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The Closet

by Mickey

Fixing the ribbon on my cock you lead me back to the closet. You are giggling and laughing at what's in store for me now. Getting to the closet you pull me inside and gently push me up against your furs. You laugh at me as I become excited by the softness and the smell.

"Like that? Isn't it soft? It sort of captures you doesn't it?" And you laugh again as I begin to move slightly against the furs.

Taking out your perfume, you lean over to me and spray me up and down with the perfume. You laugh as my eyes roll back and I begin to get very, very dizzy. "That's right, just feel the soft fur! That's right. Now, didn't you say something about wanting me to turn you into a fur?" As you said this you then moved over to the furs and took one of the arms and began to caress my cock gently. I began to tremble as I was being turned on more and more.

Laughing, "That's right, just get lost in the softness. It's so soft and pretty. You can't resist it. You just can't resist it. You want it. You need it don't you?"

"Yes. I need it.. Please lose me and trap me. Please."

Laughing again, "Oh! But you're already trapped. You can't move can you? You feel lost in the softness don't you? How doe it feel to be trapped in fur? Lost in the softness and trapped there forever?"

I can barely do anything but nod at this point. And this makes you laugh at me again. Then, looking at the furs and then me, "Now what should I turn you into now?" Then teasing me more with the fur, and making me moan with excitement, "How about a full length, very seductive and feminine fox fur coat? would you like that?" And you giggle as I tremble before you.

I nod and look deeply into your eyes as I know that I am trapped and lost.

"Well, that's not very convincing now is it? Why don't you beg me. Yes. That's it. Beg me to turn you into a fur. Come on. Beg me... ". And you laugh as I begin whining and begging.

"Please mistress! Please turn me into a fur. Please turn me into a full length fox fur coat! Please trap me there forever! Please! I beg of you, Mistress! Please! Turn me into a fur and lose me in exciting myself over and over without stopping! I beg of you Mistress! Please!"

Laughing at me again, "Well, that was very nice! But are you sure that you want to be turned into a fur. I mean, once you are turned into a fur, you'll be teasing yourself over and over without stopping. You won't be able to stop teasing yourself. And you'll not be able to releive yourself either. You'll be lost in teasing yourself. With every movement you make you will become more and more excited. You'll be lost in excitement and being teased over and over again forever! Are you sure you want that? Because once I change you I intend on leaving you that way for a long, long time, no matter what you say! Do you understand that honey?" And you laugh as I shake before you as you continue teasing me.

I begin to hesitate slightly about answering. Gently caressing the tip of my cock, "It is soft, isn't it. Just think about being surrounded in that. Just think about every movement you make doing nothing but teasing you more and more, you mind becoming destroyed in the process. Now, doesn't it feel soft? It's irresistable isn't it?" And you laugh.

"Yes, Mistress! Please! Yes! Please! I beg of you! Please turn me into a fur! Please! Yes! Please! I beg you, Mistress Lyn! Please turn me into a fur! Please!"

Laughing, you put the arm of the fur down, and you lead me into the rack of clothes directly behind the fur that you were teasing me with. You spray me with perfume again. Then you pull the fur in front of me directly up against me. My eyes begin to look like slits as the fur caresses my cock and excites me beyond comprehension. You laugh at me again as you move over to the light switch.

With you hand on the switch you turn out the lights. "Now honey, just feel the fur in front of you." You peer through the darkness and can just make out my body trapped there by the fur.

"That's it. Just feel the fur in front of you. Feel how soft it is. How thick and hypnotic it is. Just become lost in it. Lost! Trapped! You're trapped! Trapped forever!" And you laugh this very, very wicked laugh. And then you turn on the lights.

There before you is hanging this very seductively beautiful full length silver fox fur, with an oversized shawl collar and very soft bell sleeves.

"There. My! Don't you look pretty. Now move. Move a little. Go ahead, honey. Move."

Hearing you I obey. as I move one of the arms of this fur, which is now me, every part of me is being caressed with the soft fur. Perfume, the perfume that you sprayed on me before, is now part of the fur. With each movement more perfume is surrounding me, and every inch of my being is being caressed and teased by myself, the fur!

Immediately I begin to become so turned on that I can hardly stand it. But the more turned on I become, the more that I feel compelled to move. And the more that I move the more turned on I become. I can feel the fur literally destroying my mind and all that I am, by teasing me over and over!

Whimpering, "I..... This was a mistake... I'm losing my mind! I .... the fur is destroying me! I'm getting so turned on! I can't stop! I need to keep teasing myself over and over! I'm losing my mind!" And I then sigh and swoon as I continue to tease myself, destroying all that I used to be in the process.

