up, get me outa here!" and I was struggling mightily against my restraints. "Hhhheeeellllppp!" My mind squeezed out a noise that didn't sound like one a human throat could make, but its meaning was universally clear. Jerrod looked up in shock, ran to the wall and slapped it with his hand. "Don't leave me Jerrod! Get it off me!" I shouted out in noises that didn't sound like any language I recognized. He came running back and took hold of my head. He forced my struggling shoulders and head back down onto the bed and brought his face close to mine, staring directly into my eyes.

"Easy, easy Cody, Take it easy," he said as calmly as he could. "I'm right here, I've got you, your safe.. Easy boy, easy fella." I struggled to see where the snake had gone, but he held my head tightly and wouldn't let me look. "There's nothing here to hurt you. I will protect you."

"The snake! There's a snake on my chest!" I shouted around my raged breathing.

"There's no snake Cody. That's not a snake. Reach out with your senses. Do you feel or smell anything you don't recognize? No? Then there can't be a snake there. Remember that. If you can't sense it, it's not really there." His logic was correct, part of my mind agreed, but another part was barely listening. "You've got to get hold of yourself," he said softly. "Trust me. Look at me. Listen to me. Trust me." I started to cry. And sort of collapsed. Color returned to my vision and I was exhausted. I lifted my head and nuzzled my face into the hollow of his neck. This added another impression of Jerrod to my mind- he smelled great! Masculine, bitter, and just a little musky, but it was a wonderful smell. I wrinkled my nose to focus on his smell.

"Hey, that tickles!" he chuckled.

My head fell back onto the bed as Doctor DeBiron rushed through the door in answer to the walls call button. He was carrying a syringe. His appraising gaze convinced him that the needle would not be needed, but he set it close at hand just in case.

"Jerrod, what happened?" he asked in a very concerned voice.

Jerrod looked up at him in frowning disapproval. "He had a flight response. He thought he saw a snake, and it spooked him badly."

"A snake?" the doctor said.

"An S-n-a-k-e." Jerrod spelled, nodding with his head and eyes to a space below his elbow. He never let go of my head. He started to pet my hair with one hand and just spoke soft words in my ear. And I finally felt safe in his control. The doctor looked down and realization dawned.

"Mr. Omen, it's Dr. DeBiron. Can you understand me?"

"Of course I can understand you. I'm right here!" I said in puzzled confusion.

"Very good. The time has come for us to talk. But I need to know that you are in control of yourself. I can give you something to help you remain calm if you like," he offered.

"No thanks, Doc," I said gratefully. Jerrod started to release my head.

"NO! No, don't go yet!" I shouted.

"I'm right here fella," he said, putting his hand in my hair and scratching my scalp just behind my right ear. Oh God, that felt good!

"Mr. Omen, there are a few things that you need to know about your current condition," the doctor began in a bedside manner. "First, I think it best to dispense with the snake problem."

My heart started pumping again.

Jerrod sensed the change and said, "Shhhhhh.. easy Cody. I'm right here.."

"What I'm going to show you is a true medical miracle--a breakthrough of momentous import, with far reaching implications," he sounded impressed with himself. "Jerrod, help him up enough to let me get this off of him. He's not going to need it anymore." Jerrod lifted my shoulders up and the doctor unfastened my gown. In a theatrical way he said, "Mr. Omen, meet the new and improved Cody." I shivered with little ripples of pleasure when he spoke my name.

He pulled the gown off my body and dropped it. "Now, Cody," and I shivered again. "Remember what we talked about when we started this process. I told you that you had to be prepared for the unexpected and perhaps even disappointing results."

I stared, I gaped, I gulped, I blinked, I smiled, I frowned.

"Well this is unexpected, but hardly a disappointment," he said proudly.

The landscape of my body had been reformed. Where my cock and balls had been, was something I recognized very well, but had never seen outside of my stud farm. Lying along my abdomen from just under my navel all the way down to my crotch was a furry cream colored pocket of soft pliable skin. A tube of skin if you will. The upper end of it was pulled closed and looked like a large hairy navel. About half way down its length there was a bulge- a prominent one. The tube was filled from there down. At the end of the tube there lay a pair of baseball sized globes, covered in a loose sac of cream furred skin. In all directions outward from there, the creamy fur gradually changed to a rich warm chocolate brown which receded around to my ass, but stopped at my thighs and pectorals. I gazed speechless at my new cock and balls. Mine, but not my own.

"Let me show you," the doctor began, but Jerrod interrupted.

"I'll take care of that.. If you will allow me Cody..." and I shuddered again. Ever so gently, Jerrod reached down between my legs and raised my ball bag up so I could get a closer look.

"We do not know if you have reproductive capabilities as yet," the doctor began, "but your testes are hormonally functional."

"They're beautiful," Jerrod said simply. I just closed my dry mouth and swallowed hard. As he held them, they started to move around in their sac. I could feel the waves of warm pleasure radiating out from where he touched me. Soon, movement on my abs caught my eye. The tube was beginning to fill. I could feel the head of my dick as it slid up the soft inside of my sheath, until it poked out of the pucker at the end. Slithering up my chest came the thing that I had thought was a snake. As I watched, about twelve inches of glistening brown cock shaft emerged, topped by a marvelous (at least for a stallion) knob of light pink dick head. Jerrod carefully laid down my scrotum and moved his hand up my sheath and onto my silky shiny brown shaft. His touch encouraged my dick to renewed effort, and another six inches appeared from my sheath. Now my dick head rested on my sternum just below my neck. Jerrod gripped my dick and lifted it away so I could see it better. I stared at it in fascination. It was like being hypnotized by a phallic love god.

Jerrod whispered "Wow!" next to my ear. "Nice job big fella." And that was it. My balls churned and pumped once. I could feel a swelling deep inside me, and my vision turned to black and white. They pumped twice and that sweet internal swelling grew. DeBiron turned to grab a bowl. They pumped a third time and then there was a huge squeezing pleasure rush and I came! Huge quantities of white thick ropy juice roared up my shaft and erupted into the air. I arched my back and produced a deep rumbling sound that closely resembled a whinny. At the same instant full color returned to the world and my senses seemed overloaded beyond simple pleasure. My dick pulsed and shot and pulsed and shot and pulsed again. Cum splashed everywhere. It hit the doctors' bowl so hard it just splashed back out, catching him squarely in the chest. Jerrod got it right in the face, and I simply got soaked.

