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Horse Slave

by unknown

I had walked for an hour to get away from them. I had a favorite stream about four miles away from the house, deep in the woods. Whenever my parents were getting me down, I would go out to that pool and think, or daydream. After all, I had recently turned seventeen, and you would think that they would let me have a little freedom.

When I got to my place, I was thirsty and tired. As I was drinking from the stream, I noticed some hoofprints. I knew there were supposed to be some wild horses in the park, but I didn't think much about it. I went over to my favorite tree and stretched out underneath it for a nap.

I woke up thinking I had heard something. When I opened my eyes, something was BAD wrong. I saw a dark black object that was very close to my face leading out to a round pinkish thing. It hurt to face my eyes forward, so I let them relax to the sides. Out of my right eye I saw a movement. I jumped up and tried to yell, but froze in shock at the sound that came out! I heard a loud whinny coming from my throat!

I put my hands to my mouth, not believing what I heard! But when my hands came into view, I again froze and let a small moan of terror out. Instead of hands, I saw two hooves at the end of my arms. In fact, my arms were a lot longer than I remembered, and I could bend my elbow backwards.

I was just beginning to panic when I took a firm grip on myself. I took the opportunity to examine myself. I found that I stood on two hooves where once I had feet. My legs had configured themselves like my arms. They were long and thinner, and were covered in a black-gray fur. I could see a part of my vagina at the joining of my legs. While I was looking in that direction, I felt a twitch at the base of my spine and saw a black, whip-like thing flick between my legs. I looked behind me and saw that was a tail growing from my spine. While I examined this, I saw that I had a small amount of fur running down my spine - like a mane on a horse.

I had to see what I looked like. I knew that the stream usually moved slowly enough for me to see my reflection. I began to work my way down to the stream. It felt so funny walking on hooves instead of bare feet! Although I walked well on two legs, I felt that I could be comfortable in other positions. I was rapidly getting used to my eyes placed further down the sides of my head - it actually gave me a wider span of vision.

When I got to the pool, I found it almost impossible to bend over at the waist as I once could. Every time I tried it, I had to catch myself from falling over because my arms would over balance me. I finally decided to put my handshooves in the water and stand on all fours. Once I did this, I was amazed (and somewhat worried) at how comfortable I was on all fours. My elongated arms and body were as much at home this way as on two legs!

When the water cleared, I got my first good look at myself. I didn't really believe that was me until I saw my mouth open in shock. I looked just like a small horse! I had that streamlined head with my face stretched way out, ending in wide, flaring nostrils. My eyes were set well down from the sides of my -- muzzle? I could see two largish ears sticking up behind my head. I shook my head in distress, then realized how horse-like that was.

I turned around and walked into the glade, staying on all fours. Not only was I comfortable standing on all fours, but I could also walk on all fours quite well. So well, in fact, that I quickly rose to two legs to prove that I still could.

Behind me I hard a voice say, "Well boys, here's a beautiful spring filly!" I jumped and turned around. A tall man was standing there looking at me! I turned to run and found myself looking at a ring of men on horses. NO! They were men AND horses! They were centaurs - half man and half horse! I let out a whinnying gasp and tried to run!

Before I could get moving, I felt a rope settle around my neck! I was brought up short by the rope and suddenly another rope came at me from another direction. Before I could move, several more ropes settled on me. The centaurs moved in and quickly tied my legs so I could not escape. I lay on the ground like a trussed calf. They even wrapped a rope around my horses' muzzle so I could not open my bestial mouth.

I lay in the grass snorting through my huge, flaring nostrils. All I could see was the stocky legs and hooves of the centaurs around me. Suddenly the man in the hood came up. He got close to me and said, "Here is our new friend. She will be real friendly - with the proper training, that is!" He then removed his cloak and hood. I could only stare - He was some kind of half-man, half-horse. He had horses' hooves and legs, but a man's trunk and body. I saw a horse-like tail twitch behind his human rear. He had a man's greatly enlarged penis. His head looked human enough, except that it almost seemed that it was slightly pushed out. That could have been an illusion caused by his ears. They resembled those of a donkey. I was shocked - until I remembered what I looked like.

They picked me up and held me as the man placed and locked metal cuffs above my hooves and hands. He tied a short chain between my ankle cuffs, effectively hobbling my movements. They attached a short chain to my wrist cuffs, locking my hands before me. They then hurried me along a hidden path, ignoring my muffled complaints behind my roped horsey- muzzle.

They told me that I had been mutated by the same force that had shaped them, but that I had been exposed to it much longer than had they. They were originally of a group that practiced the type of sex known as Bondage and sex slavery. They had come out here to a cabin they had built deep in the woods. They had woken up one morning, the way they were now.

All of their women had been exposed for too long and, as a result, were beasts in both body and mind. They planned on training me as their sex slave. They told me my body would help them, since it was for all purposes that of a female horse. And just like a female horse submits to the stallion, I would be forced to submit to them - For just like a true horse, I would go into heat and lust after anything to satisfy me. This would subjugate me better than any method they had.

