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Time On His Hands

by Stephanie

Jay Larick was mind-numbingly bored. He hated being stuck in such a hot and humid room. He had been forced to go there for weeks and no-one there had said anything even remotely interesting. The fact that he was there to be sentenced for escaping from prison was only the icing on the cake.

He winked at the cute girl recording the proceedings of his trial, but she made a show of ignoring him. Jay glanced over at his lawyer. Much as he despised anyone connected to the justice system he had to admit that the guy was doing his best for his client; unlike many lawyers that Jay had encountered over the years. However Jay knew that it was a hopeless case and a life sentence was virtually inevitable.

Jay still had over a decade to go on his previous sentence and he knew there was no chance of getting out of jail before the middle of the century. But that didn't worry him. All that mattered was which prison he went to. He was supremely confident that he could escape again, even if he had to wait several years for the opportunity to do so. His knack for breaking in and out of places was uncanny. So the lower the security of the prison he was sent to the easier it would be for him to get out.

But to avoid ending up in a Maximum Security Penitentiary he had to consider some rather drastic methods.

His lawyer had known the inevitability of the sentence as well and had switched tack to getting Jay into an easier prison. That morning they had gone through the final options together.

"You really think this DNA drug is the answer?" Jay had asked him.

"It's a new option the Judge has, if you agree to it. The idea is that you get transformed by it, and since the only sample of your original DNA is stored by the authorities you'd not try to escape until your sentence was up. Personally, I don't think this is morally right. The antidote to reverse the process only works forty percent of the time and when it fails it's fatal."

"That lawyer that got turned into that black bitch survived two doses," Jay mused out loud, keeping an eye on his lawyer to see if he reacted. "Anyway, by the time I get out the process will have been perfected."

"I still think it's inadvisable. There are many ethical dilemmas about this and several civil liberties groups are actively fighting the whole DNA transformation program."

"I don't care," Jay had told him bluntly. "This is the only way to get what I want, so this is what we do."

His lawyer had insisted on exhausting every other avenue before going for the DNA virus option, which was fine with Jay. The judge was a woman in her fifties who looked like she had never smiled in her entire life. He had absolutely no doubt of the type of form she would choose for him. He had a lean, but muscular body and a handsome face. He had also made little secret of his opinion that women were good for fucking and little else. Based on that, he knew that the Judge would choose a form as female as possible.

Jay looked over at the court recorder again. She was well stacked herself. He wondered if his breasts would be that big. He didn't welcome being turned into a woman, but he saw it as a necessary evil. It's not like it would be forever anyway. Once he had mastered his new form he would be out of that prison in a shot. They'd never expect a man like him to abandon his own form and gender.

Once he had broken out, he'd be able to track down some black-market DNA peddler and become a man again. With a new face and body he'd be virtually untraceable. The risk of the stronger dose DNA virus killing him was one he was willing to face.

With a female body the authorities wouldn't dream of putting him in with male prisoners, so he'd probably find himself bunking with the women. He hadn't been with a woman since his re-capture five months before. He smiled at the thought of having a lesbian encounter - as the dominant one, naturally.

His lawyer nudged him in the ribs. Jay looked over him, "Hmmm?"

The lawyer nodded his head at the Judge. Jay turned to look at the old woman, who was looking sterner than ever. "Do you agree to undergo DNA therapy?" she asked again.

"Yeah, whatever."

The judge didn't react to his insolence and turned back to the lawyer. Jay leaned back in his chair and tuned out the conversation. He had won.

The next few weeks were a difficult time for Jay. He knew he'd feel easier after he had been transformed and sent to the prison his lawyer had arranged for him. Then he could get to work analysing the weak points in the jail's security. His fingers itched to get to work on the locks.

He took his worries out on his lawyer. "Why is it taking so long?"

"There's the usual paperwork involved," his lawyer had wearily replied, "but mostly the delay is due to them having to build the DNA sequence they will use on you."

"Build it? Can't they just use someone who fits the judge's profile?"

"It's not that easy. You can't just take on someone else's form. The scientists can cut and splice sequences from dozens of people to get the required form. It should only be a few more days."

It was closer to a week, but eventually the court-appointed doctor arrived to administer the DNA virus.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Mr Larick?"

"Yes, goddammit! How many times do I have to say it?"

"I'm required to ask by law," she replied curtly. "Drop your pants and lay down."

Jay did as he was told as the guard handed the doctor a small black box. The doctor broke the seal on the box and removed a small hypodermic syringe. Jay closed his eyes as the doctor injected the contents into his buttocks.

"Is that it?" he said in surprise as he sat up.

"That's it."

