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Menage(rie) a Trois

by LLLama

There was a timeless, mesmerizing quality about the drive: the road dipped and arced and then dipped and arced again, over and over for endless miles through the mountains. Down through valleys, then across another peak for more long miles. At last Jeff could see a substantial grouping of buildings in the distance after interminable hours of nothing but wilderness. Surprising how well kept the road is for such a long seemingly unused stretch. I haven't passed anyone in at least an hour.

Coming out of a curve, he could see the driveway just ahead on the right that lead to the compound. Ah, so this is Ultima Thule, Doctor Thule's estate, private laboratory and retreat, at least that's how he described over the phone. He turned the car into the half mile driveway, leaving the road to continue on its empty winding way. The forested glade was relieved by meadows carpeting the gently sloping bottom of the valley. Jeff could see parallel lines of fencing of several different kinds, from fifteen foot tall security fence to four strands of barb wire range fencing, each creating grazing ground of fairly substantial acreage. Some stretches were tightly woven right to the ground, looking like a rat couldn't get through it. The fenced pastures circled around behind the maze of buildings. Whew! This is some layout. Certainly much, much larger than anything I had expected. He parked next to a car with New York State plates on it. I sure hope that doesn't belong to my competition.

Doctor Thule emerged from the huge doors beneath the port cochere just as Jeff drove past it and was alongside the driverside door as he stopped the car. His hand gripped Jeffıs with a strong squeeze. "I'm really very pleased you could make this long trip for our interview. I know it's a long way from the city. I needed to be sure you were aware how far away from civilization we are here." Dr. Thule not only shook Jeff's hand, but held it in his as he wrapped his other arm around Jeffıs shoulder and began to guide him around the edge of the parking lot, circling back toward the buildings.

"I've enjoyed every bit of the drive. I'm so glad to see how remote the place is. It's exactly what I've been looking for - a place to be near to nature and a place to be natural, to be who I am: to become who I might become in a wooded agrarian environment like this. You know, for being in my feelings and not so lost in my intellect and ego as often happens in the city. I might spend a lot of my free time in the forest. Would you care if I made a camp out there?"

"Hmm, yes, it is a good place for that kind of thing, I believe. Man is not really at home in concrete and steel alone. Our hearts yearn for the unspoiled out-of-doors. Our animal natures long inwardly for arcadian peace. Weıve got plenty of that here. Did you ever want to be an animal? You know, unspoiled by a sense of right and wrong."

"Oh, you mean because of my desire for being closer and more nearly a part of nature? No. No, I can't say I really ever thought of that. It's an interesting idea. I'll meditate on it."

"Yes, animals are not stuck in their intellects. You just said you wanted to be who you are. If I may say without seeming too presumptious, I infer you had a fairly unhappy childhood. As I remember, you said your parents had divorced when you were quite young."

"Yes. They each remarried. I have step brothers and sisters on both sides. But I never felt very close to either of my parents. Their interests always went toward their new families. So, after spending a lot of years in boarding school, I pretty much went my own way. I haven't seen them or really talked with them for several years. I'm twenty seven now and I really want to find my place in the world. This could be it for me, if you hire me."

"One of the requirements for the job is to be able to care for the animals I have. On our way to the house I will show you one which, um, recently arrived here. There. You see her? Thatıs Teddie. Tethered under the trees. We can walk over and you can pet her, if you like. She is an American buffalo, a bison."

Jeff, a city boy, had never seen a buffalo before and he was stunned by her size as he moved near her. Her great shoulders, head and horns stood above his head height. He reached out to touch her thick haired shoulder and matted brisket and thought of her and her herd grazing on the great plains. Her aroma put him off some as he was still used to the human and mechanical smells of the city. He wasn't afraid, but was kind of apprehensive and tentative about being so close to such a large beast. "Is she really tame?"

"She is as docile as any domesticated creature I've seen. She apparently understands a lot about human beings and I don't think she would ever be able to hurt one." They moved on under the port cochere and into the building.


