The Transformation Story Archive The Other Sex


by Stephanie

Cold and discomfort welcomed Paul as he struggled awake. Outside, dawn was breaking. Stiffly, he sat upright and watched the sun clear the hills on the horizon.

As he got up he felt an unfamiliar weight on his chest shift. His eyes drifted over his large, firm breasts. He had hoped that it had all been some insane dream. That he still had his own tall, muscular body. Not a half female, half male one.

He could still remember vividly how the horror had started. He had woken just two days previously and everything had been right with the world. He had been a successful lawyer, with a big house and a hefty bank balance. And he had just spent the night making love to a stunningly beautiful young woman. Despite the fact that she was not his girlfriend he had hoped to see her again. But not nearly as soon as he did.

He saw her face reflected in the car window. He still found it nearly impossible to believe it was now his. He had been in the bathroom preparing to shave when he first noticed the change. He had rubbed his chin and instead of feeling the usual coarse stubble his hand met soft unblemished skin. And then before his eyes his face had been changed into Julies. The strong masculine features slowly replaced by a woman's fragile beauty.

And it was a very beautiful face, but there was no comfort in that. He had always considered himself lucky to have the handsome, slightly rugged looking face he had been born with. Now it was lost, maybe forever. I'll get it back! he told himself angrily. I won't let Anne do this to me.

Paul opened the door and climbed out of the car. His body ached from the uncomfortable night he had spent on the back seat. A cool breeze whipped his long blonde hair in front of his eyes. He pushed it out of his face with a curse. He was still unused to keeping such a mass under control. Paul shivered as he remembered his hair turning blonde and almost exploding from his head in a blonde wave. He had searched the hall mirror for any sign of his former self and had then punched the hateful image. That was supposed to bring you seven years bad luck. He had lost everything in just one morning. Just how much more could happen to him?

Paul looked up and down the road. It was flat and utterly empty. Which was just the way he wanted it. He wanted as little to do with people as possible while stuck in this form. He gave a huge sigh, feeling his large breasts rise and fall on his chest. Then he got into the driving seat and pulled out the map. His tits even got in the way of this simple operation. How the hell could women deal with the wobbling mountains of flesh on their chests?

That was perhaps the worst memory Paul had of that terrible morning. Anne had arrived and was going to help him, or so she had said. As she had been preparing a needle he had felt his chest start to shrink and grow at the same time. His torso had been hard and muscled from all the hours he had spent in the gym. But years of work had just flowed away in seconds. As most of his chest had shrunk to a more dainty frame his eyes had watched in horror as his firm pectorals had grown into soft, large white pillows of flesh. Anne had quickly injected him in the thigh.

But it had not been the cure he was desperately hoping for. Anne had injected the DNA altering virus based on a fellow male researcher. The two transforming viruses had met just above his hips and as Anne had hoped been unable to change already altered cells. He was still half male, but no part of him was now unaltered.

She could have turned him back, Paul had no doubt about that. She must have found out about him playing around and used her latest discovery to punish him. Anne wouldn't have done that unless there was some way to cure him. She had even used her own lab assistant, Jim, to trap him. The girl he had made love to wasn't Julie after all, but Jim!

From the few times he had met Jim he seemed to be a normal guy. There was no way he would have taken a part in Anne's crazed scheme without being sure he could regain his male self.

Paul studied the map. If he made good time he should make it to Dr Michael Kingston by that afternoon.

He knew that if he was ever to be restored to his former maleness he was going to have to find another biologist who could reverse what Anne Chamberlain had done. A few years back he had represented a Dr. Michael Kingston. He had been charged with stealing other researchers results. Paul knew he had done it and had managed to get him acquitted on a technicality of law. Kingston's reputation, however, was shot to pieces and the last Paul had heard the only job he could get was at a fairly seedy establishment out east.

But Anne wasn't going to turn him back for months at least. She would want to have her revenge first. The only chance lay with finding Dr. Kingston. He put away the map and started the car. As he pulled away the stearing wheel felt stiff in his hands and seemed to take a greater effort to turn. His new arms were so weak and had none of the power he had spent so long building up over the years.

As the hours passed, Paul's mind wandered. What had possessed Anne to do this to him? Well, I should have known better than to get a scientist pissed at me, he thought.

In his urgency to reach his salvation Paul wasn't paying full attention to the car's instruments. He only noticed he was doing over eighty miles per hour when the familiar wail of a police motorcycle started up behind him. An almost irresistible urge to put his foot down went through Paul. But he knew that a car as expensive and recognisable as his would get pursued right into town and he couldn't afford that.

Paul pulled over to the side of the road and the cop pulled in front of him. The cop took his time getting off his bike. He's showing me that he calls the shots realised Paul. He had done it himself in court, set your own pace and make the guy on the witness stand follow you. Not the other way round. Paul felt fear building in his stomach. He'd been pulled over before but he didn't feel nearly as confident this time.

The cop slowly sauntered over to the car and leaned in towards Paul. He could see his worried looking but still beautiful face reflected in the cop's mirror shades. "Good mornin' miss. You know why I pulled you over?"

"Ah, I think I accidentally went over the speed limit. I'm sorry officer, it won't happen again." The cop didn't reply immediately, which only increased Paul's nervousness. He knew he could have destroyed the cop on the witness stand. He had done that so many times with solid witnesses. He just thinks I'm some dumb female, he thought. He decided to try a bit of feminine charm and he smiled nervously.

The cop didn't react. Paul hated the mirror shades, he couldn't tell where the man's eyes were looking. But he could give a good guess. "Is this your car, miss?" He asked.

"Yes, it's mine."

The cop nodded, "Can I see your licence."

Paul froze. His license was in the glove compartment, but it was absolutely useless. No way would the cop believe the forty year old man on the license was now a teenaged girl. "I...ah...haven't got it...right here."

"I see, where is it." He said in a slightly bored voice.

"Well, I...uh...lost it." Paul knew how lame it all sounded. As a lawyer he had seen some poor liars on the witness stand and his excuse sounded as bad as the worst of them.

The cop obviously didn't believe any of it either. "What would you like to bet that if I ran this car through the computer it would come up stolen."

Paul's jaw worked silently. "It isn't, I swear!" He finally exclaimed.

The cop was silent for a few moments. "Well, as I see it, you have two choices. Either I call in and see if this car is registered in your name, and we both know it isn't. can suck me off."

"What!!" Paul exclaimed, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I'm serious. Suck me off and I'll let you go." The cop watched the pretty girl sweat. She was acting as guilty as hell. Probably stolen the car from some rich idiot she had fucked the night before. It was his casual attitude to regulations that had landed him the post of traffic cop on a near deserted strip of road in the first place. It was so dismal and boring he was entitled to have a little fun now and then. "Well?"

Paul was frantic. If he was arrested for theft Anne could easily come after him to bail him. God only knows what she would turn him into for trying to escape. He had to stay away from her at all costs. "Alright," he said quietly.

"What was that?" asked the cop playfully. Got her, he thought.

"I said alright," Paul answered in a firmer voice.

"Say it, tell me what you're going to do."

"I-I'm going to suck your c-cock," Paul managed to say. The phrase seemed alien in his mouth.

The cop smiled. "Move over to the passenger seat and open the door."

Paul shifted over and opened the door. The cop walked around; he was now facing the road and would be able to see anything coming in either direction, long before it arrived. He unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. "Now, missy. Don't try any funny business. If you pull a fast one I'll have you busted for assault. Understand?"

Paul gave a small nod. He was watching the bulge in the cop's boxer shorts. In a few moments he was going to have to suck it into his mouth. He was going to have to lick this man to a climax.

The cop looked down. "Now pull down my shorts and give me the best blow job of my life."

Paul's hands shook as he reached up to the waistband on the shorts. He could feel the heat from the cop's body against his fingers. Trying not to think about what he was about to do he pulled the shorts down. His eyes locked onto the cop's semi-erect cock. Paul started to rebel. I can't do this! he thought.

The cop must have seen Paul was ready to bolt and gripped the sides of his head, taking bunches of Paul's golden hair in each fist. Slowly but surely he began to bring Paul's head closer to his cock. Paul felt the strength in the cop's grasp and he knew that his own female frame couldn't resist it.

Then his mouth was just an inch from the cop's penis. "Suck it!" commanded the cop. Paul could feel the heat radiating from the cop's engorged organ.

Paul moved his mouth over the rapidly growing cock and closed his lips around the bulbous head. The cop pulled Paul's head down and his mouth was suddenly full of hot prick. Paul's mind was full of revulsion and he decided to get it over with as fast as possible. He started moving his head up and down the hard pole, rubbing his tongue around the sensitive head each time he reached it. It was all he could do to stop himself gagging on it. But the fear of being beaten to a pulp managed to stop him throwing up on the cop.

The cop started moaning "Yes," over and over. So Paul assumed he was doing something right. The cop's hand dropped to one of Paul's breasts and roughly caressed it through the thin silk of the blouse. "Open your blouse," ordered the cop.

Paul fumbled with the buttons and managed to open his blouse enough for the cop's hand to slip inside and around his breast. The feeling of intimate contact that Paul was getting from the mauling caused a reaction in his body. Despite himself, his own cock started to stiffen and his nipples pushed out into the soft bra holding his ample breasts. He was reacting like any slut! Paul was absolutely horrified by his body's reaction.

The cop reached inside the bra and rubbed the obvious signs of arousal. He smiled. "You really wanted it, didn't you? To feel my meat in your mouth. I bet your pussy is dripping from all the attention you're getting."

Paul felt a fresh surge of panic. If the cop found out that the girl sucking him off had a dick there would be no telling what he would do to Paul. He had to bring him off now. He reached up and grasped the cop's testicles and started to gently squeeze them in time to his pumping.

This seemed to do the trick and the cop quickly built to bursting point. Just before he came he released Paul's tit and held on tight to Paul's head. The cop strained and then hot, salty cum exploded into Paul's mouth. Try as he might he couldn't pull away and he knew he had to swallow it. He almost gagged as it went down, mostly because he knew what he was swallowing.

At last, the cop let him go and Paul retreated to the far side of the car. The cop took the opportunity to slip into the car next to him. "That was good. You must have licked a lot of cocks in your time."

Paul kept quiet. Wasn't he going to leave?

The cop continued, "You really are a cute piece of ass. I could tell your pussy was wet while you sucked me off. I could smell it."

"I doubt that," Paul said. Please leave me alone! his mind screamed.

"You're really turned on. Let me give you what we both want." His hand found its way to Paul's knee. Surely, he couldn't be ready to go again? Paul knew this guy was going to play with him for hours and wasn't going to let up until he had fucked what he thought was a girl.

The hand started moving up Paul's leg towards his crotch. He had to get away. Without any warning Paul drove his elbow as hard as he could into the cop's stomach and then scrambled out of the car. If he could hide in the undergrowth he should be safe.

The cop recovered much more quickly than Paul had expected. He ran after Paul shouting, "I'll kill you for that, you bitch!" With his old body he could have knocked the guy clean out. In his old body he would never have ended up in a situation like this.

The cop quickly covered the ground between them and grabbed Paul from behind. A hand dug deep into one of Paul's soft breasts. The other covered his mouth. "You are going to regret that," said the cop. "Now I won't be so nice with you." His hand left Paul's tit and journeyed downwards. Paul knew where it was going, perhaps he could use this to his advantage.

The cop had already regained his erection. He found this young thief a real turn on. He wondered if she was a virgin. His hand disappeared under the waistband of her pants and touched her crotch. For a few seconds he couldn't understand what he felt there. Not a soft pussy, but a cock and balls? She was a he!

Paul bit deeply into the cop's hand and drove his elbow into the man's stomach again. The cop howled in pain and Paul ran at full speed for his car. His breasts hurt as they bounced around on his chest, but he ignored the pain. He had to get away!

The cop spent several seconds clasping his hand in pain and shock. That couldn't be a man, she looked too good. He looked at his hand, the transvestite had drawn blood with his bite. Anger flared through him and he turned around just in time to see the big breasted man leap into the car. He charged the car and it just missed him as it pulled away.

He watched it speed away down the road. Part of him wanted to chase it and arrest the freak. But the rest of him was so disgusted at being sucked off by a man he decided to let it go. Besides if he arrested him now the stories he would tell would probably finish the cop's career for good. He walked slowly back to his bike to get the small first aid kit. At least the bite wasn't that big. A few days and it'd be okay.

In the car Paul was anxiously looking back for signs of pursuit. It was over an hour before he managed to convince himself he was free of the cop. He wondered whether he had infected him with the Julie DNA virus. He quite liked the idea. Now I know why the idea appealed to Anne, he thought. His mind kept flicking back to what the cop had made him do and eventually he had to stop by the road side to throw up.

Several thankfully uneventful hours passed before the first signs of habitation came into view. Soon he was deep into the small city. He dug out his old case notes. Dr. Kingston had moved here after the trial and had told Paul where he was working. It was another hour before he found the address.

He was convinced he had gone to the wrong address. You couldn't have a research facility in a rundown office block. But the name above the small reception foyer was correct. Quince Biochemicals.

Now all he had to do was find Kingston and he was saved. He tried and failed to get rid of a nagging doubt in his mind. His ex-girlfriend Dr. Anne Chamberlain was a very intelligent woman. What if Dr. Kingston couldn't recreate her research? What if he couldn't find the cure? Then he'd be stuck as a circus freak forever.

He couldn't go back. He had to go on and hope Dr. Kingston was able and willing to help.


The reception area was fairly small and occupied by only two other people, a receptionist in her late thirties and an absolute mountain of a man. He was a tall, wide and heavily muscled African-American. Paul guessed he was security, though he wasn't wearing any sort of uniform.

Paul stepped nervously up to the receptionist. She looked up from her computer terminal and said, "Welcome to Quince Biochemicals. Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for Doctor Kingston." Paul's feminine voice still sounded way too high to himself and he unconsciously cleared his throat.

The receptionist frowned. "I don't recognise the name. Hold on, I'll just check our records." She tapped at her computer for a few moments. "No, I'm sorry. I have no record of a Doctor Kingston."

Paul's heart missed a beat. "When did he leave? Did he give a forwarding address?"

The receptionist shook her head. "If your friend had worked here he would be in our records. But we have never employed anyone by that name."

Paul was certain he had come to the right place and he knew Kingston had at least been here. The receptionist must have got it wrong. "Could I speak to someone in charge."

"I am sorry, miss. But everyone is busy right now."

Paul was starting to panic by now. Kingston HAD to be there. He was the only one who could help Paul regain his fully male shape. "I know he's here! I have to see him. It's a matter of life and death!"

The security guard spoke for the first time. "Look, the lady said he ain't here. Now leave before I throw you out."

Paul had dealt with this sort of people before. The trick was to threaten lawsuits, not violence. They wouldn't want to risk a lawsuit and they would usually pass the buck to their superior. "You lay one hand on me and I'll sue you and this company for every cent it's got!"

The guard advanced on him. Paul stood his ground and tried to hide the fear he felt. The man was huge; he would have dwarfed even Paul's old body. But he seemed to be twice as tall as Paul's new half-female body. "Are you going to leave?"

"No. I demand to speak your boss."

"Fair enough," said the guard and without any warning picked Paul up and put him over one broad shoulder. With one arm securely around Paul's waist the guard headed for the door.

"Put me down!" he shouted. His voice sounded slightly hysterical to his own ears. This wouldn't have happened if he'd had his commanding male voice. In frustration he beat his hands against the guard's back. Why would no one take him seriously anymore?

The guard left the reception and took Paul into an alley next to the building. Paul felt fear building up in him as he remembered his encounter with the cop. What if the guard was going to try the same thing? The guard removed Paul from his shoulder and put him down against the wall. The huge black man towered over Paul, effectively boxing him in. "Now I don't know what that was about. But if I were you I'd stay away from here in future. I don't want a pretty young girl like you getting hurt."

That sounded more like a warning than a threat to Paul. "I understand. But I have to find him. It's very important!"

The guard sighed. "You are not listening to me. He isn't here."

He's lying, thought Paul. "Okay, I hear you. I must have got the wrong address."

The guard gave a broad smile. "That must be it. I won't delay you any longer." With that he stepped back and Paul gladly made his way out of the alley. He started the car and drove off before the guard changed his mind.

The guard made a mental note of the license plate as Paul left. His superiors were not going to like this new complication. He sighed and re-entered the building.

Paul had only gone a couple of blocks before he parked the car again. So near and yet so far. He had to get in that building and find Dr. Kingston. Probably they hadn't wanted to disturb him with some lunatic off the street. Carefully he made his way back to the building.

From across the street he could see two entrances to the Quince Biochemicals building. There was the main entrance and a larger side door in the alley which was probably for deliveries. This was pointless. Even if he did get in there he would be stopped long before he could find Kingston.

If he couldn't get to Michael Kingston, he was going to have to wait for the doctor to come to him. Hopefully those two doors were the only way in and out of the building. Presumably Michael didn't live there and would be heading home at some point. All Paul had to do was wait.

Paul hid round the corner of another building where he could watch for Kingston without been seen by any of the guards. The next few hours were fairly nerve wracking. He could just see some street gang discovering him and deciding to have a little fun. He missed the security his old body used to give him. This new one was just built for looking good. It wasn't practical at all. He even had to be careful not to crush his breasts just looking around the corner.

It was close to eight o'clock before Michael Kingston finally appeared. It was starting to get dark and Paul was on the verge of giving up. Paul almost leapt for joy when he saw him. There was his salvation! Paul started following him, his heart in his mouth. How should he approach him?

Kingston stopped by a car and rummaged in his pockets for his keys. It was now or never. "Excuse me, Dr. Kingston."

Michael Kingston looked up and looked at Paul. "Yes? Can I help you?" he said in a guarded voice.

"You probably don't recognise me, but we worked together a few years back."

Michael was quiet for a moments. "Are you sure? You barely look old enough to be out of school. Where did you meet me?"

"I helped clear your name in your legal case. Look, I really need your help and I think you'll be fascinated in my problem."

Michael turned and unlocked the car. "I'm sure we've never met. Now I have to go, I'm late."

He doesn't want to know, thought Paul. If he'll only listen for a few minutes! Michael opened the door of his car and climbed in. That car has central locking, noticed Paul. When Michael had unlocked one door he had unlocked them all.

Wasting no time, Paul shot round the car and leapt into the passenger seat. "What do you think you're doing? Get out!" shouted Michael.

"Shut up, or I'll start screaming rape." This seemed to quiet Michael down as he realised what sort of situation that would put him in. "Okay, now you must have heard about Dr. Anne Chamberlain and the sort of research she is doing."

"Um, yeah. So what?" He was obviously confused about the sudden twist in the conversation by Paul.

"She's my ex-girlfriend."

"Your...ex-girlfriend. I didn't know she was a lesbian."

"She isn't."

"But you just said..." Started Michael, totally lost by now.

"She is doing research into modifying a person's DNA by introducing an engineered, but harmless, virus into their bodies."

Michael shrugged. "So are a lot of people. Any breakthrough is still decades away."

"No, Anne's done it. And she used me as her guinea pig. In fact she infected me with two different viruses. Below the waist I'm still male." Michael's eyes bulged a little at that statement. "I'm Paul Roberts, the lawyer that saved your ass."

"Oh, this is ridiculous. Get out of my car now!"

"If that's the way you want it." Paul wound down the window. "Help! Rape!" he screamed out of the car window.

"Christ! Okay, okay, I'll listen to you."

Paul smiled. "Right, lets go back to your place and I'll give you some more proof. You do live alone?"


The rest of the drive was in silence. Paul looked at Michael, was he really going to be able to help him? Anne was near the top of her profession while Kingston was working in some seedy establishment. Of course, that could be because of his poor reputation and it might have nothing to do with his actual ability. But what choice did he have? At least Kingston would help him.

Michael's apartment was in a more upmarket part of the city. He didn't say anything until both he and Paul were indoors. "Okay, now what the hell is this all about?"

"A few days ago my girlfriend, Anne Chamberlain, found out I was seeing other women. She deliberately infected me with two DNA viruses. So my top half is female and the bottom half is male."

"You're mad," whispered Michael.

In response Paul started removing his blouse. Michael started to protest but Paul ignored him. He didn't like having to do this at all, but he had to give some proof or Michael was going to consider him a lunatic.