Combing your hair, making the curls larger and larger, falling softly about your shoulders, "Oh really? You're losing your mind? Really? The fur's destroying you?" Then laughing at me, "Here, let me help!" And you then turn slightly toward me showing me your hair.

"Don't you like my hair? Isn't it soft looking? So deep and thick? It's so easy to get lost in. Wouldn't you like to get lost in my hair, along with the soft fur? Hmmmm?" And you laugh as you step over to me, and turn your hair towards me.

"Here, let me help you on your way to happy madness, honey!" And you laugh again as you brush your hair up against me. "Like that? Isn't it soft and hypnotic?"

You can hear me, the fur behind you, shaking so hard that the hanger is rattling on the railing. And you laugh at me again.

Then, while teasing me with your long, soft and thick hair, you take your nails and begin running them over my surface, the fur. "Oh! You're so soft and pretty. So thick and soft! Yes! So soft! You're lost in it all! Just lost!"

"Please! I can't take anymore! I'm going crazy! I'm losing my mind! I can't stop teasing myself! The fur! It's destroying my mind! Your hair.... I'm getting so turned on that I can't stop! I...." And the fur begins to shake all the more on the rack!

"Oh! But I warned you didn't I? I told you that the fur would show you no mercy. That you'd become so trapped and lost in it that you'd never be able to escape! Now didn't I tell you that?"

It is impossible for me to answer. I am becoming so lost in your hair, the fur, the perfume, and under your spell that I cannot answer. The fur, which is me, simply shakes and trembles behind you.

"I thought so. Can't answer can you?" And you laugh again at me while you continue teasing me with your long, soft, and thick hair, your fingers caressing me, the fur, turning me on more and more, making me tease myself more and more!

You begin to pull away from me slightly.

"Please! Your hair! Please, don't go... I mean..."

Laughing at me, you turn around and face me. Your eyes see this very seductive smoke gray fur shaking on its hanger, with the hanger moving slightly back and forth on the rack. You can just make out what's left of a face in the fur. It's my face. As you study it you can see the confusion, the excitement, how lost I am and how trapped I am. As you watch me I become more excited and shake a little more on the rack.

As you stand there, you tease me with your hair. You play with it slightly and comb it, making the large, soft curls fall about your shoulders. "My hair is lovely, isn't it? It's so soft and thick! It's so hypnotic! Don't you think so?" And you giggle.

As I look at you and your lovely hair, lost in teasing myself, I become more excited from how hypnotic it looks. "Yes! It's ... it's hypnotic... It's ... so soft! Please! Come back! Let me feel your hair... Please...."

"I think that you are doing very well for now. In a matter of hours your entire mind will be gone. Everything that you ever thought will be dead. You'll be trapped completely in a constant state of being turned on. You'll just keep teasing yourself more and more, turning yourself on more and more, and becoming trapped further and further under my spell and the spell of the closet." And you laugh at me again.

"Feels good to be so soft, doesn't it? Hmmmm? How does it feel to have your mind being destroyed little by little, with you not being able to stop it? Like being trapped? Hmmmm?" And you laugh at me again.

"Please! Mistress! I..... I'm so turned on... I..."

"I'll be back in a few hours to see what's left of you." Laughing, with my pleas in the background as the fur shakes on the rack you move towards the door. As you turn to close the door you can see your clothes moving along the racks and surrounding me. You smile as they begin to caress this new fur, and I shake more on the rack, trapped there forever!

Hearing me swoon as I become more and more turned on, you giggle and close the door and lock it. You can hear me swooning as you turn and prepared to go out for the evening.

You don't come back until the next morning. Dressed in a short satin nightie, you comb out your hair, letting it fall softly around your shoulders. You spray on a little prefume, and laughing, you open the door and turn on the lights.

As you look in at me, the clothes then move along the racks back to their original positions, opening a little clearing and exposing my shaking self to your sight. You smile as you watch me hanging there shaking and tembling. The moaning is now barely audible, but it is still there.

As you study your new fur you no longer see a face at all. You just see this very seductive and sensuous full length fox fur. And it is not only beautiful, it is very, very sexy!

Stepping over to me, you turn and begin to caress me with your hair, while teasing me with your fingers on my soft fur coat!

Laughing, "And how is my fur this morning? Hmmmm?"

"I am fine mistress. I am so turned on! I am lost in excitement. I can't stop teasing myself. Your hair is so soft and beautiful! So hypnotic!"

"My! You sound much happier today. How does it feel to be lost in turning yourself on? Teasing yourself over and over? And my hair, teasing you more and making your become lost in it? How does it all feel? Hmmmm?"

"Wonderful Mistress. It feels wonderful." And then, with my arm that facing out, I then move it around and begin to caress you. I start at your breasts and gently caress your nipples with my softness. You immediately let out a little sigh as you are taken by surprise and your eyes roll up slightly as your feel my softness teasing your nipples. You tip slightly as you almost fall back into me.

