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The PonyGirl

by Tina Maria Holmboe

A Story of Many Things,
some of which might scare You,
some of which might arouse You.

Part 1 - The Beginning

Imagine a room almost silent, almost all black. The only sound is the large fireplace that dominates the entire east wall. The only source of light is from the same fire. All around the walls are covered with shelves, and books. In front of the fire stands a large chair, well padded, a soft resting-place for the man sitting in it. You move closer, and see a rug on the floor by his feet, upon it the body of a young woman, her skin gleaming in the light. It is all silent, the girl obviously asleep, the man watching her, intently. As you watch, her breathing becomes uneasy, her muscles stretching as she slowly awakes - and with this I let you go, to enter this story in whichever of the characters you feel most at home.

Still he sits very silent, watching her, until she opens her eyes, looking up, and smiling to him. In an instant, then, he slides down to his knees, putting his arms around her, as she stretches her arm up, towards him, and screams. With soft words, and strong arms, he makes her again open her eyes, too look at him, to listen. " My dear... you do remember as we talked, as we touched into the fantasies you have had of beeing a pony ? " - he smiles, - " I have made that wish come true. Look... LOOK! at yourself ! " - and his hands grab what was once her wrist, pulling it towards her, forcing her to look. Too see the hoof, the leg. Slowly she obeys, inspecting her arms, and her legs. In both cases what was once there are replaced. From her elbows and down are the legs of a horse, ending in a small hoof. The same applies for her legs from the knee down. She swallows, looking again up at her Master. " Sir... You did this to me ? But... how... why... " - and her voice trails of, there are tears in her eyes. " How, that I will explain later. Why, that is another matter entirely. " - he sighs - " And it is not easy to explain. First, I knew that the PonyGirl fantasies was something you wanted to try, someday. Secondly, I knew that I, too, wanted to see you as a pony. MY pony. " - he pauses, and kisses her. " There are many ways to experience what we still call BDSM. Some of them are by means of roleplaying. One take the role as top, the other as bottom, and they play by certain rules. Others take it still further, and creates a relationship where one part IS the slave. " - with a smile he strokes her forehead. " You and me... we have never taken this lightly. There are people that are 'into' PonyGirl-stuff, but mostly it is roleplaying. When I, on the other hand, has thought about this, it has appealed to me a great deal. But I did not want a week-end pony. So... " - and he looks out the window, at the great, dark, silouette of the old barn - " ... the last months I have pushed my research into quite a different track than before. I have sought to find a way to MAKE YOU a pony. " He smiles. " And I succeeded - as you can see. " She nods, slowly, as she again looks herself over, still confused, still afraid. She tries, as she has done so many times before conciously and unconciously, to move her wrist, but the only movement she can manage is the upwards and downwards tilt. She looks again at him, her eyes dark, but the situation slowly starts a shimmer in them, a warmth that runs troughtout her body. " They are... REAL Sir ! These are not models, or 'gloves' or anything else that is put on me to make my hands LOOK like a horse's feet, these... " - and she swallows again, deeply, - " ... ARE hooves !! " He smile again, and nods. " Yes... indeed they are. Your hands do no longer exist... " - and for a moment he seems to be far away, his voice is distant when he continues - " ... atleast not as you would define exist... " Shaking his head, he again concentrates on the present. " Yes, they are real. And now, if I have not lost all my vits, you are wondering HOW I did it. And you wonder if you are to stay like this all your life... " - with a sudden movement, he stands up, and lifts her with him. " The first question I can answer, the second is fully up to you. I do not desire a part-time pony, but I would, of course, LOVE to have one. What I DESIRE is a full-time one... " - and he walks out of that dark room, leaving the flames to tend for themselves, to live or die as they see fit. Walking with her in his arms, across the open space between their home and the old barn, he continues to talk, softly, and placing a kiss on her tummy and breasts inbetween his words. The barn they approach is also dark, something that abrutly change once they are inside. He closes the door behind them, and taps a switch, flooding the place with light. Carefully he puts her down on a soft heap of pillows in the corner, arranging a blanket over her, to keep her warm. With another kiss he leaves her, walking to the middle of the room. She looks around, her eyes large, astounded by what she can see. In the middle, beside him, is a platform, raised somewhat from the floor. Over it a dish hangs, looking abit like the ones use in the old days for sattelite broadcasting. It seems almost alive in the bright light, made from some, to her, unknown material, blue, or is that just a pretty paintjob ? From the dish a thick bundle of optic fibres run to strange machinery on the floor, weird shapes. From these a single thread of glass goes to a computer by the wall. Beside it is a large workspace with several display units, and other paraphernalia.