He could feel Michael's eyes crawling over his breasts. He hated them. Every slightest movement they made reminded him of what Anne had done to him. She had stripped him of his near perfect male body and replaced it with feminine softness.

Next he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He was wearing matching panties, which did nothing to disguise the male genitalia he possessed.

"My God, you are a man," gasped Michael. "I'd never have guessed."

"You haven't been listening," snapped Paul. "My top half IS female now. Based on Anne's niece, I believe. The bottom half is that of some lab assistant of hers. If you ran DNA tests on skin from my arm and my leg you'd get two different results."

Michael shook his head. "It's impossible. Technology like that does not exist."

Paul sighed and pointed to just below his belly button. "Look here. There's the join."

Michael bent closer to get a better look. The skin beneath a certain point had a different texture and was just slightly darker than the skin on Paul's upper body. Maybe there was some truth in this crazy story.

He stood up and Paul started to put his clothes back on. "I still can't believe you were Paul Roberts."

"I am Paul Roberts! Remember the night before we went to court. You wanted to throw yourself on the mercy of the court and confess all. It took me several hours and a bottle of whisky to convince you to trust me."

"So what do you want from me?"

"I want you to cure me," said Paul. "I can't go back to Anne, she did this to me in the first place."

"Cure you! I haven't the first clue how that virus works." A thought struck him. "Is it contagious?"

"You only get it from intimate contact. You're okay, you won't start growing breasts."

Michael regarded the unwilling transsexual in front of him. "This is what I'll do. Tomorrow I'll take two samples from you and run a simple gene test on you. If they match you're out of here, okay?"

Paul nodded, "Fair enough. And when they don't match you'll start looking for a cure."

"It's a deal. Where are you staying? I'll give you a lift."

"I haven't got anywhere. I only got here a few hours back."

Michael thought for a moment. He still couldn't believe that the beautiful young creature in front of him was male. Despite incontrovertible evidence of his gender. The face seemed so feminine. Surely no man could look so good, so natural. Maybe Paul's outlandish story was true. "Okay, you can sleep on the couch tonight. Tomorrow you look for somewhere permanent to stay."

Find a place of his own? Paul had no real idea how long it would take Michael to come up with a cure. Until he did he was going to have to support himself. If he was careful with his money he could probably get a reasonable apartment for a few months. Surely it shouldn't take any longer than that for Michael to undo the damage Anne had done to him.

Paul helped Michael make the couch into a makeshift bed. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep. The exertions of the day and the small amount of sleep he had been getting had tired his new body.

Michael Kingston was going through stacks of various scientific journals late into the night. During her research Dr. Chamberlain had published many papers and Michael absorbed every one of them. Their tone was extremely cautious but the direction of her research clearly pointed to the DNA-altering virus Paul claimed had affected him.

She must have made a huge breakthrough. Then another thought struck him. This research was probably top secret. Chamberlain might not have announced her discovery even to the heads of the research institute she belonged to. Therefore, she almost certainly hadn't registered any patents yet. All he had to do was crack the secret of the virus and file a claim and the untold millions the patent would bring him would allow him to retire in luxury.

But he would have to be a hell of a lot cleverer than the last time he had tried to pass someone else's research off as his own. I'll worry about that later, he thought. First I'll have to see how it works. If I can restore Paul he could probably help me with the legal difficulties. He certainly would like to hurt Anne after what she did to him. This could restore his reputation and his fortune.


Paul slept better that night than he had since his transformation. For the first time there was light at the end of the tunnel. It was just after eight in the morning that Paul woke up. It was very quiet in the apartment. Michael wasn't up yet. The small amount of clothes he had lay on a chair in a small pile. He didn't like the idea, but he was going to need new clothes. Female clothes. Well, at least he could choose ones that were less revealing.

Normally he started the morning with some simple exercises. He had let them slip but he decided to do them while he waited for Michael to get up. It felt very different than when he did them in his old body. His upper body was far more supple than he was used to and his lower male half was obviously far less fit and had been a stranger to exercise. His breasts bobbed and tugged at his chest with every movement. He had to stop several times just to readjust his bra and stop his breasts escaping. Surely there was a bra designed to stop breasts popping out during strenuous exercise.

He took his small bundle of clothes and locked himself in the bathroom. In the shower he methodically cleaned his body. It was still so alien to him. He still jumped every time he saw a young woman in the mirror.

He touched his breasts, lifting and holding them. It felt so strange to have such weights on his chest. He felt his nipples start to tingle. They were a hundred times as sensitive as his old male nipples and seemed to have a life of their own. He remembered how they had sprung erect when Jim in Julie's body had sucked him off. He also recalled how they had reacted during their mauling by the cop. He brushed the nipples lightly with his fingers and shivered at the feelings he was getting. Paul got out of the shower and tried to ignore the odd sensations of his body as he towelled himself dry.

His long blonde hair seemed to take ages to dry and it took some effort to comb the knots out. Finally he was as satisfied as he could be about his appearance and he headed out looking for breakfast.

Michael had appeared at last but still looked tired. "Not much sleep?" asked Paul.

"I was up late reading some of Chamberlain's papers. Fascinating stuff. But there isn't any indication that she has developed a fully working virus."

"She wants to stay ahead of the competition. Not really surprising, this is the discovery of the century. Fame and fortune are hers if she gets there before anyone else." Paul helped himself to a bowl of breakfast cereal. "So when can we start with testing my DNA?"

"Well...there's no time like the present."

"Your boss won't mind you dropping whatever you are doing now for this?"

"No. Not for something this important. Quince has never really cared for rules and regulations." Michael lapsed into silence as his mind started to fill with questions. How did the virus work? Did it just mask the old DNA or completely rewrite it?

Paul could barely wait till Michael was ready. At last his nightmare was approaching its end. Soon he would be restored to full manhood. After a hurried breakfast they were soon on their way to Michael's lab.

Paul's good mood was dampened somewhat as they neared Michael's workplace. "Stop the car!" he screamed.

Michael slammed on the brakes. "What is it?" He asked.

Paul scrambled out of the car and over to the sidewalk. Michael looked around to see what had upset Paul so much. All he could see was an empty street.

Paul was looking down at the sidewalk where some broken glass was scattered. "Shit! Shit! Shit! My fucking car's been stolen!" shouted Paul in frustration. He should have known better than to leave his car in an area like this overnight. "They got my fucking credit cards as well!"

"How much money have you got left?" Michael asked as Paul climbed back into the car.

"Barely enough for a few days with my cards gone."

"Paul, I'm not going to be able to support both you and me. My salary is barely enough for me to live on as it is. So you're going to have to think about getting a job."

Paul stared at him. "A job?"

"Yeah. I could hardly pick and choose my own job after the trial and I haven't got any savings. It may take months to find a cure..."

"MONTHS!?" interrupted Paul.

"That's just a worst case scenario. It probably won't come to that, but you have to prepare for the worst."

The rest of the journey was done in silence. Paul knew that wasn't the worst case scenario. At worst he would be stuck like this forever. When they arrived outside Quince Biochemicals Paul could see the huge black guard was on duty again inside. He recognised Paul as he entered.

"It's alright, Jeff," said Michael. "She's with me."

"Has Mr. Quince cleared her?" replied the guard.

"No, but I'll vouch for her," said Michael, a little uncomfortably.

"Well, I'm not sure. You know what Mr. Quince is like about security."

"Okay. Look, if you get one of your people to keep an eye on her while she's here today. Then I'll talk to Mr. Quince and clear it with him."

The guard thought about it. "Okay. But the first sign of trouble and she's out. Understand?"

"No problem. You won't be any trouble, will you, Paula?"

Paul was momentarily confused by the feminine version of his name and then shook his head.

As they walked down to the lab Paul said, "Paula?"

"Sorry. It was all I could think of on the spur of the moment."

Paul was rather surprised by the lab. It was nowhere near as well equipped as Anne's. Michael saw the look on Paul's face. "I know, I don't get the latest equipment here. But what I've got should be good enough."

Michael started to prepare to take samples from Paul. Despite Michael's assurances, Paul wasn't totally convinced. The lab didn't make sense to Paul, surely the company was too small to support a research and development facility. And the lab didn't seem part of any production line. It just didn't make sense to him.

Just then the door opened and another heavily muscled guard entered. This one was white and bald. He eyed Paul's large breasts, making no effort to hide the lust in his eyes.

Paul did his best to ignore the guard as Michael took two small samples of skin and some swabs from his mouth. "Right I'll run some tests on these."

Michael launched into a series of tests, none of which Paul understood. Paul got bored sitting around and ended up helping Michael in his experiments.

For Michael the time flew past. Some simple tests with samples from himself quickly established some change was happening. But he needed something more concrete to convince Quince this was something worth researching. He turned to the guard, "Bill, get one of the test mice."

The guard grudgingly did what he was told. Paul looked on as Michael prepared a syringe. "You going to see if it has any effect on the mouse?"

"From what I've read, the DNA virus should be able to alter any mammalian DNA. You see, I need proof to take to Mr Quince otherwise he isn't going to let me do the research you need to solve your problem."

The door to the lab burst open and in stalked an imposing man in an immaculate suit. "Speak of the devil," muttered Michael.

Quince was in his late thirties, his brown hair already going grey. "What the hell is going on, Kingston?" he demanded. Paul noted he wasn't that tall, but he seemed to dominate everyone else in the room. "I thought you knew better than to bring your girlfriend here."

"Mr. Quince, I can explain. Look at this." Michael quickly held the mouse down and injected it with the solution. I hope this works, he prayed to himself.

Almost instantly the mouse started to writhe and change under his hand. Michael jerked back his hand and stared at the mouse. Its fur receded and its arms and legs began to grow. Its claws grew into impossibly tiny fingers, recognisably human. Then suddenly it stopped and the twisted creature lay still, obviously dead.

Paul turned away and fought down the urge to be sick.

"What is that?" asked Quince in absolute disbelief.

"It's the reason I brought this person here. Here, let me show you my notes," answered Michael. Quince went through the records asking questions at various points as Michael explained Paul's story.

Paul's eyes were dragged unwillingly back to the dead mouse. It hadn't completed the change to human, it was still three quarters mouse. He turned to Michael. "W-why didn't it change all the way?"

Michael thought for a moment. "Probably the difference in size between a human and a mouse was too great. The mouse didn't have the resources to complete the change and no human that size could live." He turned back to Quince and continued explaining. Quince was lapping it up, his eyes bright with excitement and ideas.

Paul was chilled by the look. He tried to shake it off. At least Quince would throw his whole weight behind the project now. He went to the far side of the lab and opened the window. The fresh air helped calm him down. But in his stomach the fear remained. The thing that had killed the mouse and twisted its body was running free and unchecked through every cell in his body.

He tried to think about something else. He needed to get a job to support himself. How was he going to do that? He couldn't be a lawyer and he had no identity he could use. When was this nightmare going to end?

Paul felt eyes on him and turned around to see Quince staring at him in lust. But not the sexual desire most men had shown since he had become half-female. It was pure greed. Quince didn't see a person, he saw a meal ticket to a personal fortune.

Paul shuddered and turned away.


The man was in his early twenties, smelled fairly bad and had greasy hair. But what really filled Paul with disgust was the way that he was drooling over Paul's breasts.

Paul wanted to just pummel the man's face in. Instead he just smiled and said, "Would you like fries with that?"

The man smiled. "Yeah. Say, what are you doing when you finish work? Perhaps I could take you out for a drink?"

Paul glared at him and the man visibly paled. "Or maybe not." He paid for his burger and fries and retreated to one of the bolted-down tables.

"I hate that the most about working here. When the lowlifes try to pick you up. Why do they try?" Mandy asked in an annoyed tone.

Paul looked over at Mandy at the other cash register. "Maybe they get turned on by the uniform."

Mandy flashed one of her broad smiles. She was one of the bright spots of Paul's day so far. Mandy was shorter than Paul, barely reaching five feet in height. She had a mop of brown hair in a pageboy cut and a slim athletic looking body. Her breasts were small, but seemed the perfect size to Paul. Anything bigger would have left her body looking unbalanced. She looked a little like an elf would, and the first time Paul had met her he had almost checked her for pointed ears.

Paul loathed the job itself. It was utterly menial and needed no mental effort whatsoever. All he had to do was listen to the moronic customers telling him what they wanted. Then he had to push the buttons on the till, each marked with pictures of the various pieces of food on offer. And then shout the order back to the kitchen. He had always looked down on the people who worked here as lazy idiots who couldn't be bothered to work for a good job like his.

It had quickly become apparent when he had started looking for work that he was qualified for only two jobs. Serving burgers was infinitely preferable to a night-club or strip joint. So here he was, in a dayglow yellow-and-green uniform, bored out of his skull.

He had been sleeping in Michael's apartment for over a week and had rarely left it. Michael had become insistent that he find a job and moved out. He said his stretched resources couldn't cover Paul as well. Paul had suggested asking Quince for a loan, but Michael had refused point blank to do anything like that.

With the meagre salary from the burger bar he would just be able to afford a dingy one room apartment. This isn't forever, he kept telling himself. Just until Michael could come up with a cure. To give him his due, Michael was working flat-out on the virus. Paul didn't really see why he had to move out. Surely the cure wouldn't take the several months Michael had said it would?

He had blown about half his money buying some more underwear, which he had needed. In the lingerie section he had felt like an invader, as if at any moment his true gender would be revealed. If any of the assistants thought he was anything other than a shy girl, they hadn't let on. He had made his purchases with the minimum of embarrassment and left.

Paul realised Mandy was talking to him. "Sorry?"

"I said it's time for our lunch break. Unless you're enjoying yourself too much."

Paul gladly followed her upstairs to a small room with a coffee machine and some chairs. He kicked off his shoes and sat down. Mandy started making some coffee as Paul flicked through some of the papers lying around.

"What are you looking for?" asked Mandy.

"Somewhere to live. But there's no place cheap enough for me to afford."

Mandy sighed and sat down beside Paul. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm probably going to have to move out of my apartment because I can't keep up with the rent. It's a great place considering the money I pay for it, but since the girl I shared it with moved back home I'm struggling to meet the rent all the time." She paused and then added, "So how about it, Paula?"

"How about what?" Paul asked.

"Share the rent with me, silly. The spare bedroom is very nice."

Paul looked at Mandy. He belatedly realised she was serious. When Mandy looked at Paul she didn't see a forty-year-old involuntary transsexual. Instead she saw a pretty girl, around her own age, down on her luck. Why not, thought Paul. It was better than any other options he had, and he had gotten along well with Mandy since he had met her the day before. "Thanks, Mandy. I owe you for this."

"Nonsense. It's us girls against the world, isn't it?"

"Uh...yeah." She is very cute, thought Paul. He clamped down on that feeling. He knew it could only bring him trouble.

"So when can you move in? Do you need a hand with your stuff?"

Paul laughed. "Slow down. I can move in now if you like, and all my stuff will fit in one bag."

Mandy looked concerned. "You've had some bad luck recently, haven't you?" Paul nodded. "Do you want to talk about it?"

", not really."

"Okay, no problem. If you do want to talk about it, I'll be there for you."

Paul thanked her, glad that she hadn't pressed the issue. He was going to have to come up with a cover story at some point.


"How is your research progressing, Doctor?" Quince asked.

Michael rubbed his eyes and looked up. "It's going to take months to work out how Chamberlain did it."

"But do you know enough about it to be able to use it? Can you reverse what was done to your friend?"

"I have two different DNA viruses here. I've found a way to remove the DNA signatures from the viruses, but that won't cure him. These blank viruses will pick up any DNA they come into contact with and incorporate it into themselves. So they'll immediately pick up the DNA from his altered cells, and we're back where we started."

"But you can create viruses with anybody's DNA?"

Michael looked up and saw the glint in Quince's eyes. "Theoretically, yes. But I have no idea if, in clearing Paul's DNA from the virus, I've damaged it somehow. It could be fatal."

Quince nodded. "We'll wait until you're absolutely sure before we go any further. However, I would like you to produce some viruses using DNA from other people."

"Sure," agreed Michael. At the back of his mind he wondered what, if anything, Quince had planned for the other viruses. He knew better than to ask.

"I still can't discover how to remove or replace a virus once someone has been changed by it. Paul is convinced Chamberlain knew how, but she designed it. It may take me a while to crack it."

"I fully understand," said Quince. "You can't rush these things. Let me know if you make any breakthroughs." He turned and left the lab without waiting for an answer. He smiled as he walked back to his office. He had never seen Kingston so enthusiastic.

The blonde, buxom girl said hello as she entered the reception of Quince Biochemicals.

Jeff smiled and replied, "Morning, Miss Roberts." His smile slowly faded as she walked past. Where did she fit in all this? She seemed to still be in her teens, but she had a maturity way beyond her years. And there was something about the way she walked that didn't seem quite right to him.

Paula Roberts had appeared a week before, in a desperate state demanding to see Dr. Kingston. Eventually, Jeff had had to carry her out of the building to get rid of her. The next day, she had returned with Kingston, and now was the center of some frenetic activity by both the doctor and Quince.

He was still trying to fit all the pieces together when one of the other security guards entered reception. "Hey, Bill. Could you look after reception for a bit?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, okay. Don't be too long, alright?"

"No problem. Just got to answer a call of nature." Jeff made his way back to the rear of the building. He had been itching to have a look all day to see if the information was correct. But only now, towards evening, was the building empty enough for him to risk it. The door was unmarked and locked, but Jeff had the key. It was the almost total access to every room in the building that had led Jeff to apply for the job of security guard, and his references seemed perfect for the position.

He quietly opened the door, and looked in at the darkened storeroom. If his contact was correct, the box he was looking for would have been delivered that morning. A quick search of the room located the large box tucked away in a corner.

Jeff opened the box. It was full near to the brim with little bottles of tablets. He picked up one, and read the serial number.

It matched! He pocketed the bottle. It wouldn't be missed out out of a full box. Jeff closed the box and switched off the light. He slipped out of the room and locked it again. Quince was very careful, but at last Jeff had something on him.

He returned to the reception, and took over from the bald-headed guard who was almost asleep on his feet. Inside, Jeff was exultant, but he was careful not to allow any of it to show on his face. At last he was getting somewhere.

"It's not great, but it's home." Mandy shut the front door and showed Paul into the main room.

"You've got a nice place here. Much better than what I could have looked forward to on my own," Paul said. He had been expecting a small, dingy apartment. And it was small, but Mandy had obviously put a lot of thought into how to decorate the place.

Mandy showed Paul around. There wasn't that much to see: two small bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Paul dropped the bag carrying the few belongings he had left and joined Mandy in the kitchen.

"Can you cook?" she asked.

"Very badly, I'm afraid," Paul replied.

"Same here. Oh, well. Let's see what we can come up with." Mandy didn't have that much in the way of food, but together, Mandy and Paul managed to make a reasonable dinner.

Mandy suggested they have a bottle of wine as a way to welcome Paul to the apartment. She was far more open and talkative away from the burger bar and Paul couldn't help smiling along with her. Mandy had come to the city a few years before after what was left of her family had fallen apart. She was in fact twenty-one, which was about five years older than she looked to Paul.

They finished off the wine almost before they realised it. Paul felt slightly drunk, which was unusual from so little alcohol. Together they sat on the one couch and watched an action film with Harrison Ford in it. About half an hour into the film, Mandy shifted her head over and rested it on Paul's shoulder.

His first reaction was that this was a subtle come-on on Mandy's part. Then he had to remember who he now appeared to be. He still thought of himself as a forty-year-old man instead of the young woman he appeared to be. As far as Mandy was concerned, it was a purely innocent action so that she could see the television better.

Paul looked down at Mandy. She was so close that he could smell her intoxicating female scent. He might look like a woman, but he was still male where it counted. In his silken panties, he could feel his cock stiffening. Perhaps it was a mixture of the wine and the odd situation, but Paul felt a strong sensation of lust run through him. Even his nipples were reacting to his thoughts.

He could imagine lowering Mandy to the floor and opening her blouse to expose her perfectly formed breasts, kissing one, and drawing the excited spike of her nipple into his mouth. Then he'd slowly enter her tight, wet pussy and bring her to several climaxes before powerfully pumping his cum into her.