The aftershocks and pulsing and churning continued for several minutes, and a constant gentle flow of spunk ran out the tip of my new dick. I was totally lost in the sensations, submerged in a world of scents, sounds, and sensations at once indelibly real, yet belonging to some other place and time. I reached up and nipped Jerrod on the shoulder lovingly in grateful thanksgiving.

"Yeow!" he cried out laughingly! "Watch that stuff buddy!"

And exhaustion took me back to the unseen world of my flying dreams.


"Impressive. Most impressive." DeBiron said simply.

"Is that all you can say about it? Impressive?" I shouted in excitement! "That was fuckin' fantastic! He seems to have adjusted completely to the changes. And this stuff" I scooped up a handful of Cody's cum, " potent. I can smell it!"

The doctor smiled benignly. "Well, do not get too excited. This man is one of a kind, and I suspect he will not breed true with horse or human. But that does not matter. My goal is not a crossbreed, but rather a new species entirely. Besides, considering the short time he has been conscious, hardly enough time to adjust I should think."

Cody's dick was squirming its way back into its warm and cozy home, and I watched in awe.

"Well, he is a dream come true for me," I said.

"Possibly for himself as well," the doctor added distractedly, bending down and looking closely at Cody's receding member, "and perhaps for many more besides. But I have some disturbing news." He stood up and looked me in the face. "The secondary physical changes we are witnessing are not subsiding as I predicted they would. They are progressing. He should not have this much fur. It should be localized around his genitalia, not wrapping his entire trunk."

"What's happening?" I asked, a chill turning my joy to ice. "I thought we were being very conservative in the dosages."

"Yes. We were very conservative. I am not certain what is happening, but I have a theory. I think we may be witnessing self-perpetuating cellular chimerism. I started processes that were perhaps too organocentric. Nature always takes a holistic approach to its creativity. We are seeing the creation of something I neither planned for, nor could predict."

"What can you do?" I looked with concern on this beautiful humanoid, with his blonde mane, sheath, and scrotum, his soft dark furred abdomen, and those expressive ears already migrating high up his head.

"Nothing at the moment," he sighed. "We will let things proceed naturally. Then if there is something we can do, we will."


In my dreams, I raced the wind himself across a glade that surely was made for me alone. Into the golden sunlight, in a small shallow valley near a great willow tree, with sunbeams spearing down brightly, I ran. Here the trees left this field to their slighter kin, while they crowded upon the ring of hilltops to gaze down fondly at the ancient minuet of bee and dragonfly, hummingbird and butterfly--jewel-bright, thought-swift, glittering amid the flashing lances of the risen sun. Colors unknown clustered there, on stalks and bushes, and in paler hues by the lee of each hill where they bedecked the flowering moss. Sweet herbs, and savory, carpeted the spaces between and lush, cool grasses.. not a stone or nettle to be seen, no holes or deadfalls to trip into. The dancers called and I could not refuse the summons.

I raced joyously encircling the glade, the wind whistling encouragement in my ears! "Faster, farther!" He seemed to say. My legs were possessed of the magic spell of speed! My muscles pumped, again and again, but I did not tire! Wings are not the only enablers of flight! The airborne jewels of the glade were caught up in my rapture and trailed behind me like a brilliant rainbow cometary tail, an extension of the blonde flowing hair that also trailed behind me. My hoofed feet springing lightly against the earth, I spread my arms and threw back my head just to feel the delicious fingers of the draught of my passage massaging the mane down my back!

I woke languorously from my dream and opened my eyes into the light of the dawn. I smiled wistfully at the clear memory of the vision, and worked to store it in a permanent place where I might always recall and enjoy it. I rolled onto my stomach and hugged the pillow to my chest happily cozy, and at peace. I closed my eyes and snuggled for a moment to drift back towards the glade's embrace before realizing that I was free! All right! I sat up on the edge of the bed and swung my legs over the side.

Looking down I realized that it was more like a form fitting examination table than a bed after all, and quite a drop to the floor. I edged closer, and the first surprise came when my balls dropped over the edge with a pronounced jerk! I sat for a moment, to gather my memories and separate them from the dream, while my testicles swung pendulous between my thighs. Oh yes, must watch that from now on, was the only thing that crossed my mind at the time. My eyes followed the unfamiliar line of my sheath up my abs, and I had to touch myself just to be sure it was real. Such a pretty fur I thought, and so soft.

Scooting further I stretched one leg towards the floor, but for some reason I was having a problem judging the distance. I finally just pushed over and landed on both feet. But something was wrong. My heels would not touch the floor! I stood there on the balls of my feet and no matter how I tried, it felt like my achilles tendons had been shortened. Bowing my knees I squatted to get a closer look.

My feet looked out of proportion. Longer somehow I thought. But aside from the odd feeling of standing on my toes, they seemed to work. I took a few steps and discovered that I had to walk a little differently to keep from dragging and stubbing my toes. Each step had to begin with a little lift in the knees, and then a step. The soles of my feet never touched the ground, and there was a feeling of having springs in each step. Somewhat absently I wondered what this would do to my wardrobe of expensive running shoes. And then I also wondered why it didn't bother me. Somewhere I felt that it should, but it just didn't.

The door swished open and Jerrod came in looking at a clipboard. I stood up too quickly and turned towards him and everything went haywire. The walls of the room swam strangely, and I lost my balance. I tried to adjust my footing and catch my weight on my heels, but I didn't have any, and down I went with a crash! I hit a little rolling table a glancing blow with my head, and sent a tray of instruments clattering loudly.

"Cody!" Jerrod yelled, "Are you ok?" My left ear hurt like hell, and I hit full force on my tailbone, but my pride felt worse. Runners are supposed to be sure footed. A trip can mean all the difference in a race. My face blushed hotly, and I looked up at his concerned face. I was a jumble of legs and arms, and was still too dizzy to do more than smile weakly and say something stupid.

"Ah feyull daown," I said in my best Forrest Gump. I expected him to laugh or at least smile, but what I got instead was a badly shocked look and an open mouth.

"Hey buddy, are you having trouble talking?" he said in a motherly way. I blew my breath between my lips and made a very satisfying burble sound.

"No. I was trying to make you laugh. I'm all right. Really. My ear and my butt hurt, but no harm done. I just feel so stupid," I confessed. Jerrod put his arm around my shoulder and got me on my feet. Automatically I bent down to brush off my clothes, and then looked up at him with a lame grin. I wasn't wearing any. "Oh man, and the day started so good too," I said shaking my head. Long hair fell in my eyes. I reached to brush it back but he beat me to it. Man, it felt good to have him run his fingers through my hair. "Thanks Lancelot," I said softly.

