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Eden's Awakening

by Penaotto

Kim had been living in her masters service at his house in the city for a long time when she finally was sent to his manor house in the country. She had grown tired of all of her responsibilities, training all the new girls in the maintainence of the compound and the manners and charm that she had to put on as his main escort. The one thing that she had always enjoyed was the sexual antics with her master so she was glad when he told her that he wanted her to continue as his sexual consort, but at his manor house. She was glad when he promised her that she wouldn't have to manage the manor's household, as there were a group of people there who would instruct her.

"Master, at the manor, do you wish to have me only perform my role as your sexual servile?"

"Well Kim, there is a lot more to my plans for you than just that," he said motioning for her to knell at his side. "I have been observing you closely for some time and I know that your wish is for me to entirely dominate your life, commanding you what to do with each minute of the day."

Looking in his face for the first time since he enterred the room, she said, "Master, that would please me, I want to be free from making all the choices that confront me here."

"What I propose for you, my young Kim," he said toying with the straps of her small dress, "is that you make one final decision that will unalterably change the rest of your life in such a way that I, or another, will always control your every action." Almost before he had finished she cried out, "Yes master, that is what I want." "Wait my dear, this is not a decision you should make lightly."

Eden awoke in her hospital cell again with a start. Before she opened her eyes, she tried to concentrate on remembering her former name, but, just like the doctor had told her, she couldn't even remember the letter of her old name. She could remember exactly what she had looked like, a tall, full figured brunette with olive skin and dark brown eyes, and she could clearly remember all of the events of the past two weeks after she had come to her master's manor house, but everything before that time was somewhat blurry. She remembered that she had been begging her master for some type of change in her status, she had run his household in the city and the stress was too much. When her master had first explained his plan for her, she was intrigued but fearful, now all that she could think of was fear. Once she had reluctantly agreed to the change, having been given all the time she had wanted, he immediatly brought her to the manor.

She had never even visited the manor before, and before before she could see the grounds, she was shown to a room in the basement where a valet undressed her while her master was joined by two others, Berne, the overseer of the manor, and the head doctor. She had been told not to speak or look directly at anyone at the manor, so she quietly stood on a small platform while the men examined her.

"She is a fine candidate, sir" the doctor said while taking numerous measurements of her body, "she looks much better in the flesh than in the photos."

Berne came up to her and, with a rough grab, squeezed one of her breasts with his hands. "Sir, she is quite buxom, and look at the natural size of these nipples, after that awful dairy shed fire I could really use more ..."

"No!" her master interrupted, "as I've told you my orders are to be specifically followed with her. After all she is a volunteer here, I'll make sure that the next load of stock contains good dairy prospects. Now I have other matters to attend to, doctor, begin at once." He said as he left the room without even saying goodbye. Her sorrow was interrupted by Berne.

"Look girl, when he's not around, I'm in charge," he said angrily whispering in her ear. "If we can't turn you into a cowgirl, the least we should do is turn you into a mare, I'd love to see a horse head between these pretty little shoulders." Before closing the door behind him on the way out he added, "Doc, make sure to give us a little udder enhancement on this one, the master will approve it after the fact."

The doctor had called in some assistants who motioned for her to lay face down an a gurnsey that they had roled into the room. The doctor picked up a large syringe and, without much warning, stuck it into her butt. "There, that will start the process. Not that it matters to you at this point, but, what I have just done is injected you with equine genetic material, this will allow us to succesfully undertake the operation tommorrow. You're actually quite lucky, twenty years ago when we started experimenting with the combination of human and equine genes, it resulted in some horrible mistakes." Suddenly paniced, she screamed and tried to lurch off of the gurnsey but the assistants quickly restrained and gagged her. "Don't worry honey, I havn't had to put down a pony in a long time. You're only going through the ponygirl conversion, the mare conversion is much more difficult and painful, imagine having to get used to a whole new head." She started panicing with the fear she suddenly felt.