After dinner, later that evening, Thule pushed his chair back and smiled. "You won't sleep long, my friend." He got up and moved around the table into an alcove off the dining room. He returned with a wheelchair. "Good old handy wheelchair, how could I ever elucidate my guests without it?" He maneuvered Jeff's limp body onto the wheelchair and strapped Jeff's legs and feet to it. Then he injected a half dozen syringes of chemicals into Jeff's arms, taking care to make certain some were intravenous and others intramuscular. Finishing the injections, he strapped Jeff's arms and hands to the chair's armrests. He checked his work and finding it completed, he gave Jeff one final injection--to wake him up. Then the good Doctor sat down again and took another sip of his wine.

Jeff moved about some, lifted his head and, looking at Thule, said sheepishly, "I must have dozed off. The wine and the food and the fresh country air have relaxed me incredibly much."

"Yes, that and the sedative I gave you," replied Thule.

Jeff suddenly realized he was strapped to his chair. "What's going on?" He struggled against his bonds. "Why have you done this?"

"I've decided to give the management of my land and animals over to a another young man I interviewed earlier today, but I have other equally permanent employment for you. The other lad has always had, he tells me, a desire to be part horse and I have encouraged him in this. It would be the very best place for him as his desire is a part of my speciality. If I help him to achieve his goal, he will be able to help me care for my animals and I will then have little fear that he would let my particular secret out to

the world. The other capacity which I have in mind for you I need as urgently."

"Excuse me. I'm sorry. I don't understand at all. I think you're saying you will help him to become partly a horse?"

"Yes, that's right. You see, my work combines several disciplines. As far as my customers are concerned, I sell them exotic, often endangered species, and sometimes common domestic animals for their private collections. Whatever they want, they can order. Some of them have quite extensive personal zoos. The black market in rare species is brutal and prices are much higher than for a reputable legal sale ... of almost any animal. A large part of my work is to provide marketably profitable animals of any species--like the bison you were petting--to persons or organizations who want them and have no ability to enter into a market with such limited offerings at anywhere near the going rate. Economically, it is the closest thing to a true sellers market that exists.

"That's the sales side. On the procurement side, I have about the largest collection of genetic material of mammalia, reptilia, aves,

pices, and, ah, what is that other one, amphibia in the world. I have an extensive network and I frequently get new genetic material from sources all over the world. Naturally these are all confidential. In fact, most of my sources I don't know personally. The greater part of my acquired DNA samples I have not yet had a call to use. It is a truism that a busy man can always handle more work and I am considering branching out into the plant world, if you'll pardon the pun, especially into trees. I can grow the equivalent of a ten to twenty year old tree in a large pot inside of a month. Think of the advantage. Excuse me for throwing out so many concepts that are new to you in such a short time.

"But, down to the nitty-gritty. I advertise for individuals in the employment columns and lonely hearts adverts of hundreds of newspapers. I interview these persons and, using the genetic material for a requested animal, I alter--transform, if you will--a particular person into a particular animal. My cost is minimal: care and feeding for a short period of time. I don't need to wait for long periods of development and maturation. I don't need to be concerned with breeding practices or manage many different herds. I can create a yearling heifer or a mature crocodile in a matter of days.

"I am, in short, a genetic engineer and artist. I alter and create bodies. I have the ability to put hooves or paws on any or every person on the planet. Think what that would do to the shoe industry! Paws and hooves are so much more adapted for pavements and sidewalks. But I would be crucified if the press got wind of this. Vigilantes would search me out and murder me to 'protect' their children's feet. No, it is not yet time. Advance work must be done. The public has to be educated first and when they are, the market will be there for any preference of alteration. But, I digress again."

"You expect me to believe ... this ... this ... this ... incredible bullshit story? I suppose such a farfetched tale means that the bison I petted this afternoon used to be a human being. I'm sorry if I stayed too long or wasn't the right person for the job you have. Perhaps you've had too much wine. I don't know you very well. I really better start back to the city tonight. I passed a nice motel about ninety-five miles back. I don't want you to tell me any more. I really don't believe you. I'm glad the other guy got the job. Just untie me and let me leave now and I'll forget I was here. I promise."