"You're bleeding," he said. "Sit on the chair and let's get something on that. What happened anyway?"

"Well, I got dizzy when I stood up and turned, and I just couldn't catch myself. Jerrod, my feet don't work right." He said nothing, but I swear he was silently apologetic. I could sense it somehow.

At that moment Dr. DeBiron breezed in the door, exuding a sense of satisfaction. He didn't keep it though when saw the scene. Wordlessly angered, he turned my head right and looked at my ear.

"I think one or two stitches will be needed. What happened?" he questioned. Jerrod explained; I blushed hotly all over again.

"Doctor, my feet don't work right," I said trying to sooth my bruised ego with a little blame placement. He only glanced down and back up.

"On the contrary, Mr. Omen. They are working perfectly," he said through a sigh. "Jerrod, bring the emergency kit. Now you relax for a few minutes, I will close this up, and then we will talk."

"Can I sit on the bed? My butt hurts," I pouted.

"Let me look," the doctor said. I stood up quite steadily, despite the fear they both were wearing. He turned me sideways, and touched my sore spot. How do doctors always know exactly where its sore, always go right for it?

"Oww, Dat hurts!" I did my best Gilbert Godfried. The doctor looked up at me sharply. "It's a joke doc. Sheesh, you two are a gen-u-wine barrel of... fun." I trailed off as I looked over my shoulder at my ass.

At the top of my butt, right at the crack, there was a 3-inch protrusion. "That's one hell of a swelling," I said dryly. "What the fuck is going on?"

"Mr. Omen, I think you better..."

"Sit down?" I finished for him. "I hate this part of the movie." He opened a small packet containing a suture. "Mr. Omen..." he lectured.

"Doc, it gives me great pleasure when you call me Cody," I offered, trying to get him to relax a little. His distress was beginning to unnerve me.

"Cody," and I shivered again from head to toe. "Sit still. This will pinch a little. Um.. you have an interesting future ahead of you." <--pinch--> My ear jerked in reaction, but Jerrod took hold of it and kept it still.

I rolled my eyes around expressively and said, "I think I know this speech. This is a Dad Talk isn't it? Dad Talk number twelve I think." <--pinch--> "Ouch! Is that the needle or a hot nail?" Jerrod now was using both hands on my ear. "Wait a minute... What the fuck???" I reached up with my left hand to where my ear wasn't anymore. Smooth skin met my touch.

I started to get upset. I could feel my heart begin to pound. Jerrod sensed it too, and worry coated his hands. He took my hand and moved it up my head. To an ear. I could hear it rustle at my touch, but it wasn't an ear as I had known it. My distress increased, and my ear folded back, um... automatically? I mean I felt me move it, but I didn't do it. Jerrod struggled with the other.

"That is enough," the doctor said sadly. "Let him go." He snipped the thread. Both my hands went straight up and followed the unfamiliar shapes I found at the upper back of my head. As best I could tell, they resembled large short tubes. My breathing rate increased and I opened my mouth in a pant.

"Get my bag quickly," the doctor said with soft urgency. I could smell my own fear.

"Doctor," I said between pants, "what's going on?" Jerrod came back flicking a syringe in the light and handed it to Dr. DeBiron. I stood up and backed away pushing at the air with my hands. "No! No, just talk to me! You've got to help me Jerrod. Keep him away from me!" I almost started crying.

"Now buddy, you know I'm here for you." My nose wrinkled oddly, Jerrod's worry changed to deep affection as he spoke. He started to move calmly towards me. "Cody, <--shiver--> I won't hurt you. Dr. DeBiron won't hurt you". His sincerity washed over my fear and I took a step in his direction keeping my eyes glued to the doctor. Jerrod moved up close on my left side and placed a hand on my shoulder and stroked it down my back. He left a trail of warm scented friendship in its wake, wiping away at my fear. "Easy fella, you can do this." His right hand went round to my cheek and he pulled my face around towards his. My eyes finally unlocked and I stared down into his concerned dark ones. He scritched my cheek fondly, and walked his fingers up to my ear and stroked it. Despite my remaining fear I closed my eyes and leaned my head into his touch.

The doctor took a step and my right ear flicked forward. My eyes flashed open and I fixed him with a challenging frown. Instantly there was such a powerful wash of disappointment/sadness/ failure from him that it made me blink my eyes, as if the acrid taste of it was hurting them. But he looked no different in any way. I was very confused.

Then my mental voice began reasoning. This man is layered in masks. He has withdrawn his true self deep into the center of the Doctor, and has learned how to hide every trace of his feelings from everyone. The Doctor is only a carapace, hiding and protecting a sensitive inner creature. But a shell not only limits outside sensation, it also stifles inner sensitivity. The last of my fear evaporated and I smiled at him, and nodded my head causing a shock of hair to fall over my eyes. He stepped forward and gently brushed it back behind my ear. And for the first time I remembered, his smiling face was genuine. That smile radiated from in interior spot, and it was fresh upon the air.

I reached forward and wrapped my arms around him, put my head over his shoulder, and I produced a low rumbling "Murrrrrrrr" in my throat somehow. A sea salt breeze filled the room, and when I looked Jerrod had silent tears streaming down his face.

"Cody," he began as that shiver ran through me again. "There is a great deal you must know. Unfortunately, I can't tell you everything, because I simply don't know everything myself" he said. "What is going on is that you are changing. As planned yes, but more than that, you are changing in ways unplanned. A metamorphosis is occurring. The only thing you do not know yet is that you almost died while I had you sedated. The internal organ and hormonal changes were happening, but your human body was not willing to adjust sufficiently, or perhaps rapidly enough. We nearly lost you. I made a decision to make further adjustments in your therapy. Your human testosterone seemed to be incompatible with the rest of the changes. And so I engineered a new virus to modify yours to more closely resemble a horse's, just as I did your adrenal and pituitary products. It saved your life, but... you began to change externally as well as internally. Your new penis and scrotum were the first manifestations. I hoped it would stop there, but it hasn't. Each day you have become more equine and less human," he said, spreading his open hands before himself, almost in a request for forgiveness. "And I can not stop it."

"You can't engineer me back?" I asked hopefully.

"Perhaps in the future. We must allow your new DNA matrix to stabilize. Then, perhaps, we can begin to reverse the process. But to do so now, while the changes are still taking place, would mean certain death," he said sadly, and I could sense the truth of it. I looked down at myself.

"So, in 25 monotonous words or less, I'm turning into a horse?" I choked out.