She must have drifted back to sleep but was awoken again by this painful nightmare. She quickly opened her eyes and looked at herself to cofirm that it wasn't just a bad dream. She looked down at herself and was still a little shocked to not see her old body. She stretched out her forelegs and looked at the pretty little hooves that had replaced the hands she had once used. Her hind legs were very similar to her forelegs. Below the elbows and the knees, her human arms and legs had been replaced by the legs of a pony. Her life would be so much simpler without those hands, she thought, people would no longer have certain expectations of her as a ponygirl. The hide that totally replaced her skin was a dark brown hair, with lighter coloring on the insides of her thighs, her belly and her udders. It still itched a lot but the doctor told her that it was attaching itself nicely. Her udders were slightly larger than before, obviously the doctor had complied with Berne's wishes, but the biggest change was the ruby red color of her nipples, matched as well by her labia which she could clearly see now that her pubic hairs had been replaced with her hide. The sight of her bright red crease made her feel vulnerable. She had been used to wandering her masters house naked but had never felt this open to other's eyes. As she lay on her side, she turned and looked back over her shoulder at her tail, which she could move to drape over her rump. The doctor had told her that this pony tail had been fused to her own tailbone and therefore she could move it about. The hair on her tail, and on the short mane that ran from her head down to her tail, was made up of a combination of her own fine brown hair and the rougher hair of a pony. She could feel her long ears against her shoulder but had not been able to really take a good look at them, or her dark, flared nose and slightly protruding muzzle, since the conversion. She thought of the donor pony that had been put down to give its legs, tail, ears, and skin to her but she was comforted by the fact that now she carried the name of that pony, Eden. It made sense in a way, after all, she would now resume some of the duties that the former Eden had performed.

The doctor had been to see her in her hospital cell, as well as some of the nurses, but she felt still felt very alone. She got up off of the cot and, as quickly as possible, staggered over to the toilet, nothing more than a hole in the floor. Since the conversion, she had little control over her toilet needs. More than once she hadn't made it to the toilet and the nurse had to hose the cell down, because she hadn't been able to move her tail out of the way. After relieving herself and taking a drink from the water trough, she hobbled back to the cot. She could not stand entirely upright anymore, they had obviously done something to her lower back so that she couldn't straighten up.

It was then that she heard the voices coming down the hall, including that of her master. She wanted to cry out but, since the conversion, she had entirely lost her voice.

She raised herself up to peer out of her cell and saw her master, Berne, and the doctor approaching. Her master broke into a large smile when he first saw her. Without even saying hello to her he turned to the doctor and, shaking his hand, said "you've done an excellent job with her conversion, she is just exquisite. I think that it's about time that I allowed you some greater leeway in the experimental conversions that you're always asking about." He began stroking her head and mane. "Doctor and Mr. Berne, please present my new pony."

"Gladly sir," Berne replied as he lifted a leather contraption off of the wall outside the cell. Entering the cell, he ordered her to turn away from him towards the back wall. He placed a solid metal rod forcibly into her mouth behind her last row of teeth. Attached to this bit was a bridle that firmly enclosed her head.

While Berne held her bridle, she felt the sharp shock of a needle in her rump. "Her next dose of equine genetic material," the doctor said turning to her master. "As you can see, she is a fine chestnut ponygirl, now let me complete one more task," he said as he took an odd tool out of a bag. He put the tool up to her throat, and, with a sharp pinching and twisting sensation, he turned the instrument around once. "With a simple mechanical device in her throat, a human can turn her voice on or off, although even when on it will not be human. He jerked her bridled and turned her towards him. He reached his had up and, with a quick jerk of his hand, yanked on one of her nipples as hard as he could. The pain made her scream, but, instead of a scream, she emitted a very loud neighing sound, just like a pony. The doctor smiled when he saw the confusion in her face and turning back to her master, said "as you heard, she can only whinny or neigh with any volume." Turning back to face her, he said, "Ponygirl, whisper the following back to me, 'I am merely an animal now, in heart and soul.'" She tried to speak these words but only the faintest whisper came out of her throat, "I am merely an animal now, in heart and soul." She was happy to hear herself able to speak, until the doctor had adjusted her throat, she hadn't even been able to whinny. "As you can see, she has only a faint hint of her former voice left, with this mechanical device," the doctor said while holding up the instrument, "you can adjust her so that she can only whinny or so that she can whinny and speak in a very low tone."

