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Raised from the Dance

by Bill Hart

Jason Morgan stood alongside his recent acquaintance Tom Campbell with whom he had made his ill-advised bet just inside the door that led into the dance club from the street outside. Jason wished now that he had listened to the warnings his friends had given him about Tom Campbell. Make no bets with him, they'd said. Tom Campbell would cheat his mother, if it meant winning a bet.

But Jason had disregarded their warnings. As an apprentice warlock, he had assumed he could prevent Tom from cheating on his bet.

Jason had assumed incorrectly.

Both Tom and Jason had come to the club alone tonight, each governed by their own set of reasons. Although each of them had a reason in common with the other.

They were both eagerly awaiting the arrival of Chuck Alderson and his date for the evening Monica Andrews, who Jason now knew should have been accompanying him this evening. But at least Tom was eagerly waiting their arrival. For once they arrived, Jason formally lost his bet with Tom, even though technically he'd lost it a few days ago, when Monica had inexplicably accepted Chuck's invitation to the opening of the new dance club.

Jason still couldn't believe that Chuck had somehow managed to ask Monica out on this date not more than a few measly minutes before he'd arrived at her place to ask her to be his date for the very same gala club opening. He'd known then that something just wasn't right about that, but it had taken him several days to determine exactly what was wrong.

Jason was angry.

He was angry at Tom for obviously cheating to win their bet.

He was angry at Chuck for being a co-conspirator with Tom and for asking his girl to the opening of this club.

He didn't exactly how they'd done it yet, but he knew that the two of them had somehow set him up to be taken. After all, it had been Tom who'd delayed him just long enough for Chuck to ask and Monica to accept.

But thinking of that night at Monica's also reminded him of what his mother had thought when she'd initially found about his bet. She had been very upset and yelled at him for treating Monica as an object instead of a person. She told him the bet wasn't fair to Monica. She asked him if he'd like to be treated as a prize to be won. And then, she'd decided her son needed to learn a new lesson. She had forbade him from using any magic to win it. In fact, she'd completely negated his ability to tap into his store of magical energies until after the bet had been settled. And, to make it worse, she'd made it impossible for Jason to cast any type of spell on Tom until at least three hours after the later of them had left the dance club.

He remembered their brief argument.

"Neither Tom nor Chuck have any magic to help them, Jason." she had told him. "It just wouldn't be fair if you used yours."

"But what if I lose?" he had asked.

"In that case, Jason, you lose." his mother had replied simply. "It will build your character. And, in the long run, you will be a better warlock for it."

And consequently, Jason had lost his bet to Tom.

That made him decide he didn't like losing at all.

And if what had transpired was what was necessary for building his character ...

Well ... he didn't much care for that either.

But his mother had been totally correct about one thing. It had made a better warlock. Even if better were not exactly used the way his mother had meant it. At first, he had been very angry at his mother's interference. And yet, he'd never been capable of remaining mad at her for any appreciable length of time. His mother meant well. She always had and probably always would. But Jason also knew that she could always be counted on to do what she thought was best for him, even when he didn't agreed with her. Besides, Jason knew it wasn't easy for a single young witch, like his mother, to try and raise her young warlock son all alone.

It had been necessary to do a great deal of research.

And fortunately, there had been many ancient and musty old tomes in their local branch of the Arcane Library.

For several days, he had sought out just the right spell. And when he finally discovered it in the old gramarye, he knew, without need of further research, it would be absolutely perfect.

For a few minutes, Jason focused his thoughts on the bet. It had been a very simple one. Tom had bet that Chuck, not Jason, would take Monica to the opening of the new dance club. But why had Tom named Chuck specifically? he wondered. Wouldn't it have been better not to name anyone at all? But nothing had been said, even in passing, about Monica staying with Chuck the entire evening, or even leaving with him. Everything centered on their arrival. Once Monica and Tom stepped through the door as a couple and he paid off what he owed Tom, then the bet, by his mother's definition, would be settled. And just as soon as it was settled, Jason would once more have access to his magic.

As they continued to wait, Tom ogled every girl that entered the club, mentally taking inventory of those who would be available to him later in the evening. The presence of all these single pretty girls was probably the foremost reason for him coming alone. Tom, who loved his freedom, had long ago decided that having a steady girlfriend was far too restrictive for his lifestyle. More often then not, he would find a girl with whom he'd spend the evening without it costing him any money up front. Tom thought he had it better without the baggage of a steady girlfriend. And at the end of the evening, if he felt so inclined, which he usually did, she might even get lucky.

"There they are." gloated Tom, pointing out Chuck and Monica as they entered the club holding hands. Since the house band was playing one of Monica's favorite songs, they went straight out onto the dance floor. "They're here now, Jas." Tom smiled and expectantly held out his hand towards Jason.

In response, Jason slowly pulled out his wallet, then just as slowly opened it. He took out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to Tom.

"Thanks, good buddy." smiled Tom. "You know Jason, anytime you want to bet against a sure thing in the future, just give me a call. I can always use the extra cash." He nudged his elbow into Jason's ribs. "I'm sure you know exactly what I mean." Tom began to laugh, as he hurriedly scanned the floor. "I'll be seeing you around Jas, old buddy. Did you know that the Thompson twins are here tonight. And for some inexplicable reason, both of those exceptionally fine foxes are unexpectedly unescorted tonight."