"No, I don't think so. You are manifesting some equine characteristics, yes. But I don't think the change will result in an actual equine conversion since you have not received whole equine DNA. Most of what you are seeing so far can be tied directly to the modifications that we made to your glandular components. But we suspect that something, nature if you will, is also taking an interest in you. And from your raw material, a new creature, a new being, is emerging."

"That sounds very metaphysical for a man of medical science," I prodded. His face flushed, and the air smelled hot and angry.

"Not at all. This is indeed medical science at its finest. It is simply proceeding in unforeseen directions and the results are not completely predictable. Mother Nature does not give up her secrets easily."

All this time, Jerrod had been silently petting my head and neck, as if I was some unthinking animal. But a great part of me was loving it, and more significantly needing it deeply, regardless of the part of me that resented it. I had a great deal to learn, not the least of which was who I was now.

"Doc, I need a mirror," I said rather flatly.

"I don't think." He began. I stomped my foot hard making a loud thud on the floor. An impatient whicker came from my throat. "I don't care at this moment, Doc. I need to see the reality of all this," I said tersely.

He looked me in the eyes a moment, and telegraphed resignation.

"Follow me, Cody," he said quietly, and I shivered yet again. I held up my hand to signal a halt.

"Wait. There is something else that needs an explanation first." They looked at me expectantly. "Every time either of you say my name, I get a rush of uncontrolled shock that runs across my skin. You both can cause it, but Jerrod causes the most intense effect. It's like a little shivering rush of fear or something. So, what is that all about?"

Dr. DeBiron and Jerrod turned their heads to look at each other, each expecting the other to respond first. As usual, the doctor took the lead.

"Cody," the doctor began, and my nerves flowed electrically again. "You have accepted the fact that you are physically adopting many equine characteristics. You body is changing inwardly and outwardly in a recondite manner. Just as your body is adapting, so too are your neural pathways and mental functions rearranging and recombining. In many ways, you are a young foal, experiencing his world for the first time. I foresaw this probability and provided you with an anchor of stability that you could cling too in times of stress. From the moment your new mind returned to consciousness, you have been integrating your old self with a newborn set of impulses and reactions. For your anchor, I chose Jerrod." I looked wonderingly at Jerrod's face, but he was concentrating on a spot on the floor. "He is a student of veterinary medicine, and his knowledge and practical experience as a horse trainer made him ideal to perform as my assistant, and if necessary, your guide and stabilizing influence. In short, the moment you saw and heard him, your mind imprinted on him as a foal will upon its mother. Your reaction to hearing your name spoken by him is undoubtedly a result of the combining of your imprinting with your human emotions."

I nodded in understanding. I had done the same thing with Traveller. I had been present at his conception and his birth, and even before his patient and trusting mother had begun to clean him, I had held his wet and weak head in my lap. I spoke to him softly, lightly stroking his neck and muzzle, and the eyes that looked into mine were filled with love, but also with an intense need. I had been the first creature he had seen or sensed with his newborn body. Traveller had imprinted on me, and so had begun the most rewarding relationship of my own life.

"Doctor, are you saying that these feelings of love and trust I feel for you two are artificially implanted? That they are only the product of some hormone based influence and not genuinely felt?"

"Cody, what is emotion? How do we feel love for another? For that matter, what makes us fall in love in the first place?" he asked me.

"I have no idea," I answered truthfully with a shrug.

"No one has those answers," he stated quietly. "So who is to say that what you feel is any less genuine, or any less profound, than any other love that you have ever acquired. There is an old adage. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."

"Considering what I must look like at the moment, I'm not sure I like that particular analogy doc, but I get the point" I muttered.

I stepped before the mirror, and in its full length, I saw a monster. All my own body hair was in the process of falling out, giving me a chemotherapish look. There was a strip of long blond hair beginning at my forehead which narrowed and arrowed over my head (which had a pink and naked look) and down my back to the top of my stubby tailbone. My ears were high up and to the rear of my head. My lips were thicker, wider and much more moveable. My shoulder and chest were hairless and very white in contrast to the girdle of chocolate brown short fur that wrapped my trunk from my sternum down to my mid thighs. Of course there was the new tool case and family jewels, in sharp contrast since they were dressed in a creamy beige fur. My legs were too short in the thigh, and too long in the calf and foot, adding a good 8 inches to my height. And then those ludicrous feet.

"My God," I breathed and shook my head. "I hope to hell it doesn't stop here. I look like something He forgot on the workbench," I said in a low voice.

"You haven't stopped yet," Jerrod said softly coming up behind me. "Your legs have adjusted more since just this morning. And your fur..." he touched my sides with both hands and looked in the mirror with me from behind my arm, "...has spread down your legs." He ran his hands down my sides, and a thrill of pleasure shocked through me. It ran down my back, through my tail stump, under my crotch, and into my dick, which immediately started to lengthen. We all noticed it and I forgot everything as a strong need overtook my mind; the need demanded release. He quickly withdrew his hands.

And just as quickly I turned and took them in mine. I looked down into his wet face and I actually smiled and felt sorry for him. I drew his arms back to my sides and tried to look encouraging, not really sure how my face would register it. He shook his head sadly.

The doctor looked between us both and sighed, "Jerrod, this is where you come in again. When you took this position I warned you it might be difficult. Well, Cody <--shudder--> has formed a bond with you. We all know it to be true. And as his trainer," he paused, "you may be required to help him in some unexpected ways."

I blushed. "Jerrod, I need a release right now. I don't know why, but I sense that its important" I said quietly. "Would you stay with me please? I don't want to be alone with myself." He was struggling. Part of him expelled sorrow. But another part exuded raw musky masculine desire. On detecting that, my body reacted swiftly, adding a note of powerful sweaty sweetness to the air. I lowered my chin to look him more directly in his beautiful dark eyes, and slowly, powerfully, I drew his body close to me.

I stooped a little, and wrapped my arms under his and around his back. I stood back up and lifted him to my face with little effort. My mind was thinking of a kiss. But what I did was lick. My flat wide tongue came out and I ran it up his neck, across his cheek, onto his nose and up his forehead, oh so slowly. My nose wrinkled. No, it was my upper lip I realized, and as a result I discovered how to focus my olfactory senses. The flehmen behavior was a natural part of me now. I focused on his desire. I had never smelled anything like it before! And it had a profound effect on me.

