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The Allure of Furries

by K. M.

(Author's note: I wrote the following story as the script for a mini-comic book that, sadly, was never published. The format should be easy enough for anyone to follow; a description of what's in the panel, followed by dialogue. I hope you like it. {And, should any artists out there feel inspired to actually draw it, I'd be interested in the results. You can e-mail me at

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL ONE: Three women enter a room. They are all very beautiful. One woman, Felicia, is black, slender, perhaps looking a little like Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show. The second, Alicia, is cute, young, with a few freckles, and large breasts. She may look a little naive. She is wearing earrings, the clip-on kind, not pierced. The last, Patricia, is more mature, in her late 30s or early 40s. She is very stunning, statuesque and elegant. She also seems to have a perpetual attitude. Her hair is styled in a pompadour. It is dark with a white stripe down the middle. Greeting them is a man dressed like a wizard. The room is sparsely furnished with only a few chairs or, perhaps stools covered by a large drop-cloth. The women are all very stylishly dressed.
PATRICIA: We're the models sent by the Foster agency. I'm Patricia ...
ALICIA: ... I'm Alicia ...
FELICIA: ... and I'm Felicia.
WIZARD: Hi. Just call me Wiz.

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL TWO: As the Patricia talks to the Wizard, she and the other women start to undress.
PATRICIA: The agency said this was to be a nude assignment?
WIZARD: Right. Take off everything, Tricia ...

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL THREE: The women are now nearly or completely naked. Alicia, however, is still wearing her earrings. Patricia is standing a little defiantly, facing down the Wizard.
PATRICIA: That's PAtricia, thank you.
WIZARD: Oh. Sorry. Anyway, all of you just stand or sit over there at the backdrop.

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL FOUR: The models take their positions. Felicia is on the left, Alicia in the middle, and Patricia on the end. The Wizard stands off to the side, holding a wand and facing the reader. He is standing like a professor about to deliver a lecture.
WIZARD: Harmph. Hello. Today, we are going to look into the appeal of the furry female in fantasy.
ALICIA: Furry female?PATRICIA: Pay it no mind, dear. This man is paying very well.

SCENE, PAGE ONE, PANEL FIVE: This is a panel divided three ways, giving us moderate close-ups of each model. Felicia is smiling seductively, Alicia innocently, Patricia a bit condescendingly. We have an ample view of their charms. WIZARD (Off-panel): In recent years, a sub-group of fandom has popped up calling itself furry fans or "fen." Basically, observing lovely women such as these is not enough for them.
FELICIA: Who's he talkin' to?
ALICIA: Are we on TV?
PATRICIA: If we are, we'd better be very very well paid! WIZARD (Off-panel): Ladies, if you'll show your backsides ...

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL ONE: The models are facing away, some of them in poses meant to emphasize their bottoms.
WIZARD: They would, for example, look upon a trio of callipygous beauties such as this ...
ALICIA: "Callipygous?"
PATRICIA: It's a compliment, dear. It means we've got nice bottoms.

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL TWO: Suddenly, all three women have tails! Felicia has a cat's tail. Alicia has a fox's tail, and Patricia a skunk's tail! Alicia hasn't yet noticed the change, though she's trying to reach around to feel her backside. Felicia and Patricia are both looking at each other (and Alicia), but not yet themselves. Felicia is showing lots of dismay, while Patricia is trying to keep her cool.
FELICIA: I'm not too sure about that anymore!
ALICIA: Why? What's happened?
PATRICIA: Let's just say we aren't possibly being paid enough for this job! WIZARD (Off-panel): ...and decide it isn't enough.

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL THREE: A medium shot of Felicia. She's looking at the fingers of one hand, which now have cat-like claws on them. Her tail is curling around enough for us to see it in front of her. Her ears are pointed and there are whiskers on her face. WIZARD (Off-panel): Then, he'll think of further "enhancements." Given the sleek, muscular body and the name of this model, he'd probably use a feline approach.
FELICIA: Hey! Do you know how much I pay to have these nails manicured!?

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL FOUR: A medium shot of Alicia. She's looking as fur starts to grow on her arms, even stroking it. Her ears are also getting pointed, and her nose has turned black.
WIZARD: As for this one, he might think "This girl's a fox!" and then decide to make it true.ALICIA: Hey! I'm getting all fuzzy!

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL FIVE: A medium shot of Patricia. She is standing with hands on hips, very upset. Her body is starting to be covered with dark fur, though her breasts haven't quite been covered yet.
WIZARD: And, with dear Patricia, the stripe in her hair is just too much to resist!
PATRICIA: It's a streak. And if you cost me my perfume ad shoots ...

SCENE, PAGE TWO, PANEL SIX: The three models have now completely changed. Felicia is a cat woman, complete with ears and somewhat feline face. Alicia has a fox's snout and ears - which she is reaching for, to pull off the earrings which are now giving her great pain. Patricia similarly now has a skunk's head, though her inspirational hair is still on her head. She is steaming, muttering to herself.
WIZARD: Finally, the improvements are complete!
FELICIA: This is an improvement?
ALICIA: Yeeeowch! PATRICIA (in small lettering): ... get myself a good lawyer who'll rip your balls off, then see to it you're committed until the sun explodes, you rotten son of a ...

