The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex


by Owl

"I'm bored." Raven sat around looking at the other five master wizards. "We need to do something interesting." He waited to see what their response would be.

"What do you have in mind?" said Telnor, eldest of the group. The others, having deferred for his question, now waited for Raven's response.

"I propose a card game," said Raven, "with high stakes." He smiled grimly at the others. "We can all have anything that we want and are tired of it. It is time to play a game which will change all of that. The game will be poker, and the stakes will be a piece of our lives. We will bind ourselves so that the results are automatic based on the rules we agree to. The lowest hand of each round will be transformed into a woman, and will serve the others for the remainder of the game. At the end of the game, the overall winner will be allowed to use each of the others once, after which they will be restored to their original forms. The risk involved is that while female, our powers will be suppressed and we will not be in control of ourselves. What do you think?"

The others considered and consulted and argued and bargained, but in the end all decided that Raven's suggestion would be implemented. If nothing else it would be different, and each could hope to be the one to end up with some measure of superiority over the others. They bound themselves over to the rules of the game and then sat down at a table to play.

The first round went slowly, with each of the wizards inspecting and considering and working odds. When the cards had been passed and counted and considered, each man laid down his hand in turn. All six of them looked at the hands on the table and then five looked at Bennor, who looked up in surprise, said "Wait, I..." and shimmered for a moment. Within the light, the watchers could see a form which flowed and changed. When the yellow light went died down, Bennor had transformed. In his place was a beautiful brown haired woman. She stood up and stretched seductively, showing them a form that was naked but for a bit of silk wound around her hips. Her body was one out of their wildest dreams and fantasies, built as only imagination could create. The woman that Bennor had become smiled suggestively at them all and asked "How may I serve you?" She radiated an overpowering sexuality that made them all want to have her.

Silwa stood up abruptly. "This is not what I bargained for. She is a mindless sex-slave. I will not take a chance on becoming that. I'm out of this game." He pushed his chair to the table and turned to walk away.

He instantly began to shimmer yellow and then there was another voluptuous woman standing by the table and the four remaining men. This one had dark hair and wore sheer silk stockings which came midway up her thighs, the white fabric contrasting with the dark tan of her skin.

Other than those, she wore only high heels. She smiled and caressed her breasts and between her legs suggestively.

"Apparently the wording was such that the only way to leave the game is to win," said Raven. "I suppose that means we must continue." He looked at the others to see what their responses would be. Telnor answered him by picking up the deck of cards and shuffling. Cryton and Gurt looked at each other and then at Raven, and waited for the cards to be dealt.

Two rounds later, Cryton and Gurt had become over-endowed sex objects like their unfortunate compatriots. Cryton was now a very short and pert redhead whose firm round breasts were particularly emphasized on her diminutive smallness and alabaster white skin. The dark green corset she wore added to the effect. Gurt, on the other hand, had black hair and skin and wore a loincloth of some animal hide. The four women fawned over the two remaining men, rubbing them and begging them to satisfy their sexual desires. By this point Raven suspected that Telnor was cheating as much as he was. Both were excellent card manipulators, but the time had come for the finale.

It was Raven's turn to deal, and he arranged things so that he had an unbeatable hand, the best possible under the scoring system they were using. It would be obvious he was cheating, but it wouldn't matter with his last opponent made his to do with as he would. He laid his cards down triumphantly, then watched as Telnor laid down an identical hand which he had managed to produce from somewhere. Raven's brow furrowed as he thought of the wording of the spell. It stated that the lowest hand of each round would be transformed. His eyes widened with realization of what would happen, but before he could react both he and Telnor began to shimmer with the same yellow light.

An observer would see that Raven had become a blonde of impossible proportions. Her breasts were simply huge, their firmness causing them to thrust outward forcefully, and yet her waist was the smallest they had ever seen on a woman. Her hips swelled out to delightful proportions, and her legs were as long and sexy as any woman ever had before. Her hair trailed down her back to below her ass, and other than the hair she was stark naked. Telnor, with an identical hand, became her identical twin down to the last detail.

When the first apprentice arrived to begin his duties the next day, he was surprised to find six of the most stupendous women he had ever seen waiting in the main room, nude or nearly so. They rushed to him and began kissing him and rubbing on him, begging to fulfill his every desire. The women remained constantly turned on, receptive to any advance. The apprentice took them back to his home, where they virtually overwhelmed him with their ardor. He found that they were illiterate and uneducated and interested in nothing other than constant sex of all sorts.

Realizing what a wonderful thing he had lucked into, the apprentice renounced his vocation and took his small harem to the nearest large city, where he opened the most successful brothel anyone had ever seen.

His six prostitutes needed no sleep and little food. They gained their energy from the almost constant sex provided them by their master and his customers. The blonde twins in particular were insatiable in their needs and unparalleled in their skills. The six master wizards didn't know what had happened to them, as there was no winner to have his way and revert the rest back. Instead, they existed as mindless whores whose only destiny was to fuck every man they ever met. This went on for a very, very long time.

Cards copyright 1996 by Owl.

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