My dick powerfully and unstoppably climbed up its slick pipe, and forced open the roseate door at the top. We both looked down in amazement to watch it emerge and extend, inch after inch. The head had changed shape and color, from a pink arrow to a dark brown mushroom. It stiffened and widened as it slithered straight up my chest in the space between us. I looked upwards and pulled Jerrod close to me, squeezing my slippery horse cock tightly between us. My heart started beating faster, and every pulse could be felt in that shaft.

"Cody, <--I shivered and whickered--> put me down for a moment," Jerrod said softly. I didn't. "Cody, <--I shuddered--> put me down!" he said in a firm command. My arms complied with his authority, but some part of my mind objected wildly. He smiled hesitantly up at me as he began to undress.

I stood there, opening and closing my hands, struggling against an urge I had never felt before, let alone acted upon. This man was mine. I was going to own him. Every part of him was my property, and nothing was going to get between us. He would be my mate and nothing could stop me. Refusal was not an option, only acceptance would be allowed. He would take my seed, and he would give me a foal. He would be happy and fulfilled. I would be doing her an honor, and favoring her with my protection. She would take her place in my herd, and become my first mare.

Jerrod stood before me, soft and furless, pink and pretty, and the air around us tasted like power! I threw back my head and shouted my challenge to all in earshot; This one is mine! Now and forever! Come not between us for your rank shall surely suffer! She tasted fearful, as though not quite at her cusp of readiness. Well, a little encouragement was in order. I pranced over to her, and bent down to inhale her readiness. I licked her tiny rear end with my long flat tongue and snorted under her tail. The signs were not there. There was no visible motion, but I was not to be denied. She would mate with me regardless of readiness. I grabbed her from behind and bent her forward into a more correct position. She protested loudly with noise and struggle, but there would be no coy nay-saying this day.


"My God Doctor! Help me!" I screamed. "He's gone too far inwards! I think the human is gone! Do something! He'll kill me with that thing!" I struggled hard, and I'm a very strong man. But Cody had grown taller and heavier and I was a rag doll in his arms. His lust was palatable. His sweaty ripe aroma filled the air. Part of me wanted him so badly, but I knew the size of that dick was something to do me permanent damage! The doctor was working with some damn thing in the cabinet. Shit! I could feel that huge horse dick oozing juice all over my chest. I looked down and saw that he had stuck it between my legs and it came up my chest to just under my pecs. If he ever got that in my ass, which I was sure was its target, he would literally rip me apart! Oh, God, I'm gonna die! I thought. And how ironic at the hands of this creature I love! I gripped his dick with my legs and hung on. He started to withdraw it backwards.


Ah, she gripped me! She was in readiness! I pulled my hips back and my great member searched for the opening it knew was... just... there! My hips thrust forward mightily and my cock entered her soft tight wetness. She ceased her struggles and surrendered herself to my power. I thrust my very self-identity deep within her and when I was fully inserted and knew her depths, I could begin the coupling, begin the dance. She was so light that I lifted her right off the floor and held her above my cock. My hips began their thrusting, and I discovered that I could raise and lower her with my arms, maximizing the length of my plunges. I wrapped my head over her shoulder and continued my dance of life. She was fantastic!

Suddenly her odor changed! She was fully ready now! Oh, the sweet power of it! My balls churned mightily and I could feel the flow of my cum course up the great length of my dick to explode deep inside her! I threw back my head and called my power and success to the sky!

She lay limp in my grasp, obviously spent as well. I held her close and closed my eyes, while the surges continued to fill her with new life. Once they began to stop, I lowered her to the ground and set her free, withdrawing my still pulsing dick from her sweet caress. She lay still on the ground, and I bent down to touch her with tenderness, and to thank her for her beauty.


Dr. DeBiron knew he was in no position to interfere, but he had to do something. He quickly opened a locked cabinet and pulled out an artificial mare vagina. Anatomically correct, it was normally used to milk a stallion and capture his semen for later use. He hurriedly lubed it up and poured a small amount of mare scent extract on a rag. Watching for his chance, it came when Cody withdrew his huge swollen member from in front of my chest, and prepared to skewer my little ass. Cody's eyes were closed, lost in a world unknown to us. DeBiron crept forward quietly and as Cody was about to ram his great dick home, the doctor put the mare cunt over the swollen head and held on tight. Cody's first huge thrust pushed his entire 2 foot length deep in to the catch sleeve. I would have surely been damaged or more likely killed by its force.

"Jerrod, get this under his nose quickly!" he hissed, giving me the rag. I held the cloth to the face leaning over my shoulder, and the effect was instantaneous. Cody threw back his head and whinnied a great shout of power to the air, deafening us both with its volume! Almost immediately, Cody's balls rolled up tightly and a huge jet of cum shot from his dick and directly into the catch tube. I could actually feel the swell of its passage as it flowed up his dick near my chest. I nearly collapsed with exhausted relief. Cody gently lowered me to the floor, and then lay down behind me and drew me near. The hot wetness of Cody's slowly receding dick traced a slippery trail down my backbone. I had never been so scared in my life, but now that it was over, the warm sweaty damp presence behind me made me want to curl up in a little ball and snuggle into its arms. Cody must have sensed it, and obligingly wrapped his arms around my smaller form and pulled me roughly to himself, giving me a mighty hug.

The doctor soberly watched Cody's dick disappear into his sheath, and held up the catch sleeve to the light. A good quart of hot semen swung at the end of the tube. "Are you alright," he whispered to me? In tears of relief and gratitude and fear and love, I nodded.

Cody put his nose in my hair and snuffle-snuffle-snuffled it tenderly. Unexpectedly, Cody jerked wildly.


My eyes flew open, and I looked in horror at the man folded in my arms.

"Oh My God! My God! My God!" I kept repeating on the verge of incoherence, and I carefully examined my friend for damage. Seeing that Jerrod was alright, and with a full memory of recent events, I pushed myself away and backpedaled rapidly across the floor.


Cody rose to his haunches, hugged his chest and rocked back and forth in grief. I could hear him keening softly. It was agonizing to watch. I made a quiet move towards him, and he just looked at me with sad eyes, streaming with tears.

"I could have killed you," he sobbed. "I would have killed you, but I didn't know. I must have gone insane! I must have been hallucinating. I must have.. I don't know what happened...?" He looked in anguish at the doctor.

"Cody, your transformation is bound to take us all places we could not anticipate. But the further we go and explore, the more we can predict. What you experienced is very simple; it is the instinct to survive. In a human, we like to call it the will to live, because it encompasses so great a set of emotional and psychological variables. But you are. no longer. strictly speaking. human. And you will find your very being changing in time with your body. For an animal, survival translates to procreation. What you felt was the overpowering will to survive and reproduce your own kind. Coupled with instincts you were unfamiliar with, what resulted was an expression of that will to survive." Cody looked horrified.