"I don't feel any different," he told her. "Are you sure it's working?"

"You will feel the effects in a few moments. We'll leave you to... change on your own. You'll be watched on the closed-circuit camera at all time. I'm told the process can be disturbing, so please try and remain calm."

After the guard and the doctor had left him alone, Jay looked down at his lap. He hadn't bothered to pull his pants back up. Gingerly, he reached down and held his penis. He wasn't going to be able to do that again for a long while and the thought of losing it worried him more deeply than he thought it would.

A tingling sensation started in his hips. Jay pressed his hands to the sides of his pelvis as it started to expand. His eyes widened in shock as his genitals started to shrink. He tried to stay calm. He wasn't about to freak out now and give those watching a laugh. At least he had guessed right about the judge's decision. He was about to cross the gender divide and become a woman. The pulling sensation in his groin increased to the point of discomfort before suddenly ceasing.

Jay looked down between his legs at the new, but familiar, arrangement now there. He had never seen a vagina from that angle before, however. With trembling fingers he gently teased open the folds of his new crotch. 'I have a pussy!' he thought to himself incredulously. He had known he was going to become a woman for weeks, but he still found it terrifying to be faced by the reality.

The DNA virus was starting to work its way down his legs and up his torso. He watched in stunned silence as his legs grew softer and the hair on them vanished. He pulled up his shirt and looked at the changes happening there. His washboard flat stomach had already been replaced by curving contors. The virus moved swiftly upwards to his chest.

His breasts quickly blossomed from his now hairless chest. He cupped them in his still male hands and felt them grow. Their weight and texture reminded him of the women he had been with, but he could also feel his hands on them. They seemed unnaturally huge, but he knew he had been with women with far larger breasts than his. His breasts!

Jay was having second thoughts about his plan, but it was way too late to back out now. 'Concentrate on the positive aspects,' he told himself. He wouldn't be guarded nearly as closely as he would be otherwise. Also, his hands should become smaller and nimbler; that could only help his lockpicking skills.

The virus passed his neck and he coughed as his larynx rippled and changed. "This is still me," he said out loud. But it no longer sounded like his voice. It was now higher in timbre than before. He wondered if it was a sexy voice? He pressed his hands to his face to feel the changes as they happened.

His chin became less prominent as did his nose. His skin lost its stubble, becoming baby-smooth. Jay wished he had a mirror as he wanted to know if the judge had made him ugly or beautiful. It didn't matter, really, but Jay had an intense desire to know what he looked like now.

His vision blurred as the virus passed through his eyes and on to the top of his head. There was a rustling sound as his hair grew out to shoulder length. He grabbed a handful and looked at it. It had darkened from blond to chestnut brown.

The virus had finished with his legs, leaving his feet much daintier than they had been before. Only his arms held any part of him that was unchanged. The virus seemed to be moving much more slowly down his arms than it had in other parts of his body.

Jay started to get uneasy as the virus passed his elbows. The blond hairs on his arm grew thicker and darker instead of melting away. "What the fuck is going on?" he said fearfully in his new girlish tones. Had the process gone wrong somehow?

His fingers drew together against his will, and started to shrink! Jay could only sit there, frozen in fear, as his hands were totally remade. In seconds his fingers were gone and a hard lump was growing in their place.

The forms replacing his hands seemed familiar to Jay, but in his terror it took several seconds for him to recognize them.

Hooves! His hands - and precious fingers - had become hooves!

"NO!" he screamed and flew around the cell. He had to get out! Now! He ran to the door and began striking the cell door with his new appendages. The impacts jarred through his hooves and up his arms, but it was no good. Even if he had all the tools of the trade there in the room with him, he would never have been able to open that door.

He knew, with a feeling of utter despair, that even with the keys to the door it would be a minor miracle for him to be able to open it. That sour-faced judge clearly had had brains enough to realize what Jay had been planning.

Jay was still staring at his new equine equipment when three female guards arrived with some clothing that would fit him. He was forced to let them dress him in a bra, panties and orange prison clothes.

He could only stand there, utterly humiliated, as they roughly pulled his new clothes on him. He couldn't even dress himself anymore he realized as they bundled him onto the van to transfer him to his new prison. If he couldn't manage that then how could he conceivably escape?

Jay covered his face with his hooves as it dawned on him that he was going to spend the next three decades as a part-equine woman. Unless...

He wiggled his toes. They were normal human feet. Surely, he couldn't teach himself to pick locks with his feet? He looked outside at the scenery passing by. He was going to have plenty of time on his hands (hooves, he corrected himself sourly) to learn.

The End

Time On His Hands copyright 1999 by Stephanie.

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