Obviously proud he looks around. " Impressive, isn't it ? " - and he laughts - " It looks weird, and I suppose most people, even most researchers would agree that it IS. " With a single command he powers up the equipment, making the dish glow even deeper blue. She can hardly take her eyes away. Noone can claim her to be uneducated, her intelligence is high, but his is the one of genius. " Master... I have never seen anything LIKE this before ! " - and her voice has a tone of awe in it. " Nor would I have expected that. OR that anyone ELSE had seen it. This, apart from the computer, " - he dismisses that with a wave of his hand, ", I have designed and built myself - practical experience is something every researcher should have ! " - he smiles, a deviously but teasing smile that for the first time that day makes her smile back. " Is this, Sir, the equipment You used on me ? " - she asks. " Yes my girl, it is. Let me see if I can explain to you what it does. " - and he thinks for a second, with his eyes closed. " With your interest in old SF movies, I am certain you remember the Star Trek series, and movies ? " - he looks at her, she nods. " In it there appeared something they called a 'transporter', which where able to send a person, or an object, from one place to another. The IDEA is a very good one - this machine does almost the same... " - and he laughts at the stare she gives him. " The theory is simple : map an object, what kind of molecules that makes it up, the connection between them, in short all details of that object at the molecular level. Then manipulate the molecules... " - he walks over to the dish, and turns to her. " This platform is a sophisticated mapping system, which provides the detail that the procedure needs. This " - and he points to the dish - " is what I call the Recreator. " - he laughts - " A somewhat pharsical name, I agree, but I had to call it something. 'Obie' was another choice, but I feared I would get in trouble with all sort of people - relating it to old books and movies. " - he points to the computer. " With the aid of the mapping information, the computer can manipulate the molecules, using an offspring of the gravity theory. You can visualize it as a hand, grabbing the molecule, and moving it - the hand is built using the forces of gravity. Many such 'hands' can be used, to move several molecules at once. With the aid of the scan, and a plan of how the result is to look, they can be rearranged to form something else. If there by any chance is a lack of a certain molecule, this can be taken from a store " - and with a wave of his hand he indicates that this is located behind this room - " and added to the 'mixture'. "

With a laugh he sits down beside the console.

" In this way I can mix and match as I see fit. Your hands exist still, as a precise map within the storage cells. " - and he watches her, as she turns her eyes to the large cells that fill the back of the room. "Yes my dear, in there are what used to be your hands. It means that I can recreate them at any time I so choose. " - he raises, and walk over to his pony. There is love in his eyes as he places a finger under her chin, and lifts her face. " As you understand, this is no play. This is no role. I could have, if I had desired, made your entire body into that of a pony. " - and he smiles again. " There are practical problems to it, I would never be able to transform you back, since I have only enough storage to store PART of your body at one time. To store the entire organism - that would take a great deal of storage... " - his voice trails of. For a while it seems that he is far away, his eyes blind. When he again looks at her, his face is grim. " I have never underestimated your intelligence my dear, and so I do not think I need to tell you what concequenses this technology could have, for a great many people. It will probably never pass outside this room. "

It is quite obvious that she is shaken by what has happened to her, but her mind is still in one piece, and working. She understands, and the understanding makes her shiver. With an outcry he, the Master, falls to his knees, throwing his arms around her. She cannot do the same, but rests her head on his chest, her hooves hanging limp. Minutes pass as they sit there, before he again straightens. " Perhaps I should never have done this. Perhaps I have for ONCE, gone too far. " - and a second she thinks she can see real doubt in his eyes, then the moment is gone - " No. " - he grins, - " No. What I have done is just what is natural, I have freed what is INSIDE you, your true self. You make a very pretty pony... " - and he stands up. " Well, we should proceed, as we have things to do to-night, before we both go to sleep. First, we will leave this hightech quirk, and proceed to another place, one I am quite certain you will appreciate. "

Again he lifts her up. Placing a kiss on her lips, her walks towards a door, entering a short, dimly lit corridor. On the end another door, and opening it he steps into the old stables, his pony in his arms. The stables is in excellent condition, well kept even thou not used for some time. It is clear that he has tidied it up, all the boxes are clean and filled with fresh hay. All of it, boxes, tack-room, and corridor, is well-lit from hidden sources. The bundle in his arms shiver again, her eyes wide-open as she looks around. He smiles. " Ohyes, the stables. I told you that this was no game, and so the appropriate place for a pony - is the stables. Here you will stay for the duration. " - with his foot he pushes open one of the boxes, and walks in. His precious cargo is put down carefully, and he places a blanket over her.