Tom turned and quickly left in search of Krysti and Mysti, the Thompson twins.

"I hope you enjoy yourself, old buddy." mumbled Jason, who had felt the return of his magic as soon as Tom had accepted the bill. "But I'm afraid you just won't have much luck with either Krysti or Mysti Thompson, or, for that matter, any other single girls. At least for a while. But a little later this evening, I'd be willing to bet, even with you, that you're going to be getting very lucky."

When the music ended, Chuck led Monica off the dance floor in the general direction where Jason stood. Soon they were standing next to him.

"Hello, Monica." said Jason warmly. "Hello, Chuck." he managed to say as evenly as possible. He didn't want to accidentally tip Chuck off that he had something in the works for him. And Jason certainly didn't want to make him nervous in any way.

"Hi, Jason." replied Monica with a smile.

"Hello, Jason." said Chuck as he slid his arm possessively around Monica's waist. His knowing grin fueled Jason's anger towards him.

"Can I talk to you alone for a minute or two, Chuck?" whispered Jason in a low tone of voice intended to sound mysterious.

"I suppose." replied Chuck sounding curious. He turned to Monica. "I'll be back in just a minute or two. It sounds like Jas has some really deep dark secret he wants to share with me."

"Don't be gone long, Chuck." answered Monica. She kissed his cheek. "Hurry back."

"Don't worry, Monica. I'll most likely be back before you even know I'm gone." Chuck turned back to Jason. "Okay, Jas. What's so important?"

"Follow me." Jason turned and began walking quickly across the room towards a small door.

Chuck hadn't noticed the small door before. It looked out of place, but strangely it also looked very familiar. He wondered where the strange small door led and why Jason was being so oddly mysterious. But knowing he wouldn't find the answers otherwise, Chuck continued to follow, just like a lamb being led to slaughter.

Reaching the door, Jason turned back. "We can talk in here, Chuck." He twisted the knob, opened the door, and quickly disappeared inside, leaving the door ajar for his companion to enter.

His curiosity piqued, Chuck passed over the threshold only moments after Jason. His mouth dropped open and he gaped in stunned amazement at his surroundings. "How did we get here?" asked Chuck as his shock lessened. "How can we be standing in my bedroom?" Looking back at through the still open door that he knew didn't really exist in his room, Chuck could back look into the dance club seeing people inside walking past the door as if it didn't exist. He hurriedly made his way over to the door. But try as he might, he couldn't pass back through it.

"It's not quite time to return, Chuck. There are still things here in need of being done."

"What are you talking about?" questioned Chuck, who was beginning to worry about Jason's odd behavior.

"For one thing, your room is in need of a little adjustment."

Chuck rubbed his eyes as his room and everything in it, except himself and Jason, suddenly blurred. Everything began to flow and warp, becoming little more than blobs that constantly assumed new and unintelligible shapes as their colors spun wildly through the spectrum.

After a few minutes, which seemed several hours to Chuck, the churning blobs coalesced into more familar shapes and the swirling colors ceased their constant fluctuations through the rainbow. But as his eyes refocused, he saw that his room had been visibly altered.

Chuck gasped again. The room, now a soft pink in color with matching frilly curtains, no longer appeared to be his bedroom. Instead it was now quite obviously the bedroom of the unknown girl whose picture, surrounded by her makeup and various other feminine items, stood on the antique dresser.

And yet something about that picture bothered him. Even more than being in this unknown girl's room or witnessing those impossibly fantastic changes, he had recognized the woman in the picture standing next to the girl. And that, for reasons he couldn't fathom, had him worried.

The woman was his mother.

Chuck rapidly scanned his new surroundings. "This is impossible." he muttered, mostly to himself. "What did you do?" he asked clearly frightened.

"I really haven't done much of anything ... yet." replied Jason with a grin. "But you will need to get dressed before we can return to the dance club."

"What is wrong with you?" asked Chuck with growing confusion. "I'm already dressed." He grabbed the collar of his shirt. "See this." he shouted. "If that's all you wanted, then let's return to the club right now."

"Are you sure?"

Chuck looked puzzled. "Am I sure about what?"

With a cryptic grin, Jason replied, "That you're already dressed, of course."

"Of course, I'm sure. Didn't I just show you?" But suddenly, he felt a chill pass over his entire body. And a quick confirming glance told him that he was standing in this girl's room stark naked. "What did you do now?"

"Nothing much. I just thought you might require some assistance in dressing appropriately for our return to the club. You won't be needing those old clothes of yours. And your new clothes are hanging in that closet over

Chuck walked over to closet. After opening it, he stepped back, not wanting to believe what was inside. And definitely not wanting to believe that Jason had said the skirts, blouses, dresses, and all the other stuff inside were his. "It's full of girl clothes, Jas." he whispered.

Jason grinned. "So what else would you expect to find in your closet, Chuck?"

"What?" he asked in bewilderment, unable, perhaps unwilling, to fully comprehend Jason's question.

"Oh c'mon, Chuck." taunted Jason. "Just go over to your closet and pick out whatever pretty clothes you want to wear tonight. The sooner you're properly attired, the sooner we can return."

"Fuck you, Jason." snarled Chuck. "There ain't no fucking way in hell that I'm putting on a dress."

"Now, now. You know, that's really no way for you to be speaking." Jason smiled. "But if that's the way you feel about it, Chuck, then I suppose you don't have to wear one unless you decide otherwise."

Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. And then, as an expression of mixed surprise and horror began spreading across his face, he inexplicably strolled over to the dresser, pulled open one of the drawers, and picked out a pair of the frilliest and daintiest pale pink panties he'd ever seen in his life. In near total shock at what he was doing, but completely unable to stop himself, he casually stepped into them and slid them sensuously up his legs as Jason watched. He couldn't believe that he was doing something like this ... and ... in front of another guy.

With his panties in place, he pulled out another drawer and from it picked out a lacy pink bra. After carefully examining it, Chuck was relieved, when whatever was controlling him decided he really didn't one and returned it to the drawer.

Still not in control of his actions, Chuck returned to the closet, where, instead of a dress as he'd feared, he quickly selected a short skirt and a short-sleeved silk blouse, before almost as quickly donning them. He couldn't believe what he'd just done. He'd dressed as if he'd been wearing clothes like these for years. In utter disbelief, he stared at himself in the full-length mirror hanging on the inside closet door. The skirt was ill-fitting, loose in places and binding in others. Discounting the obvious reason of his manhood, it was all too evident that the skirt was far too short to be worn by someone as tall as he was. And he wondered why he had left the top two buttons of the blouse undone, leaving his hairy chest and arms prominently displayed underneath.

"We're almost ready to return to the club." said Jason.

Chuck stared down at him with contempt. "Are you fucking crazy or are you just fucking crazy? There is absolutely no fucking way I'm going anywhere dressed in these clothes. I look totally fucking ridiculous like this. You can return to the club if you want, but I'm staying here where I won't be embarrassed further."

"Why, Chuck. I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about. You look just fine to me." replied the grinning Jason. "In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you eventually wound up as the belle of the ball tonight."

A slight and strange tingling sensation rapidly began spreading across Chuck's body. And moments later, when it abruptly intensified, Chuck had the oddest feeling that somehow he was being shrunk. As he continued to glare with contempt at the shorter Jason, he was suddenly taken aback at finding himself staring across at him with leveled eyes. They were now somehow the same height. And as shocking and mystifying as that had been, a moment later, he had to look up at Jason.

A quick glance in the mirror confirmed what his mind somehow already surmised. He was at least seven, maybe even eight, inches shorter than before. And his new height was no longer an issue in wearing these clothes. Since Chuck didn't have the proper shape, they were still ill-fitting, but the length of the skirt was now perfect.

The tingling subsided briefly. But when it flared up again, Chuck surmised that he would soon began changing once again. But this time, instead of the general sensation he'd experienced before, the center of the peculiar tingling continuously shifted from one part of his body to another, first waxing and transforming, before waning and moving on.

It was frightening.

And yet, at the same, it was incredibly pleasurable.

The sensations waxed about his hips. Chuck felt them expand and reshape, altering his center of gravity, which changed once again as his buttocks expanded and rounded, even as his waist contracted.

Then the tingling waned and moved on.

As it spread across his head, his short dark brown hair spurted out to quickly cover his ears on its way to flowing down over his shoulders. With each inch of growth it became lighter and lighter brown in coloration and more and more luxuriously silky to the touch.

With its merest passage, all of his body hair began thinning. And it continued to lighten with each passing moment until finally it disappeared completely, leaving his skin soft and smooth.

Forewarned by the increased intensity of the tingling sensations, he watched in awed amazement as his breasts quickly budded and then blossomed into full bloom. He stared at the breasts that he couldn't believe were now his. And even more startling to him was the unbelievable amount of his cleavage exposed by just two undone buttons.

When the tingling reached his face, he felt peculiar contractions and distensions in nearly all his facial muscles. Burying his face in his hands as the spasms continued, he dared not look up again until the twitching finally ended.

As he lifted his face away from his hands, he stared at them in complete disbelief. Impossibly, they had now become delicate feminine hands with long slender fingers wit long and brightly painted nails.

He glanced at the mirror afraid of what he might see. With the exception of the conspicuous bulge showing under his skirt, a very pretty girl, who filled out the clothes she wore perfectly, was now reflected back at him. After a moment, he gasped as he recognized her features. For confirmation, he looked again at the photograph showing his mother with the girl he'd assumed lived in this room. It couldn't be possible, he thought. His reflection was the exact image of the girl in the picture.

The tingling suddenly flared about his groin. Feeling as if some unseen hand from inside him had grabbed his cock and balls, Chuck screamed out, first in pain and terror, which became moans of such incredible pleasure, as that same unseen hand kneaded and remolded the remaining flesh into a warm and very sensitive pussy.

When he finally managed to compose himself again, he sighed on seeing his reflection. The bulge, the last external vestige of his maleness, was gone. He knew it wasn't possible, but somehow Jason had turned him into a girl.

Chuck glared at Jason with unmistakable hatred showing in his bright new blue eyes. "What have you done to me?" he screamed at him, then Chuck clutched at his throat unable to believe the soft soprano voice he'd just heard had actually emanated from his throat.

"Why, I'm merely eliminating the competition, Chuckie-poo." replied Jason with a devilish grin. "After we return to the club in a few minutes, you won't have any need to worry about spending additional time with Monica tonight. Nor will you have to worry about taking her home tonight. You know Monica's straight and not at all into girls. And one other thing you should know Chuckie. Monica will be my date, not yours, just like she would have been if you and Tom hadn't conspired against me. I hope your share of the hundred was worth it."

