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The Disguise

by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

I lit a second candle from the stub of the first, checked to be sure that I had the three more that I thought I had, and returned to my thinking. The silence here, deep beneath Raniath Citadel in a cave that was ancient when the centuries old Citadel was built, was good for thinking but my problem really had no solution so I normally came away from these sessions little happier.

My problem stemmed from two sources - well, really only one: the war.

Five years ago the Citadel had been the frontier outpost and buffer between our Kingdom, Kandre'ar, and Testhree. A small border raid had managed to get escalated into full-blown war which we were now winning. The border between the kingdoms had been pushed almost 20 miles back into Testhran teritory so there wasn't much fighting around the Citadel any more, but there had been enough in the recent past to create in me a yearning to be a warrior. And the Citadel was still a staging point in the war, so there was plenty of opportunity to revel in glorious war stories. Unfortunately, I was just a stable hand with no propects for training into the army. It was agony at times to be so close to glory with no way to touch it.

My second source of trouble was more directly attributable to the war. Two years past the King had called up levies from vassal kingdoms. One day in early spring a full company of Mekorst warriors marched into the Citadel. Mekorst is a matriarchy and all but one squad of the company (the long-range artillery squad) were women.

I had been in the courtyard of the palace when the Queen of Mekorst had come with her captains to be received by the Duke. One of the captains caught my eye - she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

As was proper, my chosen captain - named Kithry - had no idea I existed. And there was no way for me to meet her. Even worse, it was unlikely that even if I managed to get into her company she would have no interest in me: once the Mekorstan were in the Citadel, the rumors about them were quickly proven - most Mekorstan females preferred the company of other females to that of males. I didn't know whether Kithry was a man-hater or not, but I didn't want to take the chance (the stories of what they did to unwanted suitors were at times gruesome).

Thus I was saddled with two unreachable desires, two unquenchable thirsts: one for the glory of battle, and one for Kithry. I often retreated into the caverns and caves beneath the Citadel to try to think out my problems. It probably would have served me better to talk to someone, but I had no friends that i could speak so freely with so I had only myself with whom to counsel.

Finally, I decided to stop moping in this cave and explore a bit. I probably knew more about the layout of the caves and tunnels under the Citadel than anyone: when I would get tired of thinking, as now I would explore.

Two and a half candles later I had reached the limit of my exploration time. It was tough sometimes to know when to turn back - the tunnels were so intricate and far-ranging that I seldom ran out of places to go or turnings to explore. But, I kept track of how long it would take to retrace my steps out, and how many inches of candle it would take to light that, and I had diciplined myself not to go beyond what my candle supply would last to get me back.

I was in a fashioned corridor, built ages and ages ago. To my left was a set of doors and there wasn't anything else in sight. I decided, just this once, to push my time a bit and I went over to the doors, vowing myself to take only one look beyond them before hurrying back to the normal levels of the Citadel.

The doors were covered with a highly decorated laticework of iron. I could see that the actual wood of each door was almost totally rotted away, with large pieces held in place by the iron latice. I reached out, grapsed the door handle, and pushed the door open easily, dislodging some of the wood as it swung inward.

Dazzling light greeted my eye and I stepped into grandeur. The hall beyond the door was huge, baster by far than any room within the Citadel including the Kingdom-famous Hall of Display. The walls were intricately carved and decorated with inlaid gems and tiles, and the roof was fashioned in places like the sky, variously in day and night modes, and other places into fantastic scenes. At one end of the hall was an arched doorway framed by two hute lifelike stone trees - an arch that seemed tall enough for a sailing ship to pass through and wide ehough to march a five-company wide phalanx through.

I was so absorbed by the architectural and decorative splendor of the room that it took a while for me to wonder just how I was able to see so vast a place by the light of a single candle lantern. I shifted my attention away from the walls and floor and finally noticed the most splendid feature of the room - the floor of it was covered by a mound of treasure that heaped higher than my head at its center. And lying on that bed of wealth was a dragon.

A moment's panic gave way to the realization that the dragon was dead. Long dead and rather mummified. It had died in its sleep (presumably) upon its mattress of treasure, leaving the short memory of man alone to protect its hoard. Lying there for centuries or more, successfully defending its treasure from time until I arrived.

Lost in wonder, I began to wander around the hall trying to encompass the vastness of the wealth there. I was in a daze, overawed by it all, and I almost dropped by lantern when I heard a voice cry, "Hey you! Over here!"

When the voice called again, I nervously followed the sound to an open chest full of silver cups, bracers, crowns - all manner of jewelry, and a sword.

