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Jack was driving along a back country road one bright and shiny Sunday afternoon. He had the next week off, so he decided to go for a long leisurely drive. He was driving along in his brand new Porche, not thinking of anything in particular, listening to rather loud rock n' roll music on the stereo.

Jack was tired of this CD, so he decided to switch it for another. Unfortunately, the CD case was on the floor of the passenger side. He checked the road ahead of him, seeing no hazards. Therefore, he unbuckled his seatbelt and reached down toward the CD case.

No sooner than he had placed his fingers upon the case, he heard a loud "THUD", and felt the front of his car strike a very large object. He jerked his head up just in time to see a very large Guernsey cow go flying off of his front bumper. The Porche slid out of control, however, Jack was able to safely bring the vehicle to a stop.

Jack got out of the car, and ran around the front to see what kind of damage was done to the fender. He was unconcerned with what happened to the cow. After all it was just a dumb animal. There was a huge dent, stained with thick blood, on the front of his car.

"DAMN IT!!" He swore to himself. "That's just GREAT!"

Out of the corner of his ear, Jack heard the painful lowing of the beast that struck his car. He walked over to the cow, which was clearly in its death throes. The poor dumb animal looked like it was in severe pain.

"What you do to my cow?" Jack heard a woman's voice with a heavy greek accent say behind him."

Jack responded, "It wasn't MY fault lady. Your stupid cow was in the middle of the road. Maybe if you kept it penned up properly it wouldn't have gotten hit."

"This be not my fault. Animals run free. Is nature. If cow in middle of road, you should see. You should avoid! You not paying attention."

She was a middle aged woman with very greek features. Jack could tell that in her younger days she must have been a beauty. She still was a handsome woman.

Jack knew in his heart of hearts that the old lady was right. He really wasn't paying attention. It was stupid of him to reach for the CD's in a speeding car, so he said nothing. He just continued to look at the lady. The poor cow let out a groan as it finally expired. They both looked at the cow then at each other.

The lady said to Jack, "My cow, she die. Justice demand that you replace."

"Lady, you must have lots of cows. This is a farm after all."

"No. Only one cow, one bull. I new to this country from Greece. I just start farm and only have one cow, one bull. Cow must be replace. You replace!"

Jack looked at his car. "Who is going to replace my car. Look what your stupid cow did to my Porche!!"

She replied angrily, "You vile man. Cow die here, but you only care for car. All life precious. You need lesson in value of life, all life."

Jack didn't want to stand around arguing with this lady. He wanted to get out of here. Fortunately, the insurance would pay for the car, except for the deductible. He decided to just buy the lady a new cow rather than listen to her lecture him. How expensive could a cow be anyway. He looked at the lady, and said, "Okay lady, you win I'll replace your cow. Just tell me how much, and where to get it, so I can get out of here."

The lady replied, "You call me CC. Come up to house so that we make arrangements."

Together they pulled the dead cow off of the road. CC took a sample of the cow's blood in a small container which she produced from her pocket. Jack had no idea as to why she would need that. Jack then took CC into his car and drove her up to a charming little farmhouse. There were all types of animals around, but there were no cows. There was a lone bull out in the field, grazing contentedly. I was an extremely large bull too.

CC invited Jack into the house. Over the next hour, Jack found out quite a bit about CC. She was from a small island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. She had just came to this country to start a farm. It seems development and tourism had overrun her island which had always been her home. On this island she also had a farm. Her full name was CC Scabrous. She never told him what the CC stood for.

Jack found himself starting to like the lady despite what had happened. She even made him an authentic greek meal, with wine that she made herself. The wine was very,very good.

However, unknown to Jack the wine was a special kind of wine. It was more accurately a potion! Before she gave the wine to Jack she poured the in the contents of the container with the blood of her cow. CC was short for Circe!

No sooner than Jack finished his wine, he began to feel very, very strange. His skin itched all over. It was driving him crazy!

"Something wrong, Jack?" asked CC.

"I-I d-don't feel well. I'm itchy all over."

She stood up, urging Jack to also get up. "Perhaps you need air. Come, we take walk in field. I show you my farm."

Jack stood, noticing that his legs felt stiff for some reason. However, he followed CC out of the house into the field. She showed Jack the farm, and where everything was located. As they talked, Jack had to keep clearing his throat. It was like something was caught in it, making him hoarse.

By the time Jack and CC got to the field which was densely covered in grass, he felt sick in his stomach. It was churning, and rumbling. He thought that the meal that CC had served him wasn't sitting well. After a few more steps he knew that he was going to throw up. The pain in his abdomen made him double over. Jack fell down to all fours as the contents of his stomach poured out onto the ground.