"Hundred? That bastard told me twenty." blurted Chuck. "But you weren't supposed to know about us setting you up." he added quickly. "And you sure as hell aren't going to get away with doing this to me, Jason."

"It's a little too late for recriminations, Chuckie dear." grinned Jason. "You're just phase one. And you're already a done deal, sweetness."

"I'll tell everyone what you did to me." exclaimed Chuck. "You should know that if I don't return to the dance club or show up at the place I'm expected later tonight, then someone will coming looking for me." Thinking he had him, Chuck smiled at Jason. "After I'm found, I can't help but think there will someone somewhere who will believe what you did to me. If you can do this, so can others. I'll get them to restore me to my true self. And then, you're going to be up shit creek, asshole."

"I don't think so, Chuckie babe." replied Jason unconcerned.

There was a gentle knock at the door.

Without thinking about it, Chuck casually walked over and opened the door. "Mom." he exclaimed, just as his eyes momentarily glazed over and his posture subtly altered.

"I thought I heard voices coming from in here. And I decided I'd better check and see if everything was alright." replied Chuck's mother. "But what are you still doing here, Claudia? I was certain you'd already left for that new dance club you've been talking about all week."

"I had mom. I'd left about a half hour, but just as I arrived, I remembered that I'd left my ticket on my dresser." explained Claudia. "That meant I had to come all the way back here to get it. But on the way back, a block or two away, I had a flat tire. Fortunately for me, Jason was also late and stopped to help me. But when we opened the trunk, the spare was also flat. We told the people, who lived in the place, where we left the car what had happened and that we be back to get tomorrow. He then drove me home and said he'd take me to the club, so I won't have to walk both ways all by myself." Claudia smiled warmly at Jason.

"That was very gentlemanly of you, Jason." replied Claudia's mother. "I'm positive that Claudia appreciates your chivalry."

Jason smiled wryly. "I'm certain that she does, Mrs. Alderson."

"You two go out and have your fun tonight." said Mrs. Alderson. "But don't worry about your car, sweetheart. I'll have your father go pick it up for you." She gave her daughter a hug. "You'll have to tell me all about this new dance club tomorrow morning."

"You know I will, mom." replied Claudia with a slight giggle. She watched her mother leave the room and shut the door behind her. And when the door clicked shut, her eyes glazed over briefly while her posture altered once again.

"Have you decided who you're going to tell, Chuckie." smiled Jason. "Or maybe I should just call you Claudia now, like your mother does. After all, sweetheart, it is a far more appropriate name for someone who looks as good as you."

"What the fuck just happened here?" exclaimed Chuck in confusion at his actions. "Why couldn't I tell my mother what you've done to me? Why did she call me Claudia? Why did I answer to it? Why was I acting like a girl?"

"Calm down. All of your questions have are very simple answers, Chuckie dear." replied Jason. "In the simplest of terms, I've altered your physical reality. As of a few short minutes ago, the person previously known to everyone as Chuck Alderson simply ceased to have ever existed. He, who had been you, has been replaced in this altered reality with Claudia Alderson, who is now you.

"With the obvious exceptions of you and me, no one else in this reality retains any memories of someone named Chuck Alderson. Only Claudia Alderson is remembered here.

"But you are also subject to another limitation. Only when the two of us are alone together, as we are right now, can you outwardly act and respond as if you were Chuck Alderson. In all other situations, like a few minutes ago when your mother joined us, your outward personality will shift into that of Claudia Alderson, the girl you are in this reality, while your Chuck personality can do nothing but watch through her eyes.

"Whenever your Chuck persona is in control, you will be able to remember everything that Claudia has done while she held the body's mental reins. Even if you don't want to remember what she did. Chuck will always be there as an observer to all of Claudia's actions. But you'll be totally unable to interfere in any way with whatever she wants, needs, or desires.

"While Claudia is in control, she won't have any knowledge of Chuck, her constant observer. She'll act in a way totally consistent with her being Claudia, just as is expected of her in this reality. You have no choice or say in this. And even if you could have somehow convinced her tell your mother that you were actually her son Chuck, she wouldn't have believed her. As far as she's concerned, you are now, have always been, and will always be, her daughter Claudia. She has never had a son named Chuck."

Chuck looked stunned at this strange explanation from Jason. He would have thought Jason insane, except for the simple facts that he was standing before him in a provocatively short skirt that bared smooth sexy feminine legs and a blouse that exposed more of his big tits then he thought proper. Making things even worse, he also had a sensitive moist pussy and a couple of weird cravings he couldn't stop himself from thinking about. Chuck really wanted everything returned to normal again as soon as possible.

"You have got to change me back, Jason." demanded Chuck. "Please. I don't want to be this girl you've made of me." he whined.

Jason smiled at him smugly. He had Chuck over a barrel and both of them knew it. "Just calm down, sweetness." Jason watched Chuck flinch at his continued use of little terms of endearment. "There's really no need for you worry your pretty little head over this. After all, it's just a temporary spell, babe." Jason flashed Chuck a devilish grin. "That is, it will be temporary, provided that you decide to return to the club with me tonight.

"If you decide not to go back tonight, then the spell I've cast on you becomes permanent and irreversible. You'll reside in Claudia's world forever.

