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The Kennel

by Glenn Wesley

David knocked on the door with great anticipation; at last this great moment had come. Mark had gone on for weeks about what a great place Dr. Martin's kennel was and how much he was learning working under the good doctor; it was clearly a life changing experience. Like Mark, David really loved animals and couldn't wait to catch up with his friend and get his own career started.

The door swung wide open and the reassuring smile of a white-haired older gentleman greeted the young man. "You must be David," he said, extending his hand. "I'm Doctor Martin and I have been SO looking forward to working with you. Mark has told me a lot about you. It seems you two share your love of dogs! I think that is just wonderful." With that the doctor ushered him in and gave him a tour of the place, helping him to feel right at home.

At the heart of the kennel were the cages where the beautiful pure bread dogs were kept. The dogs had been flawlessly groomed and they were watching David closely with clear eyes studying him curiously, taking in his every movement. The cages and indeed the whole kennel sparkled; it had been kept immaculately. There were a dozen cages and all but one was occupied. The doctor explained that once a month, clients came in to purchase the dogs and that was how the kennel was funded. Doctor Martin was world renown for his beautiful breeds all with an intelligence that made them outstanding in the canine world.

"I am expecting a Doberman bitch soon", he explained gesturing to the empty kennel. "Should please my friend here", he said grinning as David noticed the huge male Doberman at the end of the cages. David walked over and studied the sturdy beast with fascination. The dog looked back just as intently causing David to swallow hard as the intensity peeked.

The tour progressed and they moved to a clinical looking room with chrome tables and cupboards full of medicines. The doctor gestured to David to sit up on a bench. David was told to take off his shirt matter-of-factly by the doctor as he opened the cupboard and began to prepare a syringe. David was prepared for this as Mark had described the regular injections that the doctor provided him, all to immunize his workers against animal-born diseases including rabbis. Mark had joked that he suspected it was more likely to protect the dogs against human-born diseases as they were so precious to the doctor. It was true though, the doctor certainly did insist on a clean, sanitized and disease free environment for his breeds. He was very methodical.

Mark had also described the wonderful side effects of the drug, recounting the amazing dreams that they had induced in him night after night. This had peeked David's curiosity as he had envied his friend's experience so he took of his shirt and sat on the cold bench awaiting the injection, eager to begin to explore this wonderful new part of this life.

The doctor approached the boy and admired his youthful body. His taunt creamy skin was pulled over a well-developed muscular frame, with just a hint of the boy's dark hair around his nipples running down toward his belly button. The doctor couldn't help but think how perfect a specimen the boy was and felt a tingle of excitement run through him as his fingers touched the boy's warm skin for the first time. The doctor closed his eyes in elation as he forced the prick of the needle into David's muscle. David winced as he felt the fluid enter his body and make it's presence felt with a burning sensation. He felt it in his shoulder, then his arm. Within seconds his chest began to feel the tingle and soon his whole body felt alive with the new sensation.

The doctor admired the young man's beautiful form for one last moment, patting him gently on the shoulder and taking in the wonder of this moment of new beginning. David dressed and the tour continued.

Finally David asked about Mark. He had been so looking forward to seeing his old friend and sharing this wonderful learning experience with him yet he was nowhere to be seen. The doctor explained that Mark had joined a couple of the dogs on their journey to their new home. He assured David that he would be reunited with his friend very soon.

"Mark is just as excited about being with you again", commented Doctor Martin.

David was a little disappointed but a part of him was delighted with the opportunity of having the doctor to himself; to learn from him and explore the relationship without having to share him with Mark.

David was trained in some of the mundane chores of keeping the kennel and soon the first day was over; his head swimming in new information and his body still tingling from head to toe from the fluid that had been injected into him. Although he struggled to be energetic and attentive all day it soon came time when he needed to sleep, and badly. Suddenly the world started loosing its color and David knew he had to get to a bed quickly before he just collapsed on the floor. Doctor Martin took him to his new room and helped him slip out of his clothes and into the warm bed where David began to dream almost instantly.

As anticipated, David slipped into a wonderful world of creative and unusual dreams. It was all in black and white but David could move like the wind and experience the world with unrestrained abandon. The smells of life came alive and whether he was eating or running or making love - all seemed to stream with an uninterrupted and unhindered flow as though nature had finally exploded in all it's great promise.

The doctor pulled back the sheets once David was well into his sleep to reveal the young man's well trained body, thrashing about in wild, wonderful dreams. His skin was burning hot to the touch as it continued to prepare for the change that was imminent. Soon the boy would be ready for a new genetic code as it had now been opened up, unlocked by the serum. Martin pushed another needle into the boy's arm and pushed a great deal more fluid into his system. He knew he was growing impatient for the incredible event and he stroked David's hair tenderly, envying the wonderful experience that lay ahead for the young man.

