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Cold Revenge

by Anonymous

Rachel curled a finger around and entwined a paralyzation spell around the class. She smiled evilly as each person stood ramrod straight in front of her. She walked up to the first girl.

"Beth," she said. She considered the girl's body in front of her: definitely not the most attractive of specimens, the girl had been the shy poet who stayed to herself. Unfortunately, the girl wasn't in the best shape and tended to overeat. "You were always a bit of a pig. Perhaps you can resemble one a little bit more." She wiggled a finger at the inert teenager.

Beth felt the skin on her face pull towards her nose and felt the skin twist and pull, the nose feeling a little bit heavier, the nasal passages taking different routes. She felt her ears grow larger and more out at an angle from the head, growing more flappy and pointed. Her entire body felt heavier and heavier and, released from the paralyzation spell, she looked down to see herself naked and more fat than ever before, potbelly, breasts, waist and hips at a humungously obese level. She felt a pinching sensation around her buttocks and felt behind, where a curly tail had just grown. As her hands slipped back, she felt how her body felt so heavy and pear-shaped and just ... huge. She felt her jaw clench as her canine teeth became tusks. She breathed in, causing a snort from her nose. Her voice, huskier and full of animal breathing, said, "Why have you done this to me?". Rachel smiled and hooked the paralyzation spell once more around the girl, admiring her handiwork.

She stepped up to the next girl and twirled her finger, releasing the girl. "Anne. What was that you told me the other day when Brad had broken up with me?"

"Rachel, my God, I'm so ... "

Raising her voice over the girl's, "A baby, wasn't it? You told me to quit being such a baby about the whole thing." She glanced down the line. "Oh, don't worry, Brad. You'll get yours too." The man's eyes tensed with fear, his body unable to move.

Turning her attention back to the girl, she smiled. "Well, perhaps you could experience the situation for me, dear? And tell me what it's like, so I can avoid it?" She playfully snapped her teeth at the girl, initiating the change.

Anne suddenly found herself stripped of shirt, bra, pants, socks, and shoes. Her breasts hung full from her bare chest. She felt her panties shift and change, become bulkier. She looked down, and saw that she had a pair of white diapers wrapped around her smoothly contoured bottom. She felt a warmth from between her legs, then a release ... with a start, Anne realized she had lost control in 'that way'. She looked at Beth and suddenly lost her balance, falling to the ground. She felt her mind go blank and curled up into a fetal position instinctively.

"Hm. No need to do anything about that," Rachel said, noticing the sleeping girl. "Except maybe changing her diapers." She chuckled evilly.

She stepped down the line. "Ah. Mr. Jackson. You told me I was the stupidest girl in the class! And that I wouldn't go anywhere, right?" She pointed a finger at him -- the balding man suddenly found himself released from paralysis. He looked at her, realizing squirming would do no good. He clenched his jaw and looked at her. "Yes, you fucking witch. And of course you proved me right."

"Right?" Rachel said in an unpleasantly too sultry voice, then laughed menacefully. Then she gestured at him. He suddenly found himself nude. Stepping up to him, her nails suddenly became sharp, black, and very long. She curled her hands around his balls, ready to dig in. She gave him a soft peck, bringing light streams of blood from her finger.

"What, Mr. Jackson, did you mean by that?" said Rachel with a dark thundercloud of anger.

"I meant that you couldn't go anywhere without getting the alliance of a Dark Power behind you, you fucking witch," said Jackson, then clenching himself up for what he was sure to be unimaginable pain.

She stared darkly into his eyes, then laughed sultrily and let his jewels go. "Is that so. Is, that, so -- Mr. Jackson. Well, do you know what, Mr. Jackson? I'm going to show you what it's like to fuck for a living."

She gestured, and the man's nude body suddenly began to shimmer. He dropped a few inches in height, and his body outline became softer. Soon, he began growing pleasantly rounded bulges around his buttocks and ... began spouting breasts. His hair began to cascade around his shoulders, a long straw blonde. His lips became full, his jawline softened, his nose became sculptured and his eyes blue. His rough acned skin tone became porcelain white. Mr. Jackson had became a woman. Rachel gestured again, and suddenly Mr. Jackson found himself decked in streetwalker gear. "I've twinkled Fate, Mr. Jackson. You'll be a streetwalker all your life, fucking men for money, getting beat up by some, doing kinky stuff for others. You'll be compelled to by Fate and you'll feel overwhelmingly horny, wanting to jump men's bones and do it like a madwoman. You'll die of AIDS." She gestured, and the porcelain blonde woman that had been Mr. Jackson stood ramrock straight, paralyzed in her beauty.