I had been noticing some strange feelings for the past while. My body would become chilled and flushed at random. My heart would race whenever I caught sight of a male. They locked me into a cell to stew in my own juices for a while. Whenever a centaur entered, my body would flush with desire.

They took me out of my cell and led me, in chains, to a new room. All of the walls were covered in bondage equipment. There were all sorts of leather and rubber outfits. There were chains and straps, cuffs and binding gloves. There were gags that were made for both human mouths and beast-shaped ones like mine. On a table was a selection of evil-looking dildoes, some with straps with vicious looking studs and spikes. What scared me the most was a small table with surgical-looking instruments.

On one wall was an enormous painting. It showed a creature that was almost as bestial as I, with a human-like figure standing on hooves. She (it was definitely female) had a light brown coat of fur lightly spread over her body. Her muzzle was only slight, not nearly as beast-like as mine, and her ears were not as obvious as mine. Her tail, however, was as long as mine.

That she looked like me was not surprising, but that was not all. Her nipples were pierced by huge metal rings! A chain was attached to her rings that lead through some loops on the harness she was wearing to someplace behind her. She also had a large metal ring piercing her nose, inside her nostrils - just like what I remembered bulls wearing that made them easier to lead around. The title of the picture was "Pony Girl".

I let out a whine as I saw and understood the picture. I turned and froze, all the males were just standing there, stareing at me. I was overwhelmed. My body turned to jelly as my sensitive horse's nose caught their delightful scent. One came to me and forced me to kneel. He slowly and carefully locked my body into a brace so tight I could not even move. Even my head was tightly bound.

He caressed my body until my lust was uncontrollable. Then he said, "I noticed you enjoyed the painting. She was here a few years ago. We find that sort of thing to be fascinating. If you want to ever be satisfied by us, you must agree to allow permanent rings in your nipples and nose." Forgetting my bestial body, I tried to yell "NO", but all that came out was a loud "Whinny!"

Smiling in triumph, he said "I knew you would agree. We will place your nose-ring now, and will pierce your nipples after your ... initiation." The monster knew that I couldn't speak, but he had tortured me with the false question. He brought the tray of surgical instruments and swabbed my nose with alcohol. I tried to jerk away, but I was held too tightly.

With me unable to move my head, he grabbed my muzzle and felt just inside my nostrils to find the thin dividing wall. He took a large tapered metal rod and placed the point on the wall. With my eyes already tearing, he pushed the rod through. Thru blurred eyes, I could see the rod going in one nostril and out the other. He left the ring in and twirled it for a moment then reached over for something else. I then watched him put a heavy shiny ring through my nose.

He released my head and moved away. The pain had been brief, but was gone now. My every movement caused my ring to move, which gave me some unique sensations. As I tried to look around, I could see the ring through my black nose over the rim of my muzzle.

They returned with a strange machine. It was switched on and I was told "You're ringed now, little filly, but that ring as it is can be removed. We will remedy that. What I have here is a generator and a welding machine. We will weld your ring together so it cannot me removed!"

Before I could react, he came toward me with a glowing piece of metal. I watched in horror as he touched it to the open part of the ring through my nose. When he removed the rod, the ring was solid - unremovable. I was in shock after he was done as he and the others finished and released me - chaining my to the wall by my collar.

I couldn't stand to move. Every time I twitched, my ring moved, which caused not pain, but a weird feeling. My nipples were hard, showing how excited my body was by the intrusion of the metal ring. I felt totally humiliated by my nose ring. I knew I looked like an animal, but I didn't want to be treated as one.

They came and held me as they strapped a web-like harness onto my head. It fit tightly around my head, between my ears and around my muzzle. They told me that I would keep this on until told otherwise. They brought some food and water in bowls. I was so hungry that I got onto all fours to eat the food, since my hands were practically hooves by now. After I ate a moment, I saw what form of torture they had chosen to use on me. While I had been eating, they set up a mirror beside me. I saw myself in the mirror and groaned in horror.

I looked just like an animal! I had a collar attached to the wall by a chain. My bestial head had the harness normally found on a horse. My arms and legs looked the same and ended in hooves. My entire body had a coat of black fur, with a lighter coat on my breasts and head. Worst of all, I was down on all fours eating like any animal with my food all over my face. I could even see my nose ring was covered! I felt so degraded that I immediately sat down to avoid looking so much like a beast. I was managing to pick up the bowls with my forehooves when the man came up.

He knocked the pan out of my hooves and told me that I was not to ever try to act like a human again - I was an animal and I would stay that way. He told me that I would have to be punished for my audacity. He took out a small length of chain with a clip on each end. He clipped the ends of the chain onto my nipples! The chain was too short, so my nipples were painfully pulled toward each other. As if that were enough, he took another length of chain and clipped one end onto the chain between by nipples and attached the other end to my nose ring! My head was forced down to avoid the pain of pulling my nose and nipples. He laughed and left me there, with my head bent, as if in shame. I couldn't lift my head because of the mighty pain in my body. By the time they returned, I was willing to beg their forgiveness and do anything to end the pain.