"I'm sorry I can't allow that to happen. In fact, I've already sold the animal you'll become. You're to be part of a trio," Thule replied. "I needed to give you several injections - along the lines of the discussion we had been having this afternoon about DNA replacement and replication - and I did this while you were unconscious. You assumed our discussion was a theoretical one. I knew you would not believe me about the process I have developed; no casual acquaintance ever does."

"I decided you might benefit from observing a transmorphing human first hand. Not that it really matters whether you believe me or not. I don't care. I will transform you anyway. I really don't need or care for the approval of my subjects-cum-animals. It may be nonconsensual at first, but by the time they are transformed, they are contented, happy and cooperative. No animal I've made has ever been able to talk about their experience much less point an accusing finger at me for underhanded or illegal activity. I don't believe they would want to if they could. By the way, I don't believe transforming persons into animals is illegal. Still, I like to keep a low profile. Sometimes I consider it a moral and an ethical obligation to engage my subjects before hand and discuss the most extraordinary experience they will ever undergo in their lives: changing into a different species, a totally nonhuman, animal species. And, in that, becoming completely a beast. Most of those who come here I don't really talk with, but, under some pretext, I inject them with the necessary genetic material and chemicals and get them locked into their own pen."

"Their own pen! Whatever are you talking about?"

"Actually, I'm the one who will benefit, at least in the financial sense, while you will be much, much more as you put it, in touch with your feelings and senses ... ah, for the rest of your life. So, by changing you I am fulfilling your desires in a way. But, the real need for rendering you unconscious was to strap you into the wheelchair so that I can give you a 'grand tour' of my facilities and of my work without your attempting to escape or hurt me in fear of your own imaginings. It's about the only way I can share with others about my work. Of course, this knowledge will stay within you and can never get out into the world at large. I knew you would never let me change you, or even show you around, just as an amusement or for your edification. I knew you would bolt and run if I attempted to share about my work with you. And this is a practical way to get you to your own pen. Individual humans are usually quite timid when out of their milieu, but they will aggressively attempt to avoid new experiences which are preconceived to be unpleasant even with no basis in fact. With the need I have for a diversity of companionship, I find it helpful to get another's perspective on my work, even if only for a short time and in but a few words. If you are impressed by my work, I'll know it."

"You-- you're mad. Insane!"

Thule finished his wine, rose and moved up behind Jeff. "Before you say too much and put me out of my good mood, I'm going to stop your talking. I'm sure that the tour I'm about to give you will answer all your questions, and if not, your experiences in the next few weeks will. Of course, by then you wonıt concern yourself with concepts like hours or weeks, much less about concepts." He brought a heavy leather gag with a large, long knob on the inside, forced Jeff's mouth open, inserted the gag and then tied it behind Jeff's head. All Jeff could do now was grunt and not too effectively at that as his throat was mostly blocked by the gag and he could only breathe through his nose.

Thule took hold of the handles on the wheelchair and pushed Jeff through a short hallway that opened onto an aisleway extending for great length both to the left and to the right that Jeff thought looked like the aisle in a stables with stall doors on either side. At the end of the corridor were two immense wooden doors. "That double door leads out to the pastures and runs. You'll find out about that later." Thule seemed excited. "We have to go up in the lift. I haven't given a tour in a long time."

The lift carried them up a flight, ground to a halt, bounced once, and groaned to a complete stop. Thule pushed Jeff out onto a walkway with a very solid handrail along each side. At roughly the places where he had seen stall doors below were branchings off the walkway. Thule pushed him into the first one on the left. He propelled Jeff's chair to the very end of the walkway platform and began to describe the scene below.

Looking over the side, he intoned, "This pretty obviously is a great ape masturbating." Then with obvious pride in his voice he looked at Jeff and gestured toward the ape, "See, how his behavior changes as he looks up at us."