Paul looked down past his aroused breasts to see his erection. It wasn't blatantly obvious in the baggy pants he was wearing, but he had better do something about it before Mandy noticed. "Excuse me. Have to go to the bathroom."

Mandy lifted her head off his shoulder, and Paul stumbled out into the hall and across into the bathroom. Thankfully, there was a lock on the door. He virtually ripped his blouse and pants off.

His panties were at bursting point, and he gladly slipped them off to expose his raging hard-on. He grasped its hot length in his hand and slowly started to masturbate. His cock, like the rest of him, had been altered by the DNA viruses. It was no longer than his original penis, but it was definitely thicker.

All that mattered to him now was relieving himself of the sexual tension that had built up in him. Paul concentrated on an image of Mandy lying naked on a bed, waiting for him to come and fuck her brains out. He imagined her eagerly taking his cock deep into her throat.

By now he was pumping hard on his straining cock with one hand while the other had slipped into his bra. As he caressed his own breasts he imagined they belonged to Mandy, despite the fact that they were much bigger than hers. The luxurious sensation from his breasts combined with the pressure in his balls sent him over the edge, and he had an explosive orgasm. White cum splattered across the wall and on the floor. He managed to stop himself from crying out as he came.

The intensity of the orgasm left him a little shaky and drained. Slowly, he came back to himself as he stood there, still absentmindedly rubbing his super-sensitive nipples. He quickly wiped himself down with a towel and cleaned the semen off the floor and walls with toilet paper. Paul opened the window to clear the smell from the small room. He quickly dressed and went back to join Mandy.

"You took your time. Did you fall in?" she asked as Paul returned.

"No, I just don't rush," Paul said a little defensively.

"My Dad was like that. Used to take the paper in with him and we never saw him until he had finished it. Are you alright? You look a little flushed."

"That's...just the wine. It affects me like that sometimes." Paul was glad to see Mandy accepted his explanation.

"Come on. The film's just getting to a good bit. Harrison Ford is really sexy, isn't he."

Paul sat back down on the couch. "He's okay, I suppose. If you like that sort of thing."

"Oh, come on! Don't tell me you prefer big, muscle-bound Neanderthals. He's far better than Schwartzenegger and those other morons. Say, that wine really does affect you. Your face is bright red, Paula."


"Are you sure about this?" asked Quince.

"Enough to know we have a severe security breach." The other man was small and wiry. He wore an ill-fitting suit and was carrying a folder. :From the folder he produced several photographs.

Quince scanned each one. They clearly showed one of his security guards, Jeff Stockwell, in a bar with another man. "Do we know who this other guy is, Simonds?"

"He's a cop. We don't know if Stockwell is a cop as well or just an informant." replied Simonds.

"Damn. How much do they know?"

"Not enough to move against us yet, obviously. But it's only a matter of time. We should use this time to destroy any evidence and get out while we can."

Quince sat down behind his desk. He was quiet for several moments. Simonds knew better than to disturb him. Finally, Quince said, "Maybe we could remove Stockwell from the scene."

"The second he disappears, this place will be raided. You know that." Simonds replied in a perplexed voice.

"Not if he doesn't disappear."

Simonds shook his head. "Now you've lost me."

Quince smiled as he got up and headed to the door. "Come on, I'll let you in on a little secret."

A sharp, pounding headache drew Jeff back to consciousness. It took him several long minutes to gather his wits. He was lying on a bare concrete floor in a small room. It had no window and only one dim lightbulb.

How had he gotten there? He sorted his memories into some kind of order. He had been going back to the cheap room he was living in during this operation. Someone had been there, and had jumped him when he had entered.

Had his cover been blown? If it had, the question was what would Quince do with him. He struggled upright, and examined the door. It was a very solid wooden door, and even his strength wouldn't budge it. All he could do was wait and hope that there was some opportunity he could exploit.

Outside the door, three figures were standing. "Okay, let's do it."

Simonds said, "I still think we could do with some more men. Stockwell is as strong as an ox."

Quince smiled. "I think Bill will be able to handle him. Open the door."

Simonds unbolted the door and drew it open.

Jeff looked up to see Quince and Simonds standing in the room beyond, but his attention was rapidly drawn to the far larger figure standing between them in front of the door. It was a heavily-muscled, black man with Jeff's face!

He was frozen with shock. The other man took the advantage and grabbed Jeff, dragged him out of the room, forced him face down on the floor and twisted Jeff's arm behind him to make sure he couldn't get up.

Jeff was in no position to try to get up; he was far too shocked. Where could they have found someone who was absolutely identical to him? It was impossible!

Quince almost laughed. He had gotten his tame doctor to make a DNA-altering virus based on Jeff, and injected it into Bill. It had taken the better part of several hours to convince the bald, white guard that it was safe. Now, Bill was an exact copy of Jeff. Quince waved Simonds over, "Quickly, the syringe!"

Simonds carefully removed the syringe from the case he had been holding tightly in his hands. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally inject himself with it. He jabbed it inexpertly into Jeff's arm. Quickly, he injected the syringe's clear contents into Jeff. He stood back and nodded to Quince.

"Okay, Bill, you can stand back now," Quince said calmly, despite the excitement he felt.

The guard released Jeff and stepped away from his twin.

Jeff didn't know why he had been released, but he decided to make the best of it. He struggled to his feet, and was about to make a break for it when the strangest feeling overcame him. The arm which had been injected felt different somehow. He held out the arm in front of him and his heart hammered with the shock of what he saw.

It was shrinking! The well-defined muscles were just vanishing. What had they injected into him? He brought his new, much smaller hand closer. It hadn't just shrunk. It had been altered.

The skin on the arm, while still brown, was a shade or two lighter than it should have been. The hand itself was refined and much smaller than his other hand, as if the bone structure had shrunk as well.

The area of strangeness was still spreading. He felt the feeling of alteration enter his left shoulder and start spreading across his upper body. Jeff was near to total panic. Was he dying?

Then he felt his neck being rearranged. It, too, was becoming slender and losing most of the muscles around it. "What have you done to me?" cried Jeff, but his voice was no longer his own. Instead of the bass rumble he had been used to since adolescence, he now had a high, feminine pitched voice. He looked back at his changed hand. It hadn't shrivelled. It was a woman's hand. Somehow, whatever they had injected into him was turning him female.

The virus worked its way up into his head, and he could feel long, curly hair spilling onto his shoulders. The rate of change was speeding up now. Under his T-shirt appeared two bumps, quickly multiplying in size. He slapped his hands over them in a desperate effort to stop them growing, as if he could push the lumps back into himself. His breasts started to hurt from the pressure of his hands, which were almost enveloped in the soft flesh he was acquiring. His mind struggled to comprehend what was happening. He had tits, huge and heavy. He closed his eyes and tried to make them go away by sheer will power, but he could still feel his large, jiggling breasts hanging from his chest.

By now, the virus was reaching his crotch, and Jeff forgot all about the mammaries he had grown. He thrust his hand into his pants but it was already too late. The anatomy that greeted his hand was familiar, but he had never expected to find it on himself. He had a pussy! His cock and balls were gone. As he searched for any sign of his former maleness, his hips widened into a shape designed for childbirth. Jeff started whimpering in absolute shock and slowly collapsed to the floor.

Quince had watched Jeff's transformation from a burly guard to a well-stacked slut with quiet fascination. No one would believe that the beautiful girl had ever been anything other than female. Quince had not been convinced that the virus could work on a human without killing him. Now he had seen it in action twice, and he knew it was safe. Dr. Kingston still had no way to reverse the process, and he was unsure if he could ever find one. Quince had had to lie to Bill before the guard had agreed to take Jeff's place. It had also taken a large sum of money that Quince had absolutely no intention of paying.

He walked over to the shivering woman. He crouched beside her and grabbed her face. Her eyes were filled with pure terror. "This is what I do to people who betray me," he told her. "You're going back in your room for the night, and tomorrow you'll give me details of exactly what you've been up to. If you don't tell me the whole truth, you're going to be stuck in that bitch's body for the rest of your life."

She didn't resist as he helped her up and put her back in the bare room. Quince knew that she was probably in deep shock, and probably wasn't even able to remember her own name at that moment. He hoped that by the morning, she would have recovered enough to be interrogated.

In the room, Jeff sat in a corner listening to the sound of her gasps. Even they sounded feminine. A part of her was screaming that this was only a dream, that she was still male. But, deep down, she knew that was no longer true.


Some time had passed. Jeff had no idea how much. The small room had no windows, only a low-powered lightbulb, so she couldn't even tell if night had fallen or if it was already dawn outside. The events of the last few hours played relentlessly through Jeff's mind. Somehow, Quince had turned her from an imposing male cop into a well-endowed woman.

For the first time since that impossible event had happened, Jeff managed to calm herself down enough to examine her new body. She looked down at her chest. When she had put the T-shirt on that morning, it had been tight against her muscled torso and thick arms. Now it was as loose as a tent. It was still tight in one area though, where her breasts stretched the material.

She closed her eyes and pulled the T-shirt off. The soft curls of her long hair brushed against her bare shoulders, but she ignored the strange sensation as her eyes drank in the incredible sight before her. Two brown globes of feminine flesh sat heavily on her chest. They were beautiful breasts; large but firm, with perfect skin. Gently, she held them in her small hands.

They were real, not some prosthetics. She could feel her hands lifting her new breasts. She released them and ran a finger over one nipple. It was huge compared to her old male nipple, and much more sensitive. She ran her finger around it. The nipple tingled and grew.

She grasped her teat between her fingers and pulled gently. It felt good. Jeff felt herself get turned on by both the feeling and the sight of her naked feminine flesh. Her crotch became aroused, but it felt so different from what she was used to. It felt a little like an erection, but somehow inside her. She didn't feel the familiar tightness in her pants that she was used to.

Then Jeff remembered what she had felt there before Quince had put her back in the room. Her small hands struggled at the belt which was now loose around her impossibly small waist. She pushed her pants and shorts down over her wide hips and gasped in shock. It was gone! She was no longer a man.

Nestled in a sparse mat of pubic hair was the unmistakable shape of a woman's pussy. She stared at her new feminine equipment for several minutes until her hand moved down to explore it. Jeff could feel the first hesitant touches of her fingers on the lips of her new vagina. It was real. Then the lips parted and her dainty fingers pushed into the moist passage. The sensation of even that small penetration was almost too much for Jeff's overtaxed brain.

Slowly she started to probe her vagina. As she did so she felt a pleasurable need building up in her. Her fingers reached her clitoris and she gave a soft gasp at how sensitive it was, like a miniature penis.

She arranged her clothes on the floor and lay back on them. With one hand she caressed one of her breasts, and with the other she started to work at her excited cunt in earnest. Jeff retreated into the sensations of being a woman in heat. By now she had all four fingers of her hand in her vagina. The feeling of penetration was so alien, so exciting.

The erotic sensations continued to build until she reached an orgasm. She arched her hips as if to meet an imaginary lover as the erotic sensations shot through her body. It was similar to a male orgasm but not nearly as centered on her crotch and it seemed to take forever to die down.

For a long time Jeff lay there, not thinking about anything in particular. Slowly, she returned to herself. She was more than a little embarrassed about what she had just done with herself. She rationalized her excitement as the natural effect of being confronted with a shapely girl's body. Even if it was now hers.

Jeff looked around the room. She had to find a way out of there. She quickly dressed in her now ill-fitting clothes, trying to ignore the feeling of her breasts bobbing on her chest and her wide hips swivelling as she walked around the room. The only way in or out of the room was a solid door. Even in her old body, Jeff would have been unable to break open the door. Her only hope would be to make a run for it when her captors opened the door.

And go where? She would never be able to convince her fellow policemen that she had been Jeff Stockwell. At best they would think she had got the information from their missing colleague.

Maybe Michael Kingston could help her. Jeff knew he didn't work totally voluntarily for Quince. On the other hand, Kingston might just turn her over to Quince. All that was totally irrelevant if she couldn't escape.

Jeff crouched down in the corner and crossed her arms under her breasts.

"She does look cute. You picked the donor well, Mr. Quince."

Jeff heard her voice speaking at a distance. That wasn't her voice, she realised. That was Bill in her body. Her eyes snapped open to see Quince and her old body standing over her. She had fallen asleep and wasted her one opportunity!

Quince smiled coldly at Jeff, "Come on. It's time for our little chat."

Jeff climbed unsteadily to her feet. Bill escorted her out into the main room. There was a camp bed in the middle of the room. Quince gestured Jeff to go and sit on it. Jeff did as she was told. She felt terribly vulnerable in her new feminine body, and the way Bill was ogling her curves didn't help. Quince sat next to her. Jeff was uncomfortable at having a man so close to her.

Quince leaned over to Jeff and said "Now, co-operate and you'll be back to your old manly self soon." Jeff said nothing. Quince hoped she hadn't had a mental breakdown from the sudden drastic change she had undergone. "Jeff, tell me who in the police force you were working with."

Jeff sat hunched up on the bed. Quince could see she was shivering. "You don't work for the local cops, do you? You probably come from another city. So the chances anyone would recognize you are a cop are much smaller. Even your own mother wouldn't recognize you now, and unless you want to stay a cute little girl, you'll answer my questions." Quince brushed a long curl out of Jeff's face. "You are very good looking. Perhaps you like being an attractive female."

Quince could see Jeff was on the edge of total panic. It was time to offer Jeff a way out. "All you have to do is give me the names of the officers you worked with here who know who you are."

A part of Jeff desperately wanted to give Quince the information, but she managed to fight it down. What would Quince do to them to protect the racket he had going here? At best they would be transformed like she had been. Jeff had only known the small group she had been working with for under a month, but she wouldn't betray them to Quince.

"Fuck off, Quince," Jeff said with all the force she could muster. She could hear the conviction in her high, lilting voice, but it had none of the power she was used to. She had used her voice as a weapon, often managing to bellow people into submission. Now it was as weak and female as the rest of her.

Quince sighed. "I hoped you were going to be reasonable about this." He looked up at Bill and nodded.

The guard opened a small case he was holding and produced a syringe. Jeff's eyes widened in shock. "No," she moaned in fear. Not again! She jumped to her feet and bolted for the door. Bill made no move to stop her as she rushed past. She reached the door, tried to open it, and failed.

"You'll need this," said Quince waving a key. Jeff turned around and lunged at Quince, but she was grabbed by Bill in an iron grip. Quince took the syringe from Bill. As Jeff fought to escape, Quince took one of her arms and carefully injected the contents of the syringe into her.

Quince and Bill stood back. Jeff was sick with horror. What were they going to change her into now? Several seconds passed and Jeff began to feel very odd, as if she was somehow disconnected from what was happening. It hadn't been another dose of whatever had changed her. They had drugged her! Her vision was blurred as if there was some thin cloth in front of her eyes. Jeff tried to fight the intoxicating effects of the drug and turned again towards the door.

Just then, her long, shapely legs buckled. Bill managed to catch Jeff in time, and half-carried, half-walked her back to the bed. Bill sat down on the bed and propped Jeff against his chest. Jeff could feel Bill's arm around her waist keeping her upright.

Quince squatted down and looked into Jeff's glazed eyes. He waited a few more seconds for the drug to take full effect. The drug put its users into an almost semi-conscious state. In that condition they were far more open to suggestion, and easier to question. "Jeff," he said quietly. "Listen to my voice. You are calm, relaxed. Everything is going to be okay."

"Okay," mumbled Jeff.

"You feel warm and safe. Bill will look after you, you trust him." Quince saw a small smile on Jeff's face.

Quince nodded to Bill. He took his cue and started to gently stroke Jeff's arm with his free hand. He felt a little odd cuddling someone who had been a brawny male until just a few hours before, but Jeff was a very attractive woman now. Jeff reacted to the caresses. Her nipples, already prominent under the T-shirt, grew erect.

"Tell me who you worked with at the police department."

Jeff's brow creased with a frown. "I can't."

Quince was quiet but insistent, "You must. We are your friends. You must tell us so we can help your other friends." Bill moved his hand up to one of Jeff's aroused breasts and lightly brushed the nipple. Bill wasn't usually very interested in any form of foreplay, but Quince had been very insistent about what he must do.

Jeff squirmed in Bill's embrace. The girl was getting very turned on. Quince watched with interest, "Help us. Or we can't help you." He told Jeff. Bill recognised his cue and removed his hand.

Jeff shook her head again, but it was obvious she was weakening. Quince knew the inbuilt desires of Jeff's body, combined with the near- hypnotic power of the drug, were battering down her resistance. He nodded to Bill again.

Bill's arm was wrapped around Jeff's torso, and his hand was thrusting inside her T-shirt, gripping the sensuous globe of Jeff's left breast. With his other hand, Bill loosened the belt of Jeff's pants and reached inside.

Jeff gave a long erotic moan as Bill's hand touched her pussy. Bill started to massage the excited clitoris, and Jeff instinctively spread her legs. Quince gave a signal to Bill and he reluctantly stopped masturbating Jeff. Bill had all but forgotten Jeff's previous manhood, and just wanted to fill her tight cunt with his long, thick cock.

"Help us," Quince said again. "Tell us what you know and Bill will be able to make you feel good again." He watched the internal battle going on in Jeff as the last vestiges of resistance were washed away.

Slowly and in a soft, dreamy voice Jeff told Quince what he wanted to know. Only eight officers in total knew about the operation, and that included the precinct captain.

When Jeff had finished, Quince said, "Well done. You've been very helpful. Now do you want to be left alone?"

"No," protested Jeff. "I want Bill to touch me."

"Very well. Bill, she's all yours." Quince smiled as he packed up his notes. It had been unfair to ask Jeff that question. The drugged cop had been so primed by Quince's suggestions that she wouldn't be able to think about anything but sex for quite a while. At least until the drug wore off. As he was leaving he turned to see Bill pull Jeff's T-shirt off, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts. Quince was almost as turned on as Bill, but he knew better than to risk fucking the new woman. he didn't particularly want to end up as Jeff's twin sister.

Jeff felt Bill's hand cup and massage her breasts. She looked up at the large black man leaning over her. Bill's face was familiar, but in Jeff's befuddled state she couldn't work out why. Her nipples were tingling in their aroused state and she gasped at their sensitivity. At some level she knew that she had only become female very recently, but she could only concentrate on what was happening to her at that moment.

Jeff was lowered to the bed by Bill. She felt hands at her waist as her pants and boxer shorts were pulled down her smooth legs. Then Bill stood and quickly stripped his own clothes off. Jeff watched Bill's cock spring erect into view.

In the back of her mind she felt fear as part of Jeff tried to resist the drug. But the rest of her drank in the view of Bill's member, knowing it could fill the aching need in her. Bill climbed back onto the bed and rolled on top of Jeff.

The air whooshed out of Jeff as the heavy weight of the man pressed down on her. But she was concentrating on the hot bar she could feel on her stomach. Bill lifted his pelvis and guided his cock to the opening of Jeff's pussy. Jeff felt a desperate need to be penetrated that washed away the last few defences she had.

Without warning, Bill thrust his hard length as far as possible into Jeff's wet cunt. Jeff bucked under Bill. The feeling was so alien, yet so good. She could feel every inch of Bill's member buried in her pussy. Bill started to pound hard into her with little consideration for Jeff's satisfaction, but Jeff was so turned on by the conditioning given under the drug that she was already well on her way to orgasm.

Bill grabbed Jeff's slender wrists and held them against the bed as he drove his cock deep into the drugged woman's slick vagina. For Jeff, the erotic sensations were growing beyond belief. Just when she thought they wouldn't get any better, they did. She felt a pressure building up in her, and suddenly waves of orgasmic pleasure rolled over her body. She could hear her own voice giving a high pitched scream of pure satisfaction.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around Bill's waist and pulled him as deeply as she could into her. Jeff could feel Bill twitching inside her as he reached his own orgasm and pumped his cum deep into her.

They remained locked together as they slowly came down from their climaxes. Bill was amazed by the response he had gotten from the former male. He had never had a real girl respond in such an erotic manner. Slowly, his erection softened and he withdrew from Jeff's pussy. He stood up and started to put his clothes on. All in all it was a great shame that Quince had told him to kill Jeff after the interrogation. The former guard was a really good fuck.


Jeff could feel herself being jerked around as she returned to consciousness. She opened her eyes and blearily looked around.