"Instincts!" he shouted. "I was always told humans don't have any instincts!" The doctor simply spread his hands.

"Not exactly true. Humans have them, but they are not as close to the surface, buried as they are beneath layers of mental controls. An animal however, is often driven by them." He said. "An experience that you will, in time, be able to control, or baring control, you will come to enjoy them as they should be enjoyed."


"Doctor, I can't go on with this. You've got to stop, and undo these changes! I'm so scared of what might have happened!! You must help me" I said in a near hysterical voice, rising to my feet. Looking down at them, I realized that my height had increased rapidly. I guessed I was about six feet seven inches tall now, and taller if I straightened my legs out fully. Spreading my arms I looked down at myself, and discovered that the full length of my legs and torso had begun to turn the same chocolate brown as my abs. Faint and very fine yet, but there was no mistaking the fact that I was getting furrier.

"There is absolutely nothing I can do as yet, Cody," <--hunched shiver--> the doctor said. "Until your form stabilizes, any further changes might kill you. And I will not allow that."

"But, just stop the treatments!" I demanded.

"I have. Days ago in fact" he admitted.

"Then when...?" I begged.

"I do not know. I just do not know when the changes will stabilize."

I thought long about the potentials. "Then you've got to tie me down. Immobilize me. I'm not safe to be around" I said and stared down at the floor.

"I have a better idea, if you will allow it" he said. "The control of horses is an ancient and humane science. If you would agree to let me tack you, I am certain that the danger to any of us would be minimized or eliminated" he offered.

"Anything would be better than hurting.. this man" I said staring right at Jerrod.

"All right. We will begin with a simple halter, and a special collar for extreme emergencies."

"A halter doc? Attached to what?" I asked sarcastically. He turned me back around to face the mirror. Unmistakably, my nose and jaw line had begun to protrude forward from my face. I reached up to touch it, and crossing my eyes I was able to see my hands on my short muzzle. Out of focus, but there regardless.

"It appears that with each ejaculation, you get a boost in your transformation. Not surprising considering the level of hormone production sexual activity produces." He turned me back around to face him. He reached up and took my face in both hands and drew it down closer to his own where he could search deeply in my eyes. He finally found what he was seeking.

"And, you hold in your control the greatest tool for success in this venture ever invented" he added soothingly after a moment. When I gave him a blank look, he said "The mind. The human mind of Cody Omen. In the last balance, that will tip all scales."


They locked me in my room while they worked on my tack. My tack. I had used those very words before when what I really meant was the tack I owned for Traveler. I chuckled a little, wondering if Traveler saw it that way. Before they left, Jerrod apologized for the spartan contents of my room.

"I'm afraid its going to be boring big fella," he said as he scritched between my ears. Oh Prairie Skies above, but that felt good! He suddenly withdrew his hand, and reeked of embarrassment. I looked at him in surprise.

"What's wrong, Jerrod?" I asked baffled.

He acridly burned red faced, but he looked me right in mine and said, "I'm treating you like some kind of pet! Like some big beautiful animal! I've been a horseman all my life, Cody," I felt a delicious shiver. "And old habits are hard to break" he apologized. "I can't help doing things to you that I know please me and Sargent both. He's my beautiful bay arabian. He just loves that kind of attention," he smiled with pleasant memories.

"Old habits? Such as?" I questioned.

"Such as scratching your ears," he said loudly. "And calling you fella and buddy, and I can hardly keep my fingers out of your.. umm.. mane," he wound down quietly. I took him by the shoulders and snuffled in his hair dreamily, and hugged him to me.

"Thanks, 'little fella'," I grinned. "It is true that part of me feels very odd, even a little repulsed at being treated like an animal," I finger quoted. "But another part of me revels in exactly what you are doing. In fact, every time you speak my name little electric thrills shiver through me. I'm a horseman too my friend, and I recognize all these feelings as true to the species and it's," I grinned at him again, "an ancient and symbiotic relationship with humans. You, Jerrod Personal Trainer what-ever-that-means, have done... are doing me a great service." I looked at him earnestly. "I don't think I could have survived all this without you here. Your voice alone has a profound effect on me." I sighed deeply and hugged him to my chest as I said, "I don't understand it, but it is true regardless. Perhaps beyond understanding in fact."

While they were busy I took inventory before the mirror. About the only significant difference I could see was that my entire body, face and all, were getting furry. It looked like my markings were settling in. Still athletic and slim, at least for a horse, I was still built for the sprint. The thin skin covering my sharply defined muscles was almost translucent, sliding smoothly over every fiber and tendon beneath, but for my covering of soft rich chocolate brown fur ending in creamy beige from my elbows to hands and knees to heels. At my heels, the fur was actually quite long, and smiling broadly, I realized that I was going to have very shaggy fetlocks, a feature that I love on my horses. My hands looked perfectly pink and human. In fact, my new fur seemed to stop at my wrists, leaving the impression I was wearing a fuzzy sweater. My genitals seemed outsized to me, so I assumed my final structure would be somewhat larger to catch up. But perhaps they were just especially noticeable since my sheath and ample sac were also covered in creamy beige fur, in sharp contrast to my warm dark abs. The mane that Jerrod seemed to love so much was a light tawny blonde, and it ran from the bottom of my spine, up my back in a strip about one inch wide. I widened out a bit between my ears, which had stopped migrating at the upper back of my skull. There was a great shock of long forelock, which hung into my face and tried to cover my left eye all the time. And between my eyes there was a small but beautiful snow-white whorl in the shape of a 4-pointed star! And then there was my tail. Right now it looked more like a dirty bottlebrush, but the hair was definitely getting longer. I thought that maybe in a month it would look really good! Um... I meant it would look acceptable as a... I mean, oh hell, it would really cover my asshole beautifully! I almost laughed out loud at that thought. I was beginning to think of myself as a horse. Who ever heard of a horse needing its asshole covered with clothes. But then, who ever heard of a two legged horse-man anyway! Hell, I could make my own rules! The idea of a classic Roman-style toga, over one shoulder, long and draping, suddenly appealed to me very much.

But it was my feet that worried me most. They had stopped elongating, and while they were perfectly comfortable and I was learning to use them ok, they gave me the impression that they were not done changing. Mainly because unlike my hands, my fur had gone all the way down my foot, covering even what once was my sole. Even my toes and the very balls of my feet were becoming very furry, which caused me to slip a lot on the tile floor in my room.

