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Dog Lover

by Anonymous

"Kick ass!" Marc exclaimed, shouting with pride. After all the classes over the four years there at Princeton, all the studying, all the mindless hours spent on his homework, he was graduating. He was graduating at the top of his class.

The graduation ceremony was a long and tedious one, and not many graduates could stay awake to hear the dean's words, but Marc did. He listened intently to her words, focused on her praise of them. and when he received his diploma, he was on top of the world. And with the closing words, "I present to you the graduating class of 1997!" he knew he had reached his goal.

But when the crowds had left, the other graduates had left, he was still alone. No one had come to see him. His parents, his family, his old high school buddies, no one. He was nobody to them. For as long as he could remember, he was nobody. While his trailer trash parents had basically neglected him and his talents, he was excelling in school, and being ignored by his classmates. Now he was on his own, for good. If no one cared about him, he didn't care about anyone.

So, despite his broken heart, Marc set out for his life in the "real world" back in his home state of Illinois. After searching for weeks, he couldn't find a decent place in Chicago under his price range. they all cost a king's ransom, or a close facsimile, compared to the money he was offering. He settled for a run-down ramshackle place downtown with peeling, dirty plaster walls and urine stained carpets for $600 a month. But he was sure he wouldn't be there long. With the job interviews he had lined up all week, he could easily find a high paying job.

All Marc got that week was rejection. Either he wasn't experienced enough, he wasn't qualified enough, or he was OVER qualified. Finally, he found a job at a bank, settling for the position of secretary to the finance manager. Definitely not the job title he was worthy of, but, determined to climb to the top, Marc worked his hardest.

Time after time Marc was denied promotion, and it just set him on a quest to work more efficiently than a Japanese beaver. He even stooped to doing favors for his co-workers, as long as he was recognized for his efforts. And that's how he met Heather Daniels, a beautiful blonde with curves that would make the Spice Girls cream themselves, and best of all, she was available.

For her, he would have swum the highest mountain, climbed the deepest ocean (no, wait, that's not right, he thought), but all he really had to do for her was reorganize some files, filling in equations, and copy them in triplicate. So Marc struck a deal with her: "If he do this for you, let me take you to dinner." She quickly agreed to his terms.

And that night, the plan went as follows: they would meet outside of the new italian restaurant located a few blocks away from the bank, have dinner, take a cab to the bar across from Marc's apartment building for a drink, then up to his place, and the rest wrote itself. And for an hour, Marc waited outside the restaurant for Heather, watching people pass by, occasionally seeing drag queens that resembled her, until finally she came running up to him, cold and frightened.

Marc asked, "What happened?

Heather responded, on the verge of tears, "I was accosted. I was just walking over here when this group of kids started calling out for me and chasing me. I ran forever until they stopped. I lost my purse, my coat, my keys, and all my money."

Deciding to skip that night's plans after the horrible event, Marc and Heather took a cab back to his place and cooked dinner there. He called the police to report the crime and asked if an officer would watch her apartment for an intruder. They slept together, cuddling, but not taking advantage of each other. How could you after a night like that?

And months later, Marc and Heather were still dating. They'd take lunches together, and go out to restaurants and parties. Marc even got lucky a couple nights.

Then, while he was out with Heather one night, Marc's apartment was robbed. they stole almost everything of importance, such as clothes, appliances, food, even his diploma! Coming home to find his home in shambles, Marc was shocked. He vowed not to let this happen again.

So that weekend he went to a kennel and bought a dog. He looked at many dogs, but none seemed vicious enough. Then they brought out a large, white, male husky. When he looked at the dog, it was like he was in a trance. The dog just stared at him, with gleaming eyes. Marc suddenly snapped out of it and said, "I'll take him."

The dog seemed to be a natural learner. He already knew the basic commands; "sit", "stay", "lay down", "heel". And he learned to attack and guard easily. Still, Marc felt strange around the dog, whom he named "Paddy". It was this uneasiness that just sort of crept up on him. He shrugged it off, I guess we're just not well acquainted yet.

Weeks later, he was in the office lunch room, taking his break and eating some snacks from home. Then Heather walked in.

"What do you have there?" she asked him, eying the box in his hand.

"Oh, just some treats I brought from the store. Want one?" he replied, holding the box up to her face. it read: ALPO DOG SNACKS.

"Uh, Marc, these are dog snacks." Heather told him, confused.

Marc took a second to look at the box and said, "So?"

"Well, you shouldn't be eating them."