" Rest now, while I tell you what will happen... " - and he sits down in one corner, watching her as she finds a comfortable position in the soft hay.

" Look around my dear... " - after following his own advice, his eyes rests once more on her - " ... this.... this box will be your home. It is, as you very well know, a real stable, and horses has been kept here in the past. Perhaps, one day, other horses than you will stay here. " - he pauses. " For now, you will be alone, but the stable is very close to the house, and there is a voice-activated microphone in the roof. If you need to safeword, safeword. Do no hesitate. There are also several safety features here, fire alarms, and so on. This stable is as safe a place to be as I can make it. " - he smiles - " It is also designed for a horse, NOT for a human. "

He raises, and walk to a contraption on the wall, just beside a crib, and presses a lever on it, holding his hand under the water that flows. " All the things in here, like this water dispenser, is designed for horses, and bought by me at a place that specializes in equipment for stables. This is designed so that a horse can press it with her nuzzle, and be watered. In this " - and he points to the crib - " I will serve your meals, a traditional horse's diet - with some altered grains and grass to suit your delicate stomach. " - with a laugh he again sits down.

" Usually a horse will no be tied whilst in the box, and I'll follow that tradition. So, during the times you are in here, you will allow to move freely. As you can see " - and he points to a series of long, thin, openings in the floor - " this place has not been altered. At all. You'll have to get use to the idea, that is the only toilet you will have for a while. " - his smile is devilish now, as he sees her squirming. " One alteration HAS been made " - he points to the roof - " which you can clearly see up there. "

She looks up, and can see a harness hanging from straps, obviously designed to be lowered down. Her Master looks at her, and smiles again. " You... " - and at the sound of his voice she turns to him - " my dear. You are a pony, I hope you know that ? "

She smiles. " Yes Sir ! " - and the sheer delight in her voice is unmistakeble. " Good girl, but I fear you misunderstand ! I mean it ! You are not a human female, but a mare, a pony, trapped in the body of a human. What I have done, and will do, is release your true self, setting you free in a way, letting you live your life as it ought to be lived... " - he laughs She smiles still, but says nothing. Despite the fact that she is naked, she is not cold, her body warm, burning with the obvious humiliation, as well as with the arousal that she cannot help feeling. The initial shock is gone, her mind and body responds to the situation as she, and he, was certain it would.

" Buuut " - and he makes a dramatic sigh - " since you have had the misfortune of beeing born into that body, some small alterations must be done. I have given you hooves, but I cannot alter your nervous system. SO, instead of beeing able, like a good horse " - and he smiles as her face blushes with shame - " to sleep whilst standing, I have made this harness. It will keep you upright during the night. " " Which, of course, reminds me of the other tricks I must apply, to make you look decent. " - he leaves, and returns with a bag. " Now, first we have the tail. It is a good think you have such long, flowing hair. It means I can cut a tail from it " - and he picks up a strange apparatus, grinning, watching the horror on her face. " Master ! PLEASE ! Not my hair ?!?! " - and she is close to tears. " Ohyes, your HAIR ! Sit still girl, whilst I prepare this... " Gathering her hair in his hands, he places a ring around it, tightening it to a ponytail. A very sharp, circular, knife cuts trought it quite easily, leaving her with a very, very, short cut. He smiles, enjoying the tears that his pony shreds. The ring, with the hair, a very thin bundle when tightened, is attatched to a small device that looks distinctivly electronic. On the underside it is pink, with a surface that looks like skin. He places it all on a shelf.

" Good. Now, for the rest. " - and a horrid smile is on his face, as he slowly, quite slowly, shaves her head, leaving nothing left of all her lovely hair. For a minutes, when done, he just looks at her, before he kneels, and licks her tears, comforting her.