"But if you do decide to go back, then all you have to do is be a good girl for the rest of the night. If you are, you'll wake up tomorrow morning your normal self again with normality returned to your old reality.

"Are you ready to return now?"

"I suppose." sighed Chuck in resignation. "Not that I really have much choice in the matter."

"No." replied Jason smugly. "I don't suppose you really do." Jason casually stepped towards the door, then through it.

Not very far behind him, the transformed Chuck followed him through.

As soon as Chuck's second foot stepped over the threshold, his Claudia personality assumed total control. Standing on the dance floor, she stretched her arms out fully above her head. It made her happy to observe all the young men nearby stopping whatever they'd been doing and staring at her with such obvious lust. "I'll go out and mingle with the crowd." She casually flicked her hair out of face. "But you really need to go find Monica, Jason." She smiled at him. "By now, I'm sure she's worried that you've completely vanished off the face of the earth."

Jason returned her smile. "I'll do that right away, Claudia. But you'd better be on the lookout for Tom Campbell. He's out there somewhere on his normal prowl looking for pretty girls like you to have his way with."

Claudia's smile broadened. "Don't you worry about me, Jason. I'll be very careful, when I find Tom Campbell." And her smile quickly widened into a mischievous grin.

Jason couldn't help but wonder what Chuck the observer thought Claudia's comments or that wicked little sensual grin that had appeared on her face as she no doubt thought of Tom being out on the prowl for her. He was probably ready shit bricks, but Jason new the observer had no control over anything she did.

"There you are Jason. Where have you been all this time?" asked Monica. "I thought you said you'd be back before I even knew you were gone?"

A nice juxtaposition of phrases in this reality, thought Jason. He deftly pulled a long-stemmed red rose out from behind his back. "I just had to go out and buy this for you." he told her smoothly, as he held out the rose to her. "Although I believe its beauty pales next to yours."

Monica smiled and blushed slightly, as what remained of her anger quickly dissipated. "Oh Jason." she gushed. "You are just so sweet." She quickly planted a kiss on his waiting lips. "I'm ever so glad you asked me to come with you tonight. I could have never come here with anybody else with you."

The band struck up another of Monica's favorite songs. Jason slid his arm around her waist, then led her out to the dance floor. As they slow danced together, Jason noticed that Claudia had already managed to both find and get herself caught in Tom's net. Claudia hung all over him as if she owned Tom, who in turn probably thought he had caught her. They smiled at each other. And, even though neither of them spoke a word to the other, the continued looks that passed back and forth between them spoke volumes.

Jason wondered if Claudia would be a good girl tonight.

But, for several reasons, many of which he hadn't explained earlier to Chuck, he had serious doubts about her ability to be a good girl, although Tom, especially after getting what he wanted from her, might think she was an extremely good girl.

Chuck the observer was probably fuming with anger by now. He knew that Tom had a well deserved reputation of being able to convince any girl he wanted, whether she really wanted to or not, to jump in the sack with him. In addition, Jason knew that if Tom desired Claudia badly enough, he'd stop at nothing to possess her.

Jason had also been told by one of Tom's past one night conquests, that just knowing a girl wanted him or lusted after him made just about everything else to Tom a fairly academic situation. He was a total pushover for good looking girls with big boobs, the girl had told Jason. Tom just didn't have it in him to disappoint any young woman who so obviously wanted or needed him badly enough to throw herself at him..

Not only that, he wouldn't have to worry about Claudia finding Tom desirable. As he'd been explaining things to Chuck earlier, Jason had left out a couple of the finer details knowing they would have upset Chuck a lot more then he already was. For Chuck's peace of mind, Jason had decided to omit that he'd incorporated just the slightest touch of wanton nymphomania specifically directed towards Tom into one of the components of the spell he'd developed for Claudia's personality. Claudia would lust after Tom, because she just wouldn't be able to stop herself.

Jason felt a small twinge of guilt about that small omission, but quickly dismissed it. It wasn't as if he'd lied to Chuck ... exactly. He had told Chuck the complete truth ... at least most of it anyway. It was true that if Claudia were a good girl and could somehow keep from winding up a physical plaything in Tom's bed, then, just as Jason had told him, he'd wake up tomorrow morning as Chuck.

But that was unlikely. It was almost an absolute certainty that she'd wake up as Claudia. There was no way that Chuck could know that Jason had more or less stacked the deck against him resuming to his old life as Chuck. In addition to her nymphomania, there was also the little spell he'd placed on the hundred dollar bill as he'd given it to Tom in payment of his wager. Just as Tom had taken it from his hand, both settling the bet and returning his magic, he had cast a quick and dirty temporary spell of aversion on it, which had very successfully kept all the girls away from Tom until he'd returned with Claudia, whose very presence cancelled out the spell. If he'd only rid himself of the hundred before they'd returned, he'd probably be off somewhere right now enjoying the company of either Krysti or Mysti or possibly even both of the Thompson twins.

Instead, the two of them would soon be compelled to head off for Tom's place, where, to Claudia's pure physical enjoyment and Chuck's extreme mental horror, where Tom was destined to fuck her over and over again as if they were sex-crazed horny rabbits until neither of them were capable of coherent thought.

Exhausted from the activity, they'd fall asleep. And at the first light of dawn, there would be a few minor modifications made in some of the existing spells. And then the final spell, which Jason had not mentioned to Chuck either, would be triggered. And shortly afterwards, they would awaken in a slightly revised reality.