"Yo, kid. Get me outta here!" As the voice - a woman's voice, it seemed - rang out, the jewels on the hilt of the sword flashed in time. Curious, mindful of bards' tales about enchanted blades, I reached out and clasped the hilt, pulling both sword and scabbard out of the chest with a slight rattling of settling jewelry. As I lifted the sword fully into the light, I felt a hot flash race through my body. In its wake I knew the name of the sword - Leavonn.

The sword said, "So, Thersh, tough problems there. But I think I can help. Once you wield me, you will have all the skill you need to become a great hero. It shouldn't be hard to convince your commanders to let an experienced fighter join the army.

"But there's also your second problem. As luck would have it, I think there is that in this trove that will be of assistance. Come, follow my directions."

My feet began moving, and I was too astonished by the manner of Leavonn to resist. I was walked over to another chest, this one closed. My body bent down and opened the chest (I hoped it wasn't trapped), and I found a suit of armor within and from the look of the breast-plate, it had been made for a woman.

Puzzled, I asked, "So how is this going to help me with Kithry?" "Simple," answered Leavonn. "Disguise. This armor has the magical ability to make the wearer look like a female. More than just the body - the face and hair, arms, legs, everything! It'll be perfect - just fit yourself into Kithry's company and go from there."

"But I won't be wearing the armor at all times. How will I hide my identity while bathing, or asleep, or...?"

"Be creative, kid. It's a shot, take it or leave it."

I thought about it. I thought that perhaps just having Leavonn would be enough - I'd get to see battle. On the other hand, the chance to get close to Kithry...that was worth anything!

I took the armor out of the chest and laid it out. I didn't think it would fit me, but Leavonn assured me that its magic would insure a perfect fit. So I removed my outer clothes and donned the armor, piece by piece. Leavonn had to instruct me on how to affix a few of the parts, but eventually I was encased from neck to foot in metal. Leavonn led me over to a mirror (set in the most exquisitely carved wooden frame) and I saw the magic of the armor in action.

The mirror showed an amazon standing before it easily the equal of any of the Mekorst. Long brown hair, thin face, large nose, violet eyes, white teeth under red lips. I was beautiful. I even looked taller and stronger, but still very female. My manhood stirred beneath its loinguard as I looked at my new self.

Eventually, Leavonn drew my attention away from myself and said, "Come on, kid. Let's get back above ground and see about fulfilling your fantasies."

- \* -

I marched out of the city with the rest of Kithry's company a month later. With Leavonn's help I had insinuated myself, as "Kanra", into the ranks of the Mekorst and of the soldiers who served under Kithry. I was fortunate that Mekorst warriors camped one to a tent so that there weren't too many dangers of exposure. Leavonn's ability to scan thoughts helped me to piece together, bit by bit, a fake history for Kanra so that I soon fit in with the other Mekorst amazons without any hitches.

We found action as soon as we hit the front lines and, true to Kithry's nature, we were seldom far from battle that whole season. Leavonn hadn't boasted about giving me battle skill, and I swiftly rose through the ranks to become one of Kithry's sub-commanders. I wasn't sure, but I thought that Kithry showed a special interest in me. I didn't want to push it, though, so I just acted as normal as possible and waited for Kithry to make a move.

We returned to the Citadel at the end of the season having pushed a portion of the border back several miles. Kithry's leadership earned the whole company a commendation and five of us (myself included) received special medals for uncommon valor.

I took the first chance I got to return to the dragon's treasure room. I wanted to get something for Kithry, to maybe give her some hints about me and move things along a little. I paused before the mirror I had used before and removed my armor - something I hadn't done with the complete feeling of safety I had down here for almost three months. And, I got a shock when I did. Because, without my armor my reflection still wasn't me. It was Kanra, to a point!

My hair was longer, straighter, and darker than it's former curly blond. My face had become somewhat longer and thinner and my eyes, while not quite Kanra's violet were neither their former brown. My lips were redder and fuller, and they weren't the only things that had swelled - my chest now bore two lumps beneath my nipples, and my hips and ass had had become rather more fleshy than before. It seemed that the disguising armor was doing its job only too well: I was becomming Kanra in physical fact!

My first instinct was to run, to leave the armor where it was and go back to being stable-hand Thersh (presuming that my body would, given time, return to its former self). I was ready to do just that when I felt the flash of heat that signaled Leavonn's contact with me, whereupon I promptly forgot all thoughts of running as well as all thoughts on the changes in my body.

I put the armor back on and selected a lovely torc for Kithry. I also chose a few bits of jewelry for myself, including a faceted green gem set in a spare silver ear-stud. I knew someone who could pierce my ear and I knew as well that the stone would look good on me.

The off-season for a warrior is a time of boredom. The Citadel did its best to see to the needs of all the allies staying there but it couldn't possibly be enough. The Mekorst had their own forms of amusement, some of which I was uncomfortable with, but even so time dragged. While at the beginning of our stay Kithry seemed to enjoy my company, by the middle of winter everyone stayed to themselves as much as possible - tempers were very short from the tedium. I spent a lot of time beneath the Citadel exploring, bringing up a trinket for Kithry every so often. Weeks and months dragged by until finally it was time to return to war!