The ape below stopped stroking himself even as he looked up at them and began to bellow. Jeff was amazed that he could hear actual English words coming up from below. "...ape, get, want...body." Thule said, "This is a handy piece of work, don't you think. Only yesterday--" Thule looked at his watch. "Yes, about twenty-two hours ago, he was an ordinary person, like you or me. Now he's very nearly an ape who masturbates to climax about every five minutes. It does make the process go faster."

Jeff craned his head to see below as best he could being tied in the wheelchair. The pen floor was about twenty feet below. Thule was taking no chances on anyone climbing the walls and escaping. Jeff thought he now could see that the hairy ape below him was actually looking like a man with a lot of body hair, except his facial features were somewhat distorted and his skin was jet black and looked like thin, supple leather. Now and again, the ape-man lost his stance and went on to all fours loping around his pen. Then he would stand up erect and seem human for some time. Waving his arms and shaking his fists at Thule caused him to lose his unstable two footed posture and fall to all fours again. He continued to talk and rage as he moved agitatedly around in the area below. Occasionally, he would scratch himself.

"This guy is going to a private zoo in Ohio. By then he will be docile and tame. Apes are naturally pretty friendly animals and he will be well treated. There is a female there waiting for him. I made her last month. My client liked her so well he wants to breed her. This one arrived here yesterday morning, responding to an advert by a 'SWF'--placed by myself--and I began the process immediately. He was not a guest for dinner. I had a very tight schedule. We had no discussion about his treatment, but the process is probably obvious to him now. Once his large toe rotated, I believe he got the idea. I haven't talked to him except about the need for my giving him the injections before he could meet 'her'. I want to let him observe the changes without outside information. He is such a rush job that I must have him delivered in two days time, otherwise I would not speed his alteration to the family Pongidae and would give him the enjoyment of his new and changing feelings and changing shape for a longer period of time before the animal he becomes takes total active control of his nervous system. I plan an extended three weeks for you, with an emphasis on primary and secondary sexual characteristics first, while the whole body slowly fills in afterward. That's the most interesting way. That's what pleases my fantasy and how I like to see the process evolve. I don't think I would be doing this work at all if I didnıt enjoy watching. It's not just the money. And, I feel I partially owe it to you as I didn't give you the job and I do want you to be happy when you leave here. Of course, on the other hand, no one leaves here on two legs regardless- unless that person has become a bird." He thought for a moment, "or no legs, possibly a snake." Pausing again, he blurted out, "Or a fish. I have a water tank deeper than an olympic pool."

Jeff thought he saw that the ape-man's legs were shifting to be shorter and thicker. Every time he went onto all fours, his arms and legs seemed to more apelike. Even as Thule wheeled him back to the central walkway, Jeff noticed that he was no longer able to discern any words in the man-beast's mouthings. He thought about what Thule had said--that he was going to change him into some kind of animal. He really couldn't believe it. Thule had to be playing a very extensive, complicated practical joke on him, he was sure, but why?.

"Its a funny thing, the morphing process always seems to increase libido. You like to fuck when you're changing form. Many of the muscular and bone shifts happen during the height of sexual functioning and especially just before, during and just after climax. I would have planned it this way if I hadn't found it occured naturally. The subject desires sex, sex creates transformation changes and that increases the need for sex. Each subject increasingly makes the change happen to himself. For this reason, I like to sell pairs and often will introduce two transforms of the same species into the same pen. Ah, the need to rut is indeed useful!"

"In your case, well, I'm keeping it a surprise til we get there. Do you have any particular desire to be either sex? He wheeled Jeff back to the corridor and then into the observation platform on the other side with another stall below. This time, Jeff could see what appeared to be a very large, dark colored, maybe fat or bloated animal. At first, it looked like a hippopotamus, then it looked like an elongated, very thick man who was severely overweight. He stared and stared, seeing both the animal and the man in the creature.