She was strapped into a car being driven over some waste ground. All around were factory buildings that seemed to have been in disuse for some time. How did she get here?

Jeff looked over at the driving seat and snapped fully awake. Her old male body with Bill inside was there. Jeff gasped as she remembered what he had done to her. No, what she had let him do to her. She had spread her legs and virtually begged him to fuck her. She might have been under the influence but that didn't really help her come to terms with how her new femininity had been used.

Bill pulled the car up to one of the buildings. He turned off the engine and turned to look at Jeff. She flinched under his gaze. She was so small and weak now that she would be totally unable to stop him from doing anything he wanted to with her.

"Quince told me to take you out and get rid of you. Your cop buddies would just think you're another dead whore, if they ever found you out here." His tone of voice was very matter of fact and Jeff had no doubts he was being serious. "You make a good piece of ass, Jeff. The way you enjoyed me pumping your cunt, I could sell you to any of a dozen whore houses around here, but Quince might find out and he wouldn't be happy with me." Bill started the car and pulled out of the disused factory. "Of course, no one can tell Quince where you are if no one sees you. I've always wanted my own personal whore."

Jeff was praying for this nightmare to be over. A part of her was even wishing Bill would kill her so she could escape her new self. In less than a day she had lost her manhood and had sex with a man who had stolen her body. She could feel her long hair around her shoulders. Her generous breasts bounced and jiggled with every movement of the car. Between her legs, her pussy still tingled from the fucking she had received. Did her future hold nothing more than being this monster's sex slave? "I-if you think I'm going to let you rape me again, think again."

Bill laughed. "I didn't rape you. You wanted it, remember?"

"That was the drug. If you try it again I'll make you regret it," Jeff said defiantly. Even if Bill locked her up, she would be able to find some way to escape.

"This body of yours suits me fine, even if it is black," he replied. "So I doubt you could stop me, but you are right. Forcing you won't be nearly as much fun as the cock-crazed slut that drug made you into. So I brought a month's supply with me." Bill jerked a thumb to the back of the car.

Jeff craned her head round to see a sports bag resting on the back seat. Carefully, so as not to alert Bill, she tried to open the car door. The door was jammed, and where the door lock should have been there was just a space. She was trapped.

By now the car was entering a run down residential area. Bill parked by what appeared to be an almost derelict three-story building. He opened his door, and then grabbed Jeff and the bag, and dragged them from the car. Jeff started screaming for help and kicking ineffectual at him. As Bill dragged her through the building Jeff saw people looking at her through nearly closed doors and he knew none of them would come to her aid.

Bill stopped by one door and unlocked it, while holding Jeff at arm's length. When the door was opened, he threw her bodily into the apartment. Jeff struggled to get her breath back, but even as she climbed to her feet she heard the door slam. Bill opened the bag and brought out an already prepared syringe.

Jeff turned and ran through the fair-sized apartment. All the windows had metal grills on them, and despite her best efforts, she couldn't open them. Bill advanced on her slowly. Suddenly, he pulled her arm behind her and held her immobile as he carefully injected the drug into her.

Bill released Jeff, and she staggered away. She looked at his smiling face in horror. He owned her now, and with that drug she would become a willing slave.

As the drug started to take hold, she heard his voice permeating through the very core of her being. "Relax. You are safe here. This is your home. I am Bill, your master. Your name is whore, you'll answer to no other. You love me and will do anything I ask." Dreamily she noticed she was sitting in an armchair, but could not remember how she got there.

Bill carefully repeated the suggestions over and over while Jeff was sprawled out in an armchair. Finally he asked Jeff, "What is your name?"

The woman's face split in a sexy grin. "My name is whore, Master," she replied with relish. Bill grinned broadly. He was glad now that he had listened to Quince's description of how the drug worked. "Remove your clothes. As my pet, you won't need them."

Jeff slowly undressed herself, revealing her beautiful curvy body. Bill could feel his cock becoming erect again. "Show your Master how much you love him. Suck my cock."

Jeff slid off the chair and kneeled before Bill. At the back of her mind she was aware of what was happening, but she was powerless, totally unable to stop sucking Bill's cock. She was his slave and there was no way out.


"Hurry up!" Mandy shouted from outside Paul's bedroom.

"I'll be ready in a minute!" Paul replied, and turned back to the mirror. The girl that stared back at him no longer startled him as much as she used to, but he was still far from comfortable with his new form.

He was wearing a flowing long skirt which covered his legs. He would have preferred to have worn jeans, but they just made his masculine lower half too obvious for his liking. Paul fiddled with the buttons on his white blouse. He had never really noticed that woman's blouses had the buttons on the other side from those of men's shirts. Finally he had it done up. The blouse covered his large breasts, but couldn't really hide them. Well, it would have to do. To finish up, he slipped on a black jacket. It was obviously feminine, but was far better than some of the items Mandy had tried to get him to buy when they had gone shopping the previous weekend.

Paul checked his face in the mirror. His experiments in make-up hadn't been very successful, but he felt he had mastered the basics of lipstick. He went to the door and slipped on his shoes. The two-inch heel had made him a little unsteady at first, but at least they restored some of his lost height.

Mandy was waiting for him outside his door. "At last! What have you been up to in there?"

"Sorry. I'm a bit tired tonight."

"Oh no! You're not getting out of it tonight. You've locked yourself in here every evening. Well tonight, we are going out."

Paul knew better than to argue with Mandy. She could be very stubborn when she felt like it. "Okay, okay. Where are we going?"

"The Roxy. One of the best clubs around." She looked Paul up and down. "Don't you think your outfit is a little conservative?"

Paul looked at Mandy's short, tight pink dress. "It's what I like."

"You've got a good body. You should show it off more. Next payday you and me are going to go and get something that'll have all the boys drooling on the floor."

"Terrific," said Paul unable to disguise his lack of enthusiasm.

It was still fairly early when they arrived at the club, and the queue wasn't very long. Soon they were inside.

The music was being pumped out at a loud level, and the dance floor was heaving with people. Paul felt even more out of place than normal. Virtually everyone there was half his age. He turned to see Mandy heading over to the bar. He hurried to catch up.

She ordered a couple of cocktails, and they settled down at an empty table. After a while, Paul started to relax and enjoy himself. They talked about the people they worked with at the fast food joint, and cracked jokes at their boss's expense.

Almost before he knew it, he had knocked back several drinks and they were starting to go to his head. Mandy had gone back to the bar to get some more and Paul caught himself admiring her curves. Her tight dress left little to the imagination on her petite frame. It was the one frustration with living with Mandy. Paul could never have her, and even if he did, Mandy would run the risk of contracting the DNA-altering virus.

Paul was a little concerned to notice two men walk up to Mandy as she was making her way back to the table. She said little, and though Paul wasn't certain under the club's lighting, she seemed to be blushing.

As Mandy sat down, the two men joined her and Paul at the table. They were in their late teens, and were fairly fit-looking. They introduced themselves as Bruce and Steven and it was obvious what they were after.

Paul was fairly surprised that Mandy didn't tell them where to go. He glanced over and saw she was definitely embarrassed. He was quite surprised. This was a side of her he hadn't seen before. Paul kept the conversation going while he tried to work out how to get rid of them.

The two boys had obviously decided which girl each of them wanted, and Paul ended up talking to Steven. It was rather odd and a bit exciting to be pursued by someone, even a boy. Bruce had his arm around Mandy already and it was clear she wasn't happy about it, but she didn't seem to be doing anything about it.

Paul looked across the dance floor looking for an escape route. Then he saw the entrance to the toilets. He turned to Steven, "You'll have to excuse me for a few minutes. I have to visit the little girl's room. Coming Mandy?"

Mandy extricated herself from Bruce and gladly followed Paul to the women's toilets. Paul guessed that the two boys were asking themselves why women always go to the bathroom in pairs. Inside, several other women were standing around chatting. Paul turned to Mandy. "You okay?"

Mandy smiled weakly. "Yeah, sorry about that. I get shy around boys. I don't want to spoil it for you."

Paul laughed. "Don't worry. I don't think much of mine either."

Mandy was getting her old confidence back. "Shall we go somewhere else?"

Paul nodded. He didn't want to spend another second with Steven and Bruce if he could help it. Several minutes later they slipped out of the toilets and made it to the exit without being seen by the two boys.

They made their way through several streets trying to decide where to go next. "What about that club over there?" Paul asked.

"It's a gay and lesbian night-club." Mandy replied.

"Oh." Was all that Paul could say in reply.

Mandy stopped. "Actually, it's not a bad idea. Come on."

Paul called after her, but Mandy had already disappeared inside. Cursing under his breath, he followed her.

Inside the club was like another world, there were men dancing with other men and drag queens. There were also quite a few women. Paul went over to Mandy, trying to avoid catching anyone's eye.

Mandy smiled at his discomfort. "Relax. Many hetero friends of mine go here. The big advantage is that the men here are only interested in other men. We can have a quiet drink in peace."

"I see what you mean." said Paul. He wondered if the men would be interested in him if they knew what he had in his panties.

Paul soon grew accustomed to seeing people of the same sex kissing, and it was nice not to be eyed up by predatory males all the time. He did get propositioned at the bar by a very stunning woman in her early thirties. It was the first time any woman had shown any interest in him sexually since his change.

"Uhh...thanks, but I'm with the girl in the pink over there." Paul replied.

The woman smiled. "No harm in asking. She is cute, though, isn't she?"

"Yeah," said Paul, smiling.

The woman smiled, "Well, if you two ever want a third partner, let me know."

"I'll do that." Paul wore a big grin all the way back to Mandy.

"Who was that?" asked Mandy as Paul brought the drinks back to the table.

"My secret admirer. I only got rid of her my saying you were my lover."

Mandy laughed. "What did she say?"

"She said you were very cute and sexy."

They were both giggling uncontrollably by this point. They were more than slightly drunk by now. Mandy knocked back her drink in one go. "Fancy a dance?"

"Are you serious?" Paul said. He wanted nothing more than to dance with this sensuous creature.

"Yeah. Go on. There's no harm in it."

Paul smiled. "Why not."

The dance floor was fairly packed, and Paul and Mandy were fairly close together. The music was fast and furious. Paul had no idea what the type of music was called. He had never really kept up with young people's music culture. Dancing seemed to involve throwing yourself around vaguely in tune to the beat, and there was little or no contact between the dancers.

After a couple of indistinguishable tracks a slower love song was put on, and the various couples started to move together. He turned to Mandy to see her advancing with a wide drunken grin on her face. Paul knew that this wasn't really a good idea, but she was so sexy he couldn't resist her.

Mandy wrapped her arms around Paul and pulled him to her. He could feel their breasts touching. Paul put his own arms around Mandy and held her soft body. Was she really a lesbian or was this just her idea of a joke? Paul couldn't decide, and eventually gave up and enjoyed the feel of a woman in his arms.

As the song continued, Mandy and Paul moved closer together. He realised with a start that one of his hands had drifted down to Mandy's rounded ass and he was stroking the rounded flesh through the thin dress. Paul didn't know what to do. Then he felt Mandy clasp his own ass in response.

Paul looked down at her in surprise to see her looking at him with lust in her eyes. Their faces got closer and closer together, and then they were kissing. Deeply and lovingly. At last Paul was doing what he had been fantasising about for over a week. He could feel his cock straining in his panties and his nipples were tingling in arousal.

Several songs later they left the floor arm in arm and headed back to the bar. Paul didn't know what to say and Mandy seemed content to gaze lovingly at Paul with a little smile on her face. After several more drinks Paul realised hazily that he was getting very drunk.

Together, they made their way unsteadily home. Whenever Paul would try and discuss what had just happened Mandy would kiss him. Paul couldn't see a way out. He had made several advances to Mandy, and she had responded. It wouldn't be so bad if he was completely female. At least then he could have sex with her.

Back at the apartment Paul was getting worried. What was she going to do if she discovered Paul's masculinity? How could he let her down without hurting her?

"So," Mandy said with a sly smile. "Are you ready for bed yet?"

"I think I'll stay up for a bit. You go off to bed."

Mandy walked carefully into her room and closed the door. Paul breathed a sign of relief. For the first time in his life he had had to persuade a woman NOT to sleep with him.

Just as he was preparing to head off to his own room. Mandy reappeared with some cans of beer. She gave one to Paul and popped another open. "You're still drinking?" Asked Paul in disbelief.

"Hey, when I party. I really PARTY!"

They sat drinking for a few minutes. Then Mandy moved closer to Paul. He was just trying to think of an excuse to get rid of her when she thrust her hand into Paul's groin.

The unexpected move brought a shriek from Paul. He could feel her hand wrapped around his cock. Oh hell, he thought.

Mandy sat back and took a swig of her beer. "I thought so," she said.

Paul was surprised to hear no anger in her voice. In fact she was smiling. "How...?"

"When we were dancing you had a raging hard-on. How could I fail to notice that thing prodding into me?"

"I'm sorry about this, Mandy. I should have explained." he said. Paul was desperately trying to get his drink-addled brain into gear.

Mandy put down her drink and leaned over to Paul. "Shut up and kiss me."

It took several seconds for Paul to understand what Mandy had said, and then he did as he was told. He felt himself surrendering to the inevitable. His hand caressed Mandy's breast. Her own hands were running along the length of his stocking-clad thigh.

They stood and gripped each other in a passionate embrace. He wanted her so badly. He wanted to be her man. They made their way into Mandy's bedroom. It took some effort in their drunk state to get undressed, but after some stumbling around they managed it, and for the first time, Mandy stood naked in front of him.

She truly was beautiful. Her breasts were topped with aroused and very inviting nipples. Her body was soft and erotic. Mandy, in turn, gazed in amazement and hunger at Paul's erect cock and sensuous breasts.

They fell onto the bed together and started an extended bout of foreplay. They sucked and teased each others breasts. The feeling of Mandy's tongue on his own excited nipples was exquisite. He just wanted to hold her head to his breast so she could nurse. He caught himself wondering what it would be like to breastfeed.

After many long minutes, Paul swung around and began lapping at Mandy's aroused cunt. Mandy responded with a series of yelps each time his tongue ran over her clitoris. He felt some pulling and tugging at his own almost painfully hard cock, and he knew he could hold himself back no longer.

Mandy released his cock, and he turned around on the bed and slipped between her legs. Mandy reached up and grasped Paul's heavy breasts, and breathed, "Fill me up, Paula. Now!"

Paul couldn't refuse her. He sank his prick in one smooth motion deep into her eager pussy. Mandy arched her back and moaned as Paul started to thrust into her.

Her fingers dug into the soft flesh of Paul's breasts. It hurt, but Paul was finding almost every sensation a turn on. Paul was lost for a time, and then he felt Mandy wrap her legs around him, stopping his thrusting. Smiling she pushed him over onto his back.

"Spread your legs," she said in a breathless, excited voice. Paul complied, and Mandy lay between his thighs, still locked together. They were still in the missionary position, but now Paul was underneath.

Mandy started thrusting. Paul wrapped his own arms and legs around her and drew her down with each thrust. The feeling of her hot, young body against pushed him to new erotic heights. He wondered what it would be like to have a vagina and to be penetrated so intimately.

He could feel a familiar feeling building in his balls. "I'm coming." he said in a voice very similar to Mandy's, and as equally excited.

In response, Mandy rode his cock at an even faster rate. She was almost at the edge herself. Paul eyes were fixed on Mandy's pert breasts, which were now covered by a sheen of sweat. Paul felt himself about to orgasm and he wrapped his legs around her, drawing her body tight against his, as he climaxed strongly into her. Mandy was in the throes of her own orgasm as she felt Paul's cock pulsing inside her.

They collapsed together and held each other, saying nothing. Paul wasn't sure if Mandy finding out was a good thing, but at least much of the tension he had been feeling had been released.

Soon they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. Paul had a nagging doubt he had forgotten something, but in his inebriated state he couldn't remember what it was.


Michael Kingston had never been invited out to Quince's house before. It wasn't a large house, but being well out of the city, it had a fair-sized field which contained several expensive horses. Apart from his company, they were the only thing Quince showed any real interest in.

It had taken Michael over an hour and a half to get there. He hoped he wouldn't be delayed here long by whatever Quince wanted. He had hit a brick wall in his research of the DNA-altering virus. He had been working on it for nearly two weeks now, and he still couldn't see any way to reverse the process without a great deal of danger to the subject. Nearly every day, Paul would journey to his lab to see if any progress had been made. Paul could never quite hide his disappointment when Michael told him he hadn't made the breakthrough that day.

As Michael expected, Quince was watching his horses. He turned as Michael approached. "There you are, Doctor. I need you to do a little job for me."

"Of course, Mr Quince." Michael wondered what it was this time. Quince said he was as interested as Michael in unlocking all the secrets of the virus. However, Quince had made Michael produce 'samples' of the virus based on over twenty different people, most of whom Michael hadn't even met. Quince, or his lackey, Simonds, would bring a sample of blood and tell him to produce a virus based on it.

He knew better than to question Quince, but he had a feeling that however bad the situation was, before Paul arrived, it had gotten worse.

"These are top breeding stock. It's taken me years to get horses this good. Now, this virus of yours will work on any animal?"

"Yes. As long as the as the subject and the design that the virus is carrying is of the same mass I see no problem. You want me to produce a virus based on these horses, don't you?"

Quince smiled. "Yes. I know you don't like me or what I do for a living, but in a few weeks I plan to move on. If you want to leave then, that's fine by me."

Michael didn't believe Quince for a second. It had taken a few weeks to discover what really went on at Quince Biochemicals, after Michael had started working there. Under the cover of the company, Quince had been distributing stolen drugs and chemicals around the country. Quince avoided illegal drugs like cocaine, and concentrated on controlled, but legal, substances. When Michael had made the mistake of confronting Quince, he had been threatened. Quince had said that if he tried to involve the police he would be in very great danger.

Since then, Quince had been reasonably civil, but Michael knew not to cross him. The chance to finally get away from him seemed too good to be true, and it probably was. "I'm working flat out, but the chances of me being able to find a cure in that time are fairly low."

Quince nodded, still watching the horses. "Just do your best, Doctor." He climbed through the fence, "I'll help you get the samples you need."

Michael followed Quince. He still couldn't see any way out of the predicament he had been stuck in for the last few years. He had been a fool to tell Quince about the virus, but he had been too excited to think straight at the time.

Quince calmed the horses while Michael struggled to extract some blood samples from them. They had the greatest difficulty in calming the young horse, which couldn't have been more than a few months old. After he had got enough blood from them, Quince sent him back to the lab to produce the samples.

When he finally got back to the lab, it was fairly easy to produce the three horse-based viruses. After delivering them to Simonds, Michael decided to call it a day and headed home. In his pocket he had four vials.

He didn't really know why he had taken them from the lab. But he would spend most of the night thinking about the vials and their contents.


As Paul's eyes focused on the ceiling it gradually occurred to him that it was the wrong color. He raised his head and realised that he was in Mandy's room.

His head started pounding. He laid back on the bed and tried to remember what had happened the night before. He and Mandy had gone to a couple of nightclubs and had ended up getting drunk in a gay and lesbian club.

Paul shifted under the bed covers as he remembered how he and Mandy had danced together. How had he ended up in her bed?

Then he remembered lying naked in her arms on the bed, letting Mandy suck and caress his breasts. He remembered slipping his hard cock into her eager pussy and coming deep inside her.

Paul's eyes shot wide open. He had orgasmed INSIDE Mandy! He could see a sleeping figure next to him out of the corner of his eye. With all that in her, she must have contracted the DNA virus from the lower-half of his body. By now, Mandy must be well on her way to manhood, if she hadn't already completed the change.

He considered slipping out of bed, grabbing his clothes, and running from the apartment, but he knew he couldn't do that to Mandy. Holding his breath, he slowly turned to confront the person sleeping next to him.

The face was still Mandy's, beautiful even in sleep. Her face hadn't altered at all. He lifted the bedcovers to see if her body had changed at all. The soft, curvy body was just as he recalled it from the previous night.

"Good Morning, Paula." said Mandy in a sleepy voice.

Paul hastily dropped the covers. Mandy just giggled, "Yep. we did it all right. It wasn't a dream."