"Why not? It says right here that they help clean teeth and gums, as well and give some of the essential vitamins and nutrients." Marc said, reading the label.

"For Dogs!" Heather said, laughing.

"Well, I'll be damned," he said laughing along with her. He continued to eat the snacks later at his desk.

He notices other weird occurrences, such as a slight decrease in the size of his genitalia, and his decreasing interest in Heather. She was more like a good friend to him than a girlfriend. Then one day he caught himself scoping out guys. Am I gay? he thought. Then he felt himself getting harder at the sight of a male jogger running down the street. I guess so.

But then, one night, after a failed attempt at a date with a guy he met at a bar, he came home and smelled something strange. He walked over to the rug in front of his bathroom, and found a large mess, that could only have been made by Paddy. There was urine on the door, dripping on the carpet; along with a pile of fecal matter on the floor, reeking like, well, a pile of shit.

"Paddy!!!" he yelled, and slowly the dog walked out of his cage, looking at it's master.

Marc held the dog's face up to the mess, and yelled, "Bad dog! Bad!"

Then, suddenly, Paddy jerked his head up and licked Marc's face. For a second, Marc was still angry, but soon he gave into a wave of pleasure. Paddy continued to lick him, then nudged at his clothing. Somehow, Marc understood this as "Take those off, so I can keep this up." So he obeyed.

He took off his shirt, his pants, and everything else but his boxers. Paddy still licked him, and Marc just submitted to him. Then the dog bit at Marc's undergarment, ripping it away. Marc just sat and stared whiled he did this, and admired Paddy's firm jaws.

Marc was in for the shock of his life. He looked at where his "equipment" was, and found it was almost nonexistent. Slowly, but surely, he watched as it shrank away, then sunk in to his body, until there was nothing but a deep crevice, very similar to a woman's vagina. He fingered it for a minute, amazed at how stimulated he(she?) was. He looked back at Paddy, who was sitting there, panting. Somehow, he found himself even more stimulated than before. He eyed the dog's large penis, and his erection. Maybe the dog is behind this, he wondered. Yes, the dog was most definitely behind it.

Marc was compelled to crawl over to the dog, and, still staring at his bulbous erection, began to suck the dog's cock. He licked it with pleasure, tasting the juices. When he thought he was done with that, he turned around on all fours and submitted himself to Paddy. He started by licking Marc's ass, which tuned him on even more, sticking his tongue down the crack, like a preview of what was to come.

Marc felt the dog's soft paws on top of him, grabbing her by the sides. Then the dog rammed his dick up the bottom of Marc's new cunt, humping for what was like an eternity. Marc sensed the knot of paddy's penis expand and rise up her vagina. Suddenly she felt the pressure rising along her crotch, and spewed out her juices onto the dog's nice, firm dick. Minutes later, she felt the same reaction to the sex from him, and his seed squirted up her cunt.

When it was all over, and Paddy's dick had deflated, Marc felt like a totally new person. But she was puzzled. Why don't I have breasts? she wondered. Then, she heard a deep, soothing voice.

"Marc, you are no longer going to be human. I saw the love in your eyes, and I claimed it for myself. You will be my bitch." The voice flooded her mind, and she realized who it was. Paddy had some power over her, and now she was his for keeps. She couldn't have been happier! After all this time, someone finally loved her enough to be with her forever. This is what she'd always needed, someone who truly wanted her.

Then she felt the last stages of this change coming on. Things that resembled pimples formed over her belly, which she realized were nipples. Then the fur came; big, fluffy, gray fur, covering every inch of her. I'd better open the door quick If I'm going to get out, she thought. She ran to the door and quickly turned the knob just as her feet and hands began stretching out, and paws being created. Her nails drew back into her paw when the door swung open, and then large black claws pushed out. She ran out to the hall, and fell to the ground. Unable to stand erect, she trotted on all fours, with her legs and arms becoming much shorter, and her shoulders pushing in. Her posture slowly shifted, her back curving over.

Suddenly, it felt as if her spine were stretching out so much that she couldn't stand it, and fell over in pain. Paddy trotted up to her, and nudged at something un her butt. It was a tail! Her new tail. She got back up, but screamed in pain as her jaws pushed forward, becoming a snout. Her scream became a howl, And then she knew that she was done, now a large female husky, like her mate.

Together, Paddy and Marc(ia) ran down the stairwell and our the back entrance, into the alley that they live in today. Marcia gave birth to a litter of 8, and at night they can be seen hunting throughout the garbage cans and dumpsters of downtown Chicago.

Dog Lover copyright 1998 by Anonymous.

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