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL ONE: Alicia pulls her earrings off, wincing in pain. The Wizard stands off to one side, looking sympathetic.
ALICIA: Ohhh, my poor ears.
WIZARD: I did say to take off everything! Fox ears aren't meant to wear earrings!

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL TWO: The Wizard walks towards Felicia, his hand outstretched. She's a little apprehensive about his approach.
WIZARD: What the appeal is of a female with an unremovable fur coat is hard to say.
FELICIA: Hey, Wiz, what do you think ...

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL THREE: The Wizard, starting at the top of Felicia's back, starts stroking her fur. Her expression is in midst of changing from apprehension to pleasure.
WIZARD: The fur certainly feels nice to the touch ...
FELICIA: ... you're ...

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL FOUR: As the Wizard finishes petting Felicia, she has a look on her face of total sensual ecstasy.
WIZARD: And stroking it is, in turn, pleasurable for the person inside.
FELICIA: Pur-r-r-r-r-r. You can say that again, Wiz!

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL FIVE: Felicia strokes Alicia's fur, which Alicia enjoys. Patricia is standing nearby, arms folded, daring anyone to come near her.
FELICIA: Wow. I've been "petted" before, but not like that! What do you think?ALICIA: Hee hee! It tickles and turns me on at the same time. Try it, Patricia! PATRICIA (In a "frosty" balloon): No, thank you.

SCENE, PAGE THREE, PANEL SIX: A close-up of the Wizard, continuing his lecture.
WIZARD: Of course, some feel the addition of fur makes it warmer, and more pleasant, to cuddle with the subject. And others just like the sleek look of fur.

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL ONE: The Wizard changes the women again. This time, Felicia is a mermaid, Alicia is a harpy (hovering a bit off the floor), and Patricia is a centaur. This time everyone, including Patricia, looks at themselves in delight or approval. Patricia also looks thoughtful.
WIZARD: Some in this fan group prefer the woman-animal combinations of myth and legend.
FELICIA: Hey! A black mermaid! I love it!
ALICIA: Look at me! I have wings!

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL TWO: Felicia, sitting down, lifts her tail off the floor to better examine it. Alicia feels her wings but looks off-panel towards Patricia. WIZARD (Off-panel): In this case, of course, things are not limited to fur.
FELICIA: If only I were at the beach right now.
ALICIA: Me, I'm wishing I were up in the sky, flying over the city. How about you, Patricia?

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL THREE: Patricia has a faraway look in her eyes and a sly smile on her face.
PATRICIA: I'm just remembering a stallion on a friend's farm that I'd like to visit right now.

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL FOUR: The Wizard waves his wand at the women again. They look eagerly at him, almost anticipating the next transformation.
WIZARD: Of course, you've seen just a few of the possibilities open to the furry fan. The only limits in the hobby ...

SCENE, PAGE FOUR, PANEL FIVE: The women have changed again. This time, Felicia is part-snake, Alicia is part-dog (dalmatian, to be exact), and Patricia is part-rabbit. WIZARD (Off-panel): ... are those of the imagination!
FELICIA: I'm not so sure about this one!
ALICIA: I am! I used to have a good ol' spotty dog just like this!
PATRICIA: Why do I have this sudden craving for carrot cake?
WIZARD: Of course, the imagination can spawn some tastes ...

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL ONE: The women are changed again, but this time into truly bizarre forms! Felicia has the tail, teeth, fur, and (slightly) face of a rat! Alicia is a cross between a women and a frog. Her torso and face are human, but covered with frog-like markings, while her hands and feet have been turned into flippers. (She still has her hair.) And Patricia has become a walrus woman. She is like a mermaid with a scaleless tail. Her hands are flippers and she has two huge tusks sticking out of her mouth. She is laying on her stomach, which is more than a little blubbery. Needless to say, the women are not pleased with these changes.
WIZARD (Off-panel): ... which are best left undiscussed.
PATRICIA: I'll URF! Kill URF! You!

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL TWO: A close-up of the Wizard, waving his wand.
WIZARD: And that concludes our examination of furry fandom! Ladies, I now restore you to your true forms ...

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL THREE: At the feet of each model appears a pot of gold. We do not see the women above their calves.
WIZARD (Off-panel): Give you your well-earned payment ...

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL FOUR: The Wizard disappears in a puff of smoke.
WIZARD: ... and bid you adieu.

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL FIVE: The models are either picking up their clothes or holding and looking at their gold. We do not see them from below the waist. They are neither looking at themselves or each other.
ALICIA: Wow! He disappeared!
FELICIA: And look at all this gold! This is one gig I won't forget!

SCENE, PAGE FIVE, PANEL SIX: And now, we see the women full figure. Each is totally nude, though perhaps starting to put something on - and each one has a tail again, the same ones they first had. Patricia looks glumly at the other two.
PATRICIA: I'm afraid you're right, dear.

The Allure of Furries copyright 1996 by K. M..

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