Jason didn't think that Chuck would have any problems waking up and finding himself still in possession of the shapely form of Claudia Alderson. After all, he would vividly remember everything she had done the night before with Tom. And with all that practice he was about to have, he just might decide he liked being female. On the other hand, Jason expected to hear later that Chuck had had a small problem or two dealing with his friend Tom.

"A penny for your thoughts." said Monica, interrupting his contemplations, as the music came to an end.

"I was just thinking how beautiful you were." replied Jason smoothly.

Monica kissed him. "You're such a wonderful person, Jason."

Jason said nothing as he slid his arm around her waist and led her away from the dance floor. He smiled when he saw Tom and Claudia hurriedly scampering off in the direction of the nearest exit. He guessed that someday he'd have to pay them a little visit, although he seriously doubted that either of them would ever be exactly overjoyed to see him.

But he'd have plenty of time to think and worry about them later. Neither one of them was an acceptable reason to spoil the rest of his evening with Monica.

The night was still young.

Jason leaned over and whispered something in Monica's ear.

They smiled at each other.

And the young couple was soon strolling across the floor headed for the exit themselves. Both of them thinking wonderful thoughts of what was to come.


When Chuck woke up the next morning, he couldn't believe that he, even as Claudia, had done all the things he remembered her doing with Tom. But as he continued thinking about her activities of the previous night, he started to become aroused himself. His hands absently ran along his shapely form and gently caressed his breasts, before they began playfully fingering his nipples.

Chuck sighed. "I guess I should have expected this." he mumbled to himself. "After all, I wasn't a very good girl last night." He suddenly smiled. "No, I wasn't very good. But Hell if I wasn't just fucking great."

But suddenly, Chuck realized something was wrong. He was still here, alone with Tom, and he, not Claudia, was in control. Obviously, Jason must have fucked up somewhere in whatever he'd done. I might still look like Claudia, he thought, but its my show now and as soon as Tom wakes up and I explain to him who I really am, the two of us will have to sit down and figure out some way to make him change us back and get even with that slimy little bastard.

Chuck heard a muffled voice from underneath the covers. "Hey babe. How about a couple early morning quickies to start the day out right."

"Damn it, Tom." he swore. "Sometimes, really more often than not, you're just fucking unbelievable." Chuck pulled back the covers over Tom, then stared at him. "Oh, shit." he exclaimed. "That little asswipe somehow got you too."

"What the hell are you talking about Claudia?" replied Tom in a voice that wasn't his own. "Who got me? And what the hell is wrong with my voice." He lifted his hand towards his throat and was instantly shocked to see long slender fingers with long silver colored nails. "What the fuck have you done to me, bitch?" he screamed.

"I didn't do anything to you."

As Tom angrily jumped out of bed, he received possibly the biggest surprise, or maybe surprises would be a more apt description, of his entire life. "What in the name of holy fucking shit are these?" he exclaimed as his brain tried repeatedly to tell him what his hands had impossibly stopped from bouncing and jiggling about his chest.

"Those are breasts, Tom." replied Chuck. "They're your nice firm and round, perfectly formed breasts. Or you can call them hooters, if you'd like. Or boobs. Or maybe even tits."

"That's not at all possible." said Tom. "I'm a guy, Claudia. And guys just don't go around sporting jugs the size of yours."

"You better go take a long look in the mirror." replied Chuck. "And, for the the record, my name's not really Claudia, it's Chuck ... Chuck Alderson."

"You can't be Chuck Alderson, babe." dismissed Tom. "There's no way in hell you're him. Chuck is a guy, just like me. And after last night, I know for a fact that you're definitely all girl, babe."

"You haven't looked in the mirror yet, Tom."

"What is it with you and mirrors any way, Claudia? You didn't seem the vain type last night. But I was a little preoccupied last night and could have missed it." To please her and maybe save at least one morning quickie, he walked over to the mirror. When he looked at his reflection his mouth dropped open and his knees buckled.

It wasn't him in the mirror. Instead of him, his reflection was a beautiful naked girl with big tits, a figure to die for, blue eyes, and waist length golden blonde hair. Unconsciously, Tom struck a pose he'd once seen some girls do standing before a mirror. He was in lust ... with himself.

Chuck joined him in front of the mirror. "So, how's it feel to be such a buxom girl, Tom?"

"Is that really you, Chuck?" he asked as the truth had finally begun to sink in. "Shit." He kept shifting his glances in the mirror between Chuck and himself. "You know something Chuck? The two of us look a helluva lot better right now than I've seen the Thompson twins. Have you any idea how this happened?"

"Yeah." replied Chuck. "Jason Morgan."

"You mean that little wimp, we ..." Tom scratched his head. "We did something to him, didn't we?" He shook his head. "I guess whatever it was couldn't have been very important, if I can't remember what it was."

"That's him." said Chuck, who couldn't seem to recall what they must have done to Jason, But certainly, it couldn't justify him changing both of them into very busty young women.


"I don't know for sure how he did it, Tom. It must have been magic or some other kind of weird shit like that. But I know it was him. I was with him when he physically transformed me from Chuck into Claudia."

Chuck proceeded to tell Tom everything he could remember from his earlier conversation with Jason. It took a while to go through everything and Tom had several questions along the way, but neither of them had anyplace else to go.