Just for the fun of it, I did some muscle poses, and flexed in the mirror. My fur hid some definition, but the overall effect was very exciting. So much so that my new conformation began to make me horny. Now, Traveler has to have an impetus to get his prodigious cock to put in a appearance. Like, a mare in estrus, or needing to piss his typical two gallons. But I discovered that Cody the pony, was going to be able to get a hard one in the same ways that Cody the man did; sexy thoughts and erotic touching.

I watched as the dick in that sheath began to slide upwards. I felt its progress as the sheath skin hugged the cock head and slid smoothly over it. In the mirror, the great shaft stretched the end of the sheath open and a very dark brown flattened head appeared, followed by inch after inch of slippery shaft. I watched transfixed as it climbed straight up my chest to stop directly in front of my mouth. And oh, did it smell intoxicating! I decided that I needed a bath, because I could focus out many separate body odors that I usually found unpleasant, but under them all was a strong current of... something I couldn't put into words yet. Together they smelled like fun!

I experimentally stuck out my long tongue and licked my dick head slowly. Taste, texture, scent, sight! The sensations threatened to overwhelm me. What man hasn't fantasized about auto-fellatio? Well I had many times, and here was the reality. I gripped my shaft and opened my mouth to see if I could get my dick head in. And stretching and arching my neck, I actually swallowed about the first 4 inches! The need to cum swept through me like a tidal wave, and I groaned in ecstasy as my balls flipped over and pulsed. A huge flood of my own juices rushed up my shaft and right down my throat! Determined not to miss a drop, I sucked for all I was worth.

As the flow slowed, I popped my dick out and took some panting breaths, while I licked my slit clean of every drop that oozed out. So there I stood, legs bowed apart in midthrust, gripping my wonderful tool shaft and smiling stupidly, when my feet began to cramp in a horrible pain!

It was so bad that I couldn't stand on them, and I sat down hard on the floor, hitting my sore tail in the process. Damn! Ecstasy to agony in 5 seconds! I grabbed my right foot and began to massage it. The toes were the problem. They wanted to curl under, and man did that hurt! "OOUUCCHH! Shit-Shit-Shit!" I shouted. At one particularly bad cramp I threw back my head and I heard Traveler cry out for help. No, it was me that made that cry!

Jerrod and the doctor came in, smiling and congratulating them selves. Seeing me down, Jerrod jammed the stuff he was carrying into his shirt, and came quickly to my side. "What is it! Cody, what happened?" Jerrod asked worriedly.

"Cramp!!" I said through clenched teeth.

"Let me look." I batted his hand away. "Cody!" he shouted sharply, and my ears both flicked back. "Let me look!" So I just held up my other foot. Jerrod began to massage it with his very strong fingers, and it eased a little, but it didn't stop until the doctor injected my thigh with something. I snapped a surprised look at him.

"Trust me," he requested. "We need to get you on the table." It hurt like hell but I managed to get up and lay on the table. The doctor pulled up a set of leg stirrups and put my heels/fetlocks in them. I rolled my eyes and head back in embarrassed pain.

Jerrod tried to calm me down and he showed me what they had made. It was a beautiful tan leather halter, with lots of silver buckles for ongoing adjustments. It was tooled in a pattern that showed a running stallion galloping across a field, and very fine work too. And a silver metal collar with the same pattern stamped on its sides.

"A halter in the hackamore style oh Herd Sire!" Jerrod said grandly. "And a royal silver collar befitting your rrrrrank" he added, rolling the R ridiculously.

"Thank you, my good man." I emphasized the word my. I favored the gifts with my best royal sniff. And discovered that they smelled just like... him!

"If your hine ass will permit me?" he fawned.

"Of course, of course." I waved my hand regally. "Peasants. Can't live with 'em, can't put'em in a box." I observed.

"I picked tan because it will look so sharp against your hair... uh... fur." He smiled crookedly. He fumbled with the halter, doing adjustments as he went, but the collar fit like a glove. Then I heard the distinct 'snick' of a lock behind my neck.

"What was that! A lock?' I said loudly. He looked hurt.

"Well you asked for this to keep us safe, and I don't know about you, but I've never had to worry about a horse with hands who could get his own tack on and off!" he added pointedly. Good point.

"The collar," the doctor said distractedly, "will render you unconscious with a burst of energy that stuns your central nervous system while doing no physical harm what so ever. Both of us carry the remote trigger device. I'm told it is moderately painful. It is the extreme measure I suggested to you."

"Jerrod, look as this!" the doctor said excitedly.

"It's so quick!" Jerrod said in surprise after a few minutes.

"Much too rapid, that accounts for the pain" the doctor agreed. "Cody, what exactly happened before this started?"

"Oh, doc!" I whined.

"No, tell me Cody. It's important." So I told them about sucking my own dick. Jerrod snickered until the doctor gave him a short look.

"What did I do this time doc?" I whined some more.

"Well, it would appear that producing an orgasm so close to the last one has accelerated your change rate probably due to the double dose of testosterone. Your feet are entering their final stage" he said, watching my right foot carefully. I pulled my left knee to me. The shot had deadened the pain, and I was able to watch as my foot metamorphosed. My toenails had already turned a deep black and were getting thicker and wider. My toes were withdrawing into a circular shape, which brought each toenail to a more vertical position. I had a sick and sinking feeling that made me want to throw up.

"No." I hissed angrily. "No.! This is not going to happen! I won't let it happen! I am not going to allow this! I...will...not...have...hooves!" I screamed to the sky. But I had no choice what so ever.

Over the next few hours, as Jerrod sat faithfully on my bed and stroked and scritched his fingers raw in an attempt to give me peace, I watched in depression as all my dreams turned to so much horse shit. In the end, I had a beautiful pair of perfect, unused, shiny, clean, ebony hooves finishing off my wonderful new equine legs. Any farrier would have cum in his jeans at the perfection of them, and over the chance to put his best shoes on those hooves. But horseshoes were not on my mind. Running shoes were.


Dr. DeBiron came in with my blood tests. "Well, I think you are all finished now. Everything seems stable, and I can't detect any differences in the last two tests" he offered hopefully to my back. I stood silently before the window, with my hands clasped behind me. I had been looking at the world beyond, wondering if I had any place in it. Jerrod sat on the wide windowsill hugging his knees, and smiled wanly at me. I gave him a rueful grin and looked down at my hooves.