She lifted the covers and stared at Paul's body. She reached down to his cock and pulled something off of it. "You forgot to take the condom off last night."

A condom? Thank God! "I don't remember putting it on." he admitted.

"I did it while you were licking me into a frenzy. I don't plan to get pregnant just yet and you were too blitzed to think about contraception." She continued to admire his body. "To be honest, I'm surprised that you can still function as a man with breasts that large."

"There's a good reason why. I didn' this through hormones or surgery."

Mandy ran a hand over one of Paul's firm breasts. "You can say that again. These haven't been anywhere near a surgeon's knife."

Paul carried on, trying to ignore the feelings of arousal, that he was feeling at Mandy's soft caresses. "Up to just over two weeks ago I was a normal forty-year-old man. I was exposed to a new man-made virus that alters the body. There are two different ones running around inside me, that's why I've got a male half and a female half."

Mandy laughed. "Seriously, though. This is due to female hormones, isn't it?"

"No!" Paul exclaimed. He pulled back the bed covers. "Look here," he said pointing to his waist. "This is where the two halves meet."

Mandy bent over to examine Paul's waist. Her mouth dropped open and she looked up at Paul. "The skin on the upper half is smoother and a lighter shade." she said in a very surprised tone. "So why did you do this to yourself?"

Paul sighed. "I didn't. It's a long story."

Mandy was stunned. "I didn't realise this was possible. Why did you come here?"

"There is a doctor here who owes me a big favor. He's trying to crack it. He works at a place called Quince Biochemicals."

"No wonder you were so reluctant to talk to men. I thought you were a lesbian. Especially the way you were eyeing me up every chance you got."

Paul thought for a moment. "Last night. Did you deliberately set out to seduce me?"

"No, not really. I've never had a really good relationship with men, and I suppose I've always been a bit bisexual. So I decided that if you tried to get in bed with me I'd let it happen. Then, when we were dancing, I realised you were a man. Or, at least, part of you was. The best of both worlds if you like. I couldn't get you into bed fast enough after I discovered that."

Her hands drifted down to his cock, which was already returning to life. She smiled as she saw her efforts being rewarded, and she reached over to the bedside drawer for another condom.


"What do you mean, he's gone?" Quince's voice barked out of the mobile phone.

Simonds could here the anger in Quince's voice. "His clothes and documents are all gone. He obviously packed in a hurry."

Quince gave a short humorless laugh. "I didn't think Kingston had the guts to do it. Never mind. His lab still seems intact. That's all that matters."

"He's going to go to the authorities, and he'll be able to prove his story."

"It'll be a close run thing, but I still believe we can process the consignment before we have to leave. Remember, this final shipment will make you wealthy beyond your dreams."

Simonds looked around Kingston's apartment. "Do you want me to stay here in case he comes back?"

"No, he won't be back. We have all we need. Get back here. I want you to go over the schedule again."

Simonds left the apartment and headed back to his car. He unconsciously checked the small bottle in his pocket. It contained a dose of the DNA virus. He had spent a very surreal night choosing a new form with Quince. His boss had no intention of spending the rest of his life as a wanted drug smuggler. Quince and Simonds would split the proceeds of this final run of restricted drugs for the black market and then go their separate ways.

Quince would get the lion's share of the takings, but what Simonds would get would set him up for life. He found the idea of having a different body very strange, but he realised the necessity for such an extreme disguise. It was based on a well-built male over fifteen years younger than Simonds.

He found Quince in Michael Kingston's lab. His boss was going through the notes Kingston had left behind. "Simonds, look at this. Kingston has found a way to reverse the effects of the virus."

This was news to Simonds. "How?"

"He boosted the strength of the virus. The stronger virus can replace the ordinary-strength viruses."

"That's great. So the process can be repeated at least once more."

"Not quite," said Quince. "The stronger virus has a good chance of breaking down the subject's body structure. On the tests he did here, Kingston thinks the survival rate of exposure to the second virus is only thirty percent."

"Bill isn't going to be happy with that." replied Simonds. "He can't wait to dump the black body you gave him."

"Don't tell him then. It either works or it kills him, I don't particularly care either way." Quince put the notes down. "We'll be receiving the shipment tonight, and I'd like to get rid of the other loose end before then."

"Paul Roberts." stated Simonds.

"Yes." Quince lifted a vial of the stronger-strength DNA virus. "We can test this at the same time."


Paul stood in the kitchen of the small apartment making two mugs of coffee. He was wearing Mandy's pink dressing gown and nothing else. They had made love several times that morning, Paul making sure he wore protection each time.

He could still feel her hot mouth on his tender nipples. It had felt so good, women were lucky to have these extra sensitive parts that men didn't. Perhaps life wouldn't be so bad with Mandy. At least he could be a man with her, and he didn't have to pretend to be a woman.

An item of news caught his attention on the radio. "Police say they are still baffled by the disappearance of Officer Miguel Hernandez. His bike and some of his uniform was found two weeks ago, abandoned by the side of the highway. Police sources say the investigation has no leads."

Paul smiled. That had to be the cop whose cock he had been forced to suck. Paul hoped that the cop would enjoy his new womanhood.

Paul turned at the sound of the telephone and went to answer it. He expected that it was his boss at the burger bar wanting to know where the hell he and Mandy had got to.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Paul Roberts? Mr Quince would like to speak to you."

Before Paul could answer, Quince's distinctive voice sounded from the other end of the line. "Paul, I have some very good news for you. Michael Kingston has found a way to cure you. He's preparing a virus now to reverse what was done to you."

A cure! Paul could feel tears in his eyes. At last, this nightmare was almost over. "Oh, thank God! I'll be right over!"

"We'll be waiting for you." answered Quince and then he hung up.

Paul stood there, his head spinning. Absentmindedly, he put the phone down and walked into Mandy's room.

She was sitting up in bed, not even bothering to cover her breasts. "What's up?" she asked, looking concerned.

"They've found a cure." whispered Paul. "I'm going to get my old body back."

"That's fantastic!" Mandy still didn't quite believe Paul's strange story, but she couldn't see any other way he could have gotten the body he had.

"I have to get ready!" He almost ran into his own bedroom. As he did so he could feel his breasts bobbing. Soon he would be rid of them and back to his old self.

Mandy walked in wearing only a duvet as he was expertly putting his bra on. He had finally got the knack of twisting his arms behind him to do it up. "Do you have to go right now?" asked Mandy.

"Yeah. I'll be back soon. You probably won't recognise me, but I'll be the same on the inside."

Mandy realised that she couldn't stand in Paul's way. "Okay. Well, good luck." She realised a part of her didn't want to lose this beautiful creature, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to maintain a relationship with Paul if he returned to a fully male state.

He finished dressing, and walked out to the front door. Just before he opened it, he turned around and embraced Mandy. "Whatever happens from now on. I just want you to know I love you. You've helped me through a very bad patch in my life."

Mandy was close to tears, "Just promise you'll come back."

"I promise." They kissed long and deep, and then Paul was gone.

Paul took a taxi back to the Quince Biochemicals building. It was expensive, but well worth the time saved. "Good morning, Jeff. Mr Quince is expecting me."

The black guard leered at Paul as he said, "Sure, go on in."

Paul wondered why Jeff's attitude had changed so much. When Paul had first arrived, Jeff had been the only man to treat him with any respect, but now he leered and mentally undressed Paul just like the rest.

He hurried down the corridor to the lab where he was greeted by Quince and Simonds. "Where's Dr. Kingston?" asked Paul.

"He got called away on a personal matter," Quince answered smoothly, "But he didn't want to delay your treatment. Are you ready?"

Paul rolled up the sleeve of his blouse and said, "Ready."

Simonds pulled out a syringe and injected a clear fluid into Paul's arm.

Paul closed his eyes and sighed. The nightmare was over. Within seconds he was going to return to full masculinity. Already he could feel his arm beginning to change. He opened his eyes looked down expecting to see his own hairy male arm returning. That was when he realised he had been betrayed.

His arm had no hair and was no larger than before, but the skin was turning a dark brown. This wasn't his body!

He looked up to see Quince watching in fascination. "Why?" asked Paul, on the verge of tears.

"You never knew what was going on here, did you?" said Quince. "Too wrapped up in your own problems. You're being changed by a stronger version of the virus. We had to see if it could work."

Paul was too terrified to speak as he felt the virus make its way up his arm and across his shoulder blades. He was hoping against hope that this form was male. An adolescent male, perhaps.

The area of change moved past his shoulder and started spreading across his chest. Paul ripped open his blouse with his single white and single black hands. As he had dreaded, his breasts didn't disappear. They became as dark as his transformed arm. His bra, which had been a good fit, became noticeably tighter as his breasts increased slightly in size.

Paul felt his face start to rearrange itself as the virus swept through his head. He knew the worst was yet to come. This time Anne Chamberlain would not be there to prevent the loss of his masculinity. He was going to become completely female.

The virus worked its way down into Paul's male half. He staggered as his hips widened and then he felt a peculiar pulling feeling between his legs as his cock was adsorbed and changed into a vagina. By now his other arm was just finishing the change. He pressed both hands between his legs to confirm his worst fears. Instead of the familiar feeling of his penis and balls, all his hands found were a soft mound. He was a girl, perhaps forever.

He looked up at Quince, who had been entranced by the transformation in front of him. "Amazing," said Quince. "No matter how many times I see people undergoing this process, it never ceases to fascinate me."

"Why did you do this?" Paul asked, on the verge of hysteria. His voice was now deeper and richer in tone, but still very feminine. "I wouldn't have told anyone. All I ever wanted was to become my old self again."

Quince rose and walked to the door, "Maybe that's true. I couldn't take the risk. Anyway, you won't have to worry about it for much longer." He opened the door and said. "Bill, we're ready for you now."

Paul remembered that Bill had been the bald white guy who had leered all over Paul during his first few days at the lab, but it was the large well-built black body of Jeff who entered the room.

"Take this girl out and dispose of her. Then get back here. We've got a lot to do, Bill."

"You'll sort my body out tonight, Boss?"

Paul's brown eyes widened. So Jeff had been replaced by Bill, but what had happened to Jeff? He had been the only one of the guards to show any kindness to Paul.

"Tonight, yes." replied Quince. "The sooner we start, the sooner we'll be finished. Don't take too long."

Bill grinned. "I'll be back before you know it."

Quince gave Bill a white cloth soaked in something, and Bill thrust it over Paul's mouth and nose. Paul held his breath as long as he could, but in the end he was forced to breathe in. The fumes from the cloth quickly rendered him unconscious.

When Paul came to, he was being carried down a dingy corridor on someone's shoulder. He struggled to clear his head. He had to think of a way to escape before this madman killed him.

Bill opened a door and threw Paul into the hall of an apartment. Paul tried to run for the door, but it was already shut and locked. Bill caught and easily held Paul as he slapped him.

"Now, Quince wanted you dead," Bill told him. "I don't want to waste your new beauty, so welcome to your new home."

Paul looked up. Bill was going to let him live. He wasn't sure that living here as Bill's servant was better than death.

"You'll have company here when I'm off working. Whore!" Paul thought for a second that Bill was talking to him, and then he heard someone running from the bedroom. A naked black girl appeared. She couldn't be any older than twenty. She had a beautiful innocent face framed by long curly hair. Her breasts were large and firm and familiar. Paul hadn't seen his new face yet, but he knew this girl was his twin.

"Welcome home, Master!" she said in a deferential manner. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight of Paul.

"Paul, do you know who this is?" asked Bill. Paul didn't answer. "This was Jeff, the big burly man whose body I took. Over the last week I've used a hypnotic drug to totally reshape her personality. Now she is totally subservient and feminine. I haven't even had to use the drug for the last two days."

Paul could hear the unspoken threat: this is what is going to happen to you. Bill roughly removed Paul's clothes. Paul knew better than to try to resist. Then Bill dragged him into the bedroom and strapped a sturdy collar to his neck. The collar was attached to the wall by a strong metal chain.

Bill smiled at him. "I installed this while I was training Whore. She doesn't need it anymore, so you can have it. I can tell I am going to have as much fun breaking you as I did with Jeff. I've got to get back to work now, but I'll be back soon, slut." Bill walked to the door "Don't go away now."

Paul heard the front door open and shut. He breathed out. He had a chance if he could get away. The chain was bolted securely to the wall, and he knew he wasn't going to free himself that way. His collar was secured by a strong padlock. He heard a movement at the door to the bedroom, and he looked up to see the girl peeking around the corner.

"Hello, Jeff. Don't be afraid. Its me, Paula Roberts. Do you remember me?"

"My name is Whore. I mustn't say the other name."

Paul winced. What had Bill done to her?

"Okay. Why don't you come in here," Paul said in as soothing a voice as possible. "I can't hurt you."

The girl shook her head and disappeared.

"Damn you! Come here!" shouted Paul in frustration. To his surprise she obeyed. She threw herself prostrate at his feet.

Bill hadn't been as clever as he thought in his conditioning of Jeff. She would obey any strongly worded command. Paul held up the padlock on his collar "Get the key," he ordered, as sternly as possible.

Indecision flickered across Jeff's face. Paul repeated the order, and she leapt to obey. The key was in an ashtray by the bed. Paul took the key from her, and gladly unlocked the collar.

Now they had to get out of there as quickly as possible. "Where are your clothes?" Paul asked Jeff.

"I don't need clothes. I am Whore." Jeff replied.

"What about your room?" Paul asked. Jeff gave him a blank look. "Where do you sleep?" Jeff pointed to a dog basket at the foot of Bill's bed. Paul made a face. Bill was one sick man.

Paul started searching through the apartment. Jeff had no clothes at all. He and Jeff would have to wear something of Bill's. The front door was securely locked and Paul could find no way to open it. All the windows had grills put in place, it was like a miniature fortress. Paul wondered who Bill normally worked for to warrant such a well-protected home. Probably the mob.

He was searching for a way out in the bathroom when he caught sight of himself and Jeff in the mirror. Paul found it strange to think that he had a twin now. He had the same pure-looking features Jeff had. He had barely gotten used to his previous body, and now another stranger was staring back at him from the mirror. He looked at his crotch in the mirror. He was 100% female now. He couldn't bring himself to explore his new anatomy right there and then. There would be time after he escaped.

He returned to the bedroom with Jeff in tow, and began looking for a front door key. Paul had just finished going through a bedside drawer when he heard the front door rattle and Bill curse as he dropped his keys.

Paul froze in fear. If Bill found out he had got loose, he'd probably get beaten to within an inch of his life at best, but there was no way he was going to put that collar back on his neck.

Outside, Bill finally got the door open. He walked back into his flat. Shutting the door, he frowned. Where was Whore? She was supposed to come and greet him whenever he came home. He was just about to call out when the black girl sprinted out of the bedroom and prostrated herself in front of Bill. "Welcome home, Master." she said.

"Where were you? Looking at our new guest, I expect." He ran a hand over her bountiful breasts. "Go to my bed, I'll join you soon."

The girl smiled and ran back into the bedroom. Bill smiled. He couldn't believe how well he had been able to alter her personality. No one would ever believe that had been a heterosexual male just over a week before.

He went to the bathroom for a quick shower. He still found that having much darker skin was odd. He'd be glad when he could dump this disguise and get his old body back. The large shipment of controlled drugs had arrived that evening, and Bill had helped in providing security. Over the next couple of days the drugs would be distributed to the various pushers. Then Bill would collect the rest of his money and the drug to reverse his disguise.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off. In the bedroom, his twin slave girls waited. His new arrival was curled into a ball and still chained to the wall. Bill decided to leave her be. When he started her conditioning, he wanted to be uninterrupted. Tonight he would just satisfy himself with Whore.

She was in his bed waiting for him, on her back with her legs apart. He could feel himself growing erect at just the sight of her. Grinning he climbed on top of her and pawed her tits.

Paul was doing his best to keep a vacant happy look on his face as Bill groped him. He hated what was about to happen, but he had to stay free so he had some chance of escape. As Bill prepared to enter him, he began to think he should have put the collar back on himself rather than on Jeff. His plan was to let Bill do what he wanted and then grab the door keys and get out while Bill was asleep.

To do that, he was going to have to let Bill fuck him. Bill placed his cock at the entrance to Paul's pussy and then slid it deep into Paul.

Paul let out a long gasp of shock as he felt Bill's penis inside him. The feeling of penetration almost completely overwhelmed him. Bill began thrusting deep into Paul. Despite himself, Paul found himself becoming aroused. It was so different from a man's erection, yet it felt somehow good.

He didn't have time to reach orgasm as he felt Bill strain against him, and then Bill spurted cum in towards Paul's womb.

Bill pulled out and smiled down at Paul. "For a first time, that wasn't bad, Paul." He said. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice the difference when I fucked you?"

Paul's heart sank. Bill knew who he was. His plan had failed already.

"With a little training," Bill continued, "You'll become as good as Whore over there." He got up from the bed and went into the kitchen. He returned with a syringe. "This is the stuff that turned Jeff into a cock-crazed nympho, and it's going to do the same for you."

He started to advance on Paul. "Your name will be Slut. Quite appropriate I think."


Paul's eyes stared in horror at the syringe Bill was holding. Once that was injected into him, he'd start down the path that led to total servitude.

"Hold still," commanded Bill. He reached out and grabbed hold of Paul. Despite all his efforts, Paul could not get free from Bill's iron grip. Paul felt the needle being pressed against his arm and he knew it was now or never.

He bit Bill as hard as possible on the arm, drawing blood as he did so. Bill bellowed in anger, but didn't let go. Then Paul felt the prick of the syringe, and a strange dreaminess overcame him.

Bill flung Paul onto the bed and stomped off to the bathroom to get something for his arm. Paul tried to remember what he had to do as he lay there on the bed. It was something important. He knew he should be afraid, but the drug had dulled his emotions as well as his thought processes.

Just then, a hoarse shout cut through the apartment. It had obviously come from Bill. Paul lifted his head and stared stupidly at Jeff, who was still chained to the wall. Jeff was obviously frightened by the noise. They listened in silence for several long minutes, but the apartment was quiet.

Paul dropped his head back onto the bed, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

He didn't stir until the early hours of the next morning. His head was still throbbing from the after effects of the drug, but he remembered where he was. A young black woman was curled up on some cushions by a wall. Paul remembered Jeff and what had happened to the former guard and to himself. He got off the bed and looked closely at himself in the mirror. He had barely gotten used to seeing the reflection of a young white girl, and now he had to get used to yet another body.

This body had one major difference. It was fully female. Paul remembered with disgust his aborted attempt to escape the previous night by pretending to be Jeff. He shivered when he remembered being mauled by Bill's hands and then entered by him. He could still feel Bill's cock thrusting deep into his vagina. That was what sex would mean for him from now on. Paul still found it very difficult to face the fact that his manhood was lost, perhaps forever. A sudden thought occurred to him. Where was Bill?

Cautiously, he made his way through the house, looking for Bill. Paul found him, or what was left of him, in the bathroom. The glimpse Paul got before he ran out of the room in horror was of a nearly totally dissolved pile of human remains.

Paul ran back into the bedroom, steadying his breasts with his hands as he ran. Once back inside, he tried to calm down and he had to fight the urge to be sick. What had happened to Bill? He must have been infected with the stronger virus when Paul had bitten him, but it had failed to change Bill successfully. Instead, it had dissolved him! The stronger virus must have a higher chance of failure, Paul realised. That's why Quince had tried it out on him first.

He felt cold. Being trapped in a woman's body was bad, but it was far better than dying like that. He looked down at his physical twin and gently woke her up.

"Master?" asked the girl.

"No," replied Paul. "He told me to look after you." After some searching, Paul found the key by the bed and undid the collar around Jeff's neck. He went through the wardrobe and pulled out some shorts and some jumpers. They were hopelessly oversized, but they would have to do until they could find something better. They made Jeff and Paul look even younger and smaller than they really were, which Paul thought wasn't really a good idea in the neighborhood they were in.

Jeff had to be persuaded to wear any clothes at all, and she only reluctantly put them on when Paul told her that her master had ordered it. Finally, Paul picked up Bill's keyring and unlocked the front door. Quickly, he dragged Jeff downstairs, and into Bill's car.

