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by Eddie Glover

Tommy Hill looked around as he entered the shop in the mall. He'd heard weird things about this place, things that made even a career shoplifter like him think twice. But he could see the small, golden ring sitting in the window...almost as if it were on display.

"Can I help you?", a voice asked from behind him. "Wha!? Um...I'm just looking.", he nervously answered. "Yes. I'm sure you are.", the old man said with a frown, "Call me if you need help.".

Tommy was stunned, with all this stuff up here the old man was leaving him was almost too good to be true!!

"Hello!", a buxom young woman cooed as she walked in with her boyfriend.

Tommy watched her for a moment, her huge breasts stretching her shirt. Her ass was covered by a skintight leather skirt that showed it off. He wanted her....if only...

The old man was helping the couple so Tommy grabbed the ring and tucked it in his pocket, then looked to make sure the old man hadn't seen anything.

He walked out quickly, keeping an eye on the shop to make sure the old man didn't call a cop or something.

"Man, I think that guy ripped you off!", the young man who'd entered the shop with his girl told the owner.

"Yes. He did.", the old man said with a grin. "Aren't you going to call a cop or something!?", the guy asked in wonder.

"No need. The thief will get what he deserves. Now what can I help you with?", he asked.

Ten minutes later the old man waved to the twosome, "Goodbye my dears, come back any time!", he laughed.

The two chesty women both smiled, neither remembering that one of them had been a man less than ten minutes before.

The old wizard watched their leather-clad asses sway as they walked off, now identical twins in every way. The young man had asked for a potion to make a duplicate of his girl. He assumed that when his girl drank it she'd split into two women...instead he'd been turned into her twin. In fact they would be sisters and everyone would remember them as such.

His thoughts turned back to the shoplifter, apparently the man had taken the golden ring he kept up front to attract scumbags like that. It granted wishes....but only wishes of others within ten feet...and not the wishes of the one that wore it!

Tommy sat in his dorm room looking at his newest property. He saw the insciption and gasped, "The Ring of Wishes....", there was more but it had been rubbed off.

"Wishes huh? He held it in his hand and spoke, "I wish I had a thousand dollars on the table before me!".

When nothing happened he frowned, feeling like a fool for even thinking such a thing. He slipped the ring on until he could sell it downtown.

There was a knock at his door and when he opened it his girlfriend Debbie stood there.

"Where have you been!?", she snarled, "I've been waiting at the library for you all night!".

"Sorry baby!", he cooed while kissing her. "I bought this for you!", he indicated the ring.

Debbie's eyes lit up upon seeing the gold band, "Tommy! It's beautiful!", she gasped.

He tried to pull it off but it wouldn't budge! It had slipped in easily just a few moments before, what was the deal?

"It's the thought that counts!", Debbie giggled while leading him into the bedroom.

After they had undressed Debbie tried not to frown at her boyfriend's small penis. She wished he could be a little more endowed anyway.

Tommy felt a tingle from the ring and in his groin then realized that his dick had grown to well over six inches!

"Tommy!?", Debbie gasped, "What...I wished that!", she seemed frightened.

"It must be the ring!", he laughed, "It wouldn't work for me, but it did for you!", he laughed while getting up from the bed.

"Then I wish you'd get back in bed and make love to me!", she laughed.

Tommy instantly felt a compulsion to make love to her and within moments was doing as she'd commanded.

"What happened to me last night?", he asked her as he got up,"I don't remember much after finding out that the ring actually worked.".

"I commanded you to make love....and you did!", Debbie laughed, "I'd be real careful baby, it doesn't have to be a verbal wish...just a thought!", she warned.

"Shit! I'm late for my first class!", he yelled while looking at the clock.

"I wish that we were both at our classes fully dressed.", Debbie commanded.

Tommy felt the ring vibrate for a moment then he realized that he was sitting in his English if he'd never been late!

Professor Melissa Yawny frowned at the girls in her class. She hated being so old and having to look at these cheerleader bimbos in her class. She wished that she could have a body like theirs again.

Howard Garrison scribbled in his notebook, drawing yet another barbarian...he wished that he could be like Conan or cool that would be.

Jennifer Orchard frowned at being up this early. She thought of her boyfriend Johnny laying in bed, not having to get up for classes today. She wished that he could be here and her in bed.

Bill Dowdy hated having to do all the talking in this class, the cheerleaders were allowed to sit there gossiping all hour while he actually had to pay attention. He wished that he had it as easy as them.

All of these wishes hit Tommy all at once, making him feel like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket!

He looked up in shock as frumpy old Professor Yawny turned into a young, buxom woman....her clothes now plastered to full breasts and hips like she'd once had.