"What are you doing? You're .... The fur is so soft! It's... I'm ... You're so soft... I...". You are getting lost in the softness. You can't resist it. My other arm then moves around and begins to caress your other nipple. You toss your head and tease me further with your hair, laughing. You are becoming trapped in the same trap that you laid for me. You try and pull away, but you can't! You are so turned on that you just want to keep feeling the soft fur on your skin and your breasts. You run your fingers up and down me, turning me on all the more. As you do this I reach down and begin to caress your thighs and your crotch.

Giggling you tease me more with your hair. "Oh! I do love you this way! Yes! Feel my hair against you! Just get lost in it! Yes! Get lost in my long, soft hair!" And you tease me over and over with your hair, as I caress your crotch with my fur, and tease your nipples. You are getting so turned on that you are getting wet. You don't want to leave. You just want to stand there and feel me, and tease me.

Finally, you can't stand it any longer! You turn and take me from the closet. Holding me close to your breasts, you can feel me teasing your nipples and every part of you as you walk. You almost stumble to the bed. Finally getting there, you then lay me out with my fur side up. You take off your nightie and lay down on top of me, burying yourself in my softness, and teasing me with your hair.

Your hands cannot resist your excitement as you move them up and under your breasts, holding them, and teasing the nipples with your fingers! You are breathing so heavy and fast now. You are lost in being turned on. As you lie there, I move part of me around you and begin to tease your thighs and your crotch. You moan with excitement as my softness makes you completely mindless and lost in passion. Pulling me away from your crotch, you begin to tease your clit with your fingers as I tease your arms and chest. You are swooning as you become lost in my softness and the strong perfume that you have made part of me.

You reach down and grab a short towel and put it up under your crotch, because you are so wet and hot. Everywhere you turn there is me, this soft fur. You can't stop teasing yourself. You are lost in the pleasure of your fingers on your clit while I caress your neck, your shoulders, your ass, your hips. I am caressing every part of you with my hypnotic softness. You are breathing very fast and heavy now. Your hips are undulating up and down, as your head turns from side to side, feeling my fur on your cheeks. You are so lost in being turned on that you don't even know where you are, much less care!

Suddenly, you groan very loudly as you explode, with your hips arching upwards and then falling back down into my softness. But before you can compose yourself, I am again teasing you with my softness. And your fingers are drawn back to your clit! You can't resist! You are lost in being turned on. You continue to tease yourself over and over again. Within minutes, while I am wrapped around you, teasing every part of you, your clit is so hot that you explode for a second time. But this time, it doesn't stop there! You are so turned on and lost, that you immediately cum again. Then again. And again! And again! Your hips are moving up and down furiously as you cum over and over again. You are moaning and groaning as you go from one orgasm to the next! You are so turned on that you can't speak. All you can do is feel. And I continue to caress you over and over, losing you in softness, making you cum without end.

Finally, several hours later, my caress begins to feel so wonderful that you begin to wind down from the heat of the passion that you have felt. You hands fall down on me, and lightly caress me, turning me on more and more. You lie there, on top of me, lost in my softness, and teasing me with your hands. You can hear me shaking from your touch and barely hear me moaning from being lost in teasing myself.

"Well, you certainly have showed me that I've made the right decision." And you laugh at me shaking underneath you.

"You are wonderful this way. I had no idea! And you are now so lost in turning yourself on that you give new meaning to excitement! Yes! I am going to keep you a fur for a very long, long time." And you laugh again...

"Turned on a little bit are we?" As you turn your head over and look at me shaking underneath you.

You then get up and stand there looking at me shaking on the bed, lost in tesing myself. Trapped in turning myself on over and over. Lightly you tease me by brushing me and making my fur smooth again from where you lay down.

"That's right, just keep turning yourself on. Tease yourself. You're lost in it all. Lost and trapped." And you laugh at me again as you then hang me up on the rack.

Standing there by the door, "Like my hair? Wouldn't you just love to get lost in it?" And you turn around showing me your long, soft tresses, cascading down your back. Behind you, you can hear me shaking louder on the rack. And you laugh.

"That's right. Just stay trapped there. Trapped there forever... Lost in the softness and the perfume. Lost and trapped in teasing yourself over and over... Oh! My hair is so soft. Wouldn't you just love to get lost in it?" And you laugh as you hear me moan and swoon, with me shaking harder on the rack.

Laughing, you walk out and close the door and lock it, as you get dressed for work. You are truly filled with bliss at how you have trapped me and lost me forever and turned me into your sexiest piece of clothing. You are convinced that you will never let me go. You are going to keep me as a fur for a very long time. You giggle as you leave for work...

The Closet copyright 1996 by Mickey.

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