"Behold beauty! Look at that massive jaw and those teeth. Why, already you could probably put your whole hand into one of his nostrils."

The gigantic face looked up and snorted, water spraying out of his nostrils for several yards in all directions. The man-hippo lumbered to his feet. He had four feet, but Jeff could see a couple of useless fingers hanging off just below what would have been his wrists and what were now his front knees. He moved forward out of the water pool he had been lounging in and paraded back and forth across the floor of the pen, in what appeared to be a desire to display himself for their admiration, his tail held high in the air.

"This beautiful baby is a volunteer. I get quite a few of these kind through the underground network I have; individuals who have always wanted to be a particular animal. Sometimes couples. Once I even had a group that wanted to become a herd. This one made his own reservation for his new self to be accepted in a private zoo where he will be well treated. In cases like this, nervous system control is more responsive to the old human control as the integration is a desired one. While he won't be able, or desirous of the ability, to read, write or talk, he will have a lot of body control since it will please him to be what he is becoming. Itıs always enjoyable to be in control when you are interacting with the public as well as in private, don't you think?" Jeff absently nodded his head, but couldnıt take his eyes from the creature below.

"I don't want to prejudice you against my work more than you already are, and I don't know if I could. As time goes along, you will become more solidified in your positive feelings, and all this new information will mean nothing to you as an animal, anyway. But, as I said, I don't talk to everyone who comes in here and those that go out don't tell anything, so I will say that the paramount reason I am in this business is because I really get off on watching my transmorphs (these former persons) change into animals." He made a sweeping gesture with his arm that seemed to take in the entire building. "I don't think of my self as a deviant or a sadomasochistic person. It's a task, a job, and a professional one. I like it and I like seeing the results of my work. I am creating lifelong careers and relationships for some, like yourself, who are quite alone and not too happy about it and for others who have always wanted to be a particular animal. I like to do it and I like that this makes money for me. You'd thank me for it later, except, of course, you won't be able to."

On the next platform, Jeff wanted not to look, but his desire to know overrode his hatred and disgust and a growing fear that Thule was telling him the truth. But the idea of he, himself, changing into an animal, no matter what kind, was absolutely beyond his ability to fantasize. The bonds of the chair held him tight. Below him was a very unusual scene. In the pen below were two men with extremely distorted bodies, their torsos shortened and rounded. One was sitting on a nest. He looked up and then stood awkwardly when he saw Jeff in his chair at the railing. A large egg--it looked to Jeff like an ostrich egg--became exposed in the nest. The two below held their arms folded at their sides. One finger of each hand had grown very long and was covered with dark feathers. There were feathers over most of their bodies, too, and a prominent fan of foot long feathers stuck up and out from the top of their behinds. Perhaps most remarkable was how long their necks were. The one who was not sitting on the nest ran up to the other one and grabbed him with his mouth by the back of the head. He forced him to the ground and then came up quickly behind and mounted him. His arms, flapping, beat against the sides of his and the other man's bodies. It was incredible that their necks could be so very long, their eyes so very big, their lips so peculiar as they wrap around the short beaks that projected from their mouths. Jeff saw no sign of teeth.

Thule explained, "The one on top is male, the other has become a biological female. In fact, she laid that egg this morning. The male is driven to keep her well fertilized and she may lay another egg. Maybe there will be two offspring. They have been here about a week. You should have seen their surprise when they discovered they were mating, much less the sex organs they were mating with. Perhaps most surprising to both of them was the laying of the egg. I have programed them to be completely controlled by their ostrich drives and motivations. So, the only time they are able to be in touch with their humanity and actually control any part of their bodies is when the bird needs are satisfied." He laughed. "At first it was only sex that made them lose human touch and control. Of course, there was a lot of that. Now, I'm sure the human minds within them are overcome with about every movement. 'We must protect our egg' above everything else, after all."

Jeff was fascinated by the contorted creatures he was observing below him. He could not imagine them as ever having been actually just human beings.