"Let me run through this animal's features for you sir. One of the first things that we see is that her skin now appears to be the skin of a pony. It is just that, we have carefully selected appropriate colored hide from our specially bred, genetically compatible ponies here at the manor and peeled off her old human skin and replaced it with sections of the pony hide. Some of the most difficult attachment work is around orifices, notice the detail around the eyes and vaginal openings." After looking closely at her eyes, Berne jerked down on her bridle so that her head was level with her knees and kicked her rear legs apart. She felt fingertips moving around on her labia and anus. "Her hide can now stand much harsher treatment than the thin human skin that she formerly wore." Still bent over, she saw Berne take a small whip and smack her rump. She could hardly feel the sting. However, he quickly increased the lashing until the pain caused her to neigh and jerk at her bridle, tears flowed from her eyes. "Sir you can see that a strong lashing by a strong man such as Berne that would have flayed open a human's skin barely leaves a mark on this pony's rump." Berne stopped the whipping but still held her bent over with the bridle. "The pony's tail is fully mobile -- pony move your tail," the doctor commanded and she swung her tail back and forth, relieved that the whipping had stopped.

"While you didn't specifically request any digestive tract changes, I took the liberty of modifying her stomach to allow her to subsist solely on an equine diet, it's a new trend with all conversions. Oh and of course, there are the animal's legs. She now has perfectly sized hooves that will serve in place of the feet and hands, again these hooves came from one of the donor ponies. We have not shooed her yet, that decision depends on your use of the pony. The udders are quite large for a pony of her build and, if one were to bring on her milk, they would indeed grow large. However, her hide should provide the necessary support." Her master came over and, placing his had between her udders, rocked them back and forth. "I can see that they're a bit bigger than when I left her," he said glancing at Berne, "however the sight of her large udders constantly swaying back and forth as she is exercised and worked will please me." The doctor ran down the rest of her characteristics, noting that he hadn't had to change her eyes in any way since they were already dark brown.

"As usual doctor, I am impressed. Where are we with the legal mumbo-jumbo on this pony?" Her master said to Berne. "A few more of the genetic treatments and you should legally own her sir," Berne replied.

"Good, I want her placed in the stables immediately."

With that, Berne attached a lead to her bridle and lead her out of the cell and down the hall. A few of the assistants and nurses said hello to Berne but no one took any special notice of her. This made her upset, here she was stark naked, clopping down a hall on hooves that felt so different, hearing sounds differently through her pony ears, and swaying her new tail back and forth as she walked. She had thought that the conversion would make her a very special person, attracting a great deal of attention from everyone, after all, she was now a unique creature so unlike any of these people. She tried to get a reaction from any of the people she passed, really laying on her sexiest walk with her udders jiggling on her chest and the largest smile she could muster with the bit in her mouth and bridle on her head. Instead of attracting attention and feeling special, she felt like she was no longer there, that these people weren't even noticing her because she wasn't human enough to warrant the courteous eye contact that she expected. When people looked at her, it wasn't in the eyes, they just quickly glanced over her body to determine what she was, and, apparently concluded she was a pony.

Berne stopped before a closed door and, pinching her ear painfully, said "we're going outside now, don't do anything stupid, follow my lead and don't even look around." When he threw open the door and they passed through, they were at the back of the manor on a path that led to a number of outbuildings surrounded by paddocks. She was happy to be away from the people inside the house but was shocked by what she saw as she was lead by the first paddock. Inside the fence were a number of what she guessed were cowgirls. They had the heads and horns, tail, hide, and fore and hind legs with hooves of cows. However the breasts, or udders were human in form except that they were simply gigantic, hanging down past the creature's waists and each udder was tipped by four nipples, each as big as a human thumb. Most of the animal's were actually laying on the grass resting their udders on the ground, the few creatures that were moving about were doing so with some difficulty as there ponderous udders swung slowly back and forth with each step, the creatures couldn't even stand up strait due to the weight of their udders. Then she realized exactly what she was doing, in her mind she was thinking about these cowgirls as animals, not as women that had probably undergone a transformation similar to her own. As animals, she hadn't bothered to look at them, or think about them as humans. Instead, she had thought about them as cows with some human features. She turned and saw in another paddock other animals, mares, grazing on all fours. Suddenly it hit her, she knew that this was how people were viewing her, as an animal. She felt very lightheaded and fainted with just a whimper of a whinny.