She stepped up to the next figure. "You. Poor dear. You're worried. You're worried because you think I'm going to do something to you. You're actually wrong, this time. Fran, you were always a nice guy to me, even though you weren't ever popular. You always had the time to share your life with me, say hello and thanks, ask how I was doing. For that, I'm going to get rid of your extra pounds, give you a sculptured body and good looks, and get you out of this hellhole."

She gestured at the man. Beneath the outline of his baggy flannel shirt and jeans, Fran felt the tits and potbelly of his fat drop away drastically, while he felt as if something was growing out of his chest and arms at the same time. He felt a shift in his crotch as his member grew several inches. The fat dropped away from his thighs and hips. He ran his hands along his body, feeling the washboard chest and thighs, and spoke in his new sexy baritone voice. "My god, Rachel -- thank you." She smiled. "Goodness is rewarded, as much as we wonder about it." She waved a hand at him and he disappeared, whisked off to a new life.

She stepped up to the next woman. "Eileen. You've always been a bitch to me, never being able to say I did a good job on anything, always clenching up and being a stress case and taking it out on everyone instead of practicing one damn bit of self-control. We all have hard lives, Eileen, you're not special in that case. It's the special ones who rise above it and make life good for others. What can I do to you that would payback one-tenth the agony you've done to me? I can't think of a proper revenge for you, so I'll do the best I can. When you first started being mean to me, I thought you were a demon from hell. So let's try that look on you."

Eileen gasped. Her skin became a burnished red, and her clothes dropped to the floor into a pile at her ... feet? She watched as her feet slowly drew into themselves and became black cloven hooves, with a slight fur around the bottom. She felt her curves become even more shapely, her breasts becoming bigger and her buttocks even curvier. Her blonde hair still remained that color, a remarkable contrast to her burnished red skin. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, noticing that her teeth had become fanged and her tongue forked. She hissed in a snaky voice, "My god, what has happened to me?" An arrowhead tail grew from her behind like a snake. Finally, Eileen felt a tug as mucus-yellow wings broke from her back and spread out. "Agggh!" she gave a demon yell as Rachel froze her in her place.

Brad. She walked up to him. "You hurt me. You hurt me badly, you hurt me deep, you hurt me hard. I don't know what I could do to return the favor." She smiled. "But I have an idea. You were brutish with me. Perhaps I can enhance that nature."

Brad suddenly felt stupider and stupider, felt knowledge dropping away from him like a sieve. He watched as his body became huge, muscular, hairy. He bent over. His face changed brutishly, grey hair sprung sparsely from his body. His arms grew longer 'til the knuckles scraped the ground, his feet shorter. His clothes hung loosely on the gorilla he had become.

Rachel smiled, and whisked them and herself away to their respective destinations.


A lone gorilla trundles through the zoo cage, the remnants of clothes still hanging on his body -- although no one sees the clothes. He defecates, beats his chest, then goes to swing on his tire.

In a cave far from civilization, a winged shape pounces upon a rat and sinks teeth into it, hissing. Blood drips down her jaw.

A man smiles as a girl wraps her arm around his muscled chest. He's kept up his eating habits, but his body maintains a perfect shape. He's beautiful, and his good looks and perfect voice have made him a terrific success as an actor. Sometimes he looks into the stars and says softly, "Thank you, Rachel."

A streetwalker comes up to a man on the streets of Los Angeles and propositions him, pulling down his pants and giving him a free blow job to get something better. It's pretty damn generous, but she likes it -- in a way. As she swallows the man's semen, a part of her, a bespectacled bald man in the corner of her mind, screams.

Beth found herself on a small island with Anne. Her hideous pig-like features would have sentenced her to either a position in a circus freak show or as a test subject in a government research lab. Instead, she absconded with Anne to a small island, where she found herself as a sort of mother. After all, Anne's mind was void of most any intelligent thought, and Anne would have died without Beth to feed her. It was an odd sort of family unit, but at least Rachel had left her with something. Perhaps it was because of all of them, Beth hadn't really committed much evil except the evil of being unpopular. And maybe, for that reason, she could eventually escape her fate. She oft found herself looking into the sunset and seeing faint strains of hope.

And Rachel? Rachel ... is laughing.

Cold Revenge copyright 1996 by Anonymous.

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