David dreamed vividly for the night and through the next day. The doctor had looked in on him often to check that his body was accepting the new coding okay. David was clearly enjoying his dreams, both vital and erotic as he slept the sleep of the innocent for the first time in his young life. His cock was repeatedly swelling and spilling its load with each erotic encounter that David's mind enjoyed. When David finally awoke he felt refreshed and alive. The sun streaming through the windows had a vividness about it that set this day apart as unlike any other. He ran his hand over his face and down his chest to his cock to enjoy the touch of his own skin and to thank his body for the incredible journey that it had provided him. It was wonderful to be alive and he felt so fortunate to be under Doctor Martin's care and instruction.

The doctor told David to clean the cages of the dogs yet again as his first chore of the day. David picked up speed as he gained expertise; cleaning the cages of bitch after bitch and stopping to admire their beauty and play with them for a few minutes. They shared a commonness of disposition that was very warm and calming to him. David's sense of smell had become very keen he noticed and he could smell the unique perfume of the bitches that were in heat. He petted them with understanding, knowing the longing that was building up inside them.

Finally he reached the cage of the only male dog in the kennel. It was the magnificent Doberman standing proud and watching David with great intensity and intelligence as always. David entered the cage and reached out to pet the dog before starting his cleaning. The touch of animal was warm and reassuring and instantly David felt a connection with his new friend. The dog studied David long and hard and moved closely up against him so that they shared an intimacy that felt at once odd and familiar. David's hands gently moved down the dog, felt his strong legs and moved to the underside to feel the dog's large, hairy knot. The dog responded to the touch and the head of a pink penis shot out the end to David's delight. David's hand grasped the thick organ and he closed his eyes for a moment and enjoyed the unhindered delight of connecting with this marvelous creature in such an intimate way.

Quietly in the back of the kennel the doctor smiled at the site of the two bonding. He was pleased that they had found each other and had so quickly formed an intimacy. He had expected it would happen. He watched quietly and smiled at the joy of the moment, with pride for his great work.

That night David dreamt of his new friend. Tonight he didn't run through the fields alone but had his companion by his side. Together they ran for miles then rolled together down the hillsides. He felt the warm and weight of his large friend against his own naked skin and delighted in the security of their intimacy. He was completely lost in the wonder of the dream when suddenly; the motion of being lifted off of the bed awakened him.

Still in a dreamy state David became aware that the doctor had lifted his naked body off the bed and was bending him over a padded frame that had been brought into the bedroom. David looked up at the doctor who was obviously lost in what he was doing.

"What's going on?" asked a groggy and startled David.

"Never mind - go back to sleep; enjoy your dreams", said the doctor as he pushed David back into place on the framed device and pulled one of his hands down toward the floor. Before David could react a metal cuff was locked over his wrist, locking it in place, forcing it against the frame near the floor. David tried to lift the arm up but couldn't move it at all. Fear welled up in his system while the doctor swiftly locked the other arm into place. In a moment he had become a captive.

David was now locked into this device he had never seen, his naked buttocks sticking up and his legs flailing to get free. "What the hell is going on?" he pleaded, worrying about this odd and sudden change of events from his kind mentor.

"Something wonderful!" answered the doctor as he locked David's legs into place. "Just relax and enjoy the moment my lucky friend."

David could not move his limbs at all. He arched his back and pulled upward with this chest but he was locked into place. Before he could beg for release, David felt duct tape sealing his mouth closed. The tape was applied around and around his head making it impossible to move his mouth, to ask why this was happening, to scream. David felt the familiar pain of an injection in his arm systematically given. Once again the familiar heat of the serum filled his system and it served to relax his muscles as he began to resolve himself to this new ordeal. The doctor was methodically following through with some plan. David felt like a lab experiment at his mercy. What was happening?

The doctor next took a can of spray and applied a cold fluid generously around David's ass parting his cheeks to get in deeply. The smell was instantly familiar to David from having cleaned the cages of the bitches. It was the smell of them in heat. He swallowed hard at the recognition of what was to follow.

The doctor left the room and gave David the opportunity to try and get free. He pulled his arms and legs but was unable to get off of the bench that he was now installed upon. He tried to work his mouth free but was unable to make any noise except for a moan. He wondered what had really become of his friend Mark now that he realized the doctor had a sinister side. Surely his friend had once be bound to this very bench and struggled to get free. Suddenly he regretted the trust that he had bestowed on the doctor and for a moment he was left in silence to lament his foolishness.