"Doc, when can you start the reversal?" I went straight to the point.

"Mr. Omen," he began.

"Oh God, its another Dad Talk isn't it," I groaned. "Just lay it on me straight, Doc," I said over my shoulder.

"Cody," I shivered and blinked. "May I sit down?" he asked rhetorically as he sat on my bed. "You have got to face this fact," he began after collecting his thoughts. "I can not turn you back so soon. Only your high level of fitness got you through this last few months alive. You have had shock after shock, physically, mentally, and emotionally. And as strong as you seem right now, my judgement is that reversal at this time would kill you. And I won't allow that. You are a very special man to me."

I raised my eyebrows at the word man and gave him an oh-really look. "Yes, really! What you went through, what we all went through with you, has given me hope for the brightest of futures. You have vindicated all my life's work. A man can't feel like that and not be affected. Regardless," he added with a deep sigh, "I don't have the power or knowledge to restore you."

"How did we get this far then," I asked stubbornly.

"Cody." I shuddered and whickered. "I had a road map for the trip--the complete DNA structure of Tracker, remember? But, the HGP is only perhaps 50% complete. And even then, it's not your DNA they are mapping. Even if I felt we could go back, it would be towards the form of a long dead and anonymously donated man's body, and not yours. The HGP was complete enough for the limited changes we, you and I, wanted to accomplish. But you have become much more than I planned. You have I venture to say become something new and unknown."

"Then what am I going to do? What am I good for now?" I asked them simply.

Neither spoke for some time. And then it was Jerrod who found the courage to offer, "Think of the enormous insights that you now have into the life, drives, and needs of horses. Of any even slightly similar creature, really," he said thoughtfully as he put his hand on my arm. "And perhaps the entire animal kingdom! Why, there never was anyone like you before." A glazed look came into his eyes. "I wonder if you could talk to them? Well, not talk," he waved his arms in circles. "But you know, communicate somehow. Who needs Dr. Dolittle! We've got Cody! <--I shivered and my tail swished-->". His eyes opened wide and he said in soft wonder, "Fuck the horse whisperer. We've got The Whispering Horse!"

I couldn't help smiling at his enthusiasm, and I must admit that, aside from the pure monetary aspect of my business, I worked with horses because I sincerely loved horses, money or not. "You're forgetting something though. Look at me."

They looked and smiled and nodded. "Beautiful!" "Wow," they said at the same time. I rolled my eyes, stomped my right foot.. er hoof, and my tail figure-eighted in exasperation.

"No, no, you're missing the points! People will only see me as some kind of freak. And what about legal protection? Am I human enough or not? If I'm not, then doesn't that mean anyone can own me as I do Traveler? Ownership implies decision-making power. Could they put me out for stud fees? Might they charge admission? What if I misbehave and they decide to geld me? Do we think even a second thought about that nine month old colt that's got a little too much spirit? No, we go for expediency every time! Call the vet! Cut off his balls doc! He will be happier!! What we really mean is that we will be less inconvenienced!" My voice had been getting louder and I found myself pacing the room gesticulating, scaring up the tile floor with my hooves. My tail switched in anger, and I could feel my mane standing up.

"There will be just as many people sympathetic to your position," the doctor added thoughtfully. "People of strong conscience and conviction. People who have always championed animal rights. My God, talk about animal rights!" he shook his head in amazement.

"So, I'm not human then?" I stopped and fixed him with a stare. He returned my gaze steadily.

"I think you should start to accept the fact that you are no longer in the same genus. If I were a taxonomist I would probably classify your current genus as homo-equus sapiens." After a few minutes of silence, he continued, " I think Jerrod has got it perfectly right, and my complements to him. But frankly your reluctance to be seen and my reluctance to be known as yet forces me to make you an offer that perhaps may help your decision, at least for the time being. I have title to a very large island. It is somewhat isolated, but the best part is that it is private property. I plan to retire there one day and work on completing my experiments. It would please me to offer you a permanent home there. No strings attached, no expectations. You would be free to live as you choose, and most importantly to decide what your future holds for you."

"I don't know. Stranded on a desert island isn't exactly how I thought I'd spend my free time." I said doubtfully.

"Dear boy, do I strike you as the kind of man who exiles himself to a primitive inhospitable uncomfortable environment just for fun?" he put his hand on his chest and asked in mock shock. "I can always go to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp Ground for that, and save a great deal in airfare," he actually winked at me.

"Hey, spoken like a true smart ass doc," Jerrod chimed in. "I'm so proud. another smart ass is born!" and he wiped away a crocodile tear.

"Cody, my island is my haven, perhaps even heaven on earth. I choose to keep strangers out, but I don't cut myself off from the world, oh no. You will find everything you need there for your happiness, including extensive communication, feeding and health care opportunities appropriate for human and equine beings" he added. I could read on his breath that he was keeping a secret, a big secret, from me, but there was no harm in it for me so I focused elsewhere. "You would be absolutely alone, my friend," he added proudly.

"Well there is only one problem then," I said sadly.

"What problem is that?" he asked.

"I would be absolutely alone," I answered with a sigh.

We looked at each other for a moment, and then our brains locked in synch. We blinked twice, cocked our heads to the left, smiled a wee bonny smile, and turned to look at Jerrod. He looked disgustedly at us with his fists on his hips.

"Oh don't pay lil' ol' me no neva mind. I'm just the cockroach in the corner! If either of you think that you're going to paradise together without a chaperone, you've got that proverbial 'nother think coming!" he proclaimed loudly, rocking his head in emphasis!

"But who's going to chaperone the chaperone when the creator leaves his Eden?" I grinned evilly as I took him by the shoulders and pulled him close to my chest!

"Easy Big Fella," Jerrod waggled his eyebrows trying for sinister. "You forget who has your key, and who has the remote! Heh Heh Heh!" and he twirled his invisible handlebar moustache. "By the way, how are you for endurance trail riding?" he said slyly.

"Oh, don't you worry, Mr. Trainer Sir!" I emphasized as I held him still and slowly licked him from neck to forehead carefully leaving an extra wet and slimy track on his scrunched face. "I'll show you how to ride on the trail alright," I grinned lovingly down on him from my full twenty-one hand height.


With humble gratitude for allowing me to borrow from His story "The Centos Herd" and explore the character of Dr. DeBiron, and for His welcomed technical advice and editorial assistance, I dedicate this story to my Master Cheirron.

His loving pet, Cody.

April 1999

Horse Whispers copyright 2000 by Cody Pony.

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