"Of course, as the transformation nears completion, they will only look like the birds they will have become. The strange elongations and contractions will not appear in any way unusual. Fascinating isn't it? I can see you are as awed by what you see as I am. I spend a lot of time up here, checking on the changes. I never grow tired of it."

"I'm not showing you every thing in my stables. There are at present a giant anaconda, bald eagles and a komodo dragon, all are nearly ready to be shipped." Thule gestured behind himself down the hallway. "Off the corridor here is a giraffe. There are a pair of wolves who ship out tomorow and an Alaskan brown bear also very close to completion, not very interesting for demonstrating my processes to you, I shouldnıt think."

"I believe you'll be able to relate more closely to these next two." He pushed Jeff's chair into another walkway and out up against the railing. Jeff leaned his head toward the edge. Below him were two black and white striped shapes looking up, startled at the noise. There was no doubt about their human form, but they were covered everywhere with thick black and white striped hair coat. Their prognathous jaws stuck out in the lower front parts of their faces. The bigger one went back to sniffing at the other's ass. They both had twitching tails. The bigger one had an enormous erection. "Remember I told you sex was important. Well, these two are always having sex I programmed the hair coat and facial changes to appear first after sex organ changes." Thule stood quietly watching the scene below for a very long time it seemed to Jeff, who found his own mind full of questions he didnıt want to ask about how and why such alterations could be happening. Abruptly, Thule turned his chair about and wheeled him back out into the corridor.

"There is a jaguar--actually a pair of them further on down the corridor," he said, looking intently down at Jeff, "but I don't think you'll make it that far. I see you are noticing my excitement. You'd think I would lose some of my expectant enthusiasm after doing this so many times, but I haven't. Let me take you into this one. See if you can tell what kind of animal this person is becoming." Thule wheeled Jeff onto yet another observation platform.

Below was a very large man. Out the upper sides of his forehead inch long horn stubs protruded in an obvious state of early growth. His blackened nostrils had spread and merged with his upper lip, which, with his long oval ears, made his lower face hint at being bovine. He seemed docile. His neck was very thick and shaggy with a hair coat. He was the most nearly completely human of all the animal-men Jeff had been shown in these pens. Jeff felt sorry for him and the changes he was being forced to go through. He wanted to talk to him. Mostly, he looked lonely to Jeff. The man was masturbating when they first looked down on him. After a few moments, he heard them and looked up and stopped jerking off. Jeff could see then that his small cock was a very deep red, much different than a normal human penis. It appeared, at this distance, to be pretty short and nestled in a larger opening that looked like a vulva.

"He's masturbating himself into a real cunt," Thule giggled.

Then Jeff realized he was smelling the scent of the being below him. Some instinct in Jeff made him know the man needed to be fucked, he was in heat. Suddenly, he found he was staring in fascination and desire. He wanted to fuck this man, who was turning into some kind of cow. As his mind raced with these feelings, his eyes locked into those of the man who was below. Then the guy turned away and bent over showing Jeff his wide open ass. Yes, it really had looked to Jeff like the guy's penis was shrinking to be inside a gigantic cunt. Immediately, Jeff felt he needed to smell it.

Embarrassed, Jeff turned toward Thule. He saw Thule was watching at him. "The man below us is on his way of transformation into a bison cow. Yes, yes, my little secret is out. Your body knows it, even if your mind doesn't. The transforming drugs I gave you have taken a hold of your body cells sometime ago. I have kept you distracted from feeling the beginning of the changes in yourself. Now you are having a rush of feeling and change, especially sexual desire. Meet Andie, a member of your new herd."

Leaning over the rail, he spoke loudly down to the man, "Here's the bull I've selected for you. His name is Jeff."

"I started Andie this morning. He arrived just after dawn. His car is still parked out there next to yours. I have friends who will remove both it and yours. The chop shop car business is one of my more profitable sidelines. I would like to have waited to start him until you or someone else were available at the same time, but I can't keep blank specimens in my barns without established movement toward their intended goal. Why, that would be inhumane. It would make me some kind of jailer. And, if you had told me you had a particular animal fantasym that would have lead to a different future for you. But don't letıs worry now about alternative futures. There aren't any and you'll catch up with him."