The door swung open and the doctor returned accompanied by the huge male Doberman. The dog approached his bound friend with the same sense of familiarity that he had always displayed.

"He recognizes you I think." explained the doctor. "Oh to be sure his memories are now housed in the mind of a dog but that part that is still human recognizes you."

It dawned on David why the dog seemed so understanding and familiar. It was Mark - it was his friend Mark, transformed into a dog. With the horror just registering in David's mind, Mark's behavior took a sudden change as he began to notice the scent coming from David's ass. Mark trotted over to his David's exposed buttocks and began to lick them intensely and repeatedly. He was getting excited at the offer that David's body was extending.

"Nature will take its course my boy." explained the doctor. "He can't help himself now - you smell so wonderful. Perhaps deep in his mind there is a recollection of who you are but the great thing about a dog is that he lives for the moment - to run, to fuck".

As if on queue the dog leaped up on David's body and planted his forepaws each side of David's ribs. He jabbed a few times so that David could feel Mark's stiffening prick hitting his ass. David arched in pain and felt the weight of the dog lying upon him. With the next jab the dog's moist prick entered into David's ass. Within a moment that dog had moved closer and gone deeper, moving in and out insistently almost mechanically. The movement grew more intense and David closed his eyes and tried to escape the feeling of the dog's knot - his friend's knot - swelling up inside his ass - tying to their bodies and making them one. The doctor stroked David's sweaty forehead with compassion and watched with delight as the boy's fate was finally sealed with an act of intercourse. "The injections that I have been giving you have prepared your system for this moment. Your DNA is ready for new coding and the dog's sperm, which will begin filling you at any moment, will be the seed of your new coding. In effect you are becoming your friends progeny."

David tried to relax and get used to the huge organ now planted deep inside his body. The fact that it was his friend inside him was oddly reassuring and having started to relax he closed his eyes and began to enjoy the feeling of closeness between himself and the marvelous beast. David learned to sway back and forth with each of the animal's thrusts and soon he felt the first hot blast of cum entering his system.

The doctor reached down to David's cock and wrapped his fingers around it. "Good", he said. "Very good."

Now enjoying the pleasure of being fucked David didn't know what was pleasing the doctor. David felt a warm glow over his body and liked the lubrication that the dog's cum was providing. He looked down at his cock and was shocked to find that it had grown very small. His balls had also shrunk. Staring with disbelief David saw the dark hair on his chest had grown out and was now covering his chest entirely moving down to cover what had been his genitals.

Mark continued the rocking motion, pushing ever deeper into his friend; planting more of his seed deep inside David's body.

The doctor reached tenderly up to David's ears and felt the soft fur that had now grown on them. Moving further upward he felt the triangular tip that had now formed at the top of David's ears. "You see my boy," explained the doctor, "the empty cage is waiting for you."

With sudden clarity David realized that we was being transformed as Mark had been. A shudder passed through his body. He was becoming a dog. He would no longer be human. It was not terribly disturbing as the notion also occurred to him that he would at last get to live out his dreams for real. The freedom of being an animal.

"Mark spoke of you all the time. It was clear that he loved you and missed you. I was so pleased when I got your call and learned that you wanted to join us. From the first moment I laid eyes on you I knew you would make a wonderful animal; one of my intelligent breeds. Your beautiful young manly form altered into a sleek and powerful beast."

David could feel his chest changing shape. Distracted by the constant motion of his friend, deeper and harder, he could feel his bones altering and almost blacked out at the combination of Mark's continued thrusts and the overwhelming feeling of his body changing it's shape.

"Mark is now a magnificent animal but was lonely without a bitch to satisfy him. I knew that you would be perfect for that roll. The two of you together again."

The doctor looked at David's hand and marveled at the black pads that were forming on the tips of his fingers and on his palms. "You are getting paws David."

David felt the new fur moving down his arms, which were growing lean and thin and powerful. He could feel his ass contracting hard around Mark's huge knot burred deep inside his body. His legs were growing shorter and stronger and his hands and feet were growing dense and compact.

David felt his face pushing outward. The duct tape tore off and as he tried to yell out all he could hear was the sound of a dog howling in pain and pleasure. His cock was gone and he realized he was now a bitch. He could easily pull his paws out of the cuffs that had locked him in but he could not easily withdraw from his sexual connection with his friend. His thoughts were now getting peaceful and less precise.

He decided to just let go and enjoy the feeling of his partner inside him. His new body provided so much to look forward to. He looked up at the doctor who was petting him with a smile on his face. He looked up with a feeling of gratitude. He now had a home and a future with his friend. He was glad that the doctor had changed his life - as he knew he would.

The Kennel copyright 1998 by Glenn Wesley.

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