Paul didn't feel at all safe until they were well clear of Bill's apartment. There was only one place to go, back to Mandy's. Paul wondered how well she would take the change in her lover. He dumped the car several blocks from Mandy's apartment and then had to pull Jeff through the streets. She wanted to stop at every new sight, drinking it in. She was starting to answer to the name Jeff, now that she was away from Bill's place, but Paul wondered if she would ever recover fully from what Bill had done to her.

As they climbed the stairs to Mandy's apartment, he could hear a heated argument going on behind the door. Paul couldn't make out what was being said, but one voice was definitely Mandy's. The other belonged to Dr. Michael Kingston.

Paul marched up to the door and hammered on it. The conversation inside ceased, but no one opened the door. "I know you're in there, Michael!" Paul shouted in anger. "Open this door!"

The door opened slowly and a worried-looking Mandy was standing there. "Can I help you?" she asked nervously.

"Mandy, it's me, Paul. The bastards tricked me." Paul could see Mandy didn't believe him. "You have the person responsible in there." Paul dragged Jeff into the flat and went looking for Michael.

Mandy shut the door and set off in pursuit of the twins. By the time she caught up with them, one was already attacking Michael.

"What the hell are you up to, you monster?!" Paul screamed in Michael's face.

"Paul? Oh my God." Michael responded in shock. "Let me explain."

Paul glowered at him, but said nothing.

"Quince is a smuggler of controlled drugs. I didn't find that out until I was implicated in the smuggling. I finally decided enough was enough. I'm not going back there. I had no idea that Quince would try the stronger virus on you. You're lucky to be alive."

"Lucky!" Paul shouted in frustration. "I've lost the one chance to get my body back, and I'm now fully female!"

"I'm really sorry."

"Are you really Paul?" Mandy asked the young black woman in a disbelieving tone.

"I am. Remember how we went at it the night before last? Quince and his cronies did use the DNA-altering process on me again, but they had no intention of restoring my old body." Paul swallowed, "I'm 100% female now."

Mandy was becoming convinced that somehow this woman was the same person she had shared her apartment with. The face and body were very different, but the body movements and patterns of speech were very similar to Paul's. She had been worried when Paul hadn't returned the previous day. Now she knew she had been right to worry.

Paul turned back to Michael. "Can you make an even stronger version of the virus so I can be changed again?"

"I could," said Michael. "But it wouldn't help. It would kill you for certain."

Mandy pointed at Paul's twin, who was standing quietly behind him. "Who are you?"

Paul answered, "This is a guard from the building. His name is Jeff. Though he isn't in a fit state for questions at the moment."

"So what do we do now?" asked Mandy.

"We go to the police. This is way too much to handle ourselves." said Paul.

"You can." answered Michael. "I'm out of here. I only came here to warn you to stay away from Quince."

"No way," Paul replied angrily, "You're partly the cause of the problem. Look, I'm a lawyer. I know it would be very easy to dismiss any charges the police might bring against you. Also, if you try to leave, I'll find you and turn you into a duplicate of this body. Is that clear?"

"Paul's right. We have to take this to the cops." Added Mandy.

Michael sighed. "What do you think, Jeff?" He said, looking for support.

"I have no opinion, Master." Jeff replied in a quiet voice.

"Master?" asked Mandy. "What the hell happened to her?"

Paul shivered. "I'll explain later. Let me go and dig out some stuff for me and Jeff and then we can go." Paul herded Jeff towards his bedroom. "Keep an eye on Michael. I don't want him disappearing on us."

"Okay," said a fairly shell-shocked Mandy. "I've got a few questions for him anyway."

In his room, Paul sorted through his meager female clothes for suitable stuff for him and Jeff. He started with bra and panties. The bra was noticeably tighter, revealing just how much more buxom he had become. Jeff didn't resist while Paul dressed her, but she didn't help much either.

Paul settled for a pair of jeans he had bought, but not worn because he had felt that they had made his male lower half too obvious. Now that he was fully female he didn't have to worry about that, though he wished he still had that problem. The jeans were tight around his wide hips, but he managed to do them up. He finished with a cream-colored blouse and a loose red sweater.

For Jeff, he decided on a dress that reached the heels and revealed virtually nothing. Finally ready to face the problems ahead, he and Jeff rejoined Michael and Mandy.

Michael was showing several vials of a clear liquid to Mandy. "Is that what I think it is?" asked Paul.

"Yeah," answered Michael, "I took them from the lab when I left."

"Good. they'll do for evidence. Are all of you ready?"

Michael nodded tiredly The four of them headed down to the street. Paul sat with Mandy in the back of Michael's car as they headed to the nearest precinct house.

Paul tried to think about anything other than his new gender and how Bill had used it. However, his mind kept returning to the moment when Bill had thrust his cock deep into Paul's slim body. Paul had felt himself getting aroused at the infinitely strange feelings of penetration. He knew it was caused simply by the physical stimulation, but at the back of his mind was the fear that now he was fully female he would have the desires of a woman. He looked over at Mandy. He had enjoyed their lovemaking, and unless some miracle happened, he was going to be denied that forever from then on.

Mandy's mind was whirling. The stories that these three had spun were utterly ludicrous. Yet, this beautiful black woman sitting next to her had exactly the same mannerisms and patterns of speech as Paul. She could see the Paul she knew behind the girl's large brown eyes. Strange as Paul's body had been, Mandy had felt she had met her true mate. Something had clicked between them. She feared Paul's new form would drive them apart.

In the front of the car, Michael was dreading the days ahead. He had always hoped, since he had first learned of Quince's criminal activities, that he would be able to get a better job and get away from him. The scientific community had closed ranks against him. It was hard enough for anyone to get a job these days, but for Michael it was virtually impossible thanks to his court case. Now he was going to have to face up to it all and lose what little he had.

Jeff stared out the window at the buildings going by. She was in a state of confusion. Master had disappeared some time before and had not returned, and something in her mind was fighting her new submissive nature. She hadn't needed any of Master's medicine for several days now. She hoped he would return soon.

Paul was first out of the car when they arrived. Together, they headed inside. The desk sergeant was dubious at Michael and Paul's claim of a major drug operation, but he promised to get a detective to look into it.

"If you go sit over there," he said, pointing to a bench by a wall. "I'll see if there's anyone free."

"This is important!" said Paul urgently.

"I'm sure it is, miss. If you'll go over there, I'll get someone to see you."

"That's okay, Sergeant. I'll deal with this one." Paul turned to see a stocky man in his late fifties.

"Are you sure, Captain?" asked the sergeant.

"Of course I am!" snapped the captain. "Don't question me."

Jeff looked at the captain. He was familiar. Jeff had known him back when she had been male, but something wasn't right.

"Sorry, sir." Replied the sergeant.

"If you'll follow me..." He said, indicating a door leading into the building.

He set off into the building, and the four of them followed quickly. Paul was relieved. The captain had to know something about Quince and the smuggling ring. Why else would he get involved?

The captain led them into a small interview room and left them there for a few minutes to get some notebooks.

Michael was visibly nervous at being there. Paul was beginning to be concerned that he might pass out. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," replied Michael, "It's just I thought I could avoid ever reaching this point. I guess I didn't realise how deep I was into it."

Obviously not, thought Paul. If Michael had grasped the seriousness of the situation, Paul might not have been stuck in a completely female body.

"What are you going to do when this is over?" asked Michael.

Paul sighed, feeling his breasts straining in his tight bra. "I'll probably have to go back to Anne. Throw myself on her mercy. She is the only one who truly understands the DNA virus. Maybe I can convince her to forgive me."

"What did you do to her?" asked Mandy.

"'s a long story. I let my hormones do my thinking for me."

The captain returned. "So you want to talk to me about the drug- smuggling ring behind Quince Biochemicals."

"How long have you known about it?" asked Michael in surprise.

"Several months now," replied the captain, "but we never had the evidence to arrest Quince. So the police got an officer from another precinct to infiltrate the Quince Biochemicals building. Only a small number of people were let in on the secret."

"We'll be able to help you, then," said Paul. "With Michael's evidence here, you'll be able to break Quince."

"We could," the captain agreed, "but we feel it's best to hold off for a few more days."

"Why?" asked Michael.

"You're not him." said Jeff suddenly.

Paul turned to her. "What are you talking about?"

"This isn't Captain Bryant," Jeff stated.

"Umm...I'm sorry about this." Paul said to the police captain.

The captain smiled, "Don't worry about it. She's right after all." The smile grew broader. "You see, Mr. Quince found out about the policeman in our midst and replaced him. Then, after the policeman was questioned, we replaced everyone who knew about it. We can't mimic them very well, but what are the other cops going to think? That we've been replaced by identical doubles?"

Paul stood up. "There isn't a cure. Did you know that?"

"Yeah, sure." replied the phoney cop, totally unconvinced. "Anyway, Quince will want to see you so he can tie up the loose ends." He turned to open the door.

Paul saw his chance and leapt into the fake captain with all the force he could muster. Both fell heavily through the door. Paul staggered to his feet and turned to see Mandy, Jeff and Michael looking at him. "Don't just stand there! RUN!"

He took off down the corridor, not waiting to see if they were following or not. He heard someone closing on him, and turned to see Michael clutching his bag of DNA viruses. "Where's Mandy?"

"He grabbed her as she tried to get past." Michael replied.

Paul stopped. "We've got to go back for them."

"No time!" Michael said urgently. "Her only chance is if we can get out of here and get help somewhere else. Come on!"

Paul reluctantly followed. Jeff was nowhere to be seen either. She was probably still sitting in the interview room. They emerged into the main reception area and tried to walk quietly to the door.

Just before they reached the exit the fake captain appeared, holding a struggling Mandy. "Stop them!" he shouted, pointing at Paul and Michael. "Get 'em, you fuckers!" he yelled at the policemen.

Paul and Michael bolted for the door. In the confusion, they managed to escape to the street beyond. A few policemen followed them, but it was clear that many of them were confused by their captain's strange changes in behaviour.

The two escapees made it to Michael's car, and together they drove rapidly away from the police station.

"Fucking hell." Paul said bitterly. "Now what are we going to do?"

"He'll take them to Quince." replied Michael.

"So all we have to do is get back to Quince's building and wait for them to turn up."

"What?" Michael exclaimed. "We can't deal with them. We have to go to the authorities."

"After what just happened? Who knows who else has been replaced by Quince. We'll have to do this ourselves." Paul tried to keep calm as Michael drove to Quince Biochemicals. Inside though, he was deeply afraid. He felt so insecure in his new body. The lingering looks given by virtually every man who saw him didn't help his self-confidence much either.

They drove past the Quince Biochemicals building before they parked. "It looks deserted." said Paul with a frown as he got out of the car.

Michael looked up at the building. There were no lights on and no evidence of any activity. "Well, we had better get out of sight and wait."

"There's no one in there." said Paul as he started walking up to the building.

"Wait!" Michael said urgently and then hurried to catch up with Paul.

"See?" said Paul looking through the main entrance doors. Michael looked into the reception area, and saw that it had been stripped of everything remotely valuable.

"They can't have finished shipping the drugs out already." Michael said in disbelief.

"What drugs?"

"Quince had a very large shipment coming in. It must have been his final one here. He's probably going to move on to somewhere else."

"But we've got to find Jeff and Mandy!" Paul ran round to the side of the building and tried the goods-delivery doors. They were unlocked. He disappeared inside.

"This is madness! Get out of there!" called Michael. He stood rooted to the spot, deciding what to do. Eventually, cursing under his breath, he followed Paul inside.

Together they scouted quickly but quietly through the building. Most of the furniture had been left behind, but all the computers and expensive equipment had been removed.

"Looks like I'm out of a job," commented Michael.

"Where the hell have they gone?" Paul half-shouted in frustration.

Michael watched the black woman's distress with guilt. He was at least partly responsible for what had happened. "If Quince is wrapping up his operation here, he is probably at his home overseeing it all."

Paul looked up, "...and you know where he lives, don't you?" He set off down the corridor. "Hurry up! We have to get there before they do anything to Mandy!"

Michael caught up with him near the goods-delivery doors. Paul was stacking some of the remaining furniture together. "Have you got a lighter?" he asked Michael.

"Yeah...sure. Why?"

"Never mind. Just give it here and go get the car started."

Michael gave Paul the lighter and then ran back to the car. He started the engine and waited. It seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes, before Paul ran out to the car. Michael was glad to get away from the place.

"Here's your lighter." Paul said as he handed it back to Michael.

"Did you just set fire to the place?"

"Yep. Quince's goons can't cover that up, and the authorities will want to talk to him."

"But what about the other buildings!"

"Relax. The fire will be put out before it does any serious damage to the other buildings."

"You're out of your mind, Paul."

"Look, Mandy and Jeff are in serious danger! That's all that matters right now, not some fucking building! Just get us to Quince's place as fast as you can."

Michael did as he was told, but he couldn't shake the thought that he and Paul were entering the lion's den.


Simonds breathed a sigh of relief as the last courier car pulled out of sight. He hadn't believed that Quince would be able to pull off this one final deal.

Quince had just finishing dividing up the hefty pile of cash as Simonds entered the house. Simonds had never liked Quince's house, preferring to do business at the Quince Biochemicals building back in the city. Quince, however, had never trusted his people, who had replaced nearly a dozen policemen. He felt far safer in his home.

Quince had moved to his house outside the city for the final deal, bringing only his two most trusted guards and Simonds with him. Simonds would have preferred greater protection, but the deals had gone off surprisingly quickly and quietly.

"To be honest, Mr Quince," he said, "That went a lot better than I expected."

"They had everything to lose if they tried something." Quince replied, finishing the division of the money. "Time is of the essence. We may be one jump ahead of the cops at the moment, but we had best be ready to move as soon as possible."

The final phase of Quince's daring plan was for Simonds and Quince to go their separate ways. Quince would get most of the money, but even Simonds' cut would be quite large. Each of them had a vial of the DNA-altering virus. With that, they could completely change their identities and evade the police.

Simonds still didn't like the idea of taking on a new form, but the fact that the virus that he had was based on someone much younger helped. He had tested out the virus that Quince had given him on one of the policemen that had been replaced. The resulting eighteen-year-old man proved that Quince wasn't double-crossing him.

He jumped as his mobile phone started ringing. He snapped it open. "Yes?"

"Mr Simonds? We have a problem." It was one of Quince's men, who had replaced the local police captain.

"What is it?"

"We've caught two girls trying to report Mr. Quince for drug smuggling."

Simonds heart missed a beat. "Who the hell are they?!"

"One of them is Jeff Stockwell. Don't know the other bitch."

"Did you get them?" Simonds asked, his heart racing. Just as he feared, everything was falling apart.

"Yeah, we got 'em."

"Thank God."

"But the other two escaped."

"What other two?!" Simonds could feel Quince watching him. He tried to calm himself.

"There was another black girl, a twin of Stockwell. The other was Dr. Kingston."

"Where are you now?"

"On my way to you. I couldn't keep the two locked up here."

Simonds cursed and then told Quince what was going on.

"It doesn't matter. We're done here." Quince replied calmly. "We'll deal with those two when they get here. Hopefully, the other two will turn up and we can tie up the loose ends." He saw the worried look on Simonds' face. "Don't worry. Even if the authorities work out what happened, they'll never be able to track us down."

Quince got up and walked over to Simonds. "Pay off the two guards and get them out of here. I don't want them finding out about the DNA virus."

Simonds didn't like the idea of not having any protection, but their plan depended on no one knowing what had happened to them.

Paul and Michael watched the car with the two guards in it pull away from Quince's house. They had spent the last hour watching the place.

"I think only Quince and Simonds are left in there," said Paul. "Where the hell are they holding Jeff and Mandy?"

"They might not be brought here."

"They have to be there. If Quince doesn't have them brought here, we'll never find them. Come on! We have to get inside!"

"No! get back here!" hissed Michael, but Paul was already making his way towards the house. Cursing under his breath, Michael followed.

They ran around to the back of the house, trying to keep out of sight as much as possible. The back door that the last two guards had left through was slightly ajar. They moved silently up to the door. Paul peered through. Then he and Michael slipped inside.

They were in a spacious kitchen. Paul opened one of the two other doors in the room, and almost walked into a small storeroom. They exchanged nervous grins and headed for the other door...

...which was opening!

Paul dived into the storeroom, pulling Michael behind him. Paul watched through the nearly-closed door as Simonds entered the room. Simonds hadn't noticed the storeroom door closing as he entered the kitchen. He placed a suitcase on the table and began checking its contents.

Michael found himself squeezed into a corner of the small room behind Paul, unable to see anything. The room was so small that he and Paul were squashed together. He tried to ignore the feelings of Paul's ample ass pressing into him and the natural feminine scent coming from the transformed man, but his cock started to become erect. Paul could feel Michael's body reacting to having a cute female one pressed against it. Anger surged through him. He felt like hitting Michael, but he knew that they had to keep utterly still or risk being discovered. He realised that he was going to have to get used to men being turned on by his body.

Simonds finished checking the suitcase and was just about to leave with it when a commotion erupted towards the front of the house. Simonds drew his gun and left the room.

Paul and Michael remained hidden as the noises of several people went up to the second floor of the house. Mandy's frightened voice was clearly audible above the other male ones. As soon as Paul was reasonably sure that the coast was clear, he opened the door and went back into the kitchen. He stood by the other door trying to work out what to do. He had to do something to save Mandy and Jeff, but he had no idea what. He felt so powerless in his new body that for a crazy moment he considered just surrendering to Quince. At least that way, the nightmare would be over.

Michael opened the suitcase. Inside was more cash than he had ever seen, and a small vial of a clear liquid. It was the DNA virus. Simonds was going to use it as a disguise. He took it to the sink and emptied its contents down the drain. Michael then pulled out one of the samples he had stolen from his lab and topped up the empty vial with it.

"What are you doing?" whispered Paul.

"Just planning a surprise for Simonds. If they are all upstairs with Jeff and Mandy, perhaps we can find something down here to stop them."

"I hope so," said Paul, "or we're screwed."

In a main living area, they found where most of the deals had taken place. Plastic bags and empty drug bottles had been chucked into a corner. On a glass table were several guns of various designs.

"Quince is getting careless." Paul said, lifting one of the larger guns.

"I want to thank you all, Gentlemen, for buying me the necessary time to put this final deal together."

Mandy watched, shaking in fear, as Quince addressed the seven men and one woman who had brought herself and Jeff from the station. Neither she nor Jeff were tied up, but she was too frightened to do anything.

The last few hours had been the worst of Mandy's life. She had been held in the interview room while the police captain and several other policemen had argued over what to do. It was obvious from their conversation that they were all in Quince's pocket.

After much heated discussion, they had decided to take Jeff and Mandy to Quince, so he could sort out the mess.

"I didn't ask enough for this job," said the fake policewoman. "The sooner I can get back to being my normal male self, the better. This body has some...odd urges."

"I understand, Steve." Quince replied. "I have the reversal formula here, and you have probably already checked your bank accounts."

"Of course we have, Mr Quince." Said the phoney police captain. "It's been good doing business with you."

Quince handed around eight vials of a colorless liquid. All of the police impostors drank them eagerly. They waited a few seconds. One of them asked, "Why is nothing happening?"

"Just give it a few more moments." Quince said, trying to hold back a smile.

Mandy watched in horror as, in quick succession, the eight transformed men keeled over in pain and collapsed on the floor.

Simonds was watching with a face that was as white as a sheet. "Was that really necessary?"

"Of course it was. Now I just want to try something out on our friends here and then we can go." Quince went to a table near where Mandy was sitting and filled a syringe with a measure of a DNA-altering virus.

At that second, the door crashed open and Paul and Michael hurtled into the room, brandishing sub-machine guns. In the panic that followed, Quince grabbed Mandy and pulled her in front of him.

Paul waved the gun in Simonds' and Quince's general direction. He wasn't familiar at all with it and he wasn't sure that the safety was off. He wasn't even sure whether or not the gun had a safety. "Let her go!" he shouted at Quince.

Quince pressed the syringe to Mandy's neck. "If you want your friend to stay human, you'll back off."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Kingston knows," replied Quince, "He made some DNA viruses based on my favorite horses. I can't take them with me, but I can take their genetic structure with me. Now, unless you want your girl to join the animal kingdom, you will put down your weapons and surrender."