"One thing puzzles me about this, Chuck."

"What's that?"

"If Jason and you had to be alone together for you, as your Chuck persona, to be in control, then why are you in control now? Jason definitely isn't here now, which means that Claudia should be in control and she isn't. But last night, when it was just the two of us, I'll guarantee you that Claudia was totally in control."

"I worried about when I woke up this morning. After seeing you, I figured Jason must have fucked something up when he tried extending his spells to include you. Maybe he tried changing something about how the spell works on me and in the process unintentionally broke something else." Chuck suddenly smiled. "You know, Jason did tell me last night that if I were a good girl, I'd wake up as Chuck this morning. Did you think I was a good girl last night?"

"You were the best girl I'd had in a long time."

"Maybe that explains it."

"It might." said Tom. "But that little screw up is going to cost him big time. We need to get dressed, so we can go out and find him. Then we'll find some way to make him return us to our normal selves."

Chuck opened the closet door. "There's just a bunch of dresses in here."

"I ain't wearing no fucking dress." exclaimed Tom.

"If we don't find anything else, we might have to wear dresses. We can't leave the house naked." replied Chuck as he continued to rummage through the dresser drawers. "Aha!" he exclaimed as he triumphantly pulled out two pair of matching shorts and a couple of pullover T-shirts with "Do You Like My Hooters?" emblazoned across their fronts.

Quickly they dressed.

"You know, these shorts really show off an awful lot of my legs." sighed Chuck worriedly. "And I can see my nipples sticking out from under the the two bid O's on this shirt. Maybe we should have worn dresses instead."

Tom stared at his friend. "These are just fine. I told you before I wasn't wearing no fucking dress, Tom. And that means I ain't wearing no fucking dress. Period. End of discussion."

"But guys are going stare at us." whined Chuck.

"Then let them stare, you big baby." retorted Tom. "If you're going with me to convince Jason to restore our manhood, it won't hurt you any to be uncomfortable at being stared at for a little while."

"I suppose, you're right." replied Chuck sullenly.

Their doorbell chimed.

"I'll get it." said Chuck, not remembering what had happened the last time he'd opened a door with Chuck in charge of Claudia's body. And far too late to do him any good, he realized he should have never opened the door.

"Hi, Claudia." said the young man at the door.

"Hi, Brent." she responded breathily. Claudia ran her tongue across her upper lip and felt herself becoming aroused at the mere sight of her gorgeous hunk of a neighbor. "What can I do for you this morning, you handsome stud?" she asked, knowing full well exactly what she wanted to do for him.

Chuck the observer screamed several, fortunately unheard, obscenities.

"I came over to introduce you to my twin brother Trent." replied Brent. "He just flew in from North Dakota and doesn't know a soul in town, except me, of course." Brent pulled his shy brother forward. "Trent, this is one of my neighbors, Claudia Alderson. Claudia, this is my brother Trent."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Trent." replied Claudia. "Any brother of Brent's can certainly be a real good friend of mine." she flirted.

"I'm pleased to meet you too, Miss Alderson."

"Please Trent, call me Claudia." She batted her eyes at him.

"Okay, then. Claudia." replied Trent with a sheepish smile.

Claudia smiled back at him. Trent's eyes hadn't left her breasts since the first moment he'd seen them. But Claudia didn't mind at all. Guys staring at her breasts just meant they were interested, and if guys were interested, then ...

"Excuse me." interrupted a voice from behind Claudia. "Did somebody forget someone?"

As his female persona had now assumed center stage, Tom, the other observer, screamed unheard obscenities.

"Where are my manners." said Brent. "Trent, this is my other pretty neighbor, Tiffany Campbell. Tiffany, this is my brother Trent."

"I'm certainly happy to meet you, Trent." replied Tiffany, trying to sound even sexier than Claudia had earlier. She held out her hand to him.

Trent took her hand and gently kissed it. "I'm very happy to meet you as well, Miss Campbell."

"Please Trent, just call me Tiffany." She smiled at him with just one clearly on her mind. "Or if you'd prefer, I'll even let you call me Tiff."

"Sure thing. Tiff." he gushed sheepishly, not wanting to ever relinquish his hold on Tiffany's hand. But his gaze had shifted from Claudia's overly generous endowments to Tiffany's more than ample breasts.

"So what do you guys want to do?" asked Claudia suggestively.

"I thought we could show Trent around the city. He's never been in one so big before." said Brent.

Claudia and Tiffany exchanged quick glances.

"We can do that later." said Tiffany. "I think I have a much better idea."

"Me too." added Claudia. She turned to Brent. "Why don't you and I go next door to your place and have ourselves some fun for a while, Brent."

"And while you two are off having fun, Trent can stay here with me and we can get better acquainted." said Tiffany. "And I have a really strong feeling that I'll be able to show him something else he's never been in before." Trent, still holding her hand, squeezed it even tighter. "And I'm absolutely certain that all of us will have a lot more fun this way."

"Me too." added Claudia.
d been a long two weeks for the observers Chuck and Tom, but both of them were greatly relieved that Trent's vacation would be over soon and he'd be flying home to North Dakota in the morning.