"I'm sorry the other cow is already made, and so I can't have the three of you change together, but sometimes I have to take what I can get. I'll bring her in to you in a few hours, soon enough that you will still believe yourself human while you impregnate your first totally bestial cow. I don't suppose I'll ever really know if your personal inner human feelings will be really getting off when you are doing it with an total animal." Thule took out a pad and pencil, "I'm making a note to provide you with something to stand up higher on. Youıll need it for a while."

Suddenly Jeff got the entire picture. This man below and the bison cow in the yard and he himself were all to be the same species. And he, Jeff, was to be the bull. The man and the cow were to be the start of his herd.

Jeff struggled to free himself from the chair. Then he stopped. He was sure he wanted to be free and to get away from this place. But he was also sure he wanted to get free to go below to fuck the man-cow. He couldn't fathom the intensity of the conflict in his feelings: to free himself to run and get away or to free himself to get downstairs and fuck. His cock was hard under his chinos. It ached for fucking. It had slipped out beyond his underwear and showed itself to be already grown to more than half the length of his upper leg. There was an expanding wet spot on his chinos that was closer to his knee than to the top of his thigh. He could see the bulge under the fabric all the way to the middle of the stain. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"I guess you're beginning to realize now that I've been telling you the truth, Jeff. Soon each of your testicles will be bigger than your fist is now and your great ball sac will hang down to your knees. Of course, you won't have knees for very long, but you will have hocks. Tell me Jeff, which do you want more? To be free and away from this place or to be fucking your new mate, there, below? At the instant your transforming cock tip touches his ass, that lovely moist virgin cunt will truly open and take your lengthening dick in to the capacious vagina behind. He's prime for it."

Jeff felt a tickling all about his neck and head. A place on each side of his forehead suddenly itched incredibly. He wanted to rub them against the wall. He wanted to scratch his neck and his forehead, but his hands and lower arms were tied fast to the chair's arms. He bent his head lower but couldn't reach his hands.

"I suppose you're feeling your horns buds starting to expand against the skin on your forehead. They will erupt pretty soon. You'll be able to rub your head against the sides of your stall in a few minutes, but you probably won't remember to do this in the sexual heat generated by you and Andy. You can probably feel that your neck is begining to thicken and is already quite hairy. As I've been told, a person changing often feels hair growth as a sort of tickling sensation that they want to scratch."

"As I said, sex and the urge for sex tends to spark the transformation in certain bursts of change. You know now that you are beginning to change. You can see as well as I can that the placement of the stain on your trouser leg does not relate to the size of the penis you brought here as a human being. I know that you are having strong sexual feelings from the changes I observe in you. If I untie you now, you would run downstairs and open the pen and go in. But weıre going to do this my way. That man-cow below, your mate to be, would probably not now be so far transformed, even though it isn't really much, except that he has been masturbating. Well, now he'll have you. You will be satisfying his heightened sexual desires. He won't have a cock any longer, once you get started fucking him, but then with you around he won't want it, much less need it."

Thule wheeled Jeff's chair to the lift. After they got below, he pushed his newly started bison bull into a small holding pen behind which was the large stall with the man-cow in it. Thule stunned Jeff with a taser and released him from the chair. He moved Jeff's helpless body to the floor, pushed the wheelchair out into the corridor and then came back and removed Jeff's clothes and the gag. Taking the clothes with him he threw them into the wheelchair in the corridor. Then he bolted and locked the gate into Jeffıs pen. He rotated a long lever which opened the inner gate joining the small holding area with the large pen. These things done, Thule hurried up the nearby stairs to watch the first sexual display between Jeff, who would be a bison bull inside of a month, and Andy, who was on his way to becoming a pregnant bison cow.

Menage(rie) a Trois copyright 2001 by LLLama.

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