After I apologized, he unclipped me. He replaced my food and water and left. I moved carefully so as not to pull on my tender ringed nose. As I waited, I got more and more horny. I found myself masturbating without even knowing it.

Finally, they returned. They said that since I looked like a beast, I should be treated as one. To my ankle and wrist shackles were attached powerful hobbles. They strapped a body harness onto me that had places for lots of attachments. To my tits they placed clamps with weights that caused a lot of pain to my sore nipples. They clipped a lead chain to my nose ring and brought me after them with only a light tug. I now knew why one could control a huge bull so easily - that nose ring could cause a tremendous amount of pain! We wandered through the halls and down to the stables. There were quite a few horses stabled there. To my horror, I found myself attracted to the virile looking stallions there. I flushed with desire and excitement every time we passed one.

They attached the chain on my nose ring to a bolt on a nearby post. I found that I could hardly move without hurting my nose severely. I shivered with fear and excitement over what was being done to me. They brought a stallion up next to me - he was hot a covered in sweat. My bestial muzzle was twitching as I began to catch his scent. His hot and lathered body was beginning to excite me. My knees almost buckled as he began to nose about my shivering body.

The man returned and laughed at my pitiful looks. He said, "Looks like our little filly has found her a real man! Look between his legs, horse- cunt, and see what he has in store for you!" I looked down and let out a quiet little moan of horror. The cock on that horse was the size of a man's arm! It would split me in two!

Two centaurs held me tightly as the man removed the chain from my nose- ring. I watched as he busied himself with removing the halter straps from the head of the virile stallion steaming beside me.

As he moved about the beast, I inhaled the scent of the animal's sweaty fur. The acrid smell got me tremendously excited. I could feel my vagina pouring out liquid. My internal muscles would involuntarily clinch every time my gaze strayed to the stallion's huge cock. After a few times of this, I was gasping and sweating profusely. My entire body was sensitive, especially my ringed and chained tits.

Finally the man finished removing the stallion's bit and bridle. To my horror he came over to me and pressed the bit against my lips.

"Open up pretty one", he whispered into my oversize ear, "Your master over there wants you to be totally under control when he takes you."

Seeing I wasn't about to voluntarily be bridled, he pinched my big floppy ear. When I opened my mouth to complain, he slipped the bit in. The bit slipped all the way to the back of my muzzle and slid into place in a hollow area behind my teeth. He quickly slid the bridle and halter over my head and cinched it VERY tight. Try as I might, I could not get the bridle off - I was stuck.

The men withdrew outside the stable, and closed the door. I felt sure that they were still watching. I worked my lips trying to get that damn bridle off of me, but it was no use. I had momentarily forgotten about the hot stallion beside me, and he must have felt I needed reminding. Suddenly he was right alongside me, his beautifully furred body pressed against mine. My knees were beginning to buckle when I felt a sharp pain in my ear!

I let out a loud "Whinny" like sound and started shivering. He had bitten me, but what got me shivering is how my body reacted to that pain - I was turned on! He took another nip at my neck, and I couldn't stop myself from leaning into that bite. He began nipping along my body as he backed in behind me. I was mostly down on all fours now, and I got completely on my hands and feet (or hooves, by now).

With a grunt, he leaped on top of me. I let out a moan as he took another bite at my ear; I felt his huge erect penis pushing around on my ass. My tail involuntarily twitched out of the way as I felt has horsecock touch the entrance to my pussy.

Without warning, he bunched his muscles and PUSHED into my unresisting body. My muzzle parted in a soundless scream as his huge cock rammed into my relativly smaller cunt. It felt like a tree inside my body, but there was nothing I could do as his hooves locked into place at both sides of my collarbone, holding me in position.

I fought, some, against my harness and bridle, but there was no fighting the mastery of this stallion. He anticipated my every move, all the while fucking his monster cock deep into my body. I finally gave in to the mixed pleasure/pain feelings and began moving in rhythm to his thrusts. When I was still a human, I had been a virgin; dreaming of the one who would take me. I had never dreamed that it would be anything like this. But despite the horror of it, the smell and the almost violent thrustings were making me so excited that I didn't care.

I tried to move my head so that I could look at the magnificent beast that was using me so. He apparently thought this was not right, because as I was craning my neck to see him out of one eye, he leaned down and chomped on my ear! I let out a loud whinny, and immediatetly dropped my head in total submission to this masterful beast. I heard, in the background, one of the centaurs say something about "Most submissive beast we've ever had, wouldn't you say boys?"

I guess they were right, because this was such a great feeling, I would happily submit to it again and again.

(Maybe not) . . . . The End

Horse Slave copyright 1996 by unknown.

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