Howard Garrison grew into an enormous mountain of muscle...looking like Conan! The man looked at himself in the huge broadsword that his pencil had become!

Jennifer Orchard simply be replaced by her boyfriend Johnny. The man looked around groggily then realized that he was in his underwear!

Bill Dowdy felt his chest tug outwards on his shirt, and his ass swelled under him. He brushed his lengthening blond hair out of his face, stunned at the sight of his breasts and the rest of him! He'd turned into a gorgeous woman, like a cheerleader!

The room was chaos as people screamed in panic, having seen the tranformations take place before them.

Tommy ran out of the room, hoping to get home before any more wishes hit home.

He managed to get out of the campus but had to run by the football field to get to his dorm....and that meant coming close to practice.

"Damnit!", the coach snapped, "I wish you wusses would join the rest of the girls for cheerleader practice!".

Tommy's eyes shot open as the wish ripped out of the ring, knocking him to the ground.

He groaned and looked see sixty gorgeous women, all in cheerleader uniforms, being led in their cheers by a beautiful older woman.

"Oh man!", Tommy groaned, "I just turned our football team into women!".

He ran back to the dorm as the buxom girls continued their practice like nothing had changed.

He slammed the door to his room, panting in exhaustion. "Debbie?", a guy asked from the bathroom."I hope that's you!". "Oh no!", Tommy gasped as breasts swelled on his chest. He felt his sex change even as his body warped into the very image of his did his mind.

A guy opened the door to the bathroom, smiling after taking a shower. "Hey little sister!", he laughed upon seeing her, or rather upon seeing who he assumed was her!

"Hi James!", Tommy/Debbie giggled. She was now possessed of all Debbie's thoughts...she was Debbie as the wish had asked for.

"Deb?", James asked while looking at her, "Why are you wearing men's clothes?", he asked.

Tommy/ Debbie looked down in surprise, "I really don't know!", she gasped.

"I wish you would just tell me the truth!", James growled. Instantly Tommy's mind returned and he became seized by an urge to tell James the entire truth, "I'm actually Tommy, you're sister's boyfriend. This ring I'm wearing grants wishes for anyone close to me!", he explained.

James looked at his sister's body before him and chuckled, "Right! And I'm Dolly Parton!", he chortled.

POP! Without even seeing it Tommy would have known what had happened. But as it was he did see James' chest inflate to such a degree that the now former man's breasts had popped the buttons from his shirt! Similarly, the guy's jeans were ripped down the sides due to his suddenly wider hips.

"Well hello there!", James/Dolly laughed, now believing herself to actually BE the country singer.

Just then Debbie stepped in and looked at herself in men's clothes....and Dolly Parton in the remnants of another man's clothes.

"I wish everything was back to normal!", she yelled in exasperation.

James looked down in shock at his torn shirt and pants, then up to his sister...only it was a guy there now...but his sister was by the door.

"What the hell is going on!? I had some sort of daydream that I turned into Dolly Parton!", he roared.

"No dream.", Tommy muttered.

"Tommy!", Debbie snapped, "I just passed the field...exactly why are there sixty bimbos down there instead of the team!?", she growled.

He groaned, "I passed a little too close to the coach, he mouthed off about them acting like can guess the rest!".

"Well they should be back to normal now. It seems the ring's wishes are pretty powerful.", Debbie said while pondering what to do.

"Wait a minute....that ring can grant wishes!?", James asked. "Well...yeah. But you've got to be careful what you wish for!", Tommy yelled as he realized what James was preparing to do.

"I wish we were at the Playboy Mansion, and no one will think we're out of place!", he commanded.

"Oh....", Tommy started to say before they disappeared. "...shit!", she finished as they reappeared. "Are you happy!?", Debbie growled at her brother, "You've turned us into Playmates!".

Debbie started to wish, "I wish...", but was interupted by the flash of a camera.

The cameraman smiled, "Yes my dears I wish for you all to remain as you are, happy as any woman can be!".

Before Tommy's mind changed into Tomi Hill, Miss October, he thought he recognized the man with the camera from that shop in the mall.

"You always throw a great party Hef!", the old man laughed while the three Playmates cuddled up to him.

Hugh Hefner smirked at his old friend, "I'm just glad you've never gotten pissed at me!".

The wizard chuckled, "Never happen! But you've got to admit, I keep a steady supply of these Playmates coming in!", he said with a laugh.

Hefner looked around the pool they were beside. At least thirty gorgeous women were lounging there. "We have had a good working relationship!".

The two older men laughed into the clear day as the women cuddled against them.

Shoplifter copyright 1996 by Eddie Glover.

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