On the other hand, Claudia and Tiffany were sad to see Trent leaving. Between the two of them, they'd taken that shy little innocent farm boy who had arrived two weeks ago from North Dakota and turned into an ardent and always "ready, willing, and able" sexual dynamo. They were both certain that within a year, Trent would have every girl in both Dakotas pregnant and would getting ready to make his advance on either Nebraska or Minnesota. Of course, some of those Dakota cowboys might take exception to his proclivities, with the result that Trent might find himself exiled to some far away place like Flin Flon, Manitoba, which would then likewise be subjected to a population explosion.

On Trent's last morning in town, Claudia woke up in Brent's bed with Trent. Chuck was happy Trent was leaving. Although Claudia seemed insatiable in that area, Chuck wished for a night off. He was tired of playing sexual roulette. Both Brent and Trent had taken Claudia in her bed, Tiffany's bed, and Brent's bed. She and Trent had also had a quickie under the bench at the park down the street.

Maybe, thought Chuck, he and Tiffany, no make that Tom, would finally get a chance to be alone for a while to plot their revenge on Jason.

Tiffany woke up in her bed with Brent. Tom was also happy that Trent was leaving. With Trent gone, Tom was looking forward for a night away from sex. He was afraid he was beginning to enjoy it too much. Tom wondered if Chuck were connected to Claudia the same way he was wired into Tiffany. Whenever she orgasmed, he was caught in the highly pleasurable erotic backlash, which made him fantastic.

Maybe, thought Tom, he and Claudia, no make that Chuck, would finally get a chance to be alone for a while to plot their revenge on Jason.

"Do you really have to go, Trentie?" whined Claudia. "I'm really going to miss you."

"I know, babe." replied Trent. "I'll probably miss you too."

"You will." gushed Claudia.

There was a knock on the door.

"I'd better get that." said Trent heading for the door.

"Don't be gone long Trentie baby." said Claudia sexily. "Maybe we can get in one more little quickie before you have to leave."

Trent opened the door. "Why didn't you just come in Brent?" he asked his brother. "After all, this is your place."

"I didn't want to interrupt you, if you were busy." Brent replied. "Can I talk to Claudia?"

"Really, Brent. What about Tiffany?"

"This is about Tiffany. She's sick, Trent. And I'm worried. I thought Claudia, being a girl, would know what was wrong or how to fix it."

"What's wrong with her?" asked Claudia. She'd jumped out of bed and dressed as soon as she'd heard Brent say Tiffany was sick.

"I don't know. She's in the bathroom." replied Brent. "Ever since she woke up this morning she's been barfing all over the place."

Quickly the three of them, to Chuck's dismay, returned to Tiffany and Claudia's place. For a passing moment, he'd really thought he and Tom might get a chance to be alone.

"Hi guys." said a pale and woozy Tiffany.

"How are you feeling?" asked Claudia.

"Like warmed over shit." replied Tiffany. "Besides heaving all over the place, I've got a headache, and my breasts hurt."

Shit, thought Tom, I'm going to die.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Claudia.

"The barfing was new today, but I've been a little nauseous the last couple mornings." replied Tiffany.

"Have you any idea what's wrong?" asked Brent nervously.

"I've got an idea." answered Claudia. "And I'm pretty sure Tiffany does too."

What is wrong with me, screamed Tom unheard.

What is wrong with him, screamed Chuck unheard.

"What is it?" asked Brent and Trent in unison.

"I'd rather not say until I'm certain." Claudia told them. "Right now though, Trent has to get ready to catch his plane and you'd better go help him. I'll stay here with Tiff."

Chuck couldn't believe Claudia's ears. He and Tom were finally going to get some time alone.

And Tom couldn't believe Tiffany's ears. He and Chuck were finally going to get some time alone.

"Can I see you before I go?" asked Trent.

"You'd better." Claudia replied. "Otherwise, I'll be very, very mad at you." She kissed him passionately, then watched as Brent and Trent walked out the door.

Alright, screamed Tom.

Claudia shut the door.

Chuck heard the door click shut.

Finally, he thought.

But when he tried to speak, he couldn't.

What was wrong? There was only Tom and him in the room, which meant Chuck should be in control. But as Claudia sat down beside Tiffany, Chuck began listening to their conversation. He quickly realized Tom wasn't in control of Tiffany either. If only he knew what was wrong?

"Are you sure that's it?" asked Tiffany.

"Not a hundred percent." replied Claudia. "But it does fit your symptoms."

What is it, thought Chuck. And why am I not in control?

Oh shit, thought Tom, I know I'm going to die.

"Do you know which one it is?"

"Not really. It could be either one of them." said Tiffany. "It might even be the mailman."

What are they talking about, wondered Chuck.

The mailman, wondered Tom. Oh no. Please tell me that's not it.

"We'd probably better tell them what we suspect before Trent leaves." said Claudia.

Spit it out, thought Chuck.

Tom, in shock, thought nothing.

"Which of them do you think will make the better father?" asked Tiffany.

Father? thought Chuck. Tiffany's pregnant, he deduced. How could that have happened? Now I know why Tom and I aren't in control. With the bitch pregnant, there are more than two of us in the room. And it'll be months before we're able to be in a room alone together.

"I don't think it matters much. Do you?" replied Claudia. "Flip a coin if you can't decide." She started to stand up. "Oh my!" she exclaimed sitting back down.

"What's wrong, Claudia?" asked Tiffany.

It's probably nothing, Tiff." replied Claudia. "For just a second, I felt a nauseous."

Raised from the Dance copyright 1999 by Bill Hart.

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