She came to suddenly as the feeling of being whipped jolted her brain. Berne was standing over her as she lay on a some hay, whipping her with the same force he had used earlier in her cell. Her master was sitting on a small stool in the corner. "You may stop now Berne, leave us for a moment." Berne left the stable box she and her master were in. It was a very plain box with food and water troughs and high wooden side walls.

"My pet, you don't seem to be adjusting well. I had expected better behavior from a creature of your intelligence, perhaps however that is the problem. Come over here to my side." She complied my crawling over on her hooves and knees, she could not walk on all fours. "What is there that I can do to help you," he said actually looking her in the eyes. "You may reply."

"Oh master, I don't think that I can do this anymore, I thought I was going to be your special plaything but I'm some kind of commonplace freak in this place. Please turn me back into a person and I promise that I'll do anything that you wish." He grabbed her bridle and jerked her face near to his, almost yelling, he said "Eden, its way to late to have second thoughts now, with a few more shots of that serum, I'll legally own you for all intents and purposes. I don't plan on letting you out of my control until I own you. Technically you're my prisoner now, but in a few days the prisoner will become just another piece of my property that I can dispose of as I wish. You dumb animal, do you have any idea of how much I've spent to turn you into what you are? If I let you go I'll lose all of that. Oh no, I've made you a pony because you and I both agreed that it was best for you. Now shutup while I service you, one word out of your snout and I'll tell Berne to try to raise some welts on that nice brown hide of yours." He pushed her head away and tied her lead to a low peg next to his stool. This forced her onto her elbows but left her rump up high.

He began to roughly rub her snatch, she was surprised at how wet she already felt, "Try not to think during this you stupid creature, you haven't relaxed since I saw you this morning." He had dropped his pants and was now rubbing his member against her wet slit while holding her tail in the air with one hand. With his other hand, he grabbed her mane on her neck at the same time that he entered her. When she closed her eyes, she imagined that she was a regular woman again, back at his house in the city. As he thrust in and out of her she concentrated on rocking back and forth to meet each thrust. When he tightened his grip on her tail and mane and began to lead her own rocking motion she felt less human as he really physically took control of her actions. She abandoned her own movement as he moved her body as he wished. His thrusting caused her long nipples to become agitated as her udders were swung forward and back across the hay with each new thrust, adding to her pleasure. She whinnied with pleasure as he pulled her tail up and towards him further. She wanted to arch her head back to meet his grip on her mane but her bridle was still firmly attached to the peg. She felt herself rising to a climax as he stiffened further inside her. She felt possessed in a way that she had never felt as a woman, her master didn't just control her, he actually owned her, she was his. She climaxed at the same time that his rhythmic thrusts brought on his climax. She started to whinny and suppressed the sound but, without really being able to control herself, she let out a loud guttural neigh. A surge of warmth spread to cover her entire body from her snout to the tip of her tail and the sense of release that she felt was immense. The emotional release that she was experiencing caused her eyes to well up and she started to cry.

After he collapsed on top of her, forcing her down on the hay, he stroked her long ears, and whispered to her, "now that was what it can be like for you as my pony. You just need to let go of the human that you once were and allow yourself the pleasure of being the pony that you are. Learn how to experience the warmth that you feel right now every day, not just while you're being serviced. You can only do this by abandoning your own sense of being an individual and viewing yourself as just an animal to be used by us humans, you can achieve pleasure through this abandonment. Separate your sense that you are a human and accept your animal body and the way that humans will use your body. Your body is everything that you are now, people will judge you and reward you based solely on how well you make your body respond to their commands. We humans will tell you what to think and when to think it, your role is to make sure that a human's wishes are instantly followed by the body that you control. Your thoughts and wishes must become irrelevant. Human mastery of your mind will provide humans, and yourself, as much pleasure as the mastery of your body." She was laying very still, and was still crying. "Eden are you listening to me? Do you understand what I'm saying?" She nodded in response to what he said to her. She understood what he was saying and knew that she would have try to do what he said, but it was a heavy task.

"Usually I don't bother giving advice to my animals but I'd hate to have to break you in order for you to accept yourself. But, I will do what it takes for you to learn your place as my pony" He dressed himself and left the box, closing the gate behind him. Turning back to look at her stretched out on the hay, he said, "Oh and one more thing, I'll call Berne and have him come whip you, I told you not to cry out while I service you."

Eden's Awakening copyright 1997 by Penaotto.

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