That summer, Kithry and I became even closer. I was promoted to her second in command, and twice I led half of our company on very dangerous and successful raids on my own. When we returned to the Citadel - late due to several heavy skirmishes - both Kithry and I were honored personally by the Queen.

After the award ceremony I went back to the dragon's hoard: I wanted a very special gift for Kithry. Again, I stripped out of my armor before that mirror and saw even more of Kanra than I had a year previous. In fact, there was very little left of Thersh there. Everything about myself - hair, face, arms, hands, waist, legs, hips, ass, breasts - all were very feminine, very much Kanra. All that remained of Thersh, of my former self, was my manhood. It was still there, long, thick and active, expecially at the sight of the nude, slightly odd-looking woman in the mirror.

Leavonn whispered in my head, "Like it - the new you?"

"Do I have a choice?" I asked.

"No, but I'd like to know anyway."

I thought a moment and finally, after much soul-searching and probing, I said, "Well, yes...I guess I do like it. I do like the new me. Oh, but will Kithry?"

"Actually, I think she will. I've been doing a bit of snooping for the past year or so and I think I've got it all sussed. You've got nothing to worry about. Here's all you have to do..."

- * -

I brought a chest out of the caves and returned to my room. Taking just a few coins from it, I went to the market section of the Citadel and purchased a small array of very feminine clothes and underthings. Back in my room, I dressed for the first time in such a way as to accentuate my femininity. It actually felt good to dress up like that - the clothes felt really good and I looked good in them. Taking up the chest, I set out for Kithry's rooms.

Setting the chest down, I knocked on her door then waited nervously. I was really committed now - the designs I had painted on my face and forearms (at Leavonn's instruction) spelled out my intentions exactly. If Kithry really had no interest in me beyond trusted battle-friend - well, I would soon know. In one way I liked the rather forth-right methods of the Mekorst: dating games were so childish!

The door opened and I saw Kithry as I seldom had - out of her armor. She was wearing a robe, well embroidered, belted at the waist in such a way as to accentuate her beautiful figure. She stood there for a minute, taking in the sight of me and my temporary tatoos. She seemed surprised, after an agonizing few moments, pleased. Smiling, she said, "Please be welcome, Kanra."

As she stepped aside, I picked up the chest and entered her rooms. She closed the door and led me to the sitting room, taking a chair for herself. I set the chest on a table and knelt beside it. I said, "Kithry, my aims are written plain upon my skin. Along with my desire, I bring thee this chest and one more thing: I am k'resk."

She looked at me a little startled when she heard the last word, but her smile widened almost immediately. She reached over and opened the chest and gasped - it was full of gold and silver coins, green gems, and on top a clear, faceted crystal the size of a skull that sent rainbows of light scattering around the room in spectral splendor.

"Kanra, you continue to surprise me. First, your interest in me (which I suspected, a little), then your announcement of your being k'resk (which I had no inkling of whatsoever), and now this magnificent treasure worth more for its beauty and its giver than for its monetary value.

"Come, Kanra, let us go into the dining room and have a bit of food. I was just about to eat dinner when you knocked. And after - I have some designs I'd like you to paint on me."

I was heartened by her words. They didn't mean instant realization of my hopes - there were a number of things she could wish for me to scribe on her skin, each meaning very different (though usually good) things.

After some pleasant conversation over dinner and drinks, I was led into Kithry's bedroom. On the dresser was laid out three colors of body paint, and the choice of colors there meant only one thing!

There was a bit of a ritual involved - fortunately Leavonn had supplied me with it in full. Trembling a bit with excitement, I took the blue paint jar over to where Kithry was sitting on the bed. I applied the proper symbols to each of her cheeks at her confirming nod, then went back to get the green paint. When I turned around, Kithry had removed her robe from her shoulders, baring her breasts. Shaking even more, I placed the proper symbols in green on each breast and retrieved the yellow paint.

I turned back to the bed very slowly this time, because what Kithry did next would reveal to me the exact possibilities for the evening: specifically, carnal or not. When I saw that she was now standing beside her bed totally nude, robe at her feet, I felt my cock throb - she had chosen carnality.

I returned to her and dabbed yellow paing on each of the blue and green symbols already on her body. I paused for a moment to take in the beauty of her breasts - soft-skinned but firm and not overly full. Then I added a yellow symbol to each breast and moved lower. A single symbol on her concave stomach, and then one to each side of her pubic region. I was on my knees before her now. I had entered with my intentions spelled out and I had revealed my secret to her. And Kithry had allowed me to paint her own acceptance of me and willingness to try a relationship on her. I set aside the paint-pot, extended my tongue as I leaned into her pubic bush.