After Jack was done throwing up, he was overwhelmed by a new sensation: an undeniable, insatiable hunger. The trouble was, he didn't know for what. There was grass all around him, and for some reason that he didn't yet understand, it looked good, inviting.

Jack reached out for the grass with his mouth. As he did, he could feel his neck extend. He felt the lower part of his face change and extend. He saw a the rest of his face push out between his eyes. All that mattered was getting the grass. Jack chomped down on the grass and tore it out. It tasted sweet, so good. Jack noticed that his teeth felt different, more square. He just chewed and chewed the grass, savoring its sweet juices.

"Jack?" said CC.

"Wha-oooooooooooooo!" Jack tried to respond.

"Try to stand up." Jack tried to stand up while leaving his hands on the ground to balance himself. As he did so he felt the rest of his body lengthen, and stretch out. He pushed up with his hands trying to get up, and they also lengthened out, matching his legs. Suddenly, it occurred to Jack that he was standing comfortably, and naturally on all fours. Jack suddenly felt the bones of his spine, and hips begin to change, assume a different shape.

Jack tried to cry out and protest, but all that came out was a "MOOO!"

Now Jack was gripped by fear as he realized what was happening. CC had said he was to replace the cow. He has assumed she meant paying for a new cow, but now it was clear she meant that he was to become the new cow.

He looked down at his hands in time for him to see them fuse together and become hooves. His skin was covered in dense, course fur, that was mostly black, with splotches of white.

"Moooo! Moooo!" Jack tried to cry for someone, anyone to help him. CC walked up to him casually and stroked his head. She tried too sooth him.

"Don't worry Ja........ I'm sorry. I mean Bessie. It be over soon. It then be milking time."

Jack felt his entire body start to enlarge, and swell. The clothes he was wearing became very, very tight. He heard the sound of ripping and tearing, as the seams gave way, and the clothes fell to the ground. Now he was totally naked and standing on all fours. He wasn't totally naked for, his entire body was covered with dense fur. He was now big and very, very round.

Jack felt a very odd sensation near his rear end. It was then he felt the swish of a long tail moving back and forth. However, the by far the oddest sensation was coming from between his legs. Something was becoming bigger and bigger. Jack was able to twist his head around enough to see, not his familiar equipment, but a large bovine udder, with multiple teats. He felt them grow large, and taunt as they filled with milk. Near his rear end he felt his sexual organs wither away, to be replaced by a new set of plumbing. The transformation was now complete. Jack was a Guernsey cow.

The udder was so full that it was uncomfortable. CC bent down and pulled on it, in an experimental fashion. A squirt of fresh, warm cow's milk hit the ground.

CC said, "you now be ready to be milked. You wait here Bessie. I go get stool and pail."

She left off toward the barn. Bessie watched her go. She thought about running away, but where would she go. She was a dairy cow now, whose whole purpose was to produce milk. It was getting harder and harder for her to think. Her thoughts kept getting interrupted by that overpowering hunger. So she gave up, bent her head down, and began to graze on the succulent grass.

Sometime later, CC returned with a stool and pail. She sat down on the stool near the rear of the new cow, and grabbed a pair of teats and began to milk. Warm milk began to fill the pail. Bessie had to admit to herself that the sensation felt good. It was a release from the great pressure down there. She continued to munch on the grass, as CC milked her, and talked to her.

CC said, "now you be my cow, until you replace her. If you good cow I may change you back. First you must make for me big strong calf to take you place. No bull, but cow. So you stay like this until you make girl cow."

CC had finished milking her. The impact of what she just said was sinking in on Bessie. She was now a girl cow. She could become pregnant and have cows. Bessie mooed sorrowfully as CC walked away. She tried to call for help, but the only thing that came out was a soft lowing. Instead of getting help, her mooing only succeeded in attracting the bull. The huge bull circled her. His scent had the oddest reaction upon her, and she felt an urgency in her new genitalia at her rear. It was then that Bessie really understood her plight. She was in season, and her new bovine body was reacting the way in which nature intended. She mooed again.

The bull came very close now, his scent assaulting her animal senses. The bull nudged her with his head. The urgency and need for the bull continued to grow, as conscious thought faded from the cow's mind. Bessie saw the large penis of the bull swing back and forth as he moved around to her rear, and unsheathe in preparation. It didn't matter to her that she was a different species now, or even a different sex. The only thing that mattered at this second was satisfying her new biological urges and instincts. To surround the bull penis with her new sex.

She consciously gave up fighting the new instincts as she felt the bull climb up her back and enter her. The bull began thrusting violently, as the very last conscious human thought flitted from Bessie's mind, and her eyes dulled over. The only thing left was a cow, very much in season.

CC watched her two cows coupling out in the field from the farmhouse window. She smiled to herself, figuring that she would have a newborn calf by the spring. The soft mooing of the mother cow to be from out in the field was music to her ears.

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