When he now returns to the bag, she is quite convinced that nothing more horrid can happen to her. From the bag he pulls something worse. A suit, it seems, of leather, a dark brown, almost chestnut, color. " This iw the last item that we need to complete this. " - and he holds it up - " This will cover you from hoof to hoof - so to speak - and create the illusion of a pretty, chestnut colored, mare. It is made of thin, but durable material, something similar to latex, but without the unfortunate backsides of it. It breaths, and it will not damage the skin underneath when worn for a long time. WHICH " - he pauses, for effect - " you will be doing. ". He shows her the opening in the back, with the small zipper that she quickly realizes that she will NEVER be able to manipulate with these hooves, even if she could reach it - the zipper ends at the butt. " The head is also covered, from almost down into the eyes, to just below your mouth. The ears - " and he strokes the horse's ears on the outfit - " are open, so that you can hear. There are also openings around the breasts, and the pussy, as well as the ass. " With a grin he proceeds to dress her, covering almost every inch of her own skin in this of a pony. A mane in her own hair-color runs from her ears down to the back. He does not close the zipper all the way at once, but slides the disc that the tail is fastened to underneath it. When he has pulled the zipper tight, and made sure that it cannot slide open, he sighs. " There... the tail is a chapter in itself, it is covered with a special form of syntetic skin, which will grow attached to your own. Believe me, it will be quite painful to remove - if that is ever to happen I mean " - and again he laughs.

" You might wonder what all the fuss with the tail is about. First, I can assure you that you look very good with a tail ! Secondly, try to move it... try, as you would raise an arm, to move the tail. " - and he waits, watching her. She understands, knowing quite well his experiments with nerve- controlled equipment, and tries therefore to move her tail... With an effort she can barely make it shudder. " Hmm... well, you need practice, that is certain. I think you will do alot better when you have to GO for the first time; either you move your tail, OR... " - and he grins. She can imagine, without much effort, the result, and knows that she will struggle until she can move that tail OUT of the way. Again he sits down in the corner, his eyes caressing his new pony, following the curve of her forehead, the ears, the mane, down to her tail, and further, the hooves, back up to the stomach, her breasts, and her front hooves. He smiles, and nods. " Yes, you look indeed good ! " - and he leans back against the wall. Slowly she closes her eyes half-way, feeling the skin, the tail. Her hooves she cannot feel, knowing that they are a part of her body. Slowly still she opens her eyes, knowing that she enjoys herself. " Let us then proceed... first, the schedule. Next friday, in 5 days, we will take a small trip. Until then we will train, train, and train again. Within 5 days I shall make you a very pretty, and very obidient, pony indeed " - he says, as he picks a horse-whip from the wall.

" This will hang here, to remind you what will happen when you do not behave. I will use it to train you, and as a first means of punishment. There are, as you might imagine, rules to be obeyed... " - and he strokes her back with the whip.

" First : you NEVER walk on two unless specifially ordered to do so. Secondly : you NEVER speak, unless specifically ordered to. Communication is pretty much one-way, I DO with you as I please, you obey. Safewords are one exeption, another if you feel ill. IF I ask something, one whinny means yes, two whinnies means no. You may whinny as often as you like thou - ponies DO that. Third : you are to seek to stop thinking as a human, and to think as much as horse as you can. " - he giggles, and she cannot help smiling either

"I know, THAT can be hard. I don't demand of you that you become a non-thinking beast, I LIKE your personality and intelligence. WHICH is why part of they day we will work as we use to, you'll want to write I guess... " - and she nods to that - " ...but you will still be a pony ! YOU, my dear, are without comparison the most intelligent pony in the world ! "

For a while he seems to be thinking. " Fourth... I want you to write me a diary of this time, the next 7 days. That diary we shall use when we then decide what to do. Now, what will happen NOW, is that I will ask you something, and the words you use to answer will be the last you use unless ordered. Do you, love of my life, understand what I have told you ? " - and he looks at her intently. From her position on all four she smiles, looking at her Master, knowing that feeling of love that flows trough her. " Yes my Master, I understand, I know, and I accept, if that was ever an issue... " With joy he hugs her, holding her tight for several minutes. When moving back, his hand goes to his pocket, and he holds out a sugar cube for her to take. " Good girl, good girl ! You deserve a treat ! " - and they both smile as she takes the cube with her tongue, munching it happily. " To-morrow training will start little one, and on friday we will travel to a very special pony-show. " - he giggles when he sees her startled look - " Yes, I know ! But have no fear, this is a very special one, and no-one will ever know what you look like... " With this mysterious promise, he proceeds to lower the harness, strapping in all four of her legs, and making sure she is quite comfortable before he leaves, turning the light of as he goes...

The PonyGirl copyright 1996 by Tina Maria Holmboe.

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