Once contact was made, Kithry sighed and sat down, drawing away from me. I looked into her face, worried for a moment, but when I saw the desire there I was reassured. She settled onto the bed, leaned back, and braced herself on arms, legs spread. She said, "Come, Kanra-lher - come discover me."

I thrilled at the modification she had made to my name - 'lher' was a very special endearment, and I hoped I could truly earn such a name. I knee- walked over to her and dove between her legs.

I learned later that much more that I thought of my performance that night had been implanted in my mind by Leavonn. I had never been a 'stud' before my masquerade began, although I wasn't a virgin. Still, the skill with which I licked and lapped at Kithry's cunt, driving her wild with pleasure, seemed natural to me even though I had only ever done it once before and then not very well. Of course, I wasn't thinking this at the time - there were better things to focus my attention upon.

I did my best to put Kithry into a land of ecstay with my tongue and fingers. It seemed very soon that I was successful. After about half an hour of activity, Kithry's arms gave out and she collapsed flat onto the bed. After half an hour more full of moans and writhings (from both of us, actually), she actually fainted from pleasure.

I got off of my knees and stretched a bit, licking my face and savoring Kithry's juices. Just as I was beginning to wonder what to do next, Kithry revived herself. "Oh, Kanra-lherm! That was so fantastic! But come, let me see your body now. I have a particular fondness for k'reska, you know."

As Kithry made herself comfortable again on the bed, I began to disrobe. I was nervous, and went slowly, but as Kithry began to pant and finger herself as I bared more and more of my body I grew more self-assured. Soon all I wore were six yards of satin cloth wound around my loins.

Kithry said, "You are beautiful, Kanra. Very, very beautiful. Now, let me see your cock, Kanra-lhera. Unwrap your loincloth and let me worship it."

As slowly as I could I unwrapped my loincloth. I grinned as Kithry fidgeted at my slow pace, but I didn't speed up. When it was finally undone, I held the cloth before my loins, further teasing Kithry. She finally growled good-naturedly and lunged at me, pulling the cloth away and revealing my rampant erection.

Kithry 'ooh'ed when she saw my manhood - I was glad she was impressed. As my body had become more feminine, the distribution of my pubic hair had also changed. Before, most of my groin was furred - now, there was only a small patch of fine hair just above my cock, leaving much smooth and pink skin and a hairless scrotum.

Kithry was more than impressed - she was enchanted. She tossed my loincloth away with one hand and grasped my cock with the other. Her hand felt warm and exciting just resting there slightly below the head. "Oh Kanra- lherm, you are the most beautiful k'resk I have ever seen. Come here, my love, and let me feast upon your cock."

She pulled me back to the bed and had me sit astride her neck and chest while she inhaled my cock. It was clear that she knew how to suck - while I was sure that any mouth would have made me feel good, hers made me feel molten inside and only application of more of her skill kept me from cumming almost as soon as her lips had closed around my stem.

She sucked on my cock for over 20 minutes beyond which she just couldn't keep me from exploding. She swallowed every drop of my spend, then we rested side by side for a few minutes to regain our composures.

Recovered, she said, "Now let's double-suck until you're ready again, and then you can fuck me." I gladly reversed my position on the bed so that my head was at her groin and mine at her head. We proceeded to oralize each other, destroying that composure we had so recently reclaimed. Kithry got more out of our fun since she came off three times before I returned to full hardness.

Then, as I was 'ready again', we shifted around until my cock was where she wanted it and I tenderly slipped it within her. Again, I was no expert on the subject of cunts, but I had been within them before and Kithry's was the best I had ever felt! It was warm and wet, and very well educated - I could feel it milking my cock even when we were both motionless. The edge had been taken off of my arousal so that I was able to fuch Kithry for an endless time before finally discharging within her. Kithry was near passed out again from the pleasure she was receiving and when my orgasm was finished I collapsed beside her and we slept the rest of the night in each others' arms.

And that was the beginning of my life with Kithry. We were hand-fasted in a very circumspect, Mekorst-only ceremony, announcing to all 'our' fellow countryfold that we would wed upon our return to Mekorst. I moved into Kithry's rooms and we got to know each other very well. I showed her the hoard and we planned ways to get as much as possible back home without alerting anyone else to the presence of the treasure room. We even entertained a bit: I learned to like k'resk as much as Kithry did, as well as the very occaisonal male.

When the war ended six years later, Kithry and I returned home where we began raising a family. She bore our children, but we both nursed them.

© 1992 by John White. Redistribution permitted as long as the contents are not changed.

The Disguise copyright 1996 by Dafydd Cyhoeddwr.

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