Paul could see the absolute terror in Mandy's eyes. He couldn't risk putting her through what he had experienced. Especially if Quince was telling the truth about the DNA-altering virus. "Alright. You win." Paul gently put his gun on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Michael shouted. "Do you think that bastard is going to leave us alive?!"

"I can't risk it!" Paul shouted angrily back. He could see the bodies slumped on the floor and he knew Quince would carry out his threat. Perhaps if he surrendered he could somehow save Mandy. "Put the gun down, Michael."

"Do as she says!" yelled Simonds. While Michael was distracted, Simonds had drawn his own handgun and was now pointing it straight at Michael.

Michael cursed himself. His own gun was still pointed at Mandy and Quince. There was no way that he could hit Quince while she was still in the line of fire. He threw his gun to the floor. Simonds flinched, but the sub-machine gun didn't go off.

Quince let out the breath he had been holding. He had thought he was finished there. "Right. Now sit down on the floor and..."

He was interrupted by a shriek of rage as something slammed into his side. Quince was thrown to the floor, losing his grip on Mandy. He was being attacked by a young black woman. How had Paul crossed the room so quickly? No, this was Jeff!

"You motherfucker! I'll kill you!" Jeff screamed.

Michael noticed that Simonds had turned to see what was going on. Now was his chance. He scooped up the sub-machine gun, pointed it at Simonds, and squeezed the trigger. The gun made a deafening noise as it spat several bullets at Simonds. Fortunately for Simonds, the recoil had ruined Michael's aim. The bullets thudded into the wall beside him.

Simonds' nerve broke. He jumped at the door before Michael had time to re-aim. Another burst of gunfire exploded into the doorframe as Simonds ran at full speed downstairs. Quince could fend for himself, Simonds thought, it was time for him to get the hell out of there while he still could. He ran into the kitchen, grabbed his suitcase of money, and ran for his car.

Back upstairs, Quince wrenched Jeff off of him and struggled to his feet. As he regained his balance he noticed the syringe sticking out of his thigh. A moment of pure fear ran through him until he saw that the contents of the syringe hadn't been injected into him. He yanked it from his leg with one hand while pulling his own handgun out of its holster under his jacket.

Michael was still distracted by the escaping Simonds, and Paul was bending to pick up the gun he had put down. Quince fired four bullets at the two in quick succession. Two thundered into the window frame on either side of where Michael was standing. Michael dropped to the floor trying to escape the gunfire. The third bullet went clear through the window, and the final one slammed into Paul, throwing him bodily against the wall.

One down, three to go. Quince pointed the gun at Michael and squeezed the trigger. The gun clicked and jammed. Quince swore, but decided to get out before Michael started shooting again. He leaped over Michael and was gone.

Michael scrambled upright as he heard Quince making his escape. He looked over at Mandy. "Grab a gun! we can still get the fucker." He stopped when he saw the horrified look on Mandy's face. Michael turned to see Paul slumped on the floor, totally still, with a rapidly growing patch of red staining his blouse.


Simonds drove in a state of near panic. It took all of his self- control not to accelerate wildly when he saw two patrol cars scream past him going the other way. He watched the flashing lights vanish into the distance. He wondered if they were heading to Quince's house.

Whatever the case, he had to dump the car as soon as possible. He was now heavily implicated in the murder of eight policemen and Quince's thugs who had replaced them. Despite the misgivings he had about taking the virus, he now had no other options.

It was well past midnight when he pulled into the center of a neighboring city. He still felt that he was uncomfortably close to Quince's smuggling base, but he couldn't risk taking the car any further. He left the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked. The car would probably be gone inside of an hour. He took the suitcase and made his way into a deserted back alley. Carefully, he took the vial of DNA virus from the suitcase and drank its contents.

The one good result from all this was that he would lose nearly twenty years in age. He hated to give up his life and appearance, but unless he wanted to spend the rest of his life on the run, there was no choice. The body he had chosen was that of an eighteen-year-old athletically-built white man.

He could feel his stomach start to churn as the virus made its way through his internal organs, remaking them as it went. Simonds pulled open his shirt to feel his new more muscled torso.

He felt his skin ripple and change under his hands, but somehow it didn't feel right. The skin was firmer, but there was none of the hard muscles that he had been expecting. Maybe they'll appear in a few minutes, Simonds thought. The virus reached his chest and he started to feel his pectorals expand. That was more like it. The new form he had chosen had been quite handsome. He'd have no trouble getting women with it.

He ran his hand up to his expanding chest muscles. As he put his hands on them, he realised that something was badly wrong. Rather than being hard and firm, they were very soft and surely they were getting larger than they should. In fact, they felt exactly like a pair of...

Simonds stumbled against the wall of the alley in total shock as he grasped the tits he was rapidly growing. Quince had tricked him somehow! Simonds couldn't see how that was possible. He had kept the virus in his possession ever since he had tested it on the cop. "No," he whispered over and over again, his voice cracking and rising in pitch to that of a very frightened girl as the virus rose through his neck.

The virus was also working its way down from the torso, and Simonds could feel his hips start to widen. Then he felt a strange pulling sensation between his legs. He reached down, dreading what he would find. His hand slipped past the belt of his pants, which was noticeably looser now. Slowly his fingers made their way through his pubic hair. He moaned in shock as they slid over the slit that had replaced his manhood.

His vision blurred as the virus finished altering his head. Simonds felt a burning need to find out who he now was. He picked up the suitcase, which now seemed much heavier than before, and started making his way towards a more well-lit area, trying to ignore the strange pulling sensations of his new breasts and the absence between his legs.

Finally, under a street lamp, he saw his new face in a pool of rainwater and recognized it. She had the face of an angel. Simonds knew that the real thing had worked as a prostitute since she had left school a few years previously. Simonds had himself collected a blood sample from her. Now he was her.

"What have we here?" came a slightly slurred voice from down the alley.

Simonds looked up to see four rough-looking teenagers approaching. He could tell instantly from the looks on their faces what they were planning. Simonds knew he would have to abandon the money, but it was a small price to pay to avoid being raped.

He leapt to his feet and took off down the alley, trying to ignore the two weights bouncing on his chest as he did so. He could see a main street up ahead. He was almost safe! Then something grabbed him from behind around his waist and he was dragged to the ground. A hand was clamped over his mouth, and he was dragged back to where the other three waited.

One of them had opened the suitcase. "Shit! She's loaded!"

"Yeah, she is." said the other, clearly the leader. He walked over to Simonds. "So, what is a nice little girl like you doing with all this money?"

Simonds threw a kick at the boy, who danced out of the way laughing. "I like it when they struggle." He declared. He drew a flick knife from his pocket and slowly cut all the clothing from Simonds's shivering body.

Simonds struggled with what little strength his new body had, but he was unable to break the grip of the four rapists. He howled in anger and fear as his body was violated. The torment seemed to last forever. Throughout his ordeal no one came to investigate the screams and the teenagers were able to take their time.

He wasn't quite sure how it ended, but the next thing he could remember it was just before dawn. He was curled up on the remains of his clothing and the suitcase was gone. He staggered to his feet and stood shivering in the alley.

What could he do now? He was involved in deaths of eight cops, so he couldn't risk going to the authorities. He had nothing now. All his plans were in ruins. It was going to be a struggle just to find enough to eat, let alone a place to stay.

Wrapping the remains of his clothes around his curvy feminine frame, he moved silently to the edge of the alley. Down the street he could see several women dressed in cheap, revealing clothing. He felt sick as he realised that joining the prostitutes on the street was perhaps his only chance of getting enough money to survive.

Over a hundred miles away, Quince was heading South. He had changed cars soon after leaving his house for the last time. All in all, Quince Biochemicals had been very profitable to him in the few short years that it had been in operation. Now he was going to be able to live in luxury, without having to worry about being tracked down by the authorities.

He had a large amount of money hidden in various bank accounts, and he had the DNA virus. Nothing and no one could stop him now.


Anne was so preoccupied as she left the plane that she walked straight past the policeman.

"Doctor Chamberlain?" he said.

She turned and noticed him and his patrol car for the first time. "I'm sorry. Can you tell me what's going on?"

"Lieutenant Harrison will brief you on the way to the hospital."

Hospital? Anne climbed into the back of the car. A man in a crumpled grey suit was sitting in the passenger seat. He turned around as the car pulled out of the airport. "I'm sorry for the rush, Doctor, but you appreciate we need to clear up this mess as quickly as possible."

"I understand." Anne responded. "What's going on?"

"We have some suspects in custody for a multiple murder. One of them is in critical condition. We started questioning the others, and they all came out with the most outlandish story I've ever heard. One of them mentioned your name, and we felt we had to check it out."

Anne's heart started beating faster. Only Paul could have known about her and her research. "A story about a treatment capable of completely rewriting a person's genetic makeup," she said.

"That's possible?" the lieutenant asked in disbelief.

"Yes." she replied simply.

"So you're saying their story might be true?"

"I can't tell until I've talked to them," Anne said, but she was convinced. Who else could have known about her research?

"That's why you're here." the detective added lamely. He had been hoping that the four people being held at the hospital were drugged out of their skulls.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lieutenant Harrison escorted Anne past heavy security to the Intensive Care department. "We're keeping them in this private room until we can sort out what the hell is going on," he said, pointing to a door which was guarded by two policeman.

Anne couldn't help but wonder if Paul was in there. His name hadn't been mentioned in the call that had gotten her out of bed the night before. He had to be behind all this somewhere. How else could the DNA virus have gotten here?

One of the policemen unlocked the door. Anne followed the Lieutenant into the room. Inside were two more policemen, a man in his thirties, and a petite girl in her twenties. On the bed was a black girl, also in her twenties. She appeared to be asleep.

"They had to sedate her," explained one of the policemen. "She was getting hysterical again."

"I see. If what she says is true, I'm not surprised she's like that." The Lieutenant introduced the man to Anne. "Dr. Chamberlain, this is Dr. Kingston. He was the one who mentioned your name."

"Right. Dr. Kingston. What is going on?" She asked.

"I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to cure Paul Roberts of the virus you deliberately infected him with."

"Deliberately infected?" she said in an incredulous tone. At least now it was becoming clear why Paul had run away from her after catching the virus. He had become convinced that she had done it on purpose.

Kingston explained how he knew Paul and how his research into the virus had been hijacked by his drug smuggling boss, Quince. He told Anne how Quince had replaced nine policemen and women so that he could make one last drug shipment and then disappear. "This is the only transformed cop who is still alive." Michael said pointing to the sleeping girl.

"What happened to Paul? Where is he?"

Michael looked downcast. "I...tried making a stronger form of the virus to reverse what you did to him."

"You did what!? That's what I tried, but the success rate is too low to risk! You tried that on him!?"

"I didn't. I knew how dangerous it was. Quince tricked Paul into taking it, but he got lucky and survived," Michael pointed to the sleeping girl, "though he is a twin of Jeff now."

Anne looked at Jeff, Paul looked like this now. She turned back to Michael. "So, where is Paul now?"

"He's in surgery. He was shot saving Mandy and Jeff. It's serious."

Anne felt her legs giving way. One of the policemen caught her before she fell and helped her to a chair. She sat in a state of shock. It was all her fault. If she hadn't been so eager to try out her virus on her lab assistant, Jim, none of this would have happened. If she had managed to stop Paul from running away, he wouldn't be here now.

If he dies, she thought, I'll never be able to forgive myself.


Quince had stopped at a cheap motel late in the night and had booked into a room. He was glad to finally stop driving; his leg had been getting cramp.

As soon as he reached his room, he opened his suitcase. A quick check confirmed that the vials and money were present and intact. The vials were clearly labelled. The last thing that Quince wanted to do was take the wrong one.

Quince regretted leaving his horses behind, but there wasn't any real choice. At least with the DNA viruses based on their genetic patterns, he'd be able to recreate them wherever he finally settled.

He pulled out the virus that was meant for him. Over the last two weeks, he had seen the virus transform nearly twenty people. It never failed to fascinate him. Now, at last, it was his turn. He felt a little fear at the idea of completely changing his body, but he had no choice now. He was responsible for the murder of eight policemen, including a captain. The authorities would never rest until he was brought to justice. He replaced the vial and shut the suitcase.

Quince decided to have a shower before he took the DNA virus. He stood and stripped off his shirt, before going to the small bathroom.

His leg gave another twinge. Quince swore. The cramp seemed to be getting worse, not better. He unbuttoned his pants and dropped them and his underpants to the floor. He examined his leg and he was shocked to see it covered in short brown hair between his knee and thigh.

He ran his hand over the hair and suddenly realised where he had seen it before. On his horse. He gripped the side of the sink as his head reeled in shock.

Quince had been stabbed in the leg with a syringe by Jeff. It had contained a DNA virus based on one of his horses. He had thought that none of the virus had been injected into him, but obviously a small amount had entered his leg.

As the virus reproduced, the rate of change accelerated. Before his horrified eyes, Quince's upper leg lengthened and changed. The virus raced up towards his hips and down to his foot with frightening speed. Panic gripped Quince. His humanity was being stolen from him!

Suddenly, he remembered the vial of human DNA virus. Only another DNA virus would allow him to stay even partly human. He had to get to the suitcase before he changed even further.

He turned to leave the bathroom just as his pelvis wrenched itself into a new shape: a shape designed for four legs and not two. Unable to stand upright, Quince found himself thrust over onto all fours.

"NO!!" He cried in despair. He struggled to rise to his feet and failed. Looking back, he could see the virus reach and radically change his foot. The foot drew back on itself as the nails of his toes merged and grew into a hoof.

The virus started making its way down his other leg, but Quince was watching his crotch. The virus had been based on the foal, since it was roughly the same size as a human. Quince wished that the foal had been male, as his penis and testicles were absorbed into his body. His mind couldn't face the idea of what had replaced them.

Quince was now possessed by utter hysteria. He had to reach the vial in the suitcase. It was his only hope. His hooves slipped on the tiled floor as he dragged his body through the door of the bathroom. He had little time left. Already the virus was making its way up his torso.

He struggled across the floor to the bed, trying to get his human arms and his equine back legs to work together. He caught his reflection in the wardrobe mirror. He saw his grossly altered body looking back at him. He knew at that moment that even if he took the other virus, only his head, shoulders, and arms would remain human. As a half-human freak, he'd never be free and he'd probably end up in some laboratory somewhere. Perhaps it was better to become totally a horse.

But Quince refused to give up that easily. He might only be partly human, but that was better than not human at all.

He reached the bed. Thankfully, he hadn't locked the suitcase. He tried to flip open the catches, but for some reason he couldn't manage to do it. He screamed in total panic as he watched his fingers shrink. Fur was sprouting down the lengths of his arms as they reshaped into horse's legs. He beat the suitcase with hands that had almost completely turned into hooves, but the toughened case easily withstood his attack.

Quince felt his face start to bulge and elongate. His eyes were pushed to the sides of his face as his snout grew. "Please, no!" he tried to say. All that emerged was a strangled neighing sound. He turned his now-massive head and looked in the mirror. He could do nothing, but watch in great sadness and fear as the last part of his humanity was stripped away.

His vision was different. The colors were muted. He watched the young, shaking female horse staring back at him. He could see no trace of the human that he had been moments before.

Unsteadily, he walked around the room desperately trying to work out what to do next. He was a horse, and that limited him terribly. Who could he turn to?

The only person who could possible help him was his assistant, but how could he find him? Quince suddenly realised he couldn't remember his assistants name. That was crazy, he had worked with Quince for over two years. Together they had co-ordinated the whole operation.

Quince tried to think, but his thoughts seemed sluggish and his memories more vague than he was used to. What had addled his brains? It finally occurred to him that he no longer had his brains. His mind was now housed in an equine brain. A brain which was less complex than a human's.

How much have I lost? Quince wondered. As he walked around the room, he tried to get used to walking on four legs instead of two. He was still a bit shaky, but he was starting to get used to his grossly altered body. On the door of the room was a list of instruction on what to do in event of a fire. Quince could focus on the words quite clearly, but he had great difficulty in deciphering the words. He had been rendered illiterate by his loss of knowledge.

He had to find his assistant, somehow. The door wasn't locked, but Quince couldn't open it. He keenly missed his hands, now transformed into useless hooves. Finally, in frustration, he turned around and slammed his back feet into the door. After several hits the door burst open and Quince trotted out into the corridor.

The first priority was to get away. He couldn't afford to be captured. He raced down the stairs as fast as he dared on his unsteady legs and shot past the startled receptionist. He didn't stop running until he was well away from the motel and the road.

For hours he wandered across fields in the dark. Just before dawn he came across a small farm. By now his thoughts were further dulled by exhaustion and he almost didn't see the three men until they had surrounded him.

Quince could understand their speech, but some of the longer words escaped him. They were surprised a foal of this quality was wandering loose. After a short argument, they decided to keep him unless someone came looking for him. Soon he found himself locked in a stable. He knew no one would be coming to save him.

As the days passed he looked for the opportunity to escape, but his captors were careful with their horses. Quince had always been proud of his mind and how he could think his way out of any problem. Now his IQ had dropped significantly and vast amounts of knowledge were forgotten. His reduced mind power was unable to help him escape.

He became very depressed. He knew that even if he managed to escape the farm, he could never escape his body. He quickly lost track of time and it was only with the passing of the seasons that he knew he had been there for many months. Quince detested his new status, but he could see no way out.

It was nearly a year after Quince was captured that his owners decided to find a stallion to service him. He had obvious pedigree so, they had no trouble matching Quince with a top stallion.

It was only when the stallion turned female after the second time he and Quince mated that Quince's owners started wondering if they had got such a bargain after all.


It seemed to Paul to take forever from the instant Quince fired to the moment that the bullet slammed into him. Paul could remember being surprised at the force of the impact. He had slumped to the floor, feeling his blood staining his blouse.

He was surprised that there was no pain. That means the damage is very bad, thought a corner of his mind. He had no time to ponder it further as the world rushed away, leaving only darkness.

Paul had brief snatches of awareness in the ambulance, and later as he was rushed to an operating table. After an endless instant, he became aware of a dark tunnel which he seemed to be plunging through at high speed. There was no feeling of motion.

Looking ahead, he could see a bright, white light, which somehow didn't hurt his eyes. As he approached, he could see human figures in the light, beckoning to him.

"We're losing her!" said the nurse standing next to the surgeon.

The surgeon continued working at breakneck speed. This girl had been very unlucky. He had seen people riddled with bullets survive with ease. She had only been shot once, but it might have done enough to finish her. "Just hold on, girl." he told his patient.

Paul came to a stop just outside the light. He could still feel a strong link to his body on the operating table. He wanted to reach the light so badly, yet he knew he couldn't leave his life behind.

With that thought, the light receded, and he accelerated back the way he had come.

He awoke to dull feeling of pain across his chest. He was dimly aware of being in a bed with various things strapped to him. Paul cracked open his eyes and saw Mandy and Anne standing over him.

Anne smiled. "Welcome back. We thought we'd lost you there."

"The docs say you're doing fine," Mandy added.

Anne doesn't look angry, Paul thought groggily. He had many questions he wanted to ask, but he was already drifting back to sleep.

"You'd best leave her to sleep for now." The nurse said to Anne and Mandy. "We'll let you know when she wakes up again."

Anne nodded. She and Mandy headed back out of the ward. "I'll be glad when I can get Paul out of here and back home." she said.

"Don't you think you've done enough?" Mandy asked sharply.

"What are you talking about?"

"Paul told me what you did to him!" she said hotly. "You deliberately infected him with that virus and turned him half female!"

Anne looked at Mandy in amazement. "That's not the way it happened at all. My lab assistant, Jim, accidentally caught the virus. He became a copy of my niece. While he was in a female body, Paul got him drunk and had sex with him. Paul picked up the virus, and it started transforming him from the head down. If I hadn't got there when I did, he would have been completely female. He must have thought I set the whole thing up. No wonder he ran off."

Mandy digested that piece of information. It did make sense. Anne was a respected scientist, according to Michael. It did seem very unlikely that she'd deliberately infect someone with an experimental virus. "But now you've found him, you can cure him?"

"There is no cure, not yet anyway. I came up with the stronger solution idea that Dr. Kingston had, but that's too dangerous to use."

Mandy was silent for a moment. "So, he's stuck like that."

Anne nodded. "I'm afraid so. At least for the time being. I'm positive I can find some way to remove the virus without destroying the host, given time."

"What happened to your lab assistant?"

"My niece has moved in with him." Anne saw the look on Mandy's face. "They seem happy."

"I'm still not happy with him moving back with you."

"We've been lovers for five years. I'm not about to turn my back on him in his hour of need."

In another part of the hospital, Michael quietly entered Jeff's bedroom. He saw Jeff, wearing a white cotton night-dress, standing by the window. "Jeff?"

She turned and smiled sadly at him, "Come in."

"How are you?"

"It seems like a strange dream. I still can't believe that I'm going to be stuck in a woman's body for the rest of my life."

Michael joined her at the window. "What are you going to do now?"

"The docs say I'm going to need to see a shrink. What that bastard did to me will take a while to sort out."

"You seem to be returning to your old self."

The woman shrugged, "Maybe. I catch myself looking at men."

Michael looked at her. "Eh?"

"You know, really looking. Like I used to look at good looking girls." She sounded embarrassed.

"Dr. Chamberlain says that you may just be adjusting to your new body. You do have a female brain and body now."

"It doesn't feel right." She sighed, watching her own breasts rise and fall as she did so. "But I'll survive. If I give in now, Quince and Bill will have won."

Michael was glad to hear some of the old Jeff returning to the woman. "They say Paul is making a good recovery. He should pull through okay."

"That's good news. In a way, Paul is family now. I wouldn't want to lose him. I owe him my life." She was quiet for a moment. "How are the local cops taking all this?"

"I think they're finally believing the story. Dr. Chamberlain's institute is backing her story. The authorities want to clamp down on the virus, but I think its only a matter of weeks before this all becomes public knowledge."

"Terrific." Jeff knew that if the press got a whiff of the story, she would be hounded for weeks.


Paul was well enough to leave the hospital a couple of months later. He had become more comfortable with his new body, but he still found it hard to deal with the loss of his manhood.

What he found most difficult to adjust to was the way that other people reacted to him. Men seemed to want to help him, as if he wasn't capable of performing any task. At first he had thought it was because of his injury, but even now that he was well on the way to recovery, he was still treated the same.

Even worse was the way men ogled his body. It was quite a beautiful body, Paul knew. His own reactions to being mentally undressed by every passing man were a little schizophrenic. On the one hand, he was embarrassed and angry, but on the other he treated it as a compliment. On several occasions when he had been dozing in his hospital room he had wondered what it would be like to make love with a man who truly cared for him.

He was going to have to get used to these feelings. Anne had explained that because he had a totally female brain and feelings, his mental state would shift somewhat towards a feminine viewpoint.

Both Anne and Mandy spent as much time as they could with Paul. He could sense a tension between them whenever the three of them were together. Anne spent her days on her laptop trying out various computer models in an attempt to find a way to defeat the virus. Mandy went straight from work at the burger bar to the hospital each day.

He liked Mandy a lot, and part of him wished that they could go back to sharing a run-down apartment. It wouldn't be fair to Anne, though. She really had done a lot for him, and he had finally found out that his transformation wasn't her fault.

Neither Quince nor Simonds had been tracked down, but the rather confused report given by a manager of a motel to the police told Paul that Quince hadn't gotten away with it. The manager had found a briefcase full of money and some vials of a colorless liquid in a room that a horse had broken out of. The police hadn't be able to work out how the horse had been smuggled into the room without anyone noticing.

At the airport, he had said goodbye to Mandy. Both of them had broken down into floods of tears. She had known that she wasn't going to be able to hold onto Paul after the reappearance of Anne, but that didn't make Paul's departure any easier.

Paul felt a little embarrassed by his tears, but for once he was glad he was now female. A similar performance from a man would have been considered very odd by the other passengers.

"Are you okay?" Anne asked as they settled into their seats on the plane.

Paul wiped his eyes with a tissue. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just realised how much I'll miss Mandy."

"Hmmm," answered Anne in a neutral tone.

Paul could tell she was still annoyed by his infidelity with Mandy. "We'll work it out. You'll go back to finding a cure and I'll try to restart my career."

"You're going back to being a lawyer?" Anne asked in surprise.

"I never stopped being a lawyer. I doubt that being female AND black will help my career, but I'm not going to let that stop me."

Anne smiled. That sounded like the Paul she remembered. She did her best to hide it, but she still found it hard to believe that the short and buxom black woman was her boyfriend of five years.

After the plane touched down, Paul and Anne were greeted by a young couple. Paul's heart gave a little skip when he recognised them. They were Jim and Julie. Each of them now wore the body of the other, though Paul found it impossible to tell that from looking at them.

Julie, in Jim's athletic male body, had his arm around Jim's dainty shoulders. Jim had his arm around Julie's waist and was wearing a white dress that displayed a fair amount of cleavage. Both seemed secure in their new identities.

"Hiya, Anne." The girl said brightly, "and this must be Paul. Welcome back."

"Uhh...thanks." Paul's eyes strayed down Jim's front. She had put on some weight since he had last seen her. No, that wasn't right. It looked like her belly had grown, but not the rest of her.

Jim saw where Paul was looking. "Just under six months to go," she told him.

"Six months?" Finally, everything clicked into place in his head. "You're pregnant?!"

"Yeah, come on. We'll leave Julie and Anne to get the luggage."

Paul was at a loss. Just three months before, Jim had been a one-hundred-percent heterosexual male. Now he seemed totally female and was revelling in being with child. Was this what he'd be like in a few months time?

"You didn't waste any time with Julie."

"Well, we didn't intend to have kids this early. I would have waited a few years myself, but I didn't take the right precautions the first time as a girl and then I found myself pregnant.

"The first time? You mean I'm..."

"The father. Yes."

Paul couldn't think of anything to say. He followed Jim in a shell-shocked silence back to the car.


Paul brushed his long, curly hair out of his eyes as he lowered his mouth to Anne's pussy. He ran his tongue gently over her lower lips until he reached her clit.

He smiled as he heard Anne give a very familiar moan. At last she was getting into the mood. Paul began licking and nipping at her cunt. He had always enjoyed eating pussy. He had introduced Anne to it when they had first made love.

Relations between them had been a little rocky since Paul had arrived at Anne's house. She was trying hard to get things back to normal between them, but both of them were finding it difficult.

After a romantic dinner, they had made their way to Anne's bed. Paul and Anne had spent many nights together this way in the past, but this was the first time with Paul in a woman's body.

By now, Anne was starting to thrust with her hips as she approached orgasm. He ran a hand around her thigh, stroking her soft flesh. Anne was giving large animalistic grunts of pleasure as her climax washed over her. Paul could feel his own pussy growing wet as he listened to her. He loved the way she was able to let go completely during sex.

He licked her to two more powerful orgasms before he moved up her body. He kissed her stomach, the valley between her breasts, her thin, delicate neck, before reaching her mouth. Anne's eyes were closed, as she enjoyed the feelings of being loved. Paul kissed her, softly at first, and then with increasing passion. His hands cupped her breasts and massaged her stiff nipples.

Anne wrapped her legs around him and rolled on top of him in one sudden movement. This was the part of their lovemaking where Anne would usually take control. Anne reached down between Paul's legs, searching for something that was no longer there. She opened her eyes and looked down.

Paul could tell from the look on her face that her mood had been broken. She kissed him chastely on the lips and rolled off of him.

They held hands and finally Anne spoke. "I'm sorry, Paul. I thought that I had could get used to it." She was filled with a sense that she had let Paul down. While he had been eating her pussy she had been able to imagine it was the old male Paul down there. When she had climbed on top of him and looked down, however, she had been confronted with a very beautiful and a very female young woman. No part of Paul was unchanged. He even had a feminine scent. She knew that it was her Paul inside, but she still felt she was trying to make love to another woman.

"It's alright," Paul whispered, "Inhibitions are hard to break."

Later that night, Paul awoke with a pressure in his bladder. Still half asleep, he stumbled into the bathroom. He stood stupidly in front of the toilet before remembering that he had to sit down now. Even after a month as a woman, he was still forgetting that. After he had finished and cleaned himself, he stood in front of the full-length mirror.

Even half-asleep and with hair unkempt, he still looked beautiful. He wasn't surprised that Anne had been put off. She didn't have that many inhibitions, but she wasn't really a lesbian. Over the last week, things had been strained between them. Perhaps the spark between them had died out. It hadn't exactly been that strong during the months before Paul had first caught the DNA virus. At least he didn't have to worry that Anne would catch the virus. She had found a way to make it much less infectious just a day after he had run away from her lab.

Quietly, he slipped back into Anne's bedroom and carefully climbed back into the large bed.

He was almost fully asleep when he felt the hand on his thigh. He came slightly more awake as he wondered what Anne was up to. The hand slid slowly over and down between Paul's legs. She ran her fingertips along his lower lips very lightly at first, until they reached the nub of his clitoris.

Then, slowly but deliberately, she slipped a finger inside him. Paul couldn't contain the breathy gasp that escaped from him. She knew he was awake now. She withdrew from his aroused pussy and turned her attention to his breasts.

First she caressed them with her hand, teasing his already-aroused nipples. Then she lowered her head to them. Paul shivered in anticipation as he felt the first hesitant touches of her tongue. With each passing second, her tongue grew bolder, and soon she had sucked the whole of his engorged and supersensitive nipple into her hot, eager mouth.

Paul surrendered to the waves of pleasure running through him. He was still surprised by how sensitive his breasts could be. He ran his hands down Anne's back and cupped her ass. Then he edged his hand underneath her and slid a finger into a vagina. She was just as wet and turned on as he was.

Soon, Paul was working all four fingers of his hand in Anne's pussy. He found himself approaching orgasm just from having his breasts played with. Before he could reach that point, however, Anne pulled away from his nipple. He was briefly worried that she had decided to stop again. Then she turned around on the bed and kneeled over his head. She dropped her head between his soft thighs and kissed his eager pussy.

Paul lifted his knees and spread his legs so that Anne could get at his pussy more easily. He had always loved oral sex with women, and he found himself dying to find out what it would be on the other end. He felt Anne's hot breath wash over his pussy and then her tongue was running over his aroused clit.

As she started lapping at his pussy, Paul felt erotic shocks leap through his body. This was his third bout of intercourse since becoming female. The first time had been with Bill, something that still disgusted him. The second time had been with Anne earlier that evening, which had ended in frustration. Now, at last, he was about to be fulfilled.

He looked up to see Anne's pelvis gyrating above his head. He gently eased her rear down until her pussy was mere inches from his face. Paul started running his tongue around Anne's lower lips. Then he ran his tongue over her clit and began to bring Anne to her first explosive orgasm.

Anne moaned, but didn't stop licking and nibbling at Paul's aroused pussy. Paul was almost unconsciously thrusting his hips and spreading his legs. He wanted to feel more than just Anne's tongue inside him. Paul was the first to reach orgasm and he gave a low and extremely sexy moan as he came as a woman for only the second time. It seemed to him as if a fire was rushing through his body from his pussy and his breasts. As it coursed through him it seemed every nerve ending was in ecstasy. It seemed to last forever.

When he finally came back to his senses, he set about bringing Anne to her own climax. She was already highly aroused. It wasn't long before she reached her orgasm and shrieked her pleasure to the world.

Later, as Anne slept in his arms, Paul thought about his new anatomy. While he had been in the hospital he had done his best to ignore his rearranged plumbing. He missed his manhood, and he felt uneasy about what had replaced it. It did feel very different to make love as a woman. Maybe women did have the best of it.

Anne finished checking Paul's outfit, finally nodding her approval. They had woken late, and had had to rush to be ready for the press conference later that morning.

"Yeah, you'll do." Anne said before she rushed off to finish her make-up.

It wasn't until they were in Anne's car, on their way to the institute, that Paul asked her about the previous night.

"I was awake for a couple of hours trying to work out why I was unable to make love with you," she said, "I decided that trying to pretend that you were in your male body, and then suddenly being presented with the fact that you weren't, was what was turning me off. So I decided to try and tackle your new body full-on."

"How do you feel about it now?" Paul asked.

"Very odd," she replied, "I'd be lying if I said I felt fine about it. I've always thought of lesbianism as something taboo and embarrassing."

Paul smiled slightly. "I understand. Do you feel like repeating the experience?"

"Hell, yes!" she said, grinning. "The first time was the most difficult. I know you're Paul inside, and I can adjust. Just give me a little time."

"No problem," said Paul, "Let's just take everything one day at a time."

"This is going to be a testing time for both of us. When I announce the existence of the DNA-altering, virus the world's press is going to descend on us. It'll only get worse when you reveal what happened to you." She glanced quickly at Paul. "Are you sure you still want to go through with that?"

Paul shrugged. "I want to carry on my job. We both know any cure is way off. I have to get on with my life. Believe me, if I could avoid this, I would."

"The papers will have a field day with you," warned Anne.

"I don't care. I'll sue 'em if they go too far."

"What about your job? Do you still have one?"

"The DEA guys told my boss that I was in the hospital. He held my position open."

"And when he finds out how you've changed?"

Paul smiled, "If he doesn't give me my job back, I'll have him prosecuted for racism AND sexism."

Anne glanced at Paul and saw the familiar grin on Paul's new face. "I know we have had a really bad time lately, but despite everything, I still love you and I do want to be with you."

"I love you, too." Paul said and he could feel tears in his eyes.

"Don't start crying, or you'll smudge your make-up!" said Anne in a mock-stern voice.

Then the institute came into, view and they started to prepare for the upcoming news release.


The actual announcement was fairly low-key. Anne submitted papers to the more respected science journals, and forwarded copies to various research groups working in the same field as herself. At the same time, she held a small press conference.

For the first few days she was deluged by phone calls, faxes and e-mails asking all sorts of questions about the DNA virus. Most of the researchers contacting her from around the world couldn't believe her claims.

By the second week, the mainstream press had noticed something was going on, and had produced a series of ill-informed scare stories. Anne embarked on a series of interviews to state the facts about the DNA-altering virus.

At the end of the week, Paul drove into the Institute. Anne had been living there for the last week since the security was better.

Paul had moved back to his own home for awhile. It had been odd. When he had first opened his wardrobe, he had breathed in the male smell that had used to belong to him. He had found the scent to be slightly erotic. He had found himself feeling a little alone in the house, and he had spent his time sorting out all his clothes. He decided he could keep a few odd shirts and most of his jumpers, but the rest were of no use to him any more.

After the press conference today, he would be moving into the institute with Anne. When the Press found out about him, they were going to go absolutely mad trying to get to him. It took him the better part of half an hour to get through the reporters camped outside.

Inside her lab, Anne was talking with Jim and Julie. She turned as Paul entered. "Hi Paul! Any trouble getting through?"

"It took me ages to reach the gate. I think there are even more out there than there were yesterday. Have you heard what the government is going to do?"

"I think some of them want it banned, but most of them realize that it's better to regulate it rather than push it underground. Anyway, now that we know that it's possible to do, other countries will develop it."

"Have you decided what you're going to tell the world?" Paul asked Jim.

"About us?" the pregnant girl asked. "We're not saying anything. No one needs to know that Julie and I used to be each other, so it's for the best if the Press doesn't find out. I don't think we could handle that level of attention. The Press is bad enough now, and that's just because I, well Julie now, work for Anne." Jim smiled sadly. She knew that Paul didn't have that option. "It's going to be very difficult for you."

"Only for the first year or so." Paul replied with a grin. "This is something I have to do. Either I stand my ground and try to regain my life, or I'll spend the rest of my days running from it. How are you two and the baby holding up?"

Julie answered for them. "We're doing fine, but this kid is going to have a strange life. Both her mother and father are women who used to be men, and her stepdad used to be a woman."

Paul had been surprised at how relieved he had been when he had found out that neither Jim nor Julie held any ill feelings to him over what had happened. They wanted their unborn daughter to grow up knowing her father, even if he was now a young woman. "She's going to grow up in a new world. Perhaps it won't seem strange to her." Paul said.

"Are you ready for the press conference?" Anne asked him.

"No, but let's get it over with." The next few weeks and months were going to be hell. The Press would pry into every aspect of the life of the first known person to be transformed by the DNA virus.

"There has been a sensational development in the story of the new miracle DNA virus. It has now been revealed that a man has already been exposed to it. For more on this story we go over live to Lynn Hong, who was at this morning's press conference."

"Thank you, Tom. Dr. Anne Chamberlain made the sensational claim today that a lawyer, Paul Roberts, had been transformed from a white man in his forties into a black woman with a physical age of twenty by the DNA virus."

"Dr. Chamberlain, did you deliberately expose Paul Roberts to the virus?"

"Certainly not. I can't give you details at this time, but Mr Roberts was instrumental in stopping an attempt to steal the DNA virus. He was exposed to the virus during this attempt."

"If I could turn to you Mister...uh Miss... Roberts. Which do you prefer?"

"Well as you can imagine, this is a very strange situation. I'm not really a Mister anymore, but I find it very odd to be called Miss."

"Has this change altered the way that you think in any way?"

"Not at all. Inside, I'm still me."

"You were a lawyer before your sex-change. What are you going to do now?"

"I'm still a lawyer, Lynn. I've already been told by my firm that they will be happy to have me back."

"This is a delicate question, but has your sexual orientation altered with your body?"

"No. I still fancy women just as much as I did before."

"What does the future hold?"

"Who knows? Being a pioneer, even an accidental one like me, is never easy, but I've made a promise to myself not to give up."

"Thank you, and now back to Tom in the studio."

"And in other news, The White House has dismissed the claims of New York stripper Kirstie Lander. Lander claimed yesterday that she was, in fact, President Clinton, who had been transformed by the DNA virus. She is currently demanding several hundred million dollars in compensation.

It was several long hours before the reporters were escorted from the building. Anne and Paul were back in the lab, where she had developed the virus.

Paul slumped into a chair and enjoyed the silence. "God, I'm glad that's over."

"For today, anyway," Anne replied. "Did your boss really give you your job back?"

"Yeah. I went around to his place yesterday with some guys from the government. He was convinced it was a wind-up. It took videos of the tests the government scientists have been working on and my knowledge of things that only he and I could know before he believed me."

"What things?"

"Ah, I can't say. Client confidentiality you see." He watched Anne pour out two mugs of coffee. "Uh... I have a confession to make."

"Oh?" she said as she handed him the coffee.

"Well, when I was staying with Mandy, we...sort of slept together."

"Oh, that." replied Anne in a relaxed voice.

Paul stared at her in utter surprise. "You knew!?"

"Mandy told me in the hospital while you were recovering." Anne said.

Paul couldn't hear any animosity in her voice. "I... I'm sorry you had to find out that way."

"When I first found out you had slept with Jim, I was absolutely furious. She wasn't the only one you've been with since we've been together?"

"No, there were two others. No one you know."

"Well, I can't pretend I'm very happy with the situation, but according to Mandy, you were very drunk."

"Ummm...yeah." he replied, fairly embarrassed.

"Look, as I see it, you've more than paid for your sins over the last month or so. Lets just wipe the slate clean and start again. We've got a strong base to carry on from. I'm not saying it'll be easy, but I'm not willing to give up on us yet."

Paul could feel tears welling up inside him, and he fought to hold them back as he hugged Anne. "You were always too good for me."

"Yeah, I know." She replied softly.

After a few minutes, Paul regained control and, together they went and peeked through the blinds at the Press camped outside the gates.

"Are you sure that revealing yourself to the world was a good idea?" Asked Anne.

"What choice did I have?" he said, "I had to stop running. Look where it got me last time. If I had run away from this, I'd have spent the rest of my life in fear of discovery. I had to do this."

Anne nodded. She looked at him, smiling. "You'll be okay. I think you've come through all this a better person."

"We'll be all over the papers tomorrow as the weird, lesbian sex couple."

"Fuck 'em." Anne said.

"What?" Paul was surprised to hear that sort of language from Anne.

"Fuck 'em," she repeated, "All that matters is that we have each other."

Paul could feel the tears escaping now, but he didn't care. They embraced again. He knew then that he would never do anything stupid to jeopardize their relationship again.

The road ahead would be long and hard for both of them, but they had rekindled their love for each other. Soon they were kissing, and for a long while they cared only for each other's needs, while the world outside was forgotten.

DNA II